Cestmir B Motors in Seattle, WA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Cestmir B Motors in Seattle, WA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Cestmir B Motors, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Cestmir B Motors in other cities in the Washington.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 673-3267
Address:92 Lenora St, Seattle, WA, 98121

Reviews on Cestmir B Motors

Gary C. | 2013-11-07

I tried doing business with these guys after finding a GREAT deal on a car they were selling please review
We are planning to be @ your office on Tuesday the 12th to inspect the car and to make the transaction.
Please be advice if the car will be @ your office for inspection with all documents for the car. If you have any issued or any questions in regards of 1988 Aston Martin Vantage, Please let me know ASAP and please give me a call

XXX. I am afraid that a friend of my boss purchased the car last evening and provided the payment in the morning. I just find out an hour ago. The car is prepared for shipping already. I am very sorry about that. The car was available on the system for some reasons. I will keep you posted today if I can change something here.

Cestmir B Motors

Cestmir B. Motor's the are a scam beware! !!!

Justin S. | 2013-11-04

I tried doing business with these guys after finding a GREAT deal on a car they were selling. I did some research, and after many many hours of trying to figure out if this company was legit or not, I found this online:

"Expert:  Fran L. replied 2 day ago.


My name is XXXXX XXXXX X will be assisting you with your question.

This looks like a scam to me. Cestmir B. Motor's website is only 11 days old. The domain name has only been registered for 1 year which is also suspicious. It has used a proxy service in China to hide its actual location and identity and the IP address traces to Russia. All of this is very irregular for a company that claims to be in Seattle Washington. You can see this by going to domaintools.com and entering cestmirbmotors.com into their search box to see the company WHOIS for yourself. According to Google Maps there is no car lot at this Seattle address. Finally, the company is not listed in the business register of the Washington Secretary of State, where it would be required to register. The number is XXXXX free, and thus, untraceable. It's highly likely this company does not really exist.

There is a very popular scam going around and here's how it works. I'm quite sure it will look familiar to you:

You see a desirable car on a dealer website or an auction site or as an online classifed advertisement. Its cost is way below its book value. The seller is typically very far away, either well out of your area or in another part of the country. He can't let you see and inspect the car, nor will he allow for you to have a mechanic in his community come see it and inspect it/test drive it, etc. on your behalf. If this is a private sale, he may say that he's in the military and about to be deployed or that he's relocated due to a new job and isn't available to show you the vehicle, but whatever the excuse, there is no possible way you or your agent can come and inspect this car.

But don't worry, the "dealer" assures you. The car is a good one and you will be able to have a few days to inspect it during which time you can send it back. Meanwhile, your money will be held by Google or PayPal or Amazon Payments or eBay, or some escrow/shipping company, while you look it over. If you decide to get the car, he tells you that then they will release your money to the seller. He may even "throw in" the cost of shipping and insurance, to sweeten the deal because he is in such a hurry.

You'll get an email from the escrow service, in this case probably Cestmir B. Motors, providing you with payment instructions. That will usually involve a wire transfer using Western Union or MoneyGram, since it's instant, untraceable and offers you no consumer protection.. Then you sit back to wait for your car. By the time you figure out that it's never going to arrive, your "seller"and the "courier service" have disappeared without a trace and your money along with them. You try to find him, but none of the information you got turns out to be true.

If this sounds like your deal -- and I'm sure it will -- report the fraud to your local and national police. If you've paid them money, you're the victim of a crime. There is no real car and anything you have sent them is likely lost forever, unless law enforcement can find them, round them up and bring them to justice. If they find them, then you can sue or have these crooks prosecuted in order to get your money back, but that is, unfortunately, a very big "if."

If you haven't paid for this already DON"T. Most important fact to keep in mind in this age of internet scam: if the seller won't let you make arrangements for yourself or a trusted agent on your behalf to see and test drive a car that you are interested in online, DO NOT BUY IT. It's a fraud, every time."