University Volkswagen in Seattle, WA

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Our sales staff mission is to do everything possible to help you find the right car, provide you with all the information you request, get you the best bottom line value with your purchase, then we do it all in a timely manner to save you time and money.

When you purchase a new or pre-owned car from University we include our exclusive Passport Service Owner Benefit Program. The Passport Service Program provides a complimentary service loaner car for service visits, a very convenient Seattle area Shuttle Service, a lifetime service repair guarantee, and complimentary yearly vehicle inspections.

Our award winning and industry leading service department provides the highest level of factory certified trained technicians, a state of the art service facility, the most current diagnostic and repair equipment, efficient turn around processes, and complimentary car washes. Our Parts Department is fully stocked with high quality certified factory parts to keep your car at its best.

University VW-Audi also has a high quality Paint/Detail Department that will keep your car looking great with a variety of detailing services that we use for all our new and pre-owned cars as well as light duty body repair and painting services.


Established in 1958.

Your Northwest area Volkswagen and Audi Experts, proudly serving the greater Seattle and Bellevue area since 1958. We sell and service cars that offer a unique combination of German engineering, state of the art leading safety systems, ultimate driving enjoyment, and incredible overall value. What makes us better is our professional staff, friendly, honest, positively different, and proud of it. No one gives you more and we make it easy at University VW-Audi.

University Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 634-3322
Address:4724 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98105
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Reviews on University Volkswagen

Wilma S. | 2015-04-12

If I could give University Volkswagen zero stars, I would.

I took my 2000 VW Jetta to University Volkswagen for service for many years. Then, in summer 2014, I took my car in to have a new battery installed. I was told I needed a new alternator, a repair that would cost well over $1,000. Rather than get the repair, I decided to take a chance and drive my car the short distance to get it home. I ended up taking my car to Carl's Foreign Car Service, located at the end of my street. After an hour, Carl called me and said, "I don't know what to tell you, but your car is charging. You can come get it, and I won't even charge you." It's been running fine ever since.

After over 8 years of doing business with University Volkswagen, I will NEVER take my car back to them for service. I simply don't have money to throw away on unnecessary car repairs, and I've since found a mechanic I can trust.


Tucker B. | 2015-04-10

Of all of the things that can go wrong when buying a car, University VW did none of it with us. They were easy to negotiate with, they didn't try to sell us accessories or warranties we don't need, and they were extremely friendly and courteous during the whole process. Our salesman was Guy K. He was very knowledgeable about the cars we looked at, which is more than I can say for a lot of people in the business. He was also a pleasure to chat with while we waited for the financing to come through. This was easily the nicest experience I've ever had at a car dealer; University VW is making everyone else look bad.

Debbie H. | 2015-03-20

Service Dept review. Can I give less than 1 star?   Let's start with Mirabel who is rude, condescending and just keeps repeating herself.  Kept trying to tell me I needed to pay for the diagnostic check when I had already done that previously and no one could find anything wrong.  I went in knowing that would be the case and knowing I would have to hold my ground.  I would have paid a discounted "diagnostic fee" but unfortunately for University VW they employ someone who has no finese with customers.  I left feeling like she (the representative of the company) could care less whether I stayed or left.  I literally just walked out.  really glad I did.  Took my car VW EOS to a little auto shop recommended by a friend after this whole dealership service fiasco.  They diagnosed my problem without the COST of some diagnostic computer charge.  Fixed it and now I am one happy camper.  Imagine that, had the person representing University VW been an actual people person, I would never have figured out that the dealership is NOT the best place to have my car serviced.  Thank you Mirabel and University VW.  I am now holding on to a lot more of my money.

Vania K. | 2015-03-18

Our recent purchase was quick and hassle-free. James had extensively researched the car model and specs that he wanted, so we just reached out via email to inquire about what they had available at the University VW. Our sales contact, Kenneth, was friendly and straightforward. Naturally, sales folks would always try to get you to close the deal ASAP, but there was no gimmicky tricks or unnecessary pressure in our case.

Nobody greeted us when we walked into the dealership. While both James and I generally dislike small talks, this was one of those rare circumstances where we actually required assistance from a staff member.... of course we would've loved to be able to just drop the car into our Amazon shopping cart and hit checkout, but I guess that's not how the world works... yet. We were able to get someone's attention after walking over to the receptionist desk on the right and they got Kenneth for us right away. He took the time to explain all the key features and the documentation included in our new car booklet. I don't remember ever getting this sort of overview when I've bought a car in the past (which is not very often, of course); it was nice and actually insightful. We had not bought a car insurance when we came in, because we thought we could do that after. This was probably the only thing missing from Kenneth's pre-purchase instructions. We ended up purchasing a car insurance on the spot (online), it was no big deal but we wish we had known before we came in. I was impressed with Kenneth's follow-up a couple weeks after the purchase and that he was able to send us our license plate (instead of having us pick it up at the dealership).

I was very pleased with how fast we were able to GTFO with our new car and this was probably the first time I felt like I had not been screwed over in a car purchase. We haven't had to come in to get our car serviced, so not sure yet about the service experience but I like that you get a courtesy rental car while your car is being serviced and that you get free car wash (forever!). I thought these were perks that only come with luxury cars.

Stuart S. | 2015-03-10

I took my son to University to buy his first new car.  Great experience from start to finish.  Larry, the sales manager was a prince, and Guy, the salesman we worked with was a knowledgeable gentleman.
Finance dept. was helpful in every way.  Kudos to U.V. Great place to buy your car!

Talia E. | 2015-03-06

Although this is the most convenient VW service center for me to go to, I imagine I might go a little out of the way to come here even if that was not the case. I am on my second Volkswagen lease so I have been coming here for regular service for about 4.5 years. No complaints!

Everyone there is super amiable and professional, timely with estimates and services, and my car is always washed and vacuumed when I get it back. (I hate cleaning my car so this is a nice perk, let me tell you.)

Scheduling appointments is never too challenging (as they have a lot of availability usually within a few days of making the appointment) and their ride service (like when you drop off a car in the morning and need a ride to work) is always punctual, even during peak hours. Service center is clean and spacious (with good wifi and coffee/snacks) in case you feel like hanging around there while your car is getting serviced.

Analeise D. | 2015-03-06

My sister and I bought our first "adult" cars at UW VW last week and had the most phenomenal experience! Dave and Saba made the experience easy, fun, simple and overall they went above and beyond in every aspect! I never felt pressured into what I didn't want. They worked with our budgets and got us the best deals and best rates! I would buy another car from them just because they made it so simple and fun! Hands down best experience ever!

Amy B. | 2015-02-19

I wish I could review the dealership and service department separately. The dealership is awesome. I bought my GTI through Stevie, who was wonderful. He never pressured me or tried talking me into anything. I'd heard so many horror stories about purchasing a car, especially as a woman, but they were great. Stevie put me in a loaner car for a day or two between selling my old car and buying the new one. Based on sales alone, I'd give them 5 stars.

Once you drive off the lot, though, they just don't really care about you as a customer anymore.

I recently hit a pothole and had to deal with the service department.

First visit: The service department replaced the tire and told me the wheel itself was a little bent, but nothing serious. They said they'd swap it so it was in back. The invoice told a different story: the wheel had considerable damage. It needed 80 grams of weight to be balanced, and the service department recommended replacing it. It hadn't been swapped to a different tire, so there was some miscommunication there. When I picked up the car, there was grease all over the windshield right in my line of sight. It affected visibility when I was driving.

Second visit: I brought it in later that week to have the wheel replaced. I'd called two days earlier to set up the appointment, but I found out when I arrived that the wheel hadn't even been ordered. My original invoice said the wheel would have to be special ordered, but there were no instructions for me about how to do that. I thought the wheel would be ready when I dropped off my car. This dealership performed the tire change earlier that week (and originally sold the car to me!), so I assumed they knew what wheel was needed and would order accordingly. When I found out it would take nearly a week for them to get the wheel, I left it there and went without my car that whole time. I don't think they understand: I couldn't keep taking time off work to drop off or pick up my car. The service manager told me they'd give me a discount on the wheel because they screwed up.

Third visit: No discount on the wheel or labor. They gave me a little bit of oil instead (gee, thanks). I discovered the grease was still on the windshield. I tried cleaning it off to no avail. I brought it back in the same evening and was told by the cashier that I'd get a full detail since that was their mistake. The next day, that was downgraded(!) by the service manager to a windshield cleaning.

I'm extremely disappointed by the lack of communication, detail, and empathy all around. I had to take time off work each time I brought the car in or picked it up. I spent three hours on that third visit alone. They did bring the car to me after cleaning the windshield, but that was too little, too late (especially after promising a full detail). The service department manager seemed proud of herself for "putting things right", but that doesn't make up for all the time wasted on their mistake. She told me she couldn't give me my time back, but really, I need SOME sort of compensation.

Overall I felt like I wasn't valued as a customer. The service department doesn't stand behind their work, has poor attention to detail, and doesn't respect their customers' time.

Beau S. | 2015-02-08

I bought my Volkswagen Tiguan here and have had all my service here to date. I scheduled a 40k check up on my car online but, I could not get in until mid February so I was happy to get a call saying that they had an opening in a couple days the day after I made my appointment. I went in for the 40K service check but also to get a light replaced on my rear license plate. I was helped by Dominique who quickly rushed though the dropoff steps.I had told her during the process about the light as well. I then came back later in the day to pick up my car which was done very quickly. Dominique went over a future tire problem I may have and gave me to the cashier without reviewing the actual work done or the checklist of service completed. On the driive home I notice the warning light saying that bulb was not changed is still on and that my dash screen is in some type of diagnostic mode that I did not know how to get out of until I googled it.  In a couple days I use my wipers for the first time since the appointment and the wipers don't work anymore. I understand mistakes happen but, the coincidence is just too strange that my windshield wipers stopped working the very first time I use them after service and less than 2 days from that date. But, that is not my issue. 1. I feel the service team that worked on my car did not take time and rushed through my appointment while skipping step and checking off boxes with the service checklist. They missed a light being out, a crack in the windshield, and returning the dashboard setting back to the home screen while leaving it on a settings menu I did not know how to back out of. They did give me 20% off of the service because of the issue even though it still cost over $400 to fix. 2. Dominique is not someone I want to deal with in the future, she is condescending, sarcastic and not willing to listen to the customers issues without being defensive. I truly do understand that issues are stressful to deal with but, even before issues presented themselves she was not that friendly and rushed me through the process. In defending the service team she said that their are several people at the dealership that handle my car other than the service team and that it could of been the person that washed my car that broke my wipers and in a very sarcastic tone she said was sooo sorry that the service team can not put the my setting back perfectly the way I want them but that is what happens when a new update is put in your car computer. This is the fourth time I have had service at this dealership and this is also where I purchased my car and up until this point I thought very highly of the service. I will not return here because of Dominique and I will get my work done and one of the other VW dealership and for sure buy my next car from one of them as well.

Mark M. | 2015-01-24

I took my car in on Thursday to get a repair done on a side mirror, check the tire gauge meter, and for a new remote-less key-entry battery. I called on Saturday to see if the car was ready, because they had not checked in with me regarding the repair, and learned it was ready for pickup.

