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Scandinavian Luxury Cars - that's us. Volvo makes cars that are good for your life with your friends and family - versatile, safe, sporty, and sensible.

Sensible Pricing - we're not out of reach. Nicely equipped new vehicles are available around $24k.

Unmatched Sales Experiences - why not pick up your new car in Europe? We offer an "Overseas Delivery" experience on our entire product line, including airfare for two, discounts, insurance, shipping, and more. Tour the factory in Gothenburg, Sweden! Is there something you want to know? We believe in a transparent sales process. Ask.

Collision Repair and Volvo Body Work - we have had an auto body repair shop for decades, and are the only Puget Sound Volvo Dealer to offer body shop services.  Who better to fix your Volvo after a wreck than a Volvo dealer?  We're insurance-approved, too.

Genuine Volvo Service and Parts - our factory-authorized service center has highly trained techs AND a shop rate rivaling the independent shops.


Established in 1942.

Bob Byers Volvo has been a Seattle service center for years. We've been a member of the Better Business Bureau for more than 20 years, and are A+ rated and accredited through 2013.

We are family owned and run - it's not uncommon to see three generations of the Byers family in our store at one time! This close connection to the community, sponsoring the University of Washington, Seattle Children's Hospital, the University Food Bank and far beyond, makes us a valued Seattle business.

We love our employees - we're open reasonable hours and are closed on Sundays. We have employees that have been with us for 45 years. We've been serving the Greater Seattle area for longer than any other Volvo dealer in a Seattle-style fashion - we do things our own way, much like the Yelp community.

Bob Byers Ravenna Volvo

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 525-5424
Address:2700 NE 55th St, Seattle, WA, 98105
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Bob Byers Ravenna Volvo

RM G. | 2015-04-25

This is about the service department which I guess I would otherwise give 3 or 4 stars (they're fine...not outstanding but fine...) except that I had two situations that made me give lower review stars and ultimately stop having my car serviced here.

First time I had a "waiting" appointment for an oil change.  I brought the car to service and said I would walk to UVillage with my daughter and be back in the hour they said it would take to do the service.  When I returned an hour and a half later they hadn't even started!  I waited 45 minutes with my toddler in the waiting room.  Awesome, thanks.  A nearly 2.5 hour oil change for a "waiting" appointment?  But thought I'd give them another chance.

Fast forward a couple of further issues until another oil change with a drop off appointment...they call to tell me that my car is ready but that they need to do something to the tires/wheels and do I want to come get it and schedule another appointment or have them do the work today.  I asked them when it would be ready and they said 5 pm.  I said go ahead.  So I show up at 5:15 to get my car.  It's not ready.  I say that's ok, I'll make another appointment, I need to be home for my kids.  They say the wheels are off, you can't take it.  It will be another 30-40 minutes.  Uhhhh.....really?  It was supposed to be ready at 5!!  They just kind of shrugged and said they'd do it as fast as they could.  (ended up being another 45 minutes).  I ended up begging my nanny to stay for an extra half hour (which I had to pay her for and make her late for her evening class!!)  I complained and they offered a free oil change but I'm out of forgiveness and won't return.  

I feel like it's not that hard...overestimate the time things will take and you won't make people wait....

Jason F. | 2015-03-15

I'm that guy that doesn't take his Volvo to the dealership. Am I cheap? Probably. Do I think I can get it cheaper for the same service? Probably. But, I have to admit that after taking my Volvo to another dealership AND two non-dealership service providers that I ended up being referred to Bob Byers. Why? Because they do a good job and treat their customers well, I was told. And, I believe they did a good job.

I was having some intermittent electrical problems with my Volvo. Over the 18 months I paid $1500 or so to Swedish Automotive in West Seattle, but they honestly didn't solve my problem. I took it in there again, mostly because I believed they would have some obligation with the warranty of their work. In the end, they got me to replace my battery for $350 or so, just so they could look at the problem. I was not happy, but went ahead. I got fed up and took my car to three other places and Bob Byers really took the time to diagnose the problem. Their guys called me a couple time to better understand the problem and tried a couple ways to trigger the problem over a whole day. In the end, they helped fix it and I'm super thankful. Cars are expensive, but the get them fixed the right way, I can recommend Bob Byers.

bhan w. | 2015-02-14

The people at Bob Byers have been very helpful at working with me to figure out which repairs have to be done immediately and which can safely be put off for a bit.

