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Established in 1992.

As a family-owned establishment since 1992, we aren't just in the car business - we're in the people business. At Toyota of Seattle, we are dedicated to the people of Seattle who have made our business run for over twenty years. We are honored to be involved in our community and to give back through donations and sponsorship's.

Our customers are our top priority. Whether you're looking for a new or used car or a part, or you simply want your vehicle serviced, our desire is to take the stress and confusion out of going to the car dealership. That's why we make sure you'll only deal with one person who will offer you one price, in as little time as possible. We want to make the car-buying experience enjoyable.

Here at Toyota of Seattle, we invite you to visit, have a cup of coffee, and discuss how we can satisfy your transportation and service needs.

Thank you,
The Toyota of Seattle Family

Toyota of Seattle

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 382-4300
Address:1925 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA, 98134
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Toyota of Seattle

Jason T. | 2015-04-11

I took my car in twice to this place, once when it was in Belltown and again when they moved to their new facility.  For a simple oil change it took nearly three hours even after scheduling well in advance.  They told me initially that it would be 90 minutes tops.  Even that is a glacial turnaround time when compared to dealerships from Honda or even American brands.

Emily H. | 2015-03-27

I recently bought a 2006 Hyundai Tucson from Toyota of Seattle and had the best experience.  My salesman Demarco was amazing and super friendly, there was never any pressure and I felt totally comfortable purchasing my car from him.  A week after getting my car I had an issue with it and they reimbursed me for my mechanic bill!! I just want to say thank you to Tim Miller for going above and beyond to help me with my car problem!  I would definitely recommend anyone to go here to purchase their next car!!

Donald L. | 2015-03-24

This is a place that places zero value on their customer's time.  I gave up trying to buy a car from them after three (two too many) tries.  I tried to schedule service for the car I still own.  It took 3 calls to get the service scheduled.  I still don't know how long it is going to take.  I asked "can this be done while I wait?"  They answered "Yes".  I asked how long it would take, the answer was "I'll have to have a service adviser call you."  I asked to speak with one and was told "They're all busy."  This is not the first time I've had this 3-calls-to-get-one-thing-done experience.  They're finally the biggest american car company, and now they act like it.

PS  Got the confirmation....It was for different work than I requested.  I called THE 4TH TIME.  I asked how much time, and was told "At least an hour", so I asked "So probably more than an hour?" and was told "Well no, I can't guaranty that."  I swear.

VR R. | 2015-02-21

A service department exists to make money, yes. However, charging "to run a diagnostic" on a car that only needs to have its tire pressure adjusted and the system recalibrated should tell you everything about Toyota of Seattle.

I recently accompanied a friend to the service department at Toyota of Seattle (where we both service our cars) to determine why the car's tire pressure light indicated that it needed attention. My friend was told by a service advisor that an appointment needed to be scheduled to run a diagnostic to determine the problem. I had remained quiet as I listened to my friend ask what the problem could be. After a few moments, I asked if a technician could simply check the tire pressure light and recalibrate the car's system. We were told no, even after we offered to pay a small amount of money. The service advisor was adamant about scheduling an appointment for a diagnostic, which I told my friend not to do.

We quickly left and went to a small shop nearby that confirmed what I had suspected: the car simply needed its tire pressure to be adjusted and its system recalibrated. The friendly technician didn't charge us anything! We told him about our experience at Toyota of Seattle, to which he said, "That's just wrong. I'm glad you didn't pay anything. That's bad business."

It is indeed bad business for Toyota of Seattle.  My friend and me have serviced our cars at this convenient location for some time, but after this unpleasant (unethical?) incident, we will never return. I will be sure to advise anyone whom I know to avoid this place. I am soon to be on the market for a vehicle. Toyota is a brand that I will consider. However, Toyota of Seattle will not get an opportunity to sell a car to me.

Scott R. | 2015-02-13

I worked with Zino Boudra and I've got to say it was an absolute pleasure working with him. He took all of the stress out of buying a new car and was simply there to help me out.

This is a one price dealer which I appreciate. I think most people would rather not haggle to get the best price and so I really appreciate them treating all of their customers as equals and giving them one fair price. And I will say that it IS a fair price. I went to a couple other dealers and I was able to get about $300-500 cheaper than this place. But 1) in order to do so I had to haggle with them and it was a bad experience. 2) $500 is not much of a difference when you're spending $35,000. 3) I would rather pay $500 more for better customer service, a friendly and stress free environment, and to a place that offers one price.


Again, Zino was great and I strongly encourage you to stop by and ask for Zino. He'll get you what you want. He went out of his way to get a specific feature for me. I wanted the JBL speakers and they had a RAV4 with them, but they also had an $800 feature I didn't want. Zino went out of his way and got the exact model but WITHOUT the extra $800 feature. I did not ask him to do this; he did it out of the goodness of his heart. I came in the next day and I was ready to spend the extra $800 but then he told me he got a car shipped in without it. I was shocked and thrilled! He got me the car I wanted and I was so much happier!

Go see Zino! You'll be treated amazingly.

Jake S. | 2015-01-15

Having had my car appraised at a few different area dealerships, I decided to drop by Toyota of Seattle earlier this week after work. I was immediately greeted as soon as I stepped into the dealership and in less than 5 minutes, Malachi Belluscio had my car checked out and handed over to the desk manager for a appraisal price.

Working with Malachi was a breeze and I would highly recommend him to anybody interested in purchasing a new Toyota!!!

There is no unnecessary haggling at Toyota of Seattle and the entire process was smooth and painless, unlike some of the experiences I have had in the past.

Malachi helped me pick out my new Tundra, get everything set up and facilitate the whole car buying process. From start to finish, I spent no more than 3 hours at the dealership and drove home in my new Tundra.

If you are in the market for a new car, go see Malachi!

Linda H. | 2015-01-12

We are very happy with the service and experience we had last year at Toyota of Seattle.  Shay Wilson helped us with the sale (we bought a used 2007 Subaru Outback and LOVE IT!) and we really appreciated his professionalism, friendliness, and definitely no-hassle/clear cut sales approach.  The whole team helped us to get a great interest rate on our car loan and we walked away very happy customers.  Go ask for Shay!

dan g. | 2014-12-23

I have a 14 yr old Toyota that has been in the family since new.  The dreaded check engine light has been on for months and had it diagnosed by Toyota.  Seems like I needed a new Catalytic Converter.  Since this car has three the cost could be prohibitive.  I was quoted a quite low amount and scheduled the service.  Today I got the pleasant surprise that the part I needed was $400 more than what I was quoted, however Toyota of Seattle would honor the original quote and ordered me in the right part.  Its rare for an auto dealership to keep their word and this will keep me a TOS customer for life.  It says a lot about how the store operates.

Alex S. | 2014-12-22

I didn't personally buy a car here but was with a friend who did. I thought I'd just join her for a test drive but the buying was so fast and easy I stayed there the whole time. She seemed happy with the process and from my perspective I definitely thought it seemed like as pleasant of an experience as possible. The sales guy seemed to make the process as transparent as possible with no hard sales or trying to sell add-ons.

Jens J. | 2014-12-03

Like most everybody, I look forward to getting a new car, but do not relish the idea of negotiating the sale.  As it turns out, I am completely satisfied with my experience in purchasing a 2015 Toyota Corolla S Premium from Toyota of Seattle, starting with the test drive and ending with delivery of my car.

I think it helped that I exhaustively researched and test drove different brands and models before coming to Toyota of Seattle (also, I also had pre-determined what options I wanted).  So by the time I got to Toyota of Seattle, I knew exactly what I desired and my experience was simply an exercise in closing a sale.   Elyar and George (the sales manager) were great to work with.  I was very happy with the deal I made with them.  No arm-twisting, just calm and professional discussion.  I really liked that they kept all their promises regarding post-sale installation of added options.

I appreciated too that Toyota of Seattle looked beyond the sale and made sure that I was booked for my first service appointment.   I look forward to them moving to their brand new location off Airport Way near Holgate and Airport Way in SODO (sometime early in 2015).  That will be a most convenient location for me to take my Corolla for service.  

But the Corolla isn't going to need service for a while.  The truth is I that when I took delivery of my Corolla three weeks ago, I drove it home and parked it in the garage and haven't driven it since.  You're thinking, what the hell?   Let me explain.  I haven't driven it for two reasons.  The first reason is that I want to keep the Corolla new for as long as possible.  

The second reason (and really the biggest reason) is that I am having a hard time letting go of my '95 Honda Civic EX.  The poor thing has 450,000 miles on it (I'm the original owner), a driver's seat that looks like a grizzly bear took a big bite out of it, and paint peeling off in sheets.  Still, my Civic is a super-fun, reliable and economical car to drive (49 mpg on I-5 going down to Portland).  So why not wring every last mile out of it?   Though in the 20 years I have owned that car I have yet to ever see the Check Engine light pop on, the transmission is starting to make some ugly noises and it is just a matter of time before it checks in with St. Peter.  Fortunately, I now have a nice new Corolla that can quickly take the Civic's place.

Lindsey S. | 2014-12-02

I had a beyond amazing experience at Toyota of Seattle. I've been meaning to write a review for a couple months but keep forgetting. I usually hate having my car serviced at a dealership because I always feel high-pressure sales and I can never distinguish what my car actually needs, and how much they just want to make off me. I went in because my car was making a funny noise, and it turns out I needed new front brakes and roters. They said my filter needed to be changed ( go figure, everyone says this), but they said they would just take care of it, and also gave me a free oil change! They said since my car would be in the shop for a day, it wouldn't take any extra time to add these extra things (free of charge!!). They also mentioned a couple of other things that I already knew needed to be updated in the near future. HOWEVER, the mechanic I worked with gave me a couple suggestions of how I could do the repair/replacement for a little cheaper. This is pretty much unheard of in the dealership industry. When I acted surprised, he told me that he understood the extreme cost of repairs and wanted me to know that its not always about commission on every repair. He would rather me trust him and feel comfortable coming back to this dealership to get an honest appraisal and not just feel like i'm being taken for a ride. His method definitely works because I will definitely come back to this dealership and see him. I know that when its a minor deal, I can skate by and get the work done or buy the parts for a little cheaper, but when it counts and I need a more thorough job done, I can count on him. I am still taken aback by this methodology, because i have never seen it from a dealership, but I was very pleased with my entire experience!

Alex J. | 2014-12-01

I called 7 toyota dealerships, to see who would give me e best price on a 2015 Camry XSE. This guy named Clif kelly said they have a lowest price no haggle buying. Well he quoted me 28,257( before taxes) Same options at another Toyota  dealer 25,500. (Before taxes) When i told him that he told me that I'm buying a SE not XSE.. I told him that no it was a XSE. This is what he said -exact words from txt-
"Ok.  If you can get an SXE for that price let me know where so I can start buying them from there... MSRP is over 28000,Better make sure you are not getting schooled ... it might be used or be a 2014."

I ended up buying from Toyota of Puyallup  !
And I got exactly what i stated above


Carie F. | 2014-11-17

I took my Yaris in for a factory recall repair. Everyone I interacted with from the initial scheduling phone call to the shuttle driver was friendly and helpful.

No unnecessary work was pushed or even suggested, in fact when I asked about replacing my windshield they told me that I should get it done elsewhere because it would be significantly less expensive then having them install factory glass. My final bill was $0 since everything was factory recall work. As part of their service and at no cost to me, they did a standard vehicle inspection, and topped off my fluids and the air in my tires.

Their free shuttle service made dropping the car off for repairs really convenient--they dropped me off at work and picked me up when I requested at the end of the day.

I've had horrible experiences at dealerships in the past and had avoiding taking my Yaris in for years because, in my experience, dealerships always find a way to try to weasel money out of you for unnecessary work. Not so at Toyota of Seattle.

I won't hesitate to come back here in the future.

Jeremy H. | 2014-11-07

THEY LOST MY KEYS. I kid you not.  They lost my keys and, though they did provide a rental car (I had to go to pick it up at 3rd and pine - the worst place to put a rental place by the way), offered almost no contrition outside an apology. Because of this I had to find someone to pick up my kids and then they finally found the key - just 20 minutes before closing and too late to pick it up - but all I got was an automated call. I would never trust these guys again and they simply don't care.  Next car will be a Honda.

Caleb T. | 2014-11-05

I worked with Isaac Niamatali and he did a fantastic job of getting us through the process of buying our new (used) car. Shay and Joyce also were great and I felt none of the old school pressure style sales. The only negative thing I have to say is the process took a LONG time. This has always been the case when I have bought a car but you would think they could get this process streamlined and paperless, sign on an iPad and email me the paperwork.

George B. | 2014-10-14

In september of 2012 I decided to respond to an ad for a 2012 Toyota Camry for $199 mo lease with $2500 down for 24 months. My credit score was over 800 so I did not have to pay virtually any interest on the lease.

I specifically told the sales person that's what I wanted ($199/month deal). It ended up being $310/month and when I complained the owner of the dealership's (son?) met with me and said that even though it says $199/month it's never really that cheap, he was actually very nice.

OK whatever. Part of the reason it was higher was that I purchased the excess wear and tear protection on the car with the verbal promise from them "there will be no extra fees if you purchase this protection," big mistake, I just turned it in 2 years later and the wear and tear protection is a joke, I'm still having to pay $800+ in wear and tear; the fine print will screw you every time. Buyer Beware, LEASE with these people and you will be sorry. I could fight it but I just don't have the time to deal with these liars.

Martin C. | 2014-10-13

Very poor service department! Took my car in for an oil change on Saturday 10/11/14 and they charged me $70 and gave me back my car with no oil in it. They didn't do any service on the car and if I didn't check the dipstick the next day I could have ruined the engine. Buyer beware!

Update Monday 10/13/14: they redid the oil change and basically admitted they screwed up (in a round about way). There service department & customer service are aweful.  You wait on hold forever when you call too.  They didn't comp me for service or anything. Just excuses. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

In addition, on the vehicle inspection, the technician marked air filter needs immediately replacement and instead of either notify me about it or replacing it, they did neither. They have such a passive attitude instead of being proactive.

I wouldn't trust them with my car because of their who cares attitude.

Suzanne G. | 2014-10-13

My husband and I bought a Toyota Highlander from Troy Gothard at the Toyota Seattle (south lake union) dealership yesterday.  It was the most positive (and even FUN!) car buying experience I have ever had. The complete disclosure on price and lack of game playing (really NO BS) was such a welcome relief.  I hate the back and forth that usually accompanies a car purchase and this just isn't present at this dealership.  You don't pay MSRP and the price starts at the low point you would likely negotiate to reach (while feeling annoyed in the process).  Definitely ask for Troy Gothard.  He is a great guy and a great communicator. I felt like our friend was selling us a car.  He worked hard to get us just what we wanted and he didn't try to sell us stuff we didn't need.  Quite the opposite.  He suggested going to Rack and Road for some of the accessories we want to add to the car (like a tow hitch).  We realized we forgot to bring our extra keys for our trade in and he drove by our house (!!) this morning to pick them up on his way to work!  He also promises to do the same on his way home with our forgotten items in the traded in car and then in a few weeks with our plates and tabs!  I mean wow!  What service!  We totally lucked out.  And we love our car and feel great about the price we paid.  Love this place and this guy.

David N. | 2014-10-10

Trusted Toyota for 5 years to prove quality service and ensure safety for my family. Today, I've found out of a high risk alignment problem causing my tires to wear 300% faster than life expectancy as well as putting safety at risk. Called to share my displeasure and they said 1) In a laughing tone, what do you expect from a $58 oil change, multipoint, break and rotator inspection does not cover alignment (Rep was not sure what a multipoint inspection is) 2) It's upon you to tell us if you want an alignment inspection by either bringing up the issue or buying a higher inspection 3) Why do you want me to document these notes and what should I say? 4) Disregard to fixing the issue, implying where done with you and saying do you really need our help?

Essentially the rep said, you can't blame us and we believe in your safety. However you have to do your part either monetary or letting us know what's wrong with your car. I don't mind paying the higher fee, but to be criticize and assumed negligent pisses me off. I work way too much and put trust in the experts to help me out. $58 or $580 I expect to be safe.

I honestly don't know what to do. Either I'm uneasy about the whole industry or Toyota's service. At the end of the day, I care about driving my son to destinations and being safe. Good luck with these guys.

