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Pierre Money Mart is part of Pierre family of dealerships. Bill Pierre Ford opened it's doors in 1947 and we've been helping our Seattle-area neighbors ever since. Throughout the years, we've established tremendous business relationships with virtually every lender in the nation. Plus, we offer over 1,000 new (Ford and Chevy) and over 1,000 pre-owned vehicles to choose from every day. When you can put that kind of combination together, plus offer the expertise of our constantly-trained sales staff, we can put the right person in the right vehicle that the banks will approve.

Thanks for giving Washington's leader in special auto financing the opportunity to help.

Come in and see us for the best cars deals in the business!  We offer several financing plans for all customers.  Check out our inventory online at our website or give us a call today 206 368-2332!


Established in 1947.

Since 1947, Pierre Money Mart is providing an enhanced way of getting automotive financing online.

Welcome to your Pierre Money Mart for obtaining bad credit auto loans, regardless of your current financial condition. Pierre Money Mart is an excellent solution for people who are in the tough situation like bad credit, multiple repossessions outside bankruptcy at different time intervals and multiple bankruptcies. The enthusiastic squad of Pierre Money Mart has made us one of the Washington's leading car loans, auto buying and selling and bad credit auto loans service.

Do you have a bad credit? For people having bad or low credit ratings, Pierre Money Mart gives them a chance to grab easy car loans. We help folks in Seattle, Tacoma, Renton, Everett, Belleuve, Kirkland and neighborhood areas to overcome their problems by providing them quick and non threatening auto loans for bad credit online. With our absolutely free, secure and easy to fill up application you can acquire a auto loan

Pierre Money Mart

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 800-8553
Address:11577 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98125
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 235-0018
Address:12014 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98125

Reviews on Pierre Money Mart

Aimee W. | 2015-04-24

So the first experience I had with them was that they could "no problem!" help me out and get me into a new car! They took my old car as a trade took my keys and all then we ran into a snag..no problem they said .. I did what they told me to do and the "No Problem " turned into a major problem and I was basically sent away they couldn't do any more for me... and they never returned the trade in vehicle to me .. they can't even find my keys.. STILL its been 2 weeks now! All I get are back and forth calls. However In the second phone call back to me about trying to find my trade in vehicle!  a salesman by the name of Tom Smith started inquiring about what had happened and why my deal had fallen through. He told me to let him have a shot at getting me into a car. So I did. I am pleased to report I am now in a vehicle that isn't new but it is what i was looking for for my son and my payments are what i can handle and the car is great. He was fantastic and did everything in his power to get us into a car and made it happen when the other salesman threw in the towel and really didn't care about anything but THEIR BOTTOM LINE! Tom Smith was fabulous and treated us honestly and fair and got the end result and I will go back to HIM when its time for another car!
PS... I still haven't gotten my other car back from the dealership.. we didn't use it in the deal with Tom.. they still haven't found my keys or my paperwork!! So I might have to say that they are completely unorganized and they don't seem to find the fact that they have LOST my title paperwork and two sets of keys a PROBLEM!! Anyone could take my car and ownership of it at  this point and I might have to speak to an attorney regarding that. TOM WAS FANTASTIC THOUGH!!

Jomar G. | 2015-03-10

Date: February 9th, 2015 Time: Early Afternoon Location: 12014 Lake City Way NE Pierre Money Mart

This is one of the worst place in the world to go go, I would never go here or recommend anyone to go.

It has been absolute nightmare dealing with both management and dealers who what I am gathering, are there to not only manipulate you into what they want but also, make you feel as if there is no other option but theres.

I recently went in and knew exactly what I wanted and that was a van for my business. Within more than seven hours I was pressured and manipulated to a small compact car Matrix. A man named Bill said specifically, "COME ON SIGN THE PAPERWORK, ITS PAST 9 O CLOCK ALREADY."

I have personally told them several times throughout the whole process that I needed a van for my business.

Throughout the entire process I was not even shown a car until the end of the night. They showed me the Matrix drove around for 2-3 minutes returned and was pressured once again to sign and start coming up with the down payment immediately. I ended up giving them $1000.00 as a downpayment. It was nearly nine o clock in the evening and this point exhausted, frustrated, and confused nothing made sense. I just wanted to get tot he end.