Wes W. | 2015-02-10

Let me start this review by saying, I did not buy a car from Bob Byers Ravenna Volvo.  Sadly at the time I was on the market, they did not have the particular car I was looking for which is not their fault.  However, the staff, namely Sales Manager Tom Schroeder, are incredible and they deserve to be at the top of your dealer list if you are considering a Volvo.

To me, a good car dealer is not one that puts you through a "process" to sell the car to you.  One that won't ask you, "what do I need to do to get you into a car today?"  A good car dealer is one that provides an atmosphere of honesty, knowledge, respect and excellent service that makes you want to work with them to buy the car.  One where the thought of going to buy somewhere else is a painful decision to make. Bob Byers Ravenna Volvo is one of those good dealers.

If this tells you anything, I honestly considered not purchasing the car with the options I wanted so that I didn't have to work with another dealer.  In the future, this will be my first stop for service and that next new car.

Thank you Bob Byers Ravenna Volvo for the experience!  I will be back!

Vipin S. | 2014-11-30

I was super impressed with their service department, they saved us aproximately $600, by fixing our S80 without making us buy new parts.  When we needed a dealership to be honest they came through for us.

When a company has great service, they are trust worthy and honest, I will buy from them, and these guys are simply the best, we can't wait to buy our next car with them, and highly recommend them over other dealers, one of which was not as honest.

Thank You Bob Byers for being honest and going above and beyond!

Danielle S. | 2014-04-30

I bought my Volvo XC60 because of the service department here and tell everyone how amazing these folks are for service.  I had used the old downtown location once with terrible results and heading over to Ravenna Volvo is almost a joy to have work done on my vehicle.  Truly outstanding work!  They just worked with me to fix multiple items on my car all the while providing a loaner vehicle for a week.  Amazing work done here and I hope all folks buy their volvo from Ravenna Volvo and come back for life.

Nic S. | 2014-04-03

This is hands down the best service place I have ever visited. My ONLY complaint is that they can't service my other cars.

My first experience with Bob Byers had me hooked for life.

A few years ago I bought a used XC90 from an independent dealer, and 3 months later, it went into limp mode. We had it towed to Bob Byers. A day later we got called with some good news/bad news... The bad news was there was about $8k worth of stuff that needed to be fixed... The news was is the service guy told us that a Volvo shouldn't break like that, and covered the ENTIRE  repair for free.... Now, our Volvo was not under warranty, and this was our first time at the location. Amazing!

We've had other great service experiences with them, and I really wish they would service the Jeep I own as well (I asked, they said they couldn't)

Most recently my check engine light kept coming on, they said there were a couple possibilities, one of the fixes they could verify needed to be done, and the other was more expensive, so we went with the repair that could be verified, knowing that it might need the other thing fixed too.... So two weeks later the light came back on, so we took it in for the final fix...., a few weeks later the light came on again! Ahhh, so they gave us a loaner car, and figured out there was a third problem... But here is where the story gets good, they refunded us the other repair, and applied it to th final fix.

Time after time Bob Byers Volvo shows reputable, reliable, trustable service.... All of the things you don't find in other places.

Sure do you pay a little bit more than going to the corner shop? Yes, but I know that they will take care of me and my car, and won't take advantage.

John H. | 2014-01-19

This is about service at Bob Byers. The sales department is actually pretty good.

I've had two negative experiences with the service department. Both began when using their website to schedule an appointment. Each time the website returned a confirmation email and yet each time no appointment was made. The first time I showed up appointment. I received a less than apologetic explanation that the website was not functioning properly. Then 6 months later I scheduled service through the website again. it returned a confirmation but I received no followup call so I called them to check before I showed up. Again no appointment was made. I really needed my car serviced so I explained to the "customer service" person and asked for their flexibility. The response was to tell me in a very curt tone that "I should have known better than to just trust the website". WHAT? Don't trust the website? Why even offer the opportunity to schedule service on your website if you shouldn't trust it? Very disappointed in the service. Someone from the dealership emailed me after and said they could get me scheduled in a week - I didn't even respond. You don't deserve my business after treating me like that.

