Auto Quest in Seattle, WA

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We strictly focus on the top 10% of one-owner lease return automobiles from across the nation. We are resolved to provide exemplary service from the moment you contact us throughout the duration that you own an Auto Quest car or SUV. This is accomplished by stepping away from the traditional dealership models and providing a personally tailored vehicle ownership experience.

No sales staff, no gimmicks. Auto Quest adheres to a volume sales approach that has allowed us to provide high-line vehicles at wholesale prices. When you visit our 30,000 sq. ft. indoor showroom it's because you already know that our pricing and selection is unparalleled. Auto Quest values the relationships we establish and offer you wholesale pricing throughout every phase of ownership. From shopping, purchase, maintenance, repairs and loaner cars for life, we will be there at every turn!


Established in 2000.

Auto Quest has been offering luxury vehicles at wholesale prices for over a decade!

Auto Quest

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(206) 793-2222
Address:5910 Corson Ave S, Seattle, WA, 98108
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 7:30 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Auto Quest

Richard W. | 2015-04-23

Definitely do not waste your time at other dealers, these guys are first class. No time wasting, very efficient set up and a lot of quality inventory. We had a vibration issue with the car, they asked me to return it but as I lived so far away I had the wheels balanced and they sent me a check to cover the cost.
I would highly recommend Auto Quest, just a bunch of honest good people selling high quality vehicles at reasonable prices. Thank you for an awesome experience!

Jay C. | 2015-03-27

I found Auto Quest online by chance and was drawn in, like many others, by its rave reviews online. Saw a listing for a Mercedes CLS550 fully loaded with special launch edition trim and couldn't believe my eyes. The pricing was amazing at this dealer! We drove down that weekend from Bellingham to check out the car and my dad was just blown away. Long story short, he declared that he loved the car about 2 minutes into the "salesman-free" test drive and we couldn't be happier with the service everyone provided. The owner Craig personally came out and introduce himself to us while we were checking out different cars in the showroom. He was extremely professional yet relaxed. Zac, whom I texted before coming down also came to say hi and welcomed us. Then at the end, when we worked with Dominic on the finances and paperwork part of the process, I have never seen my folks so happy before while buying a car and laying down 40 large. They've purchased 5 cars since we moved to the US, all of them new and at traditional dealerships, but been happy at NONE of those times during the car-buying process. Anyway, these guys know what they're doing and they're doing a heck of a job at it. We'll be back for sure for everybody else's cars in our family. Thanks guys

Kevin T. | 2015-03-26

If you enjoy spending weeks, days, and hours playing the car sales game going back and forth haggling with managers at multiple car lots...go ahead.  I honestly like spending my time doing other things.  This is why I always come back to Auto Quest because I know that I am getting a great deal and the transaction is smooth and quick.  I like Auto Quest's way of doing business.  They price their vehicles in such a way where it cuts down on wasted time wheeling and dealing with salespeople from 5 car lots.  

In 2015, I know what a car is worth and what people are paying.  There is no more hidden tricks.  This is why my wife, brother and I have purchased half a dozen vehicles from Dominic Adams over the past 10 years.  He is a no non-sense sales professional who has always been honest and given us a fair deal.  There has been instances after the sale where he has went out of his way to accommodate concerns that most dealerships would have wash their hands clean with after you sign on the dotted line.  If you don't want to deal with the BS of buying a car give him a shot to earn your business.

Phil S. | 2015-03-07

I first found Auto Quest on and was nervous about visiting an independent dealer. After seeing the reviews, I thought I would give them a try, and I'm glad I did. Zac and Craig were extremely professional, and directed me to a gorgeous Lexus RX 350 that met my needs for comfort and luxury. The price was great, and they gave me a fair offer on my trade in as well. The sales process was easy, and it took me maybe 30 minutes tops to close the deal and be on my way. I will definitely be back for my next car, and will be sending my friends their way as well.

Shannon S. | 2015-03-01

I had been on the hunt for a 2013 es300 H lexus. The price, miles and offered looked right. When I went to the showroom there were many eye catching cars and Zac tolerated my unfocused interest of nearly the entire inventory of cars and had details about all of them. Buying a car makes me nervous. I am always on the defensive, but this process was seamless. I got more than I expected for trade-in value and drove away with the car of my dreams. The entire process was extremely refreshing. I can retire my fears of the purchase/sale process because I will be buying my next car from Auto Quest and will anticipate receiving the same professionalism, detail, care and follow-up. My thanks and appreciation to Zac and team for their "reasonable person's approach" to running a business. It has been a pleasure.

Great, effective business model. Well done!

