Elliott Bay Auto Brokers in Seattle, WA

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We specialize in exclusive low pricing on quality pre-owned luxury cars. We are able to do this because we are not your typical car dealership, we are a brokerage. We are like Costco in pricing and Nordstrom in service. Come check out our indoor showroom. There are no pushy salespeople, and finance managers, sales managers, there is no back and forth game. Just an easy way to buy a nice car.


Established in 2004.

Seattle based brokerage in Queen Anne neighborhood

Elliott Bay Auto Brokers

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 282-5900
Address:13001 Aurora Ave N., Seattle, WA, 98133
  • Monday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Elliott Bay Auto Brokers

Shirley K. | 2015-03-29

Like most other reviewers, I too had an amazing experience at Elliott Bay Auto Brokers. I purchased a 2012 Mercedes C-Class, and I'm in love with my car!

My salesperson was Samir, and he was super respectful and attentive to my needs throughout the entire process, ensuring that I didn't feel pressured at any moment. I first contacted EBA after shopping online, during which I noticed that the prices for cars sold by EBA were all significantly cheaper than similar makes, models, years and mileage at competitive dealerships. I contacted them through the online contact form and within the hour, Samir emailed me back with more information (he even noted my preference to be contacted by email) and to set up an appointment to test drive the vehicle. I even had to switch my appointment time a few times due to changes in my schedule, and Samir was more than happy to accommodate, making sure he was available when I was.

When I came in to test drive, Samir did a quick walk through of the vehicles I was looking at, and the next thing I knew, I was test driving the cars. EBA lets you test drive without a salesperson, so you have the freedom to take it out wherever and however long you'd like, and you don't have to listen to the usual sales pitch.

After the test drive, I went home to think about it, and during that time, Samir did the impossible of finding ways to knock off a bit more off the listing price, which was already a great deal. Purchasing the car was a super quick and smooth process. The paperwork took about 20 minutes, and they made sure everything was printed and ready to go before I sat down to sign, which I really appreciated.

I had to come back to EBA for a minor follow-up (i.e. repairing a small scratch) and the service people were very friendly, knowledgeable and kept me in the loop on progress.

Overall, had a great experience at EBA and would definitely recommend to others that are in the market for a new car. It's worth noting that all of their vehicles are immaculately cared for, both inside and out, and they have a huge selection of cars that have low years/mileage, have clean CARFAX reports and no reported issues. It's pretty much like buying a new car without the new car price tag.

Adam B. | 2015-03-25

Their service department is top notch.  
The best part is coming in for a courtesy wash any time. Their staff is courteous and professional.

The cars are beautiful.

Albert H. | 2015-03-10

I came here time to time with my friends who are in the market of cars. They always have huge and good selection of inventory. As far as I can tell from all the cars I've seen and tested, they do really good job finding nice clean cars plus making them looking new and outstanding. We worked with Michael, he is an amazing sales person and is truly friendly and really just want you to know the car instead of talking you straight into buying it. My friend ended up buying a 2011 335i, very nice condition and good pricing. I myself also am looking for a car. I browse through the whole inventory of M3s and 335is, and even get a chance to test a few out! However, I didn't find any of the inventory really interest me. But Michael did not push me into buying any of them, he even have the guy found one on the dealer auction network right away for me!
This is such a nice experience that I ever had with any of the dealerships. I will definitely come back and have you guys search my dream cars!

aaron g. | 2015-03-08

The best dealership I've ever purchased a car - hands down!  I had a mechanical issue with my car that was unforeseen, and I let the manager know about it.  He went truly above and beyond to resolve the issue, and I couldn't be happier about it.  I bought the car out of state, and the sales associates gave me all the information they had over the phone, along with a frame inspection.  Super easy, super fast.  And their finance crew was extremely helpful in getting us all the information about the warranty, financing options, fought for a better rate, etc..  Just a perfect buying experience overall!  I can see why they have the reputation they do.  Thanks for everything, EBA!!!

Dave E. | 2015-01-23

UPDATE: 01.28.15

We talked to the owner (Jim Phelps), who apologized on several fronts for the way our buying process was handled. He then offered to honor our previous agreed-upon price and gave us the contact info of his top sales manager (James Daniels) in case we decided we still wanted the car. We talked it over and decided we still liked the car despite its needed repairs. James was also quite apologetic, and very helpful in answering our questions and getting us set up to purchase the car. Once we were back at EBA, David Wolf took us through the remainder of the transaction and he was great.

So, as troublesome as our initial experience was, we felt like the top people at EBA went out of their way to make things right. We gave them one star initially and we give them five stars for the way they ultimately handled the situation. So we've settled four stars for our overall experience.

We would visit EBA again next time we're in the market for a BMW.



We just left Elliot Bay Auto Brokers after an extremely frustrating and disheartening experience.

We took one of their vehicles in for a pre-purchase inspection; our trusted mechanics found two significant problems which were safety issues and needed to be repaired immediately, in addition to several other repairs which would be costly but not as urgent. We returned the car to Elliot Bay and made what we believe to be a fair offer: retail book value for the car (an average of KBB and Edmunds, assuming top condition, which it was not) minus the cost of the two significant repairs -- and thus we would be eating the cost of the other repairs. We were quickly turned down, oddly without any counter offer.

The car did not sell over the next week, so we went back with a cash offer that was $500 higher than our previous one. We again described the significant safety issues of the car, this time to a different salesperson. We offered to pay that night in cash with a total sum that included tax, title and license (the 'out-the-door (OTD)' price). Our salesperson took our offer to the sales manager, with OTD written on that paper; after a bit of waiting our salesperson came back and we shook hands on the deal.

We then went upstairs to sign the purchase agreement and pay. There, we noticed they had changed the total cost of the vehicle by adding tax, title, and license ON TOP of our 'out-the-door' price. Our sales person and the sales manager were called, there was a bit of discussion between them after which the sales manager stumbled over his words before stating that there was a "misunderstanding" between the two of them and that he couldn't sell the car for the agreed-upon OTD price. Then he added that it would be "paying US to take the car", which was a pretty outrageous statement given that we were already paying above retail book value, less the repair cost of the two safety issues; there was still plenty of money to be made on that car.