I get there and go outside to check my car. The mirror went UNREPAIRED. They managed to clean and vacuum the car and not even touch the damaged mirror! How is this possible? The reason I dropped the car off and went two days without a car (I am a commuter!) was to fix the mirror. So I plunged $60-worth of Uber for no mirror repair and I they told me to bring it back in on Monday because the auto body shop is not open on the weekends.

Safe to say, I will be prompt with University VW Service department next time I need anything done. I cannot stand when you are not getting what you pay for. This is by far the worst service I have encountered and I think they earned the "1 star" rating.

Luke J. | 2015-01-06

Dominique was amazing! Despite having a flood of customers to address on a busy weekend, she did everything to ensure my service was performed promptly and professionally. After purchasing my Jetta last year at a different dealership, I had a negative experience inquiring about service, but University Volkswagen changed my overall impression. Dominique is by far the friendliest and most professional representative I've met at VW and deserves a promotion!

Aimee K. | 2014-12-24

I have not purchased a car nor had one serviced here, so this review is purely for the initial experience of walking their lot.  The blessing of being across the street from Half Price Books aside, the lot overall is pretty small probably due to uni proximity.  Hence, they posted a sign that says don't let their size fool you.  They have a large warehouse off-site with the car you want likely in stock.  As I discovered later, that wasn't the case:  the car I wanted is not available in WA state.  However, the point is that on a Sunday morning after they had just opened the doors, no one came out to greet us or ask us if they could help.  We walked past the sales office on our way out and again, no one looked up.  I had a much warmer experience at the VW dealership in Edmonds.  With the plentitude of lots, I probably won't return.

Casey P. | 2014-12-09

And yet another review. This one is not so much the dealer as it is for Vw itself. I had Get Apparently 2015 gti tired into the dealer last night. Less than 5k miles and the oil light comes on while I'm on i90. I shut it down and got it towed. Seriously Vw. I can't catch a break here.

Kiley G. | 2014-11-14

Dominique was excellent, she was precise and followed through. What's even better is that she called when she said she would! A+ for the entire service department.

Mike S. | 2014-11-14

Dropped my Passat off to figure out an odd cabin heating issue.  They thought it might be the water pump, expensive,  but then realized after pulling it off that it was an air bubble in the coolant system,  way cheaper.

X X. | 2014-11-11

Awful, awful, awful. They talk a good game, but just completely fail. They lied to me, refused to return phone calls, did a completely half-assed job, then fell back on legal double-speak to cover their own tail. And they were rude through it all. I had to threaten legal action of my own to get them to even engage in a conversation.

Don't believe the constant, repetitive advertisements. There are reasons why this place is one of the lowest rated VW dealers around.

Do yourself a favor and just go somewhere else.

Melanie S. | 2014-10-09

Absolutely impressed! My friend is a mechanic here and recommended dropping my car off to get serviced and I am so happy that I did! I typically go to random places like Jiffy Lube for services but with the pricing to service a Volkswagen I decided to actually go to the dealership this time and I was absolutely impressed with the level of service here.

Dominique helped get me all set up. She took my information and did a walk through on my car. I had to put a spare tire on my car because of a flat I recently got and she was able to give me some recommendations on what to do, and how the rest of my tires looked. She answered every question I had and made me feel like a valued customer.

I dropped my car off and got a call about an hour later to come pick it up. They had checked all parts of my car, topped off all of the fluids, checked my air pressure and performed the oil change. They even vacuumed and washed my car for me.

I got a detailed summary of my visit and was able to get a consultation on some small body repairs I want touched up.

I won't go anywhere but here from now on! Worth every penny I spent today and I'll look forward to coming in in 6 months to do it all over again!

Keep up the great service University Volkswagen!

Jesse B. | 2014-10-07

This review is simply on the buying experience... Started off rocky, because the car that I came up to Seattle to see was sold when I arrived. Good thing they had more of the same model in stock and were ready to show. Very knowledgeable about VWs and the features of this car, which I found helpful. Willing to come down on the price, which helped, but sales tax always makes up for that. Salesman Guy was super nice and accommodating. Definitely not the hassle of your average used car lot. Over all, an A-OK experience.

Nick K. | 2014-09-25

So after 13 days without my car I got it back yesterday . After the level of service I received from VW I will NEVER purchase a car from University VW or Audi. There lacking customer service in all departments. The buying experience wasn't to bad . I did pay cash so no financing hassle . I won't be back . As for Pill the service manager . No I won't be taking down my negative reviews . As you can see by my previous reviews they have lazy and incompetent workers . Just look at the pictures posted with the oil all over the ground . This should be a clear sign to steer clear !

Ruby A. | 2014-09-09

You can read my story and come to your own conclusions about whether or not this place systematically overcharges and exploits their customers.

Last month, my key fell apart and my car stopped running. My mechanic (at the awesome 7th Ave Service in the International District) checked it out. The car was fine, but when the key fell apart, a necessary chip fell out, and the car was in anti-theft mode. Because I drive a Cabrio, his locksmith was unable to replace the key, so I had it take it to University VW.

Maribel, my service representative, refused to listen to me from the very beginning. I told her, "My key needs to be replaced, I've already had the car diagnosed." She said they needed to double-check.

The next day, she said I needed over $2,000 in repairs. My reader coil and related wiring, instrument cluster, battery, and key would need to be replaced--and then, maybe, my car would run. I told her that I just needed my key replaced, but she told me they couldn't even program the key to my car without making all of the recommended repairs.

Then I called the branch manager. He said, "I don't know about your key, all I know for sure is that the instrument cluster is broken." So, I called my mechanic (awesome, 7th Ave Service) back. He told me to tell them to replace my key and nothing else.

The car runs fine! When I went in to pick it up, they had charged me for their diagnosis and all the "work" they had done figuring out what was going on with my car. Did I mention they had it there for nearly a week?

I said I didn't want to pay for the diagnosis because I already had it diagnosed before coming in. Maribel wasn't in, the manager wasn't in, and they wanted to keep my credit card on file while we sorted out the charges. I objected, and they brought the mechanics in who said Maribel had never told them about my key, that they had never known it was broken or that its falling apart happened at the same time my car stopped running. After that, they took the diagnosis charges off my bill. I only paid the price of a new key: $150.

I will never return to this location, and I am unlikely to ever buy a Volkswagen again.

Peter S. | 2014-08-02

I came in today without an appointment to fix a door handle that had fallen off my 2011 Jetta from University VW. I was extremely impressed with everyone's service. Dominique at the service desk, Josh the mechanic, and the lady at the parts desk (sorry but I don't remember her name) were all incredibly nice, took care of me right away, and made sure that the throughout the entire process that the vehicle and the customer were handed off to the right person at the right time. They even washed and vacuumed my car! Considering that I just showed up on a Saturday afternoon when the shop was fully booked I am super impressed at the level of service I received.

Clayton J. | 2014-07-17

I was in the neighborhood and was concerned about the remote for my VW. I was greeted at the service counter and walked over to parts. Parts tested my key fob, and my battery and performed some very basic tests on my locks. In the end, it appeared that my key fob just needed to be paired to my vehicle again. I was there for just over 5 minutes, had my issue resolved and everything was on the house. '

This was a huge departure from my previous history with Chaplin's. They were quick to get all my details, get me in the system, then warm me that it's gonna get pricey. UW VW provided classic service and reminded me of days past were people would assess your issue for free and if it was a quick fix do it on the house knowing that they made a customer.

I couldn't be more impressed and even though I can't speak to the sales staff, the service staff over served me and I am appreciative.

Huide Y. | 2014-06-30

when I temporary decide to go and take a look the 14 GTI, which is the last generation GTI made in Germany for US mareket, I really just wanted to go and take a look.

By talk with Dave Behrendt,  it made me feel comfortable and we went to the price negotiation; finally made the deal.

Dave and I aggreed with a good price and I'm very satisfied with it. The only thing is I was aware of the base price but not the price with packages; possibly I missed the information during the talking. anyway, I'm still very satisfied with the final price.

Dave and Todd waited for me till the deal done it's around 8:30 pm.

I get say thanks to this great sales men. that's a good experience for car purchase.

I would recommand Dave and Todd as your interface when you take a look a VW there.

Lani D. | 2014-06-19

If there was a 6-star rating, I'd go with that.

I've had a Yelp account for years and this is the first review I've ever written. I'm not one to hop online and rant about a bad experience and I feel like that's typically what people do on here. I've never had such an amazing experience with a business that I later felt compelled to praise them online. Until now.

Buying a car is a big decision and super overwhelming to say the least. Like anyone else, I began doing my research online since I had a general idea of what I was looking for. After emailing a few dealerships I was immediately contacted by Jameson Grus. Side note, it took the other dealerships days to get back to me which ultimately would result in the loss of a sale.

Jameson answered my incredibly long list of questions and was very helpful. Because he was going to be out of town during the time frame I was looking to come into the dealership, he made sure that I was in good hands with Kaitlyn Richardson. For whatever reason I thought it was a good idea to have my wisdom teeth out during this car buying process and Kaitlyn was very receptive to that. She followed up with me afterwards and first asked how I was feeling instead of being all sales-y and just focusing on getting me to come in for a look. I really appreciated her patience.

I came into the dealership to following week and right off the bat I had a good vibe. Kaitlyn came out and greeted me immediately even though I was a bit early for our appointment. I was pretty impressed that she already had keys for the 3 cars I had narrowed it down to and was ready for us to check them out. Crossed 2 off the list right away once I found out the didn't have a few options I was looking for so we took the 3rd one for a spin. Test drives are usually awkward and not a ton of fun. Total opposite with Kaitlyn. Some sales people could care less who you are. Kaitlyn clearly enjoys her job and is a real deal people-person. She pointed out cool features during the drive, things that I'd actually care about.

The paperwork process was lengthy but hey, that's to be expected. Both Kaitlyn and Becky from finance were phenomenal during this part of the process. Lastly, I was having a tough time figuring out how to arrange picking up my car after it was done being detailed. Without hesitation they offered to deliver my car to me at work and asked what time worked best. Sure enough, Kaitlyn showed up the next day with my beautiful new car! Even my coworkers were blown away with their customer service.

I know that the thought of buying a car would give the average person a panic attack but everyone at University Volkswagen made it one of the easiest decisions I've ever made. I can't thank them enough. After reading some of the not-so-nice reviews I would encourage you to completely disregard them and pay attention to my own personal experience. These guys are awesome.

Estevan C. | 2014-06-19

Walked in there today having no idea how to handle my car accident. Mathu at the paint and body shop was extremely helpful. He spoke with my insurance rep and demanded I get my car towed to the repair shop since my car wasn't in any safe condition to drive. Sure you can go anywhere to buy a car, But this place has won my appreciation and sincere gratitude. Thank you Volkswagen for being more than just a dealership, but also a trustworthy service location I am sure to go back to again.

Katelan H. | 2014-06-16

Ask for Dave!
I have been looking for a car for a little over two months and have talked to multiple car salesman and multiple dealerships. Dave was not only the most educated on what he was selling but he was the best person to work with and totally made me feel comfortable. I never felt pressured and felt like the decision which was my own, which it should be! Even though I did feel that the guy I had to work with to go over finances and adding options to the car was a bit too aggressive ( don't tell me you won't pressure me in the decision making process and then make snarky remarks when I decide not to go with something) Dave still made the experience a pleasant one. I will definitely be going back to him with any future VW purchases and would recommend him to anyone.

