Magnolia Motors in Seattle, WA

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Professionally inspected quality used car's, Truck's, SUV,and Muscle car's at low overhead price's . Cut out the middle man of the big box dealer's and deal with the owner directly. We do not take part in common non customer service oriented practices like most dealers- no buy here pay here or predatory financing and service contracts, but we can refer the best for the customer if needed.


Established in 2013.

Magnolia Motors is a sister company of the popular and well respected 34th street garage service repair shop in Magnolia village part of Seattle WA.  34th st garage has been doing business with the same owner in the same location for over 25 year's. Now Magnolia Motors is here to help with the demand for good quality used vehicles that can be hard to find. We are focused on customer satisfaction, referral's, and over all honesty that has seem to escape some in our industry lately. .

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 283-1546
Address:2410 34th Avenue W, Seattle, WA, 98199

Reviews on Magnolia Motors

Jay G. | 2013-09-11

To be clear from the outset, I'm trying to be as fair and objective as possible on this review.

I just purchased a used 2002 Ford Focus from Jeff at Magnolia Motors. Jeff is a nice guy and it's clear that he is working hard. However, this was the first car that Magnolia Motors has sold as a dealership and I wanted to leave some honest feedback for others to see and think about.

My overall impression is that the transaction went no differently than it would have had I purchased the car from a private party on craigslist. This is not a complement. The devil is in the details and there were a lot of missing details in this transaction. Hopefully Jeff will figure things out for the next car sale.  

My car buying experience:

1) The car was listed on craigslist as "by owner" not "by dealer". When I found out that it was a dealer I felt like there was some sneakiness going on. Unprofessional.  But the car looked good and the price was around the point that I felt a good negotiation could happen.

2) The test drive was uneventful (a good thing) except for the fact that when I mentioned that I wanted to drive the car at highway speeds to check for vibration etc. Jeff didn't really have a plan for a good test drive route. As he was from the Bellevue area, he said he didn't really know the roads around Magnolia very well and that he "needed to figure out a better test drive route for the future". This was unprofessional; we ended up waiting for 15 minutes on the Ballard drawbridge as the bridge went up and down. Again, Jeff is a nice guy, but the situation was awkward. We ended up doing 50 mph on Hwy 99.  

3) After the test drive, there were a few things I wanted checked before purchase (think A/C recharge) but that I was interested in the car.  Our negotiation felt fair for both parties.

4) Jeff was considerate and allowed me to make a cash deposit to hold the car for a day or two.

5) When it came time to do the transaction, we arranged for a time to meet (7pm) at Magnolia motors.  I was asked to have the entire purchase amount in cash.  No debit or credit cards possible.  Is this standard? It sure felt like I was doing a private deal, not interacting with a dealer.  Previous used car transactions I've done were by debit or credit card.  I was uncomfortable carrying around thousands of dollars of cash and the timing made it difficult to get a cashier's check.

6) 2 hours before our appointment to get the car I get a call from Jeff saying there was a problem.  Apparently Jeff didn't have the timing right for faxing the paperwork to the DOL to get the temporary tags for the car.  He wanted to meet another time.  As I had moved shifts around at work and gotten a ride arranged to Magnolia just for the appointment, this was unacceptable and unprofessional.  Thankfully Jeff figured out that I could do an "extended test drive" for 24 hrs and he would get me the temporary tags for the car the next day (today).

7) Before we do the transaction, I want to do a once-over of the car.  It looks freshly clean.  That's good.  I check the A/C.  All good.  I ask about lights and Jeff says he had it checked out and everything was good.  I want to see for myself.  I check the turn signals.  All good.  I check the brake lights.  The top middle brake light has 4 of 5 bulbs burned out.  Uh oh.  I ask Jeff to replace the bulbs.  He fiddles with it for awhile and then says it must be replaced as a unit.  We finally agree to split the cost.  That's fine, but not awesome.  I check the fog lights.  One is burned out.  Jeff replaces it and everything is good.  After I check the oil level (all good) the hood suddenly crashed down on the metal rod that was holding it up bending both the rod and the hood.  Shoot!  Apparently there was a missing grommet at the bottom of the hood holding rod and it slipped.  I couldn't bend rod back, but hood is flexible enough (yay Ford quality!) to make it virtually invisible.  No harm, no foul, but I walked away with a sour feeling.

8) We complete the transaction and I drive the car home only to realize that I was given the car with 1/8 tank of gas.  Unprofessional!  I know this has changed a lot over the years, but I probably wouldn't have batted an eye if the car was half full.  1/8 a tank?  Where is the customer service?  After all of the above, I felt like it was just "one more thing".  Sigh.

9) I get home and take a closer look at the receipt for the recent Firestone clutch job that was in the glove compartment.  This was something that was emphasized during the sale of the car; that a $1300 clutch job had been done about 1500 miles ago. When I looked at the invoice, all of the above was true, but there was also another page that described $950 more work. Why wasn't I told about this? Felt slimy.

10) The day after sale, Jeff and I met to exchange the dealer plate for the temporary tag.  Everything went well, gave Jeff feedback.

Was it different than CL? You decide; hopefully it works out...