David Hobbs Honda in Milwaukee, WI

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David Hobbs Honda is Greater Milwaukee's number one connection to all new Honda models and pre-owned certified vehicles of every make. If you want it, we've got it or we'll get it for you! Our family-owned dealership is approaching 27 years of being in business because serving our customers and community is our top priority. David Hobbs Honda is the proud sponsor of local Olympian Gwen Jorgensen and three time sponsor of the Indy Car Races at the Milwaukee Mile. We love to support the best that Milwaukee has to offer.


Established in 1987.

David Hobbs Honda - A Dealership for the People

David Hobbs Honda stands behind every New Honda and 'Hand Picked' Used Vehicle we sell by including a comprehensive 3 month/3000 mile warranty.

Our For the People, no obligation credit approval process will have you driving a nicer, newer car in no time. PLUS, right now we will pay DOUBLE for your trade up to $5,000!

We have an A+ BBB rating and are a three-time BBB Torch Award Finalist for Ethics in Business so you can trust that you will have a delightful experience at our dealership.

Whether you're looking to Purchase, Finance or Service your vehicle, or to locate Genuine Honda Parts and Accessories, you will always find superior customer service and exceptional prices in a no-hassle environment at David Hobbs Honda.

When you purchase a vehicle from David Hobbs Honda, we guarantee that every time you visit us, we will wash your car, provide you free gourmet coffee, Wi-Fi, and a shuttle to your destination of choice during any serv

David Hobbs Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(414) 352-6100
Address:6100 N Green Bay Ave., Milwaukee, WI, 53209
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on David Hobbs Honda

Robert S. | 2015-03-18

I also wrote a review for this dealership on Google reviews, however since it was such a major purchase and since I am so active on Yelp I figured it would be fitting to post a review on here as well.

My experience was all in all terrible. Without going into too much detail, I was incredible dissatisfied with the car that I purchased as well as the service quality of the salesman that sold me the car. I encountered some family hardships immediately after purchasing the car, and although the associates  at David Hobb's appeared helpful with the situation initially; I quickly realized it was all smoke and mirrors. They told me they were working on plans for me to return the car after I said I wasn't able to pay for it. I was extremely happy, but not for long...as I soon found the associates at David Hobb's not returning my calls or emails about the situation. It was as if they already got me to sign on the dotted line, wanted to keep their commission; so they were content with ignoring me...hoping that the problem would go away. I was forced to take a second job just to afford the car that they sold me that, at this point, I truly did not want.

But ignoring the problem clearly didn't make it go away, because after months of paying an insane amount of money for this car, I decided to finally write my long overdue review for this awful dealership. When I did write my original review on Google reviews, I received a call from David Hobb's Honda. Whoever I was speaking with (I think it was the original salesman who sold me the car) asked me if I was dissatisfied with the car buying experience...which I clearly was considering I gave the dealership a one star review [honestly, I was slightly insulted that he asked me this...I mean, if you're going to call me on the phone, have something worthwhile to say at least]. After I pointed out the obvious and explained that clearly I was not happy with my experience with David Hobb's Honda, he halfheartedly told me that he could "fix" the situation, although he refused (after multiple requests) to tell me how he planned to do that....he only insisted that I come in to talk to him at the dealership and then he would tell me how he plans to fix it. VERY strange that he couldn't tell me what my options were without me coming in...honestly it just makes it seem like he had nothing to offer me to begin with. I'm not going to budget time out of my schedule (I'm busy working extra shifts to pay my car payment) to come in to the dealership if I'm not at least told what might potentially be available to me.

After I explained that to him, he proceeded to tell me that David Hobb's Honda could "come after me" if I continue to post negative reviews about them. To me, this felt incredibly threatening...he was saying it over and over and over again on the phone. Bottom line, I had a bad experience with David Hobb's Honda. I review ALL of my experiences with establishments to try and help other buyers from falling into the same traps. The fact that I was threatened by a car dealership just because I posted a review that recaps my negative experience is RIDICULOUS and honestly a bit unsettling.

And for these reasons, I will not be returning to David Hobb's Honda. If I could give this dealership ZERO stars I would do it in a heartbeat.I had an incredibly negative experience and was not satisfied with the salesman's pathetic attempt to remedy the situation.  There are so many fantastic car dealerships out there that care about customers, not just about money...and based on my experience, David Hobb's Honda is NOT one of them.

Chase H. | 2015-01-09

Still, time and time again the David Hobbs Team is The Best!! I bought my second Civic EX~L Navi here and everyone I speak with is great with communication whether it be deals and or service! The waiting areas are on par with awesome! Every time I come to visit I walk the lot, the dealership show floor and the experience is grand. There's lots of excitement when you walk in because there's Honda enthusiasts about getting the full treatment in what Honda is about and what the David Hobbs Team is capable of. They go above and beyond in both service and sales. And when you revisit here most of the staff remembers greet me by name. That's a big deal from a dealership that does so much. Thanks.