Tyler R. | 2014-10-10

I've had my car serviced a few times at Toyota of Seattle and it's always been a good experience. This review, however, is in response to the car I just bought. It was a great experience.

It was time to trade in my 2011 Prius. The lease was up and I wanted a new Prius. Immediately as I pulled into the lot, I was greeted by Mustafa. Now, he wasn't accosting me like car salesman did, I actually indicated to him why I was there and he kindly started showing me vehicles. Within a few hours, I was walking off with a new Prius.

Toyota of Seattle and Honda of Seattle have this "One Price" program where the price you see on the car is the price customers pay. All customers pay that price. That didn't stop Mustafa and his sales manager from helping to accommodate me and get me a great deal, however. After getting an initial quote for a lease on a new Prius, I indicated some hesitation, and they went and took a deeper look at my credit and were able to come back with a better payment structure. I really appreciated that extra look and it helped close the deal.

Also, they didn't have the exact color/model I wanted on site, so they had the car shipped down from Everett that same night. It took a couple extra hours, but it was nice to get my vehicle the same day.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience, my second such experience buying cars from Toyota dealerships (once in Salt Lake City, then now here in Seattle.) If you're in the market, you'll be treated right at Toyota of Seattle.

Mike S. | 2014-10-03

I would give 0 stars if possible. Avoid their service at all costs. Long time Toyota owner and I have never had poorer service in my life. Brought my car 3 weeks ago to have the brakes looked at because of a noise I was hearing. Techs said no problem. 4 weeks later brought it in again same problem and need a new rotor and pads. Second, and more of an annoyance I have had 3 different instances of bringing my vehicle in for routine servicing and having the tech forget to reset the check engine light so it appears again the next day. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere.

Julia W. | 2014-09-29

I recently purchased a used car here and was quite happy with the way I was treated. Elyar Samadi was very helpful and nice, and helped make the process as seamless as possible! I really am writing this review for him, as I'm not entirely confident I can rate the dealership highly yet. I've only just gotten the car!

They seem pretty above board. Again, Elyar's the one you should ask for. He's respectful and knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond!

Jiachang W. | 2014-09-20

It is for front desk phone call in service,
I was call in to make a appointment for my car maintain, the girl picks up the phone and keep saying holding, it's totally ok, but after that, the girl just said what time you want? and gave me couple schedules, and  I just ask couple questions, the girl seems like really ignore me, after I pick up the time, she even haven't say any thank you or something,  then hang up the phone. what a nice service you guys have. oh! I never see like that before, but totally make me so disappointment.

Paul A. | 2014-09-13

This is the worst service experience I have received since the purchase of my Prius back in April 2013.  I have been to 6 different dealerships across the country and always received very prompt and professional service.  Not at Seattle Toyota!

I've been promised call backs and they never happen.  When I get a call back the conversation starts with, "I should be on vacation", like this guy is doing me a favor by calling me. I could care less, I just want to know the status of my vehicle service.  

Then, I get a ton of verbiage that skates around when the vehicle repairs will be completed.

The vehicle will be there six full days for the installation of a tie rod end, wheel alignment and 25K maintenance service.  I've been told it could go past six days. Toyota built the car in less time.

It's not so much the time to repair the issue as the customer service during the process and keeping the customer informed.  The promises of calls that never happen.  This is very bad customer service!  

I will drive the car back to San Francisco for service where I purchased it before taking it back to Seattle Toyota!

Sarah F. | 2014-09-04

The service I received on the car itself was satisfactory but there is absolutely no parking available when you drop off your car! They also took 30 minutes to bring the car to me after I had already paid for the services rendered. I would find another toyota service to bring my car to next time.

Sahar S. | 2014-08-20

Elyar Samadi is a truly honest salesman; he does his best to get you what you want in a car.
True team player and with George they make a really good team- I would definitely go back there for my next car and would not go anywhere else.

Barb W. | 2014-08-11

I wouldn't even mark this place down for the limited parking available to service patrons because Im so pleased with how  I'm treated and what wonderful service they provide.  I've been here numerous times after abandoning michaels in Bellevue and am all too happy to drive my Prius over I 90 for service. From burnt out front light to 30 thousand mile check to simple oil change my Prius had never run better . Thanks to Toyota of Seattle!

Uma P. | 2014-08-10

Always receive prompt, efficient and helpful service.  Yesterday, "William" was most helpful to me, and fixed a tire problem very quickly.  I've never had an issue at this site.  Thank you!

Dustin L. | 2014-08-09

This place is a great place to find your vehicle. No BS. Their prices are low and you don't negotiate because the prices are that low!!!

Ask for Elyar Samadi. He will do everything in his power to get you what you're looking for. Thankful for his help. I ended up buying a 2012 Hylander through him :-)

Matt R. | 2014-08-04

I'll start by saying that Steph at the Toyota of Seattle service center is terrific.

I own a 2003 Land Cruiser and recently had a problem with the electric window. I'd done some research and knew it was either going to be terribly expensive (like $900)- or the tightening of a bolt and nothing at all to worry about.
I dropped it off at Toyota of Seattle fearing the worst......
I was travelling with work- and they did the service while I was out of town. Steph kept me updated by phone and I was happy to hear that it was just a bolt and nothing more to worry about. The work came to right around $100 to have it fixed after the Costco discount.
They also gave me two free Brown Bear Car washes- which is a nice touch.

If you have a Toyota that needs some work- ask for Steph at Toyota of Seattle Service and you're in good hands.

Sarah A. | 2014-08-01

LOVE LOVE LOVE Seattle Toyota. I leased a Highlander from here in 2012 and whenever I am in the service department for my regular and included maintenance  I feel like I am treated really well, given great service and got 2 flat tires repaired for free (and 1 in Burien too-don't know what I'm driving over....) And the guys are always really nice and I get a ride wherever I want downtown-awesome.

Dan E. | 2014-07-27

I brought in my recently purchased used car for recall service (2008 with 60k miles). Along with the recall they looked it over and told me the water pump was leaking and needed to be replaced along with some other more minor things. Both the dealership I bought the car from and more importantly the independent mechanic I had inspect the car before purchase didn't see any problem with the water pump. I brought it back to the independent mechanic (very high reviews on yelp) and they didn't see a problem with the water pump (or the other more minor things). It's been a few months and the coolant level hasn't gone down noticeably at all. My shadetree mechanic friend tells me even if it was leaking a little bit I would just need to top it off occasionally and replacing it would be overkill. Seems like Toyota of Seattle was trying to rip me off.

Lara K. | 2014-07-12

Brian and the staff at Toyota were super helpful. Though I didn't buy my car there, I moved back from out of state and they were super helpful with assisting me with the ordering of certain car parts and installing them. Thanks!

Robert S. | 2014-07-01

Update: Still going to leave as 2 stars, they did waiver the additional charges in the end but only after I pushed back a little and waited around 45mins for them to correct the paper work.  I did email the General Manager twice with no reply, not even a follow up after it was completed.

RoMax D. | 2014-06-29

We were told by my colleague and a friend that this dealership is good and that's why we went into this place. Finally we just bought a Camry Hybrid here. The whole process of purchasing is good. Since it's the first time to buy a car from a dealership, I was cautious and had many questions. However the agent David who served us is very patient and helpful. It's definitely a positive experience and I would recommend my friends this place for a Toyota/Scion. And due to my status there were some issues when doing finance. They were also help

Laura C. | 2014-06-25

I am really pleased to be able to say I had a good car buying experience. Skyler was knowledgable, professional, and didn't rush me in my purchasing decision. If you are looking for a new (or used) car - go talk to Sky! He will treat you with respect and not treat you like a number.

Dan E. | 2014-06-23

I had a positive experience buying a Prius C from this dealer recently and excellent service from my salesman Skylar. He was professional, courteous and knowledgeable about Toyota products.

Alesha P. | 2014-06-22

I got my car from Toyota of Seattle about 4 months ago and it is still running better than ever. They work hard for their Customers. Great Costomer Service. I love my 2012 Nissan Sentra.  Ask for Demarco when you go in, He is very helpful and will get you what you need. Hes a Honest Car Sales man and good at what he does. :)

Andrea S. | 2014-06-21

I just moved to the area and after brunch a few weeks ago, I walked by Toyota on the way home just to browse and I honestly was not planning on buying anything. I was amazed at the kind and genuine service I recieved from their salesman Travis! After test driving the new Prius, he explained all the benifits of owning a car in this new-to-me city and was very knowledgeable about the surrounding area. I love the outdoors and decided that even though I was going to try the "city" thing for awhile and not drive, I needed a vehicle for my adventure habit. I love my new Prius and I really loved Travis! If you want a non-pushy and educated sales-person, go to him.

Brenda M. | 2014-06-20

Toyota of Seattle has proven to be the best, classiest, most ethical dealership I have ever worked with. I looked for months for a vehicle and was met with poor customer service to include blatant dishonesty, disrespect and one salesman literally glaring at me when I refused to agree to his "deal." (Did he really think that would make the sale?!) After several dealerships (I looked all over the Puget Sound area and considered various makes), I was frustrated with the process of buying a vehicle and becoming distrustful of dealers and their salesmen. From the moment I entered the Toyota of Seattle Dealership, I was treated with respect, held hope that I would get the vehicle I wanted and truly enjoyed the process of purchasing my vehicle!! Debby Manny was beyond professional, personable, honest, customer-service oriented, no pressure and enjoyable!!  She asked if I wanted to test drive the 2014 4Runner that I had my sights on and made the drive so pleasurable. She provided me with information, answered my questions as well as visited with me in a very comfortable manner. When we were done, she asked me what I needed from her. Novel idea! She worked with me in obtaining my goal. As past of this process, she included her General Manager, George Abboud, to help me out. George offered the same amazing customer service, professionalism, honesty, kindness and respect that Debby did. Like so many people,  I have had some financial and credit challenges and knew this would impede my purchasing ability. However, George worked hard for me, helped me get my 4 Runner and exuded class throughout the process~.  Not only did I get the vehicle I truly desired but absolutely enjoyed the process of my purchase!!! This was huge to me and I will always buy my family's Toyotas at Toyota of Seattle!! I appreciate my experience and they have earned my respect and business tenfold. Additionally, the environment, to include all other employees that I encountered, was just as wonderful! I have recommended this dealership to several people and would encourage ANYONE considering a vehicle to visit them!! A+Mazing!

Jason R. | 2014-06-18

I came in yesterday with a friend who had gotten a flat, and was unsure about how to get the spare tire out of a truck. Skylar was able to help us out and showed me how to remove the spare from underneath. He got the flat removed and spare put on, and it was even raining outside! Thanks for the help!

Steve Y. | 2014-06-18

it is great experience. Everyone works there are nice. thanks to DeMarco Greene, he is really helped me. and I love my car!

Keely S. | 2014-06-16

Yesterday I got a flat tire, & stopped by to get it repaired. The service department was closed so I walked onto the sales floor to see about getting some help.  I was met at the door by, Skylar. He was so helpful! Even though changing my tire is NOT his job, he removed by spare from under my truck and replaced my flat tire-In the rain! He was kind, helpful, & friendly in his actions and attitude.  Thank you Skylar. You made a difference in my day! :). I love my Toyota Tacoma but if I ever need a car- you're the one I'll see!

Roxanne B. | 2014-06-14

called and made an appointment to bring my car in on a Friday afternoon. The customer service guy told me he would give me a call by the end of the day....never heard from them. Called on Saturday and never got a person to talk to me. Left multiple messages and still no response. They were closed Sunday so i had to leave my car there all weekend. Monday rolls around and by now i have called 6 or so times with no word on my response to any of my messages. NOTHING!!! so after work i walk down to the dealership for them to tell me nothing is wrong with my car and tough luck. As i pull out of the tiny parking lot my car immediately starts to do the issue i brought it in for. Again, i call multiple times to get tossed around and no one to actually speak with me. messages later i had to get my Dad involved for the dealership to get me to a specific gentleman that could actually help me. If if were not for John Parker going above and beyond for me i would never come back to this dealership. Horribly customer service representation...and frankly they treated me like i was dumb.

Tom B. | 2014-06-11

This is a service review.

The technical quality of the work appears to be fine; this applies entirely to the booking process and red tape.

These guys maintain a website that very inductively encourages you to contact them online--email, chat, and whatnot. I contacted them about a factory safety recall. Sent them my VIN and asked for an appointment.

They wrote back right away telling me they'd be happy to sell me a car! Then an actual human, who really did try to be helpful, wrote back a little later, asking if I needed Sales or the Parts department for my factory safety recall. Service, please.

Waited two days, nothing. Emailed, nothing. Next day, emailed again, finally heard back saying they'd call. Told them I'd prefer email.

Finally got a call the next day, had to call back. Sat on hold for 20 minutes. They said they couldn't help me without the VIN. Already sent them the VIN. They had never heard about this factory safety recall. This is why I wanted email instead of phone. Still no appointment.

Traded email with them the next day. They finally got the VIN and found three factory recalls for my ride. I asked if we could take care of all three in one day, and they said they could do "both." I asked again if we could take care of all three in one day--this is in writing, not over the phone--and they said they could do "both." I finally listed all three recalls and asked which ones they could do, and they said all. So we set an appointment for two days later.

Then they had a machine call me an hour later to remind me I had an appointment coming up. Then sent me an email every day reminding me I had an appointment coming up.

Day finally rolls around and I go in. Circling the block to get to the entrance, waiting at a light. One of their employees, in uniform, scowls at me like he wants to kill me for blocking the crosswalk, which I am not, walks right at my passenger door, then goes behind my truck. Huh? That's how you look at drivers of cars that are turning into the lot owned by your employer? He walked right by me in the Service lobby without a word or a glance.

The facility is nice, the people there seem to work hard, and I have no reason to doubt the quality of the work they did. The service manager was professional and pleasant. But then I checked my phone and saw this email (an automatic mail--a form letter, not something they wrote) while I was standing there:

"We understand that your knowledge of your vehicle and its necessary repairs is probably not on par with the understanding that your technician has.
Our technicians are the most qualified to work on your vehicle."

Telling me I am too stupid to understand the repairs you made, and defending your technicians' basic competence AFTER they make the repairs is NOT the way to put a cherry on top of this experience.

These are all fixable problems, and they seem to be making good on the Service department's core mission of fixing cars, for all I can see. Hope they get it straightened out.

Anurag S. | 2014-06-10

i got a really good services. people are really nice over there specially cameron. Cameron help me lot. He has extremely knowledgeable about the car. Above all he is nice guy. i bought Scion TC 2014 with good rate. I didnot write review before for any body but this time he totally he deserved it.
Nice Job!!!!!

Sarah C. | 2014-06-10

I couldn't have been more happy with the service I received for repairs and maintenance for my Prius.  The gentleman helping me, John, was incredibly honest, and took the time to walk me through every recommended repair I should make.  At the same time, he didn't pressure me to do everything with them.  He only took an hour to diagnose the problems I was experiencing, and helped me assess what needed to be done in the near-term.  He simply went above and beyond, and I believe saved me money in the meantime.

Emily L. | 2014-06-10

I had a great experience purchasing my car here. Debby was amazing. She went above and beyond to ensure that I got everything I was looking for. The staff was very attentive and accommodating, and made what can be a very stressful process, a pleasant experience. I would send all of my friends interested in buying a car to see Debby at Toyota of Seattle!

Holly M. | 2014-06-09

My partner and I have purchased our last 5 vehicles from either Honda or Toyota of Seattle with our most recent purchase being a 2014 Prius. Every time we have had good sales service and the finance people have been honest and helpful. Debby Manny was knowledgeable and helpful and i enjoyed her company - which is a lucky thing because it takes forever to buy a car (I don't think that is TOS fault). I love my little Prius...except I forget to look at the gas gauge until it beeps at me because I have to fill up it so much less than previous cars!!  :)  I'll go back for my next vehicle, no question about it. I'm a life long customer.

Mark J. | 2014-06-08

I purchased a 2006 Volkswagen rabbit in February after returning a different vehicle I purchased from this dealership in January.  I dealt with Cameron Greene for both transactions and couldn't have been more impressed with my experience here.  The fact that they so willingly took my first car back without a fight was a big surprise to me in the moment.  They didn't even need to do it - I purchased the car "as-is".  It was really nice of them.

