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Toyota of Lake City is a full disclosure dealership that offers a completely transparent buying process. We have a large selection of New Toyota's, Scion's, Used & Toyota Certified Pre-Owned in inventory giving you a great selection. We take pride in providing only the best in quality pre-owned vehicles & conduct a comprehensive multi-point quality assurance inspection of every vehicle. If you have experienced challenges in the past getting financed, our Special Finance team will work hard to get you the financing you need for your next vehicle purchase.

Whatever your automotive service needs are we are ready with professional highly skilled factory-trained technicians. Our award winning Service Department provides warranty repairs and routine maintenance on all Toyota & Scion models.  We also service other makes such as Lexus, Honda & many others. Our Parts Department offers a wide variety of performance parts, tires & accessories, from OEM to aftermarket; see all we have to offer.

Toyota of Lake City

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 818-7128
Address:13355 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98125
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Toyota of Lake City

S L. | 2015-04-06

Now for a review for the trade in process. This is an update.

I was told at time of negotiation because my vehicle is from Canada with metric (km) mileage, they would have to sell my car to a wholesaler and was too expensive to put in MPH odometer. So basically they couldn't give me as much because of this. Well, lo and behold, I went on their website today to see my car on their used website for over twice what they paid me!!

Yes the car is clean, in excellent condition, no accidents, minor wear and tear (it's a 10 year old car!) but they totally used pressure cooker tactics in negotiation and I fell for it. We love our new to us SUV but I am really sad to have fallen to their tactics. I would have rather held onto my car as it was worth way more to me than what we were given.

Somebody is going to love my old car, but I guess my advice to those trading in is to shop around and do your homework! I wish we did now, but unfortunately hindsight isn't helpful after the fact.

** For some reason Yelp deleted my previous review and replaced it with this one. Our transaction from start to finish seemed seemless but wool was pulled over our eyes in a couple ways. We had good customer service from Caryn K. and CJ Singh helped settle a major issue we had with our salesperson. Problems: told we bought  a CERTIFIED used Toyota, it wasn't. Our tires had 80% tread but lots of cracks in rubber - their OWN service department said it was a hazard. So, no way it could have been certified if they saw these tires. ToLC replaced tires to settle issue. Also, we were told by salesperson we bought a "sport edition" of our Highlander. In actuality it was a base model and previous owner added leather seats. They justified a much higher sales price because of this. Lastly, as described above, we got ripped off on my trade in. I give 5 stars to Caryn for customer service, 3 stars to CJ for his help. But, it was CJ who told me my car would be hard to sell and they'd have to sell it to a wholesaler because it's a Canadian car, etc.

Should have used my better judgement and not bought our car that day and subsequently get ripped off on our trade in. Very disappointed now that hindsight is helping shed the light.

C F. | 2015-02-21

The service department is incompetent and scammy. Incompetence is dangerous and costly when it comes to vehicle work. The problem seems to start with the service department management, who are also incompetent. Your worst fear when taking your car in for service is that the work will be done incorrectly, or that you will be charged way too much. Both of these happened to me at Toyota of Lake City.

I brought my 2010 Toyota in for a brake job. Should be simple, right? They must do dozens or hundreds of these in a year. Wrong. They totally botched the job.

They quoted me the cost of replacing the front brake pads, which is the work that I wanted done to my car. They also told me they wanted to clean out accumulated dust  in the rear drum brakes, and said that would cost several hundred dollars more. They said the dust cleaning wasn't essential, so I declined that work.

When I got the car back, I noticed that the entire car shuddered when I used the brakes. The faster I was going and harder I pressed the brake pedal, the worse the shuddering was. I called the dealership and spoke with the service manager, who downplayed my concerns and blamed it, sight unseen, on my refusal to have the dust cleaning work done. This upset me, as my car was now in worse shape than before I brought it in for service, and of course I paid hundreds of dollars for the "privilege" of having this happen. He claimed that he had seen this happen when the dust wasn't cleaned out, yet despite the fact that he seemed to possess this knowledge, when I had originally refused the service, he hadn't warned me that my car might be returned to me in worse condition.

Turns out he was full of BS anyway.

Fast forward some time later and I took my vehicle to a competent, independent mechanic. He found that the actual problem had nothing to do with "accumulated dust." Turns out, Toyota of Lake City only turned one of the front brake rotors, and left the other one as-is. Likewise, only one side of the front brakes had been re-greased. I'd paid full price for a half-assed job from Toyota of Lake City. After about 30 minutes of work by the independent mechanic, my car drives like it should once more.

Oh, and Toyota of Lake City's quote of several hundred dollars to clean dust from the rear brake drums? My independent mechanic let me watch as he showed me what that job actually entails: simply removing part of the rear brake system, turning the removed part on its side, and tapping it against something causes a pile of dust to fall out. When the car is already up on the rack for a brake job, it literally takes a seasoned mechanic 2 minutes to do this job.

Unbelievable, but lesson learned, I guess. I won't ever go back to the scam artists at Toyota of Lake City.

Jenny K. | 2015-02-13

Just got my new Prius from here and love it! Frank Chung and CJ were great help! They are a great team and very knowledgeable about their product. They were able to give me a great deal on my new Prius and even on my trade in. Everything was a smooth ride and can't ask for any better experience. :) I would definitely recommend Frank Chung and CJ to my friends.

Brad B. | 2015-01-06

I went through Costco auto program to purchase my toyota tundra. Recieved email from Frank Chung on Thursday met with him on Friday. I told him what I was looking for, found one at the port, asked about trading in my truck had no issues on the price on the trade in. Started the paperwork to get the ball rolling, picked up the truck on Sunday morning. I had a very good experience with frank  answered all my my questions. Loan department was very helpful as well. One thing I did not ask was what other deals was going on to lower the price. Overall I am happy with my purchase and how I was treated

Sheri P. | 2014-12-28

I wish I could give them NO stars.  Ali Ghoraishi the General Sales manager is a liar.  I went in yesterday to test drive a plug in prius.  I asked for the Costco discount or the true car discount.  He told me the Costco discount was the best.  That is the one he would tell his mother to use.  Yada. Yada. Yada.  That was after he went away for about 15 min trying to pound the numbers!!  Then he says that with the Costco discount I get the Green Car Package.  I asked for the price so I could take it home to my husband.  Upon checking the website this morning the price he gave me was the price listed on the website.  The website said you could name your price.  He took off $754, then added back $595 for the Green Car package that he said came with the Costco deal.  Smoke and mirrors.  He is why people hate car salesman. Greasy!!!!

Cameron F. | 2014-12-26

I have very mixed feelings about this dealership. I purchased a used car from them in August and have had a poor taste left in my mouth since then. Firstly, the staff were really ingenuine. I did not feel like they truly cared about my needs in a way that made me feel respected and valued as a customer willing to spend thousands of dollars there. While a long, drawn-out negotiation process is expected when buying cars nowadays, this interaction felt particularly dishonest and every attempt of mine to speak felt steamrolled over as the three levels of salesmen appeared to check-out as soon as I said anything and were just waiting for the next silent pause to begin speaking again.

Next, I will address the quality of the car and terms negotiated. Be VERY CAUTIOUS when they concede and allow things that you request. With my purchase and contingent acceptance of their out-the-door offer, I requested an additional key be made (since this used car only came with 1), and that my purchase was subject to a private mechanic's inspection. When they were rushing me through signing of documents in their back room, they conveniently "forgot" to include any of these terms in writing, and only added them after my request when they shoved a document in front of me stating that any verbal term agreed upon by the salesmen were void if not in writing and included in these documents. I have a strong feeling that they were secretly attempting to get out of these obligations and hoping I would be fatigued enough with their unnecessarily long negotiation process that I would forget at least until after I drove away.

After all this, I was frustrated most certainly, but had resigned to finish the process and just buy the car anyway because I really did not want to go through the whole process again just because of my feelings of contempt. I signed the final documents and bid the staff a good night, appreciating them staying roughly an hour after their closing time.

Upon an inspection the following day by my mechanic friend, within 10 minutes of walking around the car, there were lots of things not even mentioned by the salesmen that their so-claimed "certified technicians" and "toyota expert mechanics" did not even notice during their several hours spent refurbishing my car which the salesmen made such a big deal about. The items were tiny, but not insignificant in nature. The air conditioning cap was missing, the hood prop rod was broken, and my bumper wasn't properly fastened down and caused it to flop around loosely when shaken. There was a laundry list of these items and I find it hard to believe that so many of these were overlooked by "specialists who have dedicated their entire careers working specifically with toyota." I returned with the car and was greeted with noticeable displeasure by their staff. We agreed to have several items resolved, but they would not agree to fix everything because "the items would cost more than their profit margin on the car" and "I had negotiated the price so low that it was unreasonable to expect them to fix every issue." The best part? The items they agreed to resolve were scheduled to take place a full week after I returned to their dealership displeased, but WERE RESCHEDULED TWO MORE TIMES WITHIN SHORT NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT.

