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In business for almost 70 years we care deeply about the community we serve and the relationships with our customers/ staff.

We offer one of the largest selection of New/Used vehicles in the State of Washington, have volume based pricing and the ability to leverage our volume sales to help customers that need support with alternative financing get approved.


Established in 1947.

It was 68 years ago when Bill Pierre Senior opened the doors to his first dealership- Bill Pierre Ford.  He set out with a simple philosophy;  treat customers like you would treat your own family.  Today, Pierre Auto Centers has evolved into multiple dealerships with two great American franchises--Ford and Chevrolet, all located on Lake City Way in North Seattle.  We carry a large selection, have terrific pricing and courteous, professional staff.

For over three generations, Seattle residents have counted on Pierre Auto Centers for all their automotive needs.

Still family-owned and operated, Pierre Auto Centers Continues to grow their business with the strengths of their long-term relationships, their commitment to the community and with their "Golden Rule" philosophy of doing business

Bill Pierre Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 364-2200
Address:11525 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98125
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Bill Pierre Ford

Ati K. | 2015-04-02

I give:
5 stars (absolutely!, if you can work with him) to Mark Jr, at Bill Pierre Ford
3 stars to this Bill Pierre location (convenient location, opened late, transaction went swiftly, poor communication between front desk and sales, so speak with your salesperson directly)
a 2 star experience to the Bill Pierre chain (who owns everything on the North side; I was treated incredibly poorly at their sister dealership, Harris Ford Dealer, which seems to be the norm based on other reviews.

So, the details:

I originally wanted to see a specifically listed, online listed 2007 Mazda CX-7, at a very good price, which I was told several times was available. I spoke wtih the front desk at Bill Pierre, who told me I could come in a 6:30pm to see that specific vehicle. En route to the dealership from Federal Way, I was called by Mark, Jr. to tell me the car would be available on Monday morning and told the car would not be there as I was traveling to see it. I went to where I was told the car was being transported from to see it, Harris Ford Dealer. The front desk there was incredibly friendly and useful, but the lot there was sparse and did not have the car. After asking a salesman who was not willing to speak with me unless I was buying new, he saw the car that I wanted, and said, Yeah, that car is not here. "It's not in the system", is simply what I was told before he walked away from me.

I was incredibly disappointed and upset at that point. To travel so far, for nothing, and to have no other affordable options, and the poor treatment and communication between stores deserves a 1 star, but Mark Jr's follow-through, brings them up to a 2 star rating.

Three days later, Mark Jr, calls to check in about what happened with the CX-7. He listened to the rant above, and said:

What do you want? Let me help you find it.
-I wanted an SUV, didn't want to buy new, and to stay within my budget, reliable, within the last 10 years, not expensive to maintain in the day-to-day expenses.
-He called me back within the hour with a couple of options.

1-owner, 2004 Honda CR-V EX, 118,000 miles, with regular maintenance records.

Understanding that I had totaled my car previously with no way to get to the dealership, he brought the car to me to test drive. I was able to test drive it within my own neighborhood.THAT WAS EVERYTHING FOR ME.We drove back to do paperwork (who I did with someone else I was neither partial or impartial to. I like the jolly finance guy downstairs with the coffee cup conversation starter, though).
BE AWARE, THERE IS NO ROOM FOR NEGOTIATION-If you're a haggler, go elsewhere. I paid more than I wanted to, but a good deal for what I received. I was pre-approved through my credit union at a very good rate. I'm glad that they didn't try to shove a partner bank or a warranty down my throat. That was nice. They took my paperwork, we signed finalizing papers, I had some apple cider, while they cleaned my car, and I bought car insurance in the meantime. Left within 2 hours-entire transaction complete. They will even send me my plates, which my last dealership was unwilling to do.

It's still the first 48 hours, and I did buy a used car, so I am still learning its quirks.
(It is used after all. )

But fairly clean, no mold, most of the doors work-I'm going to have to have the funny auto-lock mechanism looked at. But overall, it works for me.

So far, so good! No buyers remorse here.

Thank you Mark, Jr. I would do business with you again. Please add me to your client list, and let me know if you ever move dealerships.

Orlando S. | 2015-03-13

I would give less then one of I could!!! Sure their prices are good... As long as you don't have a trade! I did my research on about what my car was worth before I went in. They came back at, not kidding with this, $9000.00 lower then book trade in! They also have a $5k markup from msrp prices so when they take the 5k off the price they try to make it seem like they are giving you some great deal by doing that. I'm sorry but taking 5k off a price that's 5k higher then every dealership is not taking 5k off the price. I do have to say the sales guy was nice and it's not his fault the sales managers are trying to take advantage of people with trades. I will deff not send anyone to this dealership from the experience I had. Shame on you guys for not giving fare market value and trying to make $11000.00 off of a trade on top of the money you make on the car being purchased!

Band E. | 2015-02-15

I'd have to agree that this isn't the place to go. Was trying to replace a new vehicle that was totaled. They had the identical vehicle at the lowest advertised price around. Told the salesman I'd come over between 11 and 11:30 on a Thursday. First thing he says when I get there is, 'another salesman has someone coming over at 11:30 to check the car out. A lie for sure to add some pressure.

The salesman had b.o. while we went for the test ride. The car had a lot of miles on it to be 'new', was scratched and hadn't been washed in a while. It was very dirty, especially in the wheel wells.

We went to negotiate (I guess the 11:30 appointment didn't show up.) I said the car has more miles than 'new', was scratched and was filthy. I offered $500 less than the list price. Salesman came out and simply said 'no'.

I left.

For this dealership, I'd suggest having your staff bath and wash their clothes. Perhaps some deodorant also. Be willing to negotiate when you try to sell a car as 'new' when it has 'lot rot'.

Ended up buying the same car after a drive to Marysville Ford where the staff was professional and fair. Nobody smelled bad, either.

(The sales staff continues to leave me voicemails 2 months later. I've asked them to stop, but have been unsuccessful so far.)

Justin B. | 2015-02-11


Need I say more?  I will though...

I went to check out a 2011, yes 2011!, vehicle that I had seen online today.  Upon opening the trunk I knew something was weird.  The trunk had light mold throughout the rug, we then went to the back passenger area.  The seat belts were completely covered with spotty grey and blue fuzzy mold, mold was coming out of the speaker compartment, the front passenger floorboards were covered in fuzz...

The sales person, bless his heart, **shrugs** and says, "Would [the mold] deter me from buying the the vehicle?"  HA!

Needless to say I walked away with the same amount of money in my pocket as I had entered so I guess I saved money today.  However, there were no winners.

Jenna T. | 2015-02-10

This was the worst experience.  I found a car on auto trader, emailed the sale person about it and made an appointment to check out the car.
I get to the dealership to find kyle, the salesman I had an appointment with wasn't there (so why he agreed to the time/date I still don't know).  No sales person was able to find the car I came in for, but of course they had cars available for thousands above my price.  They said auto trader made a mistake with the price, although why kyle didn't inform me of that during our email exchange FOR THAT CAR I'm not sure.  
Point being, if you go in for a car you find online it will most likely be thousand more (this happened more than once) or not there.  At the very least take a screenshot/write down the Vin number when you go in, but I'm sure the online prices are just to get you in.

BTW, if/when I pay more for the car I want I really don't care, as long as it doesn't go to this dealership.

Ivan V. | 2015-02-07

Purchased my Toyota Highlander two months ago and was satisfied with the vehicle transaction and experience.  I suggest you thoroughly inspect your used vehicle, I was missing a few minor items from the vehicle, such as manual, and rear bumper panel.  Overall I have no issues.

Ian E. | 2015-02-07

Really the worst when it comes to service.  I had my car in there at least 5 times for among other things a squeaky headliner which is a known issue on Ford Flexes.  I gave them a bad review on one of those phone call survey things you get after service.  Apparently that goes straight to them and after they found out about the bad review they basically wanted nothing to do with me and the service manager Dirk and Bill Mitchell both bitched me out.  I took it back again and they pretended not to hear the noise and told me they couldn't help.  I called the Ford customer service line and they recommended I take the car to Bellevue Autonation Ford.  This service place is the real deal - they immediately diagnosed the problem, ordered the parts and got it fixed.   It turned out Bill Pierre Ford had installed the headliner wrong several times and broke the same clips over and over.  I don't really know if they are just incompetent mechanics or just liars.  Everything about Bill Pierre Ford reminds me of some kind of archaic throwback to the 50's in terms of a crappy service department where pretty good is good enough and just not up to modern standards.

Mike L. | 2015-01-15

These guys have zero respect for the community they operate in. The neighborhood has written letters asking their drivers to slow down or drive on the main highway instead of cutting through the neighborhood. There are two daycares on the back side of the dealership where they like to speed down and fail to yield to the right of way at the intersections.
Their lot and surrounding area is trashy, and in one greenbelt area, they have a homeless person sleeping on the property and fail to do anything about it.
I have approached them on three occasions where I was either nearly hit while walking my dog or being cut off while driving home. They have no interest in dealing with the issues of their drivers. I am still waiting for a call back from the last incident, not holding my breath.
They are a horrible operation that deserves no patronage.

Shelly K. | 2015-01-13

Do not go here - I have the craziest story and I warn all of you - DO NOT BUY A CAR from this dealer - whatever you do - just don't.

I bought a lexus from them  (don't buy a lexus from a ford deal - my mistake), but they sold me a car for double its value and it had frame damage which they did not reveal. They took the car back because we had some exceptions in the paperwork (pending any mechanical issues as I had a feeling they were full of *ish so had them put them in) yeah nobody would insure it so they knew that or the attorney's office.
I think that was enough of an issue because it had been so damaged).  They took my car back but then didn't even credit my account like they said they would in 5 business days so had to call my credit card company and dispute the charge after I have a rescinding letter stating I returned the car from them.

My advice to all - don't buy a car here. Just don't - this place is the worst. Shows you can do business even after being so unethical. They are the definition of slimy car sales.

