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Founded in 1955, Concours Motors is an automobile company that offers vehicles of various brands, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mazda, Saab, Porsche and Volkswagen. The dealership also carries a pre-owned inventory of Audi, Acura and Chrysler, and offers a vehicle listing that is based on body type, price range, make and model. The dealership also operates a body shop, featuring ultrasound, frame alignment systems, fully automated spray paint booths and a detailing bay that provides finishing touch to vehicles. It offers services, including portering, custom, hand-painted pinstriping and after-hours drop box facility. The dealership also caters to customer and insurance interfacing and assists in procuring rental car agreements. Located in Milwaukee, Concours Motors also has service and parts departments.


Established in 1955.

Concours Motors is a family owned and operated business that has been a part of Milwaukee's history since 1955.  Our heritage lies in motorsports and a true passion for cars, and we continue to honor that tradition by selling and servicing high-quality import vehicles.  
Every day our "family" of Concours employees strives to be the best we can be and to provide exceptional customer service to our "extended family" - also known as you, the customer!  Our motto is "Where Service Makes the Difference".  It's more than just a slogan here at Concours - it's the way we do business.  We believe that customer service truly is the source of a business's success and with that success we can give back and make a difference within the community.

Concours Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 392-9384
Address:1400 W Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee, WI, 53209
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Concours Motors

Kristin G. | 2015-04-23

I leased a Mazda CX5 from Concours in 2013 and the service experience I had was completely unacceptable. I had a piece of concrete thrown through my window (shattered the glass and bent the window frame). I had the car towed to Concours since it was my dealership - and they kept it for several days (during which time I had to rent a car at my cost), only to tell me that they would put plastic over the window and needed to order a new window (so I'm not sure why the car had to sit there for all that time just to determine that there was nothing they could do). Following that, it took 2 weeks to get the window in and was very challenging to schedule a time to bring it in. When I finally WAS able to get an appointment, it was only to find out that they'd ordered the wrong window frame/glass.  So, in the middle of winter, I had to continue driving around with plastic over my window for another 2 weeks until the new window could be ordered. One month and $350 worth of rental cars later, and I couldn't even get an explanation or apology from anyone there.

I leased a Mazda 3 from a different dealership (Autobarn in Evanston, Illinois - which I can't recommend enough), but have since moved back to Wisconsin and Concours is the most convenient from work/home. However, again, the service is a problem. They close before 5pm on weekdays (5pm is the last time for a car pickup from work) and are not open on weekends for a simple oil change - and it took me over 2 weeks this time just to be able to get in for an appointment.  So add that to my completely HORRENDOUS previous experience, the high cost for a simple oil change ($30 more than I paid at the dealership I purchased the car from), and I not only will not be returning (which means I'm going to have to go far out of my way for future service), but I continue to tell everyone I know to buy a car from ANYWHERE BUT Concours. I LOVE Mazda, but I legitimately plan to return to Autobarn in Evanston (a state away) to buy my next Mazda rather than deal with Concours ever again.

Clyde F. | 2015-02-10

I came here to complain about my horrible experience, but after reading those of others, I may have gotten off easy.

Yes, the crux of the matter seems to be service manager Gordon Luckow, but it goes much deeper. First things first, Gordy. Well, I guess I have to explain other events first before getting to him. I went there for a problem with my headlamp. The service people worked on it for 5 minutes but said it would require a longer appointment, and since it was still functioning, just not perfectly, I should just wait until I came in for regular service.

When I came in for regular service, the condition had deteriorated to the point where it was no longer a $4 bulb that needed to be replaced. Their inattention and lack of care exacerbated the problem and required the entire unit to be replaced, to the tune of over $500. They had now put my car in a condition where it was no longer even road legal, and I was forced to pay.

The worst part was Gordy. I explained exactly what happened from the beginning and how they were responsible. He hemmed and hawed and explained that he wanted to help but couldn't in good conscience believe me. I prodded as to why a long-time customer would fabricate such a story and he gave me the look that shady CS managers give each other when discussing such things, "Well you know, because you're a filthy customer, and I must assume all of my customers are thieves and liars."

It's not just Gordy. Try giving them a call, just for fun, and see the kind of reception you're met with. The reception staff is poorly trained and disinterested. Their entire system is designed to make people navigate BS until they give up.

