University Audi in Seattle, WA

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Our sales staff mission is to do everything possible to help you find the right car, provide you with all the information you request, get you the best bottom line value with your purchase, then we do it all in a timely manner to save you time and money.

When you purchase a new or pre-owned car from University we include our exclusive Passport Service Owner Benefit Program. The Passport Service Program provides a complimentary service loaner car for service visits, a very convenient Seattle area Shuttle Service, a lifetime service repair guarantee, and complimentary yearly vehicle inspections.

Our award winning and industry leading service department provides the highest level of factory certified trained technicians, a state of the art service facility, the most current diagnostic and repair equipment, efficient turn around processes, and complimentary car washes. Our Parts Department is fully stocked with high quality certified factory parts to keep your car at its best.

University VW-Audi also has a high quality Paint/Detail Department that will keep your car looking great with a variety of detailing services that we use for all our new and pre-owned cars as well as light duty body repair and painting services.


Established in 1958.

Your Northwest area Volkswagen and Audi Experts, proudly serving the greater Seattle and Bellevue area since 1958. We sell and service cars that offer a unique combination of German engineering, state of the art leading safety systems, ultimate driving enjoyment, and incredible overall value. What makes us better is our professional staff, friendly, honest, positively different, and proud of it. No one gives you more and we make it easy at University VW-Audi.

University Audi

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 633-2834
Address:4701 11th Ave NE, Seattle, WA, 98105
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Reviews on University Audi

Jenny A. | 2015-04-24

I would have wrote this review sooner but it dawned on me that I never rec'd a follow up call from the supervisor..

DO NOT COME HERE unless you want your stuff stolen from your car.  I brought my car here back in October 2014 for my 50k service and found out that my *discontinued* Seahawks beanie was missing.. I keep my car clean and clutter-free so I know EXACTLY what was in there when I left it. I brought this to the technician's attention and he said to me "I know my guys and can guarantee that no one took it".. ok, so tell me why it's not there?! He told me he would go back and ask the crew, "check" the garbage can, etc. Duh of course no one is going to own up to STEALING something.. that would be ridiculous. I was beyond pissed off and was given the director of service's phone number to follow up on Monday (I came on a Saturday). In the end, they "checked" the cameras and couldn't find it (again, your crew probably knew where all the blind spots are anyways), and they offered to replace the beanie. ---- I had put this on hold since I had to find another beanie I wanted and I also had traveling plans. -- Time has passed, totally forgot about this but there was no follow up! Honestly, it's not even about the beanie, it's about safety and trust and they've lost my service forever. I will never come back here, even if they were the last Audi dealership in WA!!!!

Enchanted W. | 2015-04-13

If you are a woman, DO NOT patronize any University Audi/VW location.  They are lying, misogynistic weasels of the first order.  They assume that if you are female, you know nothing about cars and will simply fall back onto your fainting couch while the men handle the automotive duty.  But then they will charge you like crazy for all sorts of things you don't need, and then when those repairs don't hold, it becomes your fault - for driving like a woman of course - I do not know how Phil Spagnioli sleeps at night, with all those lies and underhanded tactics on his conscience.  AVOID AT ALL COSTS, or it will cost you.  Barrier in Bellevue has outstanding service (Audi pricing, too, but at least they back up their work, and treat me like a human with a brain).

J S. | 2015-04-06

Watch out!  What type of service you receive here is dependent upon on how well you're dressed and what car you drive in with.  The older my Audi Allroad has become the less this service department seems to care about my time, but boy do they care about my money.  I have arrived at this dealership in my weekend jeans and sweatshirt attire and they don't even know I am there and seem fairly annoyed when I intrude on their busy day.  Show up dressed for my next business  meeting  and they seem to fall all over themselves to see what I need!  Bottom line is they need to remember not everyone that can afford to buy whatever car they have on their lot cares or even wants the whole world to know that.  My car has not been finished on time the last three times I've had it in.  I used to look forward to having my car returned washed and vacuumed,  but now it's kind of laughable!  If I wanted dirt left on my car I could just take it through a cheap car wash at my local gas station, same results. I'm pretty certain that should I buy a new car from them things would be different.  However, when I do decide to purchase a new or certified used it will not be from them.

Emily K. | 2015-03-20

Everyone was super polite and the service was quick! They even offered to pull up the car even though it was like 30 feet away so I wouldn't get wet in the rain! I came in for a quick oil change for my boyfriends car.. I drive a BMW but I kinda wish I had an audi so I could get it serviced here. They lost a star because the gal at the end who handled my transaction was rude. Literally threw my paperwork back at me ... Anywhoooo! Other than that everyone/thing else was awesome!

W B. | 2015-02-07

Saturday afternoon a half hour before they close the service dept and Flávio a tech and a service manager who's name I am sorry I forgot were great. They went out of their way to help me with my squeaky brakes on a 2013 Q5 3.0T Prestige. Great representatives of the dealership. I'll be back for sure.

Nathan K. | 2015-01-30

I've been taking my TT here since purchase.  The showroom is immaculate.  The wait times are minimal.  But where University Audi really differentiates themselves is customer service.  Simply put, I have never had a better dealership experience.
Graham Campbell and the rest of the guys are knowledgable, friendly and prompt.  
Everything you could ask for.  Highly recommend.

Scott L. | 2015-01-30

This review is for their Service Dept only.

Worst service experience ever.  A week before I created an online appointment for a standard 35k scheduled service, received a confirmation email and arrived 15mins early for my Fri, 8AM appointment.  There were 6 service agents and 4 customers so this should be a quick checkin and I would be on my way to work.

Nobody could find my paperwork, there was chaos and confusion so the service agent had me fill out missing paperwork and bumped this up to Supervisor.  I sat in the service room waiting and watching as the Supervisor drank coffee, ate cookies and joked with his staff.  

Happy crew, great for them.  
After 30 mins of not being helped, I had to get to work so departed.

Scott W. | 2014-08-28

These guys did a great job fixing the front of my car after my whole front fender had to be replaced following a small ding in the garage.  Turns out there is all kinds of high tech calibration stuff happening up there and it required several sessions to return my car to normal.  

FYI to modern Audi owners - don't get into accidents.

Cory M. | 2014-08-25

I recently purchased a used Audi (from a private party) and was looking forward to convenient service because I live less than a mile from the dealer. Instead of winning over a first-time Audi owner, University Audi delivered the worst customer service experience that I have ever had from any dealer or mechanic.

I took this car to the dealer for a pre-purchase inspection. They found a fault code in the computer related to the automatic door locks, but said that it was not current and nothing to worry about. Later that day -- after I purchased the car -- I noticed that the problem was, in fact, current. I went back to the dealer and they spent a few minutes looking at the problem in greater detail (which they should have done in the morning). Then they informed me that it would cost more than $750 to fix it. They refunded the $160 that I paid for the pre-purchase inspection and gave me some ridiculous excuse about intermittent electrical problems.

Rather than start a debate with the service adviser, I decided that I would call the service manager Phil Spagnoli instead. I left Phil a message later that day, explaining the circumstances. I asked him to please talk with his staff to get the details of the situation, and then call me back. After three weeks, and no return phone call, I left another voicemail message. After another week without any response, I left a third message and sent an email message.

Phil finally called me back (with no apology for the month-long delay) and immediately went on the defensive. When I explained the situation, he said, "This is why we hate doing pre-purchase inspections." It seems to me that a pre-purchase inspection is the perfect opportunity to gain a new customer, but that is apparently not how he views it. Keep in mind that I did not come back to the dealer a month or a week or even a day after the inspection to complain about the problem. I came back less than three hours after they competed the inspection.

My proposed resolution was that they complete the repair at cost -- not for free -- which I thought was reasonable. They could have acted with integrity, not spent any money, and won a new customer in the process. Phil said flat out that he was not willing to do the repair at cost, but would have a service advisor call me later that day to tell me "what they would be willing to do."