Meeka D. | 2014-12-19

My husband and I found the customer service to be quite lacking at Bill Pierre Ford.  Despite the fact that they were in possession of two cars we would happily have purchased we ended up taking our business elsewhere.  Returning phone calls, having a knowledge of inventory, and answering questions promptly is the most basic job of a sales representative! Quite a disappointing experience.  I would recommend that people try another dealership.

Lynn T. | 2014-12-12

It's so awful you just feel slimy when you leave.  Unfortunately they had the car we wanted at the price we wanted.  They promised us manuals (which should come with a certified car and never provided them as well as rubber mats - never to be seen) "Ford" Certified used car that has now been in the shop 4 times in 2 months.  First time the wind shield wipers just stopped working... in a torrential downpour!  Took it to the  shop and somebody had forgotten to tighten the bolts on them or some such thing.  Then the first time it got cold enough to need the heat it didn't work.  This time we took it to the Harris Ford shop (owned by the same people) and It took 4 trips for them to finally fix it and during the last trip they dropped the dashboard on the emergency brake and broke the handle - it could be two months for that to be replaced because the part is back ordered.  On the bright side, our service advisers at both BIll Pierre and Harris Ford were very nice and persistent in getting the problems fixed.  Just wish it had been the first time!
I really question how Bill Pierre certifies their cars.  Stay away from Bill Pierre to purchase a car if at all possible!

Ally D. | 2014-11-29

I recently bought an F150 from Bill Pierre Ford and it was a positive experience. I worked mainly with the salesmen Brian and Matt. They were so kind and what I liked the most is that they didn't pressure me to purchase anything like other dealerships have in the past. They basically just let the vehicle sell itself and were always close by to answer any questions.

Michele C. | 2014-11-27

They sold me a used car that had been stolen and wrecked. The damage was structural which most reputable dealerships (Bowen Scarf) wouldnt even sell on there lot let alone at KBB suggested retail prices.

Bottom line: these guts are dishonest and put the most vile politicians a run for there money.


Stephanie B. | 2014-11-02

Overall it was a good experience buying my used car there but there are some reasons for the three stars. First, I had seen a 2014 Dodge Journey at a price just out of my range but thought I would see if I could get the price down. They would not budge at all so I left feeling pretty pissed off. A few days later I noticed the price was dropped by $2,000 and now in my price range. I called and said I wanted the copper color 2014 Journey. The person that answered the phone was a saleswoman named Katie and she said she will pull up the info they still had and get the approval process going. We came in that evening with our application done and approved. We thought this whole time we were getting the 2014 we had wanted but it was for a 2012 Journey. Some how the paperwork got screwed up, but by the hard work of Katie, we got the car we wanted. Katie was really helpful and really nice to work with and we felt it was like buying a car from a friend.

If you are looking to buy a car there, find Katie and work with her. Katie gives the salesman a run for their money!

Bryce M. | 2014-08-27

Before you read on, I want to make two things clear. First off, I fully understand that most people only review things when they have something negative to say about the company. I'm in customer service and I get that. I also understand that buying a car is one of the most stressful things you will ever do, and rarely does anyone feel "good" when they leave the dealership in their new car. I am 28 years old and have purchased three cars on my own, and was also at the dealership at least once a year growing up because my parents would get a new car every other year trading off respectively. I want to make these things clear, because I want you to understand that this is not me whining, rather it is me warning you.

There is no reason to go into great detail here, so I'll just give you the highlights.

-My car was returned to me by the maintenance department multiple times only to have it break down within a few days, and actually one time within 20 minutes of getting it back.

-When I had to trade that car in, I was lied to multiple times by a salesman to the point where I had to request a sales manager because he had screwed up my paperwork too many times.

- Once I decided on a car, the finance department made me a deal that later would turn out to be against company policy which adversely affected a lot of the deal, and caused me to over-withdrawal my checking account.

- The dealership allowed me to drive off the lot without any kind of paper tag. I did not even notice this, especially because this was my first time buying a car in this state.

- Recently I found out that my financing fell through thanks to some kind of internal error. No one called to let me know, and eventually I had to call both the financial company and the dealership to figure out why I had never been contacted and asked for my first payment.

- Most of the staff I dealt with while purchasing my vehicle was very rude and impolite. My favorite was when the salesman, after selling me the wrong car, told me to "deal with it."

The only reason I am giving them a one star review (besides the fact that Yelp won't let me go lower) is because of the customer relations staff, who was quick to apologize for the whole matter after I asked to file a formal complaint against the dealership. I was thankful for the apologies I received, however, after these five or six strikes, I felt like I deserved more than just words.

Deane M. | 2014-08-26

These guys are horrible. I've tried several times to make a service appointment on a serious RECALL and no one ever calls back. I tried making an appoinment on-line as well with no response.

Reviewer D. | 2014-08-19

I am extremely disappointed with both Ford, and this particular dealership. I purchased a 2013 Fiesta in February of 2013.  The service was great at the time, while selling me the car.  Since then, my car has had 8 independant issues.  While it is covered by warranty, it has been a large pain to continuously bring the car back in for repairs that it shouldn't need in the first year.  This repairs have included anything from an on freeway shut down to a door panel falling off.  Since then, I spoke with the manager of customer service, as well as the salesman who sold me the car.  Both promised to work a deal of sorts, and would send over paperwork of how I could be compensated for the pain of the car.  No paperwork was ever sent, and since then phone calls won't be returned.  I'm very disappointed with no only my vehicle, but the customer service as well.  Very disappointing Ford!

Stina H. | 2014-08-14

I walked in today to get some of the slick extras that the financing department added on WITHOUT CONSULTING ME taken off, and the salesman Captain greeted me. After assessing that I wasn't buying, he pawned me off to the receptionist, very rudely. He told me he simply couldn't help me and that she could -- even though it wasn't her job. I hope I never have to buy a car from him or you do either

Jess H. | 2014-08-04

These guys are the worst. I called and got transferred 4 times in one call. By the time I tell them to stop transferring me, I get cut off and on hold for me to explain that I want to schedule an appointment. Don't waste your time with these guys.

Michael W. | 2014-07-28

Beware of this place. Especially the service department. I don't care if I never get my car serviced again, I won't go back. Call around before you make an appointment so you know your options of which there are many.

Jessica G. | 2014-06-30

I recently purchased my new car (only buying new because my old Honda had been stolen and totaled) here, and I have to say, even though I spent half the day here, it was a pleasant and hassle-free experience (for the most part).

I worked with Shane Harris, and I would highly recommend him to any new or returning customer. Shane is professional, friendly, and down-to-earth. He is also very knowledgeable about the Ford products and will work with you to get within your budget. I know that I gave him a run for the money a few times throughout the day, but he always remained calm and encouraging.

Although I did not leave with the car that I had intended (a 2014 Ford Escape), I did get a great deal on a 2013 Ford Edge (upgrade). I would definitely recommend any of my friends here if they are in the market for a new Ford or are looking for a previously owned vehicle.

libby u. | 2014-06-18

Since I have posted my review on Yelp I have been in touch with the GM David. He was very quick to return my phone calls. He got me a car to drive while they are looking into what the problem is with my new one. He was very apologetic for his team and the service I previously experienced. I am just now hoping that the problem can be fixed quickly so we can get back to normal.

Rick W. | 2014-06-09

I am a California buyer that found the exact car, color, and equipment in stock that I had been looking for. Sent an email inquiry and got an email response and a phone call from Kyle Burnside within an hour. Flew to Seattle from SFO 2 days latter and was picked up at the airport in the car I was buying. The price was the same as noted during the earlier telephone conversation. They discovered I was not entitled to one of the smaller incentive credits for $500 because the car was to first registered in California and the incentive was not available for California. They were up front, showing me the printout related to incentives for California. I found everyone I dealt with to be genuinely very helpful. Absent was any sign of high pressure or sales gamesmanship.

The entire experience was very pleasurable. It was well worth the trip from California to purchase my car from this dealer!

Emma F. | 2014-05-29

I can't believe I am writing a good review for a car salesman, for those of you who don't know me, I hate this breed of human and have, on multiple occasions, told them to go F*&^ themselves and walked out of a dealership due to how pushy they get. Just ask the Chevy dealer across the street.

This review is for buying a CMAX energi with Captain. I have been here before and felt very uncomfortable but we got SUPER lucky and found Captain on our last go round and I have to say he is the best car salesman I have ever met. Just outstanding. Actually, he may be the best salesman I have ever met, in the, best to work with from a customer perspective.

Why Captain is fantastic and you should ask for him by name:

Does not pressure you: This is huge, he never pushed us. We went and drove some cars and he asked for all our info as they do. He was so nice and laid back I actually gave it to him. He did stay in touch, but never in a creepy way. Just checked if we had questions. If I told him we needed a few weeks, he didn't write for a few weeks. He did follow-up after that time but I know had I told him not to write me anymore, he would have respected that as he did all my other requests. Also, I told him I don't like phone calls and he never called, just texts. So again, he listens and communicates how you want him to. This is huge as most car salesmen don't do this and it pisses me off. (see above)

Super accommodating: We were buying a car because we are expecting a little one. I used to have a mini, and I loved that car. It was kind of unnatural how much I loved that car. In an effort to keep it, we decided to try and put a car seat in the back to be 100% certain I couldn't keep it. That was about as hilarious and sad as you can imagine. Needless to say, a 6'1'' husband and a car seat don't both fit in the mini. I had a mild freak out moment at this news and we actually called Captain and asked if we could go measure the CMAX. We weren't gonna buy it yet, but we wanted another look at it. He said yes and not only that, but he took out the car seat from his own car and attached it to  the CMAX so we could see how it looked. He even showed us how it works attaching it. We didn't buy the car that day and he didn't push us to. Just gave us the info we needed.

Helped us find the car we wanted:
We actually went in looking for the small SUV (Escape) and were loving it. My husband started asking about gas mileage and when he saw how important that was to him he suggested the CMax. That turned out to be the best car for us. He could have pushed us and pressured us into the Escape, it would have been easy, but no, he took the extra time, knowing we weren't buying that day, to go on another test drive with us.