They insisted in signing the paperwork and as a caveat it would help repair my credit. Knowing my situation I not only believed them but I also trustef what they were saying to me therefore, lookinh back it now I was pressured, stressed, and pushed to sign for something I had no understanding of.

I wanted the night to end as much as them therefore, I told them that I will be picking up the car tomorrow. The next day I realized how much of a mistake it was to go to Bill Pierre Money Mart. Feeling completely taking advantage of, to being pressured to sign for something I ultimately did not want or need, and feeling upset about what transpired.

I am a filipino decent American citizen with an understanding that people should treat people with respect. Since I have always had a hard time with English being my second language I could not convey to them truly how I felt or needed from their business.

Date: February 10th Time: Early Afternoon
Location: Same as above

The next day I came to pick up the car with my son and he told them exactly how I felt about the whole situation. Their reaction was you signed the paperwork, you can't get your $1000.00 down payment back, the deal is done, and there's nothing we can.

Astonished, shocked, absolutely upset, and outraged. They understood this and I was then hauled off to talk to a gentlemen by the name of Ernest Reed. He showed me a van that was currently being repaired on due to a recall.

I was happy that they were giving this option however now I needed to come up with an even higher down payment. I ended up giving them $3,500 dollars as a down payment. I gave them $3,000 and to charge the rest, $500 on the February 26th. Come to find a out few days later looking at my account they had charged the remainder $500 on of February without proper authorization. This will set the stage for transpired within the next few days.

I resigned a separate contract for the van. After I had given them the downpayment I offered to pick the car up in about week so that the recall repairs were completed and requested a detail of the van. (Which was not much to ask I though)

Date: February 14th 2015 Time: Early Afternoon

When I arrived within less than a minute entering through the door my sales clerk Ernest Reed, asked for the $500? I replied with where is my van? Apparently it was not ready when they notified me it was. I proceeded to wait several hours being ignored and could not find Mr. Ernest no where. No one was attentive or gave any proper form of customer service. Completely ignored I went to get coffee and it was nearly 7 o clock at night at this point. I asked why it took so long? He took directly into the office and once again harassed me for the $500, at this point I gave him the money and asked him not to charge my card on the 26th of February as agreed during the conversation the day before.

I had picked up the van, and was reassured that the maintenance was completed and was detailed.  The detailing was horrible and the van was still dirty. It looked like it was only washed and vacuumed hastily.

As mentioned above I had paid $500 in cash upon picking my van up. However, an additional $500 was taken out of my account to my suprise about a week after receiving my van.

I called Mr. Ernest to inquire the reasoning behind why my account was charged. He replied with he was with a customer and would get in contact with me in a few.

Living about 55 miles away in Tacoma from Bill Pierre Money Mart, calling Mr. Ernest on phone and getting a hold him felt as if I was some kind of bill collector that was being ignored. I spent the next few days being hung up on, given blanketed statements, he is busy, he is not in, to not being answered at all.

Jay L. | 2015-03-10

Beware of this company, they will  put you in a car that is over priced and say promises they can't not keep!  I was working with 2 salesman's, the one  sale man I liked got fire, I believe  he got fired cause he was  trying to get me the best price for a car, and they didn't like, also I told the finance guy that was doing my printing  up my loan, I told he i didnt want the service warrenty on my car , he said it was required,  that was a lie!  Beware

Todd B. | 2014-10-28

Jack F and Earnest R got me a sweet deal on a nice SUV, much more than I was expecting. I am just like most people and dread the car buying experience, but these guys made it almost pain-free. Now I am ready for more mountain hiking and photography adventures with an awesome ride! Thanks guys!

Lida S. | 2014-10-19

pierre money mart is the right place for a new car...i went there and got a car with no hassle...this guy name dominique,he is the best..."the best"!!!!!!he is really helpful ..so,if anybody needs a new car,better call dominique...im sure he'll help you out..no cedit,bad credit....not a problem!!!!

Jay L. | 2014-03-29

I kept seeing there as on T. V. , so I went to there website and applied for a loan.... They gave me an appt. To come in , Said I will try cause I take care if my mom full time... So about 3 week later I finally went in to do a deal.  I got approved for a loan. The salesman said that they are going to get me a car that works for my loan amount, took them 3 weeks to find a car.  Only had one to choice from , I told the salesman that I theres a tracking device on my old car I was trading in, that needs to be taken off , he said that fine. I had called them several time about this , nothing was done about it!!! cause the tracking device needed to go back to where I bought my old car at to get my $200 back !!!   Zion was the salesman!! So i referred my sister to this car lot and I till haven't received my $200 referral money!!!  What kind a business is this?!!!