After a bit of web research and a few phone calls, I found a great mechanic in the neighborhood -- and their regular price for the repair was well below the token "discount" that the service advisor eventually offered.

I hate to feed the stereotype about car dealerships being a nightmare, but this is an instance where the shoe fits.

Karan S. | 2014-08-22

Had an amazing experience buying a brand new A3! Tyler Lindsay was our sales specialist and he did an amazing job. From walking into the dealership, it took us a while to be helped (busy and a bit confusing with the 2 buildings now), Tyler showed us all the brand new A3's they had in the show room. Took it on a test drive and decided to buy. Tyler was great with helping us get a GREAT deal! Ivan the sales manager and Tyler did an amazing job helping us get an amazing deal for finance and the car! Definitely made a lifetime customer and will recommend all to go here! Thanks tyler and Ivan!

ONE THING: when first walked onto the dealership I feel as though we were ignored because of us being younger and dressed pretty casually. One hint to your sales people to get you to that 5 star is DONT JUDGE. The first sales guy who approached us handed us off to Tyler who was amazing with us. Seattle has a lot of business owners worth a lot of money who don't dress to the T every single day. Also, just because we drove a old toyota to the lot doesn't mean that we don't have a mercedes and expensive sports car at home. Thank you Tyler for being amazing and to the other people- learn to be professional and not judge!!

Skihiker S. | 2014-08-02

Had an outstanding purchase experience at University Audi. I initially came in with a friend to check out the inventory and was immediately greeted by Jon. After taking a look around, he checked back to see if I had any questions. He offered up a Test Drive, no pressure after which I was basically sold on a new A4. I said I would think about it, look around some more and come back another time.

Four days later, I received a friendly call from Jon to stop in if I was interested in seeing any other cars.

I went in the following weekend, ready to buy. I was once again immediately greeted by Jon. Upon finding just the right car, we walked through the hassle-free, no pressure purchase experience. Everything was very smooth and professional, and I felt like they valued my business.

Becky from the Finance team and Ivan the Sales Manager were also great to interact with.

When the plates were in, Jon called to let me know to stop in anytime.

When I pulled up to the service lane, a nice gentleman opened my door with a smile.

If you're looking for a great experience purchasing a new Audi, I highly recommend University Audi, and ask for Jon!

Jason H. | 2014-07-28

Prices for getting an Audi serviced are super high. Oil changes are reasonable, but everything else is expensive. Got a quote for a new thermostat which was $750 from University, then $800 from Barrier, then $400 from Eastside Bavarian. I think it's a no brainier where I'm taking my car from now on.

Jenna L. | 2014-07-26

Okay~ let's be real~ how can anyone have any expectation from a dealer? I hate dealing... Haggling.... It's just unpleasant especially when they treat u as if you can't add or subtract.... Or have any clue about cars period. It's just super unpleasant I hate car shopping.

Recently needed a car and decided to do some internet research before heading to dealers. Found a used Audi that I was very interested in, checked the KBB and the price was right....  Called in and got connected with one of the sales men. Have seen other audis that I was interested in, but the sales people treated me like a 2 year old.... Playing with numbers..... ( I am extremely math minded person.... Don't be playing with numbers with me... ) I didn't feel like doing any business with them.

When I called this place the transaction was super smooth~ they treated me with respect and was very upfront with everything.... The price was really good.. So I went ahead got the car... Sales men took a lot of time to go over the many features with me, and I was able to happily walk out of the dealership without feeling haggled, being treated like a 2 year old.... Everything up front. Treated respectfully... It was a very positive car buying experience and  if I am in the market for an Audi again, I would definitely try this dealership out.

David G. | 2014-07-10

Years ago, my late husband and I had a TERRIBLE sales experience, so have been avoiding them, like the plague!!!

Decided to try them for a service, since they are so close by. WOW... did I say WOW???

Quick oil change opens at 6 AM, did a full safety check, tire rotation, the works. $90! Can't beat that. And since I needed some work, I asked about an appointment, of course with a loaner...

John service writer. Excellent customer service.

Jon C. | 2014-06-28

I tried to by a used car sight unseen off of the internet.  After agreeing to an offer received in writing from the dealership and providing a credit card for a deposit, the dealership informed me that a mistake was made and the price would be $2,000 higher.

Obviously disappointed I asked them to reconsider while I thought of what I wanted to do.  I offered to split the difference and the dealership refused to honor the price they had offered, or accept my compromise.

University Audi  cannot be trusted.

Bao Tung T. | 2014-06-22

Holllllyyyy cow! This place is awesome! I just bought my s4 here. I had recently been in the market for strictly a BMW 335i, and then I drove the s4 at Barrier Audi and was amazed. Barrier wasn't willing to give me the deal I wanted, so I went to University Audi. I got in touch with Adam Gallardo, and boy, the best car buying experience/salesman ever.

Extremely easy going and very patient with me. I am VERY meticulous about perfect and most importantly price. I negotiated very aggressively and Adam was able to get me a great deal with an awesome finance rate on the vehicle I wanted. He definitely tries to help the customer and get all of their needs taken care of. Even when I was back and forth on the price, he never seemed annoyed or frustrated. He really wanted to earn my business.

Had an awesome conversation with Ivan(Sales Manager there) while paperwork was being done, and drove home in my new S4 today. Will have it back in the shop for detailing.

I will be recommended all my Microsoft friends to Adam in the future! Great place and buying experience!

T T. | 2014-05-15

Word to University Audi-NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER. This would have been our 4th Audi purchase in the last 5 years, but I am happy to take my business to Barrier Audi in Bellevue. You should  check them out, Lucas Soltman has been great to us in the past.

My husband and I currently have a Q5, we realized soon after our baby was born that we needed more space.  So, I checked out the inventory at Barrier and University Audi, and University had the package and color of the Q7 we wanted. So we drove in, and was greeted with, do you have an appointment. Uh, do you need an appointment to BUY A CAR?  After finding someone to "help" us, I quickly felt like we were teenagers walking through the dealership. That dismissed feeling is horrible!

 We have a very active baby, so I was straight to the point, we like this car, this is what I want my payments to be, can this work? I was supremely insulted when were asked if we could qualify for the interest rate we currently have on our loan. WTF? How about some tact?  Dennis  Navas our salesperson did not want to make a sale apparently.  You have left a VERY BAD IMPRESSION UNIVERSITY AUDI! Maybe next time, you should treat all customers with the same respect, money spends the same.

SM C. | 2014-03-05

This review is long overdue.  I will start by saying I chose NOT to get my brand new Audi from University after 2 visits to their dealership in which the arrogance of their sales staff was unbearable.   I have a hard time believing the positive reviews on this site.

I went to University Audi on 2 occasions to discuss ordering a new Q5.  Both times I felt totally looked down upon (perhaps young female gets that on a regular basis there?) and judged on the basis of what I was driving at the time (my Mazda from university days).   And I quote "oh, you drive a Maaaaazda?"  After ditching University Audi and purchasing in Bellingham (where they were MUCH more professional), I felt like re-enacting the scene from "Pretty Woman" where Julia Roberts returns to the snooty store with arms loaded with bags and says "BIG MISTAKE" to the missed opportunity of good business.  They missed not only a new Q5 3.0T sale, but a custom order with Audi Exclusive paint color, and upgrades.

I would point out to University Audi that Seattle is loaded with very wealthy people who don't look 'rich', and who may not drive fancy cars, so their judging nature is really poorly placed in this city.  I'm pretty sure they had no concept that I'm a young professional (surgeon), and that countless people who work with me it the OR are extremely aware of my dissatisfaction.  Sorry for the lost business from the UW medical community, University Audi.  

Lastly, I would add what fueled my review to be posted today, just over a year after purchasing my Q5 elsewhere.  I was unfortunately involved in a small fender-smash during the snow storm a few weeks ago and needed bumper work.  Following the repair, I needed to go to Audi to have the parking camera/assist re-activated.  The collision shop called University Audi to arrange this (collision center was going to pay for this part of repair).  The service guy asked the lady at the collision center if she was planning to pay "with her good looks", and then proceeded to tell her they were busy, and that she should try "Lazy B" (ie, Barrier).  That level of disrespect to fellow colleagues in the business and to other stores of your own brand is outrageous.  Audi should be ashamed that people this arrogant work for them.

