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Welcome to Seattle MINI, your premier new and used Seattle MINI dealer. Please feel free to explore our website to view our extensive MINI inventory of new and used cars. Feel free to give us a call, browse our inventory online, or come to Seattle, WA to our showroom for a test drive!


Established in 2009.

Seattle MINI is a brand new facility, selling new a pre-owned vehicles.

Seattle MINI

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 602-2332
Address:11550 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98125
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Seattle MINI

C P. | 2015-04-15

I've had pretty inconsistent experiences with the maintenance department and customer service at Seattle Mini.  I've continued bringing my car here while it was under warranty, but will definitely be looking to take it elsewhere once that's lapsed and the routine maintenance is no longer covered.

A lot of the issue I take with the company is that there is a lack of respect for my time as a customer.  I totally get being backed up or having a busy day, but I have never received a status update phone call within the range of time I was told to expect it, and I've always had to chase them down for information - you can typically expect radio silence until well after that window has passed, and when you do finally hear (when you call them) it's usually to be informed of an additional delay.  I have never gotten my car back in the promised amount of time and usually not even on the day I was told it would be finished.

Also, don't schedule early morning services because sometimes you'll be left waiting for someone to show up for 15-20 minutes.

They do provide loaner cars, which is a very handy -and in this case necessary- service.  It's also a nice way to test drive their other models in a way that is more representative of how you'll actually drive a car.  :)

I've also had pretty mixed phone experiences with customer service or the folks responsible for scheduling service appointments - some people are incredibly friendly and helpful, while others are dismissive, argumentative, or outright rude about answering questions or listening to the details of an issue.

3 Stars - At the end of the day my car has been taken care of and it's an incredibly fun drive, so in that respect I am a happy customer.  However, the inconsistency of my experiences from a personnel perspective have been at times exasperating and left me reluctant to bring the car in.  I'll be looking to find another company to work with.

Kim S. | 2015-03-31

Best service experience for years. Jonathan has done a really good job. Efficient, friendly, professional. Above all that I got the mini shuttle send me back to the U. The driver was brilliant. Very nice talking to him indeed. Good job chaps!

Andrea Marie B. | 2015-02-26

Today I came in today and spoke with the sales Manager Richard. He was a great guy who was very open and honest and provided me with transparency and education. I didn't buy today but when I do I will be back to see him.

Anthony H. | 2014-12-09

I bought a 2010 Mini for my daughter from Seattle MIni.  This was an outstanding experience, everything from the financing,sales to service.

I recommend this dealer to everyone

beth t. | 2014-11-03

As a long time customer of Seattle Mini, I have always been pleased with the service I've received. Until recently, that is, when I had a very atypical experience with a service rep that had me seriously considering either driving to Fife for service, or to a Mini certified non-dealer. Knowing that Seattle Mini can't resolve any issues if you don't give them the feedback, I dropped an email to Raychel, the Service Manager. I received an immediate response, in spite of her being home ill that day. Within a day she had a loaner brought to me at Bellevue office, and my car picked up for service. She addressed the issues, and reaffirmed my belief in Mini. I'm glad I took the time to share the feedback, and I'm greatly impressed with how quickly and professionally it was handled.   Thanks Raychel!

Ian L. | 2014-11-01

Thanks Chuvit for the awesome buying experience today. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with salesman we highly recommend him. If you want high pressure - he's not your guy.

We've been looking for a safe  and sporty small car for our daughter and the 2-door MINI hardtop fit the bill. We went in a couple of weeks ago on a busy Saturday and asked for someone knowledgeable - not the new guy - and met Chuvit. We told him we were looking for something a few years old - he took us out to look at their inventory and for a test drive (if you haven't driven a Mini yet - you should, they're not kidding about the "go-kart handling"!). I really liked that he listened to what we wanted and didn't go into high-pressure mode and didn't try to push us to a new vehicle.

Chuvit called us back this week to check in and see if we were still looking and told us he had more used cars available since our last look. We went in today and sure enough he had exactly what we were looking for.

Thanks Chuvit and Seattle Mini!

Marjorie W. | 2014-09-26

It was a while ago but I was in a car crash and my MINI 2007 was totaled. I had a very limited time frame to purchase a new car (Certified Pre-Owned), no other car felt comfortable to me so I went with another MINI 2010 this time. I asked for 3 things, Bluetooth (MINI connected) a sunroof and heated seats. The only thing that was non-negotiable was the Bluetooth, as my parents live in Oregon and I have a long commute I talk to them at that time..hands free was a necessity for me. After hours (no joke...freaking hours) in the dealership (I found the car with 30 minutes, and I was assured that it had the complete fairytale 3 items) and then proceeded to wait while papers were filed, etc. Anyway, while all of this was taking place my Mother was asking questions. If we don't get the package (the fluids one, I can't recall the name of it) she (meaning me) will just have to deal with oil changes right? The car is good to go because it's certified used car, right? All of these things were answered with an enthusiastic YES OF COURSE! I'D PUT MY DAUGHTER IN THIS CAR, ECT.

When I ask the fellas how to use this bluetooth, hook it up to my phone ect, nobody can figure it out.....because the stupid car doesn't have it. They "compensate" me with a used bluetooth headset...are you kidding me?! That's not the end either.

I come in for my first oil change (albeit a bit late, since nobody ever thought to offer a quick run through on what's different from 2007 to 2010) and come out with a whopping bill of over $300...which I do not have as I was assured that I would ONLY have oil changes. Obviously, eventually I will need to do fluid changes...but 5 months after buying the car?! Are you kidding me? So I get upset would like to speak with a manager. And I wait. And I wait. I get the manager of the MINI dealership who makes me wait for the manager of the Used MINI side. When that man arrives, he doesn't shake my hand and he most definitely doesn't make eye contact. This only makes me more upset, as I've never been treated like this before. I proceed to tell him my problem and he isn't looking at me and he isn't doing any type of active listening. Oh by the way, they never took me to an office. I was out in the front area, which is most likely why he got so upset about the following sentence. No common curtesy, if my Dad or Fiancee would've been there I'm pretty sure this would've ended differently. I ask him if he would pay more attention to me if I was a f*****g man. This is the only thing that he carried over to my Mother (who is the co-signer and I handed it over to her after they made me cry), not that he was sorry about anything else.

Nobody accepts responsibility. My Mom was told I was to receive a comped oil change....THAT NEVER GOT COMPED. I wanted to go to the BBB, but instead I just tell everyone who asks me where I bought my car my experience and hope to God that they choose to go to Tacoma or even Rasmussen. I will go to those locations if I decide to go to a 4-door.

I would like to add that the service department is AMAZING. They do a wonderful job and they are always so professional. I've gone back to get my oil changed, only because they were so nice to me when this cluster was happening.

Jennifer H. | 2014-09-17

I used to think the Seattle MINI Dealership was OK after a not-great experience in Fife, but honestly, my dealings with their service department have left me in a place where I'm not only not taking my car there, but I wouldn't buy another MINI or recommend it to anyone I know.

It's a long, sorted story, involving the MINI class action lawsuit (do you have a 2001-2006 MINI? You might want to Google it or check this link for more info:… )

But I didn't blame the *individual* MINI dealerships for the shady dealings of MINI main. Until I took my car in for a knocking sound and came out with a 6-page "action plan" that came to a total of $3,051.65!

I've always been told by people who know these things to avoid getting fixes as the dealership, but it was really driven home to me. The service technician basically said I was taking my life in my hands by driving my car off the lot without getting it repaired. Anytime anyone has such fear-mongering, I run the other way.

I got my car repaired for about $700, rather than $3,000, by getting a second opinion from a reputable mechanic (who I've also reviewed). I'll never go back.

In short, you know those free snack, free WiFi, free loaner cars and groovy interior for the MINI service department? You're paying for those. A lot. And for me, I'd rather have a basic mechanics shop who knows his stuff and not spend 3x the price for what is, in effect, marketing at best, and shady dealings at worst.

Helena H. | 2014-09-10

About a month ago I bought my mini. It is so amazing and fun to drive! If looking for a sporty, economical car, test drive a mini, you will probably fall in love with it, I did. I bought my mini at Seattle Mini and had the pleasure of working with Robert from the sales team. He was very friendly and helped out a lot. He knew the answers to all my questions and always returned my emails and calls immediately. He patiently let us test drive the car we wanted multiple times. Overall, Robert is a great person to work with and made my experience especially grand.

