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Specialized Automotive Mechanics.  Saab specialist but we handle all vehicles

Moe’s Automotive

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 784-5772
Address:1701 NW 85th St, Seattle, WA, 98117

Reviews on Moe’s Automotive

Scott P. | 2015-04-06

2002 Saab 9-3

I don't write many reviews but I had to write one for Moe! Very knowledgeable, friendly and fair! Moe is a one of a kind mechanic and the only person I will take my car to now.

I recommend Moe for any car owner, especially Saab owners! Moe knows Saab's inside and out, I trust his work 100%  

All of these 5 star reviews should relieve any concern you may have. Moe is a beloved auto mechanic, truly a superstar in the business.

R W. | 2015-03-17

Great service, quick, and not too expensive! I feel I can trust Moe and his work.

Eben W. | 2014-11-26

Great service with my temperamental Saab. My car was only acting up when it was in my hands, and worked fine when it was at any shop. I had it towed to Moe's twice, and both times it would run fine. They were patient and when the car broke down on me a third time, they sent a mechanic to me to see if they could get it running long enough to get it to the shop without a tow. Spent a day on it, fixed it for relatively cheap, and couldn't be more pleasant. If you've got an old Saab and you're in Seattle, I'd definitely recommend Moe.

Liza K. | 2014-11-18

As a young female with no car knowledge I always hate going to get my car fixed. I feel like I get taken advantage of and it's frustrating not having any knowledge when I am quoted a price. That being said, I feel very comfortable at Moe's and do not question the price or service.
Since moving to Seattle I have taken my car here for quite a variety of work. I ended up here after getting a high quote for struts and when I called Moe's he had a much better offer. I do not know how he gets the work done so quickly but I had my car back in no time.
More recently, after a car breaking down, it ended up at another shop first. That shop quoted a job at $500 and I knew I had to call Moe's immediately. He quoted a much more reasonable price of $350 and I regretting ever having the car at another place. And after I got the car there, I had it by that afternoon.
I don't know if it can get any better than this.

Lucy D. | 2014-10-21

Great quick service.

I have a Toyota Camry, and needed one of my oxygen sensors changed. I bought the product myself and they changed it.  Total was $80 for labor and disposal.

Jenni L. | 2014-06-20

First off let me say I love my Saab, any Saab owner will understand what I mean when I say we do everything we can to maintain and keep our Saabs running well. I have been coming to Moe over a year now and I can't provide enough information of how great he is.  Honest, efficient and fair. Something I have experienced difficultly in finding with many other mechanics.I will never go to another mechanic with my Saab or hopefully ever, and you definitely shouldn't either. Thanks Moe, from one hard working indivudal to another. I am very appreciative.

Jane M. | 2014-05-24

I've been taking my '91 Saab to Moe since I bought it and he's kept it running great over the years.  Can always depend on him and know that he won't try to take advantage of someone who doesn't know cars -- quite the opposite; taking the car in for a problem can result in a 2-minute fix and no charge.  Overall fair prices and great service.  Love Moe!

Marcus W. | 2014-03-18

Moe's was recommended to me by a young man who saw me outside my house examining a damaged headlight on my SAAB 9000 S a few years ago. He pulled up in a SAAB Turbo 900 and said "If you're looking to get that fixed, check out Moe's Automotive on 85th...he's really the best around for SAAB repairs, and he'll take good care of you." I followed the advice and have been going to Moe's exclusively ever since. He not only fixed the headlight, he did a little cosmetic work on the bumper to make it look better, and the cost was MINIMAL compared to what a dealership would have charged.

When the repair is major, it's still less than I'd pay anywhere else (I have the previous receipts to prove it) and I don't mind the cost because I know I can trust the work...Moe and Kenny (and my SAAB) are worth it!

J. T. | 2014-02-16

I've been bringing my Saab's to Moe as far back as '95. He's a trustworthy, honest, hard working man. Sometimes I would cruise by when something funny was going on with my car-he would usually pop out and make an adjustment for me right then and there or tell me (A) its major we need to handle it or (B) its minor, no worries, schedule it soon.  Try getting that level of personal service from a dealership!