Brittany K. | 2014-02-12

My Audi had a broken water pump and given how specific and particular Audi parts tend to be I wanted to take it to the dealer. There is definitely a stigma about dealerships and if they're worth the extra money and if you're getting ripped off etc. etc. but that definitely wasn't the case here! I was told my car would be done within the day and they had a shuttle take me from the dealership to my office in South Lake Union, they were prompt, friendly and all around a pleasure. Turns out my car needed to stay another couple days and that was fine with me because I wanted the work done to be above satisfactory and not rushed but I had an appointment and couldn't shuttle to it so they offered me a Q5 rental which was fantastic and greatly convenient. I worked primarily with Joe and he was so genuine and kind regarding everything that I knew my car was in good hands. All aspects of the process were explained up front and nothing was done without my consent, no hidden fees or costs, it was overall a painless experience and I would definitely recommend family and friends to stop in!

Caro S. | 2014-01-07

I have been here more than a few times to get my car serviced after moving to Seattle from the east coast. Their customer service rocks and everyone here is super friendly. They've always been able to squeeze me in for a walk-in oil change when i've not had a chance to schedule one and the free espresso and croissants are always nice.

Suraj M. | 2013-12-31

The level of attention during a sale at University Audi is fantastic. Denis Navas the Audi brand specialist took the time to understand the type of car I needed based on my needs and helped line with up with a Q7 with all the options needed in the color I was keen on. Since they didn't have exactly what I wanted in stock they searched around and got the car from another dealership. Then he made sure I test drove the car for quite a while to make sure it was exactly what I needed.

When it came to pricing they were very upfront on the MSRP and gave me a supplier discount that I was entitled to, there was none of the haggling and ickiness that you have with many other dealerships, another Audi dealer in Tacoma accused me of being a liar when I asked about the supplier discount I was supposed to get.

Denis also made sure that I got a really good lease rate through the foreign professionals lease program and also dropped the car off home (getting the car dropped home is a big deal for me since when I bought my other car I was stuck with 2 cars and had to ask for a favor to get one back home).

The leasing process at University Audi is extremely fast and well organized compared to many other places, there is no hard sell to get into options and services you don't need and it is very quick - I was in and out in under 15 minutes.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending University Audi to anyone, and I would especially recommend it to people who are relocating to the US - they make the car acquisition process a pleasure instead of the pain it can be.

Walt H. | 2013-10-05

First and foremost. Stop with the cockiness, stop judging people and get your customer service in check. I had a very poor customer service experience today with a simple request  which was to get a front head light bulb replaced. First I was charged $60 in labor to replace the light bulb when it was replaced at Barrier Audi in the past for free with my other Audi A5. It took two hours and I come to find out the headlight still does not work after I left the dealership. The service manager Graham Campbell insisted on charging labor, which I am fine with but at least test the car before you release the car. Completely wasted my time.  Also I don't appreciated his sense of humor, it's pretty pathetic. I would not recommend this dealership for service or to purchase an Audi. 10/05

Ryan C. | 2013-09-22

We have worked with Ben for a while now, and my wife and I are both car enthusiasts.  Ben goes above and beyond to make sure you have the product that best fits your needs.  He really believes in what he sells and stays in touch with the worldwide Audi community through social media.

I wouldn't hesitate twice to refer any of my family to Ben, understanding that he is a very honest individual and is at the top of his game with knowing and understanding the product and brand.

Saltat S. | 2013-09-05

I bought a car from University Audi 5 years ago.  I have been back on 3 separate occasions since then - once to buy another car and 2 separate times to help friends buy cars.  My initial experience was great.  The last 3 occasions were quite frustrating.  We had to endure the tiresome game of watching the sales person walk up to the manager's office and return with borderline insulting counteroffers.  The counteroffers were basically the MSRP.  We wasted a lot time.  I think I am done with this dealership.  Unless I have a burning desire to buy a new Audi, I am going to avoid this dealership.

Meg L. | 2013-08-05

This is a review of the sales department because I have not dealt with the service department yet.  Actually, this is mostly a review of one particular salesperson... Tyler.!  He really knows his stuff.  He answered every question, he was extremely kind and patient and helpful.  He really cared about making us happy customers and he is just all around a really nice guy.  No pressure, easy to talk to, has a good sense of humor.  We are now very happy new Audi owners.  I want to buy my next car from Tyler too, even if they don't sell it there! ;-)

Hans M. | 2013-06-30

If you're looking to buy a new Audi, do yourself a huge favor and ask for Ben Moses in sales. My review is mostly about my experience with Ben, who I believe is University Audi's biggest asset.

I've owned my Audi S4 now for 2 years and Ben has looked after me since I walked through the door. He's super friendly and approachable and takes the time to genuinely get to know you. I'm originally from Trinidad in the Caribbean, and he introduced me to a local Trini restaurant (Pam's Kitchen) which I've become a big fan of. I'm a young professional and I like that Ben always shows me the utmost respect when others might not because of my age. I've dealt with dozens of salesman and Ben is a rare find. He's also honest even if it's not in his or Audi's best interest but instead in your best interest. For example, I had one spat with the service dept, he sided with me and stuck his neck out to make sure that I was given the care and attention I deserved. He's an Audi enthusiast who interacts with the community which shows that he believes in what he's selling. But hey it's Audi, they are on top of their game right now, so it's not like it's a hard sale ;)

Aside from Ben, the rest of University Audi is pretty solid. Whoever runs their social media team does a great job and I recommend following them on Twitter. They've even given me a few freebies for interacting with them on Twitter. My only hesitation about University Audi is that I never have consistency with the service dept in terms of who I speak with. I did have one nightmare experience that I felt could have been handled much better and that left quite a bitter taste though I've since somewhat moved on. Though it's more because I was simply too lazy to make a scene rather than it actually being resolved to my liking. I actually almost decided because of that experience that I wouldn't buy another Audi, but I think for the most part when it comes to service depts, you just cross your fingers and hope you're not getting screwed no matter which dealer service dept it is. Except for that one nightmare time with the service dept, my experiences have been decent and I usually get a nice loaner.

All in all, my Audi ownership experience has been a good one and if I were to buy another, I would buy it from Ben in Sales in a heartbeat.

Mj L. | 2013-06-21

If you want good customer service do not visit University Audi.  I have had body work done TWICE and with the same results: they are never on time, and do not provide an area for adequate inspection.  When I picked my car up today they didn't even expect  me to look at the repair!  They bring the car to you under an awning which has NO LIGHTING.  My car was delivered wet and when I asked for a rag to wipe it off so I could see the repair they looked at me like I was crazy.

And the repair was sub par.

I thought it was just me, but my brother has had the same experience.

There are NO WOMEN in the service department except for a very young woman who is the cashier and offered to make me a latte. The rest are men and they greet you like a line of fullbacks.  If you're aggressive enough to elbow your way through the cluster you will get some attention. But if not, you will wait indefinitely. And if you're a woman, they speak to you like you're retarded.

If there was a way to give this business less than one star I would.

Mitch M. | 2013-06-17

My wife and I just recently bought a car from University Audi. We saw a certtified 2012 A-4 Avant wagon  online...when we went in the car was nicer then described to us.
Donald was our salesman and I must say went above and beyond. The negotion procces was easy....the finance procces was easy......and the delivery procces was easy!!! I would highly recomend this dealership if looking for an Audi!

Chad M. | 2013-05-28

We were looking at all cars in the A6 line of cars.  BMW 535, Mercedes E-350 etc etc.  When we came into University Audi it was the first of the day and we met Zoltan who took us out on a test drive of an A6 3.0.  It is still to date one of the best test drives I've been on.  He pointed things out about the car, showed us the technology without being pushy.

