AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Seattle in Seattle, WA

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At AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Seattle, we believe in providing you with premium customer service for the life of your vehicle. Whether it's a pleasurable and low pressure sales experience in our friendly showroom, or top-quality vehicle maintenance from our Certified Service department--we strive everyday to make sure that you are a satisfied customer for life.

AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Seattle

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 365-3530
Address:13733 Aurora Avenue N, Seattle, WA, 98133
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Seattle

Shannon A. | 2015-02-04

Don't even bother.  The sales staff gets things done, but the service department couldn't be run any worse if they tried.  Confusion runs amuck.  Appointments are disregarded.  Information that is conveyed to the customer is almost always wrong.  This place is the worst, but that shouldn't come as a  surprise, as it is a dealership.

Good luck if you go there.  But just don't.

Art G. | 2015-01-17

I own a 2012 Jeep Sahara Unlimited that I purchased from AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Seattle. I have warranty coverage.

My roof panels have been leaking, I got a recall notice about the mirrors, I've got a recurring problem with my windshield whistling, and I needed an oil change. I called the service department at AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Seattle and Brandy said for me to bring it in Tuesday 1/6 because that's when their roof leak specialist was in. I brought it in on Tuesday and first thing she said was someone had entered the wrong recall code for the mirror, so I'd have to come back for that. She also said the leak guy is only there on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they might not get to me today. Since I've got a warranty, she suggested I grab a free rental. Sure enough, they didn't get to me on Tuesday so I got a rental.

On Thursday 1/8 I got a call from Brandy. She said the leak guy needed the two big roof panel screws to test the leak and they weren't in the jeep. I called her back and said they were likely locked in the console and to go ahead and open it and grab them. She said she'd check but it likely wouldn't be ready until Tuesday 1/13.

Thursday at 1:45 I got a call from Brandy asking me to give her a call. That was all she said in the message. I called back, left a voicemail. I tried calling regularly until 5pm and left another voicemail. No call back. So I stopped in on the way home at about 5:45. Brandy tells me they couldn't find the screws. I was shocked because she could have mentioned that in the voicemail and I could have brought them in for the leak guy to work on it that day. I said I'd swing by with them in the morning. It took me five minutes to go home and grab them off my bench and get back to the dealership. I walked in just before 6pm.

I was angry and I said Brandy, you're telling me you searched my jeep for four solid days, couldn't find the screws, and never called me back? You called me today while the leak guy was here presumably to ask me for the screws so he could check it today, but then never returned my call? You're telling me that a jeep dealership doesn't have an extra set of screws in stock? You're telling me that you couldn't pull out a set from another jeep, one of the dozens on the lot, just to test? You couldn't have ordered a set from Amazon and gotten them the next day and charged me?

Brandy said she searched all through my jeep, inside and out, searched the whole thing and couldn't find the screws. I said my jeep isn't that big, and it shouldn't have taken four days to look through it and then not get in touch with me.

"Well you have a free rental covered under your warranty."

But that's not free. Someone is paying for it and it's probably me. You have got to be kidding me. "Well I told you our leak specialist only comes in on Tuesdays and Thursdays," she said as I was walking out. As I left she said "thank you sir and have a nice day."

Wednesday, I got a call from Brandy saying my Jeep is done. I went in and picked it up, looked at the service report.

For the whistling windshield problem, they did nothing. I brought it in a few months back and the problem happens when I'm driving about 3-40mph into the wind. There was a service advisory and back when I brought it in, they did the first recommendation in the advisory and said if it kept happening, there was something else they could do to fix it. This time, they apparently didn't check my history. They drove it on the highway and couldn't replicate the problem and noted that putting the screws back into the roof must have fixed it.

They didn't fix the mirror recall because they said they didn't have a fix for that yet.

They gave me the requested oil change.

But for the leaky roof? All they did was put the screws back in. Thursday morning when I got into my car, sure enough, there was water inside. Same thing on Friday. Better yet, Friday morning when I started my car, I got a warning message on my dashboard saying I needed an oil change.

As a side note, a few days before bringing my jeep in, my windshield cracked on the highway. I didn't mention needing it fixed and wondered if anyone at AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Seattle would mention it, or maybe since they had my jeep for eight days they'd surprise me and get the windshield fixed for me? Nope. Brandy didn't mention it. It didn't even come up on the free inspection report that they do when I bring it in. Technically it's a safety issue and technically it should have been noted on that report, but no mention of it was made by anyone.

AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Seattle spent eight days with my car, burning someone's cash on a rental, doing essentially nothing for me. Actually leaving me with one more problem than I had before. Brandy insulted my intelligence and treated me about as poorly as she possibly could have. There's no excuse for wasting anyone's time and money like this.

Brittany A. | 2015-01-07

Brought in a jeep to get a tech to take a look at the actual unit. Advisers are rude and disrespectful. Never again. Will go to Bellevue

B F. | 2015-01-06

Save yourself the head ache and don't service your vehicle here!! The technician I dealt with on two occasions was beyond unprofessional and even LOST my keys!

I had an appointment scheduled weeks in advance and brought my Jeep in on time. My vehicle sat untouched for 5 days, while I had to pay insurance to rent a car that didn't handle well in the rain. I dealt with Warren the entire time. As someone in management, I can assure you Warren is not cut out for this type of position. He did not communicate with me and when he did he was always flustered. I would call every day and kindly ask if my vehicle had been looked at and if not, could I pick it up and drop it off when they could look at it - so I didn't have to drive a rental car and waste money. He agreed to pay for the rental. He never gave me a straight answer and I began to worry about my car, from the way he was acting. He acted strange the entire time.

After 5-6 days of my vehicle sitting there untouched, I told him I was taking my car back - because clearly your shop doesn't have time to look at it. I drive for work as a real estate agent and needed my vehicle daily. I drive several hours straight per day, all around Seattle. They finally looked at it and gave me a ridiculous quote of $3,000 to fix two minor issues. I have family in the auto mechanical industry out of state and I know the true cost of these repairs. One of the parts I needed is $2 for my heat to blow hot air.

When I came to grab my Jeep, the shop lost my keys. Physically lost them for 1 hour and found them in some truck - pretty inappropriate if you ask me. I was late for work, had to cancel meetings and actually lost a client because if these employees. I am still livid about this.

I have to say I will never recommend this shop to anyone nor will I ever buy a Jeep again because of this horrible experience.

Warren promised to pay for my insurance $20 a day for the rental. I recently found out Enterprise charged me and Warren never took care of it. I called Enterprise and they had to credit the money back to me. Warren does not hold a promise to his customers. I simply don't trust him or anything he says.

Frank P. | 2015-01-04

Gary Joseph and Trevor Fawcett really know how to work with a customer!  They aren't pushy and they actually listen to what you are looking for in a car and deliver!   Highly recommend seeing them!

Craig G. | 2014-12-22

ok, but I did not find it exceptional.  I had bought a car there several years ago and that was just ok as well, but I came back because I did internet search and found the used vehicle I wanted in the price range.

I went to these guys because of the price I found on the internet.  When I arrived the price on the window was higher, which did not surprise me.  but when I started the purchasing process / haggling the salesperson "Jeff"  said  "I will drop the price to X, because you are a returning customer"...well that price was the internet price so, that whole comment seemed disingenuous if not a lie.  I would have preferred he was just honest.

Stuart T. | 2014-12-10

I've purchased many vehicles throughout western Washington and this had to be the easiest experience thus far! I worked with a member of AutoNation's internet team, Rob Chirstman of AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Seattle. I appreciate the no-hassle sticker price and quick agreement on the trade-in price. Rob has thorough knowledge of the Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicle, which I purchased. I test drove a gasoline and diesel jeep to see which I'd prefer. I appreciated his no-pressure attitude and extensive knowledge of vehicles. He spent the time answering any questions I had regarding the vehicle and am extremely happy with my purchase!

