Don Jacobs Toyota in Milwaukee, WI

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Don Jacobs Toyota in Milwaukee, WI.

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Don Jacobs Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(414) 281-3100
Address:5727 S 27th St, Milwaukee, WI, 53221
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Don Jacobs Toyota

Jana M. | 2014-08-29

I am over-the-moon with the service I received. My car's alternator blew this morning. I called Don Jacobs and told them my electrical went haywire and my battery light went on. Bob from the service center told me to tow it in and he would see what he could do. I know they were booked on a busy holiday weekend, but he said he would get me in.

The part I needed was in Chicago, and I though I would have to leave my car for three days because of Labor Day. Bob surprised me and called at the end of the day saying they searched high and low in Milwaukee for the part and found it. The mechanic stayed late and they got my car finished. I am overjoyed with the customer service and communication. Awesome job, Bob and company. Take your car there for sure.

Adam S. | 2014-07-03

We purchased our vehicle from Jack Safro in Brookfield, but Don Jacobs is closer to us for service.  We were blown away by the customer service when we took our van in to get serviced today.  The kids area was large, clean, and ORGANIZED! Please continue to do this, it helped immensely.  I can't imagine keeping it organized each day.  We were greeted right away with a smile, and received a quick show around as to where everything was. There were free donuts, cans of soda, bottles of water et cetera.  Again, all for the customers to enjoy at no charge.  We had a service that took over an hour today, but it sincerely did not feel that way with all the support we had.

Andrea H. | 2014-01-31

Don Jacobs Toyota dealership has the best service of any dealership I've ever experienced.  The service is quick, honest, and reasonably priced.  Since buying my Camry in 2008, I've had nothing but good experiences bringing my car in for routine maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations, etc).  The staff is very friendly and prompt, and my car runs great.

Theresa B. | 2013-12-01

My husband and I went here after finding the specific car we wanted online. We dealt with Edwin for our salesman, who was no pressure, laid back and down to earth. financing was down with Jody, who apparently isn't there much but I sure was glad she was this day. She got us better financing than we were already approved for and gave us some excellent credit tips. Apparently the parts dept has issues based off other reviews but sales and credit were very good to me.

Brad E. | 2013-09-25

I walked into Don Jacobs Toyota after having done quite a bit of research. I knew exactly what I wanted and I had a fair price in mind. It also helped that I didn't absolutely need the car. The dealership was extremely busy so I had to wait a few minutes. The sales manager kept calling for all available sales people, but they were all busy. The sales manager offered to assist me. I absolutely loved his style. He was surprisingly low pressure. He sat down with me and we talked about the car and he followed my lead. He didn't seem desperate to make the sale, but just desperate to answer all of my questions. I had to ask to go for a test drive, and he just said, "sure, let's take it for a spin." The sales person was genuine and very professional. He wasn't fakey or snakey and he gave me space. It was refreshing. He ran the numbers and the initial price was much higher than I wanted to pay, but we got it down, exactly to what I was willing to pay. After 4 hours, I left with a brand new car. So it's not a quick process, but I guess it takes a while for them to hand the keys of a car over to someone. Oh, the product they sell is awesome. I love my Toyota!

Justin J. | 2013-08-06

Don Jacobs Toyota has a Better Business Bureau Rating of "F".

A company committed to excellence and service would not have an "F" rating. Before purchasing or contracting repair work (I can't speak to the level of service for sales, my experience was with the service/repair shop) at Don Jacobs Toyota, ask yourself if your comfortable and confident doing business with a F rating and that is not accredited by the BBB.

Long story short: I left Don Jacobs with air in my brake system after contracting them to fix a brake hose and brake line. Air in a brake system = reduced stopping power and danger. I had to pay another mechanic to fix their mistake and have my brake system flushed.

Over the course of a long and frustrating month, during much back and forth and passing the buck and blame shifting, I attempted to seek a resolution. I was courteous and patient and reasonable. They offered me credit, admitting fault, later recanting and offering me an apology, which is akin to offering me nothing.

What they called "phone tag" I, as a consumer, call avoidance and ignoring, which suggests a strategy on their part to not address the problem. I believe a customer leaving their lot with a faulty brake system should be a priority considering the potential for danger and disaster.

The BBB Rating of F and after my experience, suggests their system for dealing with problems involving customers does not work and their business philosophy is based upon profit above service, which in my opinion, is a horrible long term philosophy.