After every small item occurred, I shined it on. I am not a man of confrontation and really just wanted to be done with the transaction and feel happy about it. And for a while, I was. I convinced myself that this treatment is acceptable given the industry. You know what though, it really is not ok. I was treated very poorly and will not be returning to conduct business with them again.

Margaret S. | 2014-12-25

I'm the owner of a 2013 Toyota I purchased in October of 2012.  
A year ago i would have given this place four stars but my last two experiences with them have left something to be desired.  The customer service has been terrible. It is impossible to get anyone on the phone in service and if you do happen to reach someone and they are not your "advisor" they will not be able to help you. Don't expect the advisor to call you back either no matter how many messages you leave.  There will be no guarantees of a ride from a shuttle to get your vehicle, no answers as to when your work will be finished and you will probably spend more than a week trying to get someone on the phone who can actually schedule your appointment in the first place.

Dina K. | 2014-12-04

I had the pleasure of working with George, he was very helpful and eager to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. I also was able to work with Raad again, and let me just say, he made the whole leasing process a breeze, it can be very overwhelming but he made it the easiest experience. I highly recommend George and Raad, it was easy, fast and I left completely happy! Thank you!!!

Jennie N. | 2014-11-21

Great experience today! Customer service is outstanding. Very personal and friendly. I'll be sticking with Toyota for a long time.

Airy A. | 2014-10-20

Mixed reactions to this place... some of the regular "icky" sales tactics mixed with some great people; it just depends on who you get.

In the sales team I'd like to highlight Todd for dealing with me on a first annoying day, and David for having such amazing refreshing straight-forward friendliness. It definitely made a difference. I'd say seek those guys out if have to come here. I'd probably had given this place a 4 or 5 star review if they were the only ones I had to deal with.

At a later visit, the service department was extremely friendly, although fairly busy/slow for the job they were tasked with. Solid enough.

Overall... it's a place that is trying to sell cars and make money... with the expected result.

Mark W. | 2014-10-11

If you're really browsing and early in the buying cycle don't go here! My wife and I were casually looking for a highlander. We stopped in here during the week, and it was immediately greeted by a sales person. He was open, full of information, and really had a passion for this car - definitely pleasantly surprised with the experience. The dealership itself loos pretty new and is nicely laid out.

We did a test drive and decided to come back to check out a trade in. After that we agreed we should price our trade in to start to look at numbers. That's when it got pressured and frankly rude. The manager came back and said, "we're not going to run an estimate for you. You can look these up on kbb and get a range." He promptly slide the keys across the table. We were shocked at the customer service and left immediately. He then had the audacity to continue calling us during the week to identify three more highlanders that had come in.

He sales person was great - would definitely buy from him. He management makes me not want to ever return.

Barbara B. | 2014-10-11

I had an incredibly awful experience here.  I put a $3000 deposit on a car that was supposed to be delivered from Eastern Washington the next week.  I called several times to be sure it was coming and was told yes, but on the day I was supposed to pick it up, I was told it had been sold.  I called the dealership in Eastern Washington and found out that it was sold 2 days after I put a deposit down on it and signed paperwork.  No one called to tell me that in the next 5 days and the only way I found out was because I physically went to the dealership.  It took another week for my money to be refunded.  I was lied to, pressured and treated quite rudely.  I will never go back even though this is the closest dealership.  I went to Magic Toyota and bought a car in one day without any hassle and without pressure.  They were pleasant, honest and great!  So, glad I left Lake City.

Sergei V. | 2014-10-07

Good service, great cars. I definitely recommend you this place.
They give a good trade-in price for my dodge challenger and sell me used bmw for a reasonable price. James is a pretty nice sales guy, ask for him.

David S. | 2014-09-19

I'm not generally one to write a negative review for a company I haven't truly done business with. But, my recent, brief, experience at Toyota of Lake City was so, well gross, that days later I'm still disgusted and angry and feel like the company deserves a full-on blistering one-star review.

First some background/context.

My current ride is a 2003 Ford Ranger with 120,000 miles and really bad brakes. To say that the vehicle is utilitarian is generous. It's a money sucking death trap. So, faced with the prospect of expensive repairs, high miles and a passenger capacity of three (and a family of four), I started flirting with the idea of upgrading. I'm not interested in anything new, but if I could find something that was an '09 or '10 with 40,000 miles, well that would last me a long time.

Which is how I ended up at Toyota of Lake City one recent Sunday peering into the driver-side windows of the three four-door Toyota Tacomas they had on their used car lots.


Fifteen seconds is exactly the amount of time I had before a sales guy globed onto me, presenting himself as my new best friend. That's fine. I didn't really mind. The vehicles were locked, so I was going to need his help if I wanted to sit in one anyway. The start of the conversation was very cordial. I explained that I was just looking and asked some questions about the three models that were parked together. I asked if I could sit in one--the least expensive one--and he was more than happy to grab a key.

At this point I was still ok with this guy's help. I know not all car lots keep all of their cars unlocked all day, and this is Lake City after all. On any given day, an unlocked vehicle might quickly be turned into a bed for one of the locals. After about 2 minutes he returned with a keyfob--for the most expensive truck.


Annoyed, I climbed into the truck. Even though there was exactly zero chance that I would be buying this particular vehicle, at this point my interest was more about comfort and room. "Start it up," he suggested. "Nah, that's ok," I replied. I had no intention of taking this vehicle out for a test drive and starting it isn't going to show me anything I don't already know. I assume it runs.

While I can't dictate verbatim the conversation over the next few minutes, it went something like this:

Him: Take it out for a test drive.
Me: No thanks.

Him: You really should take it out for a test drive.
Me: I'm really more interested in just sitting here and checking out the interior.

Him: Hey I have an idea, why don't you give your wife a call and have her come down for a test drive.
Me: (Now in the back seat.) You know, after sitting here in the back seat for several minutes, I've decided that there's really not enough leg room for two teenagers and the bench isn't really that comfortable. I'm gonna pass.

At which point I attempt to get out of the back seat only to find myself blocked by this guy. Not blocked in a menacing way mind you, but blocked as in it was distinctly awkward for me to get out while contorting myself around his stationary body.

Now I'm really annoyed--but maybe not so annoyed that I would write a one star review.

As I start my truck and begin to pull out of the lot I see someone in a suit desperately running towards me from the new car lot across the street, frantically waving his arms. What is it? Has something terrible happened? Am I dragging someone under my car?

I slam the breaks and quickly unroll my window preparing to hear some tragic news.

Panting he arrives. "Hi, I'm the manager here. [Salesman] tells me you're interested in one of our beautiful Tacomas. Why don't you take it out for a drive?"

I kid you not.

Imagine the worst stereotype of used car salesmen you can--pushy, poor listeners, not trustworthy, high pressure--and that's what I encountered that day at Toyota of Lake City.

The worst.

Kumi Y. | 2014-09-13

Just bought a car for my brother for his birthday and our sales rep James Cui really helped us be able to drive the car off the lot! Highly recommend him!

Opal D. | 2014-08-30

At Toyota of Lake City, smoke and mirrors come standard with every vehicle purchase.
They still use this oldie but a goodie, "that vehicle was sold but this one (exact same model with no additional features) will cost you [whatever you came in agreeing to pay plus a couple thousand dollars]."
Other ones like "good guy, bad sales manager" and "add-ons (Green Package) you never wanted as negotiation tools" were also used.
It is an exhausting experience buying a car here.

Sang C. | 2014-08-21

I scheduled an oil change before a road trip for 8:30 am thinking I'd be in and out without a problem. Boy was I wrong.

I got into my appointment on time and I should have immediately known I was going to have a bad experience. Why are there so many employees at computers doing nothing if only one can help me? I don't think getting my name, odometer mileage, and service information is that difficult.

After waiting idly in my car for much too long, the correct "adviser" finally came and took my keys. He said it'd take 90 minutes and I optimistically thought, "maybe he's overestimating".

Unfortunately, it took two hours and I have no idea why. How can a service department be award winning if it can't do one of the most basic jobs in a timely fashion? And why would they let me schedule an appointment if they knew it would take so grotesquely long?

Overall, I'm distraught, confused, and disappointed.

On a side note, it's great that there is a Caffé D'arte and a new lounge, but they don't recycle . . . what? Was I even in Seattle anymore?

Oh and thanks for letting me know about my hazardous (and dirty) floor mat by throwing it on the now soiled back seat.