Angela W. | 2014-06-10

This is my first VW and I think I'm a lifer and now that I've learned from this experience and know what questions to ask and what to expect, I'll buy my next one here too.

My experience buying my first financed car was pretty good. My sales rep, Eric, was friendly, and I never felt like he was trying to pull one over on me. Chris Brown (super nice guy by the way, don't let the other negative review fool you - firm handshake and looks you in the eye) let me use a sales loaner too, so I didn't have to climb back into my 15 year old Accord while VW Credit processed my application. Honestly, the dealership felt like one big family. Oh, also, Becky in finance - I can't say enough good things about her. She's fast, detail-oriented, and very friendly. She's been there for years and I hope she stays for many more.

I do have a few complaints:

1. When my car was ready to be picked up, they had a very new, very green person do the delivery. I've had the car a month, and I feel like I discover something new every day.

    a. Telling a person to "look in the manual" when they ask a question about the car is NOT okay.
    b. I'm not sure if he got one, but Eric should have been given the courtesy of a heads-up that I'd be picking up my car - even if it was his day off.
    c. Why would you have a new person deliver a car, when there was a whole tribe of sales guys bullsh**ing in the corner?

2. The car did not come with an iPhone5 MDI cable as I expected, only an iPod.
    a. Who with an iPhone uses and iPod anymore? I guess more than I thought, since that's the only cable it came with.
    b. U VW's competitor in Bellevue, gives you BOTH cables (just an FYI).

3. I found out while trying to register and use my free CarNet trial, that my car was previously purchased by someone else, as the trial was still registered to that person. I guess that explains why the odometer read 200 miles, and I should not have been told they were "transport" miles and fed the truth instead.

4. It takes awhile to get plates. It's been a month, and I'm still waiting. Although, to Eric's credit, whenever I text him to ask about it, he updates me.


Provided you schedule your appointment about a week in advance, you're guaranteed a loaner. Advice: If you have to drive farther, ask for one with better gas mileage. The first time I didn't, and the 2.5 Jetta was AWFUL. The second time, the beetle I got was great. I had to go in twice - once to run a diagnostic on a light that appeared, and then again to have it fixed when the part arrived. I'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews on service, HADI was awesome and delivered as promised. Also, the manager (I think that's who it was), greeted me when I arrived and was very friendly.


They washed my car, and both times, it came back dirtier and with water spots ALL over it. I'd rather them have just not touched it. I think next time I'll ask that they don't wash it, as my car is black and I don't want them to ruin it.

Overall, I'd say my experience was pretty good. Could it have been better? Sure, but it also could have been WAY worse. If you go here and you're unhappy with your decision, there's probably something wrong with you.

Debbie B. | 2014-05-21

This was one of the worst experiences my family and I have ever had of purchasing a brand new car.  My mother bought a brand new VW Bug two years ago, and we were treated very nicely...of course, my father was with us.  My mom decided to trade in the VW Bug (that she loved) for a four door Golf because she will be a grandma in September.  The sales people at this establishment saw my mother as a walk-in checklist of all the ways in which they could take advantage of her (imagine a small Asian woman in her mid 60's).  It was shameful, repulsive and downright dirty.

The Bluebook trade-in value for a two year old bug with 22,000 miles is approx. $13,500.  They offered my mother $9,000 for hers.  Keep in mind that her car clocked in at 8,000 miles.  Unbeknownst to her, (she has definitely learned to inform herself!) the bluebook value of the car that she wanted to buy (the brand new Golf, without any bells and whistles) is estimated at $19,000.  The genius salesperson up-sold her that model for $21,000. One would think there would be a limit to such swindling...especially considering the fact that she is a returning customer!  But alas, they found one more area in which they could squeeze more money out of my mother.  The website for University Volkswagen is promoting the Golf by offering 0.9% interest for 60 months if you make the purchase by June 2, 2014.  My mother's credit score is above 800 and these people had the nerve to finance her purchase at 2.9%.

Luckily, upon sharing the details with us, we went back to the dealership and addressed the transaction on all of its levels.  It took us pointing out every flaw and fighting tooth and nail just to get an acknowledgment of the fact that they took advantage of my mother from every angle they could.  We finally got them to adjust the contract to better terms, but we will never deal with these people again, and we will make sure that everyone we know is aware of their "business practices".  My mom definitely should have been more informed, but what they did is shameless.

Jackson L. | 2014-04-22

They lack loaner cars although they offer a decent shuttle service in the greater seatte area while your car is being serviced.  Prices are high and service isn't in terms of customer relationships.  I wish they would spend more time talking to the customer in depth of the necessary repairs and go down the giant list of costs together rather than just shove an invoice to you.

Erica S. | 2014-04-01

I've been buying, leasing, and getting cars serviced at University for over 10 years. Their service is impeccable, and I always feel like I am getting the full picture of what is needed and the best advice. They definitely act as partners to their customers, rather than competing to get the most money out of you.

If you're looking to buy, lease, or trade in, my favorite person to work with is Kaitlyn. She is warm, knowledgeable, and calming, especially important when you're making expensive choices!!

Wayne L. | 2014-03-04

On a Saturday morning last month, I took my 2010 Passat in for elective repairs to use a manufacturer's certificate that was expiring.  Although I had ideas on what I wanted to get serviced, Domnique, VW Service Manager recommended a transmission flush was best use of the certificate based on my maintenance records.  She was able  to schedule the service immediately and was ready when she said it would.  The shuttle service goes to the surrounding neighborhood which was helpful for picking me up in Ballard when my car was ready for pick up.

Rachel F. | 2014-02-26

If I could give this place a negative score, I would.
I took my 2007 VW Jetta here because my car was having weird electrical issues. My husband and I had done some initial testing and diagnosis because we're techy like that. I had had good experiences with a VW dealership where I used to live in Montana so I expected I would have good service with University VW, too.
WRONG. Basically, the place gave me a crap diagnosis and charge me 160 bucks for it. I don't even know why this place wastes their time "servicing" vehicles.
The service department told me I needed to bring it back in for $1,000 worth of service to fix the issue.

I was not happy with their customer service so I took it to the VWTecShop (WHO IS AMAZING.) They diagnosed my car and told me a lot of info that Uni VW failed to mentioned.

The guy at VWTecShop recommended I take it to Campbell Nelson VW. Campbell Nelson fixed the issues with my car and because they (Campbell Nelson) had originally misdiagnosed the issue (what they quoted me for the fix), they ended up charging me less than the actual cost of the fix (my car needed a new computer). Go to Campbell Nelson- awesome customer service!

I feel like Uni VW just wants to get you in and out and make some money off of you. Horrible customer service. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE!

H D. | 2013-10-29

I originally came to to University VW since I had known some of the employees and it was convenient to my home & work.  I am now planning to never come back for service if possible.  
On my first visit, as I was waiting to pick it up on my lunch hour, they "misplaced" my car for 25 minutes while trying to determine which overflow lot had my car. A electrical issue popped up within 2 weeks of their maintenance check and I returned to have them review what they had done. When I went to pick up the car that evening, I noticed a 30 mile discrepancy between what the paperwork said they drove and what my car was at.  Additionally I was left at Empty-not nearly out but the indicator past the red and the light on.  When I went back in to question this, I was told by the cashier "What am I supposed to do? I just work here".  There was no explanation, nor offer to help with the gas.  At one point while speaking to a service associate, I asked if she would be around in the evening to speak with me. Her response "I would rather shoot myself than work past 6".  
This is not how you treat customers. You do not speak to customers with such a negative attitude and tone.  This is how you lose customers.

Laura B. | 2013-09-05

I've had my car for a week and actually had a great experience with follow up and the service department.

I do have a scratch on my windshield from the awful wiper blades that came with the car but my sales rep, Guy, says they can get the scratch out.

ken m. | 2013-09-01

I recently worked with Martin and Chris on a deal to lease 2013 VW GTI Driver's Edition. They bent over backwards to meet or exceed my demands on price and features--and those demands were aggressive right out of the gate.

If you're interested in a VW, I especially recommend working with these guys. If your experience is like mine, you'll drive off the lot satisfied with the car, the deal, and the experience. I can't recommend University Volkswagen highly enough.

R G. | 2013-08-30

This is one of the lamest dealerships I have ever dealt with.  I have been taking my car there for years to get serviced.  I had a stuck sun roof and tried to get help to get it fixed (i.e. closed).  I was told by the service department that no one was there to help because it was a Friday afternoon, there was no manager to escalate to and the only solution to call roadside assistance.  We called roadside assistance and they stated they could not help either.  We called Carter Volkswagen and they were courteous and willing to talk over some solutions over the phone and could see us on a Saturday.  What ever you do please do not buy a car from this dealership or get it serviced.  This is one of many issues we have had with this car and this dealership.  They are horrible!

Matthew L. | 2013-08-12

It's sad how much of an effect one person can have on a business that otherwise deserves ten stars.

Back in early July, I worked with someone named Danny who was a pro through and through. I wanted a new VW and he came to my place in Lower Queen Anne and we went and test drove a VW. The car that I wanted was listed on University VW's website, but it was incorrectly listed. No worries, Danny was going to work with me. I wasn't interested in a 4-door, but Danny was going to work with me.

Meanwhile, the exact car that I wanted was in Los Angeles. Could University Volkswagen meet me halfway on the price? Danny kept checking with his manager. Finally we were about $1200 apart, and it was worth it more for me to go get the car I wanted in Los Angeles. About an hour later, Danny's manager gave me a call. Said he was willing to meet me halfway. $600 apart for a new car (with four doors instead of the desired two doors.) Still, I would be supporting a local business rather than flying to Los Angeles and driving a car back to Seattle.

Then the manager, who I was still playing hardball with, said something that ruined all of the hard work that Danny had put in by suggesting that there was the possibility that something could go wrong with the car and I would have to take it back to Los Angeles. I gave at least a ten-second count to let him dig himself out of the hole, but the manager didn't say anything. Finally, I asked him to give me one example. I'm sure he could hear it in my voice that I'd gone from wanting to give him the cash to pay for the car in Seattle, to -- there was no way in hell I was going to buy my car at University Volkswagen.

I flew to Los Angeles, bought my new VW and drove it back to Seattle.

Story doesn't end there. Danny was so awesome that I had promised even if I didn't buy my car from him, I would have it serviced at University Volkswagen. Two of my friends have had nightmares dealing with the service department (posted on Yelp even), but I figured it couldn't hurt to give them a shot.

I went in one morning following my drive from Los Angeles to Seattle. I wanted to get my key fob to not honk the horn when I locked my doors. I called around and University Volkswagen could fit me in now. I walked in and Sally began what should be shown to anyone in customer service how to treat a customer. Except, what Sally was could not be taught. She must roll out of bed in the morning thinking about how many people she was going to affect in a positive manner. I've lived in Seattle now for 15 years and every moment I spent with her I felt I was being treated like a VIP. The time we shared felt like she actually cared about my questions. Her smile was genuine. I can spot a phony miles away. I kept waiting for Sally to slip up, but she didn't. While I waited for my car, I read my new manual and wrote a list of questions to ask her. She answered them all without needing to ask anyone. She showed me a few tricks that I didn't know about. I almost didn't want to leave the service center I was being treated so well.