Andrea W. | 2015-02-23

We purchased an SUV from Auto Quest last week. This was easily the most enjoyable car buying experience I've ever had - and I buy a lot of cars. The sales people were very friendly and extremely accommodating. The prices are posted and non-negotiable, but they're priced better than anything you'll find anywhere else for a comparable vehicle. There's no pressure, just helpful staff there to do what they can to make your experience as easy as possible. We'll definitely be returning the next time we're in the market for a new vehicle.

Sarah F. | 2014-12-26

Unorganized...their staff (Zach and Dominic) don't  communicate well with each other and then blame customer.  Their lack of communication resulted in my sister driving away with vehicle and then being told she needed to bring back because financing fell through.  Then as I stepped in to resolve and ultimately finance the vehicle I was told my sister had lied in original application, which was not true.

As I attempted to discuss process and actual facts/frustration with buying process Dominic said "I'm not going to go over this with you, your sister lied on the application" and HUNG UP on me even though my sister was in lobby with check from my credit union for the vehicle.

If I could figure out how to get check back and return vehicle I would.  There is a right way to handle situations with paying customers and hanging up on someone is NEVER acceptable (unless person is disrespectful, cursing, etc- which I wasn't).  

I personally am in market to purchase vehicle and was excited to find them (like working with smaller businesses rather than big box dealership) but after being hung up on...I wish we didn't even purchase current vehicle from them!

Tons of glowing reviews...the filtered reviews probably show more accurate picture.

UPDATE: still waiting on updated license plate/tabs and registration for vehicle (expired in September).  Drove car away in November (they continue to give us temp stickers for window).  Today is January 6th, 2105.  Will continue to keep you posted.

Quinn H. | 2014-12-11

I mistakenly went to AutoQuest thinking it was a body shop when my 2005 Honda Accord was involved in a front-end collision. All the other body shops I had called or visited had tried to either forcefully manipulate me into working with them or had pushed me out the door and sent me packing if they could not directly assist me. Dominic, however, referred me personally to Fix Auto next door. He went over there personally to explain the situation and set me up with Andrew, who took amazing care of my car and fixed it up in no time. I was so grateful to Dominic for making a really unpleasant process way better than I thought it would be, and I spent some time looking around at their inventory at AutoQuest. They have some amazing cars over there, and I personally fell in love with a white FR-S. Unfortunately, but not to my surprise, Dominic had sold the car by the next day when I came back to buy it. I've learned my lesson and have routinely visited AutoQuest every week or so looking for my next car - I know this will be the place for me when I find the right one and I know not to pass up next time I see something I want. Dominic does not pressure anyone into doing anything they don't want to do, but he also turns cars around very quickly. If you see a car you like and hesitate don't be surprised if it's gone the next time you show up! I've been looking for a BR-Z or an FR-S for months and for some reason expected to have more time but these guys know how to take care of their customers and it obviously goes a long way. I will be back, and my next car will be purchased at AutoQuest. Thanks Dominic!

Harold A. | 2014-11-28

These guys make it quick and easy. Honest and friendly employees who will help you find whatever you need at a great rate. I recently traded in my VW golf no problems and with a great quote. Took no more than half an hour to do all my paperwork and get me out the door in my BMW. Their inventory is eye-catching, with vintage video games right by the luxury cars. Their lounge/ waiting area is also very nice with leather couches and a big TV, along with an assortment of beverages. These guys are awesome.  I highly recommend Autoquest for your next purchase!

Rico A. | 2014-11-08

I recently traded in my Mercedes and purchased a vehicle at autoquest. I had a great experience, after shopping around at other dealerships dealing with pushy sales associates I realized what separates autoquest from its competitors. Relaxed environment, hassle free and prices that cannot be beat. I highly recommend checking out autoquest for your next vehicle purchase.

Corey K. | 2014-11-08

About a month ago I traded in my current truck and purchased a car from Auto Quest.  I worked with Dominic and the process was one of the smoothest car purchases I have been a part of.  Really easy, straightforward, and honest--and it all happened in a matter of a couple of days.  No nonsense.  Very pleased, I would definitely recommend Auto Quest to anyone I know.

Domballer N. | 2014-10-27

I emailed Autoquest about buying a new vehicle, I did have trade-ins.  I emailed the them information on the car, VIN#, details so they can run it and determine what a trade-in value range might be...  We discussed and agreed upon a range or what is possible given the VIN#, carfax reports, etc...

I take time out of my day and drive the vehicle in planning on buying a car.  Now, they say we are not interested in the trade-in.  This place is a momma/papa shop that looks like a beaten down warehouse.  Now, they do have nice cars, detailed, and on the surface it may look nice, but they also get them from auctions and don't have the resources to thoroughly inspect and guarantee any cars like Cerfiied.  Thus, it was a waste of my time coming here!!!