I visited over 10 dealerships during my hunt.  This was my first car purchase.  I am a remarkably difficult consumer and wildly untrusting of salespeople, to be blunt.  These guys treated me very well, despite how tough of a sale I was.

I found a Volkswagen online, came to check it out and ended up buying it.  3 months into driving the car and probably 1,600 miles or so, I couldn't be happier.  There was a small issue with the door lock, which they promptly resolved on their dime.  Aside from that, I'm incredibly pleased.  I got a really nice car at a really great price.  Plus the customer service was the most impressive I've ever experienced.  

I couldn't be more confident in making any recommendation to any other business.  Definitely put this place on your list.  I don't think you'll regret it.

Ivy N. | 2014-06-07

If you are looking for an honest and caring car salesman then run over to Toyota of Seattle and ask for Travis! We enjoyed our shopping experience so much that we bought 2 cars in one day! (Prius and Rav 4),
He made me feel completely at ease and was extremely knowledgeable about both cars. Fantastic follow up skills! I am recommending Travis to all my friends!

Tatiana H. | 2014-06-07

Toyota of Seattle really has the best car dealing service there is. I went to Toyota in lake city initially and there is no comparison both in deals and service.
Leslie and Skylar took care of me in a very professional and friendly way. I would definitely recommend Toyota of Seattle and specifically these guys if you need to get a Toyota.

Jeremy S. | 2014-06-07

This is where I bought my first car, the 2014 Corolla s, and I've had it for about a month now. I had been searching for a car for a week now until I was brought here by a friend whose brother is a mechanic here. My dealer was DeMarco. He's the best dealer I've come across. While all the other dealers from other dealerships just treated me like a number and tried to sweet talk me into buying a car from them, DeMarco was chill and straightforward with me and actually seemed like he cared for me as a customer. Most dealers seemed anxious and excited, while DeMarco just relaxed and seemed to know what he was doing. Though he forgot to show me a few things in the car at first, he more than made up for it. I was at a gas station the next day and the gas station was pretty close by the dealership. Well I couldn't figure out how to get the gas tank open. I called DeMarco and he told me how to open it. Well it was jammed or something. I didn't know if I was doing something wrong so he walked on over here from his home next to the dealership and eventually got it open. Though I may have just been an idiot for not figuring it out, the fact that he walked on over there early in the morning shows that he truly cared about his customers, even after he already sold them the car. He made a great deal with me and I couldn't be happier with my car. And DeMarco still keeps in touch with me too.

Catherine M. | 2014-06-07

We had a great experience here buying a used RAV4. Meghan K. was super helpful and definitely went out of her way to answer all of our questions. We definitely appreciated the friendliness of all the staff and the willingness to help. Would absolutely recommend this dealership to anyone in the area looking for a good Toyota vehicle!

Angel D. | 2014-06-07

I am giving the five stars just because of a particular person, I hope others learn from her. I had bad experience dealing with car sales  people which made me stay away for even looking cars at a dealership. Two months ago my old car died and I really need to buy a car . Luckily I found Debby Manny by calling this dealership and I had great experience from her.  She will work with you and try her very best to give you the best deal there is and not make you wait and waste your time. I hope all car sales people learn from her.  I believe selling more cars for less then gain repeat customers is better than selling one car for more then customers never coming back.  Thank you Debby for a wonderful experience and keep up the good work!!!

Gwen M. | 2014-06-06

Demarco and Leslie hooked me up! I came in pretty PO'd about my purchase of a 2013 model. They took super good care of me and got me into a 2014 that I love. Demarco was really patient with me, helping me set up the blue tooth for my phone, and even helped install my floor mats and put on my new plates before I headed out of town on my first road trip. I really love the new car and the guys at the dealership were really fun to work with. We were cracking jokes the whole time and they definitely made me a much happier customer.  They were very helpful and I'd definitely go back should I need another vehicle.

Jimmie B. | 2014-06-06

We've bought two vehicles from Toyota of Seattle and had a positive experience both times. Make sure to ask for Debby Manny.

Greg G. | 2014-06-06

My wife and I bought a Prius c at Toyota of Seattle a few months ago. They had just switched to a single price sales model, which we liked. Our salesperson, Debby, embraced the new process and respected our time. I also had a couple of questions after the sale and Debby was quick to respond.

John O. | 2014-06-06

We bought TWO new cars from Toyota of Seattle last weekend and I was quite impressed with the entire staff's thoughtfulness, straight forward negotiating, and willingness to go above and beyond "normal" business. From the our sales person, Elyar, to the manager, to the lady who did the paperwork, to the parts department, everyone expressed appreciation for our business and made sure we had everything we needed. We came with two small children in tow, and the staff were very mindful of this, helping install car seats for test driving, making sure they were entertained and happy while we did the boring "adult" stuff. When it was getting late in the evening doing our finance paperwork, the kids started melting down and the staff suggested we take the kids home and they would come to *our house* the next day to complete the deal, which they did.

We got the prices we wanted and a better deal on our trade ins and financing than we expected. When minor things went haywire (as they always do in these kind complicated deals -- for instance, the owner's manual for one of the cars was missing, we requested a few special accessories on the other car, etc.), they went out of their way to make sure everything was taken care of quickly exactly the way we wanted, giving us updates all along the way.

Overall, everyone was quite pleasant, down to earth, and easy to approach, would definitely consider going back.

S P. | 2014-06-06

Because my personal mantra is 'trust no one', you can imagine how difficult it is for me to make a large purchase such as a car.  Sadly, many of the sales people and managers of some of the auto dealerships I contacted only managed to confirm my lack of trust.  It wasn't until I contacted Toyota of Seattle that I finally was able to shake that feeling that I was being had.  I felt that the Seattle dealership and I came to a fair price for my car quickly and without having to go through a lot of back and forth.  I was additionally impressed as the dealership actually didn't have the car I wanted on site.  They were able to get it here (from Portland) the very next day.  I definitely recommend this dealership for those of you who are looking for a professional, no muss no fuss no b.s. organization.  In particular, I recommend Meghan Kurth as a salesperson to work with.  Meghan is friendly, personable, professional and knowledgeable all wrapped up in 1.  I never thought I would say I am happy about having bought a car, but in this instance, I actually am.

William F. | 2014-06-03

I have worked with Shay on a number of service questions and a purchase if a new car and I appreciate his thoughtful and kind personality. He always gives me his full attention and does his best to go the extra mile.
Thanks Shay!

Paul B. | 2014-06-03

I was contacted by Shay a day after I left the review.  He apologized and we had a good discussion around the events and circumstances. They offered to ultimately find me the new truck I was looking for and sell it to me at invoice.  Turns out their invoice cost was still $500 more than what I ended paying at the dealer that I went to right after leaving Toyota of Seattle. Shay did offer to fill my tank with gas a couple times which was a very nice gesture. Long story short, I might try them again in the future, Shay was really nice and tried to help us. But we elected to go with the dealer that treated us great from the beginning, and gave us a better deal.

Alissa F. | 2014-06-03

I spent two years looking for a car. My husband and I spoke to several sales men, many who knew little to nothing about cars and could have cared less about our hard earned money. With these guys, they were upfront and honest with us from the beginning. They also quoted us the lowest price right away and played no games. We worked with three different people in the process of buying our car, and felt very respected by each one. I highly recommend them!!!!! They are even 45 min from our house but we were not going back to our local dealer here in Tacoma again.

Heather B. | 2014-05-30

My husband and I had a bumpy start turn I to a great ending. We were in town from the NE part of Washington and thought we'd stop by and get some maintenance done to our XB. Though there was co fissions in conversations between the service area and my husband, Shay worked things out and got our car in the shop. Great customer service and remembering to make everyone happy or at least felt understood.

Robyn K. | 2014-05-18

I have never liked car dealerships, and this place proved me wrong! I called about a Certified Used Highlander Hybrid, and Shay worked hard to get it down to what I could afford. That was with the extended warranty and a free tow hitch installed as part of the deal! We love our car and had such a good experience there! Highly recommend!

Wallace N. | 2014-05-04

I experienced an amazing customer service with my recent purchase of a Corolla - been a repeat customer, I will comeback again.

May H. | 2014-04-21

The people are great. The service was faster than I expect.

James R. | 2014-04-20

While the work done here has been satisfactory, as many fear when you go to a dealer you pay top price.  Expect to wait and don't expect any bargain here!

Wendy R. | 2014-04-07

I started using Toyota of Seattle after being unhappy with the service elsewhere.  I have never looked back.  The service department is friendly, professional, and quick.  They answer all of my questions and treat me like a lifelong customer.  We have choices in this area and service really matters to me.  I will continue using this service department!

E G. | 2014-04-06

Shay is your guy! Toyota of Seattle is lucky to have him and I am glad it was him that I ran into. Would definitely recommend them and will refer family and friends to Shay and Toyota of Seattle. This was the very first new car purchase I made on my own, and it sure was a pleasant one. Besides getting me the best price I could hope for, Shay was courteous, upfront and honest, and did not try to just force any car on to me to make a quicker sale and be done with it. He made sure I got what I want, and made me comfortable throughout the whole car buying experience. He's also super friendly and a great pleasure to talk to. He treated and addressed my smallest of concerns with the utmost importance and detail, which I really appreciated.

NW Explorer R. | 2014-04-01

Awesome Customer Service

This review is over due !

We went to buy a car on a Sunday and FJ Cruiser.  Found the car we were looking for,  could not move forward with the finance, as our bank was closed.

Made arrangement with them that we will buy on Monday (the next day).  

Went on Monday and found the car is sold.  We were not happy.    They said they will try to fix this situation.

We didn't think much of it, but a few hours later they called, and informed us they found an FJ Cruiser same color, equipment, infact it had additional equipment (rock rails, better alarm system) and offered it to us for the same price.

We went the next day and bought it !

Needless to say they surprised me with their customer service !  Kudos !

Bryan F. | 2014-03-05

3hrs+ for an oil change. What's the point of making an appointment. I'd rather drive to lake city. Avoid.

Marco L. | 2014-03-01

I've never had such a good service and I'm glad I chosen this place instead of any generic car dealer. I was looking for a cheap used car and they treated me as if I was a prestigious client.
Arsen in particular has been very patient and super professional, and since I'm a musician, when I said that I should check if my keyboard fits in the car, he drove me to my place (in Wedgewood!) to try it and then back to Toyota.
He immediately understood that my financial situation is not the best at the moment (I just moved to Seattle and working as a freelancer) and he did everything he could to help me out and create a plan for me. At the end he even drove me back home and eventually we became friends.
I don't write many reviews, but this time he totally deserved it. I wish every employer was like him.

Gordon K. | 2014-02-03

Over the years the level of service these guys are offering has definately gone down hill  Last week I took my car in for an oil change.  They charged me $55 for it (which seems a bit high).  They told me I had to bring my car in a couple of days later as the "oil casing" had cracked (or something like that) and they were going to replace it free of charge.  The next day a couple of lights were going off on my dash board (my car has 27,000 miles on it).  I brought my vehicle into the service center and was told to leave the car overnight.  The next day I hadn't heard from them so they told me their computers couldn't diagnose the problem so they started asking me a bunch of questions as to "what I had done" with my car.  I felt like they were treating me like a criminal.  I answered their questions and they said they needed my car a second night.  I then asked them to give me a loaner (they had done so in the past).  The service person I was working with (Katie) said I had to pay for the rental car myself.  I "reminded" her that they had paid for the rental in the past so she agreed to pay for it "this time."  When I went to pick up the car I found out I had to pay for the insurance!  I had another call with Katie and got her to pay for the insurance.  The next day (at 4 pm again) I called Katie to see if I could pick up my car.  She said yes and that the problem was with a loose wire.

When I went to pick up the car Katie was extremely cold towards me and treated me like I had done something wrong.  This was uncalled for as 1) the problem with the dashboard lights didn't happen until AFTER I picked up my car for a $55 oil change, and 2) my car was still under warranty so any problems would have to be fixed under the warranty anyways.

Kyle L. | 2014-01-31

Took my scion in today for the trunk garnish they told me it would be done by 11:30 so I waited around for it to be fixed while I was waiting I went to the parts counter to check the pricing on a switch for my window it stopped working and just wanted to price it out before I opened up my door panel to check on the issue they offered to look at it but I said I would since i didn't want to pay any money and I'm a mechanic myself so i wouldn't have such a hard time well anyways after they where extremely kind I waited the rest of the time and at 11:30 my car was done I signed my receipt they gave me a free car wash ticket and when I got into my car went to roll my window down and my passenger side worked again thanks for the extra effort Guys definitely going to this service shop again when I have problems

shami s. | 2014-01-23

The service here goes above and beyond from the moment you get there to the time you leave
Pro-customer service
Con-shuttle is not reliable if you are tying to get to work on time
Con-they give out brown bear coupons to people who freak out. I didn't freak out I didn't get nada
Con-they don't make any effort to vacuum your car which is basic if you ask me

Meghan K. | 2014-01-16

Despite all of the negative reviews Isee on here I have to say  that I was incredibly satisfied with my service at Toyota of Seattle. I called a few times and talked to a salesment about my financial situation. (I am a server and mostly only deal with cash, my checks are very small and I made some cradit card mistakes when I was younger and was worried about my credit.) They told me I had nothing to worry about and they would do everything they could to work with me, and they did.

I came in for my appointment and I originally was test driving a Toyota Certified Pre-owned Corolla. I had certain guidelines I couldnt budge on like the amount I was able to pay per month and my down payment. I had not saved up any money for a down payment and coming into the dealership was a last minute impulse decision. I just felt as if I could trust them.

With my credit and down payment restrictions it turned out to be more realistic to lease a car. They informed me that not only do I have more options with a lease but I can also build my credit while im driving it. After my lease is up I can either decided to turn the car in and lease another new one or I can buy this one; and of course there is always the option of dropping it off and going somewhere else.

Not to mention that with the lease I got a better car, brand new. I got the payments I wanted and they even gave me 10 days to pay my downpayment. also, luckily for me I got the black friday deal so they added 1,000$ to my original down payment.

I love my car, and I love the team I worked with. They were understanding about my needs and they literally bent over backwards to get me what I needed.

I will work with Toyota of Seattle again.

Bernabe F. | 2014-01-14

I was just there yesterday. Had a scheduled 3pm appt for the 20,000 mile car service under warranty. I arrived at 250pm, checked in and dropped my car off. I was given a pick up time of 5pm. I was halfway through my wait in downtown Seattle shops when I got a call from Vince who informed me they're running a little behind but my car will definitely be ready for pickup at 530pm. I agreed and continued on. After walking around downtown for 2+ hrs, I return to the dealership to find my car hasn't even been looked at! Not only did I immediately notice the difference in customer service I received compared to other customers in trench coats and with briefcases, but I had a different person assist me and explain that they are so busy and that he 'pulled a ticket off another car to get my car pulled in right away and should be ready in about 15 mins'. I made it very obvious I was disappointed and questioned the attendant as to why even bother making an appt if it's not going to be seen until hours later! AND AGAIN, my car wasn't ready for another 30 minutes! Thankfully I didn't have any definite plans for the rest of my day! Spent a total of 3 hrs waiting for a car service that normally would take no more than 30 mins! Absolutely Absurd! And to think I was thinking about getting a new car at that dealer... NOT happening now! Thanks to Vince for being patient, apologetic, and understand while doing my paperwork on my way out, I understand it's not completely your fault.. but still, I WILL NOT BE RETURNING. WORK ON IT, GUYS!!

Anna S. | 2014-01-12

Go see Jason in the internet department. Straight to the point and informative! I always dread dealing with car salesman but he made it so easy!

Wendi N. | 2014-01-10

I bought a car there on July 2nd, the guy was a VERY high pressure salesman named Shay, he told me what a great deal I was getting and I bought this 2011 Prius and my payments are 400 a month!!!!! He also accidentally revealed that the car was totally made over because it had been beat to s###!

He told me with my incredible credit I would need No down payment and when we were doing the paperwork demanded 5000.00 !!

I do like the fact that the gas mileage is incredible,
But I have not been treated fairly! I was told that he would personally "guarantee" that I would get the same $$ out of the car that I put in the car when I came to trade in!!
I went to trade in and it turns out that was a complete LIE!!!!

I wanted the Avalon last month for Christmas and the man that took over (George ) was not willing to follow through with the agreement.