So yeah, if you're weary due to the other reviews, ask for Sally. But you can't go wrong with Maribel and Patrick either. Returned a week later and received the "Sally" treatment from both of them. Rockstars all around.

A mixed review. The manager blew the $28K sale on the car. But Danny and Sally blew me away with their kindness.

Sidenote: Stopped by University Volkswagen on 5/22/14. Both Danny and Sally don't work at University Volkswagen any longer.

Rai K. | 2013-07-25

Sally in their service department was super helpful & really nice! I called the night before going in and the person who answered the phone said that I would need an appointment & an estimate. I was bummed as it was such a small problem. I went in the next morning and spoke with Sally. She had my TDI wagon fixed while I waited. It took less than an hour. She also threw in a free car wash ticket as I didn't have enough time for them to wash it. I will certainly be back!

John K. | 2013-06-30

Let's face it, buying a car can be a stressful experience. I guess a lot depends whether you get a competent, well-informed salesperson to deal with. I had such a salesman in Dave Behrendt at University Volkswagen when I bought my 2013 Volkswagen CC VR6 a couple of months ago.

I really made Dave earn his paycheck, too! I'm the kind of person who has a habit of changing his mind after the fact, which is exactly what I did -  After choosing and paying for a car from an incoming shipment of new CCs, I decided that I made a mistake and really preferred the higher trim level, V6-powered 'Executive' model over the more modestly - equipped car I had bought a couple of days earlier. So, my poor salesman, Dave, had to cancel the entire sale and start from negotiations, all new paperwork, basically an entirely new deal. At that point, most salespeople would've gotten a bit snarky and find it difficult to hide their frustration with an indecisive customer like me. Dave, however, showed no evidence of impatience with me. Instead, he doubled-downed on his customer skills and got busy finding the car that had all of the options and equipment I wanted, in the color I wanted from a list of incoming cars enroute from Germany to Houston, where VW/Audi has their big port facility. And he found my car, reserved it for me and began to write up the deal for negotiated price we agreed on.

Dave and the entire staff at University Volkswagen, from sales to service & parts, have all treated me like a VIP from day one. And the great service continues after delivery with follow-up e-mails and phone calls to make sure you're a happy, satisfied customer.

I usually change cars every two years, and I won't hesitate in heading right back to Dave Behrendt and University VW/Audi when it's time to trade-in my car for something different!

shoe l. | 2013-05-06

These people are the worst. I bought my car at Kirkland VW(They're pretty much the best in the business, super awesome!) the other week but a check engine light came on. I am sure it's no big deal but I needed to bring it in just to have it checked out and reset. I work in downtown Seattle so I didn't want to take so much time off work to have it looked at so I called these jokers at University VW. I told her exactly what happened and that I bought the car a week ago. She scheduled an appointment with me during my lunch break. She asked if I needed a shuttle ride or anything to which I replied, hopefully not, I hope it's a quick look and reset but if it is more, then yes. At no point was it mentioned that normally people leave their cars there in the morning. I assumed since I bought the car LAST FREAKING WEEK that they would not let something so soon be a hindrance to me in the name of Volkswagon quality.

First off, it is a pain in the ass to get to. It's one way streets and there's construction. The construction workers actually had the alley blocked so I had to back up and of course a stupid vehicle truck pulls up where I was trying to exit to block me. Needless to say, I was already annoyed.

So I walk in and talk to them inside (since I pulled in the opposite side of where you should come in at, I said eff it, they can move the car, I'm already late!) The woman at the counter asks to help me and I tell her I am there for an appointment and she asks if I need a ride anywhere. So I repeat how I just bought it and the check engine light came on so I hope that it won't take long. At this point she tells me how everyone else brings their cars in that morning and leaves it all day with them. Wow ok, no one mentioned that. I know if I am getting an oil changed or actually having work done that would be a thing. But the car is less than a week. I am sure it's something stupid. But no one can look at it. I asked her what the point of having an appointment was. She puts the person who made my appointment on the spot about it. Yes I did say 1pm would work best BECAUSE I WAS MISSING THE INFO ABOUT YOU GUYS NOT SEEING IT RIGHT AWAY!! Again, I still don't understand the point of this "appointment".

This is where it gets good. She then asked if I bought the car from them. Nope, see above. This is where she got super snooty with me and actually said, "maybe you should take it there." This woman needs a hard lesson in customer service and to understand not only does she represent University Volkswagon, she represents Volkswagon. You don't treat VW customers differently because of where they bought it.

Luck had me buy mine at Kirkland to be honest. They were on my list to visit but I happened upon this location while looking at a used VW a couple of blocks away. I wasn't even in the market for a brand new car! But University VW had called me previously about my trade in from autotrader, so I could have easily ended up buying from there instead. I AM SO GLAD I DID NOT!!

So do yourself a favor, don't take your car to be serviced here at the very least. And if you are in the market for a new car, I can only say, these people suck and you should avoid them. Kirkland is super awesome and treats you well (review is in the works.) but I can't say that there aren't as awesome VW dealerships besides Kirkland. But this place is a no brainer avoid!

Raina B. | 2013-04-25

I don't usually rage type my reviews, but I'll make an exception because I almost ran out of oil returning my car to the service department - THEY LEFT THE OIL PAN VALVE OPEN!!!

There is now oil all over the parking lot at my apartment that I have to clean up, and they only said sorry and gave me two Brown Bear car wash certificates... uh, thanks? That totally makes up for the situation they caused that could have potentially destroyed my engine (if it didn't already cause damage they won't admit...)

Why did I go there knowing full well that they kinda suck? Well I had one last free service and thought let's go for it. Worst. Idea. Ever.

I despise this place and the entire day spent waiting for my service or returning a car leaking oil... I overheard the service guy say I made it back just in time... He didn't bother to come talk to me, and no one took responsibility for their negligence.

So. Mad. !!!!

**Update: I took the advice of another Yelper and submitted a complaint to Volkswagen of America…

This dealership lied to the regional case manager about how they made things right with me. Shady.

If you've experienced poor service, please send feedback through the main VW site at the link above, it's the only way VW is going to know what's taking place here.

Pickle W. | 2013-04-15

Ugh, hate to say it but they are just awful.  We've been in for several repairs and they are nice enough but don't expect their mechanics to diagnose the real issue.

Keleigh C. | 2013-03-30

I have had some horrible car buying experiences in the past, and was extremely hesitant about going through it again.  Todd and the rest of the team set the bar for an exceptional experience!  
He asked insightful questions to help me narrow down to the best options for my criteria in a vehicle and budget.  I never at any point felt pressured.  I did not expect the orientation to my vehicle's features and controls!  The fact that Todd took the time to go through the important differences between my new car and my old car really meant so much to me.  I drove off the lot feeling confident in my vehicle and completely excited!  
I can't imagine what could have made this a better experience for me.  Go see Todd!

VeloNelo J. | 2013-03-21

University VW Service Desk Ninja Puts the Service in Customer Service

Thanks to James at the service desk for providing brilliant customer service recently. The low beam bulb on our 2010 TDI Jetta went out, so I spent quite some time searching for the replacement part on freakish auto part internet sites that left me baffled and wondering if the bulbs would be the same kind or even fit my car. Before I knew it I had been sucked in to a vortex of questionable auto part retailers and VW TDI forums with recommendations on various bulbs that were allegedly better than the original equipment, brighter and safer. Prices ranged from $45 to $90 (some single bulbs, others sold in pairs). Problem was, I really just wanted whatever came with the car because it had worked well, it was plenty bright for cold, dark Seattle winters and I really wasn't worried about safety since I've been a lifelong VW driver and never had issues with lighting or visibility.

After motoring around for about 10 days as a cycloptic Jetta, I decided my brief affair as a TDI forum poseur was over and it was time to swing by the dealership on Roosevelt to replace the bulb for what I feared would be an outrageous sum. As luck would have it, James was working the late shift at University VW, I told him my problem and he said, "We can help with that and if you'd like I can install it for you." When I inquired about the cost he said, "I think the bulb is around $22 and there's no charge for the install." I was thrilled, so excited in fact that I doubled down and bought a second bulb for when the other burns out. James confirmed that was a good idea.

Now, are you ready for the face-melting customer service part? James disappeared in the back, then returned shortly with a pair of thin blue gloves (to keep the bulb free of oil and grime from one's hands that can lead to the early demise of a new bulb) and the two replacement bulbs - one that he was going to install and another that was carefully packed in an envelope marked "Spare Low Beam Bulb" along with a pair of blue gloves, so I can do the install on the other light whenever it goes out. We went outside, I popped the hood, then James showed me the not-so-difficult way to access the back of the light, though it would take some time if you didn't know the trick or have a VW parts Ninja as your light replacement sensei.

The total stop took no more than 15 minutes, it was half the cost of parts I found on the internet, and I learned a new thing about my car, plus I'm ready for when the other bulb goes out.

Thanks University Volkswagen and James, service desk Ninja and champion of legendary customer service and bearer of goodness and light!

Patrick L. | 2013-03-04

Met Casey during a search for new car.  He graciously showed me optioned and answered all questions professionally.  I never felt any pressure or discourtesy during multiple follow-ups and phone calls.  Sale process also went smoothly and without hassle. Financing Department worked very hard to get me a deal.  Definitely recommend! Looking forward to continuing to do business.

Farrell L. | 2013-02-26

I was looking for a new Jetta TDI and first went to a different dealership.  After sometime of negotiation, I left not satisfied that I was getting the best deal I could.  I then went to University Volkswagen and was greeted by Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.   When it came to the negotiations, it went very well and they met my price.  This was just over a year ago and I have since then bought several more cars for my business from Kaitlyn.  I would highly recommend her and University Volkswagen, it was a very nice experience through and through.

Kellie C. | 2013-02-16

The staff in the service department is very helpful and they will honestly tell you the price before they start. Their prices are on the steep side. I had my oil changed here and it cost me $92. A 40,000 mile service will run you about $600.

Susan L. | 2013-02-08

While driving with my 4month old baby, the tire pressure light came on on my Jetta Sportwagon. I looked at my tires and saw that one was almost flat. Luckily I was close to University Volkswagon. I was greeted in the service department by Patrick and couldn't be happier with the service I received. Seeing I had a small child, he took care of my problem in a flash and I was back on the road in no time! Thank you Patrick, and thank you University Volkswagon!

Adi H. | 2012-12-29

Sales department: They are great! Their parking lot is very very small, so don't bother to find parking but either just park your car and go inside and ask someone about parking or turn left on 47th and park along the fence in the audi dealership. I have owned/leased jettas from 2000 and decided to buy my most recent Jetta. I worked with Todd and he was great! The whole process was seamless and we even had the ability to look at the option of leasing a new Jetta but instead bought my current one. He did everything we asked and showed different buying options which helped make my decision! overall, it was a great experience and would definitely recommend coming here if you want to buy or lease a VW.