I've found their prices to be among the highest among Volvo shops and even high for a dealership. With the kind of customer service they deliver I can find someplace else for my cars in the future. I will definitely look to other dealerships first to buy my next Volvo as well.

Dan'a R. | 2013-07-16

From top to bottom, the friendliest, easiest and most willing to help car dealership I have ever been to. We started with our first Volvo in 1999 and just bought our 5th from these wonderful people. From their loyalty programs to their mechanics, everything is geared towards customer satisfaction. We waited to get a new car until  drove our last Volvo all the way up from Los Angeles for our Summer vacation; that is how much loyalty they inspire in us. I cannot say enough good things about this dealership, and it's employees, past and present.

A G. | 2012-07-26

Was recommended to take my vehicle to Ravenna for repair, All in all I had a great experience. Trig was very professional, he communicated with my agent to make sure things were done in a timely manner. They gave me an S80 as my loaner, was very pleased.
Trigg thank you very much for your professional service you provided.

Andrew Ginn

James E. | 2012-06-16

I'm truly shocked that people have written such negative reviews about this dealership, our experience with Bill has been nothing short of exemplary. He took the time to examine with me every detail of the C30 T5, making sure I understood the vehicle's pros and cons. My partner and I were never once pressured into buying our car, and Bill was kind enough to address every email I sent him with consistent professionalism and genuine attention.

Before we went to Bob Byers Ravenna Volvo (whew, that name), I researched cars for three months and dragged my partner to six other dealerships. We met our fair share of salespeople that make you wonder why there aren't as many car salesmen jokes as there are those that feature lawyers--"What do you call a lawyer buried in the sand up to his neck? Not enough sand." Bill and Bob Byers Ravenna Volvo are both top drawer, really top drawer.

Matt J. | 2012-04-30

I leased my S60 from Ravenna Volvo last week, and I have to say that the crew at Ravenna Volvo was by far the easiest to work with.  I visited 10+ dealerships over 3 weeks, and Vic, Bill, and JC were definitely the best.  They made the entire process pain-free: they got the car I wanted, negotiated fairly and quickly on a final price, and gave me a great deal on my trade in.  Simply put, these guys love to sell Volvos.

If you're in the market for a new car, visit Ravenna Volvo.

Chris B. | 2012-01-31

So for the third time we have had our XC 90 brought in for repair. Yesterday we had a module replaced for roughly $500.. Not only was the fix quite expensive, probably competitive for a Volvo repair, but within 24 hours of the "fix" we had to have the vehicle towed at our expense to Ravenna Volvo for a "new" problem. Again each time we have had the car repaired it seems within 24 hours the car will not start and needs to be towed. My wife had to take off work today to deal with this. We expected that we would be notified of the solution by the end of the day. It is now nearly 7:30 pm and the repair shop is long closed and we have heard nothing. We now need to make arrangements for my daughter to get to school and my wife to work. At no point was a loaner vehicle offered.

As a follow up to this rant my wife received a phone call early this morning offering a loaner vehicle. Not only that but they were able to pick up my son at his high school and bring him back to the dealership to pick up our car. As a business owner I know how important it can be to take care of a disgruntled customer. I commend them on their efforts. Ravenna Volvo went beyond excellent customer service.

Cora L. | 2011-08-18

I brought my S40 in today for 22.5k maintenance and was helped by Steve.  

The whole process was perfect:
*When I first called last week, they scheduled me an appointment with a loaner and they had multiple available to choose from.
*When I got there this morning to drop off my car, they checked me in under 10 mins.
*I got to take a brand new S40 T5 as a loaner, and I didn't even have to fill up the tank when I brought it back.  
*When I returned at the end of the day, everything was ready for me and I was in and out in just a few minutes.  
*They didn't mess with my seat settings and they didn't leave the protective paper in my car.  THANK YOU!

I couldn't be happier, and Steve was great.  Am I just used to shitty service from Putnam Volvo in San Mateo?  Maybe.  Whatever the case, I'll be back for service here as long as I'm in Seattle!