Mona M. | 2013-01-23

4 days after my email, Frank replied and said I should call the GM, Curt.  I called Curt and after doing some research, he called me back.   He said he would write me a check for the difference (more than $600) and he did just that.

I've updated my review to 3 stars, which means A-OK.  Curt was fair and cared that I left satisfied.  

What a strange experience.   First off, don't trust what is on their website.  They admit it's not very up to date.  If you are like me, you were researching a particular car and came in for that car.  They don't seem to know what's on the lot, nor do they care that you get the car you came in for.  

I came in for a Prius with 50k miles that was on the site.  The first hour was spent on paperwork, I wandered out to look at the car on my own while they were doing their thing.  When the car is turned off, you can't see the mileage.  

Anyway, while I was negotiating, I mentioned the price of the car was around $14,000 and what I expected my payments to be.   They ended up dropping the price and charged me $13,600 for the car, which at the time I thought was fair.  Almost 2 hours later, they took me on a test drive.  It wasn't until then that I noticed this car had 94k miles on it.  When I asked about the other car that I wanted, they just kind of shrugged it off.

When I was talking to the finance guy, he mentioned they offered gap insurance and bumper to bumper coverage and that someone would be telling me about it.  No one explained anything, they simply added both to my contract.  I was probably going to get both of them regardless, but was surprised to see they just added it and printed all those big, long contracts without even asking me.  Annoying.

Granted, I shouldn't have felt obligated to sign any papers, but after 5 hours and no lunch, I just wanted out of there.  When I finally got home, I checked the website and found the car I just bought for $12,999.  I feel like they pulled a bait and switch on me.

First thing Monday morning, I emailed the sales person (Frank) who originally emailed and called me and showed him the ad on the website, asking him why I paid $600 more than the listed price.  I told Frank that I was ready to write my review on Yelp and was giving them an opportunity to respond and try and make this right.

Mimi P. | 2012-11-08

I did not "feel pressured".  It was "mandatory to get financing".  Huge difference.

Anna P. | 2012-10-15

This has been the worst experience in buying a car ever. The "salesman" we were talking to had no training and no clue how to talk to customers. His name was Patrick and was completely worthless when it came to information we needed to make any sort of decision. They established the criteria for which car we should look for in the lack of options car lot. The cars on the website are nowhere to be found and Patrick kept suggesting cars I did not like or were way out of my price range or even the criteria they had stated we should be looking for. He gave me some speech I heard another salesman use about people wanting more for a trade in than what it was worth even though they never told me how much my trade was worth yet. When they finally started to talk to me about a car I had some interest in, they lowballed my trade and the price of the car I was interested in was priced about 3 or 4 K more than blue book prices. Dont go here unless you want to get ripped off majorly with a high interest rate and risk ruining your credit even more. I wasted six hours driving and another three with employees who did not even care or try to make a sale.

Jennifer F. | 2012-10-13

My husband and I came down to get a car...not only did we get the car we wanted  but the service was OUTSTANDING. We worked with Joe Morgan and provided A+ service. Thank you to the team at Pierre Money Mart. Our family really appreciates your help.

alex r. | 2012-10-08

I give this place 1 star because the option of zero doesnt exist. This is literally the WORST place to buy a car, ever. If you're desperate, I would still advise you take the bus than try to come here.
I was moving out of state for work. have 2 dogs, and bad credit thanks to an ex, and needed a car desperately. All of their commercials and websites scream that they can get anybody into the car they want, bad credit or not. With time running out, I came here with my mom (she cosigned) to try and get a car. First off, the guy I talked to on the phone was a complete dick in person. He told me that my credit wasnt that good but with my mom cosigning, finding a car would not be an issue at all and to come down. We get there, and we wait for an hour and he tells us he probably cant find us a car. Not what he said on the phone?
After maybe 15 more minutes, he finds ONE place that will give us a loan. And tells us that they have to choose the car, and out of hundreds upon hundreds of cars they choose a 2004 ford expedition with 115,000 miles. A gas guzzler, when I asked the sales guy preferably for a sedan. He told me I could take this car, or no car at all because they had no other options for me, then tried to rush me into agreement, saying that there was another couple waiting to test drive it.
With only 2 days to find a car, I agreed. Worst decision of my life. The car is a piece of shit. Sure it runs, and fits my dogs, but somehow they took my income and made my payment $500 a month off of it, thats about 1/3 of what I make monthly. 1 fucking third. How does that work out? Not to mention the car costs $100+ to fill.