Service: I haven't had the ability to try the service department because they don't seem to have the capability to schedule you in if you "walk in". They wouldn't even bother looking at my car because they were so busy even though I would not have minded leaving my car there. In other dealerships in CA, they will offer to leave me car there until someone can get to it. Will try making an appointment next time and see if their service is different than the horrible service I received at Carter's VW in Ballard

Moses M. | 2012-12-17

I had a good experience at this dealership even though I ended up not buying a VW. I worked with Stevie and he was completely professional and treated us fairly along the way. Do yourself a favor and work with Stevie if you want to buy a VW.

Sarah B. | 2012-11-26

I have come to this location off and on over the past 12 years for maintenance on two different VW Jettas.  Another local VW dealership/service shop became my go-to location when I moved.  All I have to say is I will only be going to this VW dealership going forward.  I had the best experience and customer service today.  I called the other dealership to see how much it would cost me to replace a burned out headlight and brake light.  They quoted me approx $50 for the service to replace the headlight approx $30 to replace the brake light plus the price for the parts (approx $40).  So over $100 to replace two light bulbs!!  Which is just absolutely crazy!  When I call University VW to find out their price they said the service was free and that I would only have to pay for parts.  I came in a couple of hours later and a girl with short blond hair in the service department was super friendly and hopped out to my car to replace the bulbs and even showed me how to do it as she went along in case I ever needed to know how to do it!  In 10 min. I was on my way and with $80 more in my pocket than I would have had if I went to the other dealership!  Thank you to the lady for being so friendly and helpful!  I will definitely return due to your customer service!

Jacob M. | 2012-11-24

Fundamentally inconsiderate of your time.   They act like doing business with you is a HUGE inconvenience, and you should be grateful for the 90 minute wait (after being told it would be 30 minutes) to talk to a sales manager.  To be clear, it should be 90+ minutes because it was at the 90 minute mark, with no update or information, that I decided to leave.  If I had stayed, who knows, I might still be there today.   I found their cavalier indifference to my time and schedule to be very unbecoming.

liz s. | 2012-09-27

I'm writing two different reviews - one for VW sales, one for VW service.  This 5 star review is for VW sales, specifically Todd and Miles, who are fabulous.  I always felt that my questions and concerns were taken seriously during the sales process, and they made it as easy as pie.  They even let me take the car (2012 VW GLI) the night before I actually finished all the purchasing paperwork so I could have fun with it.   But, the real reason that I am reviewing them now is that I had a super funky Bluetooth/Audio problem that was super annoying - and I knew it wasn't right.  Well, service tells me, "it's a compatibility issue.  It is how it works and there are problems, we have complaints, and it just doesn't bother some people as much as you (implying it's my problem) and they tell me I should call VW customer care and they will start a work order.  Well, I call VW customer care and they tell me it's a compatibility issue with my iPhone and it just is how it is and they will not start a work order, but only can redirect me to service who will let me know if there are any updates that might help in the future (I've been told that since I bought the car a few months ago).  SO, both service and VW are telling me that it is how it is and it is a compatibility issue and I will just have to turn my bluetooth off if I don't want this problem.  I decide to go back to sales to ask them to do a full disclosure for folks that are spending more on the autobahn model expecting this fabulous bluetooth stereo system, they should know that it is buggy and that there are compatibility issues and "that is how it is".  Well, as it turns out Todd and Miles actually listened to me and took my concerns seriously and problems solved it and fixed a setting.  (Something that I repeatedly asked the service department to look into).  Seems crazy that Sales would KNOW MORE than service, or even VW itself, but leave it to Todd and Miles, who do their homework.  Huge shout out to them both for listening and taking my concerns seriously and believing me when I said something was really wrong and it couldn't be that it "just is how it is" like I was being told.  Now, I will go ahead and write my review for Service....

Tyler W. | 2012-09-12

Took a 2005 TDI Passat to get a used vehicle buyers inspection.  I realize that not everything can be seen or diagnosed with this, however, they missed A TON of things that should have been obvious to a knowledgeable TDI tech.  I took it to an indapendant TDI tech to get a second opinion and they found basically twice as many items that needed to be addressed, including a major balance shaft issue, and brake caliper and rotors (not just the pads).  On a positive note, the people were friendly and courteous.

Chad S. | 2012-08-19

I had an awesome experience buying a car here today...The sales Rep, Dave, and the manager were great. We went through all of the usual "write the downpayment on paper" negotiation back-and-forth stuff, but at the end of the day I got a great deal on my dream car and there was no stress or pressure.

There was lots of personal attention, and the staff here are definitely all VW the passion is contagious.

I brought my brand new Golf R home, and my friends are already thinking about joining the ranks of the VW faithful based on my great experience here.

Tracy L. | 2012-07-10

Don't go there to service your VW - they nickel and dime you, charged me for a license plate holder to advertise THEIR name, charged me for the code for my stolen radio (went to Carter VW instead and there was no charge), overcharged me to fix a door handle.  Go to Carter VW, they are honest and always try to even save you money by suggesting where you can get less expense things for your car instead of buying from them.  University VW is what you've always thought of car dealers and it's not good.  I live a few blocks from them but go across town to Carter for my VW servicing.

Jason M. | 2012-06-10


I have had bad experiences in the past when buying a car - spending hours waiting on paperwork and working with unfriendly/pushy sales staff.  This was a complete 180 from those experiences, and what a pleasant surprise!

I work at Microsoft and purchased through our employee discount... thus I was able to work with Karine who handles these sorts of sales.  I sent an email asking very specific questions about pricing, financing options and car availabity and stated that I wanted this particular purchase to be quick and painless... otherwise no dice.  Karine replied to my email almost immediately, answering each of my questions in full and offering to complete all the paperwork before my arrival.  I had test driven the car before so knew it was the one I wanted.

This is my first Volkswagen, and having read some mixed reviews on this site, I was hesitant.  However, University had the only one left I wanted (the last one in the entire state for a few months) so I decided to chance it.  I promise you, if you work with Karine you won't be sorry.  

When I arrived, she greeted me with a huge smile and made me feel very comfortable (no pushy sales people here) and helped to complete the entire process in about an hour.  Then she took the time to sit in the car with me and help with everything from adjusting my mirrors to setting up the bluetooth hands free.  She was like that favorite aunt we all have (or want), and ended the experience with a huge (and sincere) hug, then giving me her card and telling me to call her if I ever have any problems at all - with the car, with getting a loaner car during service, or any concerns/questions about the car.  Simply wonderful!

Also Jon, the business manager (really, the person that helps you fill out all the finance paperwork) was also very friendly, easy to work with and, while he asks if you want to add some additional services to the car, was never pushy.  I said no to some items and that was that (very different than when buying my last car).

I may have just become a VW lover for life.  Fingers crossed the maintenance process is as fabulous as the buying process.

Judd H. | 2012-04-30

Long story short, a simple service that required some more know-how to do than I had was quoted $250 at Chaplin's and $130 at University VW.  Took the car in and it ended up only costing $100.  For once I didn't feel violated by a dealership, I felt... well... fantastic about it!

Service over the phone, at the counter, and from the courtesy car driver was excellent.

Today I had to go back for some parts to finish out my maintenance and the parts were in stock and comparable in price to my normal online parts supplier.  Another win for ease of parts access.

We're not in the market for a new car at the moment, but when we are (and I do tend to buy a lot of cars), I will definitely be going to University VW/Audi.  It's such a great feeling to know that the dealership is actually what you would like it to be.  I've less than enjoyed Carter and after a few encounters at Chaplin's, that place is like Mordor to me.

Wes W. | 2012-04-25

I can't say enough good things about University!  I have bought 3 cars from them and each time was an amazing experience.  They even picked me up in the car and brought me to the dealership to complete one of the sales!  Amazing service from the sales and finance staff! Todd, Stevie and Miles on the sales team are awesome.  I have had the pleasure to work with each.  They are always courteous and I have never felt pressured at all.  No hard sale here! They were always very attentive to what I was looking for each time.

Also, I will only go to University to service my cars. Joe in the service dept. is extremely thorough and they are always doing whatever it takes to make sure I leave satisfied.  I wholeheartedly recommend them as well!

J L. | 2012-04-20

I had a fantastic experience at University VW. I usually hate salespeople. Can't stand them. I'd typically go home, frustrated, and carrying thoughts about bleh bleh bleh.

However, University VW was pretty solid. Maybe I got lucky with a salesperson that was just better than most, or more empathetic. I was able to put down a deposit on the exact car I wanted and they had it sent over very, very quick. It showed up considerably ahead of the date they gave (maybe that's part of the game? But who cares) and dealt with all of the financial stuff seamlessly and promptly.

Granted, I knew what I wanted and how to pay for it and therefore did not have to deal with any nonsense, but that's just what you have to do. I feel as though I shouldn't dropped names on the internet, but their internet sales manager is a great guy and was very patient and informative throughout the whole process from test drive through the purchase.

I have not dealt with the maintenance and stuff yet, so we shall see. But with a few years of research on what car I wanted and how much it would cost, the experience was not only painless but overall good.

Jake F. | 2012-03-28

Woohoo!  Thanks to Aaron and the entire University Volkswagen crew for the most positive experience I have ever had buying a car.  Aaron guided me through the experience, focusing on my wants and needs with no pressure.  I am truly grateful, as my past experiences have been fairly traumatic for me.  I'm stoked to have a vehicle that meets my needs as a surfer, namely good gas mileage, reliability, and a vehicle that I can sleep in while on the coast.  Thanks Aaron and Dennis for all your help!  You're as good as it gets....

Jerrica K. | 2012-02-01

My boyfriend and I recently leased a 2012 Volkswagen.  It was my first car "buying" experience and Ryan Kam did a wonderful job helping us get the car we wanted. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions and made us feel very comfortable and not pressured. The whole process was very easy, simple and straight forward. I was impressed with how quickly, within a week, we were able to drive a car out of the lot.

Much mahalo for the excellent service!
(p.s. The entire Audi/VW staff were very friendly!)

Anna F. | 2012-01-31

This time it's my window - fell down inside the passenger side door!

My little, beat-up Golf has duct tape on the window to hold it up, a broken side mirror, dirty hubcaps, etc...

Did they bat an eye?  No.

Dominique in Service was professional, kind, and efficient.   She called me back a few hours later to let me know the estimated cost.

No pressure to by a new car, to do any other maintenance, etc.

I am pleased and will continue to go to University VW.

Granted, my next car probably won't be a VW...but as long as I have my little junker I will take it there....

Jennifer H. | 2012-01-14

Chris Brown (yeah that's his name) was so eager to get me on a lease of a brand new Jetta. While I do thoroughly enjoy my ride, I am paying a lot more than I was anticipating. For one, he told me my insurance would, if anything, go down from what I was currently paying (nope, went up $20 a month), and I felt pressured into paying a higher price than what I really wanted. And when I was really struggling with my payments a few months after the contract and wanted to see what my options were, I called him up in tears and all he did was give me an 800 number to Volkswagon credit. Definitely will never purchase another car from here.

Laura B. | 2012-01-13

Bottom line: typical dealership--not interested in anything except selling new cars to suckers willing to pay VW prices.  

