Casa Blanca Auto Sales in Seattle, WA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Casa Blanca Auto Sales in Seattle, WA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Casa Blanca Auto Sales, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Casa Blanca Auto Sales in other cities in the Washington.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 365-2273
Address:13300 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98125

Reviews on Casa Blanca Auto Sales

Art W. | 2012-03-18

This place is by far the worst car dealership I have ever encountered. I went there a few weeks ago and browsed their selection of used car most of them seemed like complete crap but one caught my eye a 2004 Audi A4, I test drove the car and noticed a slight hesitation of the line asked them about it and they said every Audi did that, everything told me that i should take this car to a mechanic first but me being the penny pincher i am decided agents it. I paid $8000.00 cash for the Vehicle and agreed to pay the other thousand on the following monday, they were totally unwilling to haggle the price down even a few hundred stating that it was an amazing deal. after drawing up the paperwork i drove the car to south center, when coming out of the mall the car would not go into reverse and the tranny started slipping like crazy. i took the car back the next day they said they would take it to one of "their" mechanics. the next day i called to check and see if they found the problem they stated " there is nothing wrong with this car" at that point I demanded my money back after some haggling they only agreed to give me seven of the eight thousand i put into the car. i lost a thousand dollar on a car i had for 1 day. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THESE CROOKS............... EVERY NEGATIVE REVIEW ON HERE IS TOTALLY THE TRUTH I WISH I WOULD HAVE CHECKED YELP BEFORE I WENT TO THESE CON ARTISTS!!!!!!!!!  

  oh and BTW their service sucks completely rude piss poor customer service

Natasha R. | 2011-11-10

This place totally screwed me over.

Yes, buying a used car is never fun. They are trying to get the most for what they have, you are trying to get a good deal, and everyone just wants to be happy. But Fadi at Casa Blanca Auto Sales totally screwed me over.

I was looking to buy this car:……
A 2001 Toyota Corolla, which they originally had listed as $6999 but has since gone down to $5999.

Each time I went, the lot was closed, the lights were off, and no one was in the office even though I had JUST spoken with Fadi on the phone and he told me they would be open until 7pm. He did show up both times, I don't know where from. The car had dents and scratches, we haggled down to $6400 out the door, which I thought was great. Everything on the CarFax looked good. Fadi was hesitant to haggle, and said "its already down really low, and its a great price for what it is". My dad was with me, and told Fadi that he wanted us to take it to our mechanic before we finalized anything. Fadi was totally agreeable to that, but assured us that they really are thorough with their car selection and that everything with the car is great. My dad said "I believe you, but just for our own peice of mind we're going to take it". Fadi agreed.

I took the next day off work so that I could coordinate taking the car to my mechanic, working out the final paperwork at the dealership, going back to my bank with the info, and then going back to the dealership. I took the car to the mechanic, and told Fadi that they were going to charge me $150 to have the engine checked, and then Fadi could pick it up and we'd go from there. I was going to pay for the engine check myself. When the check was done, the mechanic called me and said "We cannot tell you in good faith to buy this car. We would absolutely not recommend buying it." The 4th cylinder was running at 90 (very low) and it was only a matter of time before the engine needed to be replaced (which would have cost me $5000).

I was furious. I understand that it is a dealer's job to sell people crappy cars. I get it. I don't resent him for that. What I resent is that they let me waste my money on the engine check. Fadi knew I was going to spend $150, and still let me do it knowing full well that the engine was messed up. There's no way he could think that I would still buy it after learning this information. So he knowingly let me waste $150 on a test for a car that he knew would not come back in his favor.

This car is STILL LISTED which blows my mind. In your search for a used car, ALWAYS have the engine checked. I should have made Fadi pay for the engine check, I should have complained to his face, but I was kind and clear and told him he could pick up the information about the engine when he went to pick up the car. AND YET IT IS STILL LISTED.

UPDATE: I called them right after I wrote this, so upset that they would still list the car knowing full well what was wrong with it. Someone other than Fadi answered the phone, and I calmly explained who I was. I asked why the car was still being listed if the engine was messed up. He said that it wasn't. I told him that I had the engine checked, and yes in fact it was. He told me
"Uhhh....we fixed it."
I said "Really?"
"Yes, we fixed it."
"Great! Then I would like to buy the car if it has a fixed engine and a reduced price. So if I come down there today to buy it and get the engine tested, they will tell me its fine?"
"I think so....."
"Because the engine is totally fixed? You're 100% sure?"
"Yes, I am 100% sure."
"Great, then I would like to come look at the car"
"Ummmm, I'm not sure. Hold on one minute."

I heard him speaking with someone else, and then Fadi got on the phone. Fadi told me that he had taken it to their mechanic, and it is totally fine. I told him that clearly isn't true. He went back and forth on a lot of different excuses, never really sounding sure of them himself. Some of my favorites were "We are selling two Corollas, maybe the mechanic got them mixed up" which made me laugh out loud. I took ONE Corolla to this place, not two. I think they're perfectly aware of which car they checked. Fadi also told me " They are just trying to get you to buy parts from them." To which I responded "No, no they are not. They told me to NOT BUY the car. They didn't tell me to let them repair it. They said DON'T BUY IT because the engine is totally messed up and its only a matter of time before it needs to be replaced." Fadi must have realized that I was not falling for his lies. He told me "Look, I sell cars how they are for a living. Either you want to buy the car or you don't." I said "If I can take a car to the mechanic and have them tell me its running great, I will totally buy it". And he just didn't say anything. Then he said "You know, I'm actually really busy, so I have to go".

Chelsie P. | 2011-09-10

If I didn't have to choose at least 1 star, I WOULDN'T! Probably the WORST service of my god damn life. I have been looking for a car for months and I finally found the perfect one, oddly enough at this pile of sh** dump. I live in Granite Falls, and drove an entire hour to look at the car, I even called before hand to make sure it was there and that I could look at it, and probably test drive it. So obviously the guy knew I was looking at the specific car that I walked straight up to. I looked through it inside out, and it was pretty clean. My boyfriend and I went up to the guy and asked to test drive it, and he immediately asked how I am going to pay for it. We were put off by the question, but pointed at my car and said we wanted to trade it in. We explained what it was and he started shaking his head and said that my car was crap and I am not going to test drive his car. My boyfriend yelled at him and said that we know for a fact that my car is worth a lot of money and I've actually had dealers want to just buy it for at least 10k. and the guy was adoment that I couldn't even test drive it. So we walked off. Hey buddy, want to actually sell a fucking car? LET SOMEONE THAT HAS MONEY TEST DRIVE IT!