When going through the Financing of the vehicle, I came in with a pre-approval letter, but the Finance Manager was able to find a better interest rate than what I had come in with. I appreciate the savings of $30 a month on my loan.

I can only hope my service experience is as great as the purchasing/sales team is.

Catherine H. | 2014-10-08

service dept. is not good. Could not fix my car and have had exact same problem one day after picking car up. Now I have to again bring it in for a 3rd time due to same exact problem. they do not call you when your car is done or even to update you. they rush you out the  door and perform unnecesary fixes on car. customer wrvice is not good. while waiting to get your car done they do not check or follow up with you in the wainting area. I guess I am spoiled when I go to dougs whom even give you a car wash anc vacuum the drivers side. These guys do the bare minimum and now I am wondering if they have even touched my car when I have brought it in twice now goiing on three times.  worse place I have been to yet. RUN

Krissi L. | 2014-09-21

So I bought a brand new 2015 Chrysler 200 mere weeks before I moved from Texas to Seattle. I got the top of the line, bells and whistles, no expense spared model because I plan on keeping it for 10-15 years. I had to buy it from Illinois and get it shipped to Texas because it was the only granite colored all wheel drive model with the safetytec package in America. It's wonderful.

However, my adaptive cruise control and all wheel drive systems started acting up. Service lights would randomly turn on telling me to service the systems, and they were currently unavailable.

I scheduled an appointment with this dealership the day I arrived in Seattle. They couldn't fit me in until 2 weeks later. I took the car in and Brent seemed mad at me for bringing it in on a Saturday when they were shortstaffed. As if I had control over this! I told the woman who scheduled the appointment what was wrong and she seemed to have no problem scheduling a Saturday appointment.They looked it over and told me they would order parts, have them in within a few days, and call me then to set up another appointment. 2 weeks later I'm still waiting on a phone call. They had forgotten all about me. I called them a couple times and finally got an appointment. The rental car I got was a 2013 200, a miserable car, nowhere close to the level of car that I am making payments on, and thus expect to drive when I have to spend time away from my own car due to their problems.

Got the car back, the adaptive cruise control light came back on the next day. Made another appointment. Took the car in. This time had to drive a minivan for a WEEK while they figured out what was wrong with my car.

Apparently their mechanic had "forgotten to clear the code out," so they thought the best course of action was to put over 200 miles on my car, keep it for a week, spill soda on the seat, and return it to me unwashed, dusty, and dirty, with the plastic footliner balled up under the seat. They wanted to "make sure the problem was fixed." Apparently they took turns driving it home for the night just to get miles on it. While I was driving a minivan around. While I was paying payments on luxury items and bells and whistles that I didn't have.

They gave me a couple coupons for the car wash when I complained that the car was filthy. Now I have to spend time doing something it would have taken them a couple minutes with a power washer to do. I don't even live near a Brown Bear.

steve s. | 2014-09-18

When looking at reviews, avoid recent buyers-- who are by definition biased and have been "sold" on this dealership.

Instead, listen to current owners of Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram automobiles who deal with this business.   Unfortunately, many of these vehicles rank poorly in reliability and many customers require repeat service visits.  And the real test of a dealership is its service dept.

Here's the deal on service: this service dept disorganized, probably overworked, definltely unhappy, and overall hopeless. I am not alone in pointing out that it's impossible to get ANYONE to even make an appointment on the phone, much less return a phone call.  

Thanks for nothing.  Typical seattle demand/supply imbalance.  Customers wise up and avoid this place-- drive the extra miles to a different dealership, or trade your service-prone vehicle in for one (probably not american, unfortunately....but maybe a Chevy)  that actually works like it's supposed to.  That's become my next goal.

Kei S. | 2014-09-16

Talk about great customer service!  Just came in for a service check up due to issues with my turn signals not working. After speaking with a rep informing him what  the issue was, i was told id have to come back next week and was looking to pay around $150 just to get it checked for diagnostics.  After checking to see if i had a warranty to cover the fee the service manager, i believe, came and asked what the issue was.  I explained what the troubles were and he immediately was able to help see whether if it was a quick fix. In this case it was and not only did he help me fix it, he even gave me the bulbs too. Now it may be an inexpensive part but nevertheless just his kindness itself earned a follower.  If anything, i will be recomending this dealership to anyone i know and for future troubles, i know i can trust this place for an honest fix!

Melissa K. | 2014-09-05

I had initially sent a request for quote on the Jeep website and then I got an email from Rob Christman asking how he can help. Well that was last year and finally I went in a few days ago and Rob helped me painlessly trade in my old car for a new jeep Cherokee!

There was no pressure and none of that typical car salesman stuff going on. It was like we sat down with an old friend and he helped us find the new jeep that had all the features we were wanting and in our price range!

Superb experience and a really awesome salesman.

I would like to add that several of the other employees that we had encounters with were awesome too! Everyone there was great. It didn't feel like we were in a regular dealership.... No stress, no pressure, no hidden fees. Just great service.

Thank you Rob!

Danielle B. | 2014-07-28

I had a fantastic experience buying a car here! A few months back I purchased a 2013 Jeep Patriot and I am still in love with it. I had done a lot of research online before I went to the dealership so I had a good idea of what I was looking for, but I still ended up leaving the lot with something different. Gary Joseph was the sales person that helped me and he was very nice. I did not feel any pressure to buy a car at all. My mother was with me and she said that it was the best experience buying a car that she had ever witnessed (and she has done this quite a bit). I felt that all of the staff were helpful and that they were very clear about all the details. I really appreciated all the time they spent working with me on my purchase. This last weekend I went back for an oil change and it was seamless. I came in, waited 30 minutes, and then drove out of there with no problems. I would definitely suggest this dealer to my friends and family.

John Patrick P. | 2014-07-01

Had a disappointing experience here yesterday, and I don't think I'd go back or recommend them to anyone else.

I took the train from Portland to Seattle, and a cab to their dealership to take a used Jeep Wrangler for a test drive to an independent mechanic's shop for a pre-purchase evaluation. Chris Wilkinson, the salesman, was very helpful in lining this drive up, and he had all the answers to all the questions I had.

But once I got the Jeep on the road, things went downhill quickly. The rear window wiper got stuck on the window when I turned it on. The electronics on the blinkers seemed to not be working correctly. The high-beams wouldn't lock on. And an ABS/breaking light came on when I was on the highway.

When I got it to the mechanic, they discovered that the car likely hadn't had its 60,000 mile services (the Jeep had 80,000 miles). Major things they uncovered was an oil leak in the engine, which had been power washed (possibly to conceal evidence of the leak), a transmission leak by the cooler, and old sparkplugs/wiring. The oil leak was something that the manufacturer had put a bulletin out for, and it's something the dealer should have caught/fixed before reselling the vehicle. Minor things that the mechanic uncovered were a slew of notices on the onboard computer -- including malfunctioning/missing tire pressure gages, broken/disconnected radio microphones (the Jeep has a Bluetooth radio with speakerphone), and even burned out blinker lights! I mean, who doesn't check and change the lightbulbs on a used car?

When I brought the Jeep back, I was still prepared to buy it for the sticker price, as long as they would fix all the problems. Chris, who behaved like a true professional, outlined the work they had already done -- which included new rear brakes and new tires. But he (or his used car manager) didn't entertain, even for a minute, performing the repairs this vehicle actually needed. So, the negotiation went like this:

Me: Chris, I'll buy this Jeep for the price you want, but I'm not buying the problems. Are you going to fix these things?

Chris: No. We can't do that.

Me: Then we're done. I have to get back to Portland.

It's a shame, because this would've been a great vehicle, and this review could easily be 5 stars -- if they actually put work into their cars. But instead of working, the staff was all hanging around the big-screen TV, watching the Mariners game. Their lack of caring for their products and nonchalant attitude makes me wonder how they sell anything at all.