We took a few days to think on it and told him we thought the A6 was the car we wanted however we were afraid to pull the trigger on a $67,000 car without having another longer test drive.  He told us to come in and he'd have a car for us that we could take for the day.  This was a huge win and really affirmed our decision to go with University Audi and the A6 3.0.

We were going to give BMW a shot at an extended test drive but just fell in love with the A6 and a week later sat down with Zoltan to work out the number.  He gave us a very fair price and worked with us diligently through a complicated situation to get us the car we wanted.

In the end we got the car we wanted (2013 Audi A6 3.0 Prestige + all bells and whistles).  I couldn't have been happier with the transaction and I will definitely be back to get another car at University Audi.

Sam L. | 2013-05-21

I was looking to buy an Audi A5.  I did my research.  I knew what I wanted and had a price in mind.  I was hoping to get a deal below MSRP and within 3% of invoice price.  I went in fully prepared to do hard negotiating.  I contacted all the Audi dealers around.  University Audi was the only one that quickly emailed me back for the actual car I wanted with a real quote.  To my surprise, the price they quoted me was within the range I wanted to pay.  I was pleasantly disappointed that I didn't have to do any hard negotiating at all.

Denis was my salesman.  I went in for a test drive and decided to buy the car. Denis was very patient with us.  The entire process was pleasant.  I wasn't pressured.  Overall, I had great sales experience.

When we were ready to pickup the car, we did an inspection.  We found some minor issues with the paint.  Denis didn't downplay our concerns.  He took them seriously and took care of them.

Ivan the store manager was also great.  He saw us in a rental car and offered us an Audi loaner car.  It was great.  They really go above and beyond to make sure the customers are happy.  I will definitely buy my next Audi from this dealer.

David G. | 2013-05-01

Had a minor problem with my car. When I called they were able to fit me in right away to get it diagnosed.
Although there were no loaner cars available on such short notice, turned out I didn't need one. Their shuttle service was more than adequate in getting me around to complete my errands.
My car was ready when the promised, with a fresh (scratch free) hand wash.
The follow-on appointment, after the replacement parts arrived, was simple to schedule. I was able to get a Saturday appointment and a loaner car with zero hassle.
And once again my car was ready when they'd promised, cleaner than before.
Joe and the rest of the personnel at University Audi provide outstanding customer service.

Vikram P. | 2013-03-27

We just recently purchased our Q5 at University Audi. I plan to buy every one of my future cars from here. The Service is Phenomenal.
Once we bought our car, there was a slight delay in our car being delivered on time (which they let us know in advance prior to us even buying) but made sure we had a loaner car.
The loaner car they gave was a A7 (not a Q7 but a A7  ). That is good enough to give them 5 stars. Besides that, every little thing they have done screams GOOD customer service.
Ask for Denis (our sales associate) when you are there. Your opinion on car salesman (if negative due to prior experiences) will change. Just class!
And Ivan too, absolute gentlemen and it's a pleasure doing business with them.
Great job guys!

Mike S. | 2013-03-23

Had a recall fix done on an old Audi.  The personal barista and overall experience inside was great.  The service tech handed me my car after the fix was done, I noticed a slight issue and he appologized, took the car right back in the shop and fixed it within 10 minutes.  Top notch.

Ken T. | 2013-03-06

I purchased my 2013 S5 from University in December, black, all the bells and whistles. When I picked it up, the detail job was less than stellar. Did i mention the car is Phantom Black Pearl? There were swirl marks in the clear coat so I made an appointment to bring it back.

After picking it up after the second detail, the paint was flawless...except for the right rear quarter panel. It looked like someone ran a hose right over the paint putting a scuff about six inches wide by three feet long; very noticeable.

Made another appointment. They had the car the full day to detail it but didn't get it done in time for me to pick it up that day so I picked it up the next morning in the dark and was not able to fully inspect it.

Next time I washed it, the smudge was still there. Third times a charm so they say.

All in all, the dealership is fair, in fact this is my second car I have purchased from them. I think they just need to put a little more attention to "detail."

Terry S. | 2013-03-05

As a former car salesman and someone who is "addicted" to switching vehicles every couple years, I am more than  familiar with the typical hard pressure sales tactics and strategies employed by car dealerships.

I have nothing but great things to say about Kjell Warness and University Audi.  During the purchase process, I had done my homework and Kjell was straight forward and  timely in his responses.

Five months after my purchase experience an issue arose with my vehicle and as my car was used (as well as a NON-AUDI product) I had little hope or expectation that University Audi would make this issue right.  Well, Kjell and University Audi went above and beyond and did what's right not because they had to, but because it is the right thing to do.  You won't find that often with a car dealership.

So take it from a former car salesman:  Kjell Warness and University Audi are class acts.  It's not often that I find someone that treats their customers the way I did, but this is a team I have no problem recommending to anyone.

Tyler M. | 2013-02-19

Just purchased an Audi A6 3.0 from the University Audi team. This is my fourth Audi transaction with University Audi, third with sales associate, Zoltan Gyorki. As I am in sales myself, my expectation is that I'm treated fairly, with respect, professionally and in timely manner. This is why I keep on returning to Zoltan. He's the consummate gentleman, making the car buying experience a pleasure every time. I will be returning again in a  few short years to make Audi number five mine. In the meantime, I'm expecting the continued excellent service I've come to appreciate from the Audi service and maintenance team.

Jais W. | 2012-12-06

The staff was very rude and unable to answer quick, basic questions about their cars.

Heath A. | 2012-12-03

Went in to look at an A4 and met with Denis - one of the classiest sales people I have come across in my search for a new car. If you're looking for a low pressure, professional sales person who is very knowledgeable and comfortable to deal with, I'd recommend him.

MJ C. | 2012-11-16

Have dealt with University Audi for the past 3 years.  My sales rep, Christian Paddock, was phenomenal. Unfortunately, he abruptly left earlier this year and the experience from both service and finance dept has been unimpressive.  A revolving door of service reps and subpar enthusiasm to take care of problems from the advisers on service side.  The one exception is Phi, the service foreman, who did go above & beyond. Despite the mediocre service, they always include a letter with the service bill, asking the customer to give them a 10/10 during the Audi survey and if there are any problems to contact their service manager, Phil Spagnoli.  I called his cell & left a message.  He never called back.

With respect to finance, my 3-year lease is ending and I had spoken to Jon (who had arranged my original lease) about lease-end options.  We made an appt to meet.  I showed up; he didn't, didn't have the courtesy to call & let me know, and never called to followup.  

For luxury cars, excellent service is not only appreciated, it is expected.  The service at my previous BMW dealership was head & shoulders above University Audi.  I am currently shopping for other dealerships for my lease-end deal.

1-star for Christian, who left
1-star for Phi

Michael A. | 2012-11-07

I have had a great experience with Univesity Audi. I bought a used car there few months back. The process was easy, the communication was great, my guy did not give me much instruction on the car's bells and whistles, but that's ok, it's fun to figure out your new toy. Ever since the purchase, my experience has been getting better and better, the service guys are very nice and cordial, explain everything, and have free coffee and pastries for me when I drop off my car. Now this might not be standard at all audi dealerships, but because this is the flagship store (first in the US when Audi came here) I am happy to see them take such good care of their brand.

Amy W. | 2012-11-05

This place is awful. Bought my car there and the only reason I bought it there is because I knew EXACTLY what I wanted, and couldn't find it anywhere else. The sales person was awful, unprofessional, and completely uneducated. When he gave me my 'walk through' of the new car's features, he had no idea how to work anything, just kept pushing buttons and pretending that he knew, glazing over it quickly and hoping I wouldn't notice.

Returned for service and that is worse. The help desk is full of people, but the only one person who is qualified to deal with your question is unavailable. You stand there waiting for ages, listening to all the other service employees gossip at the desk. Every time you call, you are on hold for at least a few minutes. It took them three weeks to get my parts in (or realize that they had my parts in), they charged my credit card incorrectly, etc etc etc. Everyone here is rude and incompetent.