In the beginning I had some trouble connecting my phone to my car through Bluetooth so I came in for a service appointment. I had the pleasure of meeting Davon. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. He walked me through the steps of setting up my Bluetooth connection and answered all my questions in a professional manner. In fact, all the staff at the mini dealership are supportive, excited, and helpful. They really added to my car buying experience and influenced which company I went with. Buy a mini at Seattle mini, you won't regret it.

Janell D. | 2014-08-06

We purchased a pre-owned MINI yesterday from Jenna at Seattle MINI and the whole experience was top notch. Jenna knows the cars front to back and inside out. She did a great job showing the car and providing a detailed explanation of all controls and features. I've never had a better car demonstration. Jenna and her team were friendly, professional and all around very accommodating through the full sales process. They worked with us to make sure all of our concerns were heard and met. Bob and Glen were great to work with as well, and made the process enjoyable. We drove away that night with an awesome car and big smiles on our faces. Way to go Seattle MINI!

Ryan S. | 2014-08-02

I went to Seattle Mini with the intent to possibly buy a...well, Mini!  What I first noticed is I wasn't attacked by salesmen as I walked out of my car.  I was able to browse the small car lot for a bit, then walk in.  I was greater by the receptionist and told to help myself to snacks and drinks while she finds a salesperson for me.

A few minutes later I met Kay, the salesperson that I dealt with.  Kay was nothing short of professional and very all knowing about the Mini Cooper S.  I told her what I would like, however I didn't see the car on the lot that met my requirements.  She told me not to worry, they have cars "on the roof" and on a lot across the street on the other side of the building.  We went upstairs and I saw the car that I wanted.  After going over the numbers with her, she would go to her finance manager herself, no bullying from him trying to "make a deal."  

We haggled a tad, however the deal that I got was very fair for both parties and I was really happy.  I wait for 1 1/2 hours to have the car prepped and cleaned and I was told that I could just wait at the office or in the lounge until the paperwork was ready.  I was in-and-out of the finance department in less than 30-minutes and on my way to drive home with my new Mini Cooper S.  This was one of the best dealers I've ever purchased a vehicle from and I've bought 30+.  Outstanding customer service and a great car buying experience!

Keith B. | 2014-07-28

TL/DR: Bought Mini cooper from a GMC dealer. Dealer lied about inspection work, Seattle Mini came to the rescue and fixed parts for free.

Let me first give you a little bit of a background story as to why I found myself at Seattle Mini. I just bought my 2007 MCS with the JCW package from Kirkland Buick/GMC on 5/14/14. The car had 26K miles on it looks like it has never been modded outside of the JCW kit. The GMC dealer had stated that they did a 120 point (jokes on me for believing this) inspection on the mini and showed a report card of their findings. They stated that everything checked out, the changed the fluids, checked the brakes, as well as the engine and found that everything was spot on. The only exception were the rear brakes as they were down to 60% life left. Cool, I thought everything was good to go and purchased the car. About a week later I decided to head over to Seattle Mini to get the car looked at to make sure everything was running properly. I had read some horror stories online about the '07 model so I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to run into some of the troubles that others had talked about. I was greeted by Amanda, a service advisor, who was friendly from the get-go and answered all of my questions without hesitation. I told her I was a new mini owner and that I wanted to see if she could run the VIN to see what kind of work had been done on my car and this where my nightmare began. :(

As it turns out, the timing chain was replaced at 3500 flag 16K miles the car was brought in due to an overheating issue (something about the intercooler coupler wasn't tightened down properly) flag #2.......then at 19K miles, the car was brought in after the previous owner had driven over something on the freeway, damaging the exhaust in some fashion (exhaust was replaced) flag #3........then at 21K the turbo was replaced for some reason (the notes on file were not clear, Amanda thought that maybe something else happened when the exhaust was damaged) flag this point I thought I had purchased someone else's headache and was starting to stress out. :( Amanda said to not worry just yet, let her service tech look over the car and she'll get back to me. So off I went with my 2014 Cludman loaner......

Later that day I got a call from Amanda with more bad news. The timing chain was stretched and needed to be replaced....hello $1700 job.......I was completely floored at this point. Here I am one week into owning my new go kart and its already in need of a major repair. I was pretty upset at this point and started questioning why the timing chain needed to be replaced when it only had 23K miles on it. I asked if there was any way that this could be replaced under any TSB or something since timing chains shouldn't fail this quickly. She said she will look into it but was pretty sure that there wasn't a TSB on that part. Since the inspection wasn't finished yet, she went on to say that she will call me back once it was completed and after she spoke to the service manager to see what we could do about the timing chain.

Fast forward to two hours later and I get another call from Amanda. She started off the conversation with "I have some good news and then some bad news" - at this point I was thinking that it she was going to tell me that there wasn't a TSB on the timing chain but that they were going to work with me on the price. To my surprise, Amanda said that she called MiniUSA and they agreed to replace my timing chain for free under "good will" since they agreed that the chain shouldn't have failed so soon - AWESOME!!! - then the bad news.....the water pump pulley failed their inspection and needed to be replaced. :( Hello $560 this point I was pretty furious at the GMC dealer since they claimed that the engine was checked out completely and passed with flying colors. I told Amanda to go ahead and replace the pulley since I just wanted my car back asap. I then called the GMC dealer and demanded to speak to the lot manager. Once I finally got him on the phone I told him about the near heart attack I had just experienced as well as the sh*tty experience I had with Bob the sales rep who sold me the car. After about 30 minutes of chatting back and forth, John said to bring in my receipts after I pay for the pulley replacement and that he will reimburse me the money since I was told everything had passed their inspection! SWEET!!

So in the end, Amanda went above and beyond my expectations and saved me a buttload of money. I left very happy and fully plan to do all of my service work with Amanda and Tim in the future.......

John C. | 2014-07-19

Hi Jenna-

I love my MINI.

Thank you so much for all of your patience yesterday. It was a tough decision & it took much longer than I thought it would.

My daughter couldn't believe it when I told her we weren't looking for the Taurus in the Sea-Tac parking lot last night & then popped the hatch on the MINI.

You were very helpful & knowledgeable & in the end you guided me to the MINI that was right for me.

More importantly, you made the whole experience fun!

Thanks again,

John Cox

Seattle, WA

Ryan S. | 2014-06-28

Took our Mini Cooper in for service.  We made an appointment for Thursday at 10:30.  Service advisor greeted us and took the time to understand why we were there.  Gave us estimates and advised us if anything came up he would call us.  Car was ready as promised and despite not being able to pick the car up until after the service department closed, the keys were waiting for us at the front desk.  Overall very satisfied.

Valerie N. | 2014-06-17

Every time I have brought my car in for service, the dealership has screwed up. Every. Single. Time. Once I had an appointment, dropped my car off in the morning, and when I showed up at 5pm, they still hadn't worked on it. Another time they failed to screw in something, and the car started smoking as I drove away from the dealership. A third time they didn't have a part they were supposed to have ordered. End result -- now that my car is out of warranty, I will *never* go back there. Save yourself some misery and drive down to Tacoma, or take your Mini to one of the local independent shops.

Kayce A. | 2014-05-08

I used to go to Tacoma Mini and the people there are very much to themselves, they dont tell you whats going on, or how long something might be. I went there and was basically left in the dark. Today, I spent all day at this Mini in Lake City, and it was great! I enjoyed the company` of the employees, I was always being informed what was happening to my car. I was shown the beverage area and the waiting area (where I spent the day studying). It was an overall great experience.  They did a fabulous job detailing my car. I will be coming back.

Suzanne H. | 2014-04-22

I have been the proud owner of a gorgeous silver white 2011 MCS for three years now and thought it was time to review my many experiences with Seattle MINI- although I RARELY post reviews anywhere.

I originally went to Seattle MINI to view a lovely convertible MCS I had been drooling over on their site. Much to my disappointment, the sales manager had just recently purchased the car for his wife...lucky gal! That's when Chuck Hill introduced me to my Koop (yes, she has a name). He did a fabulous job of orienting me to all the wonderful uniqueness she had to offer. With no pressure. Still disappointed that I missed out on the convertible, I decided to take some time to think about it. Returned a few days later and purchased Koop.  Chuck made the purchase process painless, gave me a thorough owner's orientation and I was motoring in no time.