Jason H. | 2014-01-24

Quick, honest and friendly. What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, competent. Great place! I bought a 2007 9-3 and brought it here for my first service plus a spare key. They were great. Will return.

Chris K. | 2014-01-04

I have been going to Moe's now for the past 5 years and have nothing but great things to say.  I'm not a "car person", meaning I can put gas in it and drive it but that's about it.  Finding a mechanic intimidated me, but Moe and his employee (wish I could remember the guy's name...very nice and efficient) have always taken great care of me and my Saab 9-3.  They are friendly, very efficient and incredibly reasonable rate-wise and I trust them wholeheartedly.

I recently moved downtown and will most likely be selling my car soon.  I'm actually going to miss taking it in to Moe!

Richard C. | 2013-10-01

Ripped off.  didn't think to ask what an oil change would cost, but really how much would that be?  So, when I returned to pick it up, I was charged a hefty $142.00 !!  An oil change???  Gave me some story about synthetic oil, (my 2010 explorer) and also
$45 to check the fluids.  I thought that would come with the oil change....Even so, then $100 for the oil change.  Think not.

Myong C. | 2013-08-06

I moved to Seattle in January and after a few weeks without a car, I settled on a decent 2001 SAAB.  I knew going in to the deal, it might need a little TLC and boy, was I right.  The engine light came on (which is common for Saabs, so I learned), the oil was leaking, and that was enough to bring me to Moe.  He needed the car for 2 days, which was nice and short by me, but to my delight, I got a call that all repairs were done after only a day and a half.  When I got there, a technician walked me through all of the repairs they had done and even showed me the parts that were replaced in my car.  I don't "speak car" but I could understand that they replaced and fixed the essentials.  It was going to cost me a pretty penny, but of course these things are worth the peace of mind.

The reason I decided to put up my very first Yelp review on Moe's is because of my second visit.  Several weeks after the initial repair, my car was idling rough - really rough.  People at the stop lights were staring because it seemed like I wanted to race.  It was really embarrassing, and I thought it was bad on my brakes, too, so I took her in.  Moe himself greeted me, popped the hood and fixed the problem in 5 minutes in front of me.  I went to take out my wallet, and he said it's okay.  I gave him a HUGE hug...that made my day!  My Saab will only be seen by Moe's from here on out!

Jena E. | 2013-07-29

The stellar reviews are completely, 100% justified. They gave me exactly the prompt, no-fuss service I needed for a minor car issue.

I called Moe's on my way home from work, at 4:30. (They close at 6pm.) "I've got a 2009 Jetta with a low tire pressure warning and I think it's a puncture," I told them. "When would you be able to check it out?"

"You can come over now," the guy said.

So I did. I pulled up onto the lot, where a mechanic was under the hood of another car. "You the Volkswagen?"

He checked it out. Took about five minutes. "You've got a nail in your tire, want me to patch it?" he asked. I said yes. "Ok, it'll be about fifteen minutes."

Ten minutes pass. Moe comes in. "That will be twenty bucks," he says.

But this is the awesome part - when I ask if he will take a card, he says "That's ok, you can come back." "Do you need my name or number or anything?" I asked.

"Nope!" Moe said. "Just come back."

Having never lived through the age of courtesy and decency, this was so cool I got goosebumps. They've got a loyal customer now, just for applying a patch.

Paul M. | 2012-05-23

I showed up unannounced with my new (to me) Saab with 2 issues and Moe jumped right in to help me. Honest, friendly, an obvious Saab expert who was very helpful. He fixed one thing for me, but had to order parts for me on the other. He sent me home without charging me anything...I was back a few days later and he fixed me up. Prices were very reasonable and the service was top notch. I will be back for all of my maintenance. Thanks Moe!

Justen J. | 2012-03-17

For an honest and reasonable mechanic, go see Moe!  Very reasonable prices and will even explain to you what's wrong and what to look out for in the long term.  Owners of Saabs, go see him!  :)

Lisa R. | 2012-02-20

Moe is the best!  I brought my 2002 Saab 9-3 in approximately 2 weeks ago and Moe replaced my tires and performed a brake job at a very reasonable rate.  
I noticed that my brakes were making some noise after the brake job and Moe spent the necessary time to find the problem and fix it immediately.  I actually did hug him for his kindness and great work.
If anyone needs excellent, honest and fast Saab repair, Moe and his staff are just wonderful.

