Ferrari and Maserati in Seattle, WA

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Established in 1999.

Since opening our doors in August of 1999, Ferrari & Maserati of Seattle has been dedicated to providing elite service with honesty, care, and personal attention.

We are located on Capitol Hill just east of Downtown Seattle at the corner of 12th Avenue and Madison Street.

Ferrari and Maserati

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 885-3926
Address:1401 12th Ave, Seattle, WA, 98122

Reviews on Ferrari and Maserati

A D. | 2015-02-14

We are not wealthy people, but today's market seems to have an abundance of wealthy people shedding their 7th & 8th luxury cars...which means they are available used at a price that is reasonable for middle-income earners. Like Andrew T. said on 8/26/2011--this place is incredible for how welcoming and considerate they are to even average joes.

Craig, in particular, is simply the most amazing customer service and automotive specialist we have ever encountered. Every time we came in to consider a purchase and every time since when we have come in for service on our 2006 GranSport, he is extraordinarily warm and enthusiastic. It is a wonderful juxtaposition to find a down-to-earth car lover in the middle of a shiny, sparkling showroom. We get to enjoy the dazzle with a guide who speaks frankly. He also speaks with tremendous knowledge. Every obscure question about engine performance or this-and-that part that my geeked-out husband presented, Craig was right there with him, with answers and equal awe.

The guys in the shop are equally reverent about their profession and willing to engage in long discussions about the cars. I've never before enjoyed the mundane experience of dropping off a car for service. But going to the Maserati shop is like stepping on the set of The Fast & The Furious.

We can't say enough great things about Craig and hope everyone has a chance to work with him, no matter their budget.

D M. | 2014-10-13

The best thing in Seattle since Starbucks. Anyone who's looking for a quality product and enjoys turning heads needs to come by Maserati and Ferrari of Seattle and take home a well deserved gift to yourself. I can't wait for my Maserati!

Robert F. | 2014-08-28

Called this morning and despite being busy Eric and Bill fit me in for oil change and general checkup.  Everyone I've met last 3 years in sales and service seem expert and go the extra mile for customers.  Don't know anyone who doesn't think this dealership is first rate.

Dan S. | 2014-06-17

Purchased my first Ferrari here and have nothing but good things to say -- turns out there's a reason they won Ferrari dealership of the year in 2011. As a luxury item/purchase, you expect excellent service and expert-level knowledge, and the team at Ferrari of Seattle far exceeded my expectations in both departments, so much so that I went out of my way to buy my car here instead of in LA. If you're in the PNW (or even elsewhere!) and shopping for a Ferrari or Maserati, then this is your place.

Jack L. | 2011-10-16

I just purchased a 2010 vehichle with 3000 miles from Craig at Ferrari Maserati of Seattle.  After talking with Craig several times he made me feel comfortable enough so I did not have fly up from San Diego to  Seattle to veiw the car.  I was very pleased with the car when it arrived in San Diego.  It was emaculate, showroom condition just as he had described.  It sure says alot about a dealership when you can buy a $100,000 car site unseen and it meet all  your expectations and be exactly what they described when it arrives.  Craig and Brian and the dealership were excellent to do business with.

Andrew T. | 2011-08-27

This is a pointless review, but I just want to say that the staff was more than happy to let two regular Joes browse and dream for a few minutes on a Friday afternoon, and without a hint of attitude. Kind of nice compared to a lot of dealers I've been in that deal in much lower caliber vehicles.

Now if only Maserati would ditch the Burger King logo...

Andrew N. | 2011-06-25

I have been dealing with Ferrari of Seattle for nearly 2 years. The purchase of my first Ferrari has been an exceptional experience. I have put over 13,000 miles (and counting) on my car since purchase and every service has been below budget and ahead of schedule. The staff has always offered suggestions on how to improve my overall ownership experience and regularly follows up after service to see if there were anything they could do better. If you are interested in purchasing a Ferrari or would like to have your car serviced by a world-class organization, Contact Roberto at Ferrari of Seattle.  Happy Driving!

Breffni M. | 2011-06-13

This is a fine dealership as long as you are happy paying full price when you buy your motor car and then $369 to change a headlight while the car is under warranty after only four years time on a bulb with a ten year life expectancy. The same bulb is available on line for $49. They are also very very good if you do not mind popping in to collect your car after a service when one asked to please have the drivers side floor mat cleaned and when you do arrive with your check book open to pay the $1,300 for the service are told sorry but the mat cleaning guy did not make it in today. Perfectly fine company. Lovely cars. Delightful to see so many in one location. Gorgeous machines. Absolutely beautiful motor cars, indeed.
Hard to drive anything else once you have tried these.

Shawn J. | 2010-12-17

Excuse me while I drool. They are full of Maseratis too.

Michelle B. | 2008-04-29

See. Capitol Hill has been fancy since 1999!

Ivy L. | 2008-03-21

Enzo Ferrari!
Beautiful cars, plus beautiful prices.
One bad thing, not beautiful staff.
I'm joking, i think everyone's beautiful