I drive down the street to a Benz dealer which had the similar car & miles, but it's Certified from a dealer.  It' was 2-3K more, but in the scheme of things, it's definitely worth it!  Thus, this place is not that great to do business with, the sales people don't look like professionals and they can also just waste your time!!!


Mykel P. | 2014-10-18

Such a great experience, it couldn't have been easier or more comfortable.  It's an upscale and professional environment, but doesn't feel intimidating. Dominic made our whole experience, he has great car knowledge and he was kind and helpful.  If you're looking for a beautiful car and an easy, comfortable environment, this is your place!  I will certainly look for cars and refer people here in the future.

Natallia P. | 2014-09-18

Great dealership when you are searching for a used luxury car. 100% worthy to visit. They make car buying easy. Good deals, very caring and helpful staff. Cars are excellent and parked indoor (vital for Seattle area; nobody wants to examine exterior of a wet car).

We worked with Zac. We checked two 4-year-old cars, they were in great condition and very clean. Test drive is super easy: they copy your licence and insurance, hand you a key and recommend a route to take - no requests to make a commitment, no pressure at all - Zac even moved a car seat for our child from our car into the car we wanted to try. Salesman wasn't in the car during test drive, and we could take our time, enjoy the ride, discuss the car - awesome experience. After test drive Zac was relaxed and friendly and wasn't hard selling the car we drove - we went home and took our time to make a decision.

Even though Zac offered us to take the car for inspection to auto service we like, we invited mechanic to come to Auto Quest and examine the car we chose. We weren't there when mechanic arrived, but he was taken care of and been working with car when we came.

The car we liked was without carpets and with quite sloppy touch-ups on bumpers. I don't know if it was work of a previous owner or a dealership.

We are lame in negotiation, so Zac was rock solid for us :) However, we are satisfied with the deal we've got and consider price fair for the car we own now.

I personally liked this dealership a lot for relaxed atmosphere, for caring about our time and comfort, and clean, shiny, and stylish showroom - that's how the luxury cars dealership should look like. Zac is great to work with.

Heidi E. | 2014-09-07

Fair, honest and quick. I don't like to waste my day shopping for cars, though I like to buy a new one every few years. The sales team was friendly and not-gimmicky. Straight to the point about the car I wanted and my trade in. I got a fair deal in both, no pressure, in and out in about an hour.

Zac was great to work with. Love my Mercedes!

Tod M. | 2014-08-01

Great experience.  Knowledgeable sales team.   No pressure.   Took a long test ride and purchased a great car at a no-haggle fair price far under what it would have cost at dealership.   Quick back and forth negotiation regarding my trade-in value.  Fantastic financing secured in minutes.    Whole process after the test drive took ~20 minutes before I was driving off.   I will be a returning and referring customer.

Dominic A. | 2014-06-11

Let me start by telling everyone that I have been an employee at autoquest. However, before this I was an autoquest customer, and source of referrals.

Quick helpful service, owner on site who cares about customers, staff that understands that buying a car is an experience most dread. They make it easy. No back and forth games, no pretend managers in different offices, just nice cars and killer prices from low overhead.

Give them a shot and you will be pleasantly satisfied.

Chad C. | 2014-05-28

Just completed my 4th purchase at Auto Quest in 10 years, this time for my wife, and I won't car shop anywhere else.  The car buying stereotypes just don't exist here.  I never feel pressured.  I don't sit around for hours while they try to squeeze every last nickle out of the deal.  If you have a problem post-sale they are happy to help.  The wharehouse is filled with low mileage, luxury vehicles, all at wholesale prices, and you are free to browse the inventory until you find just the right one.  Craig and Bob took great care of us, even spending an hour programming my wife's phone in and showing her how the high tech package works.  I look forward to my next vehicle purchase, I sure can't say that about anywhere else.

Stacy R. | 2014-02-25

I purchased my hybrid SUV from Louis over 4 years ago and before I walked out the door he told me he'd always take care of me.  He has not disappointed.  I have continued to bring my car in for service (and the many bumps and bruises I have put on it) over the years and am always met with super helpful and friendly staff who go above and beyond.  If you are looking to purchase a luxury car at a great price and don't want to deal with haggling you'll find at a traditional car dealer then Louis is your man!