JOANN P. | 2012-02-08

Moe's Automotive is fantastic.  I had a major car problem after driving from CA to Seattle for Christmas (and waaaaaaayyy beyond).  The Saab 9-5 was belching white smoke and I limped into Moe's on Sunday.  Threw the keys in the door, left a note and a phone message.  It was the Turbo which is a pricy repair.  Moe did it for a very reasonable cost and he did it the next day!  I was impressed with everything about this business.  

He guaranteed his work and since I live out of town said that if something went wrong in the next year he'd buy the part and ship it to wherever I was so that he could stand behind his work.  

Totally agree with the other comments here.  Genius, ethical, honest.  All true.  Oh, and throw in a really nice guy too.  Thank you for being there.

Hannah G. | 2012-02-03

I have gone to see Moe three times after buying my 1999 saab 9-5.  The first time, I happened to be driving by and stopped in to inquire about my check engine light being on.  He did a free engine scan, and was VERY honest.  He told me that it was nothing to be concerned about, and the next time I get a tuneup, the issue will no longer arise. I couldn't believe it!
The second time, my window would not roll up.  I live 45 minutes away from Moe's and didn't want to bother going out there.  I took it to a mechanic who took the window of the track and gave me a $1200 quote..telling me that it was an entire electrical problem I needed to get fixed asap.  I popped in to Moe, who charged me $60 for a new motor, installed it immediately, and didn't charge me for labor.  
The third time, my hazard light button disappeared into my dashboard and I had no way of turning them off or using my turn signal.   He spent 20 minutes pulling apart my dashboard, turned off the hazards, and sent me on my way.  No charge.
I will NEVER take my Saab to anyone else!  He is honest, fast, and extremely knowledgeable. I love Moe!

J B. | 2011-08-15

Moe is always available to help! When I asked whether I should make an appointment for an oil change, he replied, "Bring it in whenever you want." He's so easy to work with! I recently had a headlight issue (see my O'Reilly's review) and after that headache, I called Moe. He told me to bring it in so he can see what kind of headlight I need. Luckily, it was the inexpensive kind and he replaced it right there on the spot! Totally worth $19!! Thanks for your help and for never making me feel dumb for owning a Saab. :)

Gwen J. | 2011-05-27

Long trip from Eugene to Seattle when light came on indicating trouble. When I hit the city I got on yelp and found Moe's. He got me right in, diagnosed the problem, and even told me I could wait to get it back to my mechanic I'd I worries in driving it back. I had him do the repair which was done quickly,efficiently, and professionally.  As I was paying the bill, he answered another customer's phone questions, found me a new hood ornament for the car and was extremely courteous the entire time.  Great multiple-tasker!  Never thought I'd like an auto repair shop as well as Euro-Asian in Eugene but this place is as good!  Highly recommend.

Del B. | 2011-05-03

What everyone else says:

1. Moe is a genius. Really. He just "knows" what is wrong and what isn't. He has the price of every part memorized. He's some kind of savant.

2. Ethics, ethics, ethics. He will not B.S. He will tell you what needs to be done now and what can wait. If you come in sure you have a major repair on your hands, he will tell you if it is something small like topping up fluids and then not charge you. (That has happened to me at least three times.)

3. Today I took the Saab 9.3 in for intermittent stalling, rough idle, coughing. Kenny was sure it was a sensor because it was overdue for failing, and replaced it, but said it might be the ignition cassette (a more expensive part). Unfortunately, he guessed wrong, and I had to bring it back for the same problem before I could get home. Kenny said to leave it, so I did. But before I could catch my bus, I got a call. Moe had returned, checked it out, and then replaced the ignition cassette with a good used one. No charge for that part or labor.  So, basically, I got both fixes for the price of the cheaper one and now don't have to worry about either.

Honesty, integrity, talent, intelligence. wow.