Not to be smug, but I don't just go here for my earlier-model VW (because it's low value would totally justify shabby treatment). I also came here to consider a Mercedes and a Porsche luxury SUV for a gift. The Mercedes was a great car, but when it came time to consider pricing versus value, it didn't rank near Acura, Land Rover, or Lexus. And why would you buy it here when you know you're gonna get destroyed by their service department on the back end?

I'll talk about their body shop, too, even though it has it's own place. I went there once and while the people seemed okay (during the sales process, I did not transact), their prices were way beyond what I found at Lindem's. I'm talking like 2500 versus 7000. Point being, they don't have a bad department or a bad day, the problem is endemic across the organization.

Yelp should seriously examine the motive and integrity of the people who gave this place 5-stars and remove that sliver of a second star from their average.

Paul L. | 2015-01-02

After finding the car I want I got set up with my bank for an auto loan and had everything in place to buy the car I wanted today. I was there for 20 minutes. 5 minutes outside on the lot and 15 minutes inside the pre-owned sales office. Not once did anyone greet me. Two older man that appeared to work there seemed to be laughing it up in a back office and clearly saw me and thought their conversation was more important than sale. Two other gentleman were wondering the lot doing their own thing and two salesman were with customers. Terribly rude that not ONE OF THEM could even excuse themselves to say "Hi I will be right with you." I certainly cannot speak on how knowledgeable they are or anything else because I did not even get the opportunity to speak with anyone. Pathetic.

Violet V. | 2014-09-19

terrible. are all bmw dealers like this?

Patricia M. | 2014-08-02

This review is for the service department and "Gordy" the manager at the Silver Spring location.

Yesterday, my husband took the car in for a simple oil change. He went to this location since it was near his work.  He went in at 11am, they told him that they were busy, but could take care of his car at 1PM. So he did, he went back at 1PM. And... it took them 2.5 hours to do a simple oil change. Oh and a tire patch. They told him that he had a nail in tire and they had to patch it up. He agreed, even though he wasn't aware of having one. But what was sketchy, was that when he was in the waiting lobby, 3 customers that were also there, they told them the SAME thing, that they ALSO had nails in their tires. Did they really? Or are they just saying that to everyone? Hmmm...Sketchy....

On his drive back home, A LOT of black smoke was coming out of the tail pipe. Which is something we have NEVER seen happen to his car. He was afraid to drive his car to work this morning, so he took mine in, while we had a friend - who is also a technician to come and take a quick look at it. He looked at it, and instantly knew what the issue was. They had overfilled the oil tank - there was over a quart extra inserted! They also left the bolt loose - one turn from falling out. The technician didn't have his tools with him, so my husband decided to call Concours Service Dept. to let them know what happened, so they can fix. And what we are disappointed with, is how they treated us, and the situation. UNPROFESSIONAL.

My husband called, and spoke to Gordy who was supposedly the manager. If he is, wow, what a bad representation of the company! My husband spoke in a nice manner, and explained to him the situation, and Gordy had the audacity to tell my husband that, that didn't sound like something his technicians would do, and straight out accused my husband of adding more oil to the motor. WHY in the WORLD would we want to ruin our own car???? Seriously "GORDY"??? That did not make sense!! I could tell my husband was losing his cool, so I asked told him to put GORDY on speaker... and this guy was disrespectful to my husband, and  rude for no reason, when THEY in fact made an error.

That's when I got upset, and got on the phone. Gordy was still being a douche, even though he was speaking to a female (figures!). He still wouldn't accept that they overfilled. But did offer to pick up our car with a tow truck and get it back to us on Monday (it was Friday). That was not an option, since hello! my husband needs a car for the weekend. He needed it done that same day!  

All in all, dealing with them was a mess. Our driveway now has oil stains (never had any before). We got accused of trying to sabotage our own car, by overfilling the oil tank (that's hilarious - never have I heard anyone do that!), we had to pay our technician to fix CONCOUR's problem. We never thought we would have issues over a SIMPLE OIL CHANGE. We figure, if they can't do something so simple... Lord knows, they aren't capable of doing anything more complicated!!!!! And as we saw, they definitely won't take the responsibility for any errors. If they would have been nice about the situation and just said, "sorry, we made a mistake" guess what? I wouldn't have written a complaint.