Courtney T. | 2014-02-24

Simply awesome!
We purchased a hybrid from Autoquest 2 and a half years ago, awesome vehicle for a wonderful price! My dog chewed through one of the seatbelts recently...Autoquest fixed it for the cost of the part! (This was one fourth of the price the Lexus dealership wanted!) And Autoquest vacuumed out my entire car!
The install only took a half hour, but if it didn't work with my schedule they were going to give me a loaner!!!  
Craig was wonderful, and his staff was happy, friendly, and ready to help

Nicole W. | 2014-01-30

I have bought several cars in my life and this was by far one of the easiest and quickest!! Upon arrival, Louis was quick to greet me and get me to the car that I was interested in! He was very personable and not pushy like your use to with car salesmen! He was very upbeat and smiled, tried to get to know us and our needs/ wants in a car, etc. Upon arrival, we already knew what car we wanted and went straight to the game of buying. Louis never pushed the car upon us and gave us plenty of time to think it over before going ahead with the deal. From the start, he was willing to work with us with our trade-in and was very honest about both sides. The car buying experience was even better! He didn't mess around, gave us what we asked for and got us a better rate than I could of asked for! Louis made our car buying experience a happy, no stress, no hassle one and I have already recommended him to several people. I by far also recommend Louis to everyone!

The office was very clean and welcoming. The staff very personable and everyone was smiling! They really enjoy their job which was great to see, it wasn't all stuffy like the other dealerships we had been to on our search for the perfect car!

Overall, what a great experience and I you will feel the same!

Eric W. | 2014-01-22

I almost don't want to post this review and keep this dealership my little secret, but that would be a disservice to Louis and the others at Auto Quest.  Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and there is no sales pressure.  They bent over backwards to keep smiling faces on me and my friends, who bought an IS250 and a CT200h.  They have tons of cars which makes it easy to find the right car quickly (Lexus, duh) and they don't mark their cars up by forcing you to buy CPO.  I can't express how happy I am with my RX350 and I will definitely buy another car here.  My friends already have!  Don't ask for Louis though, because he is MY 'car-guy'!

Carmina D. | 2014-01-18

My husband and I ended up purchasing a 2011 Infiniti G25X from Louis at Auto Quest a couple weekends ago. I really love how the dealership is setup, it has an indoor showroom which is perfect for Washington's unpredictable weather.  Their office is modern and tastefully decorated with an at home feel.  Louis accompanied us on the test drive and even gave us a mini tour of the surrounding area.  It made for a very pleasant test driving experience.  When we were ready to discuss the deal & the value of our trade, he was very transparent & took the time to show us the valuation system he used to determine what he could offer us. We settled on a very fair trade value and Louis had the paperwork for the purchase ready to go in no time.  We had an auto shop do a vehicle inspection and the car is in excellent condition. There were only very minor things like a burnt out fog light bulb and a missing exhaust tip which Louis actually offered to reimburse us for the expense of replacing these items without us even asking! I'll definitely refer friends, family, and colleagues to Auto Quest .

Hilary N. | 2014-01-18

No one I know likes the car buying experience. We especially dislike it. No matter where we have purchased our cars nor how nice we thought the salesperson was, we always felt taken as we left the dealerships. Well today was an amazingly different experience. We were dreading the task, we had a list of dealerships and cars to look at. Our first stop was our last stop. We went to Auto Quest.  Louis met us as we started in the door. He was honest, forthcoming with all info on the cars. He heard what we wanted and proceeded to show us cars that met our wish list. The part that we dislike the most ( the financial part of buying) was actually quite painless. Louis was fare and a pleasure to work with. We felt respected and we knew that he was taking our requests and needs to heart. We will be sending anyone we know in the market for a car to Louis at Auto Quest. It is a win-win experience!

Fred N. | 2014-01-13

This was the best car buying experience I've ever had. I worked with Bob, who was a great guy. I was a slow buyer, often checking inventory and stopping buy, and Bob was great and always willing to let me test drive new models (which you do solo!). I got an amazing price on a Lexus is250... and I thought the follow-up was really great. I left some stuff in my trade-in, and he rescued it and kept it until I could stop by again. Highly recommended.

Christopher S. | 2013-09-18

We had a great experience with Auto Quest.  They have gone way above and beyond to make us happy customers.  We worked with Lewis and Craig.  Simple, straight shooting and to the point.  We had a problem with our Lexus SUV and they stood behind it.  
We also love the mechanic that they work with, Arrows.

JC K. | 2013-07-31

I had been shopping for a used car for several months...knew what I wanted and what a reasonable price should be.  I stopped by to see Louie at Auto Quest one evening to see a car advertised on Craigslist - the price seemed to be very competitive.  After looking at the car and a bit of haggling, I made a deposit and agreed to purchased the car the following day - no test drive needed - I was told I would be well taken care of.