I never write terrible reviews like this, but this place is just ridiculous. I'm heading over to Bellevue Audi. Can't possibly be any worse. You'd think buying a "luxury" car that you'd get better service all around. Maybe I don't look rich enough to warrant decent service. But they offer you a latte so I guess that's "good" customer service.

Todd P. | 2012-10-30

Friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient

Buying a car has never been fun or easy...til now. Donald and Jon were great to work with and I couldn't be happier. Well, maybe a t-shirt or two for free. :-)

Lady Victoria O. | 2012-10-22

Many, many thanks today for the SUPER TEAM at U. Audi!
  - Andrew, who set up the service to "top up" my fluids in the car.
  - Service Dudes, who installed my NEW wipers, topped the fluids & noticed my tire was underinflated, handling that as well.
  - Darling gal who rang up my total and to the gal who offered me something warm to drink on this chilly day.
  - Dave, over in parts who found the pieces I needed, handed them off to the Service Dudes, AND figured out pricing for me on pieces for my husband's vintage Audi too.

You guys just ROCK!  Ivan - Your team deserves kudos and BIG holiday bonuses!!!
Thank you again from one of your biggest fans.  Lady Victoria of Essex

Christopher S. | 2012-09-25

Hands-down the best car-buying experience I've ever had.  Worked with Ben (sales) and Ivan (sales manager) who are both fantastic.  They me through an unfortunate situation where I bought the wrong car (a brand new Allroad - great car but not for me) and were able to get me into an S4 instead.  

These guys (including Jon, business manager) are absolute magicians for working out this deal.  They consistently go far above and beyond my expectations and didn't start ignoring me once they had my money.  They are honestly interested in keeping your business once they have it... other dealerships should take a lesson in customer service from University.  As long as the car holds up (I've heard nightmares about Audi maintenance and don't like paying a ton of money for service), I'll be buying my Audis from University for the rest of time.

-.0001 star off for (perhaps my perceived) lack or organisation in the dealership, especially related to the "front desk" folks.  There always seem to be a lot of people wearing Audi shirts milling around (sometimes more than customers) but sometimes when I walk in they avoid eye contact (this was mentioned before).  Just seems like maybe they could work with their staff to make the initial greeting/etc experience a little smoother.

Joe T. | 2012-09-07

It has been a month since I sent this email to the customer service manager, not even an appology.
Below is a detailed experience I have had with the servicing center over the past few years. They have almost cost me thousands of dollars on multiple occasions ranging from differential work to transmission repair.

Decide for yourself...

Hello Phil, my name is Joseph T. I have thought long and hard about sending you this email and have finally decided that it is important for you to know what types of service levels I have received. I myself earn a living through providing service so I am very aware that sometimes "things just happen" so please note; I am not judging.

A few months back I was considering selling the car to 'upgrade' to a newer model so I went in for a quick inspection to make sure there were no outrageous repairs needed. At that time I had the oil changed. The inspection report I received was ignorant to say the least. I myself am not a mechanic and I do not pretend to be, but when I have 'almost-bald' tires and the Tech checks them off as good-9/32s I can tell something is awry (the tires were cracked and showing heavy wear, they were replaced the following day as part of a prescheduled maintenance plan on my part). The pre-buy inspection itself looked great on paper it said there were no problems with the car...
The car itself drives very well for 145,xxx miles but obviously has some signs of ware, again it was odd to me that the inspection said nothing to any of these signs.
Thursday August 9th I went to my east side mechanic (I work on the east side) for a quick oil change and I was shocked to hear that my transmission had a leak that needed immediate attention. They noted that it appeared to be an old leak and could be the reason for some of the shuttering/lack of performance I was feeling (one of the reasons I brought it to Audi UW in the first place, those notes should be in your system). I immediately had the car's transmission serviced. I am well aware that even if your Tech found the leak I would have still needed to pay for this repair, I do not feel the Tech 'cost me extra'.  But this was a $1,300 service that Audi could have capitalized on. I did not blink an eye when I was told what needed to be done. Thankfully my east side mechanic reported there was no long term damage from this leak, however the transmission was in desperate need of a service. I feel that I 'lucked out' because there was no serious harm or actual damage because I know if the fluid had gotten too low the transmission would have failed. If it would have failed there would have been nothing I could have done to hold Audi accountable, that is concerning and frustrating. When I picked up the car from your dealership I was told the transmission was fine and is behaving normally for the amount of miles that was on it, excuse my french but that is a crock of crap! The car runs great now that the transmission has been serviced.
I feel it is embarrassing that a small VW/Audi mechanic is able to better service my Audi than the dealership itself. Please remember I only took it in to them for an oil change and they found the issue in less than 30 mins.
Again, I am not looking for any kind of compensation, I do not need the cash I paid for the pre buy inspection. I just feel it is important for you to note that I honestly feel my money and time were wasted by taking the car into your dealership. I am now nervous that Audi not only 'took my money' but almost cost me thousands of dollars due to the lack of due diligence during a pre buy inspection/oil change (what if I sold the car and it broke on them, I bet they would want me to step up and be accountable).
You need to know this is not the first time something like this has happened to me at your dealership. In 2009 I had the center and rear differential replaced. In 2010 all but 2 of the bolts to the rear differential had fallen off, breaking my drivers side heat shield and almost destroying??? When I spoke to the person in charge (may have been you) they were very understanding and cooperative. I said to myself that these things happen from time to time and truthfully you can tell more about a person/company with how they handle things when S&%T hits the fan instead of everything being perfect, which is exactly why I trusted Audi again a month or so ago.
Because of the multiple experiences I have had with UW Audi I decided to write this letter of concern letting you and others know that I do not feel this dealership deserves the "Five Star Rating" that is plastered throughout your literature. Your dealership did not "exceed my expectations".
Thank you for your time.


Matthew B. | 2012-08-09

University Audi is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to the consumer experience.

Purchase process: They don't yet have the online lead process down (you'll get a canned answer) but in the grand scheme of things, this isn't a huge deal. Just be prepared to call, verify that the car you are interested in checking out is in, and then come on down. The salesperson was polite, easy to work with, and even the negotiation process was a breeze!

Since buying the car it has had a couple issues from the small (a rattle) to something fairly major requiring a couple weeks worth of work. Each time I was provided with a nice loaner car at no cost. More importantly, I have consistently had the same service adviser, John, every time. He is excellent at communication, ensuring that you know exactly what is being done to your car, and keeping you very much in the loop as to how long you can expect to be without it.

What really took the whole experience to the next level was the sincerity with which they apologized when a repair took longer than expected. It was evident that they care about delivering on their promises and will strive to make the situation right if they ever feel that they have fallen short.

As long as they continue to provide this same level of service, i will continue to buy and service my cars at University!

Larra D. | 2012-08-08

How to buy a car without being in pain....for real.

I like buying cars (especially used cars) as much as I like going to the dentist. It's similar. I white knuckle it, put my big girl pants on and avoid it as much as possible, until it's urgent.

That said I did my homework and was set to buy a new Honda Fit. I loved the price, it had a good track record, good resale...all systems go. Then I drove it. Uh, not so much. Back to the drawing board.

I saw a used 08 VW Rabbit close to my price range here. I walked in and met Guy Kelly. Here's what you should know about Guy. If there is such a thing as an authentic salesperson, he's it. No B.S., no run around, straight shooter, considerate of your time and NOT a know-it-all. If he doesn't know something off hand he'll research it until he gets an answer. Granted I had done my homework about the vehicle before I got there. Consumer Reports, Kelly Blue Book and I had a print out of my trade-in value from Black Book. I really recommend doing this before you go anywhere. Be prepared, know what you want and then the choices are simpler.

I received no hard sell, I negotiated a price that I was really happy with and the entire process was a few hours until I drove out the door - with me even leaving and coming back for paperwork.