Next time, Gordy - be nicer to your customers. There's no reason to be disrespectful to others when they are giving you respect. Learn to accept your mistakes --- you are losing customers by not.

These technicians don't know what they are doing - if they can't do a simple oil change, I wouldn't trust them with my car with anything else!

Harold S. | 2014-07-05

I know that getting your car serviced by the dealer is "what is always recommended". So I tried this with a clear conscience and little experience.  Let me say that Concours Motors has blown this theory into a thousand pieces and crushed my spirit.  In bringing my car into these clowns, my time was totally wasted.  Not at all professional, not at all helpful, in fact i think the guy "dooley" probably enjoys the benefit of having the authority to ruin your day.  Aggrivation.  I'm just glad theres a site where I can at least theres someone who cares about that experience.

I understand that the staff that I had dealt might have been reshuffled.  blah blah - You think I'm stupid enough to go thru the run-around yet again?  I would not trust any of these guys with a twenty foot pole.  Stay away.  You have been warned by me and apparently a dozen others on this yelp site.

Evy S. | 2014-06-10

I'd give zero stars if possible.  I started taking my car there as one of the few "authorized" VW dealers in the area but have discovered that their service department diagnosticians know less than online forum users about the actual causes of malfunctions with VW Passats with turbo engines.  Since then I've found a private mechanic and am saving a huge amount of money having my car repaired and serviced there. My new mechanic also gave me some tips on keeping my turbo running happily for longer and gave me recommendations to make sure that it stayed so.

Outside of routine oil changes and maintenance, Concours' service area seems to be out of its depth for dealing with root causes of engine problems and definitely too expensive for even routine service.  Search elsewhere on yelp if you need to have your VW serviced

Jennifer K. | 2014-04-24

I arrived at the VW service center at the Silver Spring location and the woman working, Ann, was very nice. She asked if I'd be waiting for my repair, since it was a simple fix of my trip reset button, which I've had fixed before quickly at Hall Imports.

I said depending on how long it would take, since I had to return to work. She said it wouldn't be long at all. A half hour later, I asked for a ride back to work, as it was clearly taking longer than I was told. Fine, I was able to get a shuttle and get dropped off no problem. The driver was very courteous.

They called me 2.5 hours later telling me my car was ready, so I would've been waiting there that whole time. They then told me to call when I was ready to be picked up.

I called at the end of my work day and they said they wouldn't have someone available for another hour! What am I supposed to do? They need to work on their timing - people have lives too!

Evan L. | 2014-03-20

I forgot they charge $70 for a diagnosis which is free at Auto Zone and ignore the parts that may have caused the part to fail in the first place. I'm reporting them to the State and VW. Just what does farfegnugen mean? Let the buyer beware?

VW customer service rep PAM doesn't return calls. Interesting that both positive reviews were from out of towners/ maybe fake reviews?

Marvin M. | 2014-02-18

This review is specific to Concours Used Car Sales at Silver Spring location. I've had good experiences at the BMW location on Green Bay Ave.

I bought a certified preowned VW Jetta. Having purchased a certified preowned BMW from their sister location and two certified preowned Lexus's from Safro North Shore across the street, I expected a like-new car with some miles on it.

The first night owning it a headlamp never came on (the second went out a month later), the fuel tank lid didn't latch, the shifter base popped loose, the Bluetooth button was obviously displaced and non functioning, a key fob battery died, and my tires were losing air. All four had 4/32" tread with one tire having a small outer wall bulge. The service tech said all tires should replaced. This was all within a few weeks of ownership!

When I asked Tom, the used car sales manager, if this met his expectations of a car worthy of being sold as certified, he said "technically, yes."  He acknowledged that 4/32" is the minimum standard to be technically certified and they just missed the other stuff. Oops. So this car just barely passed. In fact, the brake pads barely passed too.

Tom was unwilling to assist me on the cost of tire replacement (despite an obvious bulge and recommendation from his service tech to replace).

I feel I was misled about the condition of the car and I question whether it was really looked at with the detail their "112 point inspection" claims. What I discovered very quickly was obvious--and I'm not a technician.