I am a very honest person so I do have to let you know that George has been very nice and has tried to do a couple things to make this situation better,
He called me back which the others did not bother to do after they got my $!
He also did an oil change at no charge ( which I am told for 400 a month for a 2011 Prius is the least they can do) and he also changed the bald tires which shay had promised would be done "before" he delivered my car to me and it was not.

So I do acknowledge that George has tried to compensate me a little but it just simply is not enough considering the circumstance !

I want what was promised to me and I feel it is stupid that I have been lied to and taken advantage of considering my credit and the amount of cars I buy  they could either make 27k off me or have a customer for life.... Very stupid guys:( hope you enjoy the 27 because when I buy my next car it will not be from you !!!!

Customer service would have paid off and also sticking to your word!

So my advice to all is DO NOT buy from these guys they want your money and as soon as they get it they don't care:(

Robby D. | 2014-01-09

I recently set up an account with this place on their website for the sake of scheduling service appointments for my 2008 Scion XD. To date I have yet to schedule a service using the online scheduling system. Nevertheless, I received an appointment scheduling notice via email two days ago, which was very confusing. When I read the notice I realized that the appointment was for someone else with the same last name as me, but different first name. However, all my personal information (address, phone, email address) was linked to the appointment. From what I can tell the servicing department scheduled an appointment for someone else under my account. So I wrote to the service department explaining all of this, and expressed concern that my personal information, in addition to the personal information of their other customer, had been compromised by their error in scheduling. I never heard back. I've been given no explanation. What this translates to is that Toyota of Seattle has no care for the security of their customers personal information; consequently, I won't ever set foot into their business with my vehicle. If they don't have the skills to manage proper data entry and information security, they probably don't have the skills to service my vehicle without screwing up.

s z. | 2014-01-04

This place doesn't take me seriously and for that reason, I'm kind of offended.  My whole interaction here was unorganized and just not what I expect when I'm about to spend $$$$$ on something I trust my life to.  I'm the one spending my own hard-earned money for a car.  They assumed I would be spending my mom's money because I called her for an opinion.  I understand I look young, but DO NOT tell me you are only willing to work with me if I bring my mom.  The money I'm spending on a car is my own and not a dime of it is my mom's.

I found a car that I wanted through the Honda of Seattle website.  Turns out the car is actually at Toyota of Seattle which is about 5 minutes away.  We drove down to Toyota of Seattle and immediately I felt kind of awkward.  The salesperson that was assigned to show me the car and knows most about the car DID NOT GREET ME.  One of the first sentences out of his mouth to me was, "So, how are you paying for the car? You gonna pay cash or finance today?" I told him that either option would work for me, and at that point he nodded his head, said, "Smart move to start the new year off with huge debt!", and wandered off.  He didn't even know/remember that he was previously informed about my arrival.  He didn't greet me.  He was not personable.  This is not something I'm tolerant of when it comes to something like buying a car.  

Another lady took me around for the test drive of the car and running over what details she knows about the car (which was as minimal as I knew).  She was nice, but she just seemed uninformed.  First the CarFax report they pulled up was for THE WRONG CAR.  I stopped her and told her that I was looking at a completely different car.  After that ordeal I took the car for a test drive and ended up liking the car but not loving it.  For the right price, I would have taken it off the lot that same day.

As we returned to the dealership, I was met with the salesman I was supposed to be working with the entire time.  The car was $14993.  It was for  used Corolla.  The whole process was completely informal.  I was not offered a seat.  I stood there talking to him over the reception desk.  That's how I knew he didn't take me seriously.  He began telling the information about a completely different car.  The car I was interested in had 29k miles.  He told me the car has 12k miles so it's worth it.  I told him there's no way we're looking at the same car, and I won that argument.  He told me the best he could do for me was $14600.  He kept making jokes and just not taking me as a serious buyer.  But again, I'm pretty sure no one in the store thought I was seriously a potential buyer.  

No one was taking me seriously and that REALLY bothered me.  I cannot see myself returning here for anything.  I can't see myself coming back here for any of their cars because of how I was treated.  They don't think I'm serious.  They were purposely trying to get me the hell out of there.  It felt that way, anyway.

In the end, I bought a new car through Honda of Seattle.

Sara C. | 2013-12-19

I would like to thank Debby, Dean, Tim and George for the great help on the purchase of my used Highlander Hybrid.  Dean initially showed me the car and was very knowledgeable, friendly, and patient letting me evaluate the car against my long checklist.  He even pulled over another hybrid so I could listen and compare the engine sounds to ensure they were normal (as I was not as familiar with hybrids).  Debby helped me work with Aldo and Tim on the financing and George helped finalize everything.  Bank of America confused the process a bit with instructions for their pre-approval process that were not thorough, but the whole team, especially Debby, Tim and George were very patient and helpful.  To anyone wanting to finance through Bank of America, just go straight to the dealer and have them run the financing there, the pre-approval is more of a hassle than a help (added paperwork).  Debby, Tim, and George were also very understanding regarding my frustration with Bank of America and that process.  Overall my purchasing process was made less stressful by the team at Toyota of Seattle.  If you are buying a new car, go see Dean or Debby, they will help you get the car you are looking for at a reasonable price and Debby does her best to shield you from as much of the paper signing bureaucracy from the banks as possible.  They are both really trustworthy kind salespeople, something that is really hard to find.  My sincerest thanks to them both and the whole team.

Ken G. | 2013-12-13

After a bad experience at another dealer, i decided to give Toyota of Seattle a chance (and I let them know that's why I was there) -- starting with an oil change appointment.  I made an appointment for noon and got 3 email reminders and 1 phone call reminder about the appointment.  I took this as a very good sign -- since they obviously had reserved the time slot for me and wanted me to tell them if I needed to cancel.  I get there at 10 minutes before noon and so far so good. They tell me they are a bit busy so it might be a bit long.  Fine.  Then they say the 1pm slot is full -- I remind them i have a 12 Noon appointment and they promised to do what they could to make things happen quickly.

At 1:05pm I get a call saying they are running behind and that instead of the promised time of 1:30 it looked like it would be closer to 2:00pm.  2 hours for an oil change -- when I had an appointment?  Not great...but ok, things get crazy and crowded.

So, I go back there at 1:45pm since, who knows, maybe they managed to get the car completed. If not, at least I'd be there at 2pm for the paperwork and to pick it up.

Then I notice the car hasn't moved since I dropped it off 1 and 3/4 hours earlier.  For a scheduled appointment -- an appointment i was reminded of 4 times.  Unbelievable.

I took the keys and left.   20 minutes later I get a call from the head of the service and parts department who told me he wished he had been informed.  When I told him the above story, he said "i'm sorry".  

I suggested that they not bother making appointments if appointments weren't to be honored.   First impressions matter a lot.  Toyota of Seattle failed misreably.

M L. | 2013-12-10

I want to thank John in the service department at Seattle Toyota * Scion for helping us out yesterday for free when our car turned off while we were exiting the freeway near Safeco Field. Very scary.

David S. | 2013-11-21

1 Star for Toyota of Seattle

My family and I were in on Sunday, November 3rd, late morning and were prepared to purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Sienna. I loaded the Sienna with our two car seats and we took off for an extended test drive. After a second test drive in a different CPO Sienna we had made up our minds to purchase the van.

I made our sales person, Jesus Brillembourg, an aggressive offer and he promptly brought it to his manager George Abboud. Moments later Jesus told me they could not get to our desired price. I made a second offer and a second time it was turned down. At this point I packed up the car seats into our SUV and started to head out. My wife and I discussed it briefly and we decided to try a third time. This time I waited to speak to George directly at which time he explained how they were at rock bottom on sales price and were loosing about $600+ on the Sienna. He continued to explain about Toyota of Seattle's pricing matrix and how great it works for them. It was at this time I asked for a scant $500 off the asking price and for a third and find time we were refused. This ended our visit to Toyota of Seattle.

Just over a day from our test drive I checked the price of the van we wanted to purchase. To my surprise the Sienna had been dropped $400 in sales price when I was told by George they could not go any lower. I was a little upset when I saw the lower price and was wondering if Jesus would be calling me to let me know they could sell to me for a better price - no call. I called on Friday to see if it was still available but the van had been sold the day prior.

So to my 1 star review. Poor customer service, communication and inflexibility on their pricing when clearly they could have made the choice to sell us the van for at least $400 off the sale price on Sunday.

On the positive side we ended up test-driving a 2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L Nav at Lynnwood Honda and liked it much better than the 2011 Sienna LE. More amenities and better driving characteristics with the Odyssey. We even increased our budget to get into the Odyssey.

We will never look at Toyota of Seattle for any vehicle purchase in the future.

We are pleased with our Lynnwood Honda, 2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L NAV.

Todd S. | 2013-11-05

Tip of the hat to ToS for great service. I had an oil change performed there and that was OK but then I had them do the 90,000 mile service on my Highlander. John and Chris took good care of me. I have always been a bit skeptical of Dealer Service Departments but I was pleasantly surprised.
1. They informed me what service discounts were available without having to ask.
2. I asked them to check the condition of the tranny fluid. OK  and did not need to changed. Could have gone the other way.
3. Car was completed a day early and they called me to let me know.
4. Minor screw up on the tax on the invoice - but they immediately took care of it and adjusted the bill appropriately.
Will definitely recommend them - already have, in fact.

Todd Sames

Brian P. | 2013-09-24

I've taken my Lexus here for years for service until today. I have generally had good results (at a reasonable price) and the location is convenient for me.

However it appears they are reaching or exceeding their capacity in the service department. The tiny parking lot is also not well-managed so is often full (this didn't used to be the case) and I get the sense they are simply too busy to step back and work on efficiency.  The checkin lines have gotten progressively longer over the years and the wait times (for simple things such as oil changes) have climbed.

After being bumped last week and not even being able to park the car this morning (a complete waste of time) I'm taking my car elsewhere for service.

Aya N. | 2013-08-31

If you are thinking of buying or leasing a Toyota, I recommend working with Debby Manny at this dealership.  Professional, straightforward communication, and excellent follow-through.

My husband and I were thinking of getting either a hybrid or EV for our next car, so Prius c four was one of the models we were curious about.  I made contacts with multiple dealerships (mostly bcz on the Eastside they had the exact model/color we wanted on their lot), and Debby was the only one who actually quoted me a very fair price upfront in the response email, which came promptly.  Others held the information hostage or kept things ambiguous, until you agreed to come in/talk to them.  So that was +1 for Debby/Toyota of Seattle.

At one point, I told everyone my husband was leaning toward an EV, so we no longer needed to test drive a Prius c.  Upon hearing this, everyone else seemingly wrote me off as a lost cause (silence/no reply).  Debby was the only one who followed up & said she would love to help us if my partner came around.  Not in a desperate/pestering way, but in a very pleasant, courteous manner.  Another +1 for Debby.  (After all we were interested at one point, so we could always change our mind again, right?)  I decided, if we were to consider a Toyota vehicle, we'd go to Toyota of Seattle & work with Debby.

We did end up test driving a Prius c yesterday; it's a great, fun little car.  We went in on a whim & we didn't give Debby much of a notice, but the trim level we wanted to see was ready to go, and the appointment went smoothly.  The only reason we decided against it had to do with the vehicle's feature set (not being fully electric/not having parking cameras/interior), plus the current tax incentives for electric vehicles.  So it was Toyota's offering/product lineup that was the cause; the sales process was great.  No hard selling on Debby's part; George, the general sales manager, did attempt to seal the deal by offering us a better price for our trade-in, but that seems fairly standard.  

My husband is an introvert who dislikes being sold anything, so her approach of presenting us with the information we needed to make a decision, and letting us be worked out great.  If we had liked the car better, we would've happily bought or leased it.  Can't speak for the service dept/other sales people/what happens afterward, but I must say, it was one of the most pleasant and painless car shopping experience I've ever had.

Sue S. | 2013-08-29

I just went by to pick up my new Toyota Camry Hybrid at Toyota of Seattle. Had a nice experience with the salesman who arranged for the dealer to get the color I wanted from another dealer. He came in on his day off to close the deal. So they put the paperwork before me for my signature, and I asked for a detailed list of accessories. The Assistance Manager appeared and said we don't have the car you wanted but this is for another car we do have. A misunderstanding? Bait and switch? Bought my Toyota elsewhere.

Diego S. | 2013-07-28

I've had mixed reviewsfor this location but they definitely beat out the Kirkland location for me!
I enjoyed the shuttle service that is free, he was so friendly and pleasant on the phone, he was willing to pick me up from work to get me to the dealership/service dept.  I was impressed!
The wifi issue still bothers me, why offer it and it no work?  seriously, coffee shops have the service for free, why can't companies catch on that are service based?

Dylan W. | 2013-07-09

1 star for the parts department makes me not want to return, ever.

They told me they couldn't price match an east coast dealer because they 'weren't making enough on the deal'. Not sure how highly they value customer satisfaction compared to a $5 discount off list prices. I don't loiter at their desk for hours asking for part numbers and taking up their time with questions, I just walk in with my part numbers already figured out.

Oh and the whole reason I walk in to the dealership vs use their website is because the parts request page is broken and they won't fix it. Either that or they just don't respond. I'm taking my business elsewhere

Kelly M. | 2013-07-02

Very Professional Dealership - They actually answer and return emails - They kept me up to date when the price on the car dropped - They respected my time  - We inquired about a car via the website - It was ready for our test drive as promised - Paperwork only took about 45 minutes - No up-sale @ close

Paul B. | 2013-06-12

I bought a used Toyota FJ at Toyota of Seattle after the positive reviews on Yelp regarding their service department. I was sorely disappointed to find out they not only screwed me on the vehicle purchase but in the service of the vehicle when I brought it back to them. I purchased the vehicle and asked for two keys, the sales man agreed to give me both but since the vehicle I purchased was just brought into inventory the other key was missing. Long story short, he never found the 2nd key. I brought the vehicle to the service dept. for a replacement key and to have the power converter in the back repaired if possible. They informed me the key I had was a electronic lockout key and would cost $200 to replace, I was skeptical of that answer since I could see that the key had no electronics in it at all. I refused to have the new key made and am glad for that decision, I was able to get a second key for $8 dollars that works just fine. My second problem, the power converter, they informed me the checked my fuses, looked over the vehicle, couldn't locate the problem and would need to perform further troubleshooting which would cost hundreds of labor dollars and $1200 to replace the converter if it was found to be the problem. I refused to allow them to perform further testing at this point. Once I got the vehicle home I took out my volt meter and tested the circuit, no power was flowing. I popped the hood, looked around and found a large cable, separated from all other cables, that was unplugged and very visible. I plugged it in and guess what, my power converter starts working. Toyota of Seattle was not only incompetent but also a very untrustworthy repair shop, I will never take my FJ to them again. On a side note, I had also taken my FJ to Toyota of Bellevue, they gave me the same response on the power converter issue but were able to provide me a 2nd key for $8 dollars. Moral of this story, don't trust either Toyota shop.

Janet R. | 2013-06-07

Cannot say enough good things about this dealership. Sales Rep Shay Wilson assigned to my purchase. I bought a Prius and he made the deal work to everyone's satisfaction. George, sales manager, and Abdi, finance specialist, were there every step of the way too. Ask for Shay when you go in.

Bryan I. | 2013-05-26

One sales person, one closer and one boss scammed a senior citizen friend of mine by labeling the middle end model of a particular car as the highest end and charging her the highest end price.

It's risky.

Mike M. | 2013-05-10

The overall service I received at Toyota of Seattle was definetly 5 star from beginning to end. I dropped by to set up an appt with advisor Jake Corpuz and he was very courteous, knowledgeable. Honesty is not often found in repair shops since I have had those instances of "added" problems and more costs. The team here was honest about what needed to be repaired, the cost and kept me up to date on when the job was completed. I appreciated the "extra" services they offered when doing just a simple oil change. Nice to know that everything was checked and a few of the important fluids were empty and re-filled at no extra cost. Had a worn serpentine belt replaced that I already knew about and bad timing chain. Both were done at a much lesser price then my original mechanic. That's a first!

Nice to know my car is in good hands!

Thank you so much.

Jonathan M. | 2013-05-07

We got the new car we wanted. The salesman was knowledgeable and patient with our questions.

