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On this page you can find detailed information about the company SS Motors in Seattle, WA.

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SS Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 524-4250
Address:8531 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98115

Reviews on SS Motors

Kristi J. | 2014-08-07

In the beginning I thought wow, this place will be able to get things done and really help. Then all of a sudden nobody would return my calls, John the finance manager was never there when I stopped by, I went in filled out a loan application, dropped off proof of income and was told he would have John call me Saturday, no call, called on Monday and shocked to hear he had heard nothing about my credit app or me and that he would look around for it, my personal info just gone.  I would hear things like John will be in at 10, at 11 when I would call again he would be at Lunch. Then I would stop by the next day, not there, then he went to the hospital one day because he hurt is foot but would be back at 3, called at 3, nope not in. Most inconsistent business I've ever seen. I called 3 times on a Friday to ask about my loan application, of course John wasn't there, a random person I've never talked to called me back, said I'll call and find out give me An hour, what a surprise no call back, ever to this day a week ago. I had to call the bank and find out information on my own. I'm shocked at the lack of customer service and dependability. Even if you aren't able to help me, Atleast give me the courtesy of a call back. Ridiculous.

Florina M. | 2014-01-30

great service! Heather is quick and efficient, no pressure, and Rosie's there to answer any questions and eager to help. thanks, Ladies! i had a pleasant experience working with you and love my 2009 Mitsubishi!

Jenik K. | 2013-09-06

Hello SSMOTORS.....A fantastic,amazing,great, Dealership to get your car from...
Serjio & Heather where great made me a deal i could not refuse and they where sooooooooo friendly and helpful would definitely send all my friends and family to SSMOTORS..:)))))))))))))))))))))) LOVE YOU GUYS


Elle D. | 2013-07-10

The manager at this place is absolutely rude and unprofessional.  His staff are apparently afraid of him.  If I could give negative stars I would.

Go somewhere else.

Erin H. | 2013-07-08

My boyfriend found a vehicle we were interested in online. It happens to be here at SS Motors. The guy that came out  to help us, Rob, was very nice, laid back, not pushy. The lot attendant was very quick and helpful getting the keys and arranging the other vehicles so we could do a test drive. The car took  a moment to start and the attendant got  some gas in the car and off we went. The vehicle had some wear and tear, but what we expected for the year/price. Do to some possible issues with the exhaust and bald tires they came down on the price about $650. Another of the employees (Syrg is what I think they were calling him) said they could get us tires almost at cost with their sister company that does tires. We're considering taking them up on it. Everyone in the office was pretty nice. The lady doing the finances was quick and friendly, everything worked out and we were done. As we were finishing up the paperwork I saw them changing the oil for us. Not sure if it was to cover something up or just to be nice. They also washed down the vehicle and cleaned the tires on my personal vehicle that I had driven there.

Once home we found a small oil leak and took it in to get looked out. A main oil seal had a leak. Great, cheap enough part, but the work will cost about $1000. My boyfriend called SS Motors and they said that they can get the work done there, for cheaper. Still not sure on the cost or the work yet but I will keep Yelppers up to date!

Overall it was a fairly easy operation. I would definitely go with Rob, he doesn't seem slimy or anything. If you know what you want and you are educated on the value/cost, I think you can walk out of here fairly happy.

Carl H. | 2013-02-04

Stopped to look at an Audi Avant they had for sale that caught my eye as I was driving down Lake City Way. The car was kinda beat upon closer inspection, I asked the price and was told $9900 which was way too much for the car so I left. Later that day I was looking on Craigslist and saw the car listed for $6900, three grand less than what I was told by the salesman.Real slimeballs!

Justin W. | 2012-06-03

Just about to graduate college (UW) and it was time to get a new car for to commute down south for work.   Stopped by on my way passing through Lake city and saw a nice Black Scion XA on their front part of the lot.  With gas prices so high I needed a commuting vehicle and the price was right with decent mileage 60k.  It was clean title too.   Been a few weeks so far no issues.  The purchasing experience was pretty smooth and I'm hitting 30~+ mpg no problem.

Dalilah B. | 2012-05-09

Hey guys... Today was my hearing against SS Motors and I won my case !! JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED!! Thank you to All who responded with their support ....My husband and I are beyond Happy right now.. JUSTICE!!!!!!!

Jill D. | 2011-08-15

I bought a 10,000.00 used vehicle from this dealership. As we drove off the lot we noticed a loud sound coming from the front tire as we turned our wheels...we called the dealership as soon as we could get our car in for a checkup. The Chevy dealership that was inspecting our car told us that there were numerous problem. Brakes, front lights not working, tire monitor sensor broken, shocks very worn and needing replacing, Ride Control sensor broken...But the biggest of our issues was the CRACKED BUSHINGS on our front right wheel. I called the owner, SA'ID, and I told him all of the issues, and he said those are all isues that are called "TLC" issues. I said I would pay for all of the TLC issues, but I will NOT pay for the bushings. Cracked bushings are very dangerous for my wife and 4 little children to be driving around in, and we should have been told those were cracked. He said "too bad.". I said, what if I pay for half the bill and you pay for half the bill. He said "I already gave you a good deal on the truck, I will not pay for even half the bill (which is going to be $175.00) unless your willing to buy another car from me.
I believe this service is horrendous, and I am even willing to pay for half the service cost!!! These people are exactly WHY USED CAR DEALERSHIPS get the horrible horrible press they do...