I have been back to Seattle MINI many times over the past three years....scheduled maintenance, factory recalls and a couple of warranty repairs. The majority of my visits were managed by Raychel Gainey.  Auto maintenance and repairs are always inconvenient, but Raychel made each experience as pleasant and swift as possible. They take the time necessary to fully understand owner concerns and car symptoms, provide a loaner (which is invaluable in my line of work), provide updates throughout the process and fully explain work done. Barring unforeseen complications, the work has generally been completed within the timeframe originally communicated.

I just picked Koop up today after her first out of warranty repair. Yellow engine light was on, some loss of power, overheated in rush hour freeway traffic and the tranny felt like it was slipping. She was also due for her regularly scheduled maintenance.  I was a wreck. You hear a lot of horror stories about out of warranty dealer repairs and I was anticipating the worst. Jonathan Buckley cared for Koop and I this time. Just like Raychel, he carefully listened to my concerns, explained what the process would look like - but more importantly, he recognized my anxiety and did everything he could to ease my mind.

I was without my car for five days....five days! Only a true MINI enthusiast knows how long five days really is, even with a loaner!

Scheduled maintenance was completed. A variety of repairs were made, some of which were charged to me and some were covered by the manufacturer.

Jon provided me with updates along the way, answered all of my ridiculous questions, was patient, kind and supportive throughout. And he was over-reactive fear that I needed a new engine and transmission were unfounded. And the final bill was thousands of dollars less than I feared. Koop and I drove off into the sunshine.....she purring along like her previous powerful, bad self and me grinning like a complete fool. I do love my car!

It seems like an appropriate time to thank Chuck for introducing us and Raychel, Jon and the entire Seattle MINI team for taking such good care of both of us.

Now if only the Acura dealer could do such a nice job when my husband's car needs attention.


seattle b. | 2014-03-23

Raychel Gainey, you rock. My 2003 mini suffered from the CVT problem that's well documented. I got TWO trannys installed. Long story, short Rachel brokered the fixes and I did not pay for their giant assessment time suck and repair(s). Thank you!! I will gladly recommend this dealership and return for future maintenance.

Kelly B. | 2014-02-10

I had my car towed to Seattle Mini because it wouldn't start and after many days there and $1700 later of the 4 things they fixed 3 were back within 1 day of having it back...including not starting. And here it is 2pm and I still have no response to my very early morning message. Never again will I get a Mini. Such a pain!

Tee Q. | 2014-01-22

November 2013 we started looking at getting a smaller car.  On our list to research and test drive was the Mini Cooper Hardtop.

Our sales person Bill V. had approached us. We asked a ton of questions, he answered all.  He was quite knowledgeable which is always a bonus when trying to make an informed decision.  We test drove one of he Hardtops.  Great car and handles really well.

Bill and I had a few email exchanges trying to come to an agreement on an offer we made.  We got close to what we wanted  but no cigar.  I wasn't willing to budge, but that's how it goes.   The holidays came so we put things  on hold, but kept searching the internet.  I have to say, Seattle Mini (Lake City) and Northwest Mini (Tacoma) stays on top of their listings which is always a bonus.

Some where mid January 2014 another Mini Hardtop popped  up.  It was "certified" which was what we wanted.  Bill worked with us, gave us a slight deal, but then again, the prices had already dropped lower than we expected.  Needless to say, we were able to shake and close on a deal.

What created a LOT of anxiety for me prior to walking on this car lot or ANY other car lot for that matter are the sales people.  Unfortunately, the sales people I have dealt with in the past have given this type of position  a bad rap.  I am super allergic to all of them.

Bill was AWESOME!  He was patient, not too aggressive, humble, soft spoken, but nicely assertive.  He didn't act like a jerk.  I do think I may have scared him since I am strong willed.   There was another sales person, Chuck who had answered a few of our questions when Bill was not there, he too was very nice and knew his Mini's.

We had a good experience with this purchase.  Financing on the other hand was, well, let's just say, "hard sales".  She informed us of all the packages which was helpful, yet irritating, since we didn't want any of it.   I probably should have said something in the very beginning....that's one hour I will never get back.  She was nice and doing her job, but also trying to close in on the finals sale.

My advice to anyone buying a new or used car, educate yourself.  Do your research first.  Know the market for the type of car you are wanting.  This gives you the knowledge/armor to ask the questions you  are seeking and know when someone is jacking you around.

Lastly, go see Bill V at Seattle Mini.  Great sales person, knowledgeable, patient, and great sense of humor!  Thanks Bill!

Adrienne C. | 2014-01-06

I bought a Mini Cooper a few months ago and love the car but also would like to say that I had a great experience at the dealership.  David Wolf was easy to work with and helped me find the best Mini for me.  I do not like to be pressured when I'm shopping for anything.  I think he understood that but also needed me to understand that if I wanted one of the 2013 cars that were left I needed to act quickly.  He answered all my questions, took me for a test drive and did not try to sell me more than what I needed/wanted.  It's fun going to this dealership too because you feel like you're part of the Mini family.  There's also all kinds of cool things to buy for you and your car.  Thank you David Wolf & Seattle Mini.  I'm so glad you're "Not Normal"  :)

Jon H. | 2013-11-13

Disappointing experience. Asked the salesman to give offer in writing. He initially refused but agreed to write on back of business card.

Laurie J. | 2013-11-11

I have a 2006 Mini Cooper that began losing power while going up hills. Then it would not shift out of 1st gear. I was afraid of going to the dealer knowing transmissions are crazy expensive. So I took it to a Transmission Shop that said they could fix it. Long story short they did nothing but tear it out of my car ( for $1600) so I called Seattle Mini.  From the get go Raychel in service was awesome. She needed my car and broken tranny but was able to get me a brand new transmission installed  for FREE. Mini understands there have been problems with the CVT's but I was totally impressed with the customer service and the price was right!!

Brian T. | 2013-10-24

I leased a new Mini Paceman on Sunday from Chuvit at Seattle MINI; I can't say enough about my experience and how happy I am with my purchase.  Car buying is not like it used to be and Seattle MINI can back it up.  Obviously I was a little apprehensive at first but our salesperson, Chuvit, was easy going and asked all the right questions; he earned my business in about an hour.  I browsed their inventory online before stopping by Sunday afternoon.  My partner and I went for a 20 minute test drive with Chuvit.  He then offered to put us on a demo permit so we could drive the Paceman by ourselves and talk in private.  On return, we all agreed to sit down look at the numbers.

Here is how the "negotiation" went:  I told Chuvit I was comfortable paying $XXX per month with $XXXX down.  He took my personal information and the deal to his manager.  Chuvit returned about ten minutes later and we were within a few dollars of our goal; we shook hands and that was it!  We didn't go back and forth.  He didn't ask for more money.  We made a fair deal and I think we were both very happy.  

A few extra notes on my experience:  Seattle MINI doesn't put front license frames on their new cars so my MINI gets to keep its smiley face (car people will be happy about this).  Our finance manager, Glen, was quite funny and very professional.  Not once did I feel like we were renegotiating our deal though Glen showed us a few products and changed our mileage allowance as asked.  My Paceman was washed and ready to go with a full tank of gas in about a half hour.  I met their Shop Foreman a couple days later to discuss a concern I had with the vehicle.  Eldridge road tested the car with me and put my mind at ease by answering all my questions.  

Finally: though I'm keeping my beloved SAAB I feel like the MINI is a perfect compliment to its quirkiness and happy-go-lucky attitude.  Like MINI says, "a car that inspires you is not normal."  Call me re-inspired ;-)

Thank you Chuvit... thank you Seattle MINI.

Audrey H. | 2013-10-23

I went drove up to Seattle Mini today to buy the no-hole front license plate holder. The purchasing  process was efficient and I was thrilled when they told me that they can mount the holder.