But, we had a few issues with the sales process. (I responded with these issues via email to the support person who asked for feedback. I gave her a week to get back to me via email or phone. She never did so I'm posting here.)

1. The new car had a few hundred miles more on it when it was delivered. We were told it would arrive with 250 miles and it came with 460. This could have been handled via a call before we arrived versus us finding out during our final walk through. Our salesman shrugged when we expressed concern and raised the issue. It was not enough to walk away but was troubling.

2. The trade in price for our Honda was a bait and switch. I have an email from our salesman showing $200 more than what the paperwork showed when we were about to sign. We called for the manager to try to get a reason for this late change. Our salesman and his manager on duty explained why they couldn't honor the emailed price due to some additional concerns about the car. To be clear, he mentioned dings and cosmetic alterations they would have to do before selling it.

However, this is why it makes no sense:

* Their inspection team had our trade in car for 30+ minutes, during our test drive, before they gave us the initial trade in value for our car. (These cosmetic "issues" were there then.)

* As part of our efforts to find the best price for our car, our salesman offered (via email) that we would get $200 more to get us the net price we wanted (and lower sales tax a bit). He knew what he was doing to win our business and stop me from getting competitive pricing from other dealers.

* Again, this revised price email was sent AFTER their team looked over the car and as part of the process to earn our business. This was not a guess. They waited until we were there to sign to spring this pricing change on us.

I was very explicit that I didn't want any surprises and that all numbers had to be firm as we were shopping around. Then, we got this $200 added cost late in the process and  been delivered a car with more miles than promised.

These may seem to be minor issues in terms of cost and customer experience. But, it was enough to sour us on the overall experience and any potential referrals to them.

Karl V. | 2013-03-25

Sales, service, follow through...Toyota of Seattle has them all. I had my first experience trading my Corolla in for a Prius, and I ended up getting back every dime I put in the Corolla.

Recently, my wife sent our other Corolla in for a series of repairs. Total cost was about $2,000. Our cost. About $100. The folks in the Service Department found ways to get the repairs paid for under our "extended" warranty. Happy? Try ecstatic! Great service, van service to and from work, and thousands in savings.

We love Toyota of Seattle! The Amazon projects might send them out of downtown, but I'll follow them anywhere. Trust these folks...they're customer centric in every way.

Brooke M. | 2013-02-18

Like the review Dale R wrote below, I have always had A+ service from John and his team. He has great customer care and always helps me with my appointments and car needs.

Steve K. | 2013-02-09

Wow such a mixed review on an attempted used car purchase experience!

The good:  Debby, who works in sales, is thoughtful, professional, wonderfully-responsive, knowledgeable and quite a nice person too.

The bad:  As an out of town Buyer of a three year-old BMW, my decision of what I was willing to pay was based upon the in-house assessment performed by a Toyota of Seattle's technician.  After a lot of time and $345 of inspection fees, I learned that the car was not in the condition reported.  "75% tires - in green condition" were in such poor condition that they need to be replaced;  No mention of the car being significantly out of alignment - easily seen by the irregular tire wear; Wipers that don't work properly; Missing accessories; A discrepancy in brake pad depth...  

Disappointing and frustrating!  Buyer beware.

Naomi O. | 2013-02-04

Another great service experience at Toyota of Seattle.  This time they replaced two parts that were still under warranty, so I only had to pay for labor (under 20 bucks).  They are always honest and reliable.

Anna W. | 2013-02-03

I usually get my 2012 Yaris serviced at the dealership where I bought it, but I decided to try Toyota of Seattle this time, because of the convenient location.

First of all, the good: the location, like I said, is convenient in that it's close to downtown Seattle. This way, if you don't feel like sitting around the dealership while your car is getting serviced, you can go do something downtown. Also convenient is being able to make your appointment online. And the staff I interacted with were all pretty friendly and weren't trying to sell me extra bells and whistles.

Unfortunately, there is plenty of bad, too. Being downtown is good in the aforementioned ways, but it also means a lot less space to work with. The dealership is in that weird cusp of downtown, Belltown, and SLU - so you're dealing with a labyrinth of diagonal streets, one-ways, and tram tracks (not to mention all the construction). The parking lot here is tiny and I had to circle around a few times until a spot opened up. People also tend to pull in to the parking lot and clog it up waiting for a spot. To that end, when my car was done, it also took forever for them to bring it back out, which I'm guessing also has to do with the compact nature of this location.

The service itself was meh. It was just a routine check-up on a lightly-driven one-year-old car, so there wasn't much to deal with or screw up there. At my usual dealership, however, they also wash the car, vacuum the inside, and come to inspect the car with you when it's done. None of that was done here - the guy gave me the check list and a car wash coupon and just sent me on my way. Like I said, I ended up waiting outside in the cold for quite a while, and in the end, another employee just pointed me to the car which was parked on the other side of the parking lot.

Maybe I'm spoiled or something, but I expected more customer service with my car service. Next time, I will just carve out the extra hour or two to drive to Bremerton.

Maribeth T. | 2013-01-27

Well, I found the used car I was looking for by receiving an e mail from Car Guru's where I was on alert for a later model Kia Rondo with low miles.  I contacted the sales dept. yesterday and let them know I'd be down this a.m. to take a look.  When I got there, that was after receiving two emails from the management staff, a salesperson passed me off to yet another person (so I'm on person #4, and just arrived).  For over an hour the staff looked for the car.  No one had seen it, no one knew where it was.  The car was eventually found locked in the service dept. which is closed on Sunday(s).  As we were preparing to go for a test drive, yup the fuel tank is on empty.  The car is brand new on the lot and not detailed yet.  It stunk and there were stains and mold on the driver's seat belt strap.  After messing around for another hour and coming to an agreement on price the "credit manager" who I'm told is the owner's son, is pressuring me to sign a purchase and sale agreement to which I respond, let's clarify, I've said since the beginning I will not be signing a purchase and sale agreement until/unless my mechanic has a chance to inspect this vehicle. So I left.  I have nothing negative to say about the sales person who helped me, in fact I felt bad for him because it made the dealership look unorganized, unprofessional and totally inept. I understand that these things happen , nobody came down from "on high" to apologize or even try to make things right w/me.  Too bad, I've moved on.

Kt S. | 2013-01-26

Had a great experience working with Eric Oken and Rebecca Hall in finding the perfect match for me after an unexpected need to purchase a car arose. Something that was starting to feel overwhelming and stressful became simply convenient and a pleasure once I was in the hands of these excellent people.  They truly had my best interest in mind and went WAY above and beyond (picking me up from the airport? Wow!)! Thank you! It's such a relief to have a car replacement that happened drama-free! Thank you Eric, Rebecca, and Toyota of Seattle! I'll see you for my next routine service appointment :)

Yana K. | 2013-01-11

I always enjoy my interactions with Toyota of Seattle. Extremely courteous and helpful. They keep me in the loop with what's going on and they are honest about how long things are going to take and cost.

I usually drop my car off and take advantage of the free shuttle. Luis is a great, safe driver with whom I felt completely comfortable. I got my car back with lots of smiles and thank you's. All and all fabulous service.

Molly M. | 2013-01-04

I just bought a certified pre-owned Rav4 last summer and just went in for my first oil change and 15,000 mile service.  Not only was I able to get an appointment without any trouble, but I found out that services are complimentary until 25,000 miles (or 5 visits).  Wow, never once had this happen at my VW dealer!  I'm a fan.

Sraddha D. | 2012-12-29

I've had my Rav4 in there twice in the last month. Both times everyone went out of their way to help me. They provided a rental car while they were trouble-shooting and effecting repairs. This last time was Christmas eve and it really saved my holiday. There were complications involving another dealership (where I purchased the car) and John Parker worked with them to come to a solution beneficial to me. He gets bucco kudos. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this service department.

Lisa L. | 2012-12-27

One of the best experiences I have ever had!!! Had been to a few other dealerships beforehand and Toyota of Seattle blows them out of the water!! Debby M. and Eric Z. were the best! No pushy salesman tactics just honest and friendly..and made our purchase easy and stress free. Thanks to Desmond as well, who explained our purchase agreement and answered all the questions we had!! Will recommend Toyota of Seattle to all our friends and family!! Thanks again!!

Sable D. | 2012-12-22

John Parker won't stop until your vehicle is purring like a kitten. He's helped me several times with my well-loved 2000 Tundra as it turns a corner into its golden sunset years, including wrangling warranties and complicated parts that had to be unearthed from a back room somewhere in Northern California. Seriously. Stop reading this and roll your jalopy down the hill to see him now.

Heather M. | 2012-12-09

Have been taking my car to this dealership for some time now and have always had a good experience. John Parker was especially helpful this time, assisting me in considering whether I needed new tires for an upcoming trip and making sure that my vehicle is road-worthy. I very much appreciate that he didn't try to upsell me when he clearly could have. He seemed more concerned with the safety of myself and my daughters than with his commission--much appreciated!

David K. | 2012-12-06

Very organized dealership. On top of their game via email, snail mail, etc. Brought my car in for 10K maintenance. They found a nail in my tire, fixed it for free, made it very easy to deal with. I've bought three cars from these guys over the the last twenty years. I'm pretty sure I'll buy another.

Jina J. | 2012-11-26

I always bring my Scion TC here for any service needs. The staff are so friendly and service-oriented. AAA discount. Shuttle available. Key drop off is always very handy for me because I work so early in the morning. Also, I used the online appointment service for the first time and found it very convenient. Will continue to use and recommend this location.

Jennifer M. | 2012-11-26


Today I woke up to a flat tire.  This wouldn't have been a problem except my spare was also flat.  I knew I had to get it towed somewhere, but my biggest fear was having to buy a full set of expensive tires (Sport model) - and right before the holidays.  As a single mom, things are always tight around this time of year, so ever little bit helps.  John Parker at Toyota Seattle saved my day, saved our Christmas.  John knew it could be expensive, but his first goal was to find the least expensive solution ranging from trying to fix one of the flats, to getting 2 new tires, or take advantage of a 4 for 3 tire sale.  John was waiting for me in the Service Desk and was able to squeeze me in while I waited.  It didn't take long for John to share the good news - one of the tires could be fixed!  With previous cars I've gone to other tire stores before because I knew they had great service and could fix a flat for free.  I don't need to go there anymore.  I'm a Toyota Seattle customer from now on.  Thank you John for genuine empathy and outstanding customer service.

Frank T. | 2012-11-24

I was not impressed by the service I received.  I spoke to a gentleman from the Sales, Russ, and did not receive a call back regarding one my question for about the federal tax credit for buying a Toyota Prius plugin.  I did some research on this federal tax credit and learned that the amount was $2,500, but when I asked him to confirm this figure he did not know. It is a shame that there is someone working at the Toyota of Seattle dealership who does't know this exact federal tax credit.  Overall, my service/communication with this sales rep was below standard.

Leslie M. | 2012-11-20

I purchased my Corolla here and always have the maintenance done here as well. Totally trust I am being treated fairly and my car runs great.
Chad is wonderful - actually everyone is. I kind of enjoy waiting while my car being service - free wifi - TV - coffee - cars - all good!!Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Alexandra K. | 2012-11-20

First appointment at Toyota of Seattle and it was great.  I read reviews for most of the local dealerships and this one is closest to my house and seemed to have the best marks, so I made my appointment.  Online scheduling was easy.  I was taking my car in for an oil change, transmission fluid change and recall notice repair.  I was told that it'd be about 2-2.5 hours until I was ready to go and just over an hour and a half later, the super friendly guy that checked me in came to tell me I was ready to go!  Complimentary 23-point inspection was done too!  Any business that gives me friendly service, under promises and over delivers, and does quality work gets my vote!  I'll be back!

Mary Lou T. | 2012-11-09

Another fantastic experience at the Toyota of Seattle service department!

Took my '06 Scion for its 75k service and received the great service I have come to expect--from start to finish:   1. It was very easy to make an appointment on line.  2. I got my same fantastic service specialist, Chad.  3. The shuttle driver took me to work and picked me up right on time. 4. The repairs were done well and for exactly the quoted price.  They are the best.  I would keep buying Toyotas just to use this service department.

12/12/13--and another great experience!  Took my car in for its 90k service.  There were a few extra things to be done.  Chad called me as soon as he had the entire story, went through the list of things that needed to be done--all were reasonable AND reasonably priced.  Even with the extra work, the car was done in the tight time frame I needed it.  The Toyota of Seattle Service Department is reason enough to buy a Toyota.  Also--Kudos to Paul for a nice greeting and intake experience.

Phoenix A. | 2012-10-28

After reading all the awful reviews about all the local Toyota dealerships, it was pretty much a crap shoot in choosing to come here for my 5000 mile maintenance.

I pretty much held my breath upon entering this place.  To my surprise, though, and unless an oil gasket goes a leaking after a couple of months (which has happened to me), I was absolutely 100% satisfied with my experience here.

I called to make an appointment.  Got great phone service.  Brought my truck in in the a.m.  Got the good reception and overall vibes from "Alex".  He offered up the lounge area, coffee, free wifi, and a shuttle to work.  I only had to walk a couple blocks to work.  

I picked up my truck after work.  Done.

No trying to sell me anything on top of my service.  No trying to fix imaginary broken things.  The dealership doesn't do complimentary car washes due to the strict drainage laws in the city, but I got a discount coupon for a wash at the Brown Bear instead.

I'll be back in here in 6 months for sure!

C P. | 2012-10-08

They have really turned things around in the Service Department over the past year. I was thinking I would take my car elsewhere (even though I bought the prepaid maintenance plan), and now I feel the opposite. The Service Manager from years past is gone, and the new Service Manager, John Parker, is the best I've ever worked with. What a difference one person can make.

I was unfortunate enough to have the brakes on my Prius give out on a rainy Seattle day last October and got in a fender bender. Ironically enough, I'd reported issues with my brakes at my service visit 6 months earlier, and the service dept said they couldn't repro it. Then after the fender bender, they were able to repro it and replaced the ABS skid module, which was covered under warranty. When I asked about repairing the body damage, the Service Manager referred me to the claims dept at Toyota Corporate.

After all the bad press about the Prius brakes, I thought it would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, because Toyota of Seattle did not leave the car in its original condition, Toyota Corporate said they could not conduct their inspection and rejected my claim, leaving me with $2k in body damage because the Service Manager didn't follow Toyota's own rules. After getting the run around for 3 months and getting stuck in the middle between Toyota Corporate and Toyota of Seattle, I finally landed into the capable hands of John Parker and everything changed. He single-handedly took ownership of the issue when everyone else kept passing the buck. He gathered all the information, followed up with Toyota Corporate himself, and then took immediate action. His customer service is unparalleled, and now the whole tone in the service dept has risen to the same level.

So while I sworn off returning to Toyota of Seattle, I am now a loyal fan. :)

David C. | 2012-09-27

I use to take my Highlander for service all the way to Bellevue (live in DT Seattle) due to the bad service at this dealership. However I gave it a 2nd try and glad I did. My first encounter coming back was with service advisor John Parker. He was down to earth when talking to me and not like giving corporate scripted routine.  Best of all, my service was done quickly and out the door withot any delay...I think John helped to make that happen. Since then, I been doing all my services and referred my friends also.

Alicia W. | 2012-09-12

Took my Corolla in for its 90k check up. They had it done within 3 hours - they were clear with me upfront about the costs and didn't try to pressure me into any additional services - and their shuttle took me and picked me up from West Seattle!

Phil R. | 2012-09-02

ugh. so many things were unsatisfactory about my experience.  sales staff was not knowledgable about the car or the inventory. finance used sophomoric strategies to get me to pay more. all in all I was unimpressed. got a better deal and much better experience at Michaels Toyota in Bellevue and bought the identical car there that same afternoon.

Omar S. | 2012-08-27

I didn't buy our Prius here, but I have taken it here for all of the scheduled maintenance (which is every 6 months on a Prius for some reason).

Anyways, I schedule all my appointments online, drive in on Saturday morning and take the shuttle back home. Usually by noon to 1pm my car is ready for pickup.

This is probably the easiest car service you can get. And I love that they do service on Saturdays as doing this doing the work week can be a royal hassle.

On occasion I've had them also do tire repairs and they have been great.

My experience has been good enough that I'd consider leasing our next car from them.

My only complaints are that the parking area for visitors is a bit of a disaster and can get backed up. Also they don't have an on-site car wash but the Pink Elephant isn't that far away.