Patrick S. | 2014-06-19

I live on the Olympic Peninsula and have purchased over 30 vehicles here.  I tried to buy a car from here again, but there was too much "unknowns" with a 2013 Ram 2500 and nobody could answer my questions after 2 days of BS. High pressure doesnt work anymore guys!

THEN, I saw two dealers who had the truck and amenties that I wanted.  I called the Dodge dealer down in Tacoma - HIGH PRESSURE from the git-go and of course, they want your phone number.  (They have not stopped calling me to this date after 5 days passed - NEVER give your phone number).  Tacoma Dodge - uses 70's tactics and high pressure to try and lure you there?  hahahaha Get a clue!

So, after being worn down from the "typical" car dealer hype and BS, I called and happen to get the sales manager at Autonation - Melvin.  He answered and I was a bit harsh with my intentions of just wanting to buy a truck, trade my truck with fairness (which was a creampuff by the way - 2008 Tundra 33k miles).  In about 5 minutes, we worked out some *soft* trade numbers and purchase price of new 2014 Dodge Ram.  He said he would fetch the truck from his Bellevue store - we were trying to make it there on the ferry but it got too late and the ferries were backed up an hour.  I told him I would be there Monday morning.  After we hung-up, I had told my wife THATS THE GUY I want to buy from. My first impressions and genuiness in his demeanor, I knew I found the right place.

I arrived and the truck was there as promised.  Melvin was everything on the phone that he was in person. We worked out some harder numbers in about 10 minutes, and it was a done deal.  They were right there with the Toyota dealers numbers as far as trade goes.  He introduced me to his brother, Gary Joseph, who helped me through the initial process. Nicest two people you would ever want to meet. So far I am really impressed - NOT STRESSED!  From the finance, Janup (Ahmed) to meeting Ryan Hill, it was really out of the normal.  Ryan showed me some of the functionality of the truck at the end of the deal before shoving off, and I realized that I bought a car from him 7 years ago on the internet from Bellevue Autonation where MELVIN was the leadership!

Im one of these guys who writes reviews good or bad.  Sometimes you have to step back and acknowledge the people who are trying to erradicate the stigma concerning car dealers and salesmen.  I didnt feel ANY pressure, fealt totally comfortable with all these folks up and down the chain, and would buy another car from them.

Heres the key to the lock: It doesnt have to be a 70's high pressure car deal - be up front, dont hold them hostage with trying to wear them down, and treat people like you do your mother! If that happens, you will have success.

Bottom line: they treated me right, didnt try any tactics on me - oh - there was one tactic they used which I didnt even realize! They treated me like a real person and not like I was a wallet!

Melvin, Gary, Ryan, - my pleasure.... and......Bravo!

Carlos P. | 2014-06-18

I will try to be short...Good experience... since it's a dealership: Great experience!!!

Let me start by saying I really dislike car dealerships so when facing the need of a new car... I really started on a negative note. However, I found the can online and contacted the dealership by email. They replied in less than 30 minutes with not only the option I have found but with other comparable vehicles. After the email I received a call and we made appointment to test drive it.

Next day I test drove it and Loved the car. The whole experience with Rob Christman the sales person was very smooth and with Charles at the finance department was also very clear. "Clear" is a word you can hardly use when buying a car. Charles went significantly out of his way to help me finding the best financing option that translated into monthly savings and made my mind at ease when signing all the documents.

The car was detailed and prepared for me. Rob showed me tricks on how to program all the electronics to my taste and requirements and I drove off the lot happy, seriously!!
The focus of AutoNation and this dealer was to satisfy my needs. Their costumer focus is visible. From the sincerity of their service to the welcoming customer lounge showing world cup matches. Also they put on writing you have a 3 days money back guarantee on your purchase.

Will come back for my service and future needs

Josh W. | 2014-06-14

After some terrible experiences visiting other Jeep dealerships in the area, I was fortunate to find Aaron Seelye at Autonation on Aurora. Aaron was a professional throughout the buying process. His low-key approach was refreshing after dealing with many high-pressure salespeople elsewhere. The other guys at the dealership were great as well ---I found them all to be informative, personable, and honest. I would recommend this dealership without hesitation.

Katie G. | 2014-06-14

So, we bought our car here a few years ago, and had a good experience. Got the oil change package to care for our car.  The last few times we have gotten our oil changed, it has taken waaay longer than anywhere else, which isn't the end of the world.  However, twice now our car has come out from an oil change and needed to go back because they did something wrong.  Once it was a belt put on wrong, so the car squealed so loudly it sounded like a dying pig.  Went straight back after driving 8 blocks and made them fix it.  This last time we noticed the car rattling the next day.  Couldn't get back in until the weekend, so headed up Sat. morning and explained to them what was going on.  Waited about an hour, then gave up and left since we didn't have 3-4 hours to spend hoping they would get to us.  Brought it home and took the wheel off ourselves, determined what was wrong, and since it wasn't life-threatening or going to seriously damage the car, dealt with it (we had to be at a wedding that afternoon.)  We still have several oil changes left at this place on our plan, but will definitely not be taking the car there anymore.  I would rather pay for a good oil change than spend 2 trips and many hours dealing with a botched one.

Diana F. | 2014-06-11

Happy Girl. We used our Costco membership to purchase a vehicle with AutoNation. So great. No pressure to buy anything, walked us through every imaginable option, and even helped us source a low interest rate loan. Best car buying experience, ever.

CJ R. | 2014-06-05

So I have bought multiple Jeep's over the years here and then recently a 2014 RAM. I had a little hick-up as I got a Jeep and the next day needing to get a RAM instead, Leith the GM was so helpful in immediately fixing everything and making my car buying experience flawless.

Car buying can be rough...but THIS is the dealer you want to go to as not only are they exceptional selling you a car but their service department is A+. I plan on continuing to do business with them for years to come.

And to AutoNation Corporate...the people at the Seattle Location are amazing!

-Christian A.

Chris W. | 2014-06-04

My wife was looking for a 7 passenger vehicle to meet the needs of our going family. I had purchased a vehicle for myself a few months back, and had such a great experience we went back to Rob Christman at Automation Seattle. He found a vehicle my wife loved and we settled on a great price, and a good value on my trade in.  The whole process was great, I highly recommend them to anyone, and will purchase from them again in the future.

Heathe P. | 2014-06-03

Just leased a new Jeep at AutoNation and am very happy with the service I received from GM Leith, Jaye and Charles.  Everyone was professional, helpful, pro-active and efficient.  They made the process as painless as possible and I could not be happier with the fair manner in which I was treated.  This is a great dealership, who even delivers your vehicle with a full tank of gas!!  Pretty nice.

I would recommend AutoNation to friends and family anytime.

Eric Amber S. | 2014-05-24

I can't believe this place has 3 stars. The service here was incredible we dealt with Rob, Trevor, and Charles (sorry if I misspelled). If you're a veteran of any branch (Marines especially) you will be shown the respect you have earned through your service to this country. I'm the proud owner of a 2010 Nissan Titan and because of this team it's possible. I don't have the best credit and these guys were able to work out a deal I still can't believe I have. This truck is immaculate and in great shape. I applaud this dealer and will always refer people to car shop here.

Ted B. | 2014-05-21

I saw the new 2014 Jeep I wanted online and called AutoNation in North Seattle to make sure it was available.  I spoke with Jeff A. in sales and he confirmed the vehicle I wanted was available.  

I meet Jeff later that day for a test drive.  Everything was good, so I asked for the trade-in value on my old car.  I had previously done my homework on on what was a fair trade-in value.  After a little back and forth on price and trade-in value, I agreed to a deal.  The negotiation process was reasonable and I felt like Jeff was a straight shooter.  

Their finance guy was extremely helpful, assisting me in getting the best financing - which turned out to be through my credit union.  I would say by far, he was the best finance person I have ever worked with in buying a new car.  He was very cordial with the required paperwork and answered all of my questions.  I was never bombarded with pressure to buy things I did not want or need.  

