University Mazda in Seattle, WA

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MazdaSpeed and RX-8 repair. We have four Master certified service technicians.


Established in 1970.

America's Oldest Mazda Dealer

University Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 634-1191
Address:4522 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98105
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on University Mazda

Josh H. | 2015-04-14

I bought my first new car in 12 years at University Mazda. After two months of research, I decided to commit to this dealership because of they way they approached my sale. Anthony was a pleasure to deal with. He took the time to discuss my financing options and the differences between the Mazda 3 hatchback models in my price range. It was this dedication to making sure I got the best deal for what I wanted that made me decide to buy here.

When I was signing paperwork with Winnie (who was also stellar and thorough), Anthony had a conversation with my girlfriend. She had told him that I don't do anything half-heartedly to which he replied "I know. That man first emailed me 72 days ago. When he said he was coming in today, I knew it was on."

I would not hesitate to steer business toward University Mazda. They are on top of their game. It was a such a treat to do business with them.

Lauren B. | 2015-03-18

The service team is awesome. I bought my car from Walker's in Renton and unfortunately, got a flat tire a few months after purchasing said car. University Mazda was able to get me in right away to repair the tire, whereas Walker's wanted me to make an appointment and didn't have any loaner cars in the event the tire needed to be replaced.
Everyone I dealt with was professional, and I managed to get in and out in about an hour. They even vacuumed my vehicle before I left. Amazing service!

Colin K. | 2015-02-26

We leased a Mazda 3 there in January and received wonderful sales service from Sonny and great financial service from Winnie.  Sonny was very personable and I never once felt any pressure.  They were great.

Vikash P. | 2015-01-14

I bought my car here about four years ago and had a wonderful experience, however there service department is terrible. I misplaced my keys last Sunday and talked to the head service department manager Paul and he was rude over the phone and said he couldn't make me a another key unless I got my car toed to the dealership, I told him I work today and tomorrow and I would be able to bring it in on Wednesday.  

I brought it in today around noon and Paul said he would not be able to get to it till maybe today evening or tomorrow, and this IS after I told him that id be brining it in today, I have work tomorrow and he said he didn't care and he would get to it when he would get to it. He's constantly yelling at his employees and seems like an overall jerk who has no compassion for anyone else but himself DO NOT GET YOUR CAR SERVICED HERE

NY Y. | 2015-01-11

It's a rare occasion that a car dealership impresses me enough to warrant a 5 star review.  You typically get annoying, pushy salesmen that will say anything to make a sale.  I didn't experience any of that at University Mazda.  I got exceptional customer service, without the high pressure sales tactics, during the buying process and have been perfectly content with the service department over the last six months.  I got a much better deal here than what Lee Johnson would offer (not to mention the customer service there was terrible).

If you are looking at Mazdas, you definitely need to check out this dealership.

Mel B. | 2015-01-11

My husband and I recently bought a Mazda CX5 from Anthony at University Mazda and we had a great experience.  Anthony was attentive, efficient, and got us a good deal quickly.  He was not pushy and made what could have been a stressful situation not stressful at all.  Winnie, the finance manager, was also very easy to work with.  I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a good deal at low stress.  

As an extra bonus, they had the Seahawks game on in their office!

Melanie W. | 2014-12-27

I am so impressed with the experience I had today at this dealership.  I worked with Anthony - he is delightful!  He was very low pressure and didn't try to argue or redirect any of my thinking aloud moments. Very courteous gentleman.  I didn't get hounded for any personal information.  Not only was this experience classy, but let me tell you- the pricing was no haggle but solid from the start.  I shopped around and came back for the solid pricing and amazing service.  If you're in the market for a new car, Anthony at University Mazda will take good care of you. I love my new car!

Alice H. | 2014-12-23

These guys service my car honestly, fairly, and in a timely fashion, like I was the owner's daughter.  Wally and Paul are exceptional service managers. If they say something needs fixing, even if it is expensive, I trust them.  And that trust has never been misplaced.  I know NOTHING about cars...but with Wally and Paul, I don't have to. Yes, They are a dealership. I don't know how their prices stack up against non-dealerships - or other dealerships,  and I don't care. I want a reliable car and University Mazda maintains my 1997 Mazda Miata so it is reliable.

Steven R. | 2014-12-01

Lousy salesman a University Mazda. He acted like I was bothering him when I asked questions about the Mazda CX-5, he walked away from me while I was going over the car and asking a few questions, so I promptly left. It was casual Friday for me at work so maybe it was my husky t-shirt and jeans so he thought I couldn't afford one??? Don't really know, but first impressions matter and I won't be buying a car from there. There are plenty of Mazda's dealerships in the area and I definitely will take advantage of those choices.

Justin Y. | 2014-10-30

In comparison to some of the other Mazda dealerships around the area (Renton and Lynwood), the oil change here was $71.12 after tax. I was quoted in the $80s range for the other two places, so I decided to go price shopping.

The customer service was good and you can drop your car off and pick it up later if you don't want to wait. They will also call you to tell you when it's done.

4 stars because the price was cheaper relative to other dealerships. I guess I'll keep on going to an authorized dealership for the scheduled maintenance until the warranty expires.

Yen H. | 2014-10-09

We bought a nice CX-5 here, it's been a couple weeks and I'm still happy - no buyers remorse! We decided to stop by, but weren't really thinking we'd actually leave with one. I honestly HATE shopping for cars and dealing with car salesman. STEVE VU approached us after a couple minutes and was so pleasant to work with. He was friendly, not pushy and straight forward. He helped us trade-in my leased vehicle which got us out of our lease sooner. Ask for STEVE VU if you're looking for a car here!

Oded O. | 2014-09-17

I would love to share with you the wonderful car buying experience I had at University Mazda. I am an international student and was worried about buying a car. The minute I walked in the door the people there demonstrated a down-to-earth easy going approach. I was helped mainly by Anthony Wilson, he walked through the steps with me and answered all my questions. I would particularly want to point out the fact that they had no problem with me taking the car for a check in a garage of my choice and reassured me that they stand behind what they sell. As they said, car is in excellent condition and they even went my way not to exceed my budget (12 K). I ended up getting a Nissan Versa 2010 with low millage and in great condition.

Since I was ineligible for financing they held the car for me with a down payment allowing me to wait for my international wire to clear.

lastly, I was guided with the paperwork by Annie Lam, their very kind and courteous Finance Manager. Annie answered every last one of my questions with patience and kindness, I even got a free advice about credit history and tips to better understand the financial system in the states.

In summation, wonderful car buying experience, ask for Anthony, I know where I will be buying my next car.


Ryan B. | 2014-09-11

Bought my car here a few years ago and have had a good experience sense. Customer service in the service department is always friendly no matter how busy they are. Prices are fair on oil changes for everything you get. They've done a great job with my car so far. Definitely recommend them for service or if you're looking for a Mazda.