Ok, he's just a funny guy. On top of not pushing you, he listens and has a great sense of humor. If you gotta be stuck in a car with a guy for 20 minutes at a time, this is a good one to be stuck with.

Buying process:
When we bought the car from him it was smooth, all be it a long process (seriously bring snacks) and he got us a great deal on a car which usually doesn't get discounts. The finance guys were a bit "slick" and tried to up sell us shit, so stay firm on your wants and must haves. Still, from a buying perspective this was the easiest we have ever had. They got us a decent deal and great financing so we are happy with how it went down. One thing that's useful to note, if you buy at the end of the month on a month where they need to sell cars to make a quota, you get a better deal, that's just how it goes, buy at the end of the month.

Overall, Captain is awesome, if I ever need a car and it's a Ford, I'm calling him. Other salesmen here are not as cool, so before you go, call an ask for an apt with him.

Kevin M. | 2014-05-02

I've been searching for a new car for some time now so when I found a car I wanted I was told I was pre approved after their application process. So what's anyone do, I sell my current car within hours and drive over to Seattle the following day. Mind you I live 5 hours away so I wanted to be pre approved to make this entire process less stressful. IT WASN'T!!

Arrived about 2pm they had me fill our more applications and then didn't tell me how much I was approved for or what cars I could afford.  They just kept telling me I couldn't afford the car I wanted which was a Ford Focus 5 door SEL.  We spent 7 hours in this dealership, never once did they show me a car I wanted nor did they show me anything comparable to what I wanted.  

I left the dealership with the car I wanted but I'll NEVER again purchase a car from them.  I felt lied to and pressured to buy something I didn't like or want.  Our sales guy who I worked with over the phone prior to driving to Seattle didn't even help us when we arrived at the dealership ( he had a cold but still was at work)..  

I was beyond frustrated buying my car with them and I'll never do it again!

Nacho Q. | 2014-04-23

Long story short, I was moving from Mexico to Seattle. I sold my car back in mexico and had cash to buy one here in Seattle. Not knowing about the dealerships here I went to Bill Pierre to ask about a Focus (I wanted manual transmision, no leather or that kind of stuff). The sales person kept trying to push me to get one of the automatic ones, with leather and what not (basically get some of what we got). Finally found a car that was similar to what I had in mind, and had a test drive, the car was great.

Then it came time to go inside (finally) and get to know about pricing and all that. I said I was going to pay the full amount via a bank transfer, but I wanted to know the total price for the car (including taxes, registration fees, etc) I told the guy repeatedly "I need to know the exact amount you need me to deposit". He kept doing "estimates" on a piece of paper, he didnt even bring a Calculator! I had to wait for him to do the operations by hand, and again these were all just estimates.

Considering the price was too high (compared to what I had already researched online and all) I told him the price was too high, and I had already seen them cheaper on the website (around 5k more than MSRP). He "explained" to me that MSRP is the price that Ford sells the car to the dealers, so they need to sell it higher in order to make profit. Bullshit! just because I'm from Mexico doesn't mean I dont know how things work. So all in all he offered to make a huge discount by taking 3k off, and "only" having 2k profit over MSRP.  I told him I would go check other options.

Really? that is a way to deal with customers? by lying and not even providing me with the full amount I would have to pay? Not recommended at all!

J K. | 2014-04-17

Don't go here, ever. Not only do they overcharge and take forever, but they will spam the hell out of you with "offers" and "promotions". Try to get off the list? Good luck, they love spamming you, absolutely LOVE it. Oh, and yes, they'll send you tons of junk mail too!! Yeah, junk mail!!!

They are the only Ford dealership in the immediate Seattle area, and they know it. They will treat you like crap and charge you for it.

Don't go here, go anywhere else! I wish there was a "Zero" star option as that's what I would give them.

H K. | 2014-03-10

These guys were an absolute disappointment when we took in our 2007 Ford Escape for routine maintenance recently.

Their workers hadn't screwed down our oil cap properly and we found a huge mess under the hood next time we popped open the hood. When we called Bill to tell him, he said it has been 'too long' to do anything about it and we were on our own to clean up a mess caused by HIS dealership.

Terrible service. Wouldn't fix what they had done wrong. Take your money somewhere else--these guys don't give a darn about their customers after they have it.

Kristine K. | 2013-11-09

I am not impressed. I went here last night with my boyfriend to check out the electric ford fusion but the young sales guy completely ignored me and introduced himself only to my boyfriend. Really?!? Maybe that car was actually for me and my boyfriend was there to make sure I wasn't completely ignored...but alas, it happened. It's freezing outside and I highly recommend not making clients wait in the cold for a test drive. It got to the point where we had to ask if we could go inside to does that even make sense?

I'm disappointed in the gender discrimination that goes on here. If they were smart and wanted to actually sell cars, the salesmen would be really kind to girlfriends and wives of the men who visit dealerships. Ever think that women have a lot of influence in car purchases? Clearly it didn't cross the mind of the idiot who didn't even acknowledge my presence. Why am I even surprised? Lake city is ghetto and a slum...I guess their women out here have no voice and aren't human. I'll be spending my time and money at a place that actually acknowledges my existence.

Jesse M. | 2013-11-03

I had the worst experience at this dealership. I am from Portland. I was speaking with Marci through email about this car I wanted to come look at it. I was willing to travel for the right car and deal. I happened to be in Seattle and thought I would drop by and look at the car and meet with Marci. We had set an appointment. When I got there I was told she was too busy to see me. I told them I had an appointment. They continued to say she was too busy. I had to retell another salesperson what her and I were talking about. I had to refill out a form Marci filled out over the phone with me.
After I filled out the form, the salesperson decided I was going to go over to their sister lot, which looked like a shit dealership. Walked over there and got a "salesperson" that looked like an old grease monkey. No joke. We sat down in his office and he started typing away on a computer. Didn't talk to me at all. I felt weird so I started talking, asked him how long he had been a salesperson and if he liked his job, he said "it's ok". Btw I still have not seen a car. He left the room twice and didn't come back for like 20min. I decided it was time for me to leave. I told the guy I was leaving, I was trying to be nice, because I've been told I am a bitch, so I said I have to go but I would be willing to travel back up here for the right deal and car and I actually meant it. I asked the guy for a card, he got like three, didn't hand it to me until I asked for it, gave me three, literally refused to look at me or shake my hand as I was saying goodbye. Haaaaaaannnds down the worst experience I've ever had. The sales person's name is Erik.

Katy A. | 2013-10-04

So my experience buying my Fiesta was... interesting, to say the least. My brother used to be a car salesman, so he walked me through everything they might try to do to me during the course of the day, and boy was he on the money. Thanks, big bro!

The car itself and the test drive was great. I was pretty pumped because I'd been looking for the EXACT car they had on the lot for the last year, and when I finally had the down payment they had my car, and at a discount! Once I'd agreed to purchase it, they had me and my friend who'd come with me sit down in the lobby and wait for them to pull the deal together.

And wait.

And wait.

I literally sat there for four hours while they "pulled the deal together". It was ridiculous. (Apparently, one of the tricks car salesmen use is to make people interested in purchasing cars feel fed up or drained, so that they agree to a poor deal just to get it over with.) I'd brought a book and took advantage of the time, but eventually I told the salesman I'd been talking to that if they didn't get the deal to me within fifteen minutes, I was leaving. Fancy that, they came right out with it! SHOCKING. The hilarious thing though? Is that they came out with the wrong price.

I stared at the guy and told him point blank that the car was on sale on their website for $16K, not the $21K he was proposing. He and the other salesman just stared blankly at me for a sec, and then stepped away and took some more time to figure out that I was right. So that was underhanded or just really dumb.

Then I had the joy of talking to the finance guy. Oh, the finance guy. My, he threw his weight around. Their website had a special for 3.9% financing for ~anyone~, so it said, but the finance guy tried to tell me I'd have to have 7%+ because I was so untested. (This is a lie. I've been paying student loans and credit card bills for the last five years and have never missed a payment. My credit history may not be long enough to get a great mortgage, but it sure as frick is/was good enough to get 3.9% on a car loan.)

So I freaked out, because he was pushing the 7% thing on me really hard and wouldn't let me make him budge. So I told him I needed a minute to think about it, and left his office and called my brother. My bro basically said, point blank, "Tell him you don't want the car unless he gives you 3.9. You don't need the car right now. You can wait. Make him do what you want him to do." So I did.

I went back into his office and told him I wasn't interested in the car and that I'd leave right then if I didn't get the percentage I wanted. The hilarious thing? He said he'd submit the request, but that he ~couldn't guarantee~ I'd get it. Wow, dude. Keep playing the intimidation card. I responded that if I didn't get 3.9% then I'd be back with the car and we could go from there.

GUESS WHAT! I got 3.9%. Yeah, thanks, finance guy. Smooth lying.

So by and large the experience was uncomfortable and seedy, they lied to me, tried to dupe me, and it was only because I'd had my brother in my court that I was able to have the confidence to tell them to shove it when necessary.

The reason for the two stars? I love their service department. Paul Salazar's a freaking joy, and so they get the bump. But the actual dealership itself?