Long story: I'd heard the horror stories about VW cars having super expensive maintenance, but hey, the car was free so what was I going to do, say no?  Kinda wondering what life would be like if I had...

Now I normally do my own car repairs since I didn't pay all that money for a college degree for nothing.  But it turns out you need a special tool (or a pair of pliers and more hutzpah than I can afford a couple days before having to drive my Grandma across the pass) to remove the spark plug boots.  I have to get these replaced ASAP so I thought, "why not just SEE what the dealership charges."  At first they refused to quote a price for changing spark plugs without a vin number.  This is despite the fact that I told them the year, exact make, engine, and the plant it was assembled at, pretty much everything you get from the vin.  So he did not need the exact vin to know what spark plugs I have in there.  I argued and the guy eventually quoted an hour of service at $125/hour.  Yeah, about what I expected and nothing like what I'm willing to pay.

It's a good thing he was a jerk about it because now I will definitely never take my car here.  The only reason I was even thinking about it was because I was in a hurry.  But the whole, give me your vin number or I can't tell you anything is pure BS.  For all he knows I modded the fraking car and the vin wouldn't tell him anything.  What a moron.  

I've called two other times, once to be told that they don't cut aftermarket keys (meaning they charge you more than 3x what you could pay online) and the second time to have some very confused woman tell me she didn't know what OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are.  Really?  You work at a car dealership.  

So I'm convinced they don't actually know anything about cars here but are some sort of conspiracy.  I don't know what they're trying to do but one things for sure, they aren't going to take over the world anytime soon with that level of incompetence.

Georgie M. | 2012-01-08

I was coming off of the 5 Freeway at 45th Street and hit a sharp metal object near the curb.  Well, the tire went flat pretty quickly and I just made it here riding on the rims (not smart).

I usually go to Carter who is my dealer, but found University was great and I was well treated by the service department.  It's nice to know there are other good VW dealership in greater Seattle.  

Thanks guys, nice save!

Philip S. | 2011-11-17

The service continues to impress me from the no appointment needed to the fresh snack and friendly faces when you walk in the door I have been to the dealership 3 times now 2 for maintenance and 1 time for a warranty repair, the staff takes the time to explain everything in detail and give an accurate time estimate. Repairs on my 2011 jetta we made in great time with all attention made to the details. We love our Jetta and will be back for all of our services and our next car....... Hopefully a cc :)

Seatown S. | 2011-11-04

Run from this place!

Never have I had my car returned to me WORSE than when I dropped it off. They denied everything, even when the mechanic later, after some pressing, admitted he blew a fuse. ( I picked it up and the radio wouldn't work, I've had electrical problems ever since. Before stereo n system were great!)

Customer service is terrible. They basically know they can screw you, that it's hard to prove, and so they do.

Seriously, guys! How do you sleep at night?

Faniel A. | 2011-10-28

The dealership never contacted me to let me know my plates had arrived.  When I contacted them they stated that they had left several messages and that I should confirm my contact info when I come in.  The problem is is that I had already had the service department call me as the sales staff never activated my satellite radio. I spoke with the service folks a couple times regarding this and ended up that I had to call Sirius/XM myself to resolve.

University Volkswagen/Audio in Seattle is just plain awful to deal with.  They do not care about their customers once the sale is done.

Jules I. | 2011-10-24

When I started coming to UniVW for parts and maintenance, it was worthy of a 5-star review.
After two years it quickly fell to 1 star.
Now, I'm settling on two.

First the good: Their parts desk is very helpful. They always give me the right parts when the other local VW dealers cannot. A center cap broke off of one of my wheels and UniVW parts had it 2 days later. Everything else they've had in stock.

Now the bad: They charged me $770 for parts that didn't fix my problem, then diagnosed another $1100 to further 'fix' the same problem. Another certified mechanic did it for $30 in January (it was a completely different part that UniVW never mentioned), and I haven't had an issue since. Since I bought the car in October '08, it's always made a peculiar noise when starting up. It hasn't gotten worse or changed at all. It wasn't until January 2011 when I mentioned it that they told me it's the worst sounding engine noise they've ever heard, and it needs to be fixed immediately before my car blows up. It's a difficult noise to ignore, I'm curious how they managed to do it for two years.

At my last oil change they flattened a tire and when they noticed, they asked if it had been like that when I came in. Wouldn't they have noticed? They also disregarded two simple requests I made at the start. 1) Don't wash my car, it has fresh paint and 2) No, don't change that part. The first was narrowly avoided by a hasty radio call; the second resulted in a new lightbulb I could have changed myself. (The labor fee was waived when I said "Thanks for the free fix") Luckily the bulb was less than 2 bucks. They also told me that I needed a new battery. They must have missed the sticker on my current one that said it had been replaced less than a year before. The response to my online feedback survey sealed the deal. It was completely unprofessional and accusatory.

Not once in two years was I ever offered a loaner.

While I can't say anything about the auto sales side of this establishment, I can confidently say that their maintenance team has earned a resounding one star. Their parts desk has earned the second.

My recommendation: Unless your parts are free under warranty or recall, I wouldn't go here. Go elsewhere, or buy the parts and DIY.

Desiree V. | 2011-10-21

I have always been very happy with all of the work I have had done here.  They have always been very helpful and not charged me for things they didn't need to.  They've even installed lights in my car for free.  I would highly recommend using their service department.

Pete F. | 2011-10-03

Another Miles DeCaro fan! He was great and no pressure through the whole process. I definitely recommend him when dealing with University VW!

barry b. | 2011-09-25

This is THE dealership as far as I am concerned. I worked with Dave and he went above and beyond what anybody has ever done for me service wise, dealership or anywhere. I have never had a more pleasant experience. All of the staff was professional and extremely knowledgeable and was passionate about the products they sell. I can't say enough about how amazing this place is, if you can buy a car, these guys will make it happen. 5 star service and genuine and honest people. I went to Carter first and it was terrible, night and day difference. Miles also helped me and like Dave, top notch service and really pulled for me to get my first new car. I don't think I would go to another dealership. A+++++

julian m. | 2011-09-24

No customer service skills! walked in to get a repair,  four people at counter but not one greeted me.  Employees kept typing away at their computers so I ate one of their free doughnuts and walked out.  Oh thanks for the doughnut.

Lexy W. | 2011-09-22

I bought my car here and have had it serviced ever since.  
It's never bad but there's always something.  
Like the time they said my car was "ready" but when I came 45 min. later, "we haven't had a chance to wash your car.  Can you wait another 30 min.  Well we're really busy.  You can come back another day."  No..., I can't come back another day and you said my car was "ready"  -- argh.
So nothing has fallen off my car since I bought it or serviced it but it's not a high-class operation either.

Meghan Y. | 2011-08-09

I highly recommend University VW for any and all service needs.  They have literally worked some miracles for me in the past few years, whether in regards to sneaking me into the shop when it seemed next to impossible, or helping me deal with the irritating, small details of auto insurance claims.  Maribel and Beck in particular are some of the best customer service agents I have ever dealt with, hands down. MIles, the general manager, is approachable and also willing to help out with anything he can which is commendable.  A huge thumbs up to the entire team.

Anuj B. | 2011-06-19

What can I say, this is my second car I bought here in the last couple years. I highly recommend Miles DeCaro, who works many of the internet sales too. I can't vouch for the rest of the staff as it seems mainly Miles gets good reviews if you scroll down.

The service dept. has been fine for me, but I have only had work done under warranty so I'm biased.

So if you're looking for a low pressure salesman with a good attitude, go see Miles. And tell him Anuj Bahl sent you, and tell him to send me a referral bonus. :)

pammy k. | 2011-05-19

I have purchased two vehicles from this dealership and one from the sister Audi dealership next door.

They are great to do business with and I will keep coming back.

The service dept. is outstanding and I always am able to get a loaner car when needed.


Wyatt F. | 2011-04-11

Don't do it Service Sucks!
Don't take your car here ever! Worst service EVER! Told me I bought the wrong parts, for my car and I should have bought VW parts. Plus the Manager, (who I'm not gonna name, but you can look below for it.) *cough* phi *cough* Snagmapho *cough* Sorry must be catching a cold. Anyways. He told me that his "Mechanic wasn't gonna get paid because, I didn't want to pay for the service." Which by the way, service= taking old parts off+ putting old parts back on but not installing the new parts.

I installed the rear brake rotors and pads myself, which came in the box labled "vw gti 1.8T front and rear brakes", unbelievable in the same box was the front pads and rotors.I couldn't believe it my self. So I couldn't get my font passenger rotor off because of a warped screw that holds the rotor in place. Well I didn't have a Hammer drill, to get the screw out so I figured taking it to a "VW certified service department" would be best, and probably cost the same. WRONG!
They told me the parts were the wrong parts and I should buy new VW parts. WAAAhhhhht. Lame excuse.  I pretty sure they didn't want to install the so called "non-vw parts" on my car and/or couldn't them selves get the screw out. Since they probably went through doing the driver side first, like I did, then got to the passenger side, and realized I can get this screw out. They put all the old parts back on my car, and asked me "why I wanted to replace my pads since I had (some arbitrary number) 10 out of 12 left on my front brake pads and my rotors where fine" Anyways the mechanic installed them he said the wheels wouldn't spin. Weird? I mean considering I installed the front driver side myself, and the wheel spun. Holly crap! Really!? The front wheel spinning freely on a front wheel drive car, while the brakes are being worked on are you effing kidding me!
So I'm pretty sure I got ripped off. So I guess I bend over and let University VW, shove my pads and rotors up my... Yep paid $200+ for an oil change and car wash.


Customer CARE

"Let's make it easy - for help with customer service, you can either email or call -- whatever works for you."

Call 1-800-822-8987
8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Local time in the contiguous United States
or email:…

Jay G. | 2011-03-01

I recently got a new car from University Volkswagen.  Todd Oshie was awesome, very efficient, courteous and knowledgeable.  He gave me all the information I needed over e-mail before coming into the dealership, which made everyone so much faster.  What a car buying experience should be.

Nick C. | 2011-02-22

Seriously Mike Kingma, Used Car Sales Manager, is without a doubt the most honest person that I have dealt with in my experience with car dealerships.  Be sure to take a look at their inventory before you go anywhere else.  You can feel comfortable that you are going to be treated right and get a square deal.

Orlene C. | 2011-02-16

Last week, I went on an intense search for my new car.  I visited 6 different dealerships.  Some of the sales people acted in the stereotypical pushy car salesman manner that made me feel extremely uncomfortable.  However, one of my better experiences was visiting Sean at Volkswagen U-District.  He was very helpful without being pushy.  He seemed like a genuine nice person.  I didn't end up buying a Volkswagen but would recommend Sean to anyone considering one.

C D. | 2011-01-29

I want everyone to know that I just recently had a very good experience with University VW for repairs on my Passat. In the past, I have to admit that I have had mixed experiences with this dealer, so I was pleasantly surprised by my last visit. Most notably, I want to acknowledge Joe Pierce who was friendly, respectful, and took time to explain the issue with my car in a level of detail that I needed to feel that I was being dealt with honestly. The repairs were performed quickly and Joe called me back right away when I had questions. I am not giving 5 stars because this is not how I have been treated in the past and I have had experiences similar to those who gave 1 star (although not as severe). The biggest downside to University VW is the price--much higher than most mechanics in the city. The upside is that you can be reassured that you are dealing with a authorized dealer. EuroAuto on Roosevelt/Ravenna is also good and cheaper, but as they are not as high a volume center, it sometimes takes longer to get your repairs done because they have to order parts.