Trace S. | 2012-08-15

They were great, very helpful and attentive until I signed the contract. Every experience after that has been less than pleasant. The financial administrator still has yet to contact me with important papers that were promised to me twice.

The first time I took my vehicle in for servicing, they gave me back a car with almost no brakes!  

If not for the sales manager helping me via email sometime after the purchase, I would be giving them a "one star" rating. They just seem disorganized and fail to follow-up on anything in the financial department.  I really expected far more from such a well-known and respected company!

Jennifer G. | 2012-08-04

I am surprised at how great my experience was at a car dealership! I think it has to do with the great staff that they have working there. I contacted Toyota via email to inquire about trading in my 2010 Yaris for a pre-owned RAV4. Debbie Manny responded immediately and quickly identified vehicles that were in my budget and had just arrived to the dealership that day. When I went to Toyota to meet Debby and test drive the vehicles, I did not expect to buy the car that day. But Debby's assistance, patience, and knowledge helped me to make a decision. She really went the extra mile. Since the car had just arrived (we test drove it before detailing) on a Friday, she requested detailing so we could pick up the car Saturday. Although they don't typically detail the cars on Saturday, the Toyota staff went the extra mile and did a beautiful job detailing the car before our pick up. I also worked with Desmond, setting up my contract and loan. He was very patient and helpful and walked me through the details of my financial arrangement. He even agreed to hold off depositing for two weeks, enough time for me to deposit my down payment into my account.

The bottom line: I got a great trade in on my Yaris, a great deal on a pre-owned vehicle in mint condition, impeccable service and expertise from all staff involved. I highly recommend Debby Manny, Desmond L., and Toyota of Seattle for purchasing a car. They will work with you and your budget to set you up with the car you want.

Cookie M. | 2012-07-16

I always bring my 2005 RAV toyota in for service - excellent deals for oil changes - and even better when I have a coupon (they send them in the mail often and via email once in a while).  My service, when needed, has been reasonably priced.  I haven't needed any major service - just new brakes after 7 years.  I feel that they are honest and practical with their service pricing.  I wouldn't trust anyone else with my Toyota.  I purchased my car out of state so don't know anything about the sales department here, but definitely recommend using service and parts.

Chen W. | 2012-06-22

I recently moved to Seattle from the Midwest and wanted to hit the ground running with a new car basically a day or two after arriving.  It was my first time car shopping (and I had to do most of the work by e-mail), so I'd read a whole bunch of online advice to prepare.  Basically, these guys did it by the book...asked for a a quote with a real dollar figure attached and the entire sticker scanned in so you could a) tell what the extra fees were and b) confirm the vehicle was actually in stock!

I sent quote requests to pretty much every Toyota dealership (and a few Honda ones too) in the Puget Sound area, and Toyota of Seattle was not only the first one to reply, but there were absolutely no gimmicks in their communications.  If I asked a question, it was answered directly.  Other dealerships (e.g., Magic Toyota and Lake City Toyota) were more interested in trying to get you onto the lot than providing actual information, and the Lake City salesman sounded pissed off when I asked him for a hard quote.

The online shopping experience with Toyota of Seattle (and, in particular, Jeremy Potter, who is their internet manager) was smooth the whole way through...we basically had a starting figure worked out before I got to town and within an hour of stepping foot on the lot, we'd worked out a deal that was $700 lower than that starting figure.  Jeremy and Eric Zytowski were upfront about all the charges, didn't try to hide any fees, and the final walk-away price ended up below what I'd calculated for invoice minus rebates (both factory-to-customer and factory-to-dealer) minus holdback.  We were really pleased!

Bottom line: Toyota of Seattle knows how to communicate with internet-savvy shoppers, is upfront with information, and makes a fare deal on their cars.  You can't ask for more than that!  Thanks especially to Jeremy and Eric for a surprisingly pleasant first car-shopping experience!

Thaddeus G. | 2012-06-18

The bare facts: Traded in my '08 Tacoma Access cab w/Sport Pkg for a new '12 Tacoma Double Cab w/Sport Pkg. Used Consumer Reports Build and Buy service to locate the vehicle. Chris Stompoloy was the salesman who contacted me via telephone; referred to Jeremy Potter, sales manager. Eric (will fill in the last name when I get the business card out of my new truck) finalized the sale the next day when I went to the dealership.

Upsides: Deal closed 1hr 20 mins after I walked in the door. That has to be some kind of record. Also, absolutely no "dealer pack" upsell from the F&I officer. Got a great trade-in value for my old truck. Got the price, interest rate and monthly payment that I wanted.

Downsides: Stompoloy sent a PDF of the sticker of the vehicle in advance; however the vehicle I was shown when I got there was not the same (identical in all aspects except color). *This did not really matter to me in the end* although it did place a doubt in my mind that kinda bugged me for a while after the sale.  

There was absolutely no hardsell, which I'm sure was because I had done my due diligence beforehand with Consumer Reports, Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds, and also because I financed my last vehicle through Toyota Financial.

Kelley D. | 2012-06-16

I have always thought highly of Toyota of Seattle.  Chad is especially good.  They are very good.

A T. | 2012-06-12

I had a great experience at Toyota of Seattle.  Joyce, the Sales Professional, helped me stay within my budget and find a car that I would enjoy.  My car didn't come with keyless entry so I went through the Service & Parts Department to get it done - I was impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the convenience of the shuttle service.  As someone who has never bought from a dealership, I was nervous about the experience and they helped me feel comfortable with it every step of the way and were willing to work with me when I had concerns.

T L. | 2012-06-08

I am updating my original post as I have had a better experience recently. It appears that the Service Department has made some changes and they are actively trying to do better. They were more professional, more respectful of time, and better organized. I appreciate the effort and will continue to use them.

Samina O. | 2012-06-07

I have a Lexus IS250, I brought it in for a regular oil change and tire rotation. Also it was making a very eerie sound. It turned out that I need a new water pump which was $800. They did a great job replacing it, and performing the other service.

Betsy B. | 2012-04-20

I love these people in the service department.  They make me feel that I have the best car on the road, complimenting the Prius 2002 when I bring it in for service.  They are kept it going when little electrical things go wrong and they have worked with me around my schedule.  I would recommend them.  I tried my local neighborhood shop for the 5000 miles tune up and they were more expensive than the downtown dealership.

Tommy K. | 2012-03-28

I recently bought a car here and while I would never describe the car-buying process as "fun," the folks here certainly did make the process fairly pain free. We had been coming here the last few years to service our other car and had always been impressed by the level of customer service from the service staff and that same quality definitely can be found in the sales staff.

My only gripe that day -- and the reason I'm giving four stars and not five -- was the amount of time I had to wait to talk to the finance officer. I think I chose a bad day to go because there were a lot of people browsing and buying and by the time I was ready to make the official purchase there was quite a wait. So, if you're thinking of buying a car here, you should consider going on a weekday afternoon (I went on a Saturday afternoon). Other than that, this place was a real pleasure to deal with.

Dennis R. | 2012-03-26

My wife and I have a Sienna conversion van that we bought from Kersey Mobility in Sumner.  For oil changes, etc. I take it to Toyota of Seattle.  Their service department people are cordial to deal with, and I'm happy with the servicing we've had on this van, plus our previous Sienna.  During my visit last week, they performed the 10,000 mile servicing satisfactorily, plus took care of a couple recall items very well.  It took 2 hours for all the work, and I'm satisfied.

Holly G. | 2012-03-22

Buying a new car is a daunting - yet exciting - task.  

Initially, we were trepidatious and wary of car salesmen, we didn't know what we wanted and visited multiple dealerships in Seattle.  Its relatively hard to want to just browse cars without the intention of buying that day.

Finally, we settled on wanting a Prius over multiple visits.  Eventually, the husband and I knew exactly what details we desired -  and Spencer was happy to oblige.  He provided a stress-free, honest, (Hear that!  HONEST!  A cars salesman that didn't feel like he was trying to sell us a car...write this down!) experience and we walked out feeling extremely pleased with not only his service, but the service of all the people working there.  

Our new car just arrived, and we couldn't be happier.  Spencer has even gone a few steps beyond good customer service in actually mailing us a thank you note, as well as calling to make sure everything is exactly how we wanted - did your last car salesman do that?

We're very happy, and I can't recommend Spencer at Toyota enough.

Kathy Z. | 2012-03-21

I cannot believe how helpful John is.  He is extremely professional and helpful.  He tells me the truth.  The prices are fair.   John is in service.  I would not trust my car with anyone else!!  I have 160,000 miles on my 4Runner and it is still going strong.
I think Ralph is also very helpful, I think he works in parts.

Roy V. | 2012-03-19

I have been bringing my Prius to Toyota of Seattle for several years now.  When I take it in for service, somehow I usually end up working with John who calls me by name when I walk in the door.  A nice touch.

Toyota has been helpful in providing a shuttle to get me to and from work while my car is being worked on.  Prices have been reasonable, if not sometimes surprisingly cheap.  The last work I had done came in way under the price I expected.  YAY!!!  The last time I took it in for work there was a mix up with my keys and the door key got locked inside the car.  They provided me with a car and I was able to quickly get my spare and take care of the situation.  I appreciated the friendliness of the staff and their willingness to resolve the situation in the best way they could.

Jesse P. | 2012-03-17

Toyota Service Turns a 1 Star to a 5 Star Review....

Toyota, although it took a few day's longer to complete the maintenance for my Prius I'm really happy with the response, ownership and sincerity demonstrated by Jon.

I really appreciate the remarkable service you provided me. Thank you Jon..

Randy W. | 2012-03-02

I will say that while my experiences have not been flawless, any problems that I have had were fixed quickly and professionally.  I take my 2008 Sequoia in for most maintenance (oil changes, milage checkpoints, etc) since it is still under warranty.  Although a bit on the pricy side, they do a great job and provide friendly and fast shuttle to and from the dealership.

During one routine oil chance visit, they left the hood up when they raised it up on the lift.  Well in the ensuing hood vs roof confrontation, the hood lost.  when I came in to pick up my car the manager met me, showed me the damage and explained the situation.  Since they would have to send it to their body shop and the repair would take a couple of days, they provided me with a free rental car.  Not a tiny compact thing but a full sized truck generally equivalent to the cabin room in my Sequoia.

When I picked up my vehicle a few days later they tossed in a bunch of free car wash coupons as well.  So many that I couldn't use them all before they expired 5 months later!

Pros: Quality work, honest, don't try to screw you, friendly, on time (if they say your car will be ready at 3, it is ready at 3), shuttle service both ways.

Cons: More expensive than a Jiffy-lube type place, no on-site car wash (I would prefer to pick up a clean car), No free donuts in the waiting area and they only offer powder creamer (come on guys, splurge on an automatic espresso machine)

Farhad R. | 2012-02-13

Worse than Worst!

Today I brought my car there to replace two parts of my Rav4. I thought my warranty will cover two defect parts. I told the person that I have warranty, and he didn't mention that my warranty doesn't cover the electric parts. After a few hours strolling in and killing my time down town I went back to dealership. This person told me that my warranty doesn't cover these parts!!! However, he decided to replace one of the two parts without asking me!!! He showed me a bill!!! I couldn't believe his blatant behavior. I told him before you wanted to replace this part you should have contacted me and ask for my confirmation. He gave me attitude and said I can pull this part out if you want. I said yes please. After 2 minutes he came back with my key and said I prefer not wasting my time you can go!!!

Beside conforming with his rude behavior you have to pay a few times more than what you pay else where.

A Q. | 2012-01-30

Bought a couple of vehicles from them over 6 months ago.  My initial contact with there service dept was great.  Had a few things wrong with one car and was fix that day.  Even though they had shuttle van's to take you to work.  He offered a rental car for the day.  I past but appreciated the offer.  After 6 month, it was time for service and took one car in to same coordinator.  

His impression the fist time made me go back to him only.   Everything serviced and ready to leave.  I  mention that the 2nd vehicle was over 6 months also but was told by a gal that  because the car had less than 5000 miles that they would not service it.  He told me to bring it in.  

If I was the owner of Toyota of Seattle, I would give this guy a raise!!!  His costumer service, knowledge of vehicles, and network is outstanding!!  Don't ever lose him or you'll lose me and my network forever.  

His name intentionally left out.  Overall all the service coordinator's are friendly and cordial but "He is the BEST"

Rachel D. | 2012-01-25

I have usually had average-to-forgettable customer service at this dealership, but yesterday I had a great experience thanks to Chad. He was a great communicator and really attentive and compassionate. They had to keep my car overnight unexpectedly, but it was quite painless due to their paying for a rental car. He even credited back the extra insurance I opted to get on the rental. I also had an awesome shuttle driver- Ephraim (I think?). Thanks to both for the great service.

Steve L. | 2011-12-29

Earlier this month I bought a car from this dealer. This was my experience:
- they assured me the car went through a 100+ point inspection.
- there was a known problem with the power seat. The car was under warranty so I took it to the dodge dealer to fix right away
- the dodge dealer called me the next day and told me the car had been in an accident and that the body work was "an absolute hack job". In other words, hard to miss if you inspect a lot of cars.
- during the negotiation the sales person "Thi", mentioned in other bad reviews, told me they couldn't sell my trade-in and would have to pawn it off on a wholesaler just torrid themselves of it. He even told me that they'd called around to see what they could get for it.
- I returned the car I purchased and to their credit they took it back with no hassle (Jason, used car manager).
- they gave me my trade-in back, after they took it off the lot, where they were selling it marked up considerably (hmm, you said you were selling it to a wholesaler for the same as you paid me for it just to get it off your hands)
- my car needed a tie rod end replacement, which I disclosed. If a tie rod end is not replaced the wheel can fall off the car while you're driving. Judging by the turnaround time between getting it from me and having it it on the lot for sale, it seems unlikely that they fixed the problem.

Summed up, lots of circumstantial evidence, none conclusive, that points to shady dealings. They did the right thing with my transaction, but one wonders whether they were rolling the dice that they wouldn't get caught pawning a damaged car off on an unsuspecting consumer. I would recommend staying away, and I would recommend having any used car checked out by an independent mechanic before you buy it. This is something I've done with every used car I've bought in the past and was stupid not to do this time.

Julia W. | 2011-12-20

This location of Toyota is great as it is downtown and offers free shuttle dropoff and pickup to your office (assuming you work downtown).

They do tend to take a while to get your car out once you're there to pick up (sometimes it's still being worked on or just trying to get finished up) but they do offer free wifi. Code is toyotayes!123.

They don't car wash on site after service but they do offer you a Brown Bear voucher good for a free Beary Basic car wash at any Brown Bear.

AndAra S. | 2011-11-16

This review is in regards to their service department.

Terrible, terrible customer service.  2 years ago I took in my Toyota 4 Runner to the dealership because the starter went bad.  I decided to go there because it is a very reliable car and I want the best service so I decided to pay more and go to the dealership.  Poor poor decision.

The the toyota dealership installed a new factory starter into my toyota.  2 years later it broke again.

The best is their response.  A very unhelpful girl named Kate said there is only a 1 year warrenty and then when I said "that is lame" she hung up.

I wish I had checked yelp 2 years ago, as this seams to be the trend for Toyota of Seattle... bad service from rude people followed up by lack of responsibility and with a side of bitchy.

katrina k. | 2011-07-10

The service here is horrible. First off a sales person took my car keys and left me sitting for 30 minutes. Then another guy came over and gave me the worst apology I've ever heard. I also had a horrible experience with Thi Nguyen. He just kept asking, "you know what I mean". He also contradicted him self several times. I just wanted to buy a new car. They made the experience unbearable. I will not be back to service my car or buy a new one.

Kate R. | 2011-06-22

I came to Toyota of Seattle with a challenge: I had bought a used car a couple weeks before and hated it, so I wanted to trade it back in but only if I didn't have to take too much of a bath. My monthly payment could not go over a certain dollar amount.

I didn't think they'd be able to make such a deal, and I said so to my salesman, Thomas, up front. He didn't mind. He was very upbeat and relaxed as he showed me the cars on the lot that have been there longest and were therefore ripest for dealmaking. I picked out a nice, certified Rav4 and we started the process.

The first couple offers I rejected, of course, and Thomas seemed appropriately chagrined for even having to present them. In the end, I held my ground and they found a way to make it work, keeping my monthly payment low and finding me excellent financing, especially considering I'd just gotten a car loan 2 weeks prior!