After picking up the car the next day and driving home, I notice a few issues (I thought a warped brake rotors, locking wheel lug nuts that had no key, and damage the sidewall on one of the front tires).  I called and they immediately agreed to have their repair shop take care of things - replacing rotors, new wheel lugs and a pair of new tires (even provided a loaner to get me to work and back while they took care of the problems).  Never any issue and really quick to respond to my phone calls.

Auto Quest exceeded my expectations in every way and made sure my experience was pleasant - they offered a great price and demonstrated to me that they really care of their customers.  I will be back in the future when I need a car and have no hesitation recommending Auto Quest to my friends and family.

John S. | 2013-07-27

Bought a used Lexus from Auto Quest.

Worked with Cale. Very happy with Cale and the purchase - but Auto Quest not as much.

The Lexus has been great - no issues.  But just make sure you have an really good, independent mechanic give the car a through review before buying used and ideally buy a car that still has some time and mileage left on the original factory warranty.

Unfortunately after Cale left it was more difficult to deal with Autoquest.  No major issues but there were a couple of small of items they dragged their feet on and in one case didn't follow through.  

This seems short sighted on their part as I've bought several cars since and opted not to use Autoquest based on the hassle.

Ryan H. | 2013-05-17

We did not even make it all the way inside before we were greeted! We told them what we where after and we had two people answering are questions!  They where knowledgable and helpful!  We had a Great Car Buying experience!!  Love our Lexus Hybrid!!!! Thanks Guys your Great!!!  Our salesperson was Bob he worked really hard to accommodate what we wanted and I feel like we got it!   The owner was approachable and helpful.  Comfy waiting room with a Flat Screen to watch TV wail you wait!

PS this review has been sitting for some time since I got the Lexus but I would like to report that the Lexus I bought just went through Inspection and it was Rated in VERY Good Condition!!! Two or Three months later.  Love The HS 250 Hybrid!!!

Francisco R. | 2013-03-24

Classy Staff!!!
I just purchased a 2008 altima 2dr coupe at this place and had an outstanding car buying experience. Everyone was friendly and I didnt feel as if I was at other dealerships. Louis got straight to the point and i didnt spend all day making a deal!!! I really appreciate the customer service and the no pressure sales approach. Thank you so much and i know where i'm getting my next vehicle from Autoquest!!!!

Nick B. | 2013-02-25

Auto Quest is a great place to shop for a new car. They have a great selection of luxury used cars. I was interested in finding a used Lexus, and they not only helped me find a great car, but helped me get financing at a great rate! I was not sure if I would qualify as it was my first car, but I got a great rate and they have followed up just to ensure that I was satisfied with my new car and their service. I would recommend them to any and all in the Great Puget Sound area.

Inez H. | 2013-02-04

If you want to be treated with the most respect in customer satisfaction this place exceeds all. Respectful and experienced! With a range of pre owned luxury vehicles.

First of I was greeted with a smile and a warm handshake by both Robert and Craig as soon as I walked in. They were not pushy like other sales people, we let them know what we were interested in and were able to find the car I was looking for a 2010 Lexus Hybrid Hs. It was a very nice clean environment and I have to mention the beautiful art on the walls that make you feel like you are in your own living room. I want to say thanks to Robert who made this car buying experience the best i ever had and something to look forward to in the future when it's my husbands time to buy a new car we will be coming back and we have told all of our friends and family through Facebook to go see you if they are in need of a car.


Colette R. | 2012-07-17

Going to buy a car is hard enough, but buying a Used Car is typically grueling!  Never has it been a fast and easy process till now!  So, needless to say when my husband got it set in his mind I was ready for an upgrade from my 2006 Prius, my stomach turned as he began his search for a Lexus RX-400H.  There were many out there and I, being the voracious researcher, made a few price comparisons and made a few calls to dealers.  When I called a Burien dealer (I'll not name the incompetent man I spoke to or which dealer for humanitarian reasons), he was unknowledgeable of Lexuses in general.  It struck me odd that he did not know why his high mileage Lexus was priced more than the lesser mileage vehicles I researched.  

I ended up calling Craig Ludy of Auto Quest in Seattle to inquire about his large inventory of Lexuses.  Craig was very informative about the different vehicles I was looking at based on the VINs.  He looked at the auction notes as well as the internal resources to find out why this Lexus was lower priced, why that one was higher priced for no reason, etc, etc.  He did not have to educate me but it really opened my eyes!  Although I did not name what dealerships I called, he knew which ones I was speaking of and pros/cons of working with them.  He was not disparaging toward them but did give me sufficient information to make a decision as to who I wanted to work with.  Based on this conversation, I ONLY wanted to work with Auto Quest.  We had planned to look at a Lexus Sunday morning at 10 already but Auto Quest did not open till 11.  He arranged for someone to open up early to meet with us so that we would not end up spending our entire day looking at cars.  That was the second reason reinforcing my decision to ONLY work with Auto Quest!  