Riah R. | 2014-07-25

Very efficient and thoughtful crew here. They have a loaner car if needed, and they send really good coupons in the mail often. I've called them to ask questions about my 6-speed Miata, and they are happy to answer them over the phone (plus, they always answer their phone, unlike some other local Mazda repair shops)....

Bill M. | 2014-07-16

NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! If you buy your car here the only customer sevice you'll receive is from the sales person. After the sale there's no need to come back for anything, especially for service!!

The sevice department would rather be empty and never have customers than be nice to you. And that's by "mechanic service" standards. The service coordinator is down right rude!

I complained about my 2010 Mazda 3 pulling left. They "realigned" it countless times. It kept pulling left. They told me about crowning in the road and assume the pulling is in my head. Well, I drive for a living, so I know what crowning in the road is and how it feels.

After a trip to Les Schwab my car is perfectly aligned! Not only was the Mazda service manager upset that I had the alignment done elsewhere... He insisted his mechanic looks at the specs on their machine. I let them and later the manager said his shops machine was not up to date with Mazdas appropriate specs. Well now that's great service, right!!? No apology, no nothing from Mazda. What they do continue to provide is rude employees.

I'm now getting all service done in Kirkland. So far they seem to be courteous and willing to satisfy their paying customers. ...Novel idea, I know.

A K. | 2014-07-16

Service Department, This place is a joke!  We bought a new car in 2010 and every single time have had problems with this service department.  The service reps at the counter have the WORST ATTITUDE, AND WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I had left a message a day before, wishing and knowing I would not hear back about an appointment, so this morning I called to confirm that I would get horrible service and it was confirmed immediately as the guy said with his typical attitude, well if you want service you for an oil change we won't have an opening for 8 days away!  I have no idea why these guys still have jobs, especially after years of bad attitudes and service.  They need to get fired!  I AM DONE, and you should seriously rethink buying or having your car serviced here! I am not even going to bother writing every other horrible service experience I have had with them in the past, just trust me and take your car somewhere else!

Daniel W. | 2014-07-14

Extremely good experience. Anthony was very helpful and made it as easy as possible. Not pushy at all. They even helped me get insurance for my car.

Leela S. | 2014-07-07

I just purchased a certified pre-owned Mazda 3 from here, and had a great experience. Anthony was my salesperson. He was helpful, reasonable, and not glib or pushy as car salesmen are known to be. Since the pimped out model I really liked was outside my price range, he even offered to add a sunroof to the model I could afford while maintaining its price. It's service like this that deserves five stars!

Bruce A. | 2014-06-28

This review is only about my buying experience, and not the service/support services at University Mazda.  I like my Mazda very much, and the service dept. has been fine.  However...

Buying a new car is a major event for anyone.  I wanted mine to be as great as the car that I had picked.  It started out well with a good sales person.  It only took a sour turn in the business office where I received a very hard sell on the add-ons and warranty extensions that are so profitable for dealerships.  

There were dire warnings about what awful things were likely to happen if I didn't add (and pay for) their additional pricey warranty policy.  When I declined, this was followed up with dramatic waivers releasing them from any liability, followed by more forms that basically said "you're on your own.

I came very close to walking out after refusing to sign their waivers.  The sales person was able to have them remove the objectionable language from the form, saving them the sale and me the trouble of going to a different dealership.  But it was a high-pressure and negative experience that I would rather have avoided.  I can't understand why they would treat someone who was spending a lot of money on a car to high-pressure tactics just to sell some extended warranty.  It's very bad form, and was a negative experience.

E O. | 2014-05-27

I had good experience with the service department. They fix my car in a timely manner. Of course, it is more expensive than going to a non-dealership garage, but that's a given. They fix my car (Mazda) for less than a mechanic quoted me for by telling me that my car might catch on fire and my car passed the emissions test.

Kris K. | 2014-05-12

When shopping for a car recently, we visited many dealers in Seattle/Eastside area. We found University Mazda to be one of the best. (Also, they happen to be the oldest Mazda dealer in the US)

We went to the Kirkland Mazda (Lee Johnson) first, and shortlisted one of the models, but had to back out because of a bad experience with the internal staff there.

We went to Univ Mazda next, and explained the situation. Our sales person, Patrick, was great! He didn't badmouth the other dealer or try to take advantage - very professional. He had the model we liked ready for us when we reached their showroom. He went through the features of the car, and answered all our questions. He steered us through the numbers and options, and smoothly got us to to the final deal. He was not pushy any time. After we took delivery, Patrick spent 20 min going through the basics of usage, the infotainment system controls, and even paired my wife's bluetooth phone for her.

Winnie, the Finance Manager, was also very helpful. She made the process quick & easy, and was not at all pushy.

All in all, we were quite impressed. The whole process was smooth, friendly and professional.

John R. | 2014-05-11

Great place.  Ask for Paul.  I"ve had my RX 8 for over six years... and taken it here for the majority of the work.  Paul is honest and let's you know if you really need something or not.  

I highly recommended him and worth the drive!

Carolyn T. | 2014-05-06

Awesome people here! Sales rep Steve Vu was great! Having a bad experience at the Kirkland Mazda, we stopped here to check it out without being rudely chased out. Steve was friendly, informative, and very easy going! Loved working with him and would refer him to anyone that's looking for a car! Super happy with the experience and wouldn't hesitate to work with him again. Great atmosphere here! Come to this Mazda and look for Steve!

Doug K. | 2014-03-31

Would give 0 Stars if possible here!


I bought a used Mazda here as well as an extended warranty for 3 years. Almost immediately after taking ownership of the car the "Check Engine" light went on and I took the vehicle in for a check.  I was told that they couldn't find the cause of the alert and the system was re-set.  This occurred several more times over the next three years.  During this time a head gasket was replaced, HVAC system needed to be cleaned out and still no solution was "found" for the "Check Engine" light alert.

Additionally, a noise began to develop in the engine and again They could not find the source of the noise for the numerous times I brought the car in to have the source of the noise located and fixed over three years.

I again brought the car in as my mileage began to decrease and the performance of the car began to degrade. All under warranty I was told that they could not find anything wrong with the vehicle.  My highway mileage dropped from 28-30 mpg highway/ 19-22 mpg city to 20-22 mpg highway/15-17 mpg city. Not a good thing when the reason for buying this car was the performance and economy.

After three years, as if by magic and the expiration of the 3 year extended warranty, the source of the noise that developed in the engine was diagnosed as belt/chain cover that had expanded and was rubbing on the belts/gears and expanding outward and rubbing progressively more on the gears causing more noise and possible harm and exposure to the belt system, performance was diagnosed as clogged catalytic converters that had been clogged by oil from the exhaust.  Both repairs would cost me well over $5,000.00 to repair since the vehicle would need to have the engine dropped to access the Catalytic system as well as the belt system.