There was hesitation in giving 5 stars because, really, everything has some room for improvement. However, considering I was so completely happy with my experience and I feel Guy is the best I've ever encountered (and I've bought a fair few vehicles) it is well deserved.

Thanks Guy!

Judd H. | 2012-07-07

Update after speaking with the general manager:  He was not involved in my shopping experience but it sounds like there wasn't a mark up but instead I was quoted prices based on bottom tier credit.  I have excellent credit and that seems like a bone-headed way to try to sell a car, but apparently they do that so that you're not disappointed if you get a poor credit approval.  I'm not sure I believe all that, but it makes me feel better about the experience I had.

Melanie W. | 2012-06-19

I purchased my S4 here in 2005.  The service was terrific as long as the regular service was included in the initial service period.  However, now that The service contract has expired, I find the Audi prices to be kind of outrageous.  It's too bad because I love the loaner car availability, and the staff has always been very courteous.  But I can't justify paying $300 for the 65K service, which is an oil change and standard safety check.  I got a $75 quote from an independent European auto service shop.  When I expressed surprise at the Audi service quote and asked why it was so expensive, the gal said "they'll go over that with you when you get here."  Oh no they won't!  I read the manual and can see what the 65K service involves. An oil change and safety check. When I called the independent shop, the gal immediately said, "that's just an oil change, and we always include the safety inspection with every service anyway."  

Having said that, I also had a major repair performed at an independent shop, and while the initial quote was lower, it ended up being about the same as the Audi quote, but who knows what Audi really would have charged when all was aid and done. I really want to like Audi, but with the prices they are making it hard.

Fayyaz P. | 2012-06-10

Had a great experience purchasing a new Audi A6 from the dealership. Ivan and Christian made it a painless process.
Ivan was actually helping me find a custom A6 after Barrier Audi (Bellevue)  messed up my order.  I guess Audi of America finds University Audi a better bet than Barrier.

Rest assured these guys get my vote and future referrals!

Derrick W. | 2012-06-07

Just ordered a 2013 A6 from them.  The whole process was excellent!  No non-sense and very straight forward!  Ben was very easy to work with.  He worked up a great deal on the new car, and a reasonable offer on the trade in.   The manager, Ivan,  came out to say hi.  I highly recommend people to check them out if you are in the market for an Audi.   Barrier is a bit closer to me, but for the great deal and an excellent purchase experience, I don't mind crossing the bridge into Seattle!

Jairo M. | 2012-04-24

Experience: Sales Department

Short Version:

I just picked up a new Audi S4 from University Audi and I can't tell you how happy I am, not just for the car (well, mostly for the car haha), but also because my buying experience was nothing short of amazing. I dealt with Sales Associate Ben Moses, a true Audi enthusiast, and I could not recommend someone more qualified to sell you your next car.

Long Version:

Been thinking of getting a new car for the past year, and knew it would be the Audi S4 for the past 6 months. As much as I was looking forward to getting the car, I was, in a way, not really excited about the buying experience. To be blunt: car salesmen are hit or miss. And when it's a miss, it can be really painful; especially when it's the only dealership with your car in stock.

That said, I did some research (via Audi forums) and Ben Moses (Sales Associate) came up as one of the few Audi enthusiasts that you can truly depend on looking after you. I contacted him on a Monday, ended up speaking with him on Tuesday (his day off), and he was working on getting me the deal I wanted that evening (again, his day off). By Wednesday, he was able to offer me everything I wanted for the price I was looking for, and sure enough, I was at University Audi signing the paperwork on Thursday :)

And when I came to pick it up, he took the time to go over everything I needed to know (warranty, user manual, in-car training, etc.) before driving off. He even found two missing screws the service department missed putting in for the temporary license plate when he inspected the car after it was detailed.

I can't tell you how happy I was driving away knowing that I got what I wanted, for the price I wanted, and from someone that was really looking after my best interest.

So if you're ever in need of an Audi, talk to Ben at University Audi (tell him I sent you) and he will take care of you.

Thanks Ben!!

Earl O. | 2012-03-22

Very poor customer service. Reserved a used car through the website, called the assigned salesperson multiple times, told him I was driving up to test drive. When we arrived we were told the car was at an alternate location on a test drive. We were asked to wait to if maybe they wouldn't buy it. Needless to say the car was sold and much time was wasted.

Chariya S. | 2012-02-21

The Service at the desk was "UNACCEPTABLE." When I went to drop off my Audi, they had 2 clerks working at the desk. They saw me walking in, but continued on with their conversation. They didn't acknowledge that I was there, or asked me to wait and they will be right with me. THEY FAILED. Forgot to mentioned that I was the only customer there!!!

The Gal over the phone, I believed her name was Jessee was wonderful. She'd explained to me in details what was wrong with my car. She deserved 5 STARS. I don't know much about cars, so I asked her to speak with my Husband. She didn't seemed irritated at all and explained to him why my car cost almost $5,000 to fix. She'd kept us updated and even gave her cell phone # in case we needed to contact her after hours. If it wasn't Jesse's attention to detailed, and on top of things, I would have opted to bring my car to Bellevue.

When I went to pick up my car and paid for it, the man at the desk told me they would bring it right up. So, I stood around and waited, waited, AND WAITED for a good 20 mins. I even witnessed a hit and run. Another white convertible Audi backed out of a parking spot into a parked Audi. So, after waiting for a while, I approached the front desk. I kid you not, they had 5 ladies and 2 men there. Again, they took a glimpse at me and avoided eye contacts and continued on with their conversation. WOW, SERIOUSLY! DO YOUR JOB!!! After a while smiling and trying to get one of the girl's attention, the same man noticed me and asked how he may help me. I told him I've been waiting for my car. He'd finally realized who I was and that the car should have been out A LONG TIME AGO.

Minus 1 star for not acknowledging me when I dropped off my car.
Minus 1 star for not acknowledging me when I've been waiting for my car.
"Oh, I'm sorry; I didn't meant to interrupt. I just dropped close to $5,000 for your service. Thank you so much for ignoring me and I won't be back!"

I hope someone from their management staff is reading this and correct their mistake.

Seattle F. | 2012-02-21

This place gives the definite impression that they're the typical old school slimy car sales types.  Try dropping them a quick question by email about a car such as, "does this model have the Bang & Olufsen stereo" and your response is give me your phone number.  Slick.

Try using their car trade in calculator.  It automatically appraised my would be trade in at close to 40% lower than either of the Kelly Blue Book or NADA values.  I'm sorry, but when your appraisal is that much lower than what is offered by the National Association of Auto Dealers then there's a problem.

To boot, their website is horrible.  It looks like something out of 1995 and there's almost no way to sort the cars by engine, transmission, etc.

They simply don't give a luxury type experience.  Lexus of Seattle does that, but unfortunately they only sell upscale Toyotas.  I'll be picking up my Audi at the dealer near a friend's house in Cali.

Doug W. | 2012-01-03

3 years ago I had the oil pressure warning light come on in my 2002 TT.  I called University Audi in Seattle Wa.  I was advised to have it towed in at once and do not drive.  

I did, and at that time I was covered by a aftermarket warranty from Universal Warranty co.  It was decided that the oil pressure sending unit was bad and replaced.  I paid for the tow, and a rental of my own at that time.  The problem seemed to be solved.  It was not.

Since then the car has been back to the same dealership service department for the "same" problem 5 or 6 times.   From the sheets the service department provided me, the same repairs were being done over and over and expecting a different result.   This time I asked to speak to the service department head, Phillip, and I asked him if he could please finally fix this problem.

Today he calls and explained to me that there is no damage to the engine, all parts are working properly and in order.  But since they cannot find any problem with the engine they are no longer going to repair my vehicle under warranty coverage, and unless I paid for further diagnosis they could not determine what the actual problem is.  

I am beyond frustrated with both AUDI and this dealership.   I have two Audi's in my ownership and I have doubts at this time if I can ever recommend another.  To be told I will have to live with the beeping and lights flashing on my dash unless I continue, this time at MY expense due to the fact that my warranty has expired.  