+ Flexible hours of operation (for early and late pickup/drop off)
+ Free shuttle service for pickup and drop off
+ Reasonable workmanship
+ Free car detailing with service.
+ Oil changes not excessively expensive

- $$$
- Occasional sassy/disgruntled/unresponsive reception staff

Erin D. | 2011-01-24

Holy smokes - University Volkswagen nickels and dimes....actually twenties and fifties you to death!  We took our car to them thinking we were getting great service but then things quickly came to light!  First red flag was when our check engine light would intermittently come on for about a day and a half, but other then the light the car ran fine.  Well U.VW. took a look at it and told me that I needed a new transmission for $6000! We quickly got several second opinions (and all second opinions agreed) that all we needed was a new seal that cost about $800 - not cheap, but not $6000.  The second red flag was when our blinker would intermittently work and they replaced the whole blinker assembly for $400+, within half a block of driving off the service lot the blinker did not work.  We quickly turned around to have them fix the problem that they did not fix...and guess what it was a small switch that they replaced and the blinker worked fine.  Since the blinker incident we have read up and asked other service people and they all agree that it was the switch all along and not the whole blinker assembly!  So what could have cost $20 was $400 at U.VW.  Well needless to say we do not take our car to University VW anymore!  Bleh.

Laura S. | 2010-12-28

This Christmas I woke up to find that Santa had left a 2010 Volkswagen Beetle Final Edition in the garage for me! I never saw it coming...  I felt like I was dreaming!  Santa's elf, Myles DeCaro over at University Volkswagen, was instrumental in making it all come together with the excellent service he provided from beginning to end. I later learned that he switched his days off to be the one there for delivery to my husband on Christmas Eve.

This is our second car within a year from Myles, and during that time we couldn't be more pleased that time we couldn't be more pleased with the way he's taken care of us and made us feel like we are his only customers. His product knowledge is astonishing! I just returned from the dealership, Myles gave me a personal tour of my Bug including a lesson on how put the top up and down. He took the time to go through even the smallest detail.

The same goes for the service department; I receive superstar treatment each and every time I've gone in for service on our GTI, and Maribel does not let me walk out that door until she is s sure that every detail or question has been dealt with.not to mention, their service department is the most comfortable I've been in and offers the yummiest treats too!

I'm giving University Volkswagen Five Stars for their incredible service. If I could rate Santa he'd be receiving them too. I suppose I'll have to find another way to recognize him!  ;)

Aaron B. | 2010-12-23

Honestly, if I had read all of these review prior to going to University Volkswagen, I probably would not have gone there...and THAT would have been the mistake.  
My sales guy, Dave B, clearly wanted nothing more than for me to drive away in a new car regardless of any financial hits he or his company may take.  
Dave was super patient as I test drove 4 different models multiple times. The negotiations were totally painless, it really felt like he was in my corner and I thoroughly appreciated that.  I gave him a number that was acceptable to me and he actually made it happen.  
I'd also like to call out that while Dave was away from the desk negotiating on my behalf, he also made sure my coffee cup was full and his co-workers were very friendly and answered any questions I had.  
I settled on a 2011 VW CC Sport and I couldn't be happier.  Both with my new car and my Experience with University VW Sales.
I wish I could comment on the service dept but I have not had a chance to interact with them. All I can say is this, even if you get your VW serviced elsewhere, visit the sales team at UVW before buying elsewhere.  I honestly believe I got the best possible deal on my new car.

Note: I will update this if I ever have reason to engage their service dept.

Toby V. | 2010-10-24

I just bought a used 2009 Jetta TDI Wagon at University VW and it was the best car buying experience I've had.  The price was fair, my sales guy (Miles De Caro) was fantastic and I couldn't ask for a better experience.  This is my first VW but I have a feeling it won't be my last.

James L. | 2010-10-13

Best experience at University VW, Miles DeCaro, sales consultant is ready nice guy and awesome person to deal with it.  He gave one number and it was best deal out there and came down and bought it!!!!
Love to deal with University VW, will come back again.  Thx Miles!!!!

David G. | 2010-08-19

Never actually got to the service department, since they did not ever return my calls, asking for an estimate.

mike m. | 2010-07-22

This place is horrific. They actually invented problems for my car that I brought in for recall issues. They tried to tell me I would be sorry if I didn't ok the fixes. But I took it to a trustworthy mechanic who said nothing was wrong. Nothing. University VW wanted more than $500 to fix nothing. I'm not sure that's even legal. I feel disgusted and nauseous just writing this. How do they call themselves a respectable business, let alone decent human beings?  Yuk.

Robert D. | 2010-07-22

This dealership earns five stars from us based on the tremendous professionalism and expertise of Miles DeCaro, who was our sales person.  Always informative and honest, patient and respectful, he made our car buying experience a good one.  We'll definitely buy a car from him again.

That said, we are deeply concerned about the numerous negative reviews of the service department at this dealership, and the numerous negative reviews of the Service Manager if he still works there. We are not certain if we will trust our new car to their service department or not.

Jeannie G. | 2010-07-19

I hate dealerships but hate this dealership more than all others.  They were imperious when I purchased my car although I had a sizable cash downpayment.  They couldn't figure out how to transfer a vanity plate and a cop stopped me the very next day following purchase to tell me he thought my brand new car was stolen and he nearly stayed in his car to order me out of the car with my hands over my head to insure my exit from the vehicle.  A polite but critical letter to University VW relaying the incident garnered no response.  When I am in need of a dealership, I call and they don't have appointments for weeks.  The space is laid out very poorly, maximizing the inconvenience of the customer.  Even though I live 4 blocks from University VW, I will travel to Edmonds, to Campbell-Nelson who understand customer service.

Liza K. | 2010-07-01

UPDATE Aug 13, 2010: We still haven't heard from them. Translation, they seriously don't care about servicing cars at this location.


An open letter to University Volkswagen Service Department. I will post responses if I get one.

July 1, 2010

Dear University Volkswagen Service Department:

I am writing because my husband brought his Volkswagen Passat in yesterday to have some recall work repaired and have a cover plate on the undercarriage replaced as it fell off. He was charged $35 for a diagnostic that told him that the plate needed to be replaced (the plate was never replaced, and he came in requesting this service so I have no idea why this was diagnostic was performed) and he was told there was something critically wrong with his transmission that needed immediate attention. He left confused and frustrated, and I encouraged him to take the care to my mechanic. This mechanic, whom I have worked with for years and is extremely reliable and honest, inspected the car and found absolutely nothing wrong with the transmission.

I can only assume that he was being outright deceived into having this work done, and that infuriates me. I did some research and discovered many similar complaints about your service department. Clearly, this is not an unusual experience.

I am writing to not only express my outrage, but in the hopes that you do something to address these kinds of issues in the future. Clearly, if you can't provide good honest service for your customers who have Volkswagens, I don't see how you will manage to sell them another one when the time comes. I expect no results to come from this letter, but am simply expressing my disgust directly to you. I will also share this complaint and experience on yelp. I don't want anyone else to suffer thru this same horrible service.

Lee D. | 2010-04-03

I'm almost scared to write a review, but I had a good purchase experience here at University Volkswagen.  I think Todd dealt with me fairly and gave me a good deal.  On the other hand, when paying so much for something, I expect to be dealt with fairly and honestly.  They did everything they should do ... but didn't necessarily wow me on any particular count.

I have not yet dealt with their service department, and given the other reviews here, I will probably look for somewhere else to service my new car.

Giri S. | 2010-03-10

Even though I haven't bought the VW Golf I have been scoping out yet, I have to say that Karine and Dan are two of the most professional and courteous internet car salespersons I have met. I have had an extremely pleasant experience with them from emails to test drives, in complete contrast to other dealers in the area. Keep it up Karine and Dan--I can see why the other dealerships in the area are jealous of you guys!

Dan S. | 2010-03-06

Bought my Passat from them new several years ago. I am not a whiner, normally, but these guys have pushed me over the edge.  The frustration of having problems literally from day 1 (I needed an ashtray filled with electrical fuses for the first 18 months of ownership) has been massively compounded by dealing with their service department. See other people's description of the head of the service department...that is who you see when you are upset being back there the third time for the same problem. Basically, the customer is treated like caca whether you are coming in for warranty work (my Passat has needed lots) or recall work (my Passat has needed lots). Don't buy a VW and don't go to University VW/Audi.

Kyle J. | 2010-02-03

Ok so the admin took down my review of University Volkswagen(probly cuz they complained because one of the managers I had to deal with and stated in my first review messaged me and told me to keep it up and I will be seeing a slander lawsuit)
Whatever happened to receiving crappy service and getting a fair evaluation over it,  all I tried to do was write my experience down for other fellow yelpers to see but with that said........
All I can say without writing another book DONT GO HERE EVER EVER EVER....
Words that come to mind  when I think about UNIVERSITY
Get the idea...enough said.................but please don't just read my review and make your decision I don't want to be in the center of a lawsuit my review is just my experience,read all their great reviews and make your own decision people

Victory L. | 2010-01-06

1. They lost my car
2. They told my insurance company things that made my life a living hell, then later said "oops" and recanted that
3. They fixed the wrong part
4. The Service Manager, Philip Spagnoli, was rude and threatening
5. They sent an electrical surge through my car that fried my radio, alarm, and anything electrical. I went to pick my car up and found my radio to be completely dead. They took my car back, again, and gave me a loaner car.
6. My paperwork clearly said to return my loaner car by 8pm on monday. I have copies. At 9:30am monday Service Manager Philip Spagnoli left a rude, threatening message on my voicemail demanding the loaner car back and telling me I'd have to pay $60 for a rental car charge. I called Miles Davis and he got that sorted.
7. No apologies whatsoever for their mistakes, except from Philip in the beginning, for losing my car.
8. I get my car back and alarm malfunctioning. I drop it off. I tell Kendra to check my alarm as a result of the electrical surge. "No problem." I write on the bill I need to approve any estimates or charges first, just to cover my bases. Never hear anything until car is finished.
9. I go to pick up my car and they tell me I owe them $116 for their labor to find out what they did wrong!! I of course, refuse. Philip makes us wait 20 minutes while he kicks back on the phone. We leave, and leave my car there. I tell them to have him call me.
10. He calls and is very rude. I tell him I won't pay for these charges, I never authorized them. He says if I don't, and don't come pick up my car, he will charge me $45 a day for every day it is there. I am furious. Miles Davis is away on Christmas Holiday.
11. We go in the next day, on Christmas Eve, and pay for the car. They didn't even bother to vaccum it. Electrical still malfunctioning and gauges now flicker when power changes.
12. File with Better Business Bureau.
13. Never, ever go back to University VW, tell everyone I know.

David S. | 2009-12-03

I asked for an internet price on a Jetta Sportswagon TDI which came back $3000 above MSRP! Amazing how stupid they must think we are. They then told me that this is because of a "market adjustment" because they couldn't restock their inventory. What a lie. They just know that people in Seattle really want the Jetta Sportswagon TDI and so they are trying to fleece us for trying to be environmentally conscious. Please stay away from this dishonest dealership.