I voiced my concern and exact timeline of incidents and visits to the Service Manager who said there was nothing he could do since the warranty had expired.  He was more than happy to say that he would put a good word in for me if I wanted to trade in my vehicle in for a new vehicle at the dealership and make sure they gave me the maximum value for my used vehicle.

I will never again do ANY business at this dealership and recommend everyone stay away as well.  

They say you can tell the character of a person or business not when things are going great but what happens when things go bad.  University Mazda is more than happy to take your money but will not stand by to honor their contracts and commitments if it means they have to spend their own time and money.


Tiffany R. | 2014-03-27

I just bought a used 2014 Mazda here and I had a great customer experience. I had a set price that I could pay and after visiting many Mazda dealerships around Puget Sound, I couldn't get to an affordable price with a new car. When I called here I was told they had the exact car I wanted but as a used "corporate" car. I worked with Anthony and while the negotiating was tough, I was able to get my price and walked away a happy customer. I would come here again if I'm ever in the market. Thank you Anthony!

Marc M. | 2014-01-15

I recently bought a used car from these University Mazda.  I am very happy with my car but I am even happier with my buying experience.  My salesman was Anthony Wilson.  From the start he was very knowledgeable and I never felt pressured to buy.  I had visited some dealerships on Aurora where I was getting the runaround as they played games.  Working with Anthony was a completely different experience.
The service department is equally efficient and courteous.

Luan N. | 2013-12-17

I had quite a bad experience with a salesperson that I don't want to name here. First of all, I made an appointment to take a look at Mazda3. When I arrived, he was not there because apparently he had forgotten about my appointment. The lady at a reception had to call him. That's just a small matter though, so I won't take it too much.

After having a chance to see the car, I liked it and told him I would get back to him soon. That night, I emailed him and made an offer for the car, which is about $1K below the asking price. He replied saying he would talk to his manager and let me know. But after that, I'd never receive any email from him again. After 3 or 4 days, I emailed him again reminding him about his offer. Still no reply from him.

So I decided to go to another dealer shop, which was fantastic btw, and ended up buying the car of the same model from them. I'm happy with the purchase and the car.

Then suddenly two days ago, which is about 2 weeks after I have bought my car, I received reply from the University Mazda salesperson. He said sorry for taking too long to reply to me and asked if I was still interested in the car. Apparently, I assume he had been ignoring me trying to sell the car to another customer and he failed so he went back to me.

I feel like I was treated as a secondary option. I will never go back to this place to do any service for my car even though they are very near my house.

Denise S. | 2013-08-19

Probably the best car buying experience I've ever encountered.  I worked with Anthony Wilson via email who was able to get me a phenomenal deal even with my trade in.  He was super personable, professional but best of all, NO PRESSURE!  I'd highly recommend University Mazda.

Having said that, their service department is less than stellar.  Their real technicians only work M-F from 8-4 so if you need anything done other than an oil change, you can only bring it in during those hours.  They do offer a loaner car which is a plus but the guys on the phone don't seem to have much customer service skills.

Ahamed I. | 2013-08-02

Maybe It's because I've had bad experiences before with dealerships but I'm amazed with how easy and convenient University Mazda's service department is.
Every time I've called to get an appointment they pick up on the first ring and have a ton of available days and times (even same day for oil changes which shocked me)
It's very easy to find and being able to pull into the service area makes it convenient regardless of weather.
The waiting room is right next door and there's some free coffee, water and decent wifi as well.
I also learned that with longer repairs you get a loaner which is a very nice touch.

robert r. | 2013-07-30

The service dept. has treated me well with one exception. They claimed that my battery was nearly dead about 3 years ago---still going strong. They claimed my water pump was leaking about 6 months ago---water level is the same today as then. They said my timing belt was rusted and needed replacement, also about 6 months ago---no sign of wear or defect to date. They offered to replace water pump and timing belt for a reduced rate ($500+ as I remember). Work that didn't need doing at all. Beware of their claims that your car has defects. Those not knowledgable about the inner workings of cars should get a second opinion.

To end on a positive note; their oil change rates are reasonable and I have found them cooperative and helpful when I ask for information or help so I will continue to take my cars there. They also change the oil of my Pontiac G8 Gt for the same labor rate---and they don't jack up the price of the extra 4 quarts too much. I was pleasantly surprised to find that their rates are better than the "60 Minute" outfits and better than my former mechanic who has a one car garage by the freeway.

Bryan W. | 2013-07-11

I stopped by with my brother David who had some questions about his '93 B2200.
Paul was exceptional in his advice. At no time did we feel a burden to him or his coworkers. And his advice was instrumental in getting my brother's vehicle running. Paul is an asset to your company and should be commended for his customer service skills today.

Story M. | 2013-07-10

We haven't purchased a car yet, but I have to write a quick review, because this place was fantastic.  Not your typical car dealership or car salesperson!

In the last 2 years or so, we have visited half a dozen dealerships to test drive different cars.  This was the first place where we received excellent service, a fantastic salesperson (Michael is knowledgeable, nice, NOT pushy, informative and shares great details and anectodes).  Getting pricing and payment information did not take an hour, mutliple people, and was not confusing.  Just straightforward and understandable numbers, without a fuss.

If we end up purchasing a car, this dealership and the salesperson Michael, have our vote.

Patrick L. | 2013-03-04

My wife and I met Will at University Mazda during recent search for new car. I was welcomed and treated very professionally by himself and the other staff.  I felt very comfortably and confident Will's courteous approach and knowledge of vehicles.  Would highly recommend University Mazda.

K M. | 2013-03-02

I've been intending to write a review for a long time now.  I have been bringing my car here over 6 years and I have always received excellent service.  I don't know of any other place that washes my car when I get an oil change and they do it over 90% of the time.  I don't expect it ever, but they go the extra mile in customer service. And that's one of many reasons why I continue to go back.  

I also get a loaner car as long as I need that day, whether it's for an oil change or major work.  I can't say enough what a tremendous perk having a loaner car has been all these years, and it doesn't cost me a dime, I don't even have to fill the tank back up.  My car has been working great the last 6-7 years because of them.  I trust them completely.  One of my biggest concerns has always been finding a mechanic I can trust.  Most mechanics and dealer's always "find" something wrong with a car and often do more work than is necessary, and charge an arm and a leg!!  How do we really know what we need unless we have some auto mechanic knowledge.   Most people don't, yet many times I've felt taken advantage of other places because of my lack of knowledge.  I never worry about this at U Mazda.  They only have done what is necessary and have never missed any problems with my car.

They certainly have earned and maintained my trust over the years, they get the work done in a timely manner and never over charge me.  Their fees are reasonable and fair.  I rarely post reviews but I really wanted to toot my horn over them, literally and figuratively ;)   They deserve many more 5 star reviews!