So, after sitting there for over an hour to close the deal that we shook hands on, we left without the car and feeling like the rug had been pulled out from under us quite suddenly.

We believe our salesperson (who was very friendly and personable) acted in good faith; our beef is with the sales manager for not honoring the agreement. There was no apology or attempt to "make things right" and we are left feeling quite disappointed with EBA.

Dominic C. | 2015-01-17

BUYER BEWARE!  After an initially positive experience here are the FACTS of my purchase from EBA.  Based on the facts you can draw your own conclusions about the value/risk buying from this outfit:
1) Purchased a BMW 550 M-Sport from EBA May 18, 2014.
2) It had a bubble in two of the tires which I pointed out to the sales guy
3) Was advised by a tire shop to replace all 4 tires
4) EBA split the cost of the tire replacement
5) In the 8 months I have owned the car it was been in the local BMW dealership service department a total of 4 months.
6) As you can gather from #5 there have been a LITANY of mechanical issues with the car
7) When I brought this to the attention of EBA the GM, Robert Dwyer,  responded in an email, and I quote,"We bought the car fully guaranteed from BMW...".  That's curious, seeing how the Carfax shows purchased at auction and there was no CPO warranty on the car at time of purchase.  In fact...
8) On Dec 9, I requested the GM to process a pro-rated refund of the 3rd party extended warranty I purchased with the vehicle.  It's January 19th & I haven't seen that money.
9) I have two messages into Robert Dwyer re: my warranty reimbursement, neither of which he has responded to.
10) EBA's business model is to purchase cars at auction the franchised dealers have rejected to inventory on their lots.

These are the facts.  Good luck.

Jeff K. | 2014-11-18

I recently had to quickly sell my car due to finding a great deal on a new car out of state and didn't want to hassle with shipping my car to them, plus the new dealer gave me a low trade-in estimate.  EBA gave me a very competitive price for my car, even though I didn't buy my new car from them.  Rob the General Manager was easy to work with and it didn't require a lot of my time.  Overall it was a very easy transaction and I was very pleased I found them.  I go through cars a little too often and definitely will contact them for future purchases.

Rachelle C. | 2014-11-15

Thank-you Adam and Robert for following through with my BMW I recently purchased in July.  This is my 2nd car purchased with Elliot Bay Auto Brokers and I highly recommend you add on their 5 year warranty.  When I called Robert about my sensor turning on, he responded to bring it in so they can take a look at it.  They gave me a loaner car for a couple days and took care of me while they fixed my car.  I am a happy customer.  I love my car and Iove knowing that Elliot Bay is there to ensure our cars are not only luxurious, but safe as well.  You guys are the best!

Mike F. | 2014-11-13

I have been looking for a new car for the past 2 years off and on, totally uninspired by the process, prices and service.  I finally fell in love with Range Rovers only to be crushed at how ridiculously overpriced they were.

Then a buddy of mine introduced me to Howard Kulman at Elliot Bay Auto Brokers and I am now the proud owner of a BARELY used model.  He is SO knowledgeable- gave me 3 alternative models to investigate, walked me through how to think the best price performer per dollar spent, and searched for the best deals in the meantime.

I sat back, looked at emails as he sent through options until we found the right vehicle.  All the while he would check in to see what I liked or didn't as well as weighing in with his opinions on good value vs. not so good.

When it came down to the purchase, I was given an all- in price- no surprises. I showed up & signed paperwork...include financing at 1/2 the rate my bank was asking. The whole process took a couple of weeks and I ended up getting a 2 year old rig with 9000 miles for 40% less than a new one.

By far THE BEST car buy experience of my life and the ONLY way I will buy again in the future.  I a send everyone I know there- and hopefully anyone who reads this.

Nate H. | 2014-10-24

In 2012 I purchased a car from Elliott Bay Auto Brokers when they were on Dexter.  The inventory was top notch, the sales staff attentive and friendly, and there was no pressure.  About a month ago I started looking for an AWD car and my first and last stop was EBA.  Their selection has grown thanks to their new location, and once I found the car I wanted on their website, I sent an email and was in their showroom a few days later.  They worked with me on my trade-in, had all the paperwork ready, and the process was as easy as it gets.  There was a small mixup on the deposit and as soon as I reported it, they went above and beyond to remedy the situation.   Thanks to James, Bobby and Rob for making this the best car buying experience I've had.  I would highly recommend EBA.

Danielle V. | 2014-10-22

When my husband decided that he wanted a Jeep Wrangler, I started looking around online for the best deals. I stumbled upon EBA on car guru who had a really nice looking 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Megan was very quick about responding to my inquiry and very informative whenever I had any questions.

We live in Tacoma so we weren't able to physically go look at the vehicle in person until the weekend so Megan brought it to my work so that I could check it out before we made the trip.

Megan made the purchase easy, I was able to call, text or email with any questions we had. We went in on a Sunday so that my husband could look at it, but didn't plan on purchasing it yet because he wanted to be home in time for the Seahawks game and didn't think that it could be completed in time. When we told the sales rep that was helping us that we had to leave for the game, he expedited the process for us.

My husband is very happy with his new vehicle, I would definitely recommend purchasing from EBA and working with Megan!

jan r. | 2014-10-17

I want to thank Howard Kulman and Elliott Bay Auto Brokers for the great experience I had recently purchasing a 2012 Mercedes-Benz GL450.

I did extensive research over the past several months on my way to this purchase. I was very certain when I contacted Elliott Bay that I would be purchasing a GL. Howard assured me he would find "the" car for me. He was able to do that in about 24 hours :-)...It was, however, being at the right place at the right time.

I must say the experience was seamless, and without drama. I received what I expected on my trade-in, and also received a great, well prepared, Mercedes.

I would "definitely" use Elliott Bay for future auto purchases!

Thanks again to Elliott Bay for a great experience.