I was impressed to see that AutoNation goes beyond Washington State's Lemon Law and offers a 3-day, 150 mile guarantee to return the car.  This gave me some confidence to drive the car off the lot and check it out in more detail at home.  I found everything in order.  

The car I purchased was cleaned up, detailed and delivered to me the same day with a full tank  of gas in good condition.  Jeff then went over all of the buttons and functions and answered all of my questions.  He followed up again a few days later to check if everything was OK and ask if I had any questions.

Overall, I am very happy with my customer experience at AutoNation in North Seattle.

Julia S. | 2014-05-07

I recently traded in my car for a newer but used SUV.  I emailed the manager on Saturday with the information about my trade in.  We negotiated a price via email.  On Sunday morning I drove to the dealership, test drove the SUV and got all the paperwork done in 2 hours (not bad).  Plus they gave me more for my car then KBB value and I paid less for the SUV than KBB value.  Mark Henderson was great, no one was pushy and I felt overall really awesome when I drove away.  The car I bought is still under warranty but I believe they have a 3 day return policy and a 90 day warranty on used vehicles.

a n. | 2014-05-07


Last time I took it in, I was told I'd be called after the work was done. Added on an oil change while I was there.
3+ hours later, I returned to find Jeep waiting.
Of course I was charged for the oil change.
Upon reading my receipt, I learned they didn't even have the parts to fix the recall I had made the appointment for in the first place; so I had wasted my day without even a call from them.

Time for a service.  Looking else where.

PS Do NOT use their "rental service" through Enterprise unless you want to be charged twice by that company and then be insulted by a 12 year old when you attempt to unravel the multiple charges to your credit card. All this b/c Auto Nation is late paying Enterprise for the rental.

Jman K. | 2014-04-11

I knew that I wanted a Jeep Grand Cherokee for our next family car no matter what. I went to the closest dealership and learned that Auto Nation has great people in the building. From their Internet Sales Manager, Gary, to their Finance Manager, Greg and over to service with Bridgette, I've been really impressed with the team there. Will you see some classic sales tactics there? Naturally you will. But you will also get really good service, and if you push, probably a good deal as well. So don't be fooled by a building that is falling apart all around you (they say soon to be renovated). What you want is a good vehicle, at a good price, and good service thereafter. AutoNation on Aurora will give that to you. Head in and ask for my new buddy, Gary. And if you have your kids, they have a bunch of basketball hoops in the building to keep them occupied (our girls loved it).

Patti P. | 2014-04-11

I have been-embarrassingly- dealing with dealership for 3 years now. Overall it has been a very disappointing experience. The salesman was fine, the finance guy was a nightmare and service department is poorly named since they are not service oriented at all. If you want to take your car several times for the same issue and still have it not fixed , be ignored,not called when promised, and listen to the service advisors excuses and whining about how busy he is - then this is your place. If not - go else where.

To the dealership  - please don't insult me by putting a pretty note here to call the general manager. If the GM really cares he would have called me and he would fix his service department from Sergio down. You have my number - you know how to reach me but oh yeah - you don't return phone calls. After spending over $30,000 with your dealership you have managed to finally run me off. Btw my car is still not fixed!!!

Doug C. | 2014-04-09

Recently bought a RAM 1500 Laramie. Rob Christman helped me and did an excellent job. Rob helped identify the options and truck configuration that would work best for me.  Knowledgeable salesperson a no pressure to buy.  It was a great experience.

Matthew C. | 2014-04-02

This is was one the easiest ways to get a car! No one there is a typical car sales man, they really take time to get to know and you are very amazing at staying within budgets. I was holding myself to a budget and it worked out amazingly!!! And they also make sure that I am completely happy with the process and I left with a smile on my face and keys in hand!

Brittany P. | 2014-04-01

Buying a car shouldn't be this easy! I went to the Jeep dealership in Bellevue and had the worst experience. We showed up and browsed the lot and there were several salesman walking around and not a single one approached us to ask if we needed assistance. After 10 minutes I approached the front door where I found 3 salesman sitting around and not a single one looked at me so I said screw this and left. My dad bought his jeep at AutoNation and suggested that I check it out and I am SO glad that I did! I was greeted immediately by JP who was very nice and anxious to help out in any way that he could. We found the Jeep we wanted and he got the keys right away and let us take it for a test drive. While we were driving it JP went through the details of the vehicle which was really helpful. We also had the opportunity to work with Chris who was an absolutely great guy to work with. He was cracking jokes with us the whole time and made us feel like a part of the family. While we negotiated the deal we talked (and watched basketball) with their sales manager Melvin who was a total riot and wanted to make sure that everything was perfect. We got the financing figured out in no time and filled out all of the paperwork and got the run down of the vehicle from Chris. In 2 short hours we were driving out the door in our new 2014 Jeep Trailhawk and we couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend coming here if you want a great, no hassle buying experience with a group of guys that truly want you to get the best deal and the perfect vehicle. Thank you a million times over for making this experience so painless!

Danny D. | 2014-03-12

Drove from Kirkland to get my $45,000 Jeep serviced here because I need a loaner or a rental , was told they'd have a complementary rental ready for me after diagnosing the vehicle right away.

Surprise!  Incompetence prevails, none if that was true,  wasted my time and bridge toll plus gas.  Useless dealer.

Ahmed E. | 2014-02-20

This is my first time to buy a car from a dealership, honestly, i was worried because of all the reviews and what people say about dealerships in general.

I used and the first to call me was Autonation from the 3 certified Truecar dealerships, had an appointment the same day and Chris was waiting for me, he was very helpful, I didn't feel pushed in anyway. we test drove the new car and he also showed me other options. I've decided to go with a certified pre-owned car instead.

When I went home I did my research (Other dealerships, Craiglist, , everywhere.. )  and next day we went back  Chris wasn't going to be there so he made sure that Ryan was waiting for me when i came in, very straight forward process, everybody was nice and we finished the paperwork (have to mention Janup the Finance Manager who was pleasant to work with and explained all the options I can get also helped me financing my car and got a good interest rate. )

When I went home i had an issue the tire pressure light was on, i spoke to Ryan and he said the light will go away after you drive it for a bit because they just filled them with air,

Next day i took the car for inspection and I found couple of minor things that needs to be fixed, the tire pressure sensor needed to be replaced, and something with the oxygen sensor cable, I contacted the dealership via email and Leith (The General Manager) sent me back to bring the car in and they will take care of all my concerns!

Sorry for the long post but  all i wanted to say: this dealership wanted to keep me as a satisfied customer and building a long pleasant relationship.  They didn't want to just sell me a car.

Finally, this is the ONLY dealership that gives you a signed paper  saying you have 3 days (or 150 miles) to return the car and they would refund your money!!

P.S. If you have a Costco card, you can get some nice discounts and coupons after filling in a survey

Whisperinlet A. | 2014-02-20

Sales and credit department was excellent, did business several times.
I would give them 5 stars.

The service department is a joke and for that reason I will not buy another car from them.
To be fair, I don't think its the actual service people, its the guys service  manager and the service team advisers.

Not helpful, takes forever to get anything done and cant resolve the issue the first time.
Cant even get an honest answer, don't waste your time, go to another dealership for warranty work.

Eric M. | 2014-01-26

I recently bought a new 2014 Cherokee Trailhawk from the boys at AutoNation. After a miserable and "stalky" experience at Bill Pierre Ford I nearly gave up on buying a new car. I reached out to AutoNation through Autobytel online. Actually, the reached out to me and quickly gave me confidence they were going to respect my knowledge and my decision making process. There was no pressure from Rob or Chris. Just knowledgeable sales associates who were eager to educate me on the vehicle. While I didn't need much of a lesson since I thoroughly researched the Cherokee in advance. But, it was obvious they were going to work hard to put together a deal I would be happy with. After my test drive I had to spend a day thinking about it. They allowed me to do that without pressure and without the typical car sales-y tricks. It's pretty much why I ended up buying the car from them. The Jeep Cherokee itself is by far the best vehicle I've ever owned. It's fast, solid, and has more equipment and technology than any SUC under 50K. And its a Jeep. It's a modern looking SUV that is totally unique. I get a lot of looks. I think some people are trying to figure out whether they like it or hate it. One thing is for certain, people notice it. And yes people: its a TRUE JEEP.