Thomas was a pleasure to work with and not too pushy. Of course he has to push back some - he's a sales guy - but if you keep calm and hold your ground, it's fine. He's a good guy.

My only qualm: they tried to get their extra security system by me for $695, when the car already came with a factory alarm. That was kind of crappy.

BUT! When I returned a week later to sign revised financing papers, I asked if they'd fill her up with gas, and they did, so to me, that balanced it out.

Bottom line: know what your trade-in is worth when you go, ask for Thomas, hold your ground on terms (with a smile), and you'll probably get a really great deal. And the financing guys will treat you right, too.

Final tip: I found out later that my insurance company (USAA) provides GAP insurance for a couple dollars a month as part of my refular insurance package, so I got to cancel the GAP I'd bought from the dealer. Saved me $800!

Norman P. | 2011-05-23

Second class service and first-class prices. Brought my car in for a RECALL (the second) and an oil change, and the service advisor forgot to tell me when my car was ready. And the oil change on a RAV4 is $60!! For my last service appointment, the last service adviser didn't return my phone calls. Don't go here if you want service or value.

Sha P. | 2011-05-16

I don't know much about the dealership and sales department, but I have been here twice now to have keys made and the the service was great! The guy that helped me the other day was really friendly and kept his cool when the computers went down and the key code could not be found. Instead of telling me that he couldn't do it all together he asked if I had time to wait about a half hour. I was in a bind so of course I understood how computers can do this and said sure. I sat down and read a magazine and watched a game on TV in there waiting area. He apologized probably about 5 times for the inconvenience even thought it wasn't his fault. But I appreciate the concern, just plain good customer service for a change.

Michael P. | 2011-05-02

The battery on my mother's 2010 RAV4 died at 400 miles.

I took out the battery of the RAV4 and put in my AMC Gremlin to have the battery replaced. After two hours of ying and yang, back and forth BS. I took the dead battery and walked out the door.

Toyota of Seattle, wasted my time, blamed my mother for leaving the lights on. (This is a lie since her RAV4 has timers to shut the lights off),

They also called my Gremlin "a pile of junk". The 1977 car works and the 2010 car does not. So which car should be called "junk"?

This experience was the beginning of the end of a long history of Toyota brand loyalty for our family.

Nicole M. | 2011-04-18

I strongly recommend Toyota of Seattle. I bought my car, a Toyota Highlander a few weeks ago and I got an awesome deal. The customer service was excellent from the salesman, who was easy and straightforward throughout, to the loan officer who didn't try to stick me with things I didn't need.

When received my car it was perfectly  in order and clean. Sending my friends/family there with no reservations.

Jeremy S. | 2011-04-07

I've purchased many cars in my life, so I have a good sense of how I feel I should be treated when purchasing a vehicle.  Toyota of Seattle really went above and beyond for me.  They were attentive, informational, and sincere.  When the salesman I had initially worked with wasn't available, another stepped in and assisted.  They did not pressure me, or try to use the 'old school' sleazy sales tactics.

I am an informed customer who knows what he wants, and I am more than satisfied with the car I bought and the experience I had.

I would easily recommend this dealership to anyone.

Jo C. | 2011-03-29

This place will chew you up if you're the faint of heart!  Good thing I brought a tough buddy along!  If you don't buy at MSRP here, they will BULLY you!  They will make up things to try to make you look stupid and wrong.  Luckily, we did all our research and printed them out!  We proved them wrong at every lie and tactic.  

Our salesman, Thi Nguyen, became loud and angry, yelling, "IT'S NOTHING PERSONAL, IT'S JUST BUSINESS," five times over.  We know; if it's nothing personal, then why are you yelling at us?  He tried to make us look stupid by quizzing us on what we knew about Toyota and the car to prove that he had experience and knew better than us.  We deflected every question and comment.  We had all the annual reports, logistics, disclaimers, and news from Toyota and also, five other reliable sources.  We're educated, not naive.  After harassing us some more, he walked off and called in the "managers." First person gave us the same speech about how they do business and how we had to buy at MSRP.  Then second big manager came and told us the exact same thing.  Wasting our time.  (Another one of their tactics.)  So we shook hands and walked out.

By the way, don't let them use Japan as an excuse for them to price gouge you.  The excuse is disrespectful and offensive.  It's heartless.

Kevin C. | 2011-03-25

i am a frequent customer of Toyota of Seattle & am I love those guys.  When ever I need parts for my cars they help me locate what I need and get it to me fast - it is always super appreciated and helps out whenever I am in a pinch!!!.

Erin M. | 2011-03-14

I went to Toyota of Seattle to purchase my second car 2 years ago. Going into it, I was really nervous because buying my first car at a different dealership was absolutely miserable.  The sales guy was very aggressive, he made me feel rushed and start to finish, the entire process was painful. So, to say the least, going into to purchase my second car was not something I was really looking forward to.

Having said that, Toyota of Seattle turned the whole car buying experience around for me. You could tell the staff was excited to be at work, they were more than happy to answer all of my millions of questions and they didn't make me feel rushed as I was thinking through things. It was obvious that they felt it was most important that I was happy and comfortable with the commitment of buying this car than pushing a sale.

The experience of buying my car there was so positive that I actually look forward to buying my next car.

I'm just as happy with my car today as I was when I first drove it off the lot. I love it and I've recommended Toyota of Seattle to family and friends.

Erin M.

Erik S. | 2011-03-11

I don't do many reviews but I read through them pretty regular. Since I made a purchase at this dealership I figured I'd do a review because I had a good experience. I was surprised at some of the reviews and the sense of entitlement that some folks seem to have. So you have holes in your seats lady? That just spontaneously happened, didn't it? I'm sure the Toyota designers built that feature in. New holes appear in car seats when UN-used cars sit on the lot; happens all the time.

That sort of thing wears me out.

I'm no shopping snob. In fact, I've come to expect being treated like garbage everywhere I go. The average Joe couldn't care less about "customer service" or "going the extra mile." We live in a world of Cheap, Fast, or Good... Pick two.

So I was very pleasantly surprised by the family atmosphere and eager willingness to help by the entire staff at Toyota of Seattle.

I had my eye on a certain type of vehicle for the better part of a year. And truth be told, the reason I went down to this dealership is solely because it had a tricked out Trail Edition FJ Cruiser with the exact color I wanted. Of course, it's a limited edition color so trying to find this exact vehicle was a challenge.

So I went down there and checked it out. They were friendly, helpful and answered my questions but I didn't feel pressured at all. Which was a good thing, because it took me 6 months to make up my mind and finally take the plunge into buying the new rig.

Each time I came in, they were glad to see me. Let's face it, a lot of businesses have those folks that come in, sniff around and leave. And then come back again and again. Folks on commission really hate wasting their time with window shoppers. I get that. But they didn't act that way at all with me.

When the time came and I was ready to buy my new baby, it was like a celebration. They treated me so nicely (and truly I'm not used to that) that I actually felt like I was getting away with something.

My sales person was a font of knowledge on EVERYTHING.  My financing guy and I hit it off right away and spent an hour talking about dogs. The manager came down to shake my hand and say hello. The service folks and I chewed the fat about the military and stuff. And I enjoyed learning about one man's  son that served in the Marines and was injured while serving our nation and is still serving proudly and safely back state side. (Semper Fi, brother!)

It got to the point that I didn't want to leave!

I got a fantastic deal on my trade in and financing. And certainly walked away feeling like a million bucks.

EVERYONE comments on my new car. My own sister got one! A buddy of mine turned around and bought an FJ after seeing mine and another bubba is fixin' to do the same.   You can bet I'm going to steer him in the direction of Toyota of Seattle. I really like this place. I swore years ago that I'd NEVER buy a new car again. But now I am so glad I had a change of heart.

Two thumbs up and with a smile!

Paige M. | 2011-02-28

I love these people (reviewing the service center, have never visited the dealership).  I found out I had a tail-light out last night, called this morning and they let me know I didn't need an appointment for a quick fix like that.

Got there at 5:10, stepped out of the car and was instantly greeted by two associates (Tim and sorry I didn't get the others name) who recognized me and remembered me from a visit 2-3 months ago.

Were very friendly and handled my headlight, new windshield wipers, and they had a hubcap in stock to match my missing one - perfect!

40 minutes and $150 later, I was out the door.  OH, and they completely cleaned and vacuumed my car.   Awesome.

Rebecca S. | 2010-12-20

The Toyota Service Center is very convenient to my house and they have fair prices if you use a coupon (… ).

I scheduled my appointment a few days beforehand for 9:30am on a Saturday, but when I received a confirmation call, it was for 8:30am. I had to call and reschedule, which took about ten minutes of being on hold to be able to do so.

Dropping my car off was easy. I stood in line, went out with the guy to examine my car, gave him the keys and got a shuttle which took me anywhere I wanted to go in a five mile radius. Picking the car up was also easy. I received a call that my car was ready an hour ahead of schedule and the shuttle picked me up at my house in under two minutes.

The paying part was where I got annoyed though. I paid for my car, and I had to wait fifteen minutes for them to retrieve my car and keys. I had to ask about getting my free defrosting fluid, which was mentioned on my coupon, which took another ten minutes. I also think it's crappy how they give you a coupon to go wash your car yourself. Oh, and they don't have free coffee or a nice waiting area.

In the future, I may try to go to Michael's of Toyota. The car maintenance only takes 30-40 minutes opposed to 3-4 hours, there's a barista with free sodas, coffee and cookies, and they wash the car before it's given back to you.

L K. | 2010-12-04

In the last 3 years that I've proudly owned my Prius (purchased NEW), I have lived in several places, frequented several Toyota dealerships. Among them-
*Los Angeles Toyota (top notch)
*Berkeley Toyota (liberal cool)
*Richmond (on the ball)
and now Seattle .........

When we bought the car we also purchased an extended warranty and paid for an additional preventative, extensive treatment to the interior leather and exterior paint to protect it in the long run. A good investment, no?

After two years of owning the car and now living up in Seattle, I notice the leather seats in front starting to tear. Nothing major but little holes that will definitely get worse over time.  I bring my car in for service, bring it to their attention. They say they'll "look into it". They'll call me back

I don't hear back.
I call back a week later and finally learn that it 'may not be covered' on the EXTENDED warranty (umm, we paid for this warranty for potential issues like this).  The guy said it was normal wear and tear. On a 2 year old car, this is normal wear and tear??? Ummm, I don't think so!

I don't give up.
I see another rep, call him, play phone tag, to no avail and eventually get passed to another rep who doesn't call back. Finally Adam-thank GOD, gives me the name of a leather guy who will fix the seats free of charge (like I was going to pay for it in the first place! I already paid $$$ for a warranty!!). A mobile service, I booked an apt. and the guy doesn't show up. I call him several times-no return call-follow up again, and again in the course of 2 months. No return call. WTH?? This reflects poorly on Toyota of Seattle.  

I go back to the source.
I call Adam at TOYOTA OF SEATTLE, leave him now 3 messages, and get NO reply.

Did I mention this started in JULY 2010 and it is now DECEMBER 2010???? The holes in my seats are still there and I'm beyond perturbed.


Now I have to drive to some other dealership in the great state of WA to maybe get the right service??  In Berkeley, Richmond, Los Angeles, all in the great state of CALIFORNIA-I received stellar service.  This type of GROSS MIS-SERVICE would have NEVER happened there.  

Boo to you Seattle Toyota. I love just about EVERYTHING about this great city EXCEPT YOU!

Toyota of Seattle, you SUCK! :((

Ovidiu T. | 2010-11-06

I serviced my Prius, that I also bought here for two years.
Next to last service they overcharged me (I expected only about ~$80 and they charged me ~$220) and when I asked if the price was right they said it was. Later when I got home I received a phone from them and they said there was a "service code" error on my bill and therefore they charged me extra (again after I asked in the office and they checked and confirmed that the amount was correct). They refunded the difference and I said to myself maybe indeed this was an error.
On a side note, they did not send me the regular feedback request form after this service.

After  the last service (on 09/27/2010  20K revision) I discovered a couple of days later that someone **stole** my GPS while the car was in service (from the glove's compartment). I called and talked with a manager. He said that can't happen there, but promised he'll look into the matter and call me back with results.

A week later I call again as I received no answer. This time I was told no manager was available but the receptionist will pass my message to one of them and they'll call me back. She also said that I should call back in case I don't hear from them?! Hello! This is what I was doing already: calling back. I'm explaining this to her and make it very clear that I expect a call back.

One more week later I receive the feedback form for the visit and I write in the whole incident. I also state I still hope to receive an answer.
It is November 5th. Still no answer from them.

The one star review reflects not only the fact that my GPS was stolen (I am willing to assume that this is just the wrongdoing of one employee), but also the fact that my repeated attempts to hear at least that they are trying to look into the issue were simply ignored.
Fortunately there are other auto services in Seattle. Judging by the way they acted they may be thinking they are the only one in town.

Goodbye Toyota of Seattle. Really disappointed in Toyota for not following up on my review.

** UPDATE Nov 20 **
I was called by the manager (Melissa Miller) and treated courteously. She apologized for the incident and offered to replace my GPS.
This took care of the theft and I up-ed my rating to 3 stars (I do give Ms Miller 5 stars, but then I averaged it with the original rating).
I wish I would have been treated better in the first place, but at least they treated me well in the end.
I'll take my car back there again. Hopefully I'll post an even better update at a later time.

Kelly W. | 2010-10-21

I walked in Sunday with my Chevy Lumina that squeaked a little, and I walked out with a fabulous, pre-owned Toyota Matrix and totally reasonable payments.

Initially, I was frustrated not to find any salespeople on the lot when I wanted to test drive the Matrix.  However, when I went into the showroom, one of their salesmen, Jimmy, was happy to help me out.  We drove the car, and he was able to answer most of the questions about the car.  When he didn't know, he was USUALLY honest.  

Example of sketchy car salesman talk:
Me - Do you know who owned this car before it came in here?
Jimmy - Ummm... I don't know if it was this car or another, but it might have been owned by a doctor whose wife died, so he sold her car.

Sneaky, Jimmy.

But the bargaining was 100% fair, the car was in great condition, and all the other staff there (including the finance guy, Desmond, and a lady at a desk) were warm and seemed sincere.  Plus, I liked Jimmy.  (Maybe it helps that he's 19 and I teach rascally high school kids.)

I could have used a free cookie, immediate attention, and 0% sleaze instead of 5%, but overall, I had a good experience.  If you've done your research and have some solid financing ready (such as the 3.24 loan from SECUWA, woooo!), don't hesitate to buy from them.

Athena R. | 2010-08-31

Can I give this place more stars??

So before my big camping weekend, I needed my headlight in my little Yaris changed and also the oil changed. I called down to the Toyota of Seattle, and they said I could come in anytime to get the headlight replaced, but they were booked solid and couldn't change my oil.
'bummer, I'll have to make two trips',' I thought. At 4:30 on a friday night, I arrive at TofS and inquire about the headlight. The nice man helping me, Minh said it would be no problem, and I also asked him a couple of questions about my car- what type of oil it needed, how good my tires looked, tranny fluid etc. He was very honest about when these things needed to be done. He did not try to do extra work or upsell me. This was SO great. Then he offered to change the oil as well, so I didn't have to make two trips. (even though they were obviously busy, and it was late on a friday night). 45 min later, im good to go. I also got a free car wash at Brown Bear. Cool!

nicest car experience I have had in a long time.

Tillotson G. | 2010-08-24

This place is a piece of work. Or at least needs work - starting by removing anyone who works in the service department on down.

Brought my car in for an oil change; and they will do bare bones minimum work to the car. Going above and beyond is not in their language; nor is going anywhere to service the person.

I bought the extended warranty on my 2008 Scion; and after they were done servicing my car I asked if the weather stripping which was coming off the window was covered. The guy on the phone said: "Well did you pull it off?" Hum.... YA! I did.. I thought it would look better that way, hanging off my 2 year old car! "No" I said, would you mind looking at it- perhaps replacing it? I asked.... he sighed "Well then I would have to pull it back into the shop". .. . . Silence on the phone.... "I am okay with that." I said. ANOTHER sigh "Well I won't look at it until late tonight then".... silence. . . . "I'm okay with that". Big *sigh* from super awesome service guy.