Janessa S. | 2014-09-21

My husband and I recently bought a Bmw m5 from Alden. It was the best buying experience from looking to dealing to finance! I would highly recommend this place anyone looking for a high end car! We will be back!!

J B. | 2014-09-20

I recently purchased a car from Daniel Grimes at Elliott Bay Auto Brokers.  He was friendly, professional and gave us the time and space we needed to make a good choice for us.  I did a fair amount of research and I feel good about the deal we struck and would certainly send a friend Daniel's way.  Additionally, Daniel in finance was great to work with.  All the paperwork was straightforward and fairly easy to interpret which allowed me to sign with confidence.  Great team!

Dana J. | 2014-09-11

I recently purchased a 2005 Mini Cooper from Elliott Bay Auto Brokers and wanted to share my satisfaction with their dealership.  After reviewing the company online and submitting an inquiry, I was contacted by Megan Sanders, an Internet Sales Manager.  Megan was very helpful an low pressure. She accompanied me on the test drive which went very smoothly.  I would not hesitate recommending Elliott Bay Auto Brokers of Seattle to my family and friends.

Dan B. | 2014-08-27

This was the best car buying experience I have ever had.  Megan is a top notch salesperson, and set me at ease as soon as she smiled and shook my hand.  She has the perfect balance between professional and casual.  I would highly recommend her and EBA to anyone looking for a tremendous car buying experience.

Joe N. | 2014-08-23

The easiest car buying experience I've ever had.  Everyone I worked with from Megan to Dan Grimes and Bobby Hariman and finance (sorry dude I forgot your name and lost your card)were incredibly professional and helpful.  Walked out with a great car and a good value for trade in.  In the end everyone was happy and no one felt cheated.  Would highly recommend for anyone looking to buy a car.

Breylan D. | 2014-07-29

I recently purchased a pre-owned 5-Series from Megan Sanders at Elliot Bay and I have to say, this was one of the easiest purchases of my life.

We worked out a deal including financing and my trade over the phone and through email - set a date to come up, sign paperwork, and take delivery. Unfortunately, there was a minor flaw with the car that had been overlooked. Megan and her General Manager went above and beyond in making sure I was taken care of. I was sent home in another 5-series for the time it took to fix the problem and they delivered the car to me in Portland on a Sunday afternoon, fully repaired and ready for new ownership.

Megan was always available to give me an update, and has done everything to make sure I'm happy with my purchase - including a follow up call this week. I highly recommend Elliot Bay and Megan Sanders as *the* people to call if you're looking for a new vehicle.

Thank you, Megan, for your diligence and incredible customer service. I look forward to purchasing from you down the road again.

Jake K. | 2014-07-10

The owner, Rob, contacted me directly, apologized and made it a point to make the transaction right. We ended up settling on a fair resolution that made up for the issues we had initially. I appreciated the accountability...no excuses made, but he also made sure that my concerns were addressed to ensure that I ended up a happy customer. The way they handled a mistake was impressive, all of my concerns are relieved and I am happy with my purchase. Mistakes happen time to time, but how a business responds says a lot, and they made everything right and then some. I can say in my experience that they did sell me a quality car, at a good price, and in the unlikely event something goes wrong, the seller has a strong sense of accountability and integrity.

Andrew H. | 2014-06-25

James has a no pressure sales approach.  We purchased a beautiful Porsche Cayenne yesterday and from beginning to end we were treated with respect.  We had some credit issues but they treated us like it was no problem and an hour later we drove off with our new ride.  

Thank you James!

Wendy M. | 2014-06-08

I love this place! These guys go above and beyond with great customer service. Best car buying experience I've ever had. I would totally recommend them to my friends and family!

Andy A. | 2014-06-01

Not the typical car buying experience.  They are not pushy and allow you to look at the cars without salesmen surrounding you.  I've bought a lot of cars and it was painless and enjoyable.

James M. | 2014-05-18

The guys at EBAB went far and above what I expected or frankly thought possible.My wife purchased her car here and we could not be more happier with the dealership. This place is top notch.

Ian S. | 2014-05-18

Two weekends ago my husband and I made the decision to trade in his car. We knew of only place to go, one that would give us a fair price for our trade in and provide one of the most laid back and enjoyable car buying experiences we've ever come across. We knew we had to go see James at Elliott Bay Auto Brokers. It would be the third time we would purchase a car from them and plan on buying many in the future. James and the team at EBAB are incredibly knowledgeable, willing to take the time to ensure you find the perfect car for your needs and offer a hassle free experience. Take your time, walk around and check the inventory. No one hovers over you yet, whenever a question comes to mind an answer is never far away. The cars available on the newly located lot are some of the most desirable and well cared for pre-owned cars you could hope to find. The entire experience is like having a great friend you've known for years take you through the car buying process. From the GM to the lot attendants the staff of Elliott Bay is truly a great team and we couldn't be happier with our three cars from James and company. Thank you Elliott Bay! We will be back for years to come.

Kevin M. | 2014-04-30

I originally found EB around 10 years ago (give or take).  I came across them because they had the lowest prices and naturally, I was intrigued.  The prices were good, but what really got me was the service.  I have worked with a few individuals over the years, most recently Robert and James.  All have been fantastic to work with and very helpful.  My questions were answered before I purchased my car of course, but after as well.  The follow up to make sure I was taken care of after the transaction has been great.  

There is no pressure here and they actually make the car buying experience enjoyable.  This was my 5th purchase with EB and I will always continue to come back and recommend to all.

Mark M. | 2014-03-30

This company is top drawer.  You won't find another auto dealer like them - at least not in the Seattle area.

Elliott Bay's operation is first class - and you realize it about 20 seconds after walking in the door.  The cars are in superb condition.  The quality level of the detailing is simply outstanding.  They are washed, waxed, completely detailed inside and out, and they all shine like glass.  A great add is that the cars are inside!  (Trust me - when you're shopping for a car in Seattle in February, that's a HUGE plus!)

EBAB also sells really high quality cars - many with low miles.  I'm not sure where they find the cars they have, but they're grade A, and their prices are by far the best in the region for what they sell (Mercedes, BMW's, etc.)  I purchased a Mercedes AMG from them with ~ 23k miles - and am very happy with it.