Michelle E. | 2011-05-31

I had to bring my Volvo S40 here because my side bumper fell off after driving over an old railroad track too fast. I had kept the part and just needed it to be attached back on. However, I also had various dings around my car from general wear and tear.

Not only did Ravenna Volvo attach for my side bumper for a reasonable price cheaper than my mechanic's bid, but they also offered to cover up various dings throughout the car and gave it a nice wash before I left. I felt like I had a new car when I got it back after the hour!

Thank you Ravenna Volvo. You guys are nice, quick, and amazing.

Ryan D. | 2010-07-27

Recently I bought a used Volvo XC90.  Before I made the purchase I decided to have the car checked out at Ravenna Volvo to make sure that the car was one that I actually wanted to purchase.  They charged me a few hundred dollars and CLAIMED to have completed a detailed inspection of the car.  I ended up purchasing the Volvo and actually continued to have Ravenna Volvo service the car for the next year or so...    When the brakes became noticeable bad I brought the car into Ravenna Volvo and had them install new front brakes.  Within a few days the brakes started to make a horrible noise...I mean horrible.  I took them back to Ravenna Volvo only to have the guys tell me their was no problem.  They said they hosed the brakes off and the problem was solved.  Wrong!  They were the same as before I took them in.  So I decided to go to another place and have them look at the brakes...  After my car was in the shop for a few hours I got a call from the manager of the new service garage.  He started out by asking if I have ever had anybody look at my car?  I told him that I have owned the car for about a year, I had Ravenna Volvo perform a complete and detailed purchase inspection, and I have had them change the oil, etc. 3 times.  We'll, I am not sure what the heck Ravenna Volvo was doing but they never ever checked the transmission fluid.  According to my new machanic, the transmission fluid was incredibly low (like dangerously low) and was some of the dirtiest oil he has ever seen (he said pitch black like tar).  I will never take my car to Ravenna Volvo again!

C M. | 2010-06-30

I've been happily using Ravenna for routine maintenance on my S60R for over a year after moving to Seattle from out of state. Overall its always been a good experience. And being a chick who simply loves hot cars, I'm used to the typical flip asshole service guy who thinks I don't know a hub cap from a head gasket. Last time I brought the car in for the 80k service, I mentioned to Scott about how the emergency brake seemed overly grabby when I'd release it to start driving every morning.

His reply was that it sounded to him like I wanted a redesign of my car and for it to grab was perfectly normal. I went on to elaborate how it made a terrible loud bang each time I'd start driving. He seemed nonplussed and failed to mention it in the service ticket. The issue went  without inspection.

Fast forward about six weeks. Dark night, winding and unfamiliar narrow road - Highway 14 if you're familiar with southern Washington. I was driving to my hotel for a work trip. The car suddenly sounded like someone had thrown a handful of bolts into a blender somewhere in the back end of my car. The rear tires were locked up and I was fortunate there was a wide shoulder to pull off and call for a tow. As it turns out, the emergency brake spring mechanism broke inside the wheel. As the mechanic described it, "Imagine a rock polisher."

So thanks Ravenna Volvo. I can't thank you enough for listening to me about a problem that in fact turned out to not only be a problem, but was enough to leave me stranded in the middle of BFE. And thanks for showing that chauvinism and sexism still exists. Rest assured you'll never set a wrench upon my car.

johnny D. | 2010-06-15

2 sales people and 20 service advisors ? what does that tell you ?  Their main goal for you , the Volvo owner is to replace every part on your car  whether it needs it or not.

Angela S. | 2010-04-15

I've taken my Volvo here twice. They're very friendly, and they always wash it (which is awesome because I never do). (They even washed it when I just took it in to get a new key made--amazing!)

They have a small couch and two chairs in the showroom where you can wait, and they have a shuttle downtown that runs a few times in the morning and maybe only twice in the afternoon/evening... I've never used it, but it might be handy for some people.

Last time I went in I just got an oil change (but I'm about 90% sure they also fixed my squeaky brakes, which had been tightened or some such in the summer in North Carolina--i.e., it was hot, and they probably tightened them too much or something... In any case, they don't squeal any more; yay!). They told me it would take "about an hour," and they were correct--it was about two minutes less than an hour. That's a little long if you're used to those super fast oil change places, but then again, those places don't wash your car, so there you go.