Randy R. | 2013-02-13

I feel a little petty posting this whinge-fest months after the fact, but I'm writing this today to put it to rest in my own mind: please bear with me while I say my piece. I should also qualify that I'm not any car dealership's ideal customer: whenever I have the time and gear to work on my cars myself I do so. If not, my next choice is a third-party shop. If I end up at University Mazda, it's for something that nobody else can do, and while I try to be sane and polite I'm usually already a little cranky just to have to be there.

Once that meant I was trying to troubleshoot an intermittent problem with one of the spark plug "coil packs." That went OK as they did find and fix the problem: a trivial cracked wire but about impossible to find without connecting the car to the dealer's computer. Cost six bucks in parts and the rest was labor. The thing that bugged me was that I'd given them a hard limit for how much money/time to spend, and oddly enough they found the problem with just three dollars to spare. Interesting. Another time or two it was for manufacturer recall work that they did more or less with no trouble. I did have to make two trips for one fix after I found out they had fixed the defect by disconnecting the cruise control and didn't tell me I'd need to come back when they had an out of stock part. Instead I noticed I had no CC a week or two later and had to call them.

My last experience there was the clincher. It only lost me fifty-odd bucks but the way they handled it left me disinclined to do business there again for any reason. Mazdas and Fords of that era have RFID chips in their keys, and when you get new any keys for the vehicle you need to program the car to recognize them. This can be done at the dealer for $33 per key plus labor to program the car. Or if you have two working keys, you can buy compatible blanks online, get them cut for a mechanical fit almost anywhere, and program the car yourself using simple instructions that are in the owner's manual. I've done this with this car in the past. But this time, even with two working keys,  I was unable to make the new keys work. After a few rounds with the seller of the new blanks I returned them and tried again with compatible blanks from a different online seller. Same trouble. So I took the new blanks to University Mazda's service department and dropped some money for them to program them. Went there on my lunch hour and when they told me I was good to go I made a mistake: I was late to get back to work so I ran off without checking the keys. The next day I found that none of them worked. When I called them, the service manager told me that "his tech had to get paid" and I was out of luck for a refund.

After some further research I have a decent guess what went wrong. These cars can only be programmed for up to eight keys. I'm pretty confident we've hit that limit as we lose keys a lot in our household, this is why I replace them in batches and try to do so cheaply. I'm guessing that in addition to the normal steps of adding a key in the dealer's computer connected to the car, something else needed to be done to clear the previous keys and this step was skipped. In any case, I eventually MacGyvered a fix that removes the need for "chipped" keys at all and can now use plain keys available anywhere.

University Mazda won't even notice the loss of my business. If anything, I'll suffer more from their loss of my business because from now on, on the rare occasion I need to take the Tribute to a dealer, I need to trek from Ballard to Lynnwood or Kirkland or farther. But I place a high value on doing business with people I trust, and I just don't trust them.

Said my piece. Moving on.

Marivic G. | 2013-01-21

I want to like U Mazda Service, but have not had the best feeling leaving this place on more than one occasion.  

After an oil change, my car started to make knocking noises when I backed up.  It would come and go.   At my next oil change, I took it in to have it looked at and was told the bolts under my car had come off.  Not sure how that happened, but wonder if they were taken off and not put back on the last time it was serviced because that was when the trouble started.  I realize this is all speculation, but I could not get over the coincidence in timing.  

The other thing happened quite recently.  I went in for a tire rotation, which was done free of charge since I got the tires there.  A full circle check was done and the report card said my battery was in the green.  A couple weeks later, my car wouldn't start and I had to get it jumped.  6 days later, I had to get it jumped again.  Being just after Christmas, I didn't bother with making an appointment with them and took my battery to O'Reilly's instead with my dad.  They checked my battery, let it sit to charge for an hour and it didn't respond.  My battery was dead.  I bought a new battery with them and my car is running fine now.  

One last thing.  I've had them change my wiper blades twice and each time the passenger side blade popped off in the middle of driving and held on by one little part.  It's frightening.   The clank of the metal on the window is awful.  I had to pull over to fix it.  I'm glad I was on back roads and not on the freeway.  I now just by my own blades elsewhere and install them myself.  I have not head any problems.  

I've just had bad luck with this place.

Mark M. | 2012-12-28

My first time going to this Mazda dealership for an oil change. It's right across the street from a 1/2 Price books and Trader Joe's so I did some wandering instead of waiting the whole time.

My car was totally grubby and well past the point of needing to be scrubbed. The service guy, Paul, comes out into the waiting area and discretely calls me to the side to ask if I'd like my car washed. He apologized for disturbing me but he didn't want to say I had a dirty car in front of the other people there. My tact scale doesn't go high enough for me to correctly gauge that transaction. I'll say this though, 5 hours later and I'm still chuckling and impressed. I went to the parts counter and asked to buy some new wiper blades. The lady (I wish I'd gotten her name to recognize her as well) asked if I was getting my car serviced, when I said yes she asked if I would like them to put them on for me. I was going to ask but I loved that I didn't have to.

The level of competence and politeness in their customer service will be bringing me back for sure. You could tell it wasn't a one time good day for them. They do this for a living and the pride shows

MarkAndMiranda C. | 2012-11-07

This review is for the service dept. I worked with Paul and this guy is great. He's very meticulous and considerate. I have complete confidence that the soft-top on the used Miata I brought them will be tight as a drum now.

rowster m. | 2012-10-17

My wife and I have been looking for a SUV these past few weeks.  We have compared vehicles, and after reading reviews after reviews, we have decided to test drive a few vehicles.

We went to University Mazda to test drive the Mazda CX-5 and met with Alex.  Initially, he was a nice, courteous, professional, but as you get to know him more, he was an easy going, polite, and full of humour saleman.  The best thing about him we kept talking about, was that he was not pushy.  After test driving, we told him that we were looking at other vehicles and that we will contact him soon.

We test drove other vehicles at other lots, such as the subaru crosstrek, and after having found that we did not have a good experience at Ford Pierre driving a Ford Escape, we decided to come back to Alex.

Let me tell you, if you have never bought a car before, this is the place to go.  The final invoice was more clear than I imagined.  There were NO HIDDEN fees, just MSRP, taxes.  The payment part was smooth.  And, did I mention that our treatment as customers did not change even when he knew we were paying in cash (most salemen give you the cold shoulders when they know they're not going to make any money).

I had a personal issue after buying a car, but was able to resolve it with them soonafter and quickly, and in addition, they provided me a loaner.  How nice was that?! Let me just say, that they understand war veterans, they understand people, they are extremely confident of their product, and because of that they are able to provide a stress free environment--and one extremely satisfying experience.  I wil buy my car from them again because of this.  In fact, I will buy my children's car from them they are just that great.

If you are a first time buyer, or a veteran, and looking for a stress-free environment to test drive or buy a car--University Mazda is the place to go.  I have never recommended anything this good--restaurant, person, whatever--, but I hope you trust that this place is kind of a place you would want to go to be treated with respect, and with by people you can trust.