The fact that Tom did nothing is unfortunate. In fact my experience with him getting back to me was similar to another review posted here. He told me on a Thursday that he'd call me back that evening but I didn't hear back until the following Tuesday after a lot of persistence by me. He could have said he'd cover just $50 for each tire replacement and I would have been satisfied. Instead he stayed greedy despite the inconveniences I faced. Who is going to continue driving on worn tires that are losing air and have a bulge in the winter?

I definitely will not buy another car here. The sales processing is deceiving. The bright side is that Ann in the service area is outstanding so I'm happy to have it serviced here.

Mark P. | 2013-12-02

While visiting Milwaukee came in for service on my 2012 Passat TDI. Got in and taken care of quick and easy. They have excellent amenities and the staff do a great job.

Mike R. | 2013-10-31

Okay, so since Concours wrote a reply apologizing, I figured I'd give them another go.  Soooooo, I called on Monday to request an estimate for a couple of items I need repaired.  The pleasant lady in service assured me that someone would get back to me either by close of business or Tuesday morning at the latest.  Well, its, I call back today.  Again the pleasant lady says yep, got all your stuff right here, Tom is the only person that can review it and he was out on a family emergency.  While I can appreciate Tom's delimma and hope that his family is okay, it seems more and more from this place that some sort of employee family tragedy becomes an acceptable excuse for poor follow up or absent customer service.  

The woman promised that Tom would get back to me by the end of today...I guess we'll just have to see if Tom's cat has puppies or pet rock has pebbles or if he's abducted by aliens or if I will get what they promised...A simple estimate for 3 items I'd like repaired.

Clay K. | 2013-10-15

Concours dealerships are lumped together here. I'm not sure that's fair. The Mercedes, VW and BMW departments are completely different. I'll post my review in both places.

My family has been purchasing cars from Concours for well over 50 years. As a young child I used to beg my father, who loved the Mercedes brand, to take me there just to see the new model year cars. Over the years I think Concours did encounter issues. It grew very large and that can be difficult to manage. I, myself, stopped getting cars there thinking it was more reasonable to purchase used cars via auto trader. The internet, however, has provided a certain check and balance on car prices and quality both new and used such that the quality of the service at a dealership is now the tantamount distinguishing characteristic.

The brand touch points, therefore, are in two places; the buying and financing arm and the service arm.

I found myself recently in the position where I faced either significant and uncertain repair to my BMW e60 sportswagon (2006 530xi) caused by water damage to the electrical system or getting rid of the vehicle. This led me to the service department at Concours. The estimate was fairly staggering. Keep in mind though, that certified dealerships are required to replace any part that tests faulty with OEM parts. This can make them a lot higher. They were honest about that and even suggested that I might get another opinion on the car. As I contemplated my options I ultimately decided to investigate trading the car for a new one. This led me to Concours BMW sales and in particular Jamie Leike.

BMW has stopped importing my favorite of their vehicles, the 5 series wagon. I was interested, then in testing a lot of different vehicles. Concours service had me in one of their loaner vehicles and because I was considering a new BMW they were very patient and allowed me to stay in their car. I tried numerous cars and decided on the X3. Jamie investigated numerous options for me and ran all kinds of scenarios so that I really did have a lot of options for both vehicles and financing.

I wound up with an issue with the title on my trade that took quite a while to track down and eradicate. During this time Jamie set me up with a car to drive and was extremely patient and supportive. This really helped ease the stress of buying a car when I hadn't really been anticipating buying a car.

Overall, I can't think of how it could have gone better. A few people in particular deserve props: Jamie Leike in BMW sales who patiently helped me through the process and delivered a great car at an extremely fair price. Kyle in BMW finance who patiently explained the options available without a hint of pressure; in fact, he was a pleasure to work with. Lisa and Scott in BMW service who objectively reviewed the issues on my old car and explained the options. Michael in the alternate transportation office for keeping me driving during this time and tracking down the stuff I kept leaving in the vehicles.

At the BMW arm of Concours my experience was uniformly positive. They realize that there is another BMW dealer in Milwaukee and it appears they have settled on a consistent customer focus which in the complex area of auto purchasing is a very good thing.