I dealt with Robert - the GM - and he's not only a super nice guy, but straightforward, no BS, no shining on.  Plus, everything he told me he'd do, he did....no hassles, no grief.  You write him an email - he responds.  You have a concern - he deals with it.  You ask questions - he actually answers the questions you've asked with no sidestepping.  Many direct questions from me were answered with a simple "yes" or "no".

The staff there is in much the same mold.  You get a little sales-ey, fast-paced hard sell from the F&I manager (nothing new about that - which IMO is the worst part of buying a car), but everyone else I met there was just great.

No question but that I'll be back here the next time I'm shopping.  Good work, guys!

Kindra K. | 2014-03-20

This was my first car buying experience and I couldn't have better things to say!

I came into the dealership knowing the exact make, model and interior/exterior color I wanted. I had been looking off and on for around 6 months, but my budget and taste hadn't quite been able to match up. That being said I spent about 30 minutes wandering the dealership looking at other cars, never feeling pressured or rushed. They have an amazing selection of gorgeous cars, but I was still stuck on what I originally wanted.
They didn't end up having it on the floor so Robert spent about an hour with me tracking down the exact Mercedes I wanted. We ended up agreeing on a price that was Very fair then and they had the car shipped in from California. It only took a couple days, I went back to test drive and make sure it was exactly right, then I signed paperwork, wrote a check and it was done.
In all honesty it couldn't have been an easier process and I will definitely be going back next time I am looking for a car.

Jim S. | 2014-02-20

I am extremely happy with my purchase from Elliott Bay Auto Brokers.  I love my car more than the first time I saw it.  They made the purchase process easy by working with me on any issue we encountered.   The sales team has an answer for any concern, miscommunication, challenge or delay we encountered.  I would say that working with them has clearly been my most positive experience working with a dealer in most recent memory (20+ years).  I will recommend them to anyone who is looking for a quality vehicle.  They know how to spot a good auto for their inventory.

Ryan S. | 2013-12-30

Probably the easiest car buying experience I've ever had. Our sales guy was Zac and he was easy to work with. I like that he was the no pressure type of sales guy.
Regarding pricing of the vehicle, it was very competitive and the quality of the cars in this place is top notch.
I would highly recommend my friends and family shop here next time they are looking for a car.

Brm K. | 2013-12-21

Terrible customer service! I wouldn't buy anything from them! Only good thing  is that they have parking lot. Shall I increase my rating for that? - NO

Robin C. | 2013-11-13

Even though I ended up buying my Mercedes SL550 somewhere else, Scott & Adam were stand up guys.  I never felt pressured or rushed.  They were always friendly, quick to answer any question and understanding when I found a better deal elsewhere.  Will definitely give them another shot when I'm back in the car market.  Gorgeous inventory.

Joe T. | 2013-10-28

I love this place, I'm on my 3rd vehicle with them and they have all performed like a champ. Started out with an E500 back in '05 bought it at 35k miles and drove it until 80k without any serious issues. Bought an A6 in '07 at 45k and sold it at 125k, again with no real issues. Now I have an X6-just bought with 40k and am loving it.
They've always treated me well and I personally like being able to walk in the door and poke around without a shark/salesman breathing down my neck. A+ all the way

Mr L. | 2013-10-25

I recently purchased a car from this dealer. I am very pleased with the purchase and the service provided after the purchase. I was searching for a low mileage high end vehicle. I saw the one I wanted at this dealer. I researched online and found mostly good reviews. I wanted to trade in my current vehicle. I started with e-mail communication to get an estimate on my trade in. It went well and I decided to come look at the car I was interested in. The dealer is very spacious, clean and best of all filled with many cool cars. I understand some of these cars are from auction sales/out of state. I don't have a problem with that as long as the cars have no issues and a good service record. Upon arrival I was greeted and left alone to explore and sit in any car that was there. A "no hassle" test drive was offered immediately. They will give you the keys and let you go for a spin alone with the car. I think this is great as you wont feel any pressure or have to talk and be distracted on the test drive. You can simply go out, listen for any noises or issues, learn about the car in peace and quiet. I sat in the car for a long time testing everything out. I was not bothered by the staff at all, they simply checked on me if I had any questions or concerns and that was it. Once I had decided on the car the paper work was super easy. I had agreed to terms via e-mail and when I came in that is what I was presented with in the contract. No hidden surprises or issues there. The sales staff was very friendly and easy to deal with. The car I purchased did have a dash light on for an electrical issue. I was assured that anything wrong with the car would get taken care of and it absolutely was. I found a few things that needed to be fixed within the first week of ownership. I was able to bring the car back, have any issues professionally taken car of while being placed in a loaner car. Since some of these are auction cars I am sure the dealer does not have time to go and try out everything on them so it is up to the buyer to ensure that a thorough inspection is done and everything is tested. If anything does not work as it should these guys stand behind the cars and will make it right. I am glad I took a chance with this place. I do not regret it. I found one of my dream cars and it was one of the cleanest ones in the state. The price was right for the car considering mileage, rarity, condition...Next time you're looking for a car give this place a chance, you just may be pleasantly surprised.

Yvonne M. | 2013-09-23

PARKING IS FANTASTIC for being downtown! I've been in the market for a vehicle now for a while. We finally found the write place! From past experiences dealing with "Car Sales" can be pretty rough unless you find a dealer who isn't in the market to hassle or badger you into spending your money on what "THEY" think you need. For our family we we're lucky enough to find this professional dealership. We're a family of 3, two adults and a 10yr old. We also include our lovely dog who of course needs his space too. We've owned our own vehicles for a while now so it's time to upgrade.

Upon arriving we viciously attacked the internet. Comparing cars and dealers throughout the Seattle Metropolitan area. Now of course Yelp is my 'go-to" review site so I thought I'd do my research to find my own truth. When we arrived here at Elliot Bay, we we're kindly greeted. We walked around the show room to find beautifully displayed vehicles for every budget. My husband and I decided to take a couple for test drives and found the cars themselves matched to the exact of what was written and showed on the internet. This was a nice surprise, we felt as though they weren't trying to just get us in the door. Comparably the prices were true if not slightly more affordable to other dealers as well as KBB. Their internet site also offers the CARFAX which is a kind bonus!