A gentleman who greeted me outside was pleasant, but it was very clear from the beginning that he lacked experience. When I started making suggestions based on the diagram, he readily told me that "he has not done this before." I was okay with this. Hey, we all have to learn it sometimes.  He was honest about his shortcomings and I was okay with helping him figure it out. So there I was, kneeling in front of the car in my designer jeans with Antonio with a diagram and a bunch of screws between us. However, despite us spending sometime doing this, it was clear that we needed help because despite our attempts to tighten the screws, the license plate holder was not securely fastened to the large screw attached to car. We spent enough time fiddling with it and I suggested to him that we need help.  Antonio went inside and brought out another man. He stood over both of us and was hearing us trying to explain what's going on. After I finished my sentences, instead of acknowledging what I was saying, he told me, "why don't you go inside and get yourself some coffee and let us figure this out." WHAT? WHERE THE HECK WERE YOU BEFORE? You are offering me coffee now after sending out a guy who is totally inexperienced?

I have three issues with this situation in regards to customer service:

1. Providing service to a customer with an employee who is clearly inexperienced and unsuited for the job. It was clear from both of us that he needed supervision from the beginning despite his honest effort.

2. Wasting customer's time  - this should have gone a lot smoother, faster and more efficient.

3. A dense employee who was did not understand the dynamic that he was
walking into and was condescending to a female customer.

My experience with Seattle Mini in buying a product: A
My experience with Seattle Mini in having the license holder installed: F

Gregory N. | 2013-09-19

I thought I'd write an update.

Even though my past experiences had told me not to return here I decided to give them a (third) chance, mainly because I had two coupons, one for an oil change and one for an alignment. I had my wife bring the car in for me - she's almost 9 months pregnant so when I booked the service I told the adviser this and that if both service items couldn't be done at the same time to tell me now, because I didn't want her sitting around for 3 or 4 hours. The adviser on the phone assured me that this wouldn't be the case and that it should take 2 hours, maybe 2 and a quarter hours tops. When my wife brought the car in she was told that it would be around 2 and a quarter hours, maybe a little bit longer.

It took 4 hours.

Was the work done competently? I don't know because I haven't checked the car out yet. I doubt even the most incompetent mechanic could screw up an oil change, and being totally automated I doubt they could screw up an alignment.

But frankly, I just don't care - as usual they weren't honest and left a 9 month pregnant woman sitting in their waiting area for 4 hours.

JR G. | 2013-09-15

Quick and easy buying experience, great car. Go see David Wolf. This is the car dealership for people who hate buying cars.

The dealership experience:
I saw a few Mini's in the "under $18k" section of their website I liked. I sent an email, got a prompt reply, and a couple emails and one short phone call later I had a test drive appointment for that afternoon. The car was ready for me at the scheduled time, I got my questions answered and we took a couple spins around the block. No heavy sales pressure, nothing weird. They are firm on price, but nothing unacceptable. We haggled a bit, found a number we both liked and did some paperwork. There is the standard "I've got to check with my manager" stuff, but it's brief and painless. The entire process, from walking in to driving home in my new car, took less than 3 hours. Done and done. David Wolf for the win.

The car:
Buy one. Most fun I've had driving anything in a very long time. Lots of cool yet practical bells and whistles. It's somehow bigger on the inside than on the outside. I'm tall and wide, and yet this car is super comfortable for me. Plus you can park it damn near anywhere. Wish I'd bought one sooner. I took it out on some twisty country roads near Issaquah this afternoon and had a blast.

Sashi R. | 2013-08-12

We had an awesome experience dealing with David Wolf. He was very responsive and Prompt to all our queries and assisted us in buying a New Mini Cooper.. He had to stay an hour after closing but still was very courteous and was happy to help us. Explained all the features of our new Mini Cooper so that could enjoy all the fun features of out Mini. He is very efficient in handling costumers. Good luck David

Randy P. | 2013-08-02

Seattle MINI has always been very good to me. This time I had the opportunity to work with David Wolf. My search for a new MINI began on the Seattle MINI website. I submitted a query about a MINI Convertible and David was quick to respond. Communications via e-mail and phone were always prompt and timely. I appreciated his patience working through my auto needs. When I was finally ready to make a decision, David anticipated my financial requirements and made sure that my MINI met my price point.

The entire process took about 1-2 hours to complete and the dealership is always a comfortable/enjoyable place to be. (Free WiFi and beverages helps keep the clients at ease!)

After all the paperwork was done, my new MINI was detailed and ready to go! Seattle MINI and David Wolf took the pain of the standard and stressful car purchase process experienced at other dealerships. This has been my third MINI and the second time I've leased a vehicle from Seattle MINI. I will always be loyal to the MINI brand and Seattle MINI. They are highly recommended. Thank you so much!

Geoff L. | 2013-07-29

Excellent car buying experience at Seattle Mini!  David Wolf was very accessible, enthusiastic and thorough, making the process as painless as possible. Alicia Carr was very efficient handling the financial transaction as well. Car- buying as pleasurable as it gets!

Ronnie M. | 2013-04-16

I purchased my first Mini Cooper S three weeks ago from Seattle Mini. The whole experience, from the day I test drove a mini to finally deciding that I really wanted a mini, and putting down a deposit 3 months later was easy.  I worked with Chuck Hill (Motoring advisor) and he never pressured me or made me feel uneasy about my decision.  I love my mini and would not hesitate to purchase my next car at Seattle Mini.

Peter S. | 2013-04-01

Richard Stone and his team run a class operation with service levels beyond what seems to be the new norm with most dealers.  Specifically Richard, Chuck and Raychel - make mini buying and servicing quite simple and pain free

Miona H. | 2013-03-23

I test drove Audi, Prius, Acura, and Mini vehicles around the $30,000 range. I was going to test drive a BMW, but the dude from BMW was just terrible and e-mailed me every other day "hoping to hear from me" after I sent a generic request from BMW's main site. So I never test drove a BMW.

ANYWAY. My experience at Seattle Mini was fabulous thanks to Terry Hogan. He is a straight shooter and took my budget into consideration when he went looking at options available for me. He also didn't hound me like all the other dealerships! I received one e-mail from him, walked in and test drove the next day. A week later, I e-mailed him back and started talking about selection. A week after that, I finally came in to make things real. Besides not badgering me and letting me move at my own purchase pace, he also explained leasing versus buying in a very easy, non-legalese manner. My boyfriend, who has zero tolerance for BS, was really glad I ended up with Terry as a sales rep.

Here is how I rate my Seattle Mini experience:

- Service: 5 stars (thanks Terry!)
- Financing: 5 stars (Glen was awesome)
- Reception: 5 stars (super nice and always smiled both times I was there)
- Snacks and Entertainment: 2 stars -- how can you be airing food shows on your TVs showing steak and taters but only providing peanuts and pretzels?! The food on the TV made me so hungry! Hooray for soda, though!

I wanted to sign all my papers with purple ink and Terry tried to get me a purple pen. Alas, I should've brought my own. I signed in standard black and blue. Overall, the whole process took me 5 hours but mainly because I went in wanting to pay X amount per month and spent a great deal of time figuring out what the magic numbers were for me.

J G. | 2013-02-12

I just purchased a new Mini and love it!  I looked at many different cars before choosing my new Mini. I looked at Audi, BMW, and Mercedes all of which had terrible customer service.  I kind of knew I wanted a Mini, but wanted to rule out the others and am so happy I did.
The staff is very nice, and my sales adviser was great to work with. Chuvit is his name,  call him.

J Z. | 2012-12-10

I should begin by making it clear that this review is for my experience at this particular dealership, not the mini brand in general.

Mini is a great brand, I love most Mini's I get to drive or ride. But my recent experience of trying to buy a Mini at this dealership was very unpleasant.  My friend wanted to buy a pre-owned Mini and we came to this dealer to check out a few candidates.

Test drive: the test drive is not bad in general but we could feel that the salesman was impatient. When we were driving the first car (2009) we were told that all of these drove the same. For two pre-owned vehicles I really don't agree with that, conditions may vary and it turned out that way. The first one is very noisy but the second one is much better.  After the test drive we found the one we were most happy with and decided to move to the next step, that's when things start to head south.

Sales: Very long waits and no clear communication. Salesman is constantly accepts phone calls or leaves his desk in middle of a conversation with us to deal with other customers. They are firm on the price like they don't care whether or not we'll buy at all. I heard Mini dealers are bullish but my interaction with them finally evidenced that this time.  

I would be caucious to go to this dealership again.

