Paisano’s Chevrolane in Seattle, WA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Paisano’s Chevrolane in Seattle, WA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Paisano’s Chevrolane, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Paisano’s Chevrolane in other cities in the Washington.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 400-3838
Address:9117 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA, 98103

Reviews on Paisano’s Chevrolane

Stefan P. | 2012-10-14

I had a very unique situation and cannot speak highly enough of Pancho the owner and their honesty and service.

I was relocating back to the UK and had to sell my Jeep. I went to many dealers to sell the Jeep and was offered rock bottom prices. I was also told to bring it back on the day I was leaving, which worried me as I had no guarantee on the day I was leaving the other dealers would in fact pay me the agreed price.

Paisano's paid me immediately the 30% higher than anybody else and let me drive the car until I was leaving. They paid me the blue book value plus 10% . I could not have expected a more honorable and honest service.

Then Ironically after a month back in the UK, I got an offer to come back. I loved my Jeep and I called Pancho as I really had never wanted to sell my Jeep and I wanted to get buy it back. I was able to buy my Jeep back at excaty the same price I sold it with no extra charges and the the shocks having been replaced on all 4 wheels.

So deep is my trust of this place, I now use them as the mechanics for my Jeep if anything goes wrong.

Reading the 2 previous reviews I feel compelled to write a review as these guys, for me at least, completely broke the stereotypical second hand car dealer mold. My situation gave 2 instances where they could have acted very differently and made my experience much more stressful and expensive.

Go PAISANO, I will be using them to find my next car via the auctions.......

Daniel P. | 2011-07-17

I made the mistake of buying a car here and I had several issues. Upon paying them in cash, they suggested I leave the car to check it and make sure that everything was functioning correctly.  I left it and I got a call back that it needed a new timing belt and that they could change it for me.  They charged my $225.  I went ahead a paid them, when I picked up the car they said that they couldn't give me a receipt because they are not licensed to do auto mechanical work.  
So I drove away from the lot in a hurry to get to an appointment I had pending...within 1 mile of leaving the check engine light turned on.  I got home and I noticed there were cables hanging from the underside of the car and that the front bumper was hanging off, to add to it...the bumber had a crack on it.  I called them and they didn't get back to me for 2 days.  Finally Jose the manager called me and left a voicemail and to bring it back and that they woulld fix ALL the issues.  I took it back...on the way there the car started to overheat because they left a hose on top of a turning gear.  Water started leaking and the car was overheating on the way back to the dealer.  I just made there.  It was smoking when I got there and the car dash said "STOP" the moment I arrived.  Something was seriously wrong.  So I left it and it took them 9 days to call me and say that the car was ready.  I arrived and spoke to Jose the manager again.  He said they had changed out a few sensors and they fixed the hose issue.  They also reattached the bumper correctly, but left the crack that they caused on it when they had removed it to change the timing belt.  At this point I was super disappointed because he had said they would fix the issue.  I still have the voicemail where he said this.  Obviously, they hadn't fixed one of the biggest issues.  When I asked him about the crack...he said "How can I fix that..that's going to cost me too much."  I left the dealership with the car...again one mile away...the cars check engine light turned on and the car started to shake.  I pulled over and I saw a broken hose where they had changed a sensor.  I assume that when they were changing the sensor they must have broken one of the vacuum lines.  I bought some tape and taped it up, then went and bought the parts myself because it was obvious that I couldn't take it back because they were incapable of fixing things.
What I think happened when I originally left the car the first time was that they took some of the parts out and thought I wouldn't notice.  These guys rebuild auctioned or broken cars and had another car that was the same model as mine on their lot.  When I bought the car, I took some pictures and something I noticed immediately was that the rims on my car were not the rims in the pictures I had...this told me everything.
I will never be doing business with this company again, but will be spreading the word concerning their processes and operations.
To top it all off. A few weeks later I hadn't received my plates ...I called them and they said that I needed to pay them an additional $45 because the plates were a bit more than expected.  Our agreement originally was $7000 flat for cost, taxes, fees and licensing.  I had to argue with them and they finally said they would send them the next day.  I didn't get them until 9 days later.  
By the way.  I paid them for the timing belt and when I took it back one of the check engine codes was related to the timing belt.  I told them I thought the timing was off...they said no it wasn't that it was a sensor.  I took it to the dealership to get everything checked out and they told me the timing was off.  
This was places serves up nothing, but lies and headaches for your money.