When we met Doug Seguin Sunday morning, he was already there and we even got there at 9:45 AM.  Deciding on which Lexus was best, we started running the numbers.  That is the part we hate and always feel like unworthy people.  Doug never made us feel like that.  As a matter of fact, he pointed out an error on our Credit Report was causing loan approval challenges.  It was a 'WOW' moment as no one had ever explained why our credit was the way it was.  He told us he was going to work on it Monday and give us a call.  By 1:30 pm on Monday, Doug called with happy news!  Not only did he get us approved, but at a much lower interest rate then we have ever had on a car loan!  Today (Tuesday) at 9 AM, an hour before they opened (we got there at 8:30 AM and again, Doug was already there), we picked up my gorgeous blue Lexus RX-400h!  He even worked magic with our credit AND the terms of the loan with NO hidden Add-ons or fake necessities.  He even gave me new floor mats at no charge AND a brand new battery in my key fob!!

Bottom line, if you're in the market for a RELIABLE used luxury car and don't know who to trust your business to, call Auto Quest in Seattle and work with Doug Seguin!!  We will always take our future business there from here on out!  I'd give it 10 Stars if there was such a rating!!  Thank you Craig and Doug!

K K. | 2012-04-04

Found a 2006 Mercedes advertised online, was interested and came to check out the car with sales rep Louis. He let me drive the car, showed me the auto body detail shop and was very nice to work with. I checked out the car and purchased it the next day. After having the car for a month, the check engine light came on and Louis was very helpful, came to the shop with me and we found out nothing was wrong. Back at the dealership he even replaced a light bulb, put on new plates and washed the car. Very impressed and will continue to buy from him in the future!

Thank you!

Nol U. | 2012-01-02

My first experience was calling them for an ad I saw on which listed a price that was a bit less than the price on their website (something you see quite a bit when looking for a car online), Craig answered the phone and when I asked if the price was the real price, he wouldn't answer, finally after I pushed a bit, he said "Yes, that's the price", sounding annoyed (what's that all about? -not a good first impression).

So, I head down because they happen to have the car I was looking for (only one is Seattle) and are literally right down the street from my house. I am immediately greeted with a very aggressive salesman that is very quick to tell me that he knows nothing about cars, is good friends with Craig (the owner) and how they don't get commission so, no pressure and all that. A few minutes it, it is obvious that "having no game" is this guy's "game", almost to a fault. Very much like "I don't care if you buy the car, I don't know much about any of this car stuff" and then in the next breath telling me things about that car that only car geeks know (like how much they increased the horsepower between the different model years, etc.). I mentioned that their Yelp rating was not so great and he got very annoyed and told me that they don't care about Yelp, or what people think (really, he said that).

With regards to the car, he gives me this story that all of their cars are on loan and they only keep them for 90 days before re-auctioning them and that it just so happens that the car I am looking at is at 85 days and that they will be auctioning it within the next week. Also, shows me a spreadsheet that shows a bunch of numbers like how much they have into the car and how they are selling it for less than that. Uhh... sounds like a crappy business move to me, but ok, I'll go along with it.

I then ask if I can take the car to my mechanic to do a pre-sale inspection, he tells me that the car has been through three inspections already. THREE!!  and that we can take it over to their mechanic right now and have him go over it... a fourth?  ...but also says, "hey, if you want to take it to your guy and spend more money, go ahead.", Right before I took it, I asked to see one of the previous inspections... "Uhh, we can't find it, here go for a test drive and we'll look for it.", I did. When I get back, they found it, or one of them, etc. Of course it says everything is perfect, etc. (in my mind I am thinking, did they just fill out a new blank form?? I think all of us are damaged by the auto industry a little, but I want to expect the best, so I play along).

I take it to my mechanic....  About 20 minutes into the inspections, the guy comes out and sits down next to me and I can tell is very carefully choosing his words. When I tell him that I may be buying the car and want to here all the nastiness about it, I see the relief.

What he says:  
So, if you get down and look under the front of the car you can see a slight buckle in the front bumper, well, after we put it up on the rack we can see that the entire skid plate (that protects the bottom of the engine, etc. is cracked and split all the back along the same line as this buckle in the bottom of the front bumper and held together in places with zip ties. Then looks like someone cut a hole in the skid plate to get to the ABS linkage and wires and duck taped them all in a clump, the front tire on the side of the damage is the spare (the ware is completely different than the other tires, the tire that is in the spare compartment is flat and on the bottom is all split, looks like an impact. Then we checked the computer, a bunch of faults stating that the computer has had trouble communicating with the ABS system, etc.