Lori F. | 2012-12-10

After the unexpected death of my boyfriend's car we began the process of finding him something new. We talked with and visited other dealerships and only got the typical haggling/hard-sell/vaguery that comes with most car shopping.

After finding some info on the Mini Cooper website he decided to contact them about some lease options. He talked to Kay on the phone, who was fantastic! He had a lot of questions and over the course of the afternoon and several phone calls Kay patiently and quickly got all the answers he was looking for. One car in particular interested them so we decided to head over and take a look at it.

We went into the dealership expecting to get the same vaguely sleezy hard-sell treatment we'd gotten everywhere else. Not so here! There's just a totally different atmosphere in this dealership. Everyone is genuine and friendly and you can tell they're very passionate about and honestly love what they're selling. It was a pleasant and welcome change of pace!

In the dealership we met Kay face to face who was just as awesome in person as over the phone. After the test drive my boyfriend was in love with the car and Kay was great about working through all the details so he could take it home with him without all the nonsense.

Overall such a nice and EASY experience! As much as I love my Camaro just the experience here alone is enough to bump these guys and the cars they sell pretty high on my list of considerations for whatever my next car will be!

Juju L. | 2012-11-02

great customer service.  just can't say no to Mini.

Mary C. | 2012-10-31

Not too impressed with the service both in Sales and Service.  Taking my business elsewhere.

Tanya L. | 2012-09-06

I purchased a 2010 Mini Cooper Convertible in November 2009 at Seattle Mini. The past 4 months, I have brought in my car 3-4 times as the inside convertible cover that covers the inside wires has been falling off.   I also brought it in for the first time in September 2010 as that is when the problem started. Yesterday I came in as it was falling off again (however I believe we figured out the problem for the time being:)).  

The reason I am writing this is to say what a huge help JP and Sasha have been through this situation.  It has been a very frustrating experience and not only have they been extremely helpful through this situation, they have been kind, sympathetic, and solution based.  It gives me piece of mind that I know that I have people there to help me and are working with me to try to get the problem solved.

Karen P. | 2012-07-01

We had an awesome experience with Mini of Seattle! Walked in at noon and drove away that afternoon in our gorgeous new Mini!  Our new driving toy! Dave our salesperson was great and efficient! Thank you guys!

Erin R. | 2012-06-29

Chuck was an amazing Mini Rep & Salesman (well, he's super tall so not really mini).  We purchased a royal grey Countryman... my husband's new favorite toy.

The service was amazing and they had a nice selection of previously owned Minis... but no previously owned for us!  We designed from scratch and had it shipped over on the boat... that was the most painful of the process (the waiting... oh the waiting!!).

Thank you Seattle Mini!!

Alma E. | 2012-06-27

I'm writing an update to my previous review which I wrote while I was still sitting in the dealer and beyond happy (hence the many typos in my review). Since then, I had a couple of problems with my car and dealing with the Mini Service Department has been a nightmare so far:
First, my ipod connection was lose and the music came coming out all wrong, I took it in twice and all they did was change the cable. After the second time, I just gave up and decided to put up with problem.
Second, just a couple days after I bought my car, my tire pressure light came on, and it turned out there was a leak in one of my tires, I'm pretty sure that I didn't drive it anywhere that could have caused it, but they refused to accept responsibility, and pushed me to buy a new tire. Thankfully, I took my car to Les Schwab and they fixed my tire for me for free.
I was in a minor car accident last week (so minor that there is not physical damage to the car), however, my steering wheel got out of adjustment, and a couple sensors light went on. I called Mini Seattle the next day, and as I was explaining the situation to the service receptionist, she interrupted me and said  they do not cover collisions (I was not expecting for them to pay for the service) and that I should go to a body shop. She refused to accept my word that there was NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE to the car and I (foolishly) just wanted Mini mechanics to fix the inside of my car. I called in again the next day, after several body shops told me that only Mini had the parts for my car, I called them back again, and this time she said she have no appointment available for me till July 10th! (this was in June 24th). I was devastated as I really need my car fo r daily commute. but I accepted it anyway. However, couple of my friends told me that this was ridiculous and they should take a look at your car sooner and at least give you an estimate. So I called in again, and after waiting for a whole day for them to call me back, the service advisor finally told me that he can take the car in the day after so he can look at it. My then immediately told me that I should call my insurance company cause the cost will be over $1500! Without even seeing the car first and that I should drop the car their and get a rental car (by the way, they have no complimentary loaner cars like my previous Subaru), So I take in my car today, and he says he can't take a look at it today, I explain to him that I need my car to get home (no bus service where I live, up a hill) and I'm willing to wait as long as it takes, even 4 hours, so that they can just take a look at it to give me an ESTIMATE of how much it will cost me. I'm really nervous about this as I'm a student, and under 25, and I was trying to see how much it will cost me without using my insurance so that my premium won't sky rocket. When I explained this to him, he asked me how much I pay for insurance (kinda personal I think) and when I told him I pay around $190 and it can go up by a $100 if I use my insurance (which was what he was pushing me to do), he kinda gave me a sarcastic laugh and he said, that ok! I used to pay $450 for my insurance! That's not a good excuse, I had never had tickets/accidents so I like my insurance to stay low. After I persisted more, (which was  kinda embarrassing but  as I said I'm a student and on a tight budget),  He finally said, if I wait for three or more hours, he can take a look at it, I was happy for a second, but then he said the estimate will cost me $126 dollars! JUST TO TAKE A LOOK! Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but estimates are free 99% of the time even at the dealers, or at least it was for my brand new Subaru, my used Camry, and any other friends' cars I had asked from. That really pissed me off, and he said AGAIN that I should call my insurance company and NOT WORRY ABOUT SPENDING MONEY! as if I'm spending his money not mine. I hated their resentment to just give me an estimate, so I took the car and left. Since then, I've taken to two mechanics and both have told me that the damage is not that bad, and it wouldn't cost me more than $500.  Overall, if you want to buy a MINI drive to Tacoma and buy it from there, people here are super snobby, rude, and don't know customer service.

David Owen H. | 2012-06-18

I purchased a new Mini Countryman this past week, and wanted to share what a great experience I had working with Jay Hammon (sales). Jay was very patient with all my questions, and I never felt pressure at all to buy. I really appreciated his laid-back attitude, and also his breadth of knowledge about the car I was interested in. I was able to get the vehicle that I wanted, with the features I wanted, and also got a very good value for my trade-in. This is my third Mini and I am sold not only on the great cars, but also on the great service I get when I need it. I always feel valued as a customer and a member of the Mini Club!

Laurie K. | 2012-06-10

I am here at Seattle MINI even as I write this review. I've had my 2005 S serviced at both locations and feel that I've been dealt with fairly at both locations. Pretty sure you all know they are owned by the same company, right? Anyway, service at a dealership will ALWAYS be more expensive than that done someplace aftermarket. Just the way it is. That said, I bring my MINI here for major services, do regular oil changes at aftermarket garages, not those LOF places!, and come to the dealership for big things like the Clutch (about $400 more than non-dealer) and head gasket (warranty). Be smart where you spend your dollars. And spend your dollars where you are treated well!

Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down! Let's MOTOR!

Jeff A. | 2012-05-15

I've had mostly good service and experience at the Seattle Mini dealership.  I've certainly not had nearly the problems I used to have at the Fife one.

Recently I purchased a new Mini, and it went pretty smoothly.  I don't have any complaints about that.  I didn't feel aggressively upsold on any features or services that we didn't need.  I was given a good choice of cars, and picked one in the mid range of what I wanted, without feeling pressured to get the more high-end ones.

On the other hand, out of all of the experiences I've had with my Mini being serviced, I've had one bad one (out of a handfull) where they forgot to turn my car out of service testing mode, and my wife drove off in it with the engine cooling system turned off.  She could have gotten injured due to that!  I'm only going to knock one star off for that, since it was just one mistake, and the Fife dealership has made multiple ones in my dealing with them, but if another mistake like that ever happens, I'll be pretty seriously angry.