Kount K. | 2014-07-20

We did not have the horrible buying experience most did.  We knew what we wanted to buy, knew what we wanted to pay, and ultimately got the car at the price we wanted.    Salesmen are always going to try to push all the extras and add-ons and will also quote you a higher price hoping you don't negotiate.  That should be expected.  Temesgen(T) was our initial salesperson.  He was super nice and patient and not at all what you expect from a salesman.  Then it was it time to make he deal he turned it over to his boss or another experience salesperson who of course came to us with an offer that was absurd.  He asked us what we wanted to pay and magically he walked away and came back to us with about $120 chopped off the monthly lease price.  (Love it when they say "I will go talk to my boss and see if we can lower the price" and he just walks around the shop and comes back to the table with a lower price).  
One thing everyone should keep in mind is that if you see a deal on TV or in the paper, you will NEVER get that deal at the dealer.  They always say it was a typo or you don't qualify or that's before taxes.  It's just bull to get you into the dealer.  But any dealer would rather have you pay what YOU want to pay rather than have you walk out and lose a sale.

David E. | 2014-05-09

I don't know, nor can I speak to the previous reviews that were less than stellar.  My own experience surprised me in how sincere and pressure-free my experience was at Lake City Toyota.  

I'll be honest when I say that I'm not a "shill" for this place. The last time I bought a car, it was from Downtown Toyota, and the experience was good enough that I went there first when I started searching for a new truck. Unfortunately, when I did pay them a visit, they were sold out of Tacomas.

I then went online to renew my search and eventually found my way to Lake City Toyota's website.  I scheduled a test drive for one of the Tacoma trucks they had on lot.

When I arrived, Carlos, the senior sales rep, greeted me at the door and turned me over to Sandra and Justice, his "numbers" and "gear" specialists.  Good combo, as they were able to answer any and all questions my wife and I had about pricing and features.  My wife was the tough customer, because she put the heat on them for all discounts and financing packages.  In response, I felt they were able to meet me with a deal that gave me what I wanted in a truck (and then some!) at a rate that I could handle. But, wait!  There's more...

Once you settle on your interest and your monthly, the hand you over to financing.  Again, these folks were real and totally willing to work with my limitations to get me what I wanted.  But financing is also where you talk options that jack up your bottom line.  Yes, that did happen, but Dave in Financing did what he could to deliver the extras I wanted at the minimal increase on my monthly. Pretty darn sweet.

So here's the deal:  I really like these folks.  I honestly feel they did their best to be transparent with what they could offer me.  Along with that, they were very patient, gracious, present, accommodating, and just plain nice.  

And here's another item:  I contracted for a "detailing" package that called for me to bring my truck back again. No big deal. They offered me a loaner so I would have wheels for the day. I passed on the offer, because my wife wasn't working the day and could ferry me back and forth.  Though there was a glitch in the weather-proofing treatment, they did their best to finish by the end of the day in order to deliver me perfect results. I have to thank Duane for his perseverance. He delivered my truck looking in Bristol fashion.

Good job, Lake City Toyota.  I am one happy customer. You guys rock my world. You folks do try your best and are very nice through the process.  I thank you again!

Dave Eriksen

Rebecca S. | 2014-03-12

Just purchased a Prius here. Granted any car buying experience would get low stars (seriously, WORST industry ever, please let me beg you to buy your product), but if you go here beware 3 things: 1) They will try you sneak an $850 'green package' on you that's worth way less, they will try to sneak a $250 window etching on you that you can do elsewhere for about $25 and they are really pushy about extended warranties after you've purchased and signed.

Marie B. | 2014-02-01

I'm a Toyota convert since 2009 and enjoy my reliable and energy efficient Corolla bought during the Cash for Clunkers national campaign. I've had my car service here (except for tires from Les Schwab). I'm really surprised to read the several low scores and negative comments from other Yelpers, because I've had nothing but awesome service.

I've waited on site, I've rented a car, I've dropped my car off the night before,  I've used their shuttle service, and I've commuted to/from their dealership via Metro. I've had excellent, thorough, consistent, and professional service for nearly five years. I miss the days of the free vacuuming and car wash, but at least one is provided with a complimentary car wash coupon at Brown Bear.

Maybe the reason of my exceptional experience is that my service advisor at Lake City Toyota is Greg D. of the Gold Team. He and his team goes the above and beyond to get the job done on time and correctly the first time which is greatly appreciated by me. Highly recommended and to steal a line from an insurance company, you're in good hands with Greg D. of the Gold Team.

Lea P. | 2013-12-30

Do not waste your time and money taking your car to this place.

They supposedly performed a 60k miles service on my car and managed to miss a nail in a tire (that I specifically mentioned during check in) and a wiper that was literally falling apart.

Next day when I noticed the nail was still in the tire I called to check if they indeed performed the tire rotation and the person on the phone said they did but the tire with the nail was exactly in the same spot as before. After a lot of back and forth with management and customer service (and called a liar several times) they didn't think I deserved my money back. They offered me a deal if I wanted to trade in my car (yeah right...) or a deal if I wanted to replace the 4 tires. I took my car to 3 other toyota dealerships and one of them offered to patch the tire for free since the nail didn't compromise the integrity of the tire.

Anyway, I'm taking my car back to the place that patched the tire to have it serviced again since I don't believe lake city toyota did anything to my car. And we're doing our upgrade to a highlander there too.

Don't trust them with your car. They're not honest people.

Jack V. | 2013-12-11

Bought my 2013 Prius C here. I had looked on the internet and requested a quote for a package 2 that was in their inventory. The internet sales person was friendly and knowledgeable about the hybrid. I took a test drive and knew it was the car I wanted. The sales manager did approach me about lease options, which I was not interested in. I basically got the package 2 for the price of the package 1 Prius. Be forewarned, you will get presented with the add-ons from the finance manager--things like undercoating, paint sealant, extended warranty. Just be armed with good information. and decide which options you really need. Anyone who keeps a car past 5 years should consider the extended warranty, especially on a hybrid, which have a lot of electronic components. Overall, I was happy with the experience and would go back.

Greg B. | 2013-11-30

I was just car shopping today, didn't know what I wanted and wanted to just walk around. I was pestered by the salesman and the sales manager SO much that I left earlier than I normally would have. I told them both clearly that I didn't know what I was looking for since I was at the beginning of my search, but they kept pestering me with what features I was looking for and what cars caught my eye and what kind of cars I was interested in and on and on. It was very clear that I wasn't going to be allowed to shop in my own way, so I left without test driving anything. If you want to be schmoozed into a car, this is the place. Not for me though.

Roy Y. | 2013-11-18

I am writing this review for the Green team service group. I have not purchased a car from them, I own a Prius 2010. I have always been happy with their service. I believe their service dept is very professional and courteous, they know their stuff.

I may recommend to others to do a computer reservation and as needed the overnight / early morning drop off has always been good for me. Last I checked they have van service up to a certain mile if you drop off while regular hours. they have now outsourced the car washing to brownbear which is awesome.

I wish I had done my tire change elsewhere (like C_stco) though because they had quoted me $400+ at first and it ended up about $600 (Alignment etc etc). All in all I'd still trust them for my regular oil changes and regular maintenance.

Rochelle M. | 2013-10-25

Three stars because they have a nice waiting lounge! And because Michael was nice and not pushy. Took my car in to get recall issues figured out. The mechanics fixed it but also found other issues. I called up my brother who is a mechanic, did some  research and found out they tried to oversell me on a few things. No hard feelings though, it's their job I suppose. Customer service on the repair end was good but it just took so long. I was there from about 9:00 until 1:00. Long time to tell me very little. Not gonna be my first stop when the Toyota needs some care.

Says L. | 2013-08-19

Just bought my used Sequoia from here and Ali and Sasha were awesome.  I called up Ali and told him I was interested in it.  I live a busy life and couldn't make it down to look at the car.  However, Ali walked around it for me, told me about the condition and what services that were done to it and gave me great price along with a great trade in value on my truck.  Then Sasha drove the car to my work in Renton and delivered the car and the paperwork for me to sign in the middle of rush hour.  Now that's going above and beyond!

Keith R. | 2013-05-23

I recently replaced the tires on my 2013 Sienna. A few days later the tire sensor light came on. The Toyota dealer said the tire company broke the sensor and the dealer wanted $350 to replace it. I went back to Discount Tire and they acknowledged it was broken and they replaced it for free in 15 minutes. If Discount Tire has the part on hand and installs for free, how can the Toyota dealer justify $350 for one sensor? It's disappointing to think that Toyota was willing to rip me off for $350.  I give them two stars because their shuttle service was effective, and they where quick in their attempt to scalp me. Glad I didn't buy the van from them, and I guess I'll be looking elsewhere for service. Can't do business with a dealership that is so greedy.

Matt S. | 2013-03-31

I love Toyotas but I've yet to have a good experience at a Toyota dealer. Toyota of Lake City is no different. My wife and I bought a Prius here in 2012. The purchase experience was ok, I did all of the negotiating via email to avoid the hard sell dealers usually give you in person. When we picked up the car and signed all the paperwork we asked for Cougar plates, they weren't sure if they could get them but assured us they would either make it happen or call us to let us know they couldn't do it. Surprise surprise, when the plates came several weeks later they were not Cougar plates and of course no one bothered to call us. Strike one.