You know what is funny, is that I don't even have the car yet, BUT, my experience with University Mazda, is one that is so just satisfying, that I highly recommend this place.  Thanks Alex, Duane, Winnie and Peter.

Suor K. | 2012-08-25

I was hesitant bringing in my car to be serviced at a dealership. It goes against all the warnings everyone tells you. I've been here for almost all my scheduled maintenances and they've done a good job each time for a good price. I've been to a number of other discount places (Midas) and other Mazda dealerships and it's a night and day comparison. Not only did these other places try to upsell, the equivalent service was more expensive. The folks at University Mazda don't upsell. They do exactly what you ask them to do. I only had a problem once after bringing in my car to the dealership, where they didn't properly connect a wire to the battery, affecting power steering. They fixed it for free after I called to complain.

Serena S. | 2012-08-22

I have been going to UMazda to get my car serviced for quite a few years now.  I've always had great luck with them.  I feel like they've treated me fairly, and they've always given me a free service loaner (awesome perk!).  When it came time last year to get a new car, I knew i wanted a Mazda, and I wanted to buy it here.  The salesman was really nice, a little pushy (but I totally expect that) but professional.  He let me take the car out twice on two different days, and even stayed an hour after closing to complete the sale and prep the car for me.  

I recommend UMazda to my friends because of the great service they provide!

Dan B. | 2012-07-19

I have purchased a Mazda3 two times, both times NOT at university mazda.  The first time their negotiating was cryptic and and not moving anywhere toward my offer.  They'd never make any counter offer other than the asking price but would hint that they'd entertain other offers from me.  It was frustrating and didn't feel like I was being worked with or getting a good price so I wound up buying a used Mazda3 from the carter subaru lot.  The second time (after my first mazda was totaled in an accident) I called ahead to make sure the car I wanted was ready to test drive.  I was VERY explicit about it being ready.  I'd just driven way over to another place that  claimed the car was available, but when I arrived I found that they had not actually processed the car after just receiving it on the lot so my trip was wasted.  The U-mazda guy said their car was definitely ready to drive. When I got there, though, it was not ready - again, not processed yet! The guy wanted me to wait half an hour unitl it was ready but I told him I wasn't going to do business with people who wasted my time and played games just to get me on the lot. A few day later I bought a new mazda3 from walker mazda in renton.

Tana B. | 2012-06-18

I've had to bring in my Mazda6 3 times for the same issue that just couldn't be solved - leaky tire but nothing to patch! The first time, I had two tires replaced, 2nd time the valve stem replaced (at no charge to me) and this last time they discovered that it was a rim issue (again, no charge!). They are super nice, professional people to work with and while I hope I don't have to take my car back any time soon, i'm glad I have a place to go that I can count on.

David Owen H. | 2012-06-18

I test drove a Mazda CX-5 recently with Patrick at University Mazda. Patrick was very helpful and knowledgable, and patient with my many questions. Although I didn't end up buying a Mazda, I would highly recommend working with Patrick!

Sandy G. | 2012-06-09

The service department is one of the best I've ever seen. They are professional, friendly, efficient and honest.
I had them do an oil change and a few other routine maintenance services. It took them less than an hour, and the cost was extremely reasonable. Most places try to up-sell on additional services, they did not. They did what I asked, informed me of my fluid levels, etc, and I was done!

Angelo C. | 2012-05-02

Had a great experience buying my first new car from Will Crane at University Mazda. He was laid-back, low-pressure and exactly the opposite of the car salesman "shark" stereotype. I went in pretty sure I was going to end up getting a Mazda2 and Will made it happen for me.

The buying process was hassle free--I came in with a TrueCar quote ( ) and they matched the target price no problem. The dealership had added on some extras to my specific model including tinted windows and splash guards, and he also gave me almost half off the extras and cut down some of the other miscellaneous fees for me as well.

I was in and out the door with my new car in about 3 hours, which from what my friends tell me is much shorter than some of the all day marathon buying sessions they have had to deal with at other dealerships. Quick, painless, friendly service and no games, I would recommend University Mazda to anyone looking for a new car.

Audra B. | 2012-04-22

A friend and I visited University Mazda on a whim as there was a car on the lot she wanted to check out. Our salesman Will was so unprofessional! I couldn't believe the things that came out of his mouth. Profanity, stereotyping speech, innapropriate questions and manners. The lot had okay prices (which they were completely unwilling to bargain with) but I wouldn't go back just because of Will.

Sara F. | 2012-03-19

I was taught to never go to a dealership for auto repair and maintenance.  I was led to believe that the dealership charges too much and don't do a good job.  The U-Mazda is none of the above.  Professional, friendly, and patient, I will never go anywhere else with my Mazda 5.  
On my last visit, I needed to have two tires repaired.  They spotted two screws in the front and rear tire and got me in the next day to have them taken care of.  (They would have done it on the spot but I had an appointment...btw, I was just stopping in to have my tires checked out b/c the tire repair light was on and requesting service and they took me right away to check them out.)  They did the minimum amount of work needed and sent me on my way.  I appreciate their honesty and great work.  Plus, they are just great people!

Philip L. | 2012-01-11

I've owned a lot of cars, many of them new. Rarely did I use the delivering dealer to provide service.

With my Mazdas I've never had them serviced anywhere but at U-Mazda. Even oil changes. While U-Mazda has rates competitive with those "Quick Oil Change" places, the work is done by Mazda technicians who can quickly spot any other potential problems - rare on my any Mazda I've ever owned -  and use the proper Mazda filters and parts. Why would I try to save two bucks to go anywhere else?

I love the service at University Mazda.

Sandra M. | 2011-10-24

I bought my Mazda 2 this year and had a smooth experience.  They treated me right as a buyer (honest and respect) and the service was good.

Eris B. | 2011-09-14

Paul, the guy in the service department was quite friendly, and even double checked my requested service. After I told him what I wanted, he even showed me an option that was half the price of the default.

I got the oil&filter deluxe, since it is time for one year maintenance and my car really needed to be washed.

I would have given 5 stars, but I'm not impressed with the wash/detail service. It's also confusing on how to drive into the service department.

Lauren C. | 2011-09-06

I recently purchased a new vehicle from University Mazda and had one of the most pleasant car dealership experiences yet. Our salesperson Frank was helpful without being pushy and really worked with us to get the pricing we wanted. The overall buying experience was good and we were in and out of the dealership in no time. I would certainly recommend University Mazda and Frank to my friends.

I'll let you know how the service department is in about 7,500 miles!

Chris D. | 2011-08-03

Yelp really needs to install a half star system, because this is really a 2.5 star review...we'll say 2.7 and round up out of necessity.

I like my car. I used to LOVE my car. Black, speedy 6 speed, leather, Bose, moon roof, seat warmers, Sirius...I LOVED my car. Within 6 weeks the first clutch blew (yes, I said first...) and there was not much concern on behalf of U Mazda other than to tell me that there was a problem with some of the clutches in a certain range of VIN numbers.