Steve S. | 2012-05-13

Great Dealership.  Great Experience.  This was by far the finest new car buying experience I have ever had.  David Wolf was generous with his time, enthusiastic about his product and truly wonderful to work with.  Buying a Mini Cooper is all about customizing your perfect car.  That takes time and patience on the part of the dealer salesperson as you walk back and forth, seemingly forever,  comparing colors and interiors.  Dave was GREAT.  Never wavered, never bored...just a true professional...and I think a friend.
  When you make a major purchase like a new car it takes the sting out of the cost to work with good people who are interested in what they do and the customers they help.  Seattle Mini is just such a dealership.
   Besides David, we have all heard horror stories about the dreaded "finance manager"!  Well, Michael Brown broke that mold.  What a great guy with all the right answers to our questions.  Of course, he is selling additional services and helping with your finances...but in such a way that it is a pleasure to sit, joke and laugh in his office.  He is perhaps, like everyone that we met at Seattle Mini, one of the best most professional, likeable people you will ever want to meet!
   If your looking for a Mini....just GO...and say hi to Dave for us.   Who knew that buying a new car could be SO MUCH FUN!!

Steve and Barbara Schaeffer
Seattle, WA

amy r. | 2012-04-27

Thank you Mini for another great service. JP was able to get me in with out much notice. We bought our second Mini here at this dealership and haven't regretted it. We have the extended warranty with our Clubman and with all the miles I drive, I am glad I do. It take the worry and cost out of it.

Thanks Mini

Mike B. | 2012-03-20

Purchased a new Mini Coupe S today that I special ordered.  A month or so ago I set up an appointment for a test drive and was taken on a lengthy test drive in the model I was interested in.  Next Michael, my sales person, took me downstairs to look at the different finishes inside and out on some cars they had in stock.  I ordered my car and any time I neeed an update on its build progress all I had to do was call.  When the car arrived Michael was very helpful and went out of his way to make sure the car was  prepared quickly after it was unloaded from the truck. I had sold my previous car and had no car to drive so he made every effort to get it to me on that same day.  Everything about the car was explained to me and I felt I was treated very well compared to previous experiences.  Damon in financing also was very straight forward and didn't try to over sell me on every little thing.  I knew what I wanted and that was all we talked about.  Seattle Mini has been nothing but excellent so far. A+

Preston T. | 2012-03-17

I bought my Mini used from a different dealer but ever since, I've been taking it to Seattle Mini for service - and personal education.  They have ALWAYS gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I - and my car, are taken care of.   They take They are honest, treat you with respect and always keep their commitments.  In 43 years of driving and car ownership - I've never dealt with a more friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy dealership.  They are the kind of business you enjoy having a relationship with. The service department is without peer.  And by the way - the car is top shelf - quality, performance and fun all rolled into one package.

Emma F. | 2012-03-12

I am going to start by saying I love my mini! If I didn't love my mini, I would not have purchased anything from these people. Now that I know there is a better option in Tacoma I will likely just go there next time.. Anyway... Here is how the sale and subsequent service attempts have gone.

Pre-Purchase/Test drive: Went and test drove. No real dedicated sales person was available to us and it felt like we were more of a nuisance than customers. Since I was there for the mini, I let it slide and waited a long time for someone to let us test drive. Afterwards we were quickly escorted to a sales table where we were put under a ton of pressure to buy a car. We told him we were not done test driving all the other cars we were interested in and that once we did we would call him either way. Basically there was no service, just pressure. Whatever, they don't make car salesmen jokes for nothing and so we let it go. After test driving all the other cars I just couldn't get over how much I loved the mini and given that they were closer we decided to go back and buy it from them.

Purchase: I was very specific in what I wanted and had to be VERY firm with them. They kept wanting to upsell me. Frankly they were very pushy, but again, I wanted a mini and I figured they were just the stereotypical jerky sales guys. When we finally settled on the car and had the price set we were presented with an invoice. Given the hostile negotiations (and the lack of professionalism and what looked like fear in our sales guys eyes when he mentioned his manager) we decided to give it a more thorough look than we usually would and we caught a $700+ error, in their favor of course. They had charged us for something they had said they would waive. Thankfully we caught it and they removed it.

Financing: Guy was kinda rude but he got our financing through with relative speed and again, we wanted a mini so it didn't make too much difference to us how nice he was. By now we expected a bit of hostility.

Overall the car purchasing experience was the worst I have ever been a part of. This was my 3rd car purchase (5th that I sat through) and really, these guys just aren't professional.

Service: Here is where they are really lacking in my opinion. I have called for two separate problems and both have been really bad experiences. First time was a tire light, never heard back although I called about 7 times over the course of a few weeks and left many messages. I finally went to a local repair place and they helped me out. Thankfully the guys were nice and didn't charge me, however, my mini is still under warranty so Mini should be dealing with it, not Jiffy Lube.

Second was a strange noise. I called this morning and after a couple of calls and rude receptionists (which by the way has been an issue since before we bought our car) I decided to come to Yelp and see if it was just me being a difficult customer (I can get pretty sensitive about my baby/mini) and I learned it wasn't just me. So I took people's advice and called Tacoma, what a difference!! Someone came on the phone after a minute on hold (don't mind holding btw) and they had heard of the issue in the past and even told me what it could be. They then made me an appointment as soon as possible and since I live far away scheduled me a complimentary loaner so I could get to work on time.

As a quick update, as I was writing this I got a call from the service dept. I was actually really excited and thought maybe I was wrong and it would all be ok. They would be just like the people in Tacoma and help me out. Nope... More ineptitude and rudeness followed. However, they did call me back and so I add this here so that the review is accurate.

AhnJean S. | 2012-02-24

The service there is impeccable.  Our sales person was Cale, and he--among others there--just made our whole experience pleasurable.  Cale was not pushy at all, and was very understanding.  He tailored to our every need.  The manager there was also super friendly and made the effort to greet us and work with our offer.  The finance and service departments were also very friendly and helpful.  We were so happy with the service, and how easy it was to deal with everyone.

Missy M. | 2011-12-27

I have a Mini that I purchased in Fife, but I have been going to Seattle Mini for service since they opened. The service department is great!

Raychel Gainey has been my service advisor since Fife and has always gone above and beyond to fit me in when I need it, to help me get a loaner and is SUPER patient with me and helps explain everything (because I do not understand car talk at all)

She is one of the main reasons that I have continued to be happy with Seattle Mini.

Chrissie D. | 2011-10-12

I was so excited when Seattle Mini opened because it was difficult to find the time to drive to Fife (where I bought the Mini) for service. I recently made my yearly appointment and went in. First, let me say, I always felt taken care of at Fife. I assumed that customer service level would be the same at Seattle Mini. It was so not!

First, I waited easily 15 minutes before I was helped. At the Fife location that never happened, even when they were the only Mini dealership around. When finally they had time to check me in first the guy aggressively tried to sell me a new warranty, which was unwelcome.

I told him there was a light burned out and he interrupted me to say that they're so thorough he knows they'll find it on their own.

He also asked me the year of my car and I said, "2008". He said, "No it's's a 2007...they probably just told you it's a 2008." I went home and looked at my paperwork and it is written as a 2008 model. I know this is sometimes a fuzzy-ish area but I did not appreciate it at all and don't know if I believe him anyway.

When we went out to my car he immediately (while looking at me, not my car) said, "You need new tires." I found that hard to believe since my Mini is rarely driven. So, to prove his point, he looked at my mileage and said, "No, your mileage is typical for it's age and the tires definitely need replacing." I said I'd need to think about when to do that and would make a new appointment when I decided to proceed. The estimate he gave me for this replacement was about $1500 or so - not a small amount. I later had another person look at the tires who told me they were no where near needing replacement.

As I waited for the service to be complete, he came by to tell me my oil is leaking and the car needs repairing accordingly. I think this estimate was about $1500 as well. I said I didn't understand that since the car is in the garage at night and there was no oil on the floor. He said the car is holding the oil and it's hidden and hard to get to. I don't honestly know if this is true but I highly doubt it. The oil light never goes on and, again, there is no oil on the garage floor. I asked what would cause that and he said the weather in Seattle. Again, the car is rarely driven and in a garage. That doesn't make sense. I again refused to proceed.

At this point all I wanted was my car back and to get out of there. But I was in too far at this point and had to hope they'd at least do what I requested.

But of course, they didn't. When I got home I realized the light that I pointed out to them as being burned out was not replaced. I guess it won't be replaced until I find the time to take it to Fife. I will never go to Seattle Mini again.