The next thing that happened is that we got a letter from our bank, BECU. They informed us the dealer had put the title in my name and not theirs as the lender. Strike two for Toyota. We told the sales person and finance person over and over that we were financing part of the balance and they still got it wrong. So now I have to go spend time at DMV to fix their mistake.

Eventually our car, after only one month, developed a problem with the USB input. It stopped working intermittently despite trying different cords and devices. We scheduled the appointment using their online scheduling system - the most mind numbingly awful online scheduling tool I have ever witnessed. It was implemented by a web developer who has no idea as to the expected work-flow of scheduling an appointment. It is a truly scary application. But I digress...

So we took our Prius in, assuming they would replace the USB port since all this is under warranty. But to my surprise they would not replace it because they could not duplicate the problem. I spoke to the service "manager", some slimy bald guy who just deflected my concern. "Just bring it in to any dealer when it stops working again". I explained the port often comes loose and pops right out of the console but he didn't flinch. Yea, that is why I spent my time missing work for this service appointment, so I can try to rush in to a dealer in time for them to believe me the next time it breaks. Sure I will just drop everything and hope that the next person believes me. Really? Questioning the customer and wasting their time is far from superior service. This service manager guy needs to go to an Apple store some time to see how real customer service works. Third strike Mr. Service manager - please take a management class at an accredited college or do something to improve your attitude.

So to recap, no call about plates, screwed up title, horrible online scheduling system, and bad service for a cheap freaking USB port.  Way to really support your customers after the post-sales period. Do you feel like you just have so many new customers you don't need to bother with goodwill or follow-through for your existing customers? Sad.

Hopefully this review and others like it does more financial damage to the dealer beyond the very little time and money they could have spent to provide me with actual customer service. I say keep on driving if you are looking for a Toyota, one of these Puget Sound dealerships must be better than this place.

Joann U. | 2013-02-23

My mother was in a car accident that totaled her car. For all the crap i've given her through the years, I decided to purchase a new car for her.

One of my good friends from college has a friend that works here, so I decided to set up an appointment with Sean M. I've met him a few times prior and he was always nice. When I was thinking of where to go to buy a new car, I was going to go to Bob Bridge (because that is the closest Toyota dealership to me, and plus I go there for my service since I bought my Rav4 from there) but then remembered that Sean worked for a Toyota dealership, just had to find out which one.

Sean had me working with Vera, who was very kind ... let us go on a test drive and what not. After negotiating a price, we ended up signing for the car that day. Both Vera and Sean made sure that we received the best service possible and made it simple and easy and it was just GREAT! Both of them deserve 5 stars if I was rating this solely on them.

I would have given one more star but I wasn't impressed with the service department. Though the way it's set up is very nice, my first experience bringing my car in was going great.... until I went to pick up the car. I decided to give their service department a try, even if it meant a further commute than usual had I gone to Bob Bridge instead. I had to drop the car off for all day service to get the protection package done to the car and was set up with a loner car (though I can't fault the dealership for their Hertz Car Rental representative for being late coming in....that's Hertz's bad). The person who checked us in was really nice and great and went over everything that was going to happen to the car - even pointed out some protection film that was coming off and had that fixed. Got a call from him later on in the afternoon saying my car was done and ready for pick up. When I came back, the service rep that helped us when we checked the car in had already gone for the day. I found someone to help me with the check out process ... and I think the thing that irked me was that he just gave me keys and said thanks and went back to what he was doing. OK THAT'S GREAT but it's my first time coming in for service and you're not going to bring my car to me or at least tell me where my freaking car is?! I DONT KNOW WHERE YOU FREAKING PARKED MY CAR. I had to ask him ... so where do I go, where the hell is my car? He pointed outside and said that it SHOULD be right outside the door and just to hit my panic button to find my car. REALLY? really.

REALLY?! I was hoping my car was nearby outside the entrance and no, it wasn't there. We walked around the freaking lot and still could not find my freaking car (and it didnt help that I didn't have a license plate yet so any silver car with the lime green colored paper in the license plate holder could have been mine). Walked wherever I could see a car similar to mine was. Could not find it. As we walked to the BACK parking lot my car finally responded to the panic button - all the crap that the service people put in the car was still there (plastic, covers for the floor mats etc). UGH I was not happy about that, nor was I impressed. I am thinking about moving my service to Bob Bridge Toyota because I've never had a problem with their service department with my other car and at least they bring my car to me when service is done so i'm not left wandering around a lot trying to find my car. I did give this dealership service dept a chance but they didn't make it worth the drive up.

Elizabeth L. | 2013-02-05

Steep decline since its re-opening - avoid this dealership.

What should have been a 1 hr. visit took 2 hours total and forced me to reschedule other appointments. Service rep was terse and never apologized for the delay, excusing himself due to a busy Sat. I was literally speechless at such poor form.

Will only return for a service appointment if I can secure an appointment with Anna-Marie, who is professional and courteous.

Irene S. | 2013-02-02

Just purchased a car here. The had the last model i was looking for in the area.

They push hard for a $900 "green car" package that is added to each car. Which is basically useless and just pads their bottom end. Plus they sneak it in at the end, and dont publish it on their sticker or website. Shaddy

otherwise not too bad but dont fall for the green car bs.

Shizuko N. | 2013-02-01

ugh. I hope they have fixed their damn phone system....

Despite Toyota of Lake City being the closest dealership to my place, I never go here.
Me to Operator : "May I make an appointment for maintenance?"
Operator: "Please hold"
6 rings later
Operator: "Hello Toyota of Lake City, how may I direct your call"
Me: "Service Department please"
6 rings later
Operator: "Hello Toyota of Lake City, how may I direct your call"
Me: "service department ??"
6 rings later
Operator: "Hello Toyota of Lake City, how may I direct your call"
Me: "Service Department . excuse me.. do you not have a voicemail for your service department?"
Operator: "Yes we do, let me forward you to them..."
6 rings later
Operator: "Hello Toyota of Lake City, how may I direct your call"
Me: "Sorry, this is the 5th time I have talked with you, your service department's voicemail is NOT working.. please can you just take a message for them to call me when they are free?"
Operator: "It should be working.. let me forward you.."
6 rings later
Operator: "Hello Toyota of Lake City, how may I direct your call"
Me: Hi Again, it keeps directing me to you..."
Operator: *Sarcastic Sigh* "Fine I'll take a message, name and number?"

Sorry your voicemail is not working lady.... : ( Oh yeah I still have never received a call 1 year later.  Can you understand though why I wouldn't bother calling them back?

But once you get past the phone, their service department is great.  Especially if you're a first time buyer! They explain everything in detail for me and in language I can understand.  But, unless they get online scheduling I won't be coming back for anything.

Mary Michael C. | 2013-01-23

Was in to test drive cars.  The salesman was nice, however the sales manager quoted us a price, and then did not honor it.  Now they are calling us to "see what they can do to make a deal".  Typical car dealership.  We went to 405 Motors in Woodinville..Great experience and we bought a car from them. They were awesome!

Anna I. | 2013-01-11

I can guarantee you that even if my next car is a Toyota (it probably won't be) I certainly won't be buying it from Toyota of Lake City. I'd set out to test drive a few cars that day because my car is getting up in years and I wanted to see what was out there. I figured I'd best try out a Toyota since reliability is a big concern and Toyotas are relatively low-cost in terms of maintenance.

I'd barely gotten two steps outside of my car when a salesperson rushed up to me and nabbed me. She asked me what I was interested in looking at and I told her that I wanted to look at compact or subcompact sedans, most likely a Corolla. She parked me at a table and gave me some forms to fill out for the test drive. One form was a contact form. I stupidly gave my phone number thinking they needed it for the test drive, but I had the presence of mind to request that they not call me for sales purposes.

So after a bit of a wait in the middle of the dealership she found a Corolla and led me out. She was seriously trying to sell me this car on the basis of space for "all my shopping bags." She never would have said that to a man. And when I told her that I didn't shop too often she tried to recover by telling me how much space I'd have for my groceries. I have a friend with a Smart Car and she can get all the groceries she needs in her car, so I'm not overly concerned with grocery bag space. I took a look around the car and then we were off for the test drive. Maybe three blocks in I realized that this wasn't the car for me. I didn't want to waste her time so I started heading back for the dealership and told her this wasn't the car for me because it wasn't particularly fun to drive, that features-wise it had a hard time standing up to my ten year old car, and that it didn't seem as nice as my old car.

Once we got back to the dealership she pulled the manager out to talk to me. I explained again that I was looking for a small city car, something nimble and fun to drive. He tried to get me into the Prius C. I wasn't comfortable in the car and said so. Then he tried to move me into a RAV4. I very specifically told him that I did not want an SUV or a crossover, I wanted a sedan. He told me to sit in the car and kept insisting that he "saw me" in this car. I thanked him for his time but told him I just didn't want any of these cars. Then he tried to tell me how he could see that I was price conscious and therefore I was definitely a Toyota buyer. I told him firmly for the third time that I wasn't interested and that I appreciated their time.