Credit and apologies do not work when the service was not performed correctly. Companies dedicated to service return your phone calls, are proactive about communication, address issues head on and do not deflect or avoid them,

No one WANTS to get repair work done at the dealership, but sometimes you have to. In the case of Don Jacobs Toyota, after my experience, its better to let the car sit broken until you find a repair shop with a stellar reputation for skill, service and honesty. In my case, they demonstrated the exact opposite of those qualities.

Lea S. | 2013-06-27

I had an excellent experience today as I purchased my Camry Hybrid.  The sales person was extremely personable and expedited the process of making the way clear for me to drive away in my new car.  Having done research before arriving at a decision, it was a pleasure  to have an experienced person assisting in the transaction.  He had performed the sale of automobiles for over seventeen years with Toyota, so each link of the sale was nimbly articulated.  The purchasing experience was such a celebratory experience made so by the many staff personnel.  I chose this dealership based on proximity to my home, and I'm very pleased that I can rest assured to have easy access to the service department for future maintenance of my Camry.  Thank you Don Jacobs sales personnel!  I appreciate your helpfulness and assistance!

Shaun E. | 2013-05-20

First off I don't recommend this dealership. Second, parts department not friendly and knowledgable at all. Walked into parts department, no hello nothing. Grumpy cashier woman says, are you here for parts and buzzes a button to call another grumpy employee. He didn't even know what I was talking about when asking for a specific part. He then goes in the back and prints out a diagram of the oem part. "This is the only part we have they don't make that!" I said thank you, I'll go over to Wilde Toyota/Scion where they did have the part and know what they were selling. And at Wilde at least they had a decency to greet and thank me for stopping by. Again, I don't recommend Don Jacobs Toyota, look elsewhere when shopping for a new car or for parts for your vehicle.

Alicia M. | 2012-04-24

I bought a car here in 2008. I had a pretty positive experience. I bought a Scion and I love my car. The sales person was very helpful and not pushy. The Scion (by Toyota) brand was developed to cater to younger buyers and they have a lower price point and non-negotiating (which basically means that you don't have to worry about your negotiation skills to get a good deal. It's a good thing. Refreshing actually). My car also came with an ipod hook up that syncs with my cars stereo controls (standard in Scions).

The best part about buying my car here is that I received FREE OIL CHANGES FOR LIFE. You're probably thinking: Whaaa???? I know. That's what I thought too when they first told me. I kept asking all kinds of questions to clarify: you mean for a few years right? nope. for the life of the car. So that has saved me a TON of money. I heard that they no longer offer this deal because so many cars now take premium specialty oil that it was getting too expensive for them. I really think it is worth mentioning it if you buy a car that takes regular oil and asking them to include this in your purchase.

I have had only positive experiences with my oil changes and tire rotations. It has been easy to schedule. They always do the work in a timely manner. The service staff are very polite and friendly. I have even had to come in later than my scheduled appointment time a couple of times and they were very accommodating. I usually have my toddler with me and there is a nice area for him to play and free coffee while I wait.

I have nothing to complain about with my experience with them.

George B. | 2012-02-17

Based on my experience purchasing my Toyota here, I wish I could give Don Jacobs a negative rating. Without going into detail, since it's a very long story, don't trust ANYTHING they tell you. That being said, I'm going to balance that experience out with the service I've since received. Ever since they opened up their new Express service building next door, service is always fast, and done right. And the service reps are straight shooters -- they don't try to sell me anything I don't need.

Kyle K. | 2012-02-06

Contrary to the other reviewers here, my experience with Don Jacobs Toyota was very positive. I brought my car in to have the engine computer replaced per a federal recall, and without a question asked they set to work in replacing the ECM. The work took a little more than an hour, during which time I got my soap opera on in the waiting room. When the work was finished, they pulled my car inside and noticed that they had even washed my car. After a very bad experience at my former Toyota dealer, I would definitely be open to doing business with Don Jacobs again.

Duke F. | 2012-01-18

The worst phrase you can hear from your guy Sid is, "You're going to have to take it to the dealer."

I have purposely allowed things to go south on my van just to avoid the "dealer". I have a head light housing held in place by duct tape just to avoid the "dealer". This isn't that kid in high school who used to peddle dime bags at parties on Friday nights.  No, I actually was in good with that dealer but not this Don Jacob character.