I felt like he saw a woman and figured he could eek the yearly maintenance into a bigger chunk of cash. He then demanded to know if I would give them a 5 out of 5 when asked by their national office about my service. I literally just stared at him in disbelief and he said, "Okay, good!" Idiot.

Lisa L. | 2011-09-26

Customer Service here on cars that are NOT under warranty is awful. They quoted me DOUBLE what it cost me to get fixed at Fat City.
Save yourself the stress...avoid the dealership!

Jamie A. | 2011-09-18

I have many friends that own minis, and if it weren't for the fact that I LOVE my little sports car, I would probably own one too!  The dealership in Seattle is very nice... the sales people are extremely friendly and willing to do what they can to help you get the car of your dreams.  The finance department will do what they can to help you make your dream a driving reality.  I would definitely recommend stopping in and taking a mini for a test-drive as they are a blast to zip around in!  And who knows, you might fall in love and drive one home... hopefully after you've paid for it of course!  ;)

Omar S. | 2011-08-28

A few weeks ago my wife and I decided to go test drive a Mini. We were deciding between a Mini Cooper convertible and a Fiat 500c.

We went to the dealership and had a great test drive experience. Our sales person, Patrick was very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the car and the benefits of the Mini. However, that is where our happy experience ended.

We were going to trade in our Audi and apply that to the Mini. We also decided to order a Mini since they did not have a model with the options we wanted.

We weren't able to get an offer from them for our Audi so we left and they were going to call us back that night. Well we didn't get a call from them, nor did we get a call the next day. I called them back and was told they were still working on a quote, and that some dealerships "refused" to even offer an amount for our car. Our car was a 2010 Audi A4 BTW, so that struck us as odd. My sense is that Patrick didn't really know what was going on and was just working through the store manager or someone else who was doing all the leg work.

Anyways, after a few days of waiting they made an offer on our car. It was less than what we were hoping but we decided to go ahead and order a Mini. That was when our experience really soured. We picked out the options we wanted on the car, and then attempted to negotiate with them over phone / email rather than having to go back in just to order a car. Well Patrick returned ZERO of my calls, test messages or emails. They just didn't even want to entertain our offer (which was above invoice but below MSRP). Annoyed by this I made an offer via and got someone to actually work with me, but that is when I discovered that not only are they expecting to get MSRP for a car, but they charge a $500 "dealer prep" fee. You know what a "dealer prep" fee is? It's a way for a Dealership to charge above market prices for a car. So not only are they making their normal profit selling you a car, but they are charging you extra for the privilege of buying a car from them. That is called fleecing in my book.

They claim that the Seattle market is so Mini crazy that they can get away with this.

Anyway, that is when we decided that the Mini was not for us. Paying over MSRP for a car that will depreciate the second you drive off the lot is crazy. Not to mention it's not like the Mini just came out or anything.

So, we took our business to Fiat Kirkland and got a fully loaded Fiat 500c for less than invoice due to a discount program offered to us through work. Also, Fiat Kirkland gave us an offer on our Audi that was higher than Seattle Mini and they were able to secure that offer in about 1 hour, while we were at the dealership. Not to mention their dealership was a pleasure to work with, and treated us with respect.

I think the Mini folks are going to to have a hard time demanding such a premium over the Fiat 500 and 500c, given how much less expensive a car it is, with comparable features.

Anyway, don't be fooled into thinking you can go to Fiat down in Tacoma and get a better deal. They are owned by the same guy, so having 2 dealerships doesn't even allow you to get competitive bids.

C M. | 2011-07-25

I am a very happy new mini driver! Seattle mini is hip, friendly and professional. Terry Hogan in sales and his manager Richard Stone were fantastic! They made the experience fun and easy. I highly recommend Seattle Mini!

Jocelyn E. | 2011-07-16

My experience with the Service Department at Seattle MINI was so negative that not only will I never buy a new MINI, but I want to sell the one I have now just so I don't have to deal with the hassle of taking my car all the way down to Fife for servicing since I clearly cannot in good conscience ever come back here.

This all started on a fateful Sunday evening when we were heading home from Bellevue.  A new yellow light that I had never seen before lit up.  Awesome.  We get home and check the user manual.  We're told that we need to schedule an appointment to take the car in.  Something about an engine failure.  Double awesome.  

I call in the following day to get my car scheduled for an appointment.  The first guy has not clue what this light means and asks me to just read my service manual out loud to him.  Okay, first of all, I don't carry my owner's manual around with me.  Second, and more to the point, don't you work in service - shouldn't you know what the lights mean?  So finally I actually go through the hassle of telling him which light was on the dash (like counting from your left...).  He disappears.  Some chick comes on the phone later telling me that she's sure it's just for an oil change.  Considering I just had my oil service in late May, and it's early December (and my car is driven maybe once a week) I know it's not an oil change.  Thank God I know one or two things about car maintenance before just blindly taking the word of the staff.

The next day I call in to read the text off my owner's manual.  At other service centers I've been to, they actually like to know what needs to be done, as that is how they schedule their service.  I was told that "Oh, I'm sure it just means that you didn't put your gas cap on correctly."  Uh.  I filled up 2 weeks ago and now this is an issue?  Then I'm told that really, they have no idea what's wrong with the car until they pull the codes off of the key - so any time I'm spending on the phone with their haphazard guessing is entirely pointless.  Whatever.  Appointment is scheduled for the next week and car is garaged until the date of the appointment.

The car goes in with my husband.  3 hours later, he sends me a message to tell me that it has a cracked emissions vent and he's being sent home with a loaner (some crappy rental car through Avis) since they do NOT recommend that we keep driving the car since apparently some very bad things could happen.  Huh.  Good thing I didn't keep driving on it when I was told that it was just a oil change light.

I call to figure out what time they are open for me to pick up my car later that week.  I'm told that they are open until 6, but they can also leave my keys and paperwork with someone in Sales.  Awesome.  This is a Thursday and they welcome me to come in the next evening.  We end up sitting in traffic for a long time on Friday evening.  Knowing that we won't get there until well after 6 (and hopefully before 7), I try calling the Service folks to get make arranagements with Sales.    The phone rings, rings...  Nothing.  I spend over 45 minutes trying maniacally to get in touch with someone who works there - anyone at this point - to get assistance.  Nothing.  The phone for Sales just rings out.  Really - Sales?  Don't you people need to sell cars to make money?

I turn around and go home.  I found out the next morning when I call and end up talking to the same person from Friday that "oh yeah, when I talked to you on Thursday, I forgot that we had our Christmas party on Friday.  Oops.  Oh, what, there were no phone messages indicating that?  Oh."  No apology, nothing - and "When are you going to come and get your car, because we've had it for a few days now..."

Hello, I tried last night.  

When I show up, the Service guy tries to convince me that they've actually done me a favor by not charging me for a service that isn't covered under warranty, citing that my warranty period had passed (based on mileage).  The only problem with this shameless self-promotion?  They had keyed in my mileage wrong at check-in, giving me an extra 10,000 miles.  My car was totally still covered under the maintainance warranty.  When I challenged the assertion, the guy called me a liar (He actually called me a liar to my face, I'm not making this up.).  He was like, "Well, I'll go get your car!" Seriously - bring it.  He checks the key again, and "Oops."

NEVER AGAIN WILL I STEP FOOT IN THIS PLACE!  If you own a Mini, I strongly recommend taking the trek down to Fife for service.  I have never had any issues with them.  I've always had great customer service from the team here and they've always been knowledgable.

Note: I was recently informed that there have been some significant changes to the Service Team (not only the people, but policies I assume) since I was here.  If you're in a pinch, the location is a lot more convenient for Seattle-ites, just be cautious before proceeding.

Michelle M. | 2011-06-16

I just leased a 2011 MINI and had a great experience with the sales and finance staff at Seattle MINI. Thanks Terry and Damon for getting me into the car I really wanted.

Flora C. | 2011-04-24

I am new MINI owner.  I had been shooping for a new car since January 2011 and been to many different car dealers and sales.  Seattle MINI is serious about doing business with me and no games.  Not like Honda in Belleve, we are pushing paper back and forward for so many times.  It turned me off and I am glad that I did not settle for a Honda.  Because,... I found that I am actually a very MINI person from bottom up.

Chuck Hill is a great person to work with at Seattle MINI.

