Bill Pierre Dodge in Seattle, WA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Bill Pierre Dodge in Seattle, WA.

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Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 363-6400
Address:11323 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA, 98125

Reviews on Bill Pierre Dodge

Steve R. | 2014-01-09

The salesman told me they always want a win win but when I ended up in the finance guys office they sprung an extended service warranty and told me to sign a document declining the offer. What a bunch of BS. I walked and told them to stop this crap. The finance guy told me that Kia makes them offer it which is pure BS. No wonder car dealers have such a bad name.

Andy L. | 2010-01-08

This place dont deserve any star ,,i bought 4x4 few years ago,,,something wrong in engine try to sell you more insurance for repair...Some employees are pushy and smart ass...

Brendan M. | 2009-02-06

I haven't been to Bill Pierre in over a year and half now because of the poor job they did fixing a simple cooling problem I had two summers ago.  They misdiagnosed the problem by replacing the radiator cap instead of properly identifying a sticking thermostat.  This left me with a truck that continued to overheat while I was in the midst of a 4000 mile road trip from Seattle to the Yukon and back.  When I returned and gave them a piece of my mind about their pathetic service, they didn't seem to really care about keeping me as a customer, so I was done.

Fast forward to 2009...  I just had some new shocks put on my truck at another auto service place and they pointed out something that caught their attention.  One of my rear brake cables had been routed between two leafs in the leaf spring where it's been getting smashed for the past 2+ years!  Bill Pierre Dodge had done my rear brakes last and there's no way that cable could have got there on its own, reminding me again why I quit using those douchenozzles.

Garbiel A. | 2008-11-23

I won't be back. Same place, different name. Now it's like Bill Pierre Superstore or some-shit. Doesn't matter. High pressure BS. I drive a PT Cruiser. I know that it's a pretty easy car to make fun of. I get it. I'm okay with it. I think it's a nice car to look at, myself. I'll live.
But having them be like "WE GOTTA GET YOU OUT OF THAT OLD LADY CAR-- HERE, CHECK OUT THIS KIA" is the most ridiculous, unprofessional garbage ever.

They got me on the phone in the morning, they told me that they'd be willing to work with my requests in terms of monthly payments and interest rates. They got me to go into the shop because they said they'd work with me. They couldn't. The only way they would was to offer me a KIA or a gas-guzzling, dead battery Pontiac. They tried to convince me that with my bad credit that i was LUCKY to be even looking at their cars.

Everything about what they said there rings false. Every last word.

Thank you Pierre Dodge Superstore or whatever you're called now. Now I know that I can't allow myself to be pushed around by false promises. That if I'm buying a car I should really and truly hold out for what I want. I won't be returning.

Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn M. | 2008-05-06

if i could give a zero star i would

sister bought her Saab (used) here. and granted she should have brought someone with me

but these guys are sleazy a-holes who clearly only work on commission...her engine blew last week and they could care less..

thanks guys i'll make sure to send my mom to you next

Rainier S. | 2006-03-28

So, what's it going to take to get you into this car?

Get ready for high pressure sales tactics!  The salespeople are all passable enough, but it's the manager (as always) that's a total jerk.  Our sales guy showed us a nice car but totally got the price on it wrong... way too low.  So when they showed us the price they wanted, I was done.  But the sales manager  wouldn't leave enough alone.  

The guy actually tried to make the argument that I didn't really know what my wants were... apparently I'm wrong about my personal preferences!  That made me so mad that I got a bit irrational, slammed my fist on the table and walked out, angrily saying a few things I wouldn't have under calmer circumstances and/or proper medication.  I like shopping for cars, but a salesperson has never made me angry like that before.  I don't like being told what to do, let alone what to THINK!

Just to warn you, I've found this to be the prevailing attitude at the Bill Pierre family, which I understand includes my other "favorite" dealership, Harris Ford.  In fairness, you can usually avoid these tactics by simply not walking inside after the test drive.  The car will be there tomorrow if you really want it, no matter what they say.  The average American car will sit on the lot for months without being bought.

Buy from Lynnwood Dodge instead.  They're really nice there, are no-pressure about their sales, and appear to have really good prices even on popular models.

PROS: Dodges are kinda cool.

CONS: High pressure attitude.  Sales manager may drive you to homicidal rage.

UPDATE: 6-29-2008
I dropped by Bill Pierre knowing they were the only dealer around with a 2008 Challenger.  Nice car, retails for about $45,000.  They want $70,000... a $25,000 markup.  Pathetic.

It's a shame that the people who sell cars aren't the same people who love cars.

UPDATE: 9-27-2008
Well, Bill Pierre Dodge is NO more.  Their franchise has been transferred to Kirkland Chrysler, which is now selling Dodges in addition to Chryslers and Jeeps.