Waylon J. | 2011-04-20

I have now bought 2 vehicles from them and I have had excellant customer service always. I send my friends and people that I run in to there when they are looking to purchase a car or truck. Tammy always makes sure that I am taken care of and Serg is always spot on when something needs to be done.

Nick V. | 2011-03-18

STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!  Serj is the worst person I have ever delt with, he continuously lies and changes arrangments, not to mention avoids phone calls and doesnt return them either. The sales associate daisy was very nice... Tammy was very manipulative and non professional. Overall experience the owners are running a bad business. Dont go here no matter what, dont let them try to sucker you or offer in house finance.. Get your own!  I WOULD RATE ZERO STARS IF POSSIBLE

**EDIT** Just wanted to update this since I see more people having similar issues.

First when I looked at the car it had a "check engine light" on. They upfront said, " we have the parts coming, they will be here tomorrow." I was trading in my only vehicle at the time ( a 98 chevy Z71 fully loaded pickup ) so I really wanted this Subaru WRX ( being my first. ) I drove it home, and awaited several days for this said part to show up. I had to drive it to and from work for the time being babying it the hole way.

The said part was the stock air box filter and MAF SENSOR.

I know now the vital roles this plays for any car or truck. I would have NEVER drove it for a test drive knowing it was missing a MAF SENSOR. I found a shop rag had been zip tied over the intake to the turbo. If that shop rag had been sucked into the motor the hole car would've been shot!

Several un-returned phone calls and days later I take it in, it finaly got fixed. Serj's hole personality came into light playing phone tag and hearing enough of his BS. He claimed we could bring the car back, and he'd still keep my truck and we'd see him in court. I didn't have time for all this and since he fixed the car I shut up left the review and moved on...

Not long later I realize another huge problem with the car...

It had two different sized tires on the front then the back. Anyone who knows AWD knows this is a huge NO F'n DO! Fronts were 205/45/17 and rears 215/45/17.
This causes all sorts of damage to the AWD system. So not only has the engine gone under harmful use without a vital sensor jerry rigged by SS Motors, but the drive train too!

In the end Serj bought me new tires at a discount place and I kept my car, with all that uneeded damage.

Paid 11.5k on a 03 WRX with 124k on it. I know call me stupid....( these cars sell for less than 8k with less miles ) Call me stupid twice for taking only 3.5k on trade-in for my mint chevy rated at 6.5KBB

Toni M. | 2011-03-04

I had a problem with this company about a week ago.  However Serj, the owner and Kris delivered awesome customer service and made everything better.  The owner is even sending a gift card for all the confusion.

Overall, they seem to deeply care about their customers, and when things go wrong, like in my case, they make it right.

Thanks Serj

Sarah R. | 2011-01-15

Another day, another horrifying surprise.  I purchased my used SUV ten months ago and since then it has been one thing after another  Of course, some of this is inevitable when buying a used vehicle.  It's only been in the shop twice, so for that I should be pleased.  However, some of the things I've found never should have been there in the first place.  My truck came with a broken glove compartment the dealership promised to fix.  Two return visits, several phone calls and nearly a year later and the glove box is still broken.  Apparently, before selling someone replaced the truck's regular battery with one too small.  When I purchased the vehicle, it smelled like a rotting carcass.  I brought it home to clean and proceeded to unveil one vomit-inducing oversight after another.  It still continues to this day.  I don't know who the mental defective was who supposedly detailed this vehicle, but they should be fired immediately.  Obviously the previous owner had several children as I found congealed food and beverage matter, paint in various bright hues, and pieces of food and hair stuck in the crevices between and under the seats.  I suppose it serves me right for not paying close enough attention upon initial inspection.  Someone could have contracted MRSA from the seat belts in the back, which were handily stored inside the folded up seat at the time of the test drive.  Clever place to stash something gross you don't want your customer to find.  I suppose next time, when I'm at some other dealership I'll remember to take the seats completely apart and conduct a Cheerio-and-spilled-juice check before I buy.  Until then, I will continue to be disgusted and/or mortified by my discoveries.

Mike K. | 2009-09-15

I was a bit wary of going to a small car lot but after hitting some of the big ones and having terrible salesman experiences I figured this place couldn't be any worse.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the laid back guy at SS.  The truck I bought did have some problems which I had to find out by testing everything.  Once I listed the issues out the price came down to compensate.  They also let me take the truck for a few hours so I could drop it off for a pre-purchase inspection at a shop near my house.  What gives the 5th star is that my transaction was a bit weird and involved purchasing then refunding and giving a personal check due to my financing through Fidelity.  I had to trust them and they came through with zero problems.  I've been in the truck for 2 months and I'm happier every time I drive it, just took it to Mt. Rainier over Labor day.

Julian H. | 2009-07-30

This used car lot is just a few blocks off I-5 and easy to get to.  

The woman who helped me was exceedingly courteous and soft spoken.  I called ahead to ask about a specific vehicle and when I arrived they had it running with the A/C on.  But before I could test drive I had to wait for them to move cars, as it was blocked in.  This is a pretty big lot for a small used car dealer and they have every square inch packed, so there's a good variety of vehicles.  

The first thing that happened when I got in the car was the armrest collapsed.  Closer inspection revealed it had broken previously.  A small hurdle for the saleswoman to overcome but she handled it pretty well.  There was no pressure to buy and no weird gimmicks.

There are several women working sales here, which may be more comfortable for women who are shopping alone and don't want to deal with pushy salesmen.  Also, they habla espanol.