A few days later I received a call from the saleswoman wanting to get me back in to talk about buying a new Toyota. I called the dealership back and told them that I had asked not to be cold-called and that I wanted them to take me off their list. Bottom line is that I wouldn't buy a car from Toyota of Lake City.

Thien M. | 2013-01-05

This is a must visit place, if you're looking to purchase a new car. Employees and managers were very helpful. Ask for asst. manager Sean Mitchell and Art Campos, he was enthusiastic and helpful. For a first time buyer, must visit.

O O. | 2013-01-05

Ok, if I could rate it 0 stars, I would!
Don't even think going to this dealership.
Back in 2006, I came to purchase Corolla and after strenuous hour of negotiation with a dealer (don't remember his friggin' name) he got so frustrated that he could not rip me off, I finally asked him why he was wasting my whole hour of time if he could not lower the overpriced Corolla. He told me because they need to charge me said price because "who is going to pay for the overhead costs of maintaining the building: the lights, furniture etc)... yes, he literally said that! That moment I waked out telling him I am driving to Everett's Rodland to buy my car (which I did). He was enraged, and followed me to my vehicle literally barking at me like a dog. I closed a nice deal at Rodland in less than 45 minutes (not most pleasant either), but waaaay more pleasant than the Lake City Toyota experience. The dude from Toyota of LC calls me the next day asking me to come back and try to break a deal. I told him I already bought my vehicle from Rodland's. He was enraged so much, I had to cut him off. What a bull.
Now, even for a service, I drive my Corolla to Everett; would not even think to bring it to this place, even though I live only 10 blocks from it.
Please make your purchase elsewhere, these folks ought to be ashamed of unprofessional and poor customer service coupled with greediness. I don't think so.
So long TLC.

David V. | 2013-01-04

Bought my truck from this place in 2006. I was not pleased with the sales staff then. They were rude when it came down to dealing on the truck. I almost walked out. As far as the service dept. the last time I took it in for an oil change they said that I needed a new water pump and a new power steering rack. My truck only had 35000 miles on it and it and it is a 2006 tacoma. I have always kept up on the maintenance on my truck and I take great care of it. Wha a joke. I have been monitoring my fluids since that visit and have seen no leaking of any kind and my fluid levels been fine. To top it off I had a friend of mine that is a auto mechanic look at it and he checked it over and he found nothing wrong. This place tried to rip me off. I will never do business at toyota of lake city again. I have told so many people about my experience and to never buy from them or get your car serviced there. I work to hard for my money to be fucked around like that. I do not recamend buying a car or getting car service from this place.

Lynn N. | 2012-11-27

I'd been on the fence about trading in my '02 Mazda for a new car for a while since I was worried about not getting a good price.
Eric Park helped me get a great deal on my trade-in and worked hard to find a nice Scion TC that I am more than happy with.
As a young woman, I always felt pretty uneasy going to car dealerships, but Eric made sure the whole negotiating process was painless, never seemed shady, and didn't try to pressure me in buying more than I needed. He was also very helpful in answering my questions. In the end, I got a good deal with a low interest rate.
I had a great experience and would highly recommend working with Eric on your next purchase!

Ian M. | 2012-09-05

I was called by a salesmen there telling me they would buy my vehicle that i had listed on craigslist. They told me they would pay full asking price and buy it outright, no contingencies. When i got there my 15.5k vehicle was magically only worth 12k, tried to get me to trade it in on an overpriced BMW and they continued to try and tell me how private selling my vehicle was a terrible idea. Upper management and owners do not care about the business or franchise. I am surprised Toyota has not yanked their franchise as a whole from these people. Run from them like the plague!

Lynn G. | 2012-06-17

My car had been rear ended at the beginning of the month, and seeing the back of it crumpled like a piece of paper made me realize we needed a bigger and safer car. Having read the scathing reviews about Toyota of Lake City, I was reluctant to visit but because they have changed management since most of these reviews were written I gave them a shot. I'm glad I did.

My husband has been set on a  4Runner for ages. We did a lot of research, visited multiple dealers, and ended up with Toyota of Lake City.

We visited 405 Motors in Woodinville first. If you are looking for a quality car, decently priced, and car salesmen that don't bother you, go there. We could've gotten a 2007 4Runner with 54k for wholesale price, traded in our recently repaired car, and had a lovely monthly payment. We decided on the 2006 LTD 4X4 with 95k, for the KBB price because of its features. I digress.

My husband went in with doubts that we could afford this vehicle, which had been on Craigslist for weeks...because of its price I'm not surprised it didn't sell. I saw it one day driving by and inquired about it. I was helped by Alberto, a Greek man with a heavy accent, who is very knowledgeable about the vehicle we wanted and is also great with children. I told him to call me if any other 4Runners came in. Sure enough, the next day I received a call from his manager, Jeff, and was informed that there were two more 4Runners that came in and was asked when we could schedule a time to come in. I couldnt come in until the weekend, and by that time, they had been sold.

The same day, we had visited Toyota of Kirkland, and to be honest, I'm glad we didn't buy from them. After running our credit and realizing another party had already started on the paperwork for the exact vehicle we wanted, the person helping us, Ghassan, tried to talk us into buying a sedan instead. We left.

Upon arrival at Toyota of Lake City, we were greeted by an assistant who directed us where we needed to go, and everyone was very friendly. Karen, in customer service, is an angel. We  both took turns test driving it and fiddling around with every knob we could find. Alberto asked us where wanted to go, and he directed us there. I didn't feel rushed at all. We both surprised him when we slammed on the breaks mid-drive though. Gotta' test the brakes!

After the test drive we were waiting to talk to someone in finance about our options, and my husband looked up the price of the car on KBB. We voiced our pricing concerns with Alberto, and when he sat down to talk numbers he dropped it down to KBB. We could tell he got lectured for doing so by his superiors, but it really showed integrity to my husband and I, and we were impressed with the fairness. Jeff, the financial advisor helping us, was amazing. Very knowledgeable, very accommodating. He tried everything he possibly could to help us get the car payments to something we could manage but our credit isn't the greatest, so it was difficult. It was a little too high, and we parted ways on a good note asking him to give us a call if any other 4Runners came in at a lower price. We were about to drive to 405 Motors and close the deal with them. We didn't tell Jeff that of course. Before we could get to our car in the parking lot, he ran out and stopped us, saying if we made a deposit on the car, he would try and negotiate with his GM about lowering the monthly payments. He assured us if we couldn't get the numbers where we needed them when the GM returned from vacation, that our deposit was 100% refundable. We got it in writing and made the deposit.

The day we came back to sign the paperwork, Alberto brought us coffee and donuts, and kept our eldest son occupied while we tended to Jeff. After finally seeing that what he was doing was working in our favor, we signed. While my husband was in finance, I took the kids to the play room, which is an amazing convenience and I wish more places that required adults go do paperwork had designated play areas.

The next day, when I came to drop off a check, I noticed squeaking in the brakes, interference in the radio in AUX mode, and the E brake had to depressed completely to the floor to engage. I spoke with the guys in the repair department and I was taken care of. Made an appointment the next day, they paid for a comparable sized rental for the day whilst my car was being repaired, and when I picked it up it was cleaner than when I had dropped it off. The repairs were made free of charge. Karen in customer service, and Michael in Repairs are amazing. They are courteous, knowledgeable, and return your calls promptly.

Besides the obvious pressures of buying a car, our experience at Toyota of Lake City was an enjoyable one.

Michelle D. | 2012-04-09

I had a great experience recently purchasing a brand new 2012 Prius C from Rebecca Hall their Internet Sales Manager. She and her fellow associates worked really hard to get the exact car I wanted. Also, almost 3 weeks after the fact making sure that I am still happy with the car and are prompt to answer any questions I may have. I felt that the negotiating process was fair and it was one of the easiest experiences that I have had.

I don't have to tell you that the Finance Manager will try and ride you a little hard about extended warranties and extra stuff right? Ok, good. Still tho, minus one star for that but otherwise excellent experience. Rebecca said she has worked there for eight years and I honestly feel that I am not just a number on her commission check but someone she cares about pleasing.