Thanks Toyota of Seattle you make me feel so good about spending my money there. :) You rock!

Myranda M. | 2010-07-28

They suck!

They used every trick in the book to get me to agree to buy a new car and use their financing. They even lied and told me my credit score was 30 points below what it really was. Then they brought their "closer" in to close the deal. I got up and walked out. No wonder the auto industry is in dire straights.


calamity chang c. | 2010-06-17

The folks that took my car, and drove me to work were great. However, the actual service was less then I expected. . Why do I take my car into the dealer? The certified repair, yes! But more importantly so I can kill two birds with one stone - and get my car washed and vacuumed.

None of that happened, instead, they gave me a coupon to Brown Bear.
Also I had made a request for them to blow out the debris in my moonroof so the car wouldn't leak. Guess what, I found out they didn't after it rained.

The customer service to my face was great, but the actual touches that come with taking your car into the dealer was non-existent.

Helen H. | 2010-06-05

I recently went to Toyota of Seattle because I was in the market for a new car.  I really wanted to like my experience here, as I had purchased a 1993 Toyota Tercel from this dealership back in 1993 and had a really good experience.  Alas, things have changed here...

First off, i was pawned off to 4 different people.  When I was finally "assigned" to a salesperson (after repeating my story of what I was looking for four different times), he proceeded to try and sell me a used Prius - not the car I was interested in looking at.  I never got the opportunity to see the other cars I was interested (Yaris, Matrix, Scion, and a Honda Fit, which they sell at their Honda dealership).

I felt like I was being hard sold this Prius, with the salesperson telling me what I wanted, not the other way around.  Then they had me sitting around in the waiting room forever, and I finally told them I had to leave.  They were trying to get me to come back in later to finish the paperwork, but when I got home I quickly did some research which reinforced my feeling that I did not want this car that they were so sure I wanted.

Another strange thing, this was a 2008 model with only 5,000 miles on it.  Two different salespeople told me two different stories about the previous owner and why it had so few miles on it.  One even used the old cliched "little old lady who only drove it to church" line.  Something stunk about this deal, and I'm glad I walked away from it.

I ended up buying a 2010 Honda Fit two days later at Burien Honda, I will be writing a review of that business soon.  Suffice it to say that I don't want to spend my hard earned cash at a business that doesn't listen to my wants and needs, and pressures me to buy something I really don't want.

Lily And Tom H. | 2010-05-03

My review of Toyota of Seattle remains unchanged, it is my assessment of Lake City Toyota that I would like to update. Stay away from them, too! We ended up buying our Corolla XRS from Doxon Toyota all the way in Auburn. In a few days I'll post a more detailed review of Lake City Toyota.

Jennifer M. | 2010-02-26

I'm so not impressed.

I know my car needs a transmission flush. How do I know this? I've checked the fluid myself, examined it and smelled it. Unfortunately it's not in the cards right now.  That said, I still expect to be told "Yeah... Your transmission is going to fail if you don't change your transmission fluid yesterday, by the way" when I get my oil changed. I know it's not going to fail, but I expect to at least be alerted.

However, an oil change was on my list of things to do today. So I took it to Toyota thinking "Hey! I'll get a car wash out of the deal, too." I did. That was all I got.

My car has not been serviced in over six months - they did not recommend a cabin air filter (needed!), nor did they recommend an air filter (also needed!) and they said nothing at all about my burnt transmission fluid.


I have no clue what they actually checked and made sure was okay. Apparently the $42 oil change doesn't include looking at your transmission fluid... just topping it off? It also doesn't include looking at the air filters to determine that they are filthy.

And their service department wants to charge me $80 for a replacement hubcap. lol.

I'm staying away from this place. I'd rather take it to the place in Redmond or nearly anywhere else than here.

im j. | 2010-01-02

I don't know what the one star is for, really.
Got $5 off coupon in the mail for windshield wiper blades, so I went . Look it up on line, the type of wiper I need is on the average $18 per SET.
The part department at toyota of seattle rang me up $15 of the driver side, $12 for for the passenger side. Total $27 - $5 coupon = $22 for the $%#@* wiper blades. $4 more than other with $5 coupon ????
Think about that next time you have to pay $500 for something there, what the actual cost could have been elsewhere.
Staffs are like high school musical cast for the front desk and some chunky guys with stick up their %^$ in service.

Bill C. | 2009-12-31

Bought our '05 Prius here. Sales experience was pretty much unspectacular, at the time there was no negotiating on the price (they were a hot commodity). We talked to the financing people, and they attempted to do there usual up sell you on the "under coating", fabric protector, extended warranty (are you telling me that this car is a piece of junk and that it needs a longer warranty?) and all the other crap that dealers make money on. We subsequently have had all the service (oil changes) done at this dealership as well. I'm very frustrated by the up sell that they perform at the service desk. They insist that the car needs a xxxxx mile service, which includes the oil changes, and all sorts of checks, however, the manual does not have any of those recommendations.

Would have really liked to have liked this dealership more as it is closest and most convenient to our house and place of employment, but I can no longer take the up selling, and a couple of times the lying that has been given on the phone. I feel sorry for those that do not understand that a cabin air filter costs less than $5.00 and takes less than 5 mins to install, but Toyota of Seattle will charge you $50 for it!

Thanks, but no thanks!

Anne B. | 2009-12-26

I would NEVER recommend this dealership to anyone looking to lease or buy a Toyota!!!
I would not even leave one star, but they force you to leave at least one star.
I live 1/2 mile from the dealership and work 1/2 mile from the dealership, so it would have been the easiest for me to lease a car from Toyota of Seattle.  
I was in the market to lease a 2010 Camry XLE and contacted all of the surrounding Toyota dealerships.  I had poor experiences with a few of them, but Toyota of Seattle was one of the worst!  I ended up emailing FIVE different sales associates and not one of them seemed to be willing and eager to assist was ONLY a hassle when interacting with the dealership.
I even went into the dealership to do a test drive!  Awful!

I am happy to say that I leased the exact car I wanted, with NO HASSLE and NO HARD SELL at MAGIC Toyota in Edmonds,   They were all great guys, it was easy and fast and friendly.  
I am so happy that Tyson was so helpful and willing to work with me on making sure we got me into my 2010 Camry XLE.

Mike N. | 2009-12-25

Since getting my Prius in Feb 2008, I've patronized Toyota of Seattle. Their customer service is nothing short of spectacularly stellar. They are detailed, courteous and honestly appear genuine in wanting the best experience patrons can have while there.

SARAH R. | 2009-11-02

I had a very strange experience here.

I walked in having done a lot of research and thinking I may actually buy a car that night if I got the right price. A salesman's dream, right? The salesman took me for a ride in a 2008 Toyota Yaris, the car I was interested in. However, right after I got in, I noticed that the "sticker" listed the MRSP as $15999. For a used Yaris. When has the going price at $12,000 and this year has been notoriously bad for car sales, AND it was near the end of the month.

Based on all of this, I figured I would be able to negotiate, although the starting point seemed really high. So when we got back from the test-drive, I told the salesman I was more interested in something in the $11,000 range. He basically shut down and said they didn't have anything in that range. Didn't try to negotiate, just shut down. His "boss" came in and the salesman asked him if they had anything in that range.

"Nope." Then: "actually, we have a 2005 Corolla that came in a few days ago, would you be interested in that?" Maybe, I said. He looked it up: "oh never mind, it's not for sale yet, it's still being serviced.

WTF? You're not even going to try to sell it to me?

Like I said, weird experience. I got the distinct feeling that the main issue was that I came in with my own financing and having done a lot of research. Both those things made me harder to scam, so they probably just figured it wasn't worth the trouble. Their loss - I bought a car at Toyota of Kirkland this weekend, and the great salesman there got the commission.

D T. | 2009-10-07

I recently had a seat belt in my Tundra replaced, not a common repair, but I needed it.  I couldn't get a solid answer as to when the replacement parts would be in, and I was getting stressed about having it repaired in time for a specific event I needed the truck for.  When I talked to the service manager about how this had been very stressful for me, he agreed it was a valid concern, and gave me a credit to use in the shop or parts department equal to my repair bill.  Even though the repair bill was fairly small, I thought this was very fair, and I feel confident that I will be taken care of when I take my truck back there, even if things don't initially go as planned.

Eugene O. | 2009-09-05

I've been coming here for four years and have dealt with both the sales and service departments. My experiences have been excellent all around - the folks are honest, good people. Just what we need in America.

When you take your car in for service, you'll always be taken care of and receive follow-up calls in a timely manner. For more considerable work, you can talk to your service rep about the price and they'll sometimes knock it down for you. That's really nice.

I dealt with the sales department on a handful of occasions when I was considering getting a new Yaris, and they've been absolutely stellar - taking the time to educate and answer questions. It can certainly be tough to get their attention if you walk in, so I recommend calling ahead or asking them when is a good time to come in.

They don't loan cars here for service work such as major services (and other locations do) so that is a bit of a gripe. But hey, we're in Downtown Seattle folks. There's plenty to do around here to kill time.

Sue K. | 2009-08-29

I do not recommend this location for service. I'm not sure about the sales team. The staff is ... just plain dumb. They say that customers make a judgment based on appearance, and if that's the case, I have no confidence in the level of quality they offer.
I'm sitting in the "lounge" waiting for my car right now. Basically, it's the lobby.
The process of bringing your car here is inefficient and a value stream nightmare. My car has not been looked at in a year, and when I mentioned that to the guy, he didnt say a word. I said there's a noise coming from the car, and he said, well that'll be $100 for us to listen for a noise. WTF? I will NOT be bringing my car here again. I always take my Celica to a dealership for service. I'll take it to Renton if I have to.

Phil H. | 2008-08-31

I bought a 07 "pre-owned Toyota certified" vehicle, ya know, the certification you pay the extra money for. The car only had 14K on it, and upon driving it for about four days after the sale, the breaks started squealing, real badly. So I took off one of the front wheels, and to my amazement, and disgust, the break pads were literally down to nothing.

So, after taking it to the dealership, and sitting in a Star Bucks for 4 hours while they "looked" at it, they completely had to fix the break pads, calipers, and roters. Upon the completion, I asked the service department about the 180 point inspection and the certification that I paid for. Awkwardly, their response was this, literally: "Sir, the technician who certified your car was actually fired for bad work, and it looks like he didn't check the breaks on the car because of the low mileage." So, I'm standing there thinking to myself. I could have driven this car off the lot and died in a car accident a week later because there was no pad left on the breaks! Worse yet, my wife is the one who I bought the car for! That irked me all the more!

No apology letter, no manager call to say the situation has been handled, no nothing. They didn't even give me an invoice for the breaks being fixed, but instead said they would mail it! Ya right! I never received an invoice. They probably didn't even report the situation to Toyota Corp. because (I assume)  they could get into serious trouble with the "pre-owned certification" nonsense. To top it all off, I took the car to get it detailed at a high-end body shop, and they subsequently verified that both bumpers had been painted/replaced. My question is this: Did the dealership even know that? Who knows??? Either way, I'm not satisfied, happy, or content with my purchase. In fact, if I could give the car back, then I would!

I feel like I'm warranted in pleading with anyone wanting to go to this dealership with this: Please do not go to Toyota of Seattle. If you do, then make sure you document everything. I did, and I'm sending a formal notarized letter to the corporate office. Dealerships need to be held accountable. Perhaps if the (I hate to say it, but incompetent) management would have given me a call, apologized, anything(?)--or even my original salesman, then they could have handled the debacle with a little more grace and sophistication. But NO, they didn't, and I'm stuck with a car that I'm not sure is up to par with what it was claimed to be. Absolutely ridiculous and horrible experience.

Angela S. | 2008-08-20

My husband, MJ and I just purchased an 08' 4Runner 2 days ago! We had a very pleasant experience! Customer service was great, once we found someone, isn't it usually the other way around? The price we got on the 4Runner was great and we were treated fairly, we did leave happy and satisfied! There was no pressure from the salesman or the GM, it was a very laid back experience and a smooth transaction. Stuart was our salesman, (btw, he is very nice and patient) and he called us the day after our purchase and asked if everything with the vehicle was OK, I informed him that we were missing a part to the car and he said it was no problem and would be sending it to us in the mail and would be calling us in a few days to check up on us again... I love that!

Kris B. | 2008-07-09

I bought a new '08 Prius from Toyota of Seattle last November, and they were definitely a pleasure to buy from. This was my my first new car purchase so I was a bit nervous going in. But the sales staff was great, and helped me through the different options. Despite Priuses being in great demand, I was able to get them under MSRP, and they financed me for less than my credit union and AAA were offering -- about 2% less. I've since taken the car in to be serviced, and it was quick and professional (and free--a perk of buying new). Plus, free wi-fi in the waiting area!

My only complaint was that they didn't call when my license plates came in... I finally called two days before my temporary plates expired, and left work early to make sure I had the new plates on the car on time.

Shannon S. | 2008-07-07

First of all, I work with car dealers. Every SINGLE week-day of my life. I am one of those blessed people who have first hand knowledge of the wild car dealer in it's natural habitat.... the beast is tame-able.

I went looking for a Prius to test drive on a whim last March... I had previously and stupidly bought an 07 Ranger from Bill Pierre Ford, and with rising gas prices I was paying $250-$300 a month in gasoline. I walked on the lot with no intention to purchase that day. I knew that a baseline model would run somewhere in the $23k range.

After factoring in my negative equity from the truck, they agreed to finance me, and I walked out with a pretty good deal. 3 days later I get a call from the sales manager telling me the deal doesnt work, I have too much negative equity in the truck, and I cant be financed for more than the agreed upon amount, I basically would have needed to come up with an extra couple grand to cover the difference. Knowing this wasnt the best option, the sales manager went ahead and dropped the price of the vehicle down to $21k, and I only had to pull $500 out of savings to cover the rest. *Phew* B/c by that time I was completely, absolutely, undeniably in love with my Prius I was very thankful.

Instant BONUS: I bought while the tax incentive was still in place and got $1,575 back when I filed taxes! It pays to buy a Hybrid.

The only reason why they didn't get 5 stars is b/c one of the guys in the service dept. was a dick when I popped a tire (on a curb) and needed it replaced. He tried pulling the usual service dept. shtick, talked to me like I was a dumb broad, and was irreproachable. I complained to the GM and he was quick to respond and address the issue.

Timothy W. | 2008-04-23

Truthfully, I wish I could give them 1/2 a Star as that is all they deserve (if that much).

Recently (4/14/08) my son bought an '03 Toyota Corolla that was represented as a GOOD used car and come to find out the safety inspections was NEVER done and that they would not fix it.

They did give him his money back but they sold him a car with an Oil Pan that was not attached properly so all the oil went out and the engine was damaged.

After reading Rachel's report I wonder what is going on there with that "Said" service department.

Sadly this caused a lot of inconvenience and distress that surely was not desereved. They did provide a rental car, but that was 2 days AFTER they got the car in when they realized the problem was worse than they thought.

Prior to cutting a check I asked the Sales MAnager to try to "fit" my son into another vehicle of appropriate age and mileage. He said he would try but when my son went up there they were unyielding in the negoiation process.

One would think that after "blundering" the service of his NEW used car, they were more undertanding and want to "make it right" Truth is they only care about $$$$$. NO CUSTOMER EMPATHY OR SUPPORT!

I would not recommend anyone to buy a car from them

Zachary P. | 2007-04-25

I recently brought a used car here and i had a pretty good experience. i did have to bargain a bit but i got a pretty good deal and the salesmens were friendly and professional though the whole process. i cant rate their service department but i do have a high opinion of their sales department. there are two ways to buy a car i guess. you can haggle like mad till you get the price you want, or you can just pay asking price and be satisified with what you get. either way i think you can buy here and not feel bad about the deal the next day.

Rachel B. | 2006-08-22

I hate them. With a passion. And I am not a hater.

I took my truck to be serviced here and they totally expletive-ed it up!

It made tons of noise on the drive home and I had to get somewhere (uh this was quite a number of years ago so the details are hazy but the hate is still there) so I couldn't just go right back.

I called them at my first opportunity and they mushmouthed me.

I took it in and yep, they confirmed that they had expletived it up. And...

AND!!! They wanted me to pay for their expletive up!

I am so glad to finally have a forum in which to share my utter dismay with this place.