So, looks like it's been in some sort of curb hopping incident and then hastily put back together.

Inspected THREE TIMES???  Come on!

So, I get back to AutoQuest and am not visually pissed, but calmly tell them about what I found and how I don't see how the car could have passed any inspection. Either their mechanic is lying to them, or they are lying to me. I don't know, I am not placing blame, just stating the facts. I just wasted half a day and $120 on an inspection.

The ONLY reason i am giving them 2 stars instead of 1 is because they did pay for my inspection.

However, I notice that the car is still listed on their website!  90 days my ass!

They seem like a bunch of typical, crooked, lying car salesman to me...  

Don't be fooled by the "we have no games" act. You better believe they got game. ;)

They seem to carry a lot of exotics that you can't find elsewhere, so just be careful when dealing with them, definitely have the car inspected by a third party before giving them any money.

JB M. | 2011-11-23

My girlfriend and I had a great experience here recently and I would highly recommend Auto Quest.  She purchased a recent trade and has been in contact since and been treated great post transaction.  Good Business!

Karm T. | 2011-11-22

HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! went there to look at their cars because they have very competitive prices, upon arrival, noticed their cars are not what they seem on the site autotrader, and the salesmen are told d*cks. They think they are better than you for some reason, it makes no sense to me. I was interested in a car that cost around 25k-30k and the salesman refused me a test drive, claiming insurance issues, i told them i would be fine with a pre-approved credit check, but they insisted on not giving the test drive. Could you imagine how I walked out of that place? And on a side note, i am not a 18 yr old boy looking to just joy ride, I'm 23 and i was with another friend of mine who is older, and I was helping him buy a car. I have bought multiple cars and NEVER in my life have a met people so rude, they are HORRIBLE people with no sense of dignity or respect. I'm surprised they are still in business with their attitude. NEVER GO HERE... JUST RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!

Ephrem Y. | 2011-11-14

Very disrespectful person, Craig, who claims to be the owner of this place. I ended up purchasing the car as I had to get done with my car shopping. But if you have the time and the option to shop around, then DON'T EVER do business who lies, thinks low of others (customers who bring him money), and above all A LI ER. I offered him a reasonable price and he said he can't sell it for that prices, fair enough and I left, two days later he published the same car on craigslist for a price I was offering him, so I called him and said well, now that you have lowered the price, I can come and take it. Then he started mumbling saying that it must have been a mistake, somebody published it wrong etc... when I was saying okay then forget it, he started saying, okay now that you have seen it I can give you at that price.. blah blah. Thinks of himself as a tricky salesperson... I don't think so! This shows how cheap of personality he has. Things got worse when I got in there and decided to lie about many things he had said would fulfill on the car, if I were to buy it. - detailing - DVD disc for the navigation the height of his stupid attitude - he offered to rip out the roof rack cross bars, when I asked him if he has the keys to unlock the roof rack cross bars. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, LI ER, CONDESCENDING = CRAIG AT AUTOQUST!

R L. | 2011-10-11

After some very unpleasant dealings with seemingly shady and/or rude, car dealerships, it was very refreshing to speak with the people at Auto Quest.  I've been looking to buy an extended warranty on my car, and they were very helpful, knowledgeable, and straight forward about getting me some information/quotes, and helping explain things.  They seem easy to deal with and responsive to questions, returning calls, etc.  Thanks!

Nolan L. | 2011-09-23

I Had a decent experience with the initial salesman at the dealer. One of the managers was very rude and condescending when I was comparing the model I wanted to buy to another car.  The dealer's prices aren't that bad, but they seem to piece used parts on their cars that aren't part of the original set up. The car (lexus is250) I looked at had a cheap after market front grill that would have been $600 to replace. This creates additional doubt in your mind as buyer because it is unusual to see after market parts put on a car.

On the plus side they have a good selection, and one of the salesman whose name i forgot was friendly. I would just be very wary of the random parts that may or may not be on the car you buy. Replacing cosmetic parts can get pricey.  The wholesale manager was also condescending to me which is never a fun thing at a dealership.

Jordan B. | 2011-07-27

I have found several things that seem questionable in my car since purchase, TMPS light still is flashing even after taking it back to them to get fixed and getting all new tires.

Also the car seems to have a slight vibration at high speeds and the brakes have started squeaking I took it in and they told me it is because someone replaced with cheap, lwo quality brake pads :( Still overall like the car but you surely get what you pay for.

