Russ Darrow Nissan in Milwaukee, WI

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Russ Darrow Nissan in Milwaukee, WI.

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Russ Darrow Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 663-3769
Address:11212 W Metro Auto Mall, Milwaukee, WI, 53224

Reviews on Russ Darrow Nissan

Tim B. | 2015-04-19

Traveled 31/2 hours to buy a vehicle that they said they would work with the price on. Once I got there they would not negotiate and then tried to up the price of there advertised price by another $500. I was in the car business for ten years and I never witnessed anything like this. Buyers beware

Heidi H. | 2015-02-11

Time and time again, this dealer repeatedly has treated me poorly. I've always purchased new Nissans (5 to be exact - 1 from this dealership). They are unprofessional (yelling & swearing across the dealership sales and service area.. with children present), lying (stating there is no manager available) and have poor customer service. I wouldn't wish that my worst enemy buy a car from this dealership. Buyers beware.

3 examples:

1) Sales: I tried to purchase a new vehicle during a non-busy evening at the dealership and the sales person made me wait 45 min before a test drive. I left before he came back, or I'm sure I'd still be waiting... They had all my information and a copy of my license. They never even called me to follow up.

2) Service: The guys working on the cars and taking the service orders are friendly, but they've messed up simple things like oil changes and regular maintenance.

3) Return of a lease: I set up an appointment to return my lease and the person I came to meet for the appointment with wasn't working (I live 30 miles from this dealership). In addition, they took my vehicle and told me that I just needed to pay the remaining lease payments... Only to call Nissan corporate the next day and find that I had an additional $1200 early termination fee. Then, the dealership told me they "grounded" my car and wouldn't return it and repeatedly told me that it was my fault and they "don't know how leasing works - It's not the responsibility of the dealership."

Look at the other reviews. These guys are shady.

Rick R. | 2014-12-11

I've bought my last 2 cars from Russ Darrow Nissan and had almost all servicing done there as well.

My salesperson was awesome! His name is Demetrius. Every time my car is in for oil change, tire rotation, etc., he stops by to say hello. His style is laid back and he wants to give his customers exactly what they are looking for.

The service department does a pretty good job. I think the time it takes to wait for an oil change and vehicle inspection should be closer to 30 minutes vs 45-60 minutes, but most dealerships operate this way.

The waiting area is adequate. Sofas, a TV, a popcorn machine, vending machines, a mini-fridge with free bottled water (which was empty on my last visit), and a coffee machine. I was spoiled by the waiting area at Boucher Nissan, but I don't need a day spa, just a comfortable place to wait for my car.

My last vehicle purchase seemed smooth but turned out to be a total cluster &*(^!

I was told by one guy to expect a refund for the extended warranty I purchased on the car I was trading in, but I found out weeks later that they used it as a down payment. That's fine, but I would have liked that information at the closing.

Then I couldn't find the account online to set up automatic payments. The finance guy screwed up the paperwork, so they had to create a new account, which again I didn't find out about until too late. My first payment ended up being late because I was trying to pay on the account number that was closed, and the new account wouldn't even be available until 2 days after my payment due date!

The best part is that they sent me the Customer Satisfaction Survey right away before any of this was discovered.

So, aside from the financing dept on my most recent purchase (it was a lease) making a huge mess, my salesman was great and the servicing department has been great, keeping this a 3 star rating vs 1 or 2.

I'll be more diligent next time. If Demetrius isn't working there the next time, then I think I may explore another dealership. I started with Rosen and didn't like the salespeople, so next up would be Boucher.

Vadim K. | 2014-10-24

BAD!!! They call you with phony number just to get you in , when you come in - its all different story.
Not too pleasant sales people!!!

Jennifer W. | 2014-07-15

Called to ask about a pre-owned car they had online.  Said they still had it available after hesitating.  Showed up less than 10 mins later where they asked us to sit down, while they proceeded to ask more questions.  Said they were going to get the keys...came back 10 mins later - sorry that was already sold.  Typical shady salespeople.  Don't work with the team or Gus.  They knew the car was sold on the phone and wasted my time by lying on the phone.  Won't work with any Russ Darrow dealership again.

Ken C. | 2014-03-21

It's a tough decision to decide where to buy a car but this Nissan dealership helped me from start to finish. I was very thorough in car shopping and visited six dealers in Madison and three in Milwaukee -- Toyota, Chevrolet, and Nissan -- and this was the first one to really listen to what I needed in a car.

When I walked in, Tim H. was there to help me out. At first I thought it was going to be just like all of the other places I visited. instead he helped me focus on what I needed in a car. Step by step we worked through my options, talked about used versus new, and when I was comfortable I began the conversation about price. It was definitely still cold outside this time of year (spring in Wisconsin) but he was very patient as I asked to see different cars in the lot. Being able to sit in more than a few, and test drive two, I had my mind made up. Financing was actually up front and very easy, and I asked a lot of questions both during the qualification and the closing. That could be a different conversation for someone with a different financial picture, so I recommend that anyone looking to buy a car (new or used) run their own credit and see where they're at before placing all of the responsibility on any dealership.

So, I still have my car, a new Nissan Altima, with the trim/features that fit what I need. For the best experience, I highly recommend Tim. I couldn't be happier, and I'm glad I decided to stop in to Russ Darrow!