Sarah W. | 2012-02-05

Not a huge fan.....
I bought my Toyota from a used car lot and to take it toToyota for service and such. I ended up with Troy and the red team and really can't say I am happy. First of all Troy seems very fake. The kind of person who is nice to your face, but really doesn't like you. I also feel like he talks down to me.  I'm not a complete idiot, I do know some about cars. I brought my car in for a oil change a couple years ago when I first got my van, and when I went to get out of the car he noticed my door hinge was cracked. He said it needed to be repaired immediately and that the door could fall off if it broke all the way. He said it was under Toyota's warranty though so it would be no cost to me. I then went in for my 80,000 mile service about a year later and he said that my transmission was leaking and the whole thing needed to be resealed, but not to worry because it was covered under my extended warranty.  When the warranty person came to look at my van, they said it was barely seeping and nothing needed to be done. Troy was angry and said to bring it back in about 1,000 miles from then and he would try to get the warranty company to look at it again because it had to be done.
Well I brought it back in a couple weeks ago for the transmission seal that he said it needed, and it had a recall repair that needed to be done, also because my door hinge cracked again, and also because we had a seatbelt that would not untwist. When I made the appointment they asked if I could leave my car. I said yes as long as they could provide me a rental.  The person in the phone said not a problem. So I dropped off my car in the morning and got my rental. I got a call at about 4:30 that afternoon saying the recall repair was done, and the seatbelt was untwisted, but that my extended warranty was up so they didn't fix the transmission or door and I could come pickup my van.
When I got there I asked Troy how much it would cost to repair the transmission and  the door and he said not to worry about them. That the transmission wasn't really leaking (only seeping a tiny bit) and that  the door hinge wasn't a big deal and that it happens a lot with the doors because they  are really heavy.  What?? So it was a huge deal when they were under warranty but not now??  Fine whatever. I went out to the car and the seatbelt wasn't fixed!  I went back in to Troy and he said that his technician said he fixed it but if I wanted he could send someone out to look at it again. Umm yes please!  So the technician comes out, sees its twisted and try's to untwist it. Yeah thanks like I didn't  already try to do that myself!  So then the technician says " oh it looks like it got bolted on backwards. Is it okay if I take it back in to fix it?" Ummm yes!  So he fixes  it and then on top of everything they charged me for the rental because my warranty was up.  Really????
Troy always bothered me some, but this time I had it!
Needless to say, I am never going back there again.

Gary K. | 2011-11-13

They sent us a flyer out of nowhere with a limited promotion of receiving free movie tickets and a drawing for an iPad. I'm a huge fan of $0, so obviously I got sucked in and we visited the dealership. Worst decision ever.

The salesman we talked to was desperate in trying to close a sale. He did everything he could to close the deal, even if it meant lying. Apparently any option is possible with any package! He did not know a thing about the vehicle he was talking about. What strikes me odd about this dealership is that any type of communication within the dealership between managers and whatnot is done through cell phones, even if their offices are separated literally a feet apart.

After they realized that they couldn't scam us out of their overpriced vehicles, they showed us the door out. Rude! In the end, I had to beg for my free movie tickets and left the dealership feeling violated. We received two more promotions for the same movie tickets a few months later. Limited promotion, my ass!

Tiffany G. | 2011-11-02

Here are the 3 TOP REASONS why we will never buy anything from this dealer:
1. Their cars are waaay too over priced! They are going to rip you off w/ price of the car and the value of your car that you'll be trading in if you didn't do your research.
2. HORRIBLE customer service!.. They dont care about people who are on a budget because they know they can't make a huge profit out of you and they're not even going to try and help you.
3. Not that i recommend for you guys to visit them but if you ever want to waste your money on over priced cars and/or willing to take the worst customer service from their sales and maintenance dept, schedule an appointment w/ someone or you're gonna get passed on to every single salesperson in that office.

STAY AWAY from this dealer unless you're rich and doesn't care about throwing money out in the trash.

Anton Z. | 2011-10-16

Makes my job dealing with the car bearable.  My partner bought a prius a while ago, and as with our Nissan before that I was responsible for taking care of the car and its servicing.

Our buying process was pretty great, and ironically I had almost no say in the matter.  He brought me there to "show me" the Prius, when in reality he just wanted me to drive it so he could buy it.  The sales staff was friendly and courteous, though the loan guy was pretty pushy (we had to repeatedly say how we didn't want the extra option, to the point of threatening to walk away from the deal if he didn't stop).

Servicing has been easy, though the scheduling is always a hassle.  Finally after my most recent servicing I decided to just schedule 6 months out to save having to call and not have my calls returned.

In the dealership they are fast and friendly.  It always takes about an hour and change, and they always walk me through the paperwork.  I think I'm pretty knowledgable about the car process, and I've appreciated that this particular chore isn't as awful as it could be.

Sonia C. | 2011-07-12

I bought my Prius here and my experience was ok.  Prii (yes, that's the pretentious-sounding official plural form of "Prius") have been in very short supply post-earthquake in Japan and I've been shopping around for a month without any dealer willing to come down even a dollar on price.  Some of them didn't expect to have any in stock until Labor Day.  To add insult to injury, none of the dealers were willing to come back with financing better than 4.9% even though I have a stellar credit score.  I almost bought a Civic (which is a great car too), but in the end I couldn't do it because it wasn't a Prius.

As an aside, there is no logical reason for me to buy a Prius since I live 3 miles away from work and Prii are selling at MSRP or above, but it has been my top choice for a car for years.  I actually had a dream where I bought a Prius, so really, there was no substitution for me.  I considered waiting until September or the end of the year because I know prices are going to come down when supply increases, but in the end, I just couldn't wait that long.  My friend told me that since I'll be driving a new car for awhile, I should just attribute the extra money I paid to a "rounding error."

I would not say that the salesmen at Toyota of Lake City are more honest than any other dealer (bottom line is that they don't owe you anything), but they were the only ones that were willing to give me 1.9% financing on a brand new Prius.  Nick Shami, the Assistant Sales Manager, was the best person out of all the people that I dealt with there.  He was patient, nice, and less pushy than others on the team.  He was also able to secure the financing that I needed to make my dream car a reality.

In terms of knowledge, Wayne LaBeau was able to answer all my Prius-related questions.  When I went in to pick up my car, he spent an hour walking me through all the different features of the car.  I liked him too.  Roy Vimal was my initial point of contact (I submitted an online inquiry), but I didn't really get a chance to talk to him since he was never there when I went in.  I did correspond quite extensively with him over email and I thought he was a bit pushy without having much to offer.  However, his constant presence in my inbox informing me of the new Prii they received continually piqued my interest - and I guess it worked to draw me into the dealer.

The only advice I have to give about the Finance Team at Lake City Toyota is: DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  Realize that all dealers are going to offer you extended warranties and exterior protection packages at exorbitant prices.  If you're interested in these packages, research how much others are paying before committing to buying anything.  The prices on these items are very very very negotiable.  The dealer's primary goal is to make as much money from you as possible because once you commit to a car, you are a captive audience and the dealer will try to sell you as many additional options/package as you can afford (or can't afford).  It's not their fault, but it may not be in your best financial interest to buy these add-ons.  Toyota of Lake City offered me the extended warranty and the PermaPlate protection package for what they told me was below market cost.  I went home, googled it, and realized that others either paid much less for these add-ons or realized there was not much worth in them.  One good thing I can say about the Finance Team here is that they were flexible and let me remove the extended warranty and the PermaPlate package from my purchase.  I did get a snide "How many times have we redone your paperwork?" comment at my last visit though.  (I suggest googling user reviews and opinions on the PermaPlate packages before even going into the dealer.)

At the end of the day, I'm driving the Prius I wanted because of Toyota of Lake City.  I'm very happy about that.  It drives like the lawnmower of my dreams.

Lana M. | 2011-06-02

Never ever again. Consequently I've happily driven to Bellevue, Redmond and even Puyallup for my Toyota needs!

A while back, I was sent to shop for a new Toyota and was told to look at the different dealerships in the area, test drive everything, pick options and a color of the model I wanted. (My stepfather is a partner with Toyota, so this was our way of seeing which dealership was right for well as a means of finding a new vehicle.)

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I showed up at Lake City Toyota in a pair of yoga pants, sweatshirt and crocs. (Yes, crocs....they're ugly but uuber comfy!) My attire didn't scream, "I have a wad of cash to spend!" Instead it was more along the lines of, "I'm shopping and comfort is king."

There were a group of salesmen in the showroom and one roaming the parking lot alone. I wandered the lot for a 1/2 hour before having to broach salesman. At this point I was more interested in their lack of initiative and customer service than my assignment of "pick a vehicle."

As I approached the salesman he sighed and asked if he could help me. I replied, "No, I want your sales manager." He bristled and sent me inside. There were a group of men standing about the large reception desk who looked at me and went back to chatting amongst themselves and eating donuts. I asked for the sales manager. Finally, someone who claimed to be such stepped up and asked if he could help.

I told him I was looking for a vehicle and was leaning toward a Corolla. It needed to be automatic and I wanted to know if he could show me some. He said that one of his salespeople could help me. I explained that I'd been roaming the lot waiting for help and no one was interested, which was very interesting since I was "ready to pay cash." With that statement, the sales manager and his donut-eaters showed a level of interest similar to Pavlov's Dog and decided I might be worth their time.