The gentleman in sales was nothing less than professional, answering and offering answers to all of questions and/or concerns. He was not just "trying to sell" us a vehicle. He genuinely cared to stay within our budget, offer advice with knowledge he would be expected to have. He was exceptional in his job. Here's the deal. When I know what I need, and I find a business that you can tell runs with integrity I really have no problem handing over the money they deserve. It really is gratifying and a win, win situation.

This family will definitely be doing business again in the future and will not hesitate sending family and friends your way. Thank you for your kindness. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

Brandon R. | 2013-06-21

I recently was looking for a BMW 335 xi, and had been searching for some months now. I decided to go to this location to test drive some vehicles, and look at their selection. I was very glad I decided to do so.

Upon entering the location, none of the staff were pushy or in your face. They asked me if I had any questions or would like to look closer at any of the vehicles, but for the most part, kept their distance and allowed me to browse at my leisure. Once I had decided on a vehicle, Robert, my Salesman for the day, brought the vehicle out to the front of the location for a test drive. I was able to take the products out without any hassle, with a few friends no less.

Once I had decided on a vehicle, they had no problem bringing it in to my own mechanic. Without any hassle, any problems recommended by the mechanic were to be fixed on the dealership's dollar if BMW did not handle them on their own. I felt safe knowing that this was a solid vehicle to purchase.

The sales process was smooth and quicker than anticipated. Robert had a knowledge of his options, and laid them out in front of me so that I could better understand what each one would offer.

Overall the prices of the luxury cars at this location are top notch, and with the service and accommodations I would recommend it to anyone. I do recommend the mechanic route, a trusted one at that and having them lined up prior to your visit, but that is up to your discretion. I love my new BMW!

Nick K. | 2013-06-21

Came to Elliot auto to look at a Range Rover . Saw it on there website . Arrived waited 20 mins for someone to help me . The car was out back I was told and someone would bring it around shortly . It was one of those days in Washington where it was pouring buckets all day . They pulled the car in . I saw the windows were down ? The two porters said sorry some left the windows down . We will have it clean in a min ! Opened all the doors . Seats were filled with water and so was the floors . Armrests were so warn the color was gone. They said oh we can fix that . Can you fix the electrical problems its going to have since its been flooded ? I have owned 2 Land Rovers. They are very complicated electrical cars with lots of computers and wiring .  I wouldn't waste my time here . Unless you wish for problems down the road . Or if you like crapy customer service ?

Keleka I. | 2013-06-21

Drove up to Seattle from Portland on a Sunday. Got there just as they opened and Robert was the only one there.  Besides me, there were two other customers. He did a great job making sure all of us were being helped. Talk about his terrific service and answering all questions so I didn't have a doubt in my mind to purchase a vehicle from him!  Robert made the transaction the easiest and most efficient I've ever had with any vehicle I've purchased!  I was in and out within an hour!  Loved the no pressure attitude!  Also, the quality of the vehicles there can not be beat!  I highly recommend checking this place out before you buy anywhere else!  "Thank you, Robert!  Loving my Steel Gray Benz E350!!!

Steve M. | 2013-06-18

I didn't actually end up purchasing an auto through these folks, but I had a long string of email communication with Robert, and he was fantastic.  Not only did he honor the "please only contact me via email" request, but we had great detailed discussions about my trade in.  

What really impressed me was how honest he was, and straightforwards with the pros/cons of buying at different prices, my trade in, and the entire process.  

For that reason, I would recommend working with these folks as honesty and clarity are critically important to me, and anyone else, when making such a big purchase.

Alan N. | 2013-04-27

These guys are great.  Totally straight forward.  No BS.

G B. | 2013-04-25

Beware! I went to this place with a friend and his wife to look at a lexus that was a great price point. The man that "helped" us was beyond rude and treated us like we were just kids that were there to "look at the pretty cars." My friend was already pre-approved for a loan that was more than the car he was interested in. We asked if we could take it for a test drive. He told us no. What dealership doesn't allow test drives?

While looking at the car I noticed a few things. The first was that some of the gaps didn't line up between body panels. The second was that the door rubbed on the front fender when the door was opened. It could only mean one thing, it had been in a front end collision. When I asked the guy about it he got angry and defensive and told me that I didn't know what I was talking about and that the car fax was clean...because it's impossible to get in an accident and not file a claim and them pay for the damages out of pocket (or sell the car to a shady dealership that will gladly fix up the car before selling it.)

I'm not saying that there aren't other possibilities for what happened. However, do you think that Lexus would such poor quality control as to allow the body gaps to be all mismatched and to have the door rubbing?

paul p. | 2013-04-09

Having only bought from BMW before here is my experience with Elliott Bay: They have great inventory and a great sales team. I travelled from Portland to Seattle to make the purchase and it was fast and easy...Then, when it came time to get the title, the nightmare began. First, I asked a few questions about getting the title and Zac the salesman told me someone would call with the details and that I would need a 3 week trip permit for temporary plates in the meantime...That call never came. 3 weeks went buy and I went back to the DMV for my 2nd and last trip permit...Then I was told that BMW Financial sent the title to the wrong owner and it would be a couple of more weeks...Still never heard from the title department from Elliott Bay (I wondered, do they have a title department)...The 2nd trip permit expired, and I got 2 citations in a row, which Elliott Bay kindly paid for...Then, almost 3 months after the purchase, i got the title, made my 3rd trip to the DMV and got my plates...Last, I asked to be refunded the $150 doc fee (whatever that is) and Zac wrote back "We will gladly refund the doc service fee, if this will make you a happy customer.  We were at the mercy of BMW financial as they send the title out to the previous customer. Zac"
That was a week ago, and I do not have that refund yet...
Buyer beware, these guys are expert salesmen but when it comes to paperwork, not so much...Btw, this was a 52k purchase...
4/9 UPDATE: Never received the check...