Anonymous P. | 2011-06-03

Purchased our white 2007 Acura RL from their dealership back in March 2011 and I have to say my husband and I were excited and couldn't wait for the vehicle to arrive but upon arrival the smiles turned into anger and frustration.  

From the beginning, working with one of the sales rep (Zac); purchasing the vehicle was a breeze, the dealership knocked the price down, they took care of the paperwork for us and all we had to do was wait for its' arrival. The vehicle was towed to us which we had paid for and once it arrived it didnt look as good as it did on their website. The body kit wasn't complete; the front bumper kit was missing, it looked like someone had tried to pry off the window visors bc there was a dent, the back seats weren't bolted down and the car wasn't even detailed bc there were mud tracks all over the floor of the vehicle and seats. Now, I'm no car expert but I know I would never sell or purchase a vehicle that looked like this. Wouldn't this be considered false advertisement??

To make matters worse my husband called to speak with the owner of the company but we ended up speaking with the wholesale manager instead. He was rude and arrogant and didnt help the situation. My husband and I complained about the vehicle and all he told us was that he would send us a check for $100 so that we could detail the vehicle and then asked us to be happy about it.. We weren't asking for much but an apology was all was needed to help the situation and telling us to be happy with $100? Frankly we weren't happy and we told the whole sale manager that $100 was not going to fix the situation and his reply was that we just saved him $100 and he hung up on us.

Zac (our sale rep) called to apologize and asked how he could help us and make the situation better?? Atleast someone there knows what he's doing and how to handle customers and their problems. But then there wouldn't have been problems in the first place had they done their part correctly.

Joe L. | 2011-05-29

This is the best car dealership I have ever dealt with!

I have bought several cars from Auto Quest over the last decade for myself, my wife and my kids and I highly recommend them. They have put together great financing for me, when other dealerships couldn't (or at least wouldn't) and I have always gotten a great price. They treated me great when it came to service my vehicles and when it came time to trade them in.

They treated my kids great when it came their turn to buy a car from them. They have also treated the friends that I referred to them great as well. The bottom line is that I trust them to give me a fair deal every time. I bought my last car there and I will buy my next car there.

Dustin D. | 2010-06-02

Most of the cars here are high-end luxury cars but we bought a trade-in from them. Incredible experience. All the salesman work on salary so they don't pressure you.

Avitania B. | 2010-05-20

The only thing I hate more than the process of buying a car is the process of buying a *used* car. (Oh, sorry... I meant "pre-owned." My bad.) When my husband and I drove to Auto Quest to check out a two year old Volvo XC90 that was listed on Craigslist, I fully expected to be greased up by some slick salesguy sporting a thick gold chain, a blanket of chest hair, and a pinky ring. I am glad to report that my experience purchasing a car at AutoQuest was top-notch, nothing like I'd been expecting, and not a hairy chest nor pinky ring in sight!  :)

First, if you're into modern/pop art, there's quite a number of pieces in the Auto Quest offices that are really cool. It's a world away from the sterile, frou-frou environment of most luxury car dealerships. The salesperson we worked with at Auto Quest was friendly, laid-back, zero-pressure and, most of all, honest. Most of the cars they offer are lease returns (mainly Lexus, but I also saw several Mercedes, Land Rovers and BMWs), and although I only test-drove the car I ended up purchasing, all the cars on their lot looked in great shape. Furthermore, it was the first time I'd ever done a trade-in, and not only did Auto Quest give me a fair price for my car, the negotiation process was quite easy and hassle-free.

As for the car I bought, it's clean, drives tight, and feels like new.  The only down side was noticing after I drove off the lot that the car had less than 1/5 left in the gas tank. I know gas is expensive these days, but buying a $33k car with a practically empty tank kinda sucked. And, hey, the car I traded in had a full tank! Oh, well. However, my experience with AutoQuest was so positive overall that I don't mind overlooking this detail.

AutoQuest definitely exceeded all my expectations, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good deal on a used -- er, pre owned -- luxury auto.

Mary M. | 2009-05-15

I didn't buy a car here but will consider for my next car purchase. Came here 4 years ago looking for a blue Lexus is300 that I saw on their website. Stopped by but they didn't have it. They had either gold, green or black. The salesman was very nice said he might get one in but hes not sure. But he did let me take the black one out for a test drive even though I was 17 years old at the time. He said he would call me if they get one in. A month later, I decided on a red 350Z instead. 2 days after I got the Z, he called me to let me know he got a 2004 blue Lexus is300, auto, 16k miles for $18k in. Damn it!!! Why couldn't I be patient and wait until I find the car I really wanted?!?