Having watched the change in everyone's demeanor and sudden interest in helping me once "cash" was mentioned, I decided to just let all of my little secrets out. "Look, I have been here for over a 1/2 hour without any interest until I mentioned paying cash. Suddenly, you've an interest? The sad thing, is that we're not only paying cash, but my stepfather is a partner with Toyota. This was as much a shopping trip as a customer service indicator and frankly, I am done."

The sales manager followed me out trying to make things better. The donut-eaters stood in shock.

I ended up purchasing from Toyota of Puyallup and waited a year to come back and see if things were better. I'd been driving to Bellevue for oil changes and hoped for something closer. Again, I experienced the same lackluster service. It was appalling and I swear as I live and breathe, never will I go back or recommend this dealership.

mugabo m. | 2011-05-05

I have unsubscribed three times from their illegal unsolicited commercial email campaign.

Lily And Tom H. | 2011-04-23

So a year ago, after the terrible experience my boyfriend and I had at Toyota of Seattle, I said we were going to come here to do our business and that I would write a review. How very wrong I was. It should tell you something that to this day, though I can't remember the names of the staff we dealt with, I can remember every detail of our experience.

The first time we visited they didn't have the model we wanted, but once they had it on the lot, they called us in. My boyfriend printed out the listing price for the car and made it clear he wasn't going to budge more than a set amount of that price. The manager tried sounding scandalized and told us "nobody would give us that price", and essentially said we'd be 'scamming' him if he sold it to us for that little. We were then stuck at the dealership for three hours as he launched into what can only be described as circular negotiating. Every time we came up with a counter argument, he would go to the back room, making us wait for two or three minutes before coming back with a new argument.

Furthermore, we sat down at another staff member's desk, we noticed that she had left in plain view a sheet of paper with a previous customer's personal information on it down to the social security number.

I have to say though, we had a great experience up until the moment we had to sit down with the manager.

Caveat emptor.

Lauren L. | 2011-03-28

The best advice I could give would be to take your business elsewhere.  I love my car but I've NEVER had such consistently poor service anywhere.  And it's not isolated to any one department - I've had infuriatingly bad service from their service department and their sales team.  
Recently I took my car in for a free detailing (received due to poor customer service from my last visit) and when I got into my car there was a layer of dust still visible on the dash. Nice work Toyota.
The managers don't return phone calls, their service shuttle is a joke at best and the employees seem content to provide the minimal amount of customer service required to get thru their day.
If I could've I would've bought my Toyota from the University Mazda - I always got great service there with my last car.

Joy C. | 2011-03-06

Looking for a specific truck, a salesman did help locate a vehicle to test drive. After the ride, he promised to help locate another truck in inventory to see.  That truck was promised to be brought up from another lot, but it was a long time in coming. Meanwhile, the salesperson handed us off to another man without comment; not sure what this man's role/title was but he did tell us his name.  This man then proceeded to stall and stall. He, too, handed us off to someone else who wanted us to make an offer. None of these individuals gave us any reason for walking off and bringing in a "bigger gun" to delay us from leaving. We repeatedly asked for the spec sheet for the truck we saw so we could leave and finish our comparative shopping - had to begin walking away to get it.  The tactics used against us made us swear to never return. We did buy a Toyota Tacoma truck a couple of days later from another dealer who dealt fairly with us.

Patrick M. | 2010-12-13

WOW....What a crappy experience. Never go to this dealership unless they are giving away cars. I buy a new car every couple years I am not bragging just smart about getting the most value for my trade in. Well I went in and got a young man as a sales associate he knew nothing about the SUV's I was looking at. This was only apparent after I was standing out in the rain trying to get any information out of him. He kept showing me larger and larger SUV's from my original request. He finally passed me off to his SUV expert this guys I will admit knew more but only about the biggest and most expensive model. These guys had no clue about what I wanted and never asked only kept showing me their $$$$$ SUV's. Finally after test driving one they said we could go inside to get more some literature. Well it turns out they pass you off to their Manager obviously the "Closer" even though I said I was only looking. Never "GO INSIDE" unless you are ready to Haggle and be pestered like a tourist market in Cairo. Anyway buying my car from the much nicer Seattle downtown Toyota...

Darcie V. | 2010-10-24


We recently bought an 04 Volvo wagon with 82k miles.  The sales process was fine.  Bill & John - the sales people at the used lot were great.  It all went downhill in financing.  WE GOT WORKED SO HARD.

This is NOT an honest dealership.  DO NOT BUY A USED CAR FROM THEM.  We were scammed into buying the warranty - bumper to bumper for $3,500 more.  I was told that with my 771 credit score I could only qualify for 48 months financing at 7.9% but if I got the warranty I could qualify for 60 months at 5.99%.  This didn't seem right to me - I wanted a payment under $200 and suddently I was up to $350.  I sat in the finance office for two or more hours tryng to understand why the bank wouldn't finance me at 60 months unless i bought the warranty.  I was told that it lessened their risk for the bank.  Being the novice buyer I said ok to the warranty and then he said "hold on - let me call my contact at wells fargo" so he called her and magically, I got the financing I wanted (after agreeing to the warranty) for 66 months at 5.99% which brought my payment down.  THIS IS A SCAM.  I looked it up online when I got home and found out this is a very common thing.  

THEN, a week later I looked at my paperwork and there was some Theft Engraving charge on my papers for $295.  What the hell is this.  I called and was told that it was standard on all cars they sell but that we could have opted out of it.  I didn't even know anythin about it.  Shouldn't a sales thing be opt in, not out?  THIS "OPT OUT' ITEM WAS NEVER EVER DISCLOSED TO ME WHEN I WAS SIGNING ALL THOSE PAPERS.  What is theft engraving and where is my car engraved?  

If you don't want to get worked and ripped off and leave having a sinking feeling in your gut for weeks after your purchase don't buy from these financing slime balls.

Cindy T. | 2010-09-23

Went in once again to get maintenance & oil change on my '08 corolla. Bruce took care of me, walked me to the lobby, came and got me when my car was ready. He was super friendly and made you feel comfortable. There was already a long line at 9 in the morning, waiting time usually is an hour to hour and half.

Came home, & found a promo they sent in the mail. Great promotion they are doing. Go in to redeem two AMC movie tickets, and enter in drawing for i-Pad. Not too shabby. Buuuut not planning on buying a new car anytime soon. hehe.

J K. | 2010-08-12

I was in the market to buy a new car and I stopped in to check out what they had to offer.  I assertively told the salesperson that I was 100% sure that I wasn't going to buy anything today -- I was just assessing my options today.  Well, he and his manager tried everything to get me to buy a car right then and there.  I kept saying, "Thanks, but I'm just looking today."  The manager wouldn't let me go, "Well, what if I shaved off $500, would that entice you?"  Me: "Thank you for the offer, but I'm just looking today..."  This went on for a while, until I finally just walked away.

Super annoying and I'll never go back there.

Ryan C. | 2010-04-22


i don't know why ppl are saying TLC aren't that great. i personally don't know anything about buying cars from them and now i am scared after reading...

btws, i am here to write about the service dept! they rock! i love this place.. my personal advisor is ANNAMARIA BERGH. she's the bomb! i get passed to others and i got skeptical, reluctant, and sad. however i tried to understand as she is very busy and she is not doing service anymore (last time).

pricing is pretty standard but what makes me save my $$ is what made me stay! annamaria refused to give me a synthetic oil change, she said it's pointless and waste of $$. i trusted her, anyways i don't drive that much and i don't go racing about. if non-synthetic oil do ur engine bad, meh to that! i have been doing my services here since 2006 and my car is still on tip top shape! (btws, i do syntec blend oil)

i'll keep on coming here regardless where i stay!!! btws the wait room is not that huge but at least there's free internet! oh, parts dept rocks too, got parts for my 1991 corolla EASY! if u don't know what to get, just ask them to pull out a full diagram of ur car and just point ur way!

John B. | 2010-04-06

Put a $500 deposit on a car that was in transit to the dealership but had a change in circumstances 5 days later and couldn't proceed with the sale. Called the dealership right away and told them of the change so they could sell the vehicle to someone else.  

Asked for the return of my deposit, they said 'no problem.'  After calling three times, the company still did not credit my credit card.  I had to call the credit card company to request the charge to removed.  

Very poor business practices.

Sara V. | 2010-03-08

This review is about the Service department.  I have always had great service and a wonderful experience.  Greg is very helpful and I never feel like I'm getting ripped off.