I feel that if the proper attention to detail would have been there at the beginning of this problem, it could have been found that the wiring harness is at fault  while the car was under a coverage.  But no, for 3 years and 5/6 different time to the dealer for the same problem, the solutions was then found to be something other than the repairs they did OVER and OVER!  

I would also like to add that I do not live in close proximity to the dealership.  I brought my vehicle to a place that I had faith that Audi had trained and would back up the image that their products project to the public.

Celeste T. | 2011-09-11

Service is helpful, and I highly recommend negotiating a deal on the extended warranty when you purchase a new car. Tires can get pretty expensive, especially on Seattle's pothole-y roads.

It's cute that they give you free cappuccino when you enter, now. The pastries look good, though I haven't tried them yet.

The shuttle service is nice, and they're super helpful with picking you up and dropping you off. Loaner vehicles are even better, though you often have to schedule a service out several days - the loaner vehicles are pretty popular. (As an aside, the rear visibility on the new Jetta sucks.)

Paul M. | 2011-08-23

I strongly recommend not doing business with University Audi or with Sean, a salesperson who works there.

I purchased a pre-owned Audi from this dealership in 2010. There was a 2007 model that seemed to be a good deal. I drove it a couple of times. It had been sitting on the lot for 6 months. I questioned them why it had been on the lot for so long and if there were any known issues... they said there were no known issues and that sometimes that happens to good cars. I ended up purchasing the car. I should have known better.

After driving it a while I started noticing an odor. Over time the odor became more potent and I realized it smelled like cigarettes. It has been a year and the odor is still in the car despite trying to air it out.

To make matters worse, when I closed my deal with the dealership, I was told that I would receive a free detail to use whenever I wanted. It is now ~1 year later, I need to get my oil changed and have some scratches on my car fixed up, so I decided to cash in my free detail since I was already planning on dropping off the car. After asking multiple people at the dealership how to cash this in, I got a variety of responses:
1) They said they had no record of the transaction.
2) They said if it were indeed true, it would had to have been used within 30 days of purchasing the car.
3) Another person said that it would had to have been used within 90 days of purchasing the car.
4) My salesperson admitted to me now (~1 year later) that the detail was only going to be a "delivery detail" and that it wasn't meant to actually clean the car if it were dirty.

My salesperson's name was Sean. I talked to him on the phone earlier today and asked if he would be wiling to give up my immediate business (an oil change and insurance-reimbursed body work) and any future business in order to not give me a detail that I should have received with my Audi. He said he was fine with that, thus I am transferring my business to Barrier Audi and providing a 1-star review to his place for shady business practices.

tl;dr: Bought an Audi that smells like smoke, business won't give me the free detail service they promised when I bought the car.

Jacqui S. | 2011-07-29

Rave for University Audi.  We've always had good service at U Audi, but this time we had OUTSTANDING service that deserves to be raved about. We had taken our 2005 A4 in for a new water pump 13 months ago and just recently it started overheating again. I took it in for service as just as I arrived the timing belt came loose. After diagnosing the problem as the timing belt, the service manager called me apologetically saying that it would cost $1300 to replace. Ugh. Several hours later I received another call from him saying that he had looked into our service records further and discovered that they had acutally replaced the timing belt when they had done the water pump 13 months ago! He went to bat for us internally and they agreed to cover the entire cost of replacement! I was so impressed with him to do the research on his own and then to adovcate internally on our behalf. Of course, we're lifelong customers now!
ServiceLiked: Disliked:

Jeffrey S. | 2011-07-28

Arrogant, elitist, dismissive, assuming, elusive, self-absorbed. As far as it's outside my immediate geography, that experience led me to Barrier (better, but not by much) and finally Robert Larson, in Tacoma. Much better.

Brett D. | 2011-07-16

After an initial series of unfortunate events, mostly due to technical errors on their end, I let their managerial team know about my poor customer service experience and my choice to pursue other opportunities for a new Audi.
To their credit, the general manager and the sales manager worked hard to learn all of the details that lead to the initial issues. They also worked hard to make this a win-win situation and to regain my trust in their customer service.
In the end, they proved that the initial issues were not representative of their usual level of service, upon which they pride themselves of delivering. I was so impressed by their desire to overcome the initial mistakes, that I decided to purchase my car from them.
I appreciate a business that is willing to admit mistakes were made on their end, and then take those as learning opportunities to make sure that it does not happen to others. Kudos guys, looking forward to a good relationship.

Elizabeth S. | 2011-06-23

Wonderful car buying experience! Everyone we met with this week at the dealership was incredibly friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and honest. They worked with us to get us a great deal (on our trade-in as well as the car we were purchasing) and even kept the dealership open until 10 o'clock at night so we could drive home with our fabulous new car. We highly recommend working with Ben - he is highly knowledgeable about every aspect of their cars and was really great to work with, and Jon, the business manager, was extremely efficient and easy to work with as well. I enjoyed talking with them all because you can tell they are all genuinely passionate about the Audi brand. Overall, University Audi has a truly great team and amazing cars. Easiest and most pleasant car-buying experience my boyfriend and I have ever had - highly recommend!

Jessica C. | 2011-05-06

I purchased my 2010 Audi TTs from University Audi and have returned for service. The purchase experience and service has been very good. Everyone is really friendly and attentive. The loaner cars are great as I drive from Bellevue to bring my car back here. I bypass the local dealership (Barrier) because I've heard that University Audi had better service and I'm glad I've done so. Recently, my wheel paint started flaking off and although it is not covered under warranty (seriously?) University Audi fixed it on their own dime, b/c I've been a loyal customer. (and possibly to avoid the PIA I can be). Overall, I recommend their sales and service department.

Jeff S. | 2011-04-20

I've had several experiences here as a service customer for an older car as well as purchasing a certified Audi. The customer service has always been friendly and they run a very efficient operation. I've noticed the same people work here for many years so it's nice to deal with a familiar face. Free loaner car service is a nice perk and they always finish on time.

On the downside, their labor and parts prices are sky high which forces many people to look elsewhere for cheaper repairs. I would say University Audi's mechanics are some of the best out there, but repair bills can add up quickly.

Antoine J. | 2011-03-01

I've been thinking about upgrading to a better car for quite some time now. After doing alot of research and at the recommendation of a friend, I decided to check out an Audi.
I'd always been a little off put by the whole car dealership experience. I want a good deal, interact with trustworthy people, and don't want to feel like I've been taken advantage of. Is that too much to ask for?
I decided to go on a weekend. It was a little overcast and drizzly that day(a typical Saturday).
I walked into the dealership. No one even gave me a second look. No greeting...nothing. OK.... I figured,'s need for high pressure sales tactics. But seriously, not even a hello? There were quite a few guys that worked there that were obviously into the college basketball game that was on TV overhead though.
So, I walked outside to take a look at some of the A4s. Still no greeting. I did see one guy helping out two people. I think he had just finished up with a test drive or something.
I proceeded to meander about...looking at cars. Appearing interested. Hoping someone...ANYONE would come over to say, "Hi!", "Sorry I'll be with you in a moment." SOMETHING!
After walking around for about 15 minutes or so, I got the hint...they couldn't be bothered. Unless it's my job to chase sales people down. I don't know...
I got back in my car that was parked right in front of the entrance(so I know they had to have seen me approach), and drove off.
What I'd hoped to be an enlightening and educational experience about the benefits of an Audi turned out to be quite a disappointment.
I hope the team that they were rooting for won...

Christopher S. | 2011-01-09

***Alright, time for an update, after my most recent visit to the body shop I must say that I was given EXCELLENT customer service from the body shop dude (forget your name) when I went in to get my rear bumper fixed. So, I guess as long as your buying your treated really really well and I do appreciate his quick and friendly customer service. However, if you're trying to get something covered under warranty that seems to be a whole other story.