A K. | 2013-02-19

I called about a 2007 X5. More curious than anything because I had never driven one but was in love with the shape. Zack answered the phone and my first impressions were extremely skeptical; independent dealership, "we take good care of our cars", "we do right by the customer" and more. A lot of big promises that I have heard from other dealers before and have always been unpleasantly surprised to find are untrue.

Upon arriving at the dealership, there is a very large show room and a lot of inventory. Zack was with a customer and passed me onto James because they are not commissioned sales people. Not commissioned? - now that I like. James was very knowledgeable about all the packages, features and quirks about the X5. He was even able to give me a detailed break down of the differences between the X5, Q7 and ML. I was really impressed by his knowledge and pointing out things I hadn't considered. When I wanted to test drive the car he took my info and just gave me the keys. I wasn't sure about the size of the trunk and had previously been thinking about a Q7. James not only gave me freedom to test drive the X5 but had a Q7 pulled up and ready when I returned for a side by side comparison. This was a lot of running around for him for me when I had clearly said I was just looking. When I compared the two cars side by side, he was right about all the quirks particular to my situation and the X5 was a clear winner.

There was absolutely no pressure to buy anything but we sat down to look at some pricing anyway. I was blown away by how open both he and Zack were about everything. There are no managers (the worst types of human beings) or finance guys so all the decision-making was with these guys. They actually printed out a rate sheet from the bank and showed me the rates available to me without increasing them. When it came to my trade in they allowed me to remove my customized parts and gave me a very fair price. It was the tax advantage that James shared with me which ultimately sealed the deal.

I had originally gone down there to just look but the excellent customer services, knowledge, honesty and great deal got me a new car

My story and great experience would have ended there. HOWEVER, after buying the car as-is with no warranty, I drove it to Mt. Baker ski lodge for a family trip with my kids. Upon arriving at the lodge the X5 started leaking coolant violently and before I new it the car was ready to overheat. $!@$ was my reaction. I knew that the dealership would give me the standard "as-is" disclaimer. I was stuck on a mountaintop with a broken down car, kids, miles from home and no warranty. I thought I would call Elliott Bay just in case, even though I knew what to expect. To my surprise, these guys not only took care of the parts and labor to fix the coolant tank but covered the several hundred dollar tow from Mt baker back a 128 miles to Seattle. I was blown away. They even gave as another x5 as a loaner and sent the car back to have another inspection performed on it just incase anything else was wrong.

My experience James, Zack, Spencer, Adam, Dan and Elliott Bay has been nothing short of spectacular and I would thoroughly recommend them!

Seattle F. | 2013-01-28

Interesting concept, but flawed execution in the end.  Basically, this place is an outlet for what seems to be mostly out of state off lease type cars.  They buy them at auction and then sell them locally.  Sounds good, right?  

It seems like the owner tries to snag 'bargains' at the auctions where he or she visits.  There are no real bargains in the world, so most of the stock is somehow flawed.  They have an S4 in there, but it's got beautiful napa leather seats ruined by being two tone.  Some nice BMW's, but they all have the worst color combinations.  Most of the cars are a little long on the mileage scale.  You'll get a cheaper price for a 3 miles from the end of the warranty car at auction, so they make up the lion's share of the inventory.

The place itself is a little odd.  It's in SLU.  You walk up through some nondescript stairway to get to the showroom.  I doubt this really appeals to many female buyers as it didn't seem overly safe.  One of the fire exits was, what seemed to me, illegal closed for security reasons.

All of the cars are in one big showroom.  Lots of German luxury vehicles with some japanese knock-offs mixed in.  The sales person wasn't really in to letting me actually shop.  Insisted on finding something for me.  Then tried to sell me on the idea of them 'finding' me a car.  Had they bought better cars in the first place, they wouldn't have to do that and my ability to negotiate once they found me something would be nil.

I struggled between 2 and 3 stars when writing this.  I'm changing it to two 2.  Every time I look for a car on Craigslist now, I see that same stupid ugly S4 listed with keywords for every car imaginable and they still didn't drop the price.  Sorry fellas, I'm not sure if you noticed, but if a car doesn't sell in 6 months, your management screwed up.  Perhaps you guys can option it off so you can stop spamming the city with your ugly two tone S4.

The owner needs to realize that those cars are cheap at auction for a reason.  People who know what they're doing don't want them.

C J. | 2013-01-05

My fiance and I were looking for a new fun car for her for a little while before we found Eliot Bay. I wanted to surprise her, so I went to the dealership myself first to check out the car.
I wandered around the dealership for a little while checking out their inventory, and surprisingly no body was bugging me, they just let me browse their selection. When I was ready for a test drive, I walked up to one of the sales guys he took a picture of my driver's licence, gave me the keys to the car, and said: "Have Fun!"
It was very refreshing to not have him ride with me and try to sell me the car. I drove around for a while and decided that this was a car I want to get, but I still needed to check that my fiance would like it.
A couple of days later we came back together so that she can drive it as well. She seemed to love the car from the first sight, and had fun test driving it. Once I knew that she like this car I needed to get it without her knowing for Christmas.
So once again I showed up at the dealership, but this time ready to purchase.I looked over the car one more time with a more critical eye to make sure it was in good shape and found a couple of minor issues.
I needed to arrange the purchase without my fiance knowing, however, I also needed to trade in her car. This dealership surprised me again. They were very helpful: they fixed up the little issues I had with a car, accepted a trade in by just looking over our car, and even gave me a bow to put on the hood of the new car. I picked up the new car without giving them a trade in until several days later.
My fiance was very excited and shocked that I was able to buy a new car and sell hers without her ever knowing. It was a great Christmas present.
This dealership provided us with a fun and easy way to purchase a car at a very good price and we will always come back here when we need a new ride. I highly recommend shopping here.

Thanks, Eliot Bay, for our new car.

Chris C. | 2012-12-21

A great place without the pressure to look at and drive a fine automobile.  Once a decided on a BMW it took about ten minutes to get out the door!

