University Motorsports in Seattle, WA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company University Motorsports in Seattle, WA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer University Motorsports, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer University Motorsports in other cities in the Washington.

University Motorsports

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 632-4288
Address:5017 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98105

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 632-8144
Address:7860 Lake City Way, Seattle, WA, 98115

Reviews on University Motorsports

Luis Miguel S. | 2014-11-04

Ok here is the history .i saw a BMW   328red online for a good price with this dealership name so I call and some Brian answers ,ok that's not the problem I talk to him about the car. Well we set up an appointment for a Tuesday.but this guy Brian everyday send me a text "are you coming on Tuesday ".then is Tuesday and I walk in to the lot and is pretty much car from 500 to 4000$ the guy in the office was nice and polite ,but he said he doesn't have the car on the lot . But he can call his friend Brian to let him know I'm going to his lot to buy the bmw .i drive 45 minutes to get there and when I talk to Brian he tells me that he sold the car ,oh man I was so angry  , and the funny thing is the car was parked one block away from his lot . So something smells fishy with this guys .

Alison E. | 2014-08-29

I just bought a little Toyota from this guy and I couldn't be happier!  He let us take the car out for a test drive (no questions asked) and we had it out for about an hour.  The car had a good price and we were aware that it needed a little work, so we went ahead and got her.  

The whole experience was actually not bad at all, way better than at other dealers where they call you "Little Lady", stuff like that.  Nothing like that here.

We talked to the owner (Darren or Darrel?) and he said he mostly concentrates his biz on offering decent transportation at an affordable price, likes to help people.  Not the fanciest or prettiest cars, but they'll get you from point a to point b.  Can't argue with that.

UPDATE:  I still love my car!  I have named her Teddy.

Greg L. | 2013-03-11

This dealership has the same name (or very similar) as one that was in the University district but is now gone. I don't know if they are the same owners.

I went to look at a couple of cars that had been advertised on Craigslist. They looked much, much worse than described in Craigslist.

But I was still interested in one of them, so I asked to drive it. He asked me if I would buy it right away if I liked it. I explained that I always take used cars to a shop for a pre-purchase inspection before buying.

As soon as I uttered the words "pre-purchase inspection", he was done with me. He doesn't allow them, and he isn't interested in buyers who want them.

He explained that mechanics who do such inspections don't want people to buy used cars and always describe them as being in terrible condition. I explained that I'd bought several used cars over the years after getting a pre-purchase inspection, and that I understood that many of the items they report are expected on an old car. It's just good to know what I'm getting into, and sometimes there might be something serious that would require expensive work soon.

But he wasn't interested. This guy is looking for chumps who buy without really knowing what they're getting into. Another reviewer mentioned all the "fixed" items listed on the windows. Well, the used car dealer has every legal right to lie about all of those items, and the buyer has no recourse. One of the cars I looked at had a huge list of "fixed" items, many of them not trivial. Yet it was listed at only $1,995. If you believe all the stuff this guy writes on the cars' windows, I've got a bridge to sell you.

Never, ever believe what a used car salesperson tells you; always, always verify. And if, like this dealer, they don't let you verify, do not buy from them unless you're prepared to have a car that soon needs far more work than it's worth.

The next used car dealer I went to said he encourages pre-purchase inspections. In my experience, most of them do allow them; I've only encountered one other that does not, and that was 14 years ago.

d'Arcy M. | 2010-05-26

After driving around up in shoreline and looking at used car dealerships there for about an hour (really it was mostly driving, because they all looked shady and like they didn't have bathrooms, yeah I had to pee, or had absolutely no info or background on their vehicles), we stopped here on a whim after we had pretty much given up. I'm glad we did.

We were stoked to see that each vehicle had informative stickers and neat, neon writing on the windows pertaining to work they had done on the vehicle (they have an on-site mechanic), engine tests they had performed, and general perks of that make/model. They didn't have a ton of cars (15-20), but they were all pretty nice and within a price range of $2100 - $4500, which gave us the impression that these had been hand-picked and pampered before being resold.

We asked to test drive three cars. Daryl, the guy who runs the place was very nice and accommodating (even jump starting one car that had the keys in it and had died). We were on a budget so when we figured out the car we wanted we tried to talk him down from $2100 to $1500 (start low right?). He was firm in his pricing and explained that he would lose a lot of money since the car had already been reduced in price, but he seemed a tad desperate like maybe we could get him a little lower. Like what he said made sense but he didn't respond with complete confidence, if that makes sense ;)

We took the one we liked on one last test drive to discuss our strategy.  When we came back we asked him to sell it to us for $2000 even, all in (no tax or fees on top of that). It took a little charming, "Come on, do it for the twins!" (we're pregnant with twins), but he gave in and we signed papers. This part was fun too because there's a huge friendly kitty there named Jumbo. The guy was very efficient with the forms and let me know I'd receive two pieces of mail within the next month with new tags and it would be registered for the next year. He let us pay $1500 cash and bring the rest the next day. Nice guy.

We went to drive the car away and all the stickers and writing on the side had been removed. I definitely recommend this place. Very nice people, patient and honest. And Jumbo's cute.

*Also... the place was decorated in a really funny way.. It had murals all over the walls and a cool bird song clock. If you're into weird stuff like that you will feel right at home. Place def has character.