R S. | 2014-01-04

If you want to not have any of your questions asked, be given the run around, and generally treated with horrible customer service this is your place. Ask for Jeff he will totally waste your time and piss you off. Making a large investment should be a much better experience than the one we had. We were treated very rudely by an extremely condescending and impatient man. Good luck to others who go there, and avoid Jeff at all costs!

JT M. | 2013-12-19

These guys are awful the salesmen are rude and annoying and the service department is horrible they make things up and screw people left and righ only god knows how the hell they are still in business I wish there where an option for no stars or even negative stars STAY AWAY from these scam artists!!!

Michael I. | 2013-12-17

I hate car shopping, did I say I hate car shopping, and even more so, I hate the game and the dance ritual dealerships and salesmen feel compelled to engage in, but all I really want to do when I shop for a car is find one I like, agree on a price and buy it.  This business of jerking you around with your trade and monthly payments etc., is juvenile, not to mention over promise and under delivering.  They bug you until you start pushing their buttons about pricing and comparing them to other dealers.  AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Seattle was the only dealership that didn't do that.  Simply, gave me rock bottom pricing, got me financed, treated me fair on my trade.  My sales guys were Rob Christman and Aaron Seelye, Rob is a class act, and Aaron is just getting his feet wet, but was very attentive.  Charles Kim in finance gets a gold star in my book.  A busy place, but everyone there seems to know how to treat a customer.  No high pressure here!  Go buy a car from these guys!

Carol M. | 2013-11-30

Believe it or not, you can have a good car buying experience.  Last week, I needed a new car and got a a 2014 Jeep Patriot. I really like it and think I got a good price and my trade-in was fair.
  But the most important thing was their customer service.  They were really nice and not pushy.  My salesperson, Jaye Fayed has 20 years of experience and was a Veteran.  He treated me with respect,  listened to me and worked within the budget I established. Very quickly he found a few cars that met my criteria. And with the incentive program I ended up below budget and that was including the sales tax!   Plus, they gave me a full tank of gas, and a free oil change in 6 months.  
In terms of negotiating, there was no back-and-forth with the manager. I hate that.  The only quibble we had was over trade -in value and that wasn't even too bad.  (I got $500 more than they first offered)
I also want to mention how nice the finance manager, Janup was. Good rates-1.5 interest and worked with my credit union.  No pressure.
  Finally, the dealership manager, Melvin Joseph was great, he came over to shake my hand and even gave me a free third key when I said I wanted one made.
I've enclosed pictures of all.  That dealership was very professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Mary A. | 2013-10-18

After being wowed by the Grand Cherokee Jeep at the auto show, my husband Paul and I had to see and drive one in person.

We made an appointment to meet with Chris Wilkinson.  Chris is awesome, He really knows the Jeep's features and options, and was a HUGE help.

Over the years we have purchased a lot of cars.  We could not believe how nice, and helpful Chris and the manager Trevor were.  They did not pressure us in any way to buy.  They were very generous with their offer for the vehicle we will be trading in.  Every other time I have purchased a vehicle, the sales people pushed us to make a decision that day.  Chris and Trevor were happy for us to let them know the next day.

Our new Jeep is on order, and we could not be happier.  If you are looking for a new car, I highly recommend Chris W at AutoNation.

Follow up:  LOVE the Jeep. Appreciated the time Chris spent showing us all the sytems.  We loved the zero percent interest rate we got.  My husband Paul says this is the best auto purchasing experience he has ever had.  I AGREE!!

S N. | 2013-09-03

I have purchased two vehicles from Town & Country. I bought a new Grand Cherokee there in 2005 and recently traded it for a pristine 2003 Audi RS6. I was happy with both of my transactions. The service department is very professional, but I did most of my work at a local auto shop as they are much cheaper than the dealer.

Bridgette P. | 2013-08-16

Went in for an oil change, left with a brand new car. I had purchased my previous car through Jay and I ran into him while picking it up from an oil change. He remembered me from 5 years ago, we started talking, and long story short- I have a brand new car for the same payments I was making on the old one! I love that he remembered me. It makes me feel like I'm not just "some customer" (I mean, it was FIVE years ago!). He and Abraham worked with me, learning what kind of person I am, and showing me cars that fit that person. I know it's what they do, but they really make it seem like they're genuinely interested. The entire process was smooth, and I never felt pressured. They were genuinely happy for me when the sale was final. I've been dealing with Town & Country now for at least 5 years, I've only ever had one bad experience with a Service Team Manager that was resolved immediately. I highly recommend this dealership for sales or for service. Again, thanks so much to Jay and Abraham for helping me get my new car!

Matt F. | 2013-08-13

Terrible service here!  I brought my car in to find the solution for a reoccuring error code.  Instead he found a lot of other things to try to take me for but nothing about the code i asked for.  I wasted my whole day and walked away still with no fix!  Thanks jerks!  The technician even admitted to me "there is nothing on the carfax report so i dont know what was done on your car?"  So frustrating!!!!   I even called back a few times and asked for a service manger and tried to get a quote for the service i needed.  Both times they blew me off and didnt call back.  Sadly i was able to figure out the problem with just a little research online.  I dont recommend anyone support these guys!

Marty G. | 2013-08-03

I've had my Caliber serviced at this dealership for the past year and a half, since I moved into the area, and have always had a pretty good experience.  

I finally decided to trade in my 2007 Dodge Caliber for a 2013 Dodge Dart last weekend and was happy the pleasant experience continued, thanks to Rob Christman.  He was very polite, knowledgeable, didn't take the hard sales approach, but still asked the questions you'd expect a salesperson to ask.  I didn't mind though because it was done in the right tone alongside a nice personality.  He was also upfront and honest, which I appreciated, thus making it a pleasant experience and made me feel comfortable going back to him in the future.

Liesl w. | 2013-07-13

We bought a used Jeep Liberty today and had a really good experience with Rob.  He was super chill, honest and didn't pressure us at all.  He spent a ton of time with us and stayed two hours after his shift was over to make sure we were taken care of and worked really hard to keep us close to our budget.  We will be giving his card to anyone looking for a car!

And we love our new Jeep!

TJ E. | 2013-07-09

This is by far the worst customer service auto dealership I have ever dealt with. They act as if you are an inconvenience to their day when you drive in for a scheduled oil change then act surprised when you tell them you scheduled it online (which is what they told you you had to do last time when you tried to just drop it off...). They have forgotten to replace lights, put up new oil change stickers in the car so we know mileage/date for next change, and forgot to reset the mechanics of the car after they were finished.

We bought our Jeep from them and purchased the oil changes with it. Now we are tramped in a contract with a terrible company. I am looking forward to NOT being a customer very, very soon!

Cliff D. | 2013-06-22

I just purchased a 2005 Ford Explorer from this outfit last week, and overall I would say that I am happy with the purchase. My advice, with any dealer: always remain vigilant, and have your car inspected.

Fortunately, this place has a 3-day/150-mile return policy, so the day after purchase I took it to my trusted mechanic (AA Auto in Redmond), where they told me that the brakes were almost shot (AutoNation said they had 50% left; AA Auto said 15%). So I brought the vehicle back and they promptly put new pads on to save the sale. Also, they're getting the shifter fixed for me (at an actual Ford dealer!), and having a tow package installed. Plus, gave me a full tank of gas.