6 months after that, my SECOND clutch blew- I was told that the guys in the maintenance department were going to find some clutch from their inventory in California that was high performance and guaranteed to work. But still, very little concern for the crazy amount of anger that was bubbling inside me- this was my very first brand new car and I couldn't even stand to look at it. When they installed the second clutch I had them change the oil and they charged me for it...yes, they sold me a car that blew two clutches, everyone admits this wasn't my fault and then they couldn't even throw me a couple of quarts of oil...?

The new clutch, the current one, got installed and it's been pretty spot on for about 9 months now, so I'm starting to feel good about the car again, but when the economy went south U Mazda stopped opening on Saturdays and Sundays and since I paid extra for the extended warranty, if I want to get the oil changes I paid for then I have to take time off from work to go there.

The place is hot and cold- some days everyone is really nice, sometimes they look at you like you're bothering them for pointing out ANOTHER problem with the car they sold you.

I'm not saying don't go here, I'm just saying good luck...

John R. | 2011-06-09

This Mazda location has a great service staff and always gives me upfront answers when I have questions. They are fast, efficient and stand behind their work. While I only have had routine maintenance done here, the staff is friendly and gets the job done.  They have decent discount on parts and accessories. They can get busy being a smaller location, so call in advance to get your appointments set up.

Ariel Z. | 2011-02-17

We were pretty terrified - it was our first car-buying venture.  Based on the mostly positive reviews here (and the fact that we wanted a Mazda3), we started at University Mazda.  Not without trepidations, of course, but we rallied ourselves and went over.

John, our salesman, took a much more relaxed stance on dealing that we anticipated.  This was fantastic.  We test drove the car, went over the details and then we asked about financing.  Our questions were answered straightforwardly - no head games, no attempt to throw additional items/services at us.  A rate was drawn up (to our satisfaction), everything was explained in detail, and he was never rude or brusque nor did he try to pressure us into anything.  He did, of course, recommend doing any future repairs/upgrades with the internal services/parts people, but that's to be expected.  

The finance manager was equally pleasant to deal with - efficient and thorough, with a subtle sense of humor that we appreciated; car buying is stressful!

Everything about the experience was positive.  I will of course update later if anything happens to change my opinion of them, but for now, I recommend them.

Aleksandra C. | 2010-08-23

It may depend on the sales man and hopefully the other ones are better, but the one I had a bad luck to deal with was horrific. Young guy, standoffish, the "typical salesman" in the worst possible fashion one can imagine. I called a day ahead to see if they have any cars that would fit my need and budget. I was very clear on how much max I can spend and I said I am not going to waste his or my time if there is nothing he could offer to me. He insisted they have plenty of cars within my range and interest. I got to the University Mazda and they literally had nothing in my price range and had no negotiation room at all. The salesman kept throwing the cheep standard sales tricks, for example:  "you are looking for quality not only value - aren't you?", when asked for the price he did not answer the question for 30 min and kept going back and forth to the "back room" making me wait for no reason. Finally he came back from the back room with an offer that was 4,000 more than what I communicated as my bottom line and threw the paper on the table. He lacked professionalism and could not control his emotions. I do not wish anyone this kind of car buying experience.

Matthew R. | 2010-07-25

This is a review for the maintenance department, not the sales department.

The Good: my Mazda is almost 10 years old and has almost 100k miles on it. It's always been reliable and worked well, but after a long road trip out here from Chicago, I've noticed some rough idling and slightly-louder-than-usual squeaking from the engine compartment at idle. (I keep a very close eye on my car and I notice small changes) It hadn't been in for any serious maintenance in 30k miles or so, and I figured it needed lots of work. I prefer taking my car to a dealer for anything that isn't regular maintenance (better parts, faster supply chain, better knowledge of the car, proper tools, etc) like that. I took it in and was told I needed a new water pump as well as a laundry list of other maintenance items, including a cracked air intake, power steering flush, fuel system treatment, and motor mounts. $1350. They gave me a free loaner, fixed them all and with a coupon I got away for $1200. The car ran perfectly afterwards, no problems and no noises. Staff was as friendly as you'd expect, wait was short. I was really happy.

The Bad: Feeling confident with University Mazda's service, I brought my car back a second time about 2 months after the previous experience. I noticed that the gasket on my transmission had a slow leak. I took the car in and asked them to drop the transmission casing and replace the gasket. I got a call 2 hours later saying that my power steering rack was leaking, not my transmission. $900. I change all the fluids and filters in my car that are reasonably simple (oil / coolant / etc). I know that transmission fluid is pink / red, power steering fluid is yellowish / clear, and I know that my car's power steering fluid level hasn't changed in the 60,000 miles I've driven it, nor have I ever had issues with the power steering. When I got to the shop, my power steering fluid was still full as usual, and there was still encrusted transmission fluid on the underbelly from the gasket leak. I left wondering where else I could go for transmission work, and how much of the 1200 bucks I spent two months ago were really necessary.

FWIW, I'm only about 90% convinced that I'm right about the power steering rack. I'm not a car expert and I can't find the rack to look at it. However, I've been checking the fluid level every day since for 3 weeks and still no fluid level change. If there is a leak, it's awfully slow and definitely not worth 900 dollars to fix right now. If it breaks down in the near future, I'll update my post and mea culpa.

Grace C. | 2010-07-14

Lots of head games with trying to buy a used car from this dealership.  Car had not been taken through service. I took car to my mechanic who reported car needs new windshield and new front tires and soon will need shocks and struts replaced. Front tires were very worn on the inside tread due to poor alignment.  Despite report from my mechanic, Mazda still would not budge on the price.  Also they had nothing to retort when I said I know you guys are just waiting for someone to walk in over the coming sunny week to buy a cute car with sunroof and leather more than I'm offering while not knowing the repairs needed.  After a week of shopping for cars at multiple dealerships in Seattle and Bellevue, this place is very shifty.

Donna H. | 2010-05-05

Last week I did some negotiation through email with all the Mazda dealerships around.  William, from Univesity Mazda, gave me the best quote which couldn't be beat.  Unforuntately, when we got there to take a look at the GT CX-9 that was being offered, it couldn't be found anywhere on the lot!  Apparently one of their service people backed it up and hit the bumper so it was in a repair shop to get fixed.  We didn't want to buy a new car knowing that it had already gone through a mini accident.  

He offered other GT CX-9s he had but none of them were in the color silver like I wanted.  My husband and I happened to see the Touring CX-9 in silver on their lot and asked how much it was.  We asked to shave off $2k from the price they were trying to sell it for and he went to talk to his manager.  Came back and offered a little than half off.  All along I had been researched on the GT instead of the Touring so I wanted to look up some of my research websites to make sure the deal was good.  William allowed me to use a computer to look up prices!  Great customer service.  We knew that we had a deal after 15 minutes on the computer.

The process was great.  No hidden fees like I had read about on websites and no haggling to buy any extra accessories/warranty.  We went home that night with a brand new car and everybody was happy.