Laura M. | 2011-04-21

I was very fortunate to have gone here. Sadly it was because of the 'death' of my baby girl (BMW 325i), whose transmission just completely failed (odd that is too) - and having bad credit (thanks to divorce & layoffs), I knew that I could at least get financing with BMW again.  But I really wanted a MINI anyways, the newer 3 series too bulky.  Jared Farley worked with me and Damon (financing) were the BEST!  They gave me a '2nd chance' and yes, I'm sure I'm paying more then need be - but I DO need a car.  Jared had me test drive the standard model as well as the Sport - but of course I needed the sport.  I am a girl with the need for speed.  
Mini Me (Pearl colored Sport 2011) is now happily in my hands - which happened quickly and Jared was such an easy salesman, very respectful, sincere and friendly and Damon did a great job with my financing.  Leasing - not that it a great option, but considering the Beemer managed to mysteriously 'DIE' just after be paid off, I thought I might want to consider my next option instead.
They did an excellent job and I am quite happy with them (thus far).

Nadia G. | 2011-02-24

I bought my dark silver MINI here in Nov 2009. I always knew that I wanted a MINI so they didn't have to work hard to convince me. I worked with Michael and he was so patient. I probably spent about 4-5 hours of his time just asking questions. I actually came in with a list of questions on my second trip there. I never felt pressured, unlike other visits to car dealerships. I love the culture of MINI and I think that the people who work at Seattle MINI represent that; friendly and excited about MINIs. I was a first time car buyer and very nervous. The woman I worked with in finance was friendly and patient with me. After purchasing my MINI I had to return for a few issues I had with my bluetooth. The service department was always willing to listen to my concerns and help me out until we finally fixed the problem. I will continue to return to Seattle MINI for service or any future issues or for my next MINI! :)

Polly B. | 2010-12-06

I bought my beloved blue Mini in January 2008. I love my Mini. As a first time car buyer, I was a little intimidated to walk in and go through the new car process but Jay Hammon made it super easy. There was no pressure, no weird games, just a lot of passion and genuine excitement on his behalf. I would highly recommend him as a knowledgeable and down to earth advisor who actually cares about his clients.  

I've also had great service every time I bring the car in - very professional and quick. Even the guy who gave me a lift home while my car was getting serviced was really sweet. Overall the people at Seattle mini are great folks to deal with and Mini is just a great product - so I say go for it! :)

Jessica W. | 2010-11-02

I love my mini! I am a second time owner my first was a 2005 blue beauty, and now I have a 2009 red convertible that I adore! I have never had any reason to complain and you would think that a needy customer like me would. I have on several occasions just dropped by with questions and problems from week one. Flat tire light was on and I couldn't figure out why, so on my way to school I dropped in at 6:30 in the morning. The person who was there at the time hadn't even been close to opening yet, but still came out to help me. Everyone I have worked with has been super from trading in my old Cooper to buying and up-keeping my new one! I really could not imagine not owning a Cooper.

Pauline S. | 2010-10-09

It's interesting to see all the reviews below as I think I was one of the first Mini owners to be serviced by Mini of Seattle servicing dept. In fact I was set to get my coolant flushed in Fife but then Seattle sorta begged me to go with them so I did. Pretty much a nightmare. They broke the screw on the bottom of the radiator and all the coolant leaked out so my car overheated on  the Viaduct at night. Yuck. They could have destroyed my engine. When I called them to tell them what had happened, the front desk person was infuriating, but the service department wanted to make it right. And they did. It took time and I was without a car but they came and got it and delivered back to me and gave me a $50 dollar gift cert and really apologized. I love my Mini but sounds like the service dept in Seattle continues to have problems. I think going to Fife is a better choice even if there is the drive, until they get things running smoothly.

Erika O. | 2010-08-18

This rating may change for the better or worse as I continue to interact with Seattle MINI, getting my Cooper serviced and whatnot, but I've so far had an excellent experience here.

I had already decided that a Mini was the right car for me, so finding a decent dealership was my primary objective.  Fortunately Seattle MINI proved decent, because, as I owned no car at the time, getting down to Fife would've been a major PITA.  Terry was a tremendous help in finding the car with all (well, really most) of the extras I wanted, having a few more put on once the car was off the boat, and dealing with all the other annoying crap associated with buying a new car.

Terry was also tremendously helpful in figuring out my Mini's little idiosyncrasies, and, if I weren't such a cheapskate luddite, he would have helped me hook up my phone to my Mini's bluetooth, but, alas, my cellphone lacks all those extras.  Seriously, it's amazing my phone even has texting.

The dealership has cold refreshments and comfortable seating for when you find out that your insurance company didn't get around to setting up your policy and you have to spend 20 minutes on the phone resubmitting your application before you can pick up your new car (but that's another review for another day).  What's not to like?

Raina B. | 2010-07-12

My experience with sales and finance was disappointing.

My fiancé and I went in for a test drive with serious intent to buy and were treated like poor beggar children. The finance guy and the salesman were YELLING figures at each other while we were negotiating a price. And I am using 'negotiate' lightly, they didn't want to budge on anything and their solution was to try and force us into a lease.

I know car shopping can be stressful, but this experience was downright sickening.

As a side note, Todd over at University VW (who I highly recommend!) was wonderful and both of us bought cars (same price as the mini) from him that same week.

Tough break for the mini guys, two sales out the door - and we like minis... I'd be happier to find a rat in my shoe than ever talk to them again.

Jon A. | 2010-04-16

Rick at the the desk is really a good guy and ez to work.The place is very cool to hang out in. They even have 2 computers to work on while you wait.

Negatives are the wait time. MAN IT IS LONG and  for short stuff. I will give it another chance but after my second hour it really got to be torture.

Heather H. | 2010-03-16

I really hate that I'm forced to go to this dealership to have my mini cooper serviced.  Each time I go there, I have one more miserable experience.  After this recent annoying interaction, I decided to go to yelp and share my stories.

Over the course of the last year, I have had to take my 2004 mini cooper to the seattle dealership for a variety of issues.  I'm not upset that the car has had problems (they were minor and the car is old -- the mini cooper is a rock solid vehicle) but i dreaded working with these people.  From the front desk to the financial reps to the service reps -- they all seem confused with the processes, annoyed with each other, and downright pissed to have to help customers.  No one returns phone calls, they can never find my account when I call (if I have to spell my name six times on phone call, something is wrong), and you have to badger them to get any information about your car.

Here's a short list of issues I had with Seattle Mini:
* Tried to force the wrong alternator into my car (I have the voice mail recording to prove it)
* Kept my car for five days and never told me until I arrived on the last day that the car needed a ton of additional work (I would have had them do it while it was there for a WEEK).
* They don't call me -- I have to call them.  When I called today to ask if my car was ready, the woman on the phone said "I got four phones going, honey -- just come in!"  I mean I'M PAYING YOU -- can you please make the courtesy to tell me my car is ready?!
* They are really nasty to each other.  The last time I was in there, Rick the service guy was seriously rude to the older front desk lady.  When he asked who made my appointment, I said the font desk and then he turned and shouted to her "Oh, you're scheduling appointments now?!"  It was awkward.

I was surprised there weren't more comments up here.  Maybe my experience was just unique.  Either way, I wanted to share it.

Corey G. | 2009-11-25


A little over a month ago, MINI opened shop in north Seattle (now WA state has two MINI dealers).  This one is definitely more convenient when I'm hanging in Seattle.  I was here to make my first Maintenance Appointment with my MINI (wow, these lil' guys can go 16,000+ miles without an oil change!  Amazing).

Back to Seattle MINI.....

The new space is smaller than the Tacoma/Fife flagship, but it's just as stylish and is simply more compact.  The showroom and waiting area are cool.  I sit here and write Yelps and blog as I await my MINI's first service.  There's free wifi, a couple of computer stations, TV, cool furniture, free beverages (water, juice, soda, coffee, tea), and offers an overall cool place to chill out while you wait---time actually zoomed by.  While checking out the place before leaving, I was pointed downstairs to check out their show room.  Down there I found a room full of MINIs all pimped out and ready for a new owner to take 'em home.  

If you need a lift somewhere, they can give you a ride, but I personally chose to hang out.

The staffers are totally cool & welcoming.  I love my new Clubman, and have had nothing but excellent experiences with both MINI dealerships I've been to.