I docked one star off the review just because of all the time (hours and hours) I've had to spend haggling with them to get everything repaired, but the fact that they're doing all of it is pretty great, so I'm happy.

Rich A. | 2013-06-12

I bought a 2013 Wrangler from Jeff in January.  All in all, the process was fine.  They are a dealership that participates in a nationwide network, and as such, they have to play that game that dealers do.  Sales and emotional psychodrama at work, a well honed art.  I am NOT a fan of the drama that typical dealerships put you through...the negotiation, the KBB vs NADA trade in value discussion.  Just about anywhere you go, you get the impression that your trade in is a piece of crap and they are doing you a favor by you not having to pay them to take it.  Town and Country felt better than most, and for this purchase, I had conversations with a dozen dealerships from Puyallup to Kirkland to Seattle.  I'm good with my purchase and happy with my purchase.  This dealership went out of their way to find me the right one, and gave me a loaner for a week while I waited.  Thanks for treating me right.

Joe D. | 2013-06-12

I just bought my jeep and have some mixed feelings so far.    The sales staff was alright, but I got tag-teamed and that felt like a bit much.  I've only had one experience with the service department so far and it's been on the poor side.  They called me, I called them back, they never returned my call.  That being said, they did get me in for an appointment the same week...  All in all - I've seen better.

Gloria S. | 2013-03-29

First in line, first appointment of the day- oil change takes TWO HOURS!

I understand that they want to sell a vehicle. While we waiting for our Jeep's oil change, the salesman went above and beyond to try and convince my husband that we needed to trade in our Jeep for a new one---

HOLDING OFF THE OIL CHANGE to try and sell me a new Jeep that I didn't want nor am interested in--- is SUPER irritating.

With that being said... it took 2 hours   for them to change the oil- which most likely was caused due to the fact that the sales man was pushing back the maintenance so my husband had a reason to stay their longer and hear the sales pitch.

All in all--- customer service also has to respect the time of their client- and at the end of the day, the frustration from a 2 hour appointment when we were told it was only going to take an hour is enough to make us take our business elsewhere.

Audra B. | 2013-02-24

A definite 1 star for the sales team. I worked with Jeff who was nice enough on the surface until we decided to buy the car. Then when we weren't happy that the brakes were squeeking and a weird noise was coming from the front, he seemed bothered that we wanted the service department to look at it before we bought it. When I mentioned that the windshield wipers also needed to be replaced, he gave me this look like "really, lady?" YES REALLY JEFF. I want to buy a car knowing I'm not going to have to do work on it! He just kept saying, it's certified pre-owned, these things are under warranty! Jeff, I am not an idiot. I KNOW that windshield wipers aren't included in a warranty, stop feeding me lies to get me off your lot. I should have just walked away at this point, but I liked the car (a 2009 dodge caliber) and had the things I wanted. I wish I had looked into the car better. Of course Jeff tells us, here's the carfax! No accidents! Everything is perfect! Only to look at the paperwork given to us after we purchase it which shows that when they bought it there was front end damage to it. AWESOME! Luckily it was fixed, HOWEVER I would not have purchased this vehicle and I feel it should have been disclosed to me prior to purchasing it.

I have had a much, much better experience dealing with the service department who are still attempting to fix the squeaking brakes (depsite the service manager continueing to tell me that "some brakes just make noise, my neon does!) and a random grinding noise coming from the front.

However, I'm upset about these issues and would never recommend this dealership to anyone else. I recently had a coworker want to visit this dealership since they liked the car I own and saw they were selling a similar vehicle, but after hearing about everything I've had to go through, thankfully they are staying far, far away from this dealership.

Robert P. | 2012-12-12

Pulled in for a quick oil change as the banner stated "Express Lane Open". I was shocked when they asked if i had an appointment as I've used the express lane before without an appointment. Service rep said it was a new policy and I asked if I could get in anyway (3 mechanics were standing 20 ft from my car talking & joking among themselves). The service rep went over to ask if they could get me in and they said no to her. Amazing.

I told her i won't be back (had used them before about seven times for oil changes because i used to work close to their location). Whenever they would give me a list of repairs & quote to fix, I would take the list to Arne's in Ballard to have them double check what really needs to be done and then perform the work for MUCH less than the quote. I now go to Arne's for my basic maintenance as well.

Emme S. | 2012-11-07

We went to buy a vehicle that could carry our dogs with room and Jaye helped us and was great. We were happy, we bought a car, took it home and then it started to make this crazy noise. We took it back (you have 3 days). We asked them to look for another vehicle and they did. Without us coming down, they (Mike Daniels specifically) put in paperwork for us to buy a van. My most adamant stipulation was I did not want a van...ever!! We got a call from a loan company asking us as the paperwork did not have our signature on it- we quickly cancelled the app. We called the dealership and financial did not call back, finally got ahold of them at 8:30pm. Jaye called us because we were going to come see the new cars and in light of this, we of course did not return. He also said, "I thought you didn't want a van". Uhh really?? Well needless to say, Mike Daniels lost Jaye a sale. If Jaye goes someplace else, I'd buy a car from him. On a side note- a staff person said they got a car there an it was a POS!!! Go buy someplace else.

Gretchen H. | 2012-09-28

Super Spendy For Sure!!!  But it is close and convenient to my house. Their work seems competent and everything works when they're done. The price quotes are dead on accurate. Ill probably keep going here because they do good work and Its hard to find a mechanic to trust and Ive been through a lot of bad ones.

Cynthia M. | 2012-08-27

When they can even be bothered to answer their phone (multiple messages left, no call back, called again and sat on hold nearly 30 minutes) they are rude and very unhelpful. No, I can't be without a car for over a week for a KNOWN PROBLEM.Only one star and only because I had to give them one on here..

Josh H. | 2012-07-09

Very few people enjoy the car buying process and I am no exception.  While I cannot say I am in a hurry to do it again, the people I dealt with at Town and Country on 99 were all professionals and made the experience as pleasant as possible.

My 2007 wrangler was just out of warranty at 77k miles and although it never let me down, I figured it was time to trade it in for a 2012.  My I spoke with Deny on the phone who graciously made an appointment for me with Rob the next day who was great.  When I came in the next day to make the deal, Rob was out so Jaye (who I bought my 2007 from) assisted me.  When I came in on Saturday to take delivery, all three took care of finishing the deal.  Melvin the sales manager was also very personable and good to work with.

I worked with one other dealer in Kirkland while looking at Jeeps.  This dealer started negotiating 4.5k higher than T&C For the exact same vehicle and while I felt I had them at a good price, I felt like something a bit shady was going to happen if I sat down to sign the papers (always trust the gut).

Advice if you're in the market for a Jeep: get pre approved and do not let them negotiate a payment with you, only price. Do your research on the Internet for price first. Decide on whether or not you are open to an extended warranty (these too are negotiable). Lastly, check out Town and Country, the Jeep I wanted was not in stock but they were able to source it from another dealer. Post lastly, I did think the windshield warranty they tried to sell me was ridiculous, but this did not hurt my opinion.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Allyn J. | 2012-05-21

I bought a new Dodge from here last year. Good news; love the car and feel I got a good value (although it did take 5 hrs of haggling - but I enjoy a good haggle).

The bad. You are assigned a team for maintinence when you buy from here and I got "blue team." James is the Manager of this team and he seems like a real disgruntled dude. I gather he has to listen to issues all day and that probably sucks but if you hate it find something else bro.

I've had to come in for a couple of minor tweaks and each time I feel like I'm really putting him out. Maybe I just keep hitting his lunch break or something but it makes me want to go elsewhere....perhaps I can swich teams. And...I walked right into my own joke.

Rodney C. | 2012-04-10

Buyers beware! Sales people will only help if they think you're a sucker. Demeaning and rude. Attempted to buy a car from them but, insisted to have car checked by a certified mechanic. Informed them of the major issues found, they simple scoffed and refused to fix the problems. They would rather make a profit from a broken unsafe car then do the right thing. AVOID!