Terry C. | 2010-10-18

This is the 3rd Audi dealer that we've dealt with (Cincinnati, SF bay area, and Seattle) and we have always had outstanding service from Univ Audi. Yes, Audi parts and service are expensive; that's kind of a given. But the times our first A4 has needed service here (expected or unexpected), our Univ Audi service advisors (is that the correct term?) have always given very sensible advice, sometimes even talking me out of minor repairs that were probably more cosmetic than anything. The work was always done well and in a timely fashion. When we had an unexpected service delay due to the Blizzard of '08, they went out of their way to make sure that we were taken care of. They open early in the morning, and their shuttle service is awesome.

When it came time to buy another car, it was a no-brainer for us to shop (mostly) at University. Their showroom floor is immaculate. We've always come to expect that from the other Audi dealers we've worked with (is it an AoA requirement that you could eat your lunch off of the floor of the service garage?). Our sales associate, Ben Moses, really did a great job in helping a pair of chronically indecisive people find the right car and at a great price overall! Really can't say enough about how smooth (but not slick!) Ben made the car buying process for us. Kudos!

And they have good coffee and donuts there.

Mary S. | 2010-07-18

Amazing customer service and I have never been so satisfied with a car purchase.  All around, wonderful business!

Paul G. | 2010-07-13

Leased an A3 from here in 2007 and had a great experience. Their service team is fantastic. This dealership really strives to maintain outstanding service and follows up to make sure your expectations are met.

I will definitely be back here for my next purchase/lease.

Shyam H. | 2010-05-13

They are great if you're there to buy a car.

If your intent is to get some service done (particularly, when it is out of warranty), well .. you're much better off looking at some of the other independent shops in the area. Services here are very pricy, the service desk staff are impatient and disrespectful with customer questions and most importantly, the overall workmanship doesn't seem to be any different from the other guys. A good example is the crank case ventilation system repair/replacement I did recently. I looked at the work done and realized that the clamps they had used were the kind of generic stuff you'd buy at any motor spares store - not that there is anything wrong with that, but I just don't understand what the premium price you pay at this 'authorized dealer/shop' really goes towards.

Eric B. | 2010-04-18

Shopped online for my new 2010 A5 in the Puget Sound area. Ben Moses was the most responsive and straightforward salesperson I've encountered.

As a new member to the Audi family with my 2010 A5, I was very pleased with his handling and speed of the overall process. Wasn't pushy or attempt to sell extras that I did not need. I'd recommend him to my family and friends.

Rachel C. | 2010-04-09

I can't speak for the sales at University Audi, but I do take my car in for servicing.  I've only gotten out one time relatively unscathed (just bought replacement taillights).  Every other bill ends up costing me my firstborn child.  But to be fair, that's Audi in general, not University Audi.  

The courtesy shuttle is fabulous.  They are prompt, I have had zero issues with getting in and out on a workday, plus I always enjoy the driver who hooks me up with great film recommendations.  Kudos to the service guys who tightened my classy ziptied front bumper when I told 'em I couldn't give up my secondborn child for the body work.

Tom A. | 2010-02-04

I am not sure this will qualify as a review but I just requested a new car quote from them via the Internet as I am looking to buy a new car specifically a Audi and their arrogance is appalling. I asked for a quote for a specific model and features and they ended up quoting a loaded one at MSRP. When I told them I was shopping an Audi against some other comparable luxury brands they just poo poo the other brands and essentially stated they were inferior and wouldn't compete via price.

That is one of my biggest concerns in dealing with an German luxury mark this attitude of "if you have to ask about price you can't afford it". Price is an issue but more important is me being convinced that the value is there. You don't convince your customers but this crappy attitude.

I will still shop for an Audi just not with them.

Alanna M. | 2009-07-30

Their customer service is absolutely amazing.  Professional and courteous staff.

Cyndy K. | 2009-03-25

I purchased my preowned audi from university and get my oil changed there. The sales and service staff are wonderful to work with!  They open early which makes it easy to get in before work and with late hours I'm not stressing about getting back. They also give you free coffee and donuts as a bonus!

CB S. | 2009-03-14

My wife and I have leased and/or purchased 5 cars in the last 9 years from University Audi, and have nothing but stellar things to say about their service and sales departments. Whether it be dropping in for a last minute detail or needing a loaner car, the crew at University have always been courteous and helpful.
One of the guys that works at Audi lives my neighborhood and has driven my car to work to get serviced and driven it back to my front door! Certainly beats going to Kirkland...
Keep up the good work guys.

Lana S. | 2009-03-10

I purchased my 2nd Audi from University Audi because of the quality service I receive from them. Philip Spagnoli the Manager and his team have always gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure my Audi is in top shape.  This last December during the snow storm I came out to my car and saw the tire was flat, I called University Audi and spoke with Philip, He told me with the storm I would be waiting some time to get a tow truck out to me.  I explained  to Philip that my car is parked in a garage too low for a tow truck to get in, Philip called his shop foreman Phi of fi (sorry) well 20 minutes later this man was at my building and changed the tire himself. I wanted to tip him but he said no thanks and have a great day ! You cannot put a price on this kind of service. Thank you University Audi and you staff for making my Audi experience perfect. I will refer everyone I know to University Audi !!!!

Chris H. | 2008-07-07

Brought my S4 in here after getting hit and run (cops still looking for the asshole) They helped me get back on the road quickly, took care of getting me to work in the morning with coffee and a bagel in hand and picked me up in the afternoon.

They do great work here, always make sure you are comfortable and are willing to work some discounts and deals where they are able to.  I wanted to get my windshield wipers replaced here, but they were on a national backorder.  They ordered them for me and called when they came in and replaced them the same day.  As we were looking at my paperwork they realized they hadn't charged me for the wipers but said not to worry about.  How often have you heard that from a car dealership, it was a first for me.  But it wont be the last time they see me or my car, I need an oil change here ASAP!

Kyle S. | 2008-06-11

A cafe that changes your oil!

Let me start off by saying yes I am mechanically inclined and yes, I can change my own oil...oxygen sensor, underwear, clutch, radiator, etc. BUT I am also lazy, which is why I took my car to University Audi to let them change my oil and it is why I have on yesterdays underwear.

So the stars are not really for the oil change I got, well kinda since if they would have put in synthetic like I asked for when I made the appointment they would have gotten 5 stars.....but I digress....

They get my vote because they are open at 7 pm and serve good coffee out of a machine that looks like it costs more than my car, they have pastries, dough-nuts, bagels, cream cheese, bottled water, free WiFi, comfy seats and sweet cars in the show room, oh and they are pretty nice too. Not sure how they stack up on the big stuff like timing belts and other expensive work. My goal is to avoid that by learning to turn a German wrench.

So in conclusion...make some nice guy change your oil while you get breakfast at a car show.  It beats a kick in the nuts...which is what my last mechanic would do...he was a mean man.

*********Update as of 1/22/09************
***Changed from 4 Stars***
I needed a simple part number. After waiting 10 minutes on hold. The parts department finally answered the phone, only to tell me in a flat tone, "we dont give out part numbers", He offered no assistance and was not appologetic whatsoever. Unless you drive a brand new Audi or are wanting to buy one, customer service is horrible. These guys need to realize that Audi drivers usually end up being Audi drivers for life. When I want to buy a new Audi it will not be here. I feel like these guys...and girls (yeah you are rude too) either hate their jobs or just hate people.  Management, please stop hiring people who did not get enough hugs as a child.
I still love the coffee and doughnuts (still 4 stars)but I think I will go back to my old "nut kicking" mechanic. At least he said "sorry".

My advice spend $250 for VAG-COM ( ) and do the work yourself. You can find instructions and friendly help to repair anything on your Audi on online forums like or

John S. | 2008-01-11

After previous experiences here I was prepared to write a  standard 'you-mutha-fuckas-suck' review but my last time in was somewhat of an emergency and they totally hooked me up. It's still expensive, stodgy, not all too friendly and inconvenient as hell but they earned a little redemption for going the extra half-mile to help me out. Thanks for stepping in Derek.