Ray A. | 2010-03-28

I have a tendancy to stereotype car dealerships (mostly negative).  This of course based off of past experience, so whenever I step onto a car lot I'm prepared to not put up with any high pressure salesmen.  I ask questions and demand honest direct answers. I try to give 'em that impression to not even try and BS me because I can smell it like faht in an elevator.

So when we walked into U.Mazda in the U.District, I was prepared...mentally for their head games.  There was alittle pride with the whole U.Mazda being in business so long etc, but other than that they seemed genuinely nice, no pressure, no headgames and didn't try to upsell other models.  They listened to what we had to say, to what we wanted and were looking for, gave us the keys for a test drive, asked us how long we would be gone, and off we were.

We were prepared and did our research on the model, got blue book etc...we were looking at used upon our return to the lot, we totaly liked the car so we started talking price and asking relevant questions.  The dealer gave us the Car-fax, told us the Blue Book which matched our numbers and even offered to knock some off the price, which was already  well below Blue Book, then before we knew it, and after they washed it, we were driving it off the lot.  

Quick, painless, no upselling BS, and honest with the numbers and customers, this has got to be the best experience I've ever had with a dealership.

We didn't buy a Mazda BTW, they had a used Subaru on the lot which didn't matter to the guy who spoke the good points of what we were looking at and respected what we wanted rather than try and sell us something we didn't want.  

We definitely recommend U.Mazda for a new or used vehicle, at least based off of our last experience, but like I told my wife...don't be afraid to walk away because there are a lot of cars out there so make sure to have options and do your research.

Ibe M. | 2009-11-25

Where do I begin? Simply outstanding. I had been doing some major research for months. I came across University Mazda and read some very positive reviews on this place, especially in regard to salesman Eric D.

So, I took the chance and gave Eric a call and set up an appointment with him that day. What do you know? Everyone was right. Eric was not only genuine and knowledgeable, but had a very 'no-pressure' approach. He made me a deal on a brand new 09 CX9 that was not only too good to pass up, but was also better than the deal I intended to present.

Then onto the sales manager, William. Just as cool as Eric.  They both did not try to shove any type of extra nonsense down my throat.

Thank you to Eric and William for making my auto buying experience at University Mazda the best at any auto dealership ever.

Ask for Eric D the next time you go to University..

Lori M. | 2009-11-16

When I called UM two weeks ago to discuss a 2006 Mazda3 they had listed on their website, I spoke with Eric. I wish when I arrived the next day I had gotten him, but unfortunately dealt with Kevin. Wow. Talk about a jerk. First he tried to make me sign a handwritten "contract" that would force me to buy the car (which was in shabby shape when I arrived - bare tires, missing parts, dings and scratches, dirty interior and a mysterious smell) "IF" he could bring the price down to the price I had talked to Eric about the day before (they raised the price $1300 overnight). Then he proceeded to ridicule my trade-in. All-in-all, a typical used car salesman kind of experience. Of course I walked out. Lucky I did, because I bought the EXACT SAME CAR yesterday for $3000 LESS at a fantastic dealer in Idaho (Valley Car Sales in Lewiston, if you are interested). The car was clean, no scratches or dents, no smell and Dennis made the process smooth and hassle free. So, I guess I should say "thanks Kevin" after all.

Nicole M. | 2009-09-30

I just bought Mazda3 last week from University Mazda. I was unbelievably worried and nervous before I came down here because I never had any experience going to a car dealer before. I've heard horror stories about pushy car salesmen and stuff and I'm considered one of the "weak" ones that usually give in under pressure and end up buying stuff I don't even know.

When I got to the lot, I was expecting I would be approached and got stuck with a bombarding salesman. But no, everybody here will give you all the time and space you need to wander the lot to check out all the cars until you're ready. For me, that's a more effective way. I suck at multi-tasking and have a hard time checking out cars if I have to concentrate listening to a never-ending sales pitch at the same time.

After I was satisfied looking around, I went to the showroom and told the girl at the front desk that I was looking for Eric whom I talked to with on the phone the day before. I had my eyes on 2 cars but by the time I got there, a woman was already test-driving the car of my first choice and she went in to sign the paperwork by the time she got back. Eric was very friendly and helpful. He's also very informative. I'm pretty much an amateur when it comes to cars, let alone buying a car. This is completely my first time ever, and I came here alone. So you can't imagine how worried I was because I wasn't sure what I should expect. But Eric even told me what I should be looking for when choosing a car to buy. He even taught me how to read tires and all! I was really impressed of how genuine he is. The overall experience was not at all stressful, it was like going to a car dealer with a cool friend who knows cars. He doesn't try to sell me optional extras for the car, which I truly appreciate. He let me test-drive the car alone too!

I went home to think over the car overnight, then finalized the price negotiation, and returned to do all the paperwork the next day. I drove home with a new car that day. I was beyond happy! I also met with Winnie in finance and she was also helpful. She didn't give any pressure for the warranty. I honestly have never been to other car dealerships but this is the kind of experience I won't forget. If I'm looking for another Mazda or know anyone who's looking to buy a car, this is the first place I'm gonna recommend. I left this place with satisfied feelings and most of all, I know I got a great deal (good car with good price). Excellent customer service,  highly recommended experienced people, this is truly a great place.

Jeff L. | 2008-10-11

My wife and I just returned from buying a new Mazda5 from University Mazda and it was easily the best car-buying experience I've ever had (out of 7). They gave us a fantastic deal on the price and every one of the people we dealt with was super low key and very helpful. Not once during the process didn't anyone try to "sell" us the car. We test drove it and we said we'd think it over and get back to them - they said "OK, great. See you later then." Then, after we made the final negotiation over the phone we went in to complete the paperwork. No upsell. No "undercoating" offers. No bait and switch. This is what car buying should be.

Rachel H. | 2008-08-26

A few weeks ago I bought a 2008 Mazda 3 (and I love it).  Honestly, University Mazda feels more like an exclusive club than a car dealership.  Every single person I met was top-notch.  Customer service is obviously a high priority, and repeat business seems to take precedence over making a quick sale.  I went in there uber-prepared, ready with numbers and ready to protect myself from the big, bad car salesman.  My experience was pleasant.  I feel that I got a good deal, and more than that, I feel like I've just begun what's sure to be a long relationship with University Mazda.  For comparison sake, shop around to the other local Mazda dealerships (just call or e-mail) and then go to University Mazda ready to do business.