Kami F. | 2009-11-25

Where do I start? This is the worst and untrustworthy place ever! I took my car in to get the widshield wippers and bliker fixed. After spending $700 and they still weren't fixed they told us to bring my car back in and they would try again but with a price. I asked how they missed it the first time and the woman told me it was their best  guess. WTF! Best guess? Do you have professionals in there or a bunch of clowns? This is only one of many bad experiences with this place. I was actually thinking about getting a job there. I mean you get paid  for doing nothing, all you have to do is guess what's wrong with cars. Anyone can do that!  Seriously do NOT go here.

Shannon F. | 2009-08-22

I really liked University Volkswagen.  I just bought a car from Uma (pronounced Yoo-mah) and he was awesome.  

Yesterday I went to another VW dealership in the area (who shall remain nameless...) and had an awful experience.  I went to a guy named Ron and he was nice all day long and let me test drive a few cars, but after all the hooplah, he turned on me.  I told him the only way I was going to buy a car was if the price was within a certain range, and he offered me that.  So i came back that night after having dinner at home, waited TWO HOURS for him to just tell me that the new offer that his manager said he could do was $40 ABOVE my range (that's per month!) and without a bunch of features, miles, etc.  But... he could do a car in his lot for my range.  A car that I didn't want, that I had stated before.  Basically, when I told him no, and asked what the point of the whole negotiation during the day was, he became a total jerk and i said, "Whatever, bye Ron."

Today, I went to University VW and had a totally different experience.  Uma was totally nice, and VERY cooperative and patient.  He worked with me, took into account the knowledge that i came with of their local offers and what applied and what didn't.  He showed me exactly his inventory and regional searches on his computer screen, he talked to me like I (and he) was human, he honestly wanted to make me happy.  The only reason I give it a 4 star instead of a 5 star is because I got the color car i definitely did NOT want, but frankly, it was the BEST price quote I've gotten so far, had all the fixin's in it, and was in stock for their deal.  Fine, I can live with the color (it's silver anyways, not something pukey).  

Overall, I really felt like I wasn't pushed in any way, that Uma wasn't playing me, and that I was going to get a good deal and a good car out of it.  Loved it :)

Eric R. | 2009-08-08


I can't say everything I need to say about this place in 5,000 characters, so here's a link to my three-page writeup on my University VW experience:

J P. | 2009-06-26

Had a  horrendous experience with the service manage Phil when we took our Jetta in for what we thought would be a simple brake  job.

They performed over $800 of unauthorized work on the car including replacing the fuel pump and a solenoid. When I objected that these repairs were never authorized, they  basically accused me of lying.

Worse yet, the brakes began squeaking wildly about 200 miles later. Took the car to another mechanic who noted that the rotors had been recently turned by "someone with the skills of a carnival vendor" (his words, not mine).  

I cannot for the life of me understand how the Volkswagen corporate folks would let this fanchise languish with this level of ineptitude.

Josh H. | 2009-05-04

I had a VW when I first moved out here 6 years ago, and I had it serviced twice at University VW. The second visit they pushed me hard to have my rear rotors replaced.

I've done my own suspension work on a Porsche, I know how to turn a wrench. I felt it didn't need rotors, and told them not to replace them, but the service manager actually called me at home and basically told me that they wouldn't do any work unless they could replace the rotors. I was working 60 hours a week, had a 3 month old baby, had just moved to Seattle. I told them 'fine'. Still irritates me that I let them replace them. I also noticed a couple times when service employees made negative comments about VW, basically saying, "Yeah, sorry, that whole Farfegnugen thing? Yeah, that means 'Mexican made piece of shit' in German." Your the repair shop at the stealership from crying out loud! What does that say about VW, their cars, and University VW?

I'm giving them 2 stars because none of the repairs they did fell apart. I have visited their showroom, and thought they had good sales staff. But their service, scary.

EDIT: I should note that I have no idea how long the repairs lasted. I dumped the car shortly there after. VW? No thanks.

Lana S. | 2009-04-15

University Volkswagen is by far the best Volkswagen Dealership in Seattle. The Service department has had the same customer service reps for years.  They have nice loaners and have no problem owning up to a mistake. Their technicians are kind and professional. The manager is a very nice person. Thank you University VW keep up the great work !

Manuel A. | 2009-04-10

I bought my car at Carter and had terrible service there so I changed to UW for the warranty/recall work on it. Initially things were good. Then the incompentency came out. I don't know whether they were lying to me about the repair on my car or just incompetent, but my car was barely running when I took it in, they charged me a ton of money, gave it back to me supposedly fixed and it would barely move out of the parking lot. The part that kills me is they claimed they test drove it and it was fine post fix. Whatever, the timing was way off and that is not the kind of thing that just works part of the time. Anyway, they finally fixed it and still insisted the original very expensive parts they had to order from Germany were necessary to replace. And they didn't put one of my hose clamps back on either. This was last year, but I just joined yelp and wanted to get my rant in.

I have yet to get good service at any dealer, ever.

Leo L. | 2008-12-12

I have used University VW on and off for quite a few years.  I own (and soon owned) a Jetta since 1998.

Their service department was decent, and was accountable if something didn't go right.  Early on when my car was still in warranty, they would try to fit everything into the warranty claim.  I believe that the guy I used to deal with is no longer there.  I used them for service until the car was out of warranty, then they are comparably more expensive than the independent shops, and we do have a few very good local VW specialty shops around here.

I moved back to Seattle and recently wanted to get a new car.  The Jetta has low miles, but it's time to get something nicer.  I dealt with Uma recently (December 2008) and he was very helpful with information on a Certified Passat and the difference between that and a new 2009 Jetta (the new ones are huge!).  He was upfront with cost and was very low pressure, and he was ready to make sure that they would be competitive.  I had a very good experience.

Unfortunately I decided on an Acura, but it was not Uma's fault, I just liked the TSX better, personal preference.  I would STILL recommend Uma at University VW if you are looking for a VW.

Liza R. | 2008-06-25

I purchased my Golf back in January of 2005 and still love it every minute I drive it. Sales service was great, and every time I go in for service they're awesome.

Anthony L. | 2008-06-25

I recently purchased a VW GTI from University VW.  My sales experience was exceptional.  The salesperson was very knowledgeable, and was not pushy or sleezy.  Over about a 1 month period, I test drove a few different vehicles and decided on the GTI.  My salesperson was prompt in providing me with a quote for the vehicle I wanted, and assured me they would beat any price given to me in writing.  We did most of our negotiating via email, which took a lot of headache out of the process.  When I came in to purchase the vehicle, the process was painless.  It was a matter of signing some paperwork and waiting for detail to clean and gas up my new car.  There was a little hiccup in the purchase process due to some difficulties on my end, but the people at University VW have been more than accommodating.  Overall, an excellent buying experience.

Rachel S. | 2008-03-20

Passport Service? Yeah, a passport to frustration.

I have mostly only dealt with their service department. As for the Sales Dept., I did stop in once before I bought my first Jetta & was appalled they had the nerve to pass on a "storage fee" of several thousand to their customers on top of the retail price. This was about 6 years ago, so maybe that's changed...

As for the Service Dept., once I dropped my Passat off for service (two years ago) and instead of one day, they kept the car a whole week, without a loaner car. Last week, I dropped off for other warranty service and they decided against replacing the part on a technicality--the check engine light is off now, but I have written documentation from another mechanic that it was on and the part should be replaced...which happens to be a warrantied part up to 100,000 miles. The car has 40K and my regular mechanic claims this needs to be replaced whether the light is on or off, as it's showing it's problematic.

Maybe it's a VW policy not to do this if that light is off, but they never seem to want to accommodate their customers beyond offering a cheap doughnut and coffee in the lobby. (I'm spoiled by Top Pot.) Meanwhile, I have to drive around until the faulty part gets triggered again. Yay, peace of mind.

Douglas C. | 2008-02-14

This is a review of the sales dept.

Moving from San Fran and bought my new Passat Wagon over the internet with Chris Aquino. Chris gave me the best price upfront and within 1 or two exchanges we had agreed to a final price.

I had interacted with several dealers online before selecting University and I told Chris that the reason he won my business was because of his low pressure personality and commitment to follow up.

On the down side, I didn't feel like they had the biggest selection of VWs of all the dealerships as color choices were very limited.

Whether I take my VW here for service remains to be seen.

Alison V. | 2007-07-27

Being a VW enthusiast, this is the last place I call when in search of parts.  I have no comments on their sales department, because I've never bought a new car there.  However, don't waste your time with the parts department.  I was looking for some little rubber pieces to fix my seat.  It took them a few weeks to actually get the parts in and then when they arrived the rubber was completely dried out and the parts crumbled in my hand when I took them out of the bag.  After this complaint it still took them another 3 weeks to get my parts in.  This time, half of the rubber parts were old and dried out.  At least some of them were usable (enough to fix my problem).  

The sales department people were polite (most of the time), reasonably knowledgeable (though I got the feeling the fact my car is from the 80s meant they were just reading their screens and not knowing the parts really), and moderately helpful.  The did special order me parts - but then again, that's what the parts dept does.  

Insider tip:  From my experiences, the earlier you get there in the morning, the quicker you'll be helped.  Don't waste your time trying to explain things over the phone, just go in and talk to them.  Though you'll waste some gas, you'll make up for it in time.  

Insider tip 2:  Oh and don't trust them to call you when your parts are in, make sure to follow up (I called because I hadn't heard and they informed they had been sitting on the shelf for a week).

Gene D. | 2007-07-15

Allow me to give a clue to any dealership trying to attract buyers of $90,000 cars...............keep your promises on behalf of the manufacturer.

The VW Phaeton is a fabulous car. I enjoyed it immensely.  However, sales reps at University will recall the sole reason I bought it in the first place, which was the promise of "next day" parts delivery from Stuttgart.  It didn't happen.

Just 18 days after driving a brand new model away, my wife was hit by a tail-gating kid in West Seattle. The repair involved rear bumper replacement.  Turnaround time?  Two and a half months. Calls from sales department? Zero. Assistance? Yeah, right.

VW Corporate can beg me to take them back all it wants to, you just don't find this lack of customer service,  this dearth of follow up with Benz or Lexus.

I should have known VW can't come out of the Beetle and Jetta culture (which are great cars, don't get me wrong) and somehow compete in the luxe market, it's just too counter to what these dealerships do, which, in my case, isn't much.

The car? Amazing. VW's mistake was placing it into a dealer network that should have been limited to it's other franchise, Bentley.

As any concierge or restaurant manager will tell you,.....wash your hands and comb your hair, know your stuff before serving that fish!

Janet T. | 2007-06-14

This is a horrible dealership to bring your car to for repairs. Their repair quotes NEVER match other VW dealerships and are always higher. I had to take my car to UW VW after moving to the Seattle area from Bellevue, and so far I am VERY disappointed in what UW VW had to offer. I will give up convenience and take that trip across the bridge to get my car repaired at Chaplins in Bellevue. I will sleep well at night knowing that I wasn't jipped by erroneous prices.