Biggest down side: they messed up my seat settings COMPLETELY. (I mean, how the heck long did they have to drive it, anyway?! 100 yards? Was it *really* necessary to change the seat settings? It's not like I'm short or anything; there should have been plenty of leg room for safe vehicle operation unless the guy was like 7'20" or something...) It's been over a week and I still find myself adjusting it, trying to get it back to how I had it. Annoying.

Nevertheless, I'm definitely going back; I love my Volvo, and I know they'll take good care of it no matter what.

John H. | 2009-10-26

I've been dealing with Ravenna Volvo for 15 years.  In that time we've bought or leased 5 cars from this company.  As much as I like the Volvo as a product (also 5 stars), I like this dealership even more.  They've always been exceedingly courteous, helpful, responsive, knowledgeable and thorough, from the owner right down to the guys that wash the car.

Special cudos to Bill Patterson in sales, Trygg in auto body and Scott in service.  Always top notch.

Doug A. | 2009-10-20

We're Subaru Outback owners as well and big fans.  Had we not felt like complete dorks for getting another Outback, we probably would have....but I'm so glad we didn't.  We got an XC60 instead, and beyond the vehicle being excellent / fun to drive, the service at Ravenna / Bob Byers Volvo was courteous, understanding and willing to cut through the bull and give us a fair price.  Beyond that, we had some minor issues with the car out of the gates and the team dealt with them immediately and without question.  David Intonti and the whole team there take service seriously, even bringing some add-ons that we purchased to our house (as my wife and I both work).  Cheers to David and the team.  We are very satisfied customers and will be back.

Matt C. | 2009-08-15

So a couple of years ago now, my wife convinced me to give up my SWEET 2005 Subaru WRX STi black (with SILVER wheels, thank you very much) 4 door sedan for a Volvo.

Yeah, I can hear what you're thinking.  That's what I said.

But in all fairness, she did find perhaps the coolest Volvo available.  We got a 2005 Volvo S-60 R.  300 horses, nice cobalt blue, and many of the comfort features which the Subaru lacked.  Like leather, heated seats, sun roof, etc etc.  So I settled in and was fairly content.  Still miss my Subi, but it's probably time to let that go.

Anyway, the Volvo developed this weird problem that stumped everyone I took it to.  About 1.5 years ago, someone broke out the driver-side window to steal stuff out of the car.  May or may not be relevant.

About 6 months after that, I went out to the car, unlocked it, tried to start the car, and nothing.  Not a sound, not a peep, nada.  AAA came, checked the battery, everything was good on that end.  For some reason, the engine inhibitor had engaged, and I couldn't start the car.  Had her towed to the dealer (not Ravenna), and of COURSE the car started right up.  No error codes, no indications of any problems whatsoever.

So flash forward a few months, we move to Seattle, I start working at home, and my wife starts taking the car to work.  All is good until about 2 months ago.  Unpredictably, my wife's key will trigger the engine inhibitor.  We come out of a restaurant, go to start the car, and nothing.  She gets up in the morning, goes out to go to work, and nothing.

After an hour or so, if I use my key the car will start.  Then hers will work for a while, but for how long, no one can say.

So I took the car in to Ravenna, and they looked at it for 3 days.  They scheduled the time with me, offered me a loaner car, followed my directions for making the car do its "non-starting" trick, and of course it started fine every time.  I even went over there to try to get it to do it, and of course it started.

But the guys didn't look at me like I was nuts.  They didn't make me feel like an idiot.  They looked the car over, and told me a couple of things they *could* do to try to fix the problem, and asked what I wanted to do.  I had them replace the antenna ring, and they gave me a discount since they couldn't definitely solve the problem!

Can you imagine!?!  A DEALER gave me a discount!!  I had never heard of such a thing!

So, I haven't had any problems since.

If you're looking for a decent group of service people and mechanics, I'd recommend Ravenna.  They treated me fairly, I left happy, and I was not gouged, which was nice since it was a dealer.