Wes N. | 2008-06-03

Absolutely the best car buying experience of my life - or even imaginable!      Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful without even a hint of pushiness.  After having done some initial online research and deciding that the Mazda 3 was my leading candidate to replace my aging Rav4, I stopped by to discuss features and price ranges.  Called back the next day and 15 minutes later my test drive car - exactly matching my specifications (hatchback, 2.3L engine w/ auto, Touring trim package with moonroof, etc.) was prepped and ready.  A copy of my driver's license and insurance proof form and they flipped me the keys a told me to have it back in an hour or so.  What a test drive!  No salesman pitching features or twisting my arm ("What would it take to get you get you into this car today?").  Fabulous!  Back a couple of days later, Consumer Reports and Edmunds car buying guides in hand (both including detailed dealer cost data) and struck a fabulous deal (decided to go with the GT trim - luxury on a budget) in just 5 minutes!  No pressure for additional (and bloated price) add-ons, no hidden charges, just a straightforward and great deal on truly great car!  Hats off to Ron, Chuvit, Barry and the other fine folks at University Mazda!

Daren D. | 2007-10-21

I got a '93 626 ES last May and have had it serviced here a couple times since then. I've mainly dealt with Jeff and he seemed pretty honest and friendly overall. He wasn't "great" in the sense but I walked away satisfied each time, thus far. I told them to call me when they found issues, progress checks, etc. They did. It was cool when they showed me the car underbody for a better description.

Rating: 1 ding for the "dealer" prices on parts (naturally) and another for them lacking a bit on, uh, thoroughness... and they could do a better job giving their input on things not included on the work order.

Oh, and want a loaner? Better off getting your service done when the next one is available; you can have it setup.

Sarah B. | 2007-09-16

Funny story.

So I'm driving along and suddenly I feel like I hit a pothole, but there were none.  Odd right?  I notice a few minutes later the shifter is vibrating weird.  Not good.

I ended up coming here on recommendation from Carter Subaru, since that's where I got my car.  This is the oldest Mazda dealer in the country supposedly.

Well, it started out not so good.  No loaner car available, they wanted to replace something I didn't think needed replacing and I kept getting told "one more day".  Thankfully they finally figured out the issue and apologized profusely for the delay.  They also did most of the work under an old factory warranty and got me a loaner car ASAP.  It was greatly appreciated.  Also, a great warranty on the new work.

They worked hard to turn what would have been a disaster into a much appreciated repair.

Charleen N. | 2007-07-10

I used to take my Mazda in to have it serviced because I liked the friendly staff and because they would give me a loaner car so I could head back to work. This is all great. Bravo.

The only thing I didn't like was being told that my tires (with only 11,000 miles on them) should be replaced at $179 a pop. Now.. I've seen and driven on tires that needed to be replaced. I've driven tires until the steel was popping through (no, I don't recommend this). Of course they weren't brand new, but they clearly had great tread left on them. I ended up replacing my tires (at Les Schwab in Ballard) at 40,000 miles having encountered no problems. And the tires were $99/each, as the friendly associate told me the driving I do doesn't require the more expensive version. Now that's honest service.

I began to wonder what Univerity Mazda would have done with my tires had I opted to replace them as suggested. Would they have resold them? They were clearly still good. The tire experience left me feeling as though I had a bullseye on my forehead and wondering what the service department would try to sell this woman next.  

So now, if I want my oil changed, I go to a lube shop. If I want new tires, I go to the tire shop.  Problem solved.

Gail A. | 2007-06-19

I had my Mazda 626 towed to University Mazda last week since it would not start.  They had previously replaced my distributor and I was satisfied with the service, although not overwhelmed.  

First pet peeve - I always have to call them.  They don't call me to tell me what is wrong with it, when it's done, etc.  

Also disliked that I was given a quote over the phone, but no explanation of anything.  He just rattled off a list of things that were wrong, and the total cost to do everything ($1300).  I had to ask for a written quote to be faxed to me.  

When I received the written quote, there was stuff added on that I did not request, like replacing my marker light bulbs for $32.  

Regretfully, I gave him the go-ahead to fix the one critical part.  I later received a MUCH cheaper quote from another mechanic.  By the time I got the new quote, it was too late, they had finished most the work.  

Mostly I am very unhappy that I was told all sorts of things were wrong/needed to be replaced, but given NO explanation or information at all (what would happen if I didn't, what the part does, how serious it is....).  

When I went to pick it up on Friday, (after calling to see if it was done, since the mechanic left without calling as he was supposed to) they had lost my keys!  I was told they would call on Monday - they didn't.  I call today - no one has a clue.  Have not gotten the call back I was promised.  

So now I am out lots of money and a pair of car keys.  Not happy at all.

Jennifer R. | 2007-05-09

We bought a Mazda 6 sta wag at U Mazda and my  experience was just as reported above.  Salespeople were super low-key and honest.  Through my partner's work we have access to "fleet pricing" on Mazdas (a guaranteed low price not typically available to consumers - it's b/c her huge company buys fleet vehicles from them).  Folks she works with have raved about this benefit - saying it saved them $1000 or more on cars.  The price they gave us was exactly $22 more than the special fleet price - meaning that they don't inflate prices like other dealers.

Also, for the record, they're great cars.  Zoom-zoom indeed.  A year later we love the car and have recommended several friends to Frank.

Trish R. | 2006-12-05

I bought my 2004 Mazda 3 at University Mazda a couple years ago because I loved the car and because of the low-pressure sales pitch.

I absolutely hate buying cars. As if the time and effort spent researching several cars isn't enough, the lucky dealership-goer gets to experience insincere greetings ("Hi there! How are YOU doing today?!"), inappropriate questions ("How much can you afford?"), pushy appeals ("What can I do to put you in a car today?"), and exasperating haggling ("You DO know the sales person has a family to feed, right?"). Gives me the willies just thinking about it.

In 2004 Stephen J and I went to the University Mazda lot to check out the new Mazda 3, a car that had generated quite a few great reviews. I winced when I saw the salesman enter the lot. After we told him we were just checking the car out, he gave us a few printed materials, his card (Eric) and told us to let him know if we had any questions. Huh? That was almost polite. He definitely had a bit of a car salesman personality about him, but didn't feel slimed after conversing with him. And that's saying a lot.

We visited another dealership to test drive another vehicle, but were scared away by the young man who helped us at the time. The exact model I was interested in wasn't available, and we gave the salesman our contact information so he could let us know when that model arrived. We were rather taken a back when he sent Stephen an email message asking what he had done wrong since we hadn't contacted him. Not interested in pursuing someone who can't remember that he was supposed to call us, we instead returned to Mazda for a test drive.

We asked for Eric on arrival, and he set us up with keys for a test drive. To go by ourselves. Whoo-hoo, no babysitter! The car drove just the way I like it: zippy. Yet with decent gas mileage, and the consumer reliability & performance ratings I look for. Returning to the parking lot, I dreaded the upcoming conversation. I had researched the sticker price, the price the dealership buys the vehicle for, the vehicle popularity & availability, and the average price in this area. We sat down, told Eric we were interested, and he gave us a price, lower than the average price paid in the area. Excellent! Where do I sign?

We've been really happy with our little 3-car. I continue to return to University Mazda for service, and don't you know Eric always sends me a birthday card. Whataguy.