Anne B. | 2009-12-26

I would NEVER recommend this dealership to anyone looking to lease or buy a Toyota!!!
I would not even leave one star, but they force you to leave at least one star.
I was in the market to lease a 2010 Camry XLE and contacted all of the surrounding Toyota dealerships. I had poor experiences with a few of them, but Lake City was one of the 2 worst dealerships.
I think that they will tell you what you want to hear to get you in the door, yet none of it is true.  
My 1st time in the dealership, I stopped by and spent almost 3 hours on a test drive and Nick pressuring me into leasing that day!  
The 2nd time in the dealership, Nick was gone so Undui and Tom promised to have everything ready for me.  I told them I rearranged my schedule to go in that night and needed to be out in 30 mins.  They said not a problem!!!!  I got there, they did not have the car on their lot and NOTHING was prepared.   They lied!!!   They presented me with the old paperwork and nothing new that we had discussed.  At the 30 minute mark, I got up and walked out.  

I am happy to say that I leased the exact car I wanted, with NO HASSLE and NO HARD SELL at MAGIC Toyota in Edmonds, They were all great guys, it was easy and fast and friendly.
I am so happy that Tyson was so helpful and willing to work with me on making sure we got me into my 2010 Camry XLE.

Wesh W. | 2009-07-27

Our buying experience was as good as any car-buying experience can be. Car salesmen are a singularly annoying breed, primarily because their sales training reduces most of their work a matter of following a script. Our salesman did a fair job of whittling the price down on our behalf. No car buying experience is going to be fun. The least they can do is make it as painless as possible. I felt Toyota of Lake City did just that, but no more.

One note: beware the Toyota of Lake City privacy policy disclosure form. They tell you they don't sell your information, but the form says they can/do. Cross through the paragraphs listing their intended uses for your information with co-marketers and write that you decline to give permission for these purposes. Only then should you sign the form.

David A. | 2009-05-04

I visited this location with my girlfriend the other day, trying to pick up a Corolla for her needs. We saw a couple online and decided to give it a try.
Immediately I was a bit dissatisfied. Walking into a dealership with seemingly more knowledge about the cars than the people trying to sell them, doesn't exactly put a good taste in my mouth. Simple questions like whether this model has drum or disc brakes in the rear, or if the warranty listed covers the drivetrain or just non-moving parts. It shouldn't be that hard!

We were both also put-off by the salesperson's attitude and lack of personality. Even more so when after we got out of the car from driving it, telling them we weren't interested, they insisted on bringing us inside and sat us down with "The Big Boss". Guess what? Even he didn't know basic questions. All he did know was how to bully us into buying a car then and now, when we were persistently telling him we weren't interested.

Oh, and Toyota of Lake City... if you are reading this - clean your cars. Nothing turns a buyer away than seeing hair on the dash, sticky goo in the cup holder, and an exterior that has seen about as much wax time as Robin Williams' back.

Randee B. | 2009-04-11

I came in to test-drive a used Yaris and got absolutely nothing out of the experience.  The salesman was annoying and sort of ... out of touch.  He was completely unknowlegable about the car.  He couldn't answer any of my questions, and couldn't (or didn't care to) process my very clearly expressed list of "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves".  Instead of talking about the car, all he cared about was when the lease on my current car was up and what it would take to get me to buy the Yaris that night.  YEAH RIGHT.  Yes I'm female, no I'm not clueless.  Better yet, another guy at the dealership left me a voicemail a couple weeks later saying very confidently "your lease is up at the end of February.  That's in two days.  Better come by and check out [blah blah blah]".  Who the f* are you to tell me when my lease is up?  I had given the salesman an intentionally vague answer of "sometime next month" regarding my lease expiration - not "March 1st".  The tone of this voicemail just rubbed me the wrong way, among other things.  Blegh, don't bother with this one.

Hendy R. | 2009-03-27

Yesterday (March 27, 2009), I visited Toyota of Lake City seeking for a brand new Toyota FJ Cruiser. I came in with my friends and we were greeted by sales associates right at the entrance door. It was a nice treatment from them. One of them was Johnny Kim. He asked specifically what I was looking for and if I wanted to test drive the car. Then, I and my friends waited inside the dealer while Mr. Kim was searching for a test drive FJ. While we were inside, we were asked again by other sales associate if we have been helped, we said we have been help by Mr. Kim.
After Mr. Kim has gotten the test drive vehicle's key, we went for a tour around the car to see what kind of options the car has at the time and all the features that the car has. From here, everything went down, from the features that the car has, Mr. Kim failed to describe the options the car has at the time. A V8 engine options which does not exist, a $2000 rebate, a certain amount of dollars as a discount for a 2008 FJ. The way he treated me as a customer was just plain wrong, I as a customer was supposed to be treated as a customer who are looking for a good car.
At this point I have not decided whether the car would be a good fit for me or not. He basically told me what I've read in the internet FJ cruiser discussion board are not true or completely correct which is fine for me, people have different knowledge and awareness of FJ discussion board. I'm fine with that at that time. Honestly, I'm not impressed at all with the vehicle and I was thinking to look for other cars, the ride is good, but the comfort is way beyond poor ( I understand that the car is designed for driving heavy terrains but again, the comfort level is way beyond poor ). From there, I decided to skip the car, but I have not told Mr. Kim since he didn't stop talking. At the time, I think he was a bit pushy. A friend of mine who joined me riding the FJ just bought a car from Acura of Bellevue, they are not pushy at all from the beginning to the end ( which he did purchase a car from Acura of Bellevue ) and in fact, they are very friendly in term of after sales services. I must admit Acura did have an excellent sales & service reputation in my book. Before that, I accompanied my other best friends to BMW of Bellevue where they purchased their brand new BMW 335i, it was a very nice car and a very nice sales service from the sales team, all of them did marvelous job.
Back to the topic, from what I have experienced, most dealers I have been to are excellent, I have a high expectation due to Toyota's and Lexus' reputation. When we arrived at the parking lot, I parked the car and asked if I could look a 2009 Toyota Highlander. I'm checking the car for my mom. She loves the car and is thinking to purchase one in the future. Mr. Kim grabbed the key and we went around the car and checking things inside the car. It was a nice car. Then, Mr. Kim asked us to go inside the car, I followed him to meet the sales manager. I have not told that I dislike the FJ and I have told Mr. Kim that I would like to do a little more research before I decide anything which I think is normal. My dad always told me to take some time before I decide to buy a car. Cars are not cheap and I know there are certain limitations with cheaper cars like Toyota if compared to a BMW, Acura, or a Lexus. My dad had a 2005 Honda CRV and we owned several Toyotas too. I have nothing but good experience with Toyota vehicles. Why am I writing that I know the limitations of cheaper cars? Because Mr. Kim told us that you can't compare it with more expensive cars. I'm just a regular guy who is trying to spend my money wisely and I would like to get the best possible price that I can get.
We met the sales manager, Tom Wong. He never mentioned his name from we first met to when I was about to go out off the dealership. He asked me of what kind of options I like and what color that I like, this was where everything was falling down fast. I told him what I options and what color that I wanted, but I reminded him that I would like to do a little more research for a couple of days before I come out with a decision. From here on, he pushed me to buy the car, he asked me why am I taking so long to come out with a decision, he pushed me very hard. This is the worst buying experience I have ever encountered and my friends who accompanied me agreed. He mocked me about me being not able to spell "sedan" which I really didn't know if he could really hear me at all. From this point, he stared at me as if I was just a teenager who didn't know anything about cars, buying a car or it was my first time ever. He basically pushed me hard enough until we were all heated up. It is just the worst buying experience and the worst experience I have encountered with a dealer.

Leo L. | 2008-12-12

I have given these people two chances.  Two too many.  This is about their sales, not service department.

In 2005, I wanted to get a new car.  I guess I looked so young, I was refused to be shown even an Echo.  I left.  I kept my Jetta, and bought a Ducati.

Earlier this month (Dec 2008), I am again looking for a new car to replace the Jetta.  I have been looking at some lightly used premium compacts (the Lexus, Acura, MBs and BMWs), it fits my current income and is appropriate for my current level of vanity.  I thought, well, why shouldn't I go take a look at some similarly priced new car with warranty and all the good stuff?

I gave this place another chance, knowing that it has changed hands, and I live close by.  I was wrong.  The sales person (Anthony was his name, I believe) just whistled music all the way, mostly ignoring my presence.  "Oh what a beautiful day," he kept saying nonsensically; it rained all day.  And hell, my Jetta just got hit and was in the shop.  He did "show" me the car (as in accompanying me to the cars), a Matrix and a Scion xB.  Both could have fit my needs nicely.  He never bothered to even tell me one thing about the cars unless i asked, and not that he was knowledgeable at all.  I knew more about the cars than he did.

Then the "test drive".  I have never been so insulted.  We drove ONE BLOCK.  You read it right.  We drove ONE BLOCK.  I never got into third gear.  Acura, Lexus, Volvo all just gave me the key, and "go on the freeway for a few exits, take your time".  And you Toyota told me to turn back after ONE BLOCK?

I left.  Never to return again, I want my hour back.  The guy had no interest in selling me a car.  They could have earned some cash, but no, they lost it all.  I bought a TSX instead.