Ryan K. | 2013-09-10

Your Alternate Transportation office had both the wrong phone number and address on file (I informed your rental rep that when he read back the contact info to me), although I haven't moved or switched my phone numbers since doing business with Concours motors.  Furthermore, the service department has/had my correct number - as Anne is able to reach me without issue every time she calls me telling me my car is ready for service.  A little busy work on your company's part could have alleviated and avoided a rather stressful situation.  

Now god forbid a customer get a flat tire in the winter, in Wisconsin (must be unheard of)...   I've conferred with various other rental car companies in the area, all of which informed that they do not hold customers liable for tire damage in the event of a sidewall blowout as that would be a tire failure.  The charge for the tire should have been discussed at the time of returning the vehicle.  In addition, my vehicle had been in for service numerous times since the flat tire, any payment due could have also been discussed at that time.  On top of all of that, you could have easily billed my credit card (since i gave it for incidentals in the first place or my insurance company).  If you say you need to notify customers of a pending/potential charge, again you could have reached out to the service department with hopes of finding the correct phone number to reach me at, I also am available via email, another form of contact that your dealership has for me as I receive several messages monthly regarding sales and service specials.

While I do appreciate on some level your "response" to my complaint, I would have much rather preferred the courtesy of your management department reaching out to me on a personal and professional level via telephone, as I had left numerous voicemails with again my phone number to be reached at.  Prior to this experience I praised Concours Motors as one of the only remaining automotive gems left in the North Shore area and would have expected my thousands of dollars in business since February (just on service) to reflect a certain quality of customer service.   However, the quality of customer service throughout this matter and your "reply" speaks miles for the level of respect and appreciation your have for the customers in your community.  

I would have gladly paid for the tire had I known, I offered to pay for the tire when I returned the car and offered again when presented with this matter.  Instead of jumping to conclusions, you could have treated me just as if you would have an individual with a $100k Mercedes.  Instead I was treated with disregard and disrespect as if I was trying to dodge a bill for a tire and that is truly deplorable.  At this point, I wish you the best in your future business endeavors.  I will gladly take care of my vehicles service needs at another VW dealer that both appreciates and accommodates their customers.  

Without pointing fingers, there was obviously a failure in communication somewhere within your dealership as my phone works 24/7 and my mail arrives Monday-Saturday just like everyone else.  The situation could have reached an amicable resolve had I even been presented with the opportunity to pay for said tire, however, being dismissed, scolded and talked to in the manner I have been is just unacceptable.  No need for another short reply citing excuses for your representatives behavior when all it really would have taken is a sincere apology.  


R G. | 2013-05-27

If I can't get something fixed elsewhere, I'll probably take it here.  I know they'll charge double what really costs.  People, don't expect Honda prices for your luxury vehicle.  Simple washer repair was almost $600.  
PM me if you want a shop that will work with you and take care of issues on BMW, Porche or Saab.  Not on Yelp yet.

Kristal M. | 2013-04-16

This place is truly terrible.  We've gone for various services, and inevitably, we've ended up waiting at least twice as long as they say.  They do not care about customer service in the least.

J S. | 2012-10-08

Make sure to check out all of these reviews- 1000% true- check out car gurus and you will see that all of their cars are OVER PRICED by $6000!!!! they are horrible- total scam- you would have to be an idiot to buy a car here!

Joshua P. | 2012-09-10

I like to keep things simple: dont go to Concours Motors.

The sales process was not aboveboard and my service experience has been a disappointment twice.

I will not be back.

Erik P. | 2009-09-08

I've taken my Saab in for service and the service tech was not very bright (lady-not sure if she's there anymore) and the service manager was downright rude. They didn't believe the issues my car had were there and when service mgr. agreed to the issue, he never called me back with a remedy. I felt like because I bought a pre-owned car, I wasn't treated as well as a brand-new $80K car or the alike.

My car was sold Certified Pre-Owned on the window sticker & advertised as so, but recently found out that because I got a "discount" it's not Certified. Who buys a car for the window sticker price??? I felt like it was typical used car tactics of making up "rules" as they go along.

I doubt I'll take my car in to Concours for anything in the future. Luckily, Milwaukee has grown in the past few years to include other premium the Northshore doesn't have to rely only on Concours like they have for the past x-decades.