Monica J. | 2013-09-08

I had one of the worst experiences I could've imagined when I decided to lease a car. I moved to the city a few months ago and finally decided to lease a Ford, which I was set on because I drove an '08 Ford Escape back at home.
As soon as I filled out a form of interest online, I was bombarded with calls and voicemails from a salesman named George. Over the phone, it seemed like he really wanted my business and was very friendly. I was encouraged that this place would work out.
When my boyfriend and I went to the dealership to test drive a Ford Focus, the energy inside was so strange. It felt like all the salesmen had talked extensively about us before we arrived. I never had the intentions of signing a lease that same day because I just wanted to test drive the car, get all the information, and consult with family back home.
Initially and during the test drive, George was extremely nice and friendly. After we sat down in his office and he realized that I probably wasn't going to be signing anything that day, he almost changed his personality. I found his change in demeanor very off putting. I was also very put off by all of the different salesmen who came in and out to talk to us and how George kept leaving to "consult with his manager". It felt like they all were working behind the scenes to take advantage of me and rip me off. (Especially because I am a young female from out of town).
After I left that day with a quote, I wasn't able to get ahold of George a week later when I said I would be in to sign a lease. His colleague, Nathan, called me to tell me George was out for the day and that he could help me if I came in but told me to wait to come in so he could talk with his manager. He said he would call me back in 30 minutes, but I never heard from him. I felt like my business wasn't wanted, so I decided to not even drive all the way to the dealership that day.
All in all, I ended up going to Evergreen Ford in Issaquah and got MUCH better service. I didn't feel like they took advantage of me and that they treated me with more respect.
I heard from George once more through a voicemail but I had already decided against going back to Bill Pierre Ford. George and all of the salesmen at Bill Pierre were all classic, sleazy car salesmen- do not support this business!

Sweep T. | 2013-06-06

Went to Bill Pierre Ford to test drive a car. These guys are classic car salesman - low pressure and highly professional, but be ready for the schmoozing! ;-)  Actually makes it a fun part of the car buying experience...

The carfax for the car showed that it had been in an accident, so I asked for more information. They told me they didn't have more info on the accident. That's fine, I mainly wanted to know if their mechanical inspection had shown what work was done. I didn't want to get a car that had it's suspension rebuilt with non-OEM parts for example. They told me that definitely would not have been the case or they would have known since a new suspension is a fairly big repair. The first thing I noticed when looking at the car was brand new metal around the front wheel with yellow tape on it. The suspension armature had definitely been replaced. An employee came up to me to tell me that the car was his - it had been hit while parked which knocked the wheel off and broke that side of the suspension.

The suspension had been repaired and the dealership didn't know about it...or didn't want to disclose it, I'm not sure. I decided to pass up on the car and the dealership. To be fair, they have a lot of cars on that lot...I wanted someone who had more intimate knowledge of the cars they were selling. I felt as if I was in good hands with people who were willing to sit down, negotiate a price, and get the cars off their lot. They had no problem with me test driving the car as long as I wanted and no issue with me taking it to a mechanic to get inspected.

Based on my experience, I would visit again for a new car. For a used car, I would be very cautious and ensure I know all there is to know about the mechanical condition of the car before making an offer. Standard advice for anywhere you go. 3 stars - A-OK.

Ronald D. | 2013-05-22

Don't give the service center your real address or email address: they'll bombard you with junk mail and fake "Your Service Appointment Reminder" emails.

Service is good enough if you have to have a dealer service your car, but just don't give them your personal information.

Judith B. | 2013-05-15

If you like high pressure and lying salesmen, then this is your place. HORRIBLE experience! I'd never set foot in there again and I'd give it zero stars if I could....

A hot tip: you can tell on the phone from the script your salesperson is reading if you are going to get railroaded in a used car dealership. Beware!. In some places you don't get ANY script at all, nor pressure to leave your phone number while they "check their inventory."  Those places deal with you respectfully and honestly and let YOU take the lead and ask the questions. I was told by 2 different people that 2 specific cars I was looking for were at Pierre Ford on Lake City Way on the lot, but when I got there, they weren't (oops. they are in our sister car lot in Lynnwood!). But before they even admitted this, they tried to sell me a new car. It was only after i objected that the manager went inside and "realized the mistake about the location."

Darcy M. | 2013-05-01

I second that we should have checked Yelp first. We went in seriously considering a Ford and now it it is off the table as a choice because the salesmen were sooooo unpleasant. They were caricatures of car salesmen - really. We visited other dealerships today and were treated respectfully and honestly. We will buy at one of them. I hope Ford knows how badly this dealership is reflecting on them.

John B. | 2013-04-23

In spite of my credit, Jack from Pierre Money Mart got us approved.  He was good to deal with and came through with what he had promised.  We looked at lots of different cars with one of their sales staff named Frank Peterson.  Frank was curtious, respectful and a great guy to work with.  BE SURE to ask for Frank if you are shopping at Pierre Money Mart, he's a nice, non-pushy guy and the reason we bought from Pierre!

Tara S. | 2013-04-19

So. I took a day off of work to try to find a new car. I basically have 100,000 miles on my car and need something to get me through the next year or two before i can get smething brand new. I looked online and saw they had a used car in my price range that was NOT a ford. I went there to ask specifically about that car and I will save you the suspense and tell you that they never once showed me the car I asked for. Instead they tried to convince me to buy a ford focus SE which was only one year old and had 37,000 miles and no upgrades, it was a base model piece of crap. I kept asking what they would give me for a trade-in, what my interest rate would be, etc and the sales manager just kept saying, "don't worry we will go over that in the finance office." I get t the finance office and find out they are not only giving me $2,000 less than what the Volvo dealer offered for my trade-in, but they were charging me $3000 more than the Kelley blue book value of the car (thank god for smartphones). The highlight of the story is that I tried to leave and they acted like they couldn't find my keys.

Kate K. | 2013-04-14

We went to several different dealerships and these guys were the best. They really listened to what we wanted out a vehicle and the fact that we didn't want to pay for extra features that we really didn't need or want. They worked hard to find a vehicle that worked for us at an excellent price. Melvin and George were both really great. I highly recommend visiting these guys.

Kelsey B. | 2013-03-25

I just bought a car from these guys. the salesman mason was nice and really wanted to close the deal, I give him props for being efficient. what really pissed me off was this: I was pre approved through my credit union for my auto loan. I went in there with my certificate and told them to NOT pull my credit. I have just rebuilt my credit from a losing my home and a divorce and I don't want a bunch of hits on my credit as this lowers my credit score. again i have worked hard to rebuild my credit, i take pride in no debt and take my finances seriously. they assured me that they wouldn't pull my credit. I use and they emailed me an alert saying that there were two hard inquiries on my credit lowering my score by 70 points! I called Val in financing and he told me that he will write a letter to the credit bureaus having the inquiries removed from my credit. bottom line is this, I work in finance also and I know that wont help. what they did was unethical and goes to show that they do not care about their customers, they care about their paycheck and commission. I will never use bill Pierre ford ever again. I hope the owners of this company rectify this. but probably won't. that being said, I love my ford escape and if I ever upgrade I will go to the ford dealership in snohomish.

Josh E. | 2013-03-17

Rude staff. Questionable business practices that seem out to swindle customers.  They don't deserve your business.

Tiffany P. | 2013-02-25

The worst car experience ever! We called ahead to see if they had the car we were looking for and George said they did. We made the trip up to the dealership only to have them make us wait 30 minutes before they told us the car was being "detailed" and not available. We asked to speak to the manager and to let him know we weed unhappy. The manager told us if we didn't buy a car from them, they had no problem selling to so someone else and to "get lost". We will never go back and hope you don't either.

Michael C. | 2013-01-12

Guess the folks that had good experiences must of been spending $8k-10k.  Unfortunately, I only had $3k in my pocket and let "Charles" know, on the phone on Friday 1/11/13.  He said to come in the next day, his shift was 1-9 p.m.  I told him that I was looking for a 4X4 SUV.  Told him how much I had to spend.  When I arrived at 2 p.m. the next day (Sat, 1/12/13) Charles was no where to be found.  Understandable. I did not have an appnt.  I went outside and walked around.  A young man came out to talk to me, his name was "Antonio".  I told him there were (3) vehicles listed on their website inventory that I was interested in looking at.  He said that all those cars were "in our shop" and not available to view.  He said that I should call back in the afternoon (it was already 2 p.m.) and ask for him and maybe he could look around for something???!!!  I get the feeling that those internet listings on the Used car area of Bill Pierre Ford's website are kinda bogus and just posted to attract people to this place.  I left...and found an incredible deal at Rich's Car Corner.  Up on Aurora, at 155th.

I would not recommend Bill Pierre's Used Car Division.  Cannot speak about the Money Mart division.
Buyer Beware.

Leif J. | 2012-12-14

i m riting my review just like the text I got froma sales guy who lied about whether he had a vehicle in stock i have no idea why they would try to get me to come inif they didnt have the car.  felt like some sort of shell game and the salesman is illiterate.  totally left a bad taste in my mouth

Todd F. | 2012-10-02

I purchased a 2008 Subaru Impreza STI from this dealership a few months ago.
The car i purchased was marked down to about $28,000.  $3,000 less than what it was supposedly worth in retail. I thought I had a great deal. I test drove the car and all seemed to be ok with it. However I didn't pay attention to all of the warning signs and gut feelings about this place. For one, the guy who made the deal for me was very rude and didn't seem very honest. As a result I got ripped off. The turbo in the car had a leak, and the turbo shield was bent over the turbo to where you really wouldn't notice unless you looked from underneath the car. This repair alone costs over a thousand dollars. Not to mention the regular maintenance items that were overlooked and not revealed before the deal was made.
Since i was in the Navy, the sales guy kept telling me thank you for serving our country and we take care of our service members. I felt like he was talking strait to my wallet.
However, through the warnings and gut feelings, the carfax history report had nothing negative to say about  the car. After i purchased the car, thankfully the previous owners information was left in the glove box. He gave me more info on the car than the dealership. He told me that the engine blew out and was replaced by Subaru and if i had any other problems it could be still under warranty. Had i known these issues before i would have not purchased this car.
Sure enough; Peninsula Subaru  in Bremerton WA  not only spotted the turbo leak, they also replaced  my turbo under a warranty that was very close to being expired. I wouldn't have known this info through the dealership and would have had a bigger problem.

I am highly disappointed with my purchase from this place and will never go back.

Q H. | 2012-09-27

I get greeted better at Target.