Long story short, the sales people here are PIECES OF SHIT. They are your stereotypical sleezeball cars salesmen with cheap cologne and suits, and greasy hair just trying to get rid of cars they dont want on poor people who desperately need them.
I'm truly surprised they haven't been gone after by the BBB or sued for false advertisement. Bad credit my ass.
Im currently saving up to pay whats left of this car off so I can sell it and buy a new car in cash.
No matter how desperate you are, shy far from this place and call as many other dealerships as you can to see if someone else can help you out. I wouldn't even make pierre money mart a last resort.

Ben S. | 2012-06-07

Curt is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, helped me find the car I wanted and better yet, at the price I wanted! The staff at Pierre was super friendly and know their cars! Thanks do much Curt! Your truely the man!

Justin E. | 2012-02-10

It was great at first meeting Kurt Bush.  My apt. was set for 11 but I arrived a bit early, around 8:30.  So, he called Joe (the person I had the apt. with), who said he wasn't coming in because his schedule changed.  Well, I at first thought it was a bit rude to not let me know because I really wanted to see him but I thought, you know, it's alright.  It's not like there aren't any other car salesman out there.  

So, Carlos was the individual that was going to help me (I think that was his name).  Anyway, casual man, drinking coke and eating sunflower seeds really helped him come down to my level of comfort, which I thought was great.  The thing that Joe told me over the phone (I come far, by the way!), was that the inventory that this place had was 1,000 cars.  The down payment I offered was fifteen hundred that month.  

Anyway, after all the paperwork, and all the credit checks (I'm at 622), Carlos comes back to me and says that I only qualified for two cars.  Really, I thought to myself, out of 1,000?  Unreal!  So, I went along with it.  First he brought towards a sexy 2010 Dodge Charger.  The interior was great.  Upon test driving it, I asked him how many miles per gallon does this go.  His response?  "I don't know, I'm just a loan officer," at which point I said no problem I'll check my Blackberry and Kelly Blue-book it.  13 miles per gallon!  "Oh, you can easily get twenty on it, for sure," yeah, well...........ANYWAY!  So, I'm waiting and waiting and waiting somemore.  When test driving, he brought me to my second car that I qualified for.  A 2005 Toyota Corolla.  Great car!  11,000, a little high considering the mileage.  So, he put together a rough draft of payments, interest, down payment, and I told him too much!  It's now 2 in the afternoon.  I was there 7 hours, not including commuting via the bus to get there from where I was coming from.  

The paperwork was, yes, very extensive, I would side with Troy on that (reviewer).  Come to find out, my dad called a Toyota dealer who agreed to put me in a brand new Corolla for nothing down for 60 days and monthly payments of $290.  Carlos quickly shook his head and said, "There's no way your dad could do that within thirty minutes."  Well, sweetie, first of all, I wasn't waiting the fourth time for that short of time, I was waiting a lot longer and secondly(?), nobody EVER calls my father a liar.  Period.  I didn't talk to him about it because I didn't feel comfortable with that confrontation.  

Today, Joe Morgan calls me and said that I missed his appointment.  What the hell is that about?  Sir, you missed YOUR appointment with me.  I actually made my appointment, you just didn't call to tell me you wouldn't be in, you just surprised me by not showing up.

Horrible, waste of time, to be qualified for two cars and be badgered that way was just unethical, in my view.  Won't be recommending this place, am happy with what I have now.

Johnny A. | 2011-10-07

I was really impressed by Eric Elliott over there! What a great guy and when I bought my car he provided me the best service imaginable! Eric made the experience awesome when I bought my car from him!!! Thanks Eric for setting the standard in customer service and care! We had a really good conversation also about old hot rods!


Randy C. | 2011-08-11

The most unprofessional experience I have ever had! Please buy your car ANYWHERE else!