So when the driver's side door handle comes off your van, a gent has to make a decision. I decided to avoid a new car payment and went to the "dealer".
I could've bought the part for about 50 bucks and the dealer charged my over 125,  but I am not going to take apart my door in this cold weather, so I let the dealer fix it.

It took three days.

And you could've tossed in a free car wash considering I spent over 700 on this.

I'm getting the gravedigger to fix the other broken door handles (there are two) next summer. Screw it we can watch a You Tube video and figure it out.

Gina B. | 2011-07-11

I would not recommend going to this dealership for anything to anyone.  I purchased my car, brand new car from them and honestly can say I have had nothing but disappointing or frustrating experiences with them.  Beginning with the negotiations, they TRIED to treat me like a naive girl who didn't know what she was talking about little did they know.....  took a couple of months to complete negotiation because they could not "bully" me. Didn't need the car so I had nothing to lose.  Next, the sales person I dealt with spent most of his time not being able to answer my questions, made up answers to questions and basically talked out his #ss. He spent a lot of time on person emails, phone calls, etc. NICE!  Found out after the fact he gave me a lot of wrong info, good thing I knew alot about the car myself prior because he sure didn't.  When I picked the car up, went over the paperwork, which took over a hour because he kept getting up and doing other things as soon as we were done with everything, he took off, that was it.  I waited another 45 minutes for my car to be done because someone had to take it to the gas station and put gas in it for me.  His kid was running around the dealership, I guess it was his turn to babysit?.  Car came back with a whole quarter tank of gas and we were on our way - finally, hours later.  Little did I know, because obviously the salesman didn't know,  the car was missing parts that then had to be ordered after like a key for the wheel locks - didn't know I was missing it until I went in for service and they asked me about it, was never included and they had to order it along with an Ipod connector and another cord that was not included.  Got the Ipod cord and it didn't work, tried and tried and tried and it didn't work.  Back to the shop for service, they tried it and guess what?! It didn't work - shocking (they thought I didn't know how to plug in a cord)  They tried a different cable and it didn't work so after having my car all day long, they called to say they needed to keep it over night  because they thought my radio was bad.  I asked if they tried my cable on a different car to see if it was indeed the cable, they said they tried it all. (now remember that part) So they kept my car, tore apart the entire radio and found nothing, called whomever they needed to for support, then called me to tell me they had to tear apart my console to get to the cable connection - that must be bad because they radio if fine - put a whole new one in. (this was a new car to begin with)  They tore apart the console and in their working on it they tried a different cable from another car of the same make and Surprise Surprise!  it worked!  Remember a minute ago when I told you to remember that point?.... Ya, it would have been that simple.  Due to the fact they didn't bother to test another cable, especially when I asked them to, the ended up keeping my car for a couple of days and tearing it all apart to find a problem that didn't exist.  My great all knowing of nothing salesman ordered the wrong cable for my car and it took 2 days of taking my car apart to figure it out.  Now you know what service cost so much, especially labor charges!  This was not the only horrible instance either, that was just the beginning, like within the first month of having my car.  Within the last year, it was in for service about 5 times, nothing major, little stuff like peeling window tint, etc.  Last time I brought it in was to use one of my "free" oil changes and had some other problems.  I was told that my car had a recall on it and it needed to be fixed.  Fine. I asked "my car has been here several times within the last year, why hasn't anyone noticed that before?"  I was told "I don't know, don't know who worked on it and why they missed it"  Seriously!?!?!  I was working with this guy! the exact same service person I had dealt with EVERY other time and talked with several times on the phone.  Trying to blame the mysterious "someone else" who didn't catch it.  By the way, the issue I brought it in for was never fixed because they stated they could not hear where the noise was coming from, even though I showed them exactly what was making the noise and why (pipe hitting the ground effect) and I should bring it back a different time, hmm....funny,  maybe because the 1 year warranty was going to expire and they figured they could make money off it when I brought it back so they didn't fix it then???  I could go on and on but overall, Don Jacobs Toyota is terrible on customer service, terrible on record keeping and once you give them your money for a car, they just want you to be gone and the service ends there.  I'm not a fan of dealerships because they tend to tell you whatever you want to hear to sell you a car or treat you different because you are a female but this one has been the absolute worst Toyota dealership I have ever dealt with. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!