I came in to check out a 2005 Subaru WRX Wagon they had advertised on their website after spending an hour grid lock hell commute from my job in Bellevue. I arrive and walk around their lot to check out the new 2012 Focus ST to the nice Mustang 5.0s sitting in front of the showroom. I had caught some attention while pulling in with my ride (2002 Ford Mustang GT) and usually at any dealership a nice car is a magnet for service. This was not the case. I wandered around the used lot trying to find the advertised car no luck. I even walked into the dealership hoping to get help, but instead i witnessed two guys behind the booth involved in some type of heated dispute with a customer of some sorts. I wandered a bit around the showroom and didnt even get greeted or even acknowledged, everyone was too busy on their monitors. (i will admit some of them were processing deals)

I ended up driving off into the sunset (literally) in my Mustang.

Maybe next time? In this case, no.

Gary C. | 2012-08-21

I won't talk about the super high pressure sales folks but limit my comment to their "service department".  I purchased a Freestar van in 04 and 2 years ago decided I wanted to add a towing package in order to purchase an ultralight travel trailer.  I was told it would take about 3 weeks to obtain the parts and quoted a price of $1400.  In fact, it took 6 months for the parts to arrive, and then instead of the one day install as promised, it took 3 days - and they never were able to install the transmission cooler, which cost me another $200 from a different concern.  Oh yeah - it still managed to come to $1400 from Pierre, plus I had to wait 5 hours on the day when my van was to be ready "first thing in the morning".  

I won't even mention the cluster f**k around the torque converter recall.

Laura G. | 2012-06-29

Worst salesmen ever. Did not know their product (the Escape) and could not answer any of my questions. I wish I could return the 2012 Escape i bought here solely because of my truly horrible shopping experience.

I asked if the 2012 and the 2013 had the same body style and was told that they did. As it turns out, I could have waited half a month and had the new body style but was either lied to or the salesman yet again did not know his product. Go anywhere else and only buy here if you are dying to buy a Ford.

Derrick K. | 2012-05-28

Canadian Buyers (out of state buyers this applies to you too)- STAY AWAY!

Moving to the US for work, attempted to sort out car purchase from Canada prior to landing. Found a nice used car that I was interested in, low miles, good price. Called in, spoke with multiple sales people and felt confident from the pictures and our discussions that I was buying a quality car. I was concurrently having another discussion with another dealer in Portland, but decided to commit to buying from Pierre Ford. HUGE MISTAKE.

As soon as I expressed interest in purchasing (cash payment in full), I could immediately sense the change in tone. Sales people began taking longer to get back to me, dealer was ill-informed on the sales process for Canadian buyers. To avoid hassle, dealer requested that I wire money in full for the car, which I complied with given the car was exactly what I wanted. I began that process here with my Canadian bank, a process which takes several business days to complete (they need to convert the funds and contact the receiving bank). Had my bank phone sales representative to confirm money was wired to correct beneficiary. Sales staff then informs me they will not list the car as sold until they receive the money.

Worried, I offer to place a (substantial) deposit on my credit card, to have them remove the car from the lot. They attempt to run my Canadian credit card, but are challenged doing so. I then offer to put the deposit on my girlfriends American credit card to avoid the hassles, when suddenly they decide they don't want to take a deposit. Sales staff assures me he will keep me informed and as soon as the money arrives they will call, alternatively if an interested party comes in they will also let me know.

A few days pass and I call to check on the status (whether they've received confirmation fax that money is en-route) when the sales staff informs me that the car was sold that morning. No one bothered to call or mention this to me. I ask to speak to a manager and am given the run-around. I desperately call my bank asking them to halt the process, luckily for me they are able to stop the transfer. Good thing I was able to do so, it would be a disaster trying to get my money back from these clowns.

So here I am, a week away from moving to the States for work, with no car and a sour taste in my mouth. Ford already has a deficient product portfolio, they absolutely cannot get by with such poor service. Being a local buyer may be a different exerperience, but as it stands if you are out of state or a Canadian, I highly reccomend shopping elsewhere. These guys simply are not worth the hassle.

eric g. | 2012-04-25

I bought my $50000 Ford f250 Diesel at Bill Pierre in 2005.
To change it's oil, I go to Grease Monkey and 20 minutes and $75.00 later my oil is changed.
I called Bill Pierre this morning to have my oil changed there. I called the switchboard and was told I had an assigned service rep and only he could make the appointment. I left a message because he wasn't there. He didn't call me back so I called back later. My guy still wasn't thee, but this time I was allowed to speak to another guy who was really pissed off that he had to deal with me. He couldn't get me an appointment until the next day. I said much does it cost? $125.00 he says. I wavered for a moment and he cut me off.
I will never go to Bill Pierre Ford Service again.
Why should I??

They are more expensive and WAY less convenient.

melissa s. | 2012-03-21

So I went through Ford on Lake City to get my first auto loan and it was just problem after problem. First when I went in on the first day the salesmen showed me a few cars in my price range and then pre-approved me. He told me I can get one of these two SUV's. But he told me I couldn't just trade in my 2001 ford focus for the 2005 SUV I was looking at. He said I would need 1,000 down and t hen I could drive away in one of these veichles. I asked him so if I sell my car (he was only offering me $500 for my car) and get 1000 for sure I can get this car. He double checked and said yes. Well I sell my car and they pick me up the next day. Then they told me that I can't get either of those cars and the only vehicle I was approved for is this 2001 Ford Sports trac. I was really upset. I didn't want a truck and they said I could get this SUV. I said fine...its a good running truck and had nice interior. We filled out the financial paper work and it took them 3 days to tell us that the bank won't approve it unless we have a cosigner or more money. When they told us we were already approved for it for a 1000 deposit. WTF! I couldn't find anyone with better credit than I do. So they sent me over to money mart right next to them who do special financing. Those people are f**ckin assholes. They treated me so badly and on the phone acted like they were working for me when they were busy trying to take the money out of other peoples pockets who were already there at the office. They were requesting a document from my school that didn't exist. They couldn't tell me the number to the bank so I could get more information about the requested document or find alternative paper work and he guy hung up on me and ignored my calls. I went back to ford Pierre. I talked to the manager. Because of this whole situation he made a deal where if I can pull together an extra $500 he could get me into a vehicle. He let me pay part that day and part next week. But said the bank wouldn't approve the ford sports trac now. The only car the bank would approve is a 2007 ford Taurus which I hate more than anything...Taurus' are the most ugly cars.  At this point I am stranded without any kind of vehicle so I was like whatever. They told me before if I get the extra money I'll be driving home with something. After filling out the paper work they tell me the car needs to go through this process and it will take at least another 4 days. But the next day they surprise me and say the got a ford f150 for me. I sign the paper work and take it home. About two weeks I see a tow truck trying to take the truck. I call ford and they said the bank denied the application.
So ford called me once without leaving a message and sends someone to take it from me without even talking to me. That's BS! But after talking to the ford guy he doesn't take it. I find out the reason the bank denied it wasn't my fault at all it was ford for not giving all the documentation that I already gave to them. Over all it was a nightmare experience leaving me stranded without a car with a 4 year old. The salesmen lied to me several times and said whatever they had to say to get a sale. The manager was great though. The other employees were horrible. They're friendly but they'll lie to you to get what they want.


I thought all dealerships were like Bill Pierre. Last summer I bought a new car through Ford of Kirkland and only had possitive experience. It was the complete opposite experience compared to Bill Pierre.  Bill Pierre is a ruthless company. From what I heard they're one of the worse car dealerships known for scandolis ways of business.

Nicole J. | 2012-03-01

I did not enjoy my experience with Bill Pierre Ford and would not recommend them to friends and family.   From the beginning, they showed us a car that while similar to the car we had found on their website it cost $5000.00 more. They then waited until we started signing paperwork to tell us the car was not in fact the one we had wanted to see but a similar one that was more expensive. They then  financed  our loan with a company we didn't authorize even  after we specifically told them we were going with our own finance company. It felt like they did everything they could to ensure this was the worst car buying experience I have ever had.  The sales manager is easily the rudest person ever to deal with and neither my husband nor I were very happy with the way he talked to us throughout the process.  We had a budget in mind and when the car didn't fit it; his solution was to just finance more "because we can". While yes that would have been the easy way out we were in fact trying to be responsible adults, something he accused us of not being more than once.  When confronted with anything other than "yes let's finance beyond our budget and spend more money" he became confrontational, rude, and downright mean. This is not something you would expect from someone whose main goal should be customer service.  Long story short; please don't make the same mistakes we did. There are plenty of other car dealerships out there who are willing to work for your business and will make it an enjoyable experience.  Bill Pierre Ford is not one of them.  As I write this I am looking at a letter in the mail from the general manager apologizing that we weren't able to find a car and promising to find us one in our budget ect if we came back. It's just another example of a complete lack of awareness of what is going on in this dealership.   Thank you and happy hunting.

TJ W. | 2012-02-03

I had a pretty great experience at Bill Pierre ford.

I came in knowing exactly what I wanted, and I didn't get hassled around. I was contacted by Sam Peralta from an online inquiry I made, and the next day came into test drive. Sam obviously knew what was going on with this car. He had a good understanding of the advantages and disadvantages, and was clear and honest with me- a trait lacking in many car salesman. While we were on the test drive we cruised past the freight vehicle section and I asked if we could stop inside to see about buying this car through my business. Sam stopped with no problems, and unbeknownst to me handed the sale off to a freight rep, giving up any cut from the sale that was coming his way. That is a stand up thing to do for your customer, and I don't think there are many other salesman that would have done it. Going to the freight office ended up being the right choice. I got a great small business rebate and had the advantages of making the vehicle a business write off.

Now that I've had the car a month or so I've been in touch with Sam a few times as well as Bill in freight vehicles. They have both been super helpful, and I feel very well taken care of. All in all I would buy another Ford from them at Bill Pierre because of the salesman like Sam and Bill.

Julie S. | 2012-01-30

Another "one star" rating for Bill Pierre Ford. While the initial salesguy, Rick, seemed genuine and decent, like the experience of many of the reviewers here - once we were handed off to the other reps the story changed (and kept changing) rapidly...