Dave C. | 2012-03-15

Pros - Good selection.  Good Service department.  The closest Mopar dealer to Seattle proper.

Cons - Deceptive sales practices, grumpy salespeople.  

I have 2 experiences with Town and Country.  One when I bought my 2010 Challenger SRT8 band another when I sat in on the purchase of my friends 2010 Challenger R/T.

Both salesmen were oily and dishonest. My salesman Jayed, was nice until I need time to process numbers, then he got brusk and rude, Not good.
After I signed papers and drove off. Finance dept called and said there was a problem and tried to change my interest rate. Never again.

Bottom line, buy from somewhere else and use T&C for service.

Joy L. | 2011-12-28

If it was this much drama to merely order a part, I cannot possibly imagine how bad it would be to get my vehicle serviced here!  They were awful.

I called them and ordered a specialty part.  When I came in to pick it up, I could see it sitting on the shelf.  The man at the desk wouldn't go get it for me, he was yelling (I mean yelling) at the other guy that this was his problem.  The other guy walked over and insisted that he can't remember every part that he sees every day because he's really busy.  Yeah, well, I'm busy too and I left work to take the stupid bus to pick up a part so my Jeep would work again, so get off your high horse.  I asked multiple times if someone could PLEASE hand me that part right there with my name on it.  

He finally did and said "There, you happy now?" as if he just did me a huge favor.

Kelly L. | 2011-10-17

We purchased a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee from Town and Country in late July 2011. This was the first vehicle we looked at. The Jeep was OK. A little over 100k miles but there were some minor issues that we found while test driving it - broken drivers seat and missing spare. The salesman would not take 'no' for an answer. He left twice to consult a sales manager and each time returning with a "better" offer. Price was lowered and they said they would do $1000 of work on the vehicle including changing the fluids and replacing the brakes. It was our mistake for not clarifying which specific items would have been replaced.

They also gave resistance to repairing the broken seat and referring to me being the shorter person, "she wouldn't have noticed the defect" yet my boyfriend being 6'2" felt he was falling into the back seat as he drove. A serious safety issue!

Two months later, we had mechanical problems and had to deal with the Service dept. Very unsatisfying. Less than two months of driving the vehicle, the air bag light comes on. Mind you, this is a used vehicle and we did technically buy it "as is". However, as part of Town and Country's used vehicle sale, they are supposed to do indepth inspections but we feel the inspection of the Jeep seriously lacked. One week after picking up the vehicle the oil pressure was maxed out. The oil sending unit needed to be replaced. We believe the oil pressure was maxed out prior to us picking it up. We should have taken it back but we didn't have the foresight.

We took the vehicle back to the dealer to have the air bag light checked out. They spent most of a Saturday looking at it and told us that a front sensor was malfunctioning and needed to be replaced. I must note that they don't normally shuttle people waiting for the vehicles on Saturday but they did make an exception for us. Leslie was the shuttle driver and she was very polite and helpful. We had a key cut and diagnosis which took an entire Saturday and $350.

They quoted us $120 for the sensor part and about $350 in labor. They also charged us $120 just to diagnose the vehicle. AND, as they were diagnosing the sensor, they also diagnosed leaky transmission lines and dirty transmission fluid and they gave us the impression that it needed to be fixed right away. They wanted to charge us another $180 to fix the lines and $240 to change the transmission fluid.  Total=$1010

The leaky transmission lines should have been addressed during the inspection prior to selling us the vehicle. The transmission fluid should also have been part of the fluids that they were going to replace according to the sales offer. I think the oil pressure issue speaks loudly on how the level of quality the inspection service was prior to us purchasing the Jeep. We discussed it with the Service dept employee who said he was going to speak with the sales manager. He got back to us the following week. He never contacted the sales dept rather looked up our paperwork. He said the vehicle was inspected, implying that the transmission was looked at but does not explain why the transmission fluid was not changed as per the sales offer. We were unhappy with the response and called the sales guy that sold us the car. He said he was going to speak to the Service dept and get back to us since the they never contacted him to begin with. We never heard back from the salesman. Essentially any dealership selling a used vehicle can claim faulty mechanical issues happened after the car left the lot unless a third party mechanic inspects the vehicle during the sales transaction.

We went back this past weekend to have a keyless remote programmed. We asked they pull up what the $1000 of services they promised us from the original deal covered - oil and coolant were replaced and only the front brakes were replaced totaling around $700. $500 just to change the front brakes!  Then he tried to say that about $300 was spent on fixing the chair and tried to pass it off as part of the $1000 worth of services they agreed to spend on the car when this was issue was discovered AFTER they offered to spend the $1000 on changing the breaks and replacing the liquids. Basically, they did not spend the $1000 that we had initially agreed to.

We ended up taking the Jeep to Axis Automotive in Ballard. He replaced the transmission fluid including the filter, changed the oil, inspected the brakes, transmission lines, and ran a diagnosis on the air bag sensor. Although we did bring in our own oil and transmission fluid, he charged us $156 for all of it. He also researched options on repairing the sensor which was significantly less than T&C. He also inspected the transmission lines and told us there is very minor seepage on one of the lines but not enough for it to actually be dripping onto the ground. Not as severe as T&C led us to believe!

It's safe to say we will not be returning to Town and Country, EVER.

Jay M. | 2011-08-12

Took a car in for one problem and came out with another. After having another shop look at the problem it was clear that the Tech made a mistake. Called back to talk it over. Both the Service Adviser and the Tech were very defensive. Next day I went straight to the Service Manager who, after seeing evidence in the form of pictures refunded some of the cost. We all make mistakes, it's how we choose to handle them that sets us apart. Being defensive from the beginning left a bad taste in my mouth. Too bad... they are sooooo close. I will choose to go to the East side next time.

Dave P. | 2011-05-14

The parts dept at town and country is very helpful. They take their time to research parts needed for a project I am working on. Extremely helpful and courteous.

Jencen R. | 2011-04-24

I took in my '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee for a new coolant reservoir. We decided on 9am the following Monday. I get there and they had put it in the computer as a 2005 Jeep for a 9:30 appointment. So things started off on the wrong foot. They got started at 9:15 (a compromise) and for the next two hours they found $4,000 worth of things that no other dealerships even mentioned- not sure if it was thorough or just greedy. After deciding we were just going to go through with the new reservoir, it only took a half hour or so. On my way out they said they would get me the full list of things they found, but of course they didn't. The next day there was a leak, coolant fluid nonetheless. A neighbor stopped by and realized they clamped the return on incorrectly. Luckily he had a spare so he fixed it. Before closing the hood up, we realized THEY LEFT A PAIR OF PLIERS UNDER THE HOOD, ready to cause damage. In summary, they waisted my time, tried taking my money, didn't install the new piece right, and they left one of their tools tucked between my battery and the frame. I wouldn't believe it if it didn't happen to me.

Mandy Y. | 2011-02-19

Suggestion of where you should go: Lee Johnson Chevrolet!

I just went and traded in my Jeep Wrangler for a Chevy Tahoe. Yes this sounds bad... I do love my Jeep... but I just wasn't using it like a Jeep should be used... It was a night and day experience. You can read my review on Lee Johnson's page.

Just don't give this dealership service... they need to figure out why people don't shop at their dealership.

Steve M. | 2011-02-14

The worst you can imagine. I actually purchased a used car here. The dealer (I found out soon after) lied through his teeth about the car's quality. Then he tried to charge my credit card more than the price we agreed on. I'm stuck with a car that constantly needs repairs, which I'm sure these people were laughing about all the way to the bank.

The real salt in the wound is that I get random autodial calls from them about continued service. They love to remind you about the mistake you made in choosing them. Why in the world would I, or anyone else, ever give them a penny?

Stay as far away from here as possible! The Yelp reviews are dead on.