Rich D. | 2015-01-01

I wouldn't purchase a vehicle from Hobbs at any price.  I read the other reviews and my experience was completely different.  I was met with deception, high pressure, and gimmicks.  The good thing is that after fleeing this dealership, I went to Russ Darrow and purchased 2 vehicles.

Megan S. | 2014-12-19

I just took the van in for it's first oil change and even though I didn't purchase my van through David Hobbs (it was purchased from a dealer in Oregon before we moved to Milwaukee) they still gave me the first oil change free per their policy. A totally unexpected and pleasant surprise! Love this place.

Amy J. | 2014-12-08

Recently purchased a used Honda CRV. Part of the purchase deal was to have two dings repaired. I made what I thought was an appointment for them to be fixed.  Issues started from the moment I got there. Mostly due to lack of communication between departments.  I was very unhappy with one of the repairs. It actually looked worse then it did before the repair. I expressed my dissatisfaction and was told to call later that day to set up an appointment with "the paint guy" to see what he could do to make it look better. So far I have left a few messages but no returned call. Very disappointed with the lack of customer service!!

Jodi M. | 2014-03-05

I had took my car in for some service because of a check engine light.  $700 later I get my car fixed, so I thought.  One of the things I had them fix was the fan for heat/AC, it was making a loud noise and was not working on levels 1 and 2.  Then there was an oil leak (s) I fixed 1 of the 2 even though I never saw oil on the floor anyway.  I took the car back because it was leaking a large amount of oil and the fan still was not working right.  They informed me of the fan and they fixed that but the oil leak was because of the dipstick not being put back in all the way.  My husband thought he hadn't put it back but upon thinking about it, realized he didn't check the oil until it was leaking oil, so this led to the service department to be at fault.  When I called to check to see if the car was ready, I was talking about the problem to the service advisor, John, and during our conversation he very rudely interrupted and said 'would you just let me finish talking'.  As a customer, I would never expect to be talked to in that matter and to have my car fixed properly, a dipstick not being put in all the way?  Not so smart on the service departments end, that mistake could of cost me a whole new engine!!

Colin A. | 2012-04-17

I've driven a Honda vehicle for about 4 of the last 7 years so I know what to expect in terms of the quality and service from dealer to service to follow-up. However, David Hobbs' location in Glendale exceeded my expectations from a dealership and service department.

Last March, I went here on a whim to see about trading in my Toyota for a newer, less expensive auto. After visiting a neighboring Toyota dealership and not finding what I was looking for, my next stop was DHH. I had no intention of actually purchasing a vehicle on my initial visit, yet 90 minutes (and two test drives) later, I walked out with my new Honda on order and a guarantee for a fair price on my trade-in. The salesperson, Lisa Marie, was incredible -- and I got that vibe from the other staff I interacted with including the "money man" Jeremy, who made the financing portion of my visit painless and easy to understand. I initially wanted to look at hybrid vehicles but was actually talked out of it because they were above my budget line. I was also talked out of another vehicle in which I had some fleeting interest because Honda wouldn't be manufacturing it after 2012. Those things might have you saying "but why didn't they work with you?" -- but I think those are prime examples of a staff working with a customer to get them in a vehicle that suits them and will be easy to service. This portion of my visit alone ensured I'd return here for future vehicle purchases (assuming I am still in WI!).

There are no gimmicks here -- all of the sales staff are respectful and kind and most importantly, they LISTEN to your needs. I am generally skeptical of car salespeople, but I was impressed by the way I was treated here by all the staff -- this doesn't seem to be the place where people are tripping over one another to earn a commission or swap customers.

On to the service department: equally fantastic. Most routine services are easily scheduled online or via phone, and the staff there are also professional and helpful. Recently, I showed up 40 minutes ahead of schedule for a routine oil change. At some places, this would be a problem -- not here; I was told it wouldn't be a problem and they were able to get me in and going while I waited in the comfortable service lounge. Both times here I've been assigned the same service advisor, Andie, who was thorough and helpful in describing the services rendered towards my ride.

Overall, David Hobbs has a competent, kind, welcoming staff -- and their follow-up (even a year after purchase), service, reward opportunities, and personal determination has made them my "go-to" for the foreseeable future; including referring friends & colleagues in the market for a new vehicle here!

Theresa R. | 2010-04-01

I was in the market for a new car for my son and was shopping around for a fair deal.  Like a good consumer, I called a few dealers to inquire about prices and then we test drove a car at David Hobbs Honda.  The salesman, Mark Wade, was a real class act.  He patiently explained the car to us, and pointed out all the features as we drove around.  He was very laid back - no gimmicks, no creepy salesman jive, no pushiness.  After our drive, we chatted with him and the sales manager but decided to wait a bit and make sure we did our homework.

After researching other dealers (including the awful and sexist Russ Darrow - you can read my review if you like on Yelp), I found that David Hobbs had a very good price - but more importantly, Mark was the ONLY salesperson that was respectful and sincere.  That sealed the deal for us.  We went in and purchased the car and are very happy with our experience there. I would recommend David Hobbs if you like Hondas - and make sure you work with Mark for the most positive car buying experience you will ever have.  

I have bought many cars in my day and this is the one I feel the best about.