A A. | 2012-12-13

In early November I was looking for a new vehicle and found a great price on a late model Mercedes relative to what I'd seen elsewhere in the Seattle area. I went in and started working with Robert and struck a very fair deal within a matter of 30 minutes. As I took a look around at their vehicles, it was clear that they take great pride in procuring high quality well conditioned autos. It was a breath of fresh air compared to my other stops in the preceding weeks. The service by Robert as well as their other staff was excellent. In fact, there was a small issue that they didn't catch and when I pointed it out after the purchase, they took care of it and gave me a loaner for the day. It's been a month and I've already sent another friend in who's buying an Suv from them as well.

Christina O. | 2012-12-02

We bought a vehicle forty minutes ago from Elliott Bay Auto Brokers. I share the experience while all details are fresh and true: I owe that to you.

My friend bought a car in late November here and shared the dealership's URL so we could see the details of her purchase. I looked at the inventory and saw a 2010 Prius III for just under $20K.  

Sadly my ideal vehicle had been sold and the website had not been updated. Zac(k or h), the sales associate who primarily worked with our friend, told us there was a 2012 Prius with a sticker price of $24K, but I shook my head no. As we were about to leave, the owner came up to us and asked if all our questions had been answered. I told him everything I have relayed here so far, and asked if he had any other hybrids on the lot.

He said he could let us have the '12 Prius for $22K, I suspect because my friend had just visited the dealership earlier that day (I did not know she had), my spouse says it was because we came in for a particular make and model. We asked for a test drive. I am glad we drove it on a gloomy drizzly day so we could try out the lights function and the wipers.

Robert Dwyer asked us how it went. I told him that we drove the car as if we were transferring newborns home from the hospital and we would buy it. I have not purchased a car for fourteen years so I was nervous and giggly. Robert gave us the Buyer's Guide, Warranty and other documents. I said I would be prepared to come in on Monday after my downpayment had been transferred to checking, or I could make a downpayment on a credit card.

Robert said he would accept a check so we wrote one that would cover the loan-to-value requirement for our credit union loan. I wrote a check but post-dated for a week out of nervousness and said I could pick it up later. He gave us keys and said we could drive it home.

The spouse drove the car home. He gave me first dibs but I was too shaky, still am.  Big purchases make my knees weak.

I did not get the name of the owner but he and Robert were effusively thanked for making the purchase process quick and easy with no surprises.

Roland K. | 2012-11-23

Too bad I can give "0" stars. My partner and I came to look at a 2005 Range Rover. After being directed in the wrong direction we were forced to search for help! That's a first for a car dealership. After talking with a sales rep they offered to bring the car in to their showroom. Waited at least 20 minutes. Once they pulled it in we started taking a look. The back seats were covered in water and the back floor carpet was soaked!!! The dealerships response..."yeah we left the windows down".(it's been poring)  When your trying to sell a 30K car you should really make sure it's in presentable condition. Not to mention the leather was filthy and paint chipping off center gear shift. While many other cars were in great condition I'd say go elsewhere. Unless you don't mind being ignored and receiving crappy service.

Justin H. | 2012-11-07

After months of searching for just the right combination of colors, features, and options on a gently used BMW, I found ALMOST the perfect 335i on Elliott Bay Auto Brokers' website. The only problems were that it didn't have the sound system I was after, and it was 800 miles north of my home in San Francisco. After looking at my ALMOST dream car every day for a week straight, I decided I'd better give Elliott Bay a call just to make sure they didn't leave a feature off the listing.

Robert answered my call and was quick to research my inquiry. Within minutes, he returned my call with good news. The car had the sound system I wanted, which was actually more robust than that offered in later models. Robert assured me that it would be no problem to have the vehicle shipped to me. After some relatively painless negotiating, we agreed on a price, and the car arrived on a truck the following week. The paperwork was a snap, Robert was responsive via phone and e-mail, and best of all, the car was in beautiful shape when it arrived.

Even post sale, the team at Elliott Bay has been responsive regarding follow-up questions and logistics. During a visit to the local BMW dealer, the vehicle was given a clean bill of health, and is ready to provide me with many miles of driving pleasure.

I would recommend Elliott Bay Auto Brokers to anyone in the market for a great car in great shape. Out of state buyers can be confident that they'll be treated right, and will receive a vehicle that's as nice as it looked online.

Rich D. | 2012-11-07

These guys are awesome! Jim and Robert made the process of selling my Audi quick and painless. I was financing a new Audi for less than a year when life happened, I ended up moving to a different part of the country and decided the car, still in Seattle, needed to go. The Audi dealership wanted to me to pay them a couple thousand dollars to pay off the loan. And were also offering much less because I'd replaced the stock TTS wheels with much more valuable new OEM R8 wheels (which seemed backwards to me). Jim initially offered me much more for the car, making what I had to pay to get out of the auto loan much less. Jim was also glad to further negotiate a price we were both happy with. They quickly FedExed documents to me to sign, and even set everything up for me to just put the documents in the envelope they provided and return them to FedEx free of charge. The process was quick, easy, and a good deal.

Eric R. | 2012-09-17

After searching around for a specific luxury vehicle I discovered that EBAB had exactly what I was looking for.  The staff was very friendly and responsive on the phone, they were even more so when I arrived to their location.  The car buying process was quick and painless with them.  I was seriously in and out in just over an hour.  I really couldn't have asked for a more pleasant car buying process.  While this is where I had really hoped to end the review, I sadly cannot do so in good conscience.

