Belltown Car Buyer Seattle Cash For Cars & Hybrids in Seattle, WA

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Belltown Car Buyer Seattle Cash For Cars Hybrids is your best option to sell you car quickly for cash right from your home or office. Wrecked, Damaged, Car Prowled, Vandalized, Engine Overheating, Transmission Slipping, Fender Bender, No Comprehensive Full Coverage Insurance, your vehicle is to old, it has very high mileage, needs to much maintenance, just plain old money pit then call or email Bell Town Car Buyer Seattle Cash For Cars Hybrids immediately and we will come right over and evaluate your car before we make you a cash offer on your vehicle. Example makes and models we buy: Honda, Toyota, Lexus, BMW and many other models.

Free Towing is always included when you sell your Honda to us. Same day service is always guaranteed between 6am to midnight. We only pay cash for your vehicle so you don't need to worry about running to the bank to make a deposit. Free quote can also be provided through our website, email or over the phone. Appointments are also available. Emergency towing is your car is blocking traffic is also not a problem. In addition, if your car is already impounded, we can help you get it out of the storage lot free of charge. Get your car out of impound for free. Parking garages are one of our specialties, in case your car has failed to start while its parked underground.


Established in 2014.

Belltown Car Buyer Seattle Cash For Cars & Hybrids originally started as a wholesale car broker between dealer auctions and retail used car dealers in 1991. Slowly this role was excluded from the process it once used to be. We have now evolved into a community based automotive recycler with over 30 mini satellite locations. If and when a vehicle has reached the point when it's become impractical to repair or be driven we are one of many channels the vehicle can be recycled using our local service that is a Seattle based company here to serve only the immediate local community.

Belltown Car Buyer Seattle Cash For Cars & Hybrids

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 866-3426
Address:2620 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA, 98121
  • Monday: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours
  • Friday: Open 24 hours
  • Saturday: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday: Open 24 hours