Murad H. | 2010-09-22

I wish I would have read the reviews before I took my 2001 Jeep Cherokee into this place. I had power lock issues with passenger windows and wanted to have it looked after by professionals.

After 3 hours and $280 later, they said it was a loose wire. I was also told that my front brakes will need to be replaced soon ($315) along with a repairing the cluster connectors ($325). I only got the windows fixed.

Within 2 weeks, the initial issue came back. I took it back to them a second time to have them fix it (free of charge I though since its the same issue)  and now its an addtional $420 to fix it!!

My Jeep is still not fixed and I am out $280!!! Beware these guys! Do not take your car here!

Does anyone know of any honest mechanics?

Jeremy T. | 2010-08-19

Do not take your vehicle to the Service Dept here. They are borderline crooks that try to get you to pay for services and mechanical issues that do not exist.

I brought my Jeep in because it was leaking power steering fluid; they told me it needed a new pump, hoses, and everything else imaginable - total cost would be about $1300. After I became upset he said he might be able to knock a bit off the price, but something about it didn't seem right so I left there and went somewhere else where they said it just was just the hose that needed to be replaced and nothing else. I had the work done for $175 and it's been great ever since.

I honestly believe that Jeeps service department people work on commision and are paid based on what they can get you to spend. It's a scam!

Their 'Express Lane' for oil changes is a joke, I tried to go the other day but it was a 3.5 hour wait.

It's frustrating that when my Jeep Cherokee that has 52K miles (right out of warranty) starts falling apart and when I take it to the dealership to get it repaired, all they are looking to do is over charge and upsell.

Don't be a sucker - go somewhere else.

Rick M. | 2010-03-31

Another service department review. In a word "NO" I would not recommend this dealership. I have a Sprinter and since the near demise of Chrysler-Dodge the number of service facilities shrunk until Town & Country is the only game in town.

I've had the exact service, oil/filter and fuel filter performed at TWO other Dodge dealerships in the past for under $200. T&C saw fit to charge $372.21, including $10 per quart of oil and it takes 9.5 for the Mercedes diesel engine in this rig. Another $100 for the fuel filter, add the oil filter, clamps and drain plugs and the parts totaled $227.73! Labor to change the engine oil and fuel filter came to $138.90.

I booked the service over the phone for engine oil and filter. Dropped off after hours with approval for $175 or to call if the amount was to exceed that figure.

Tim the service adviser called me to sell the fuel filter service as necessary to maintain the engine warranty with Chrysler. I questioned the price approximately $195 and was told this was competitive and that T&C would extend me a 10% discount.
I called to check on completion and pay over the phone as I was not able to make it to service before they closed. When I was called back and given the amount I paid but the amount didn't seem plausible.

Upon checking my previous service records I realized I was had and that T&C also did not honor the quoted TEN PERCENT discount. So basically I was charged about $200 more than any previous dealership service.

Lynnwood Dodge is gone but I would recommend Rainer Dodge in Olympia to someone who has a Sprinter and is in the area as
Rainier performed the same service, oil/filter and fuel filter, for $195.24. I paid $3.40 per quart for oil there and only $59 in labor. The fuel filter was also $33 less expensive.

If this is a typical Auto Nation (mega auto dealer chain) experience I would have serious doubts about this company in general.

I'm going to assume Dodge of  Bellevue, another Auto Nation owned dealership, is going to have similar pricing as they are the only two approved service points for Sprinters in the Seattle area.

I hope that Mercedes-Benz USA takes better care of their service customers now that the distribution agreement with Chrysler was terminated.

Again i would not recommend any service from T&C as based upon my experience they could change their name to HIGHWAY ROBBERY MOTORS.

Jocelyn A. | 2010-03-25

sleezy used car salesman! -  - 2010-03-25
Very pushy salesman. Had me filling out financing paperwork before I could even test drive the car. Then when I decided not to buy, I was insulted, mocked and let feeling awful. The salesman actually sulked as I walked out the door. No "thank you, here's our card, please bring us your business when you are ready to buy".
Used every used car salesman cliche in the book. He would talk a good talk, but not listen to a word I said, asking me the same questions over and over. Also trashed my car as a trade in telling me what a piece of crap it was and how little they could get for it. They were doing ME a favor taking it.

After reading these other reviews, I am so glad I didn't buy there, I would have been swindled I am sure. They wanted me to sign on something and refused to even give me 24 hours to think it over.

Serious high pressure sales ( he even told me how they hadn't made a sale all day- adding to the pressure).

Basically represented everything I HATE about trying to buy a car....

If you do go here, just be sure not to believe a word they say, and take everything with a grain of salt.

Braden B. | 2009-12-29

I had one of the worst customer experiences of my life on October 6, 2007 at this car dealership.  Jeff the Car Salesman, as I call him, is notorious among my friends because of that day.  In a nutshell: he high pressured me into almost buying a car I didn't want, wouldn't let me verify my finances in a real way, and tried to dodge (pun intended, as the car was a Stratus) making very important repairs.  He also told me that the price he gave me, $11,100, was an unimaginable deal, even though the BlueBook dealership value was only $200 more than that.  And after I recomposed myself and walked out on him, he mildly harassed me on the phone for the two days that followed and tried to use his (limited) knowledge of my religion to coerce me into making another deal with him.

I hope Yelp will not ping me or remove this because I posted a link,  but the whole story deserves to be shared with the masses yet is far too long to be shared here.  If you're thinking of stopping by this place, read this first:…

Niko M. | 2009-12-17

Here's my experience in buying a used car at this dealership:  First of all they lied to me right off the bat and said they hadn't sold a car that I was interested in (the only one of course at the lot) and when I showed up the car had been sold.  I was about to walk out then when a nice car that I was interested in showed up.  I was satisfied with the vehicle and somehow they talked me into buying it.  I got an extended service contract that didn't cover anything (I had a couple problems of course) including my brakes and also things just breaking inside the car.  The extended service may as well have been nothing but an extra $2k I had to spend.  Lesson learned.  Now as I had my car totaled in a car accident I'm shopping for a new car lo and behold I'm not able to get a loan because they haven't reported that I was making payments on the car for 3 years!  They made up some bs excuse like they see that it should have been and that the financial institution they used (mind you it's Chrysler Financial) was wrong in filing it.  Next I've had to hire a credit specialist to get on the horn so that I can have my payments reported and get a new car.  The salesmen there even had the audacity to talk about me buying a car there when I was there complaining about everything and getting the run around.  These guys don't have much to do, it's always dead in there, you would think they could get up and do some work, it sucks that the government is paying these guys money to do nothing.  I highly recommend NOT EVER BUYING A CAR HERE.

John S. | 2009-09-22

I took my 2005 Dodge Caravan in for the locks not working. I wondered why the service guy started by checking my tires and showing me the tread measurement. This place is focused on upselling. They managed to reprogram my body control module to fix the locks but they also reported the following needing immediate attention:

1. Low oil (1,100 miles after an oil change.)
2. Power steering fluid needing flush (this is almost never the case)
3. Transmission filters clogged and fluid contaminated.
4. Brakes marginal - ready for replacement front and back

Well, the tranny had been acting sloppy so I took the bait on that ($500 for a half hour of work). Then, I took the car to my trusty AAA-rated station (Rick's on 5th NE) and they checked it out. Not one of these things was an issue! Be careful when you deal with Town and Country. They're smooth but not trustworthy, in my experience.

AJ R. | 2008-11-19

This is for a review of their service department. We keep trying to give them another chance but we are done with them now. The office girl is a total snot. Just to get an oil change takes forever and all we needed to know is if we had to get a new DVD for or navigation system, cause our other one is scratched so we wanted to try another one out- well, you have to have one of their $100 appointments just to find out. When you do have one of these appointments it takes FOREVER!!!! I would SOOOOO go anywhere else if you can- even Grease Monkey is better then this place.