The sales consultant alerted me to the fact the vehicle only had one key after all the documents were signed.  While with most cars this wouldn't be too much of an issue, the key for the car I purchased was $360.  A week after purchasing the car our summer finally got into full swing reaching 90 plus degree days so I tried to turn on the air conditioner.  Tried being the operative word as I quickly realized the A/C was not operational.  The cost of repair came out to a stifling $3200.  I quickly contacted EBAB to alert them to the issue.  Their response time to my problem was markedly slower than our other communications and their answer was that they would not offer any assistance except to recommend a repair shop that they utilize.  Despite the vehicle being sold as-is, I paid their "no haggle" price that happened to be more than $2000 over retail value.  I was under the impression that they sold their vehicles above retail because of the meticulous inspections and maintenance conducted at EBAB.  This was not the case.  Within 3 weeks of owning the vehicle it developed a sudden erratic/poor idle that made it inoperable.  The ignition system had failed and needed multiple components replaced.  I was now in a bind, I could not afford to get the A/C replaced, but I needed to car to run so I ended up funneling more cash into it.  Immediately after the switches for the power windows became intermittent.  On top of that, the car is consuming a quart of oil for every 200 miles!  At this point I had a car that in under a month and less than 500 miles required over 25% of the entire purchase price and still needs more, possibly even a new engine.  This is substandard for a 2005 that just rolled 100K.  After all of the issues I experienced with the car and the money it has and will continue to cost me, I cannot possibly recommend them to anyone.  Potential buyers please beware!

Yuri R. | 2012-09-11

Elliot Bay Auto Brokers is great if you're in the market for a car that you want and can't find at any other dealership.  In my case, I was looking for either 2006 Volvo V70R/S60R without a beige, tan, white or orange interior with an automatic transmission (The manual transmissions are plagued with angle gear issues).

The Process:
I requested this car search by emailing Kay Alfrey and she searched across the United States (not literally traveling, maybe the internet or broker connections) and would email me exterior and interior pictures of V70/S60Rs to see if I would want them to buy it and ship it here.  No success until one day a black V70R showed up on their website.  I bought it and still own it.

What about test drives?:
Test driving is ridiculously easy.  Walk in, point out a car, some guy drives it out of the building and out front and after you've gone through the proof of insurance and driver's license verification, you can hop in and vanish for over an hour.

Whoever details these cars deserves an award because you could put a Yugo or Ford Pinto next to a Porsche and be so fooled to think you're a rich guy buying cars from inside an exclusive warehouse.  It's that nice.

Sales pressure:
There wasn't any.  I bet I could have walked off maniacally laughing and nobody would run out the door begging me to buy something.  Well. Rob didn't but I think that's how it is.  Plus, I wasn't getting hounded either.

Did my car have problems?
Yes, but #1, I didn't do a pre-buy inspection because I really wanted this car and #2 Volvo isn't Toyota, so like a date who hasn't gotten over their ex, you may very likely have issues to deal with...and I did.  Take note, I don't fault EBAB for this, Volvo V70/S60Rs are riddled with problems but I have money to burn, I didn't care.

AWD did not work because of bad pressure sensor switch (Common Volvo issue)
Rear and front fog light wire harness was bad (so no fog lights)
Brake and tranny fluids in this car were abnormally dirty.
Fluid reservoir for windshield washer fluid is cracked at the neck.
Driveshaft bracketing (Volvo recall that never was taken care of by owner)

Purchase process:
Fastest I've ever seen it but probably because I wasn't being offered to buy a warranty (not sure if they sell one) and a bunch of other services I could not care less on.  And I received a good rate through a credit union, so not bad at all.

The next challenge:
I'm looking for a reasonably priced 2011-2013 Volvo S60 T5/T6 AWD.  The race for my business between Elliot Bay and Barrier Volvo is on!  And this time, I will do a pre-buy inspection!

Bobbie S. | 2012-06-18

I was referred to this business by a coworker and boy am I glad I got it!  Robert is a great guy, easy going, honest, fair and reasonable.  And he listens!  They have a unbelievable quality selection of luxury cars and SUVs to choose from.  They all have been well maintained and serviced.  What I appreciated most about Elliott Bay was their upfront discussions.  There was no saying one thing but meaning another - very straight forward. They have a great network of lenders that gave me an amazing loan rate!  The whole experience was pleasant, painless and quick - if you can believe that!   I have now bought three cars from them and will consider to do so through the years!  Be sure to let them know I referred you :-))

Andy F. | 2011-09-25

I hoped to buy a new car through these guys, but I just didn't get the level of responsiveness that I found elsewhere. I'm a modern guy, so I rely on email for most of my communication during the day. I would send messages with clear specific questions and not hear back for a day or two.This felt like a busy, high-volume shop, so by no means did I expect instant personal attention. I would have liked to work out a purchase with them but I just needed a little more urgency/hustle. And that's why they got scooped.

The location is excellent, right downtown, and the selection of cars is awesome. I can't tell you how close I came to making an offer on that green Ferrari. Alas, I had another plan in mind and a competitor was able to come through faster. I wish you guys the best and I'll absolutely add you to the rounds when I'm asked for recommendations or ready for another car. Beep beep!

Lulu P. | 2011-09-21

The customer service could be a lot better! I called to get more information on a higher end car (over $40K), and the 2 salesmen I spoke with were both very short, rude, and sounded like they could care less about the business I may do with them. Not such a great attitude when trying to sell something with this big of a sticker!

Andrew W. | 2011-04-14

My recent purchase of a BMW X5 could not have had been better. Elliott Bay Auto Brokers had a a great selection of SUVs and were extremely knowledgable regarding their product. After deciding upon the X5 the purchasing process was quick and free of any typical car dealership hassle.  I would highly recommend anyone to check out Elliott Bay. The savings over going to BMW Seattle or BMW of Bellevue was huge and I received an equally as good SUV if not better.  Thanks Elliott Bay, I cannot wait for my next purchase.

Seattle John N. | 2010-12-16

I have driven older cars my entire life. I decided to upgrade and I did some serious research on prices on several models. I believe I was comparing national prices on e-bay and I came across this business. There were several cars that I were interested in. They simply gave me the keys and said take it for a ride. Short story longer, I ended up upgrading even more. They had a great selection to choose from. The website was VERY user friendly. All prices are posted and the photos are great. The prices they have on very clean, low mileage cars was very good. I researched prices quite thoroughly the entire Northwest and they were very competitive.  I got a fair value for my trade in. I've had the car three years and it has been the best car I've ever owned. I dealt with the owner when I made my purchase.

If you are in the market for a nicer used model, I would highly recommend them.