A few highlights of my recent experience:

- dealing with half a dozen different employees over eight hours
- being pulled over by the police on the test drive because they forgot to put a dealer plate on the vehicle before we left the lot
- test driving and being "sold" on a vehicle, only to be told my financing was actually approved for a "base model" (can you say "bait and switch?)
- when I finally agreed to the silver base model vehicle, they couldn't find it on their lot.
- Waited another hour for one of their guys to drive up to Lynnwood and get the silver one from their sister lot
-Oops! Guess what? the silver one was on their lot the entire time...found it!
-Allowing me to drive off the lot with both the plates from my trade-in on the new vehicle, AND the temporary plate taped in my window (which I've since found out is illegal).
-being assured that financing was in place at the agreed upon monthly payment, only to get a call 12 DAYS LATER, that financing fell through and my monthly payment would be much higher than initially agreed upon (by this time I'd aleady put 300 miles on the new car...)
-when I did not agree to the new, higher payment financing and asked to get my trade-in back, I was told no one was there who could "sign it out" for me
-Three days later (after a snowstorm) I called and told them to have my trade-in ready for me to pick up the following day, because I was returning the Ford. On my way to the dealership the finance manager calls me to say they've decided to drop the price of the Ford an addt'l $5000+ dollars so they can meet the original monthly payment. Hmm...suddenly they CAN make it work? No thanks, I just want my trade-in back.
- Get to the dealership, give them back their Ford, but they only have one set of the keys for my trade-in. The other set is locked in their service dept. which is - wait for it - NOT OPEN on Saturday!
-Receive guilt trip from the guys about how they'd put $1300 into my trade-in to get it ready for sale...(hmm...worth all the grief they'd put me thru? NOT.)
- Finally drive off the lot with my trade-in (and one set of keys with promises that they will mail me the other set)...and I realize they didn't give me back my license and registration on my trade-in. Call them to let them know I'm coming back and need the registration. They say they will pull it and have it ready for me when I arrive.
-Arrive 10 min. later and one of the guys has LEFT the lot, with my vehicle registration IN HIS POCKET - of course! ...cue the Finance Mgr...
-Finance Manager comes out and offers to lower the price even further on the Ford to get me back in the deal - UNBELIEVABLE.
-Finally got the registration back and left Bill Pierre FOR GOOD (loving my higher-payment trade-in more than I had in months!)

...and yes, I wasn't hopeful, but they DID mail me my 2nd set of keys.

***Worst Car-Buying Experience EVER***

Anthony L. | 2012-01-20

This by far was the worst experience I have had purchasing a car. I went to the dealer fully intending on buying my car cash, which I did. During the process I was asked to fill out paperwork with my social security number. I did so and asked that my credit NOT be pulled. I asked this 3 times and was told it would not be. 10 minutes later the guy brings back my credit report!! Then, 2 days later my credit report was pulled by Pierre money Mart which is linked to them. I called and asked why and they didn't have an answer. I am still waiting for a return call.  I am still soooo mad about this. There are a bunch of other things that happened but this is by far what made my experience bad. They even did a followup survey a few weeks later which I told them what happened. I have yet to see a followup from the survey either. Stay clear of this dealership!!! They just tell you what you want to hear.

Adam J. | 2011-12-17

Conrado was a great salesman, not pushy, but very knowledgeable and gave me the information necessary to make a good decision (new 2012 Ford Focus). Finance guys were sharp and on-the-ball.

Josh M. | 2011-12-07

My wife and I purchased a 2011 Ford Edge Limited AWD from Bill Pierre Ford on Sunday, 12/04/2011. The vehicle is used with approximately 25,000 miles on it. The first thing the sales manager did was show us their invoice price. This invoice price showed they had paid $31,500 for the vehicle at the time it was traded in. The asking price for the vehicle was $36,995 and we were able to negotiate it down to $34,995 plus $8,000 for our trade in. We opted to purchase the extended 100,000 mile warranty for an additional $2,879.00. We left the lot feeling pretty good about the deal but when we got home and started doing some research we got a really bad taste in our mouth.

When we were on the test drive we were told by the sales person (David) that the vehicle was "fully loaded" and when I inquired about some of the features that I thought would be included in a "fully loaded" vehicle in this price range I was told that those items were not available in 2011. When I went directly to Ford and looked up the features available for the 2011 I was shown several packages that were available including the sunroof, the keyless ignition and several others. I also discovered that we didn't have the full navigation system, but rather a "dumb" system that would provide you with turn-by-turn directions but wouldn't handle route re-calculations.

I was dismayed so I decided to dig a little further. I went to AutoTrader and did a search for the vehicle we had just purchased, and sure enough, it was still listed as available. The price it was listed for $31,877, a full $3,000 under what we had "negotiated" down to.

Time to go back in! A sales manager (Joe) claimed that he was not even aware they were advertising on AT but that they would match the price. I brought up the rest of the discrepancies that we discovered and his only excuse was that "fully loaded" can mean a lot of different things.

Joe then told me that they don't list anything on AT. He said that AT pulls from their inventory online and calculates what they (AT) thinks is a fair price. He said they had no control over it. This was after he had told me 15 minutes prior that he wasn't aware they advertised on Auto Trader. This really sounded suspicious to me, but since they were going to match the price, I decided to let it slide.

Joe proceeded to ask me what he needed to do to make things right. I told him that I wanted the price matched, a second master key cut for the car, and I would like him to investigate if it was possible to add the navigation. He told me to come back on Tuesday and resign the paperwork and that he would investigate the navigation.

My wife and I headed in around 11am on Tuesday morning to resign the paperwork. A different sales manager ( Jason) approached us and had heard the news. He said to wait for a moment and he would get everything taken care of.

He came back about 10 minutes later and reiterated the AT story. He then told he needed to reduce the price of our trade in to match the online price. I told him that was not acceptable and that after being lied to they needed to make it right. He agreed (gruffly) and left to go get the paperwork ready. While he was gone I went to Ford and did a search for Certified Pre-Owned inventory directly on Ford's website. I found the exact vehicle listed on Ford's own site listed for $31,877. This made me livid and after we signed the paperwork I decided to start asking around.

I received confirmation from two other Ford dealers in the area that the dealer HAS to set the price on Auto Trader and that there is no way an "auto calculated" price would ever be listed on Auto Trader.

In closing, while they did honor the online price they lied to us at least 3 times about options on the car and how their vehicles showed up on AT, over charged for warranties and potentially are showing invalid "invoice" prices. Do yourself a favor and stay as far away from Bill Pierre as you possibly can. Learn from our mistakes.

Anh N. | 2011-12-02

I had a great car buying experience at Bill Pierre Ford! From the moment that I walked into the showroom to completion of the deal.  Everyone that I came into contact with was very warm and personable!

I brought  my used car to trade in for a 2012 Explorer.  The used car manager, Kosal My, helped me with the the trade in process and gave me a fair deal on my trade in.  He made it a very easy process and felt really comfortable working with him.

Conrado,  My salesperson did a nice job negotiating with the dealership to get me a reasonable price for the Explorer that I wanted.   All in all, everyone treated me nicely, didnt' seem like the typical "pushy" car sales guys, and made it a very smooth process!  Go see Kosal My and Conrado-- I highly recommend Bill Pierre Ford!

Kevin T. | 2011-11-23

BUYER BEWARE: Wolves in Sheep clothing.  

I went  in to buy a new truck with the incentives Ford was offering.   The truck with the options I wanted was not on the lot and would have to be brought in.  We haggled for hours over a price, they never once shared the MSRP on the truck was getting, despite multiple request.  Once a "deal" was etched out, with my best guess on MSRP, we went to finance.  Ultra high pressure on the adders, not pleasant at all.  The truck was going to be delivered a few days later.  The evening after the deal, I did a search on VIN of the truck I bought and found out I was going to be paying nearly 4K over MSRP.  I was later informed that the truck was going to have 10 times the miles on it previously stated.  Needless to say, I was not happy.  

Luck was on my side and the trading dealer would not give up the truck I was going to buy, I was out.  After expressing my dissatisfaction,  I was offered the same truck at invoice.   At that point Pierre Ford had already lost my business indefinitely.

Peter B. | 2011-11-08

I still have an unpleasant taste in my mouth from my experience at Bill Pierre Ford
I found a vehicle on the internet I was interested in and stopped by to take it for a quick Test drive.
I had the misfortune to be driven in said vehicle by a spotty young salesman who actually could not drive a stick. He stalled it 4 times trying to take a left turn, only To have me get out of the car at the Shanty Tavern stand back look at the vehicle while he With all the insincerity he could muster said "can you imagine this car in your driveway"  I laughed out loud at his clumsy attempts.
Then when returning I tried to return the key and he actually said to me "Oh I have to let you hold the key"
After the insult of this naive idiots attempts at subliminal marketing practices I mentioned I was interested but would finance this purchase myself because I did not want to deal with that stupid finance scam that car salesman pull.
Of course my wishes were ignored and I had to suffer sitting there until Douche Bag Boss Bob came by with a list of over inflated monthly payments at jacked up interest rates just so that he could give me the regular interest rates and appear to be cutting me a deal.
Also DBBB mentioned before the test drive that I was a returning customer and therefore would get a $500 dollar discount only to have this lo-life explained to me that it was like grocery coupons you only get one and the car was already discounted.
After I insisted on knowing what interest rate his figures were based on (16%) I got up and left pissed off.
When I got home I realized I still had the key in my back pocket so I had to go back to drop it off    GRR

Hunter O. | 2011-08-18

nice people here.  I sold them my car and they were very helpfull and kind.

Theresa R. | 2011-08-16

Let me start my saying I've been driving a 01 Ford Focus which I had bought from Bill Pierre in 01. I loved that buying experience so told husband "let's start shopping there".    

The college kid who helped us at first was awesome and had some great insight on the new Fords.  Which is really why were there - we had x-plan pricing but hadn't really sat in a new Focus.

When it came time for the Sales Manager part he used the typical "hurry up and wait" and the "if you buy today I'll give you what you want in trade" tactic. This was even after we said three times we had xplan pricing and wanted to do that part ourselves at home.    