Angelica A. | 2011-04-02

Dear Fellow Saab Owners,

If you need an amazing mechanic please go see Moe and his team!!!!!! I have a 2003 Saab 9-5 that had a few issues come up (I recently purchased the car in February and it was already causing me strife!)

-The display screen was super scrambled and I couldn't read what radio station I was listening to etc
-I needed an oil change
-The check engine light came on

When I showed up I immediately started perusing the other Saab's on the the lot and mentioned that I might want to trade it in if it was going to be so much trouble for me. Moe said I should take one of the car's for a ride while he fixed MY car. When I returned, after an hour he had fixed everything and walked me through what else needed to be done when it was affordable for me. (Total bill was under $200, half of what I was expecting to pay) As I was leaving I went to get something out of my trunk and couldn't get it open (of course). There were a few wires loose that needed soldering. He fixed them for me, on the spot, and told me not to worry about paying him. He was "happy to help".

I almost hugged him. Instead, I'm baking him cookies. Great service, very understanding and helpful. Inexpensive, fast and friendly. What more could you ask for? I am a customer for life.

Joseph T. | 2010-12-11

I've gone to Moe's Automotive since March, when I bought a Saab 9000. I've always been impressed. The service is fast, they're friendly, and they don't try to push repairs on you if they don't believe something really needs to be fixed.

A few examples:

Today, I stopped by because the "check radiator" light in the car had been on for a few weeks. They immediately took a look, tested it, and determined that it needed more coolant which they poured in. They refused to be paid. A few months ago, I went because the brakes were squeaking. Same thing. They took a look, said no repairs were really necessary, and, again, didn't charge me.

I've also gone to get my fuel pump replaced and to get my brakes worked on. Both times, I found their rates reasonable and the repairs have lasted.

I highly recommend them.

Rebecca R. | 2010-09-15

Honest, reasonable prices, friendly service. Moe knows Saabs!!! I have had great service here and will continue bringing my Saab for oil changes and any repairs and maintenance.

Jeff M. | 2010-05-31

And God handeth Moe down to the Earth as gift to mankind. Saabinthians 9:3 .  Moe is a genius and a godsend to Saab enthusiasts.  If you love your Saab, your Saab will love you, and Moe makes it an affordable relationship.  BTW, I think he is Cuban, not Iranian-definitely not Swedish!

Ryan D. | 2008-08-07


We recently bought a used Saab on Craigslist and brought it to Moe for a pre-sale inspection. He was happy to inspect our car on the Saturday morning on the day after fourth of July without an appointment.

What's great about Moe is that he will explain to you and show you what the problem is, why it might have happened, and how he'll fix it. Even better, he will tell you what should be fixed immediately and what can be put off.

His prices are reasonable, his knowledge is expert, and his service is always quick!  All around, an incredible mechanic!

f u. | 2008-03-18

Moe is the MAN! along with his side kick Kenny ... My 91 SAAB 900 had a bottom pulley separate a fn hard job to do,  Kenny had the pulley out and in while I smoked a cigarette and the price was very reasonable to boot!  plus he threw in a free oil change using the o.e.m. MANN filter, I love this man and his values  just simply the BEST period!  Honest, Friendly, and their Work Ethic is to the highest standard I've seen in a long time refreshing indeed!    
So if you happen to drive an older 900 the best car made in the world to this day in my humble opinion, well Moe's he's your guy old school service down home hospitality . Do yourself a favor make it a point to see this man for your Saab repair needs will have no one else will touch my SAAB but Moe's    Oh yeah I dig this line Moe says, "Sure why not" absolutely brilliant ......After All these years Moe's Still #1

Ass Man Z. | 2006-11-21

This guy rules! If you drive an older Saab, fuck Scanwest, unless your car is in mint condition. If you've got an old Saab with 200,000 miles and just want to keep it going, go here. He's got a graveyard onsite for parts and everytime I've been there, labor is $100...tailight - $100, master cylinder - $100, alternator - $100 and unless there's a lot of cars in front of you, he'll start working on it before you turn off the engine. If he doesn't have a good used part onsite, he knows where to get one. I actually look forward to having my car repaired by this crazy Iranian. This guy rocks!