When we finally got the car fax and pricing on the one used car we were interested in it was obviously way overpriced (they were upfront and honest about the 18% mark up!).   We made our excuses and escaped quickly after that...

So advice...test drive somewhere else, by online and pick up there if it's the closest dealership to ya.

Trevor B. | 2011-08-05

I came in here telling them I was just looking and absolutely was not buying a car that day. I got all the techniques, the guilt trip, the 'you can only get this deal today,' the good cop bad cop, tehy wouldn't even talk to me about the price of the car, only the monthly payments. Yes, I can afford to pay 29,000 for a ford focus for the next 6 years, but do I really want to? I felt they even tried to trick me at one point where the salesperson asked me if I would like a car if it had option A, I agreed that I would be interested and he got me to initial a paper and tried to pass that off as an agreement that I would purchase it. Thanks for telling me about your 3 houses and 5 cars by the way, and no, I don't feel sorry for you not getting your commission off my hourly pay.
They were very high pressure, the salesperson was nice but after the experience I had from visiting several dealerships, I recognize this as a technique they use. The sealesperson is your friend, and the finance manager is the shark the both of you are pitted against. If you fall for this act then good luck to you, hope you arnt on a tight budget.

Kevin F. | 2011-07-28

Picked up my new 2012 Ford Focus at Bill Pierre. My salesman Ricky was nice, knew a lot about the car and wasn't too pushy. The Sales Manager, however, was. I am an X-plan member and the price of the car was already set. It saved me several $$$ in added dealer fees. I did have to point out that they were trying to overcharge me on Documentation fees. Ford caps it at $100 for X-Plan purchases, they tried $150. I had my financing lined up already, but the finance manager pretty much begged me to have him find me a loan. I let him and he ended up finding one whose APR was .8% less than my BECU loan. That was a plus.

Finance  was very, very pushy about the extended warrantees, service plans, etc. Here's where they'll get you: they'll say they're going to give you a "discount."

"It's usually $1100, but for you, I can give it to you for $599."

No thanks.  

I also got a shitty value on my trade-in, but it was a shitty car and the dealer had to make money.  Hey, what's capitalism without a little profit?

Another plus, my car wasn't in stock, and I agreed to let a driver pick it up from Medford, Oregon. I was prepared to take delivery of the car with 700 miles on it. However, when I picked it up, it only had 75 miles (they put it on a flat bed) and didn't charge me a dime for it.

All in all, most of the other reviews were about spot-on, however I didn't have too much of a problem. But, as they say, your mileage may vary.

Devan L. | 2011-07-25

I had my car towed to Bill Pierre Ford service center after my battery died. They are EXTREMELY overpriced and tried to rip me off because I couldn't take it anywhere else without calling another tow truck. I was quoted $222 for a standard battery (that usually runs for $90) and I had a non-refundable charge of $50 for diagnosis (that I did not approve). It was a terrible decision to have my car towed there in the first place and I would recommend to never having any service work done there in the future.

august a. | 2011-07-21

I wouldn't doubt that any positive reviews written about Bill Pierre Ford - and particularly Calvin the salesman - were written by people who work there or who are family members of people who work there.  Here's why:  when my partner and I went to buy a car in the dead of winter with our newborn baby (we were desperate for reliable transportation), we called a bunch of dealerships to get them to quote us a price for a new Ford Fiesta.  Bill Pierre came in at the lowest.  So, we packed up the newborn in a state of delusion and drove 45mins through the snow to get our new car.  We spent 5 HOURS at Bill Pierre Ford that day, struggling to not get cheated out of $5000 or $6000 above the price they'd quoted.  Basically, every time Calvin agreed to a price he would leave and bring over an "account manager" with paperwork to sign - the paperwork would list the price at several grand over the amount we'd just agreed on.  Maybe they were hoping we were so delusional we wouldn't notice.  We'd argue with the new person until he agreed to the originally agreed-upon price, he would scratch out some stuff and then leave to get the manager who, apparently, had to personally okay such an amazing deal (which they claimed was far below the price they'd paid for the car themselves - which I know is not true since my aunt works at a car dealership and says that this a routine lie, even when they show you the "invoice" from the factory).  

anyway, after several hours of back and forth and re-correcting paperwork so that it reflected the amount they'd said they would charge us originally, they finally said that they did not have the COLOR of car we wanted (the cheapest color) in stock so we would have to take a different color and pay more.  when we packed up to leave, they ran after us and said that wait, they'd just found out that there was a car of that color at a showroom down the street and that they could go get it for us right then.  

the whole thing was a nightmare.  we had to change diapers and my partner had to breastfeed while this possy of stereotypical car salesmen tried repeatedly to rip us off.

and, i have to add that during the time we were there, FOUR separate salesmen and account people commented on our baby, asked us if she had reflux problems, and each said that they had a 10-month-old boy with reflux.  Two of the salesmen then showed us a photo of their supposed sons - the exact same photo.  

they never issued us a rebate that was supposed to come in the mail and that was part of the deal, and for which i had to rush-order (i.e. pay a lot of money for shipping) a college transcript.  so we lost that $500.

at the end of the whole thing, Calvin came up to us and asked us to please fill out and return this rating thing about how satisfied we were with our experience.  he asked us to please give him all top scores since it would determine his raises, and said that in return he would buy us a tank of gas.  on our way out, his buddy came over and said the same thing on Calvin's behalf.

need i say more?

T A. | 2011-07-13

Ended up buying a fully loaded 2011 F150 two months back from Titus Will Ford in Tacoma for the same price as Bill Pierre Ford quoted for an F150 with WAY less options. Titus Will had unbelievable service and a incredible staff. Definitely a customer service oriented dealership. They have contacted me every few weeks since the purchase to check-in and make sure I am happy with the vehicle. Titus will was an awesome car buying experience. I HIGHLY recommend them and HIGHLY DON'T recommend Bill Pierre Ford!

mugabo m. | 2011-07-01

Service manager was unfamiliar with OBD (she was totally baffled even when I explained "On-Board Diagnostic" and "code reader"); no way I would trust them with my car.

Saswat P. | 2011-06-21

I'm a first time car buyer and arrived at Bill Pierre this weekend looking to buy a cheap stick to drive around for a couple of months. The plan is to eventually trade it back in and get a v8 Mustang.

The Good:
Our sales guy, Calvin, was very friendly and helpful, definitely more than most others I've encountered over the last 2 weeks. I hadn't ever driven a stick but he essentially taught me how to do so on one of their Fiestas. They have a few steep hills behind their lot and so he taught me to drive around there a bunch. Over the course of two hours, we jumped into an 06 mustang gt as well as a 2002 chevy prizm, which I eventually purchased. If you're visiting Bill Pierre, I highly recommend asking for Calvin.

The Bad:
Prices are definitely a lot steeper than those at competing dealerships, and if you're looking for a fair price, you're going to have to spend a lot of time bargaining. I'm not great at negotiation and so I had to bring in a friend to help me out. After about 3 hours, we managed to drop the price from 6100 to about 4100. We probably could have gotten a slightly better price, but we weren't really in the mood spend any more time on our search for a cheap stick. Also, the price quote on the 06 Mustang gt was *WAY* more than what I was getting at other dealerships.

In the end I'd say the sales guys were good, but if you're looking to visit Bill Pierre, definitely make sure you've done your research on car prices elsewhere.

Matt G. | 2011-06-06

UPDATE (06/06/2011):
I sent an email to the General Manager and Customer Relations Manager and explained my situation.  The General Manager emailed and called me and was very helpful and sorry for what occurred.  He recognized and owned the mistake and ended up buying my truck for the original price offered.  He even offered to help find the car we were looking for and giving us a good deal (still in progress).  Because he was able to own up to it, I'll give Bill Pierre Ford another star.  I think the GM sincerely feels for the situation and wants to turn things around.  So thank you for that.  The staff still needs work.

Andriy R. | 2011-02-06

RIP OFF! BE AWARE! I agree with all the comments below. When I asked sales rep why the price is so high, he said that they set their profit at 18%!!! Dealerships usually get 3-5%. When I said it's just rip off they giggled all my way out. Humiliated and will never come back.

Norman B. | 2011-01-09

My experience with Bill Pierre Ford is mixed but ended up being surprisingly positive.

We did some Internet searches on small cars and got to the 2011 Ford Fiesta at the US News car rankings web-site which links to True.Car Inc which turned out to be very useful for finding out more about the car and pricing. From there we linked to Bill Pierre as the nearest Ford dealer and an email from an "Internet Sales Consultant"  at Bill Pierre Ford.

We had an email exchange over the course of a business week and he eventually sent information indicating we could get a Fiesta for the price we were prepared to pay and equipped to meet our minimum requirements. My family and I trooped in yesterday believing we had an appointment with the Internet Guy. He was too busy and passed us to a regular sales guy who we actually liked despite the (as another reviewer put it)  high school attire complete with cap.

After we were shown the car and test drove it we sat down with the sales manager who showed us paperwork and talked about MRSP/invoice/markups/markdowns/rebates and all the rest and came up with an initial price more than $6000.00 higher than what we'd been emailed about. Then started a dance where several offers were made and we simply repeated the point that we had been misled, perhaps inadvertently but nevertheless seriously. The sales manager made the point that at the price mentioned in the email, it was below their invoice price. (by a lot I have to say). I said I understood their position perfectly but we had our budget and the dealer had said one thing and now were saying something else entirely. No acrimony here just intense disappointment, particularly by my kids who really liked the car (as did I).

When it looked like we'd reached an impasse we went off to look at some used cars then made up our minds to go home. Just when we were leaving another more senior manager came out and asked if we'd sign the deal right then for the same car at the price promised in the email. We said yes and we bought the car. The sales manager later said that they didn't want to send away an unhappy customer. Maybe that was it but it may also have been that the emails tended to show a sort of bait-and-switch whether intentional or not.  

In any case I think we ended up with a very good deal and I have to give Bill Pierre Ford enormous credit for keeping their commitment, even if reluctantly.  After all they're in it to make money just as we're trying to save as much as we can.

I agree with comments of reviewers about the big sell etc but I'm not sure it differs much from other dealers (I've only bought four new cars in my life and they've all involved heavy sales pitches except for our Sienna which we bought over the Internet in 1999. That was a very positive experience also).

My suggestion with this or any dealer is to do some homework on the Internet first to get a good idea on a fair price for what you're buying. If possible do the initial contact by Internet because you can then refer to that correspondence in your dealings with the dealer. And stick to your guns. The worst experience I had was buying a car in 1991 when I hadn't done much research and was pretty sure later I'd got a bad deal.

Michelangelo S. | 2011-01-07

Like the coined phrase, "I shoulda had a V-8!"  I'll paraphrase:  "We should have consulted Yelp!"


I am spending an afternoon with my Seattle-buddy Darlene looking for cars.  We ended up in a twisted "FORD BIZARRO WORLD" nightmare fantasy.... (wait, did I say "fantasy"?  I meant "HORROR SHOW"...)


The used car selection that we had to look at was actually pretty diverse, so they DO get a star for THAT.  But that's where it ends....


The mark-ups were considerable.  Similar vehicles I've seen in Sacramento were $2,000-$5,000 less.  Snarky response, "Well, you're not in Sacramento!"  My eyes beamed back, "Asshole."  And with my trusty iPhone, I was able to get the KELLY BLUE BOOK and CARMAX sites as cost-reference points.  The salesperson was actually quite adamant about dividing Darlene from my information.  Hence, the second point....



I'll just say they were DEFLECTIVE to our queries when asked about specific factors associated with vehicles that looked like (sounded like) they had issues.  Yes, DEFLECTIVE is ONE word to use... (among many).


Because of the issues, when trying to get honest answers to questions - which obviously appears as a CHALLENGE to the salesperson, it would tend to engender a negative, acerbic response at tht time.  Which makes you wonder:  "These are supposed to be "customer-service" oriented individuals trying to make a sale?"  Demeanor and integrity in given answers to legitimate questions have just as much to do in securing a sale as does a sticker price.

So a thermo-nuclear-level "FAIL" on both accounts!


If you are looking for a positive, honest, and possibly successful car-buying transaction.....uh.......DON'T GO HERE.

Liv L. | 2011-01-05

High pressure sales.

Employees are dressed like high school kids.

Not good.

They hijack your insurance card while doing a trade in value.....and WON'T GIVE IT BACK.


When I said I was leaving & asked for my card back - they brought sales man after sales man through the little office to try and convince me to buy a car - when I told them I was just looking right when I entered the dealership.

They finally gave my insurance card back - seriously, after like 5 sales men came through to harass me.

Avoid this place.

Charlie A. | 2010-10-19

I've dealt with both the service and sales departments at Pierre Ford, unfortunately.

Sales: Echo all of the prior comments. I thought I needed a car b/c mine was shot (see service review later). Went through test drives, I wanted a plain sedan, picked out the one I was interested in. Then began the traditional sales game, which just pisses me off.

I'm a smart guy, I can see BS pretty quick. If you're leaving me in a shitty "office" for 30 minutes while you "find the invoice", I'm pretty sure you're trying to figure out how much you can charge me for and get away with it.

Also, I read newspapers. I know you need to clear inventory. (This was during the auto market crash of 08 and 09). So if I'm haggling for an under-invoice price, it's not because I'm mean. It's because you're doing it anyway, because you need to move inventory. Also because I know if the government is kicking in $4K on the deal, that's money you get regardless of the price, it's not "free" money you get in addition. Because in capitalism, each side tries to get the best possible deal. It's not my job to make sure you make money. If you don't want to make the sale at the price I want, don't sell me a car, but don't be rude to me because I'm playing a game you set up to start with. And yes, I know how interest rates and loans work, so don't feed me BS there either.

Service: This was even worse. I wouldn't have even gone to the dealer except I had a problem with the speedometer that 3 different mechanics hadn't fixed, so I was hoping the "dealer" would know something different. They promised they fixed it, charged me, and then lo and behold, still broken. I took it back, and around the same time my radiator blew, so I had them put in a new one because I really couldn't drive it anywhere else.

So then, I go back b/c I earned some discount from the radiator repair. My thermostat was acting up and asked them to take a look at it. They tear apart the car to say I have a leak in my head gasket, and give me a quote for $2000+ (this is a 12 y/o explorer). I say no thanks, and have to drive back, thinking my car is on its last legs, which leads me to their sales lot (see review above). To add insult to injury, he charged me for the labor to disassemble and reassemble my coolant system! (What?!)

Here's the kicker - I had a friend take a look at it and he said the leak was small, not going into my engine, so just keep the radiator filled and I'd be fine. A hell of a lot cheaper.

Then last month, my coolant hose blew and I took it in to a different mechanic. I mentioned the head gasket leak so they wouldn't quote me for it. They tell me that there's NO PROBLEM with my head gasket, my water pump is leaking ONTO the head gasket, so it LOOKS LIKE there's a leak there. But a $100 water pump and a pressure test later and my car is running perfectly.

So, to review:
1. Quoted for a $2000 repair that I DIDN"T NEED and would NOT have fixed my original problem.
2. High-pressure sales tactics
3. Rude staff - I also experienced the harassment, both in person and over email from their sales staff

Jesse O. | 2010-02-16

I come from a family of Ford auto workerss. Both my grandfather and father worked in Cleveland area factories for a combined 70 years.

I've never owned a Ford, but felt a sense of duty to check them out when in the market for a new car last summer. Ford has been in tough times but finally came out with a few decent models, I was excited.

Well i head up to Bill Pierre and see a beautiful Ford Fusion. I take a look at the stick price. To my utter disbelief THERE WAS A $5,000 MARKUP ON THE CAR. I was speechless.

Granted, I'm on Z plan and get the car at a fixed price under dealer invoice. Sticker price doesn't apply. However I just couldn't believe my eyes...a "market rate adjustment" on a Ford.You gotta be kidding me.

Ford finally has some decent products (which would bring customers in from other dealerships) but Bill Pierre decides to throw an added markup on the car. Ford has lost so many buyers over the last decade and actions like these aren't going to bring the buyers back in.

I was ashamed.

Caylee B. | 2009-12-07

Bill Pierre Ford has the most wretched service department. I cannot wait until my warranty is up.

Bob G. | 2009-06-03

It's been years since I took my daughter here looking at used cars.  It sounds like they are still much the same.  (Thanks Rylee!!).

We drove in looking for an inexpensive car for my youngest daughter to drive.  She hadn't wanted to learn to drive a stick shift and wanted a jeep.  She was working at Albertsons as a helper clerk - not sterling income, but steady.

The slick sales guy walked her over to a Mustang with a 4 speed and insisted she take it out for a test drive - I went along and let him "teach her how to drive a stick"  She did pretty good for a first time LOL

After we got back, he tried every high pressure sales tactic he could muster to try to sell her that mustang which was one of the most expensive cars on his lot . . . . but she wanted a Jeep and neither one of us liked his heavy handed sales attempts so we went elsewhere and didn't even look at the jeep we came in to see.

I haven't been back since - I hate the high pressure sales guys.

Josh H. | 2009-02-11

I have been to this dealership twice. Both times I went there to give a serious look at buying a Ford. I am originally from Detroit, and my family mostly drove Fords.

But both times I have stopped at Bill Pierre Ford, I was so offended by their sleeze ball, old school sales tactics, that I nearly ran off the lot. This is the kind of place that has huge 'market conditions' markup stickers on the cars, and its up to you to go through some painful negotiation process with a rude, surly sales manager. WHO NEEDS IT?

Its pathetic that  dealers like this still exist. I actually went through the entire process of talking to a salesman (19 year old kid, knew next to nothing about the car). But when I wanted a price, he had to go talk to his sales manager. This kicked off a saga that ended with me and a sales manager in a dank wood paneled office. I asked him how he could justify marking up cars by $6000, when I could buy from another dealer and have the car shipped in from anywhere in the country for $1500. He looked at me, threw the papers on the table and said, "Yeah, well we gotta eat. Come back when you are ready to do business." WTF?


Why would anyone put up with scumbags like that in this day and age?

Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Phil S. | 2007-05-21

My wife and I bought an all black 2000 Ford Ranger XL Sport Pickup when it was new in 2000. I remember that day very well. It was a Super Bowl Sunday, we had just eaten at Tony Roma's and while driving home and thinking about replacing our lovely 1978 Mercury Monarch, I suggested we stop at the ford place that used to be here in Ballard. We had no intention of buying a vehicle that night, we just wanted to look at options. We had an Explorer or a Ranger in mind. While Susan waited at Ford, I test drove an explorer and while they were good in say 1985, they were too bulky and bouncy in 2000. So, I told the salesman I wanted to look at a ranger but I didn't want power everything, I wanted manual windows, 4 cylinders, standard cab/bed and automatic transmission. He led me across the lot to an all black, just washed, glistening Sport Ranger with the lot light shining down on it and sparkling off the alloy wheels. (cue angelic voice chord). It looked sporty and cool. I test drove it and loved it. We grabbed Susan and drove it a little further and she loved it too. She said it reminded her of a black lab puppy sitting there and from that day forward, she called it The Puppy Truck. Huh? Oh Well, we'll just call it the PT for this review. Needless to say, we bought it that Super Bowl Sunday during the game and much to the glee (and dismay) of a football fan salesmen. We're not football fans so we didn't care. Freaks, you say? Well, maybe a touch.

So, to honor the warranty on the PT, we took it to Ford's service department for the 30,000 mile maintenance program and even after the warranty ran out, I still took/take it to Bill Pierre Ford's Service for maintenance. Why? Because they know that truck like the back of their hand, they've kept it running like a top since day one, they are all about customer service there and they are honest. Plus, they have all the latest gadgets that can scope out your Ford/Lincoln/Mercury completely and leave no stone unturned. I trust them with our Ranger implicitly and that's saying a lot coming from me. So, if in the future anything major needs to be done to it, Bill Pierre is where I'm taking it hands down.