Speck Hyundai of Tri Cities in Pasco, WA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Speck Hyundai of Tri Cities in Pasco, WA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Speck Hyundai of Tri Cities, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Speck Hyundai of Tri Cities in other cities in the Washington.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(509) 542-0234
Address:1002 North Road 28, Pasco, WA, 99301
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Speck Hyundai of Tri Cities

Jeff C. | 2014-12-05

This is for Used Cars.  These guys are your typical rip-off artists or they are incompetent. First, they don't display pricing on any of their vehicles online to get you to have to give your contact information just to get a price.  Then be prepared to get put on their mailing list and get repeat emails from them.

The kicker is the price they gave me on a 2013 used model with 22K miles was $38K (Santa Fe Limited AWD with Tech Package.) The MSRP Sticker Price (and we all know these sell for well under sticker) was $35,965 + $2,900 tech package = $38,595.  So they are listing a used vehicle for the same price as a new one basically, well more than a new one, since that's MSRP on a new one..

Once I told them I did my homework, they emailed me a book value report that had a $31K base value on the used vehicle but with $10,800 in options.  The options included AWD, premium stereo, sunroof, etc. All which came with the base and tech package on this car.  The tech package was the only option.  What they are doing is selecting the correct model and package and then inflating the price by somehow getting the report to duplicate the options included in the package as individual options at an extra cost.  If you took a 2014 2WD Limited new with base of MSRP $34,250 and added the $10,800 in USED price options from their report, then then you have a $45K 2014 Limited AWD.  Haha.

Trade on that 2013 Santa Fe Limited is about $27K, and they are asking $38K for it.  Most dealers like to make a couple thousand on a used car.  I realize asking prices are high ball prices, all other dealers asking price on that vehicle were in the $31-$34K range.  The Kelly Blue Book Dealer Certified Pre-Owned price was $29K which is about the fair selling price.  I've never seen a dealer list a car 25% above what they will sell it for, or at least not until now.

The fact a Hyundai dealer would do this is just baffling.  I would STAY AWAY from these guys.

Erin B. | 2014-11-05

I bought a 2014 Elantra last night! My boyfriend and I have never been so happy! Not only is the car so quiet and smooth is really has EVERY feature I was looking for! My salesman, Colin was really nice and answered all of our questions honestly! He was extremely helpful! Also, the sales and finance managers made everything go really smooth! I couldn't have asked for a better car buying experience! If you're in the market, GO TO SPECK HYUNDAI!

Henry O. | 2014-10-09

Nice place to get a 19.95 oil change, cheapest place in the whole area, they provide complimentary coffee in the lounge and free wifi. However after experiencing Toyota of Tri-Cities with their over the top customer service center with free bottle, soda and tokens for a massage chair, Speck needs to step up their game. I still got love for them since they got me into a car but Toyota man is just a better experience overall

Jewlz P. | 2014-09-22

Very rude Parts/Service manager Earl. Service staff was great but their manager isn't aware of the warranty on items on the vehicle and is ignorant of the Hyundai Customer service phone number. Suggested we "call customer service since we didnt like his answers". ?? He didn't HAVE any answers, and wasn't concerned about answering them. Won't deal with this dealership again. Zero help in figuring out why four 40k mi tires are bald at 27k miles. Just wanted to sell me same set who's warranty they won't honor.
5 stars for the oil change guys. Too bad he's a manager. I'll drive to Yakima for service. Love corporate Hyundai. They apologized for him and are researching why the tires failed.

Anne O. | 2014-08-08

Our car recently broke down the first day into a long road trip family vacation, and the service department was amazingly helpful!  Since they knew we were stranded away from home, they scheduled us for an appointment right away. While the engine unfortunately turned out to be completely blown and would take 1-2 weeks to fix, they confirmed the repair would be under warranty and got us a rental car so we could continue on our way without interruption.  When we got back, the car was repaired and ready to go.  Our vacation could have been a complete disaster, but due to their professionalism, we didn't miss a thing.

Patrick S. | 2014-06-14

**This review is for the service department only**
After shady dealings in the service department at Bill Robertson Nissan (see my review for them), we decided to bring our Nissan repair work to Speck Nissan in Sunnyside-and we loved the way they treated us during our routine maintenance work. Unfortunately we live an hour from them, so we get our Nissan serviced here instead....and we've had nothing but great experiences when it comes to their service department and their service advisor, Jennifer Horst.
Their prices are very reasonable and they don't pressure you into anything you don't want to do...unlike BR next door.

Ty M. | 2013-12-17

I've come to expect the classic underhanded moves the typical car dealer but Speck takes the cake.

*As a note, before I go further, their Internet and Customer Services agent was helpful and quick to reply.

Thats where the good service ended. They continually pushed to get my information for financing. I had emailed an offer on a car to them in the morning. They wrote back to say that offer was acceptable. Then after an hour of test drive and paperwork they came back with twice the amount I offered. The sales manager was rude and disrespectful.

Walk next door and talk to Bill Robertson or go across the freeway and see McCurley. Don't buy from Speck, its not worth the shenanigans.

Jim A. | 2013-08-09

5 yrs ago I bought a used 03' Chev Avalanche from these thieves. I was ripped on every aspect of the deal. I ended up paying 18k when told the price was 13k. I was sold a rip-off warranty by the salesman and a rip-off $400 anti-theft warranty too. When I went in to have the fuel pump replaced they charged me $1000. That's when I found out I'd been screwed. They said it wasn't covered under the warranty. I was supposed to have a $50 deductible. So the warranty was a complete waste of $3000. The salesman said the warranty covered just about everything. Do not shop here unless you want to be screwed too. The bad part is Hundai makes pretty good cars. But u will pay threw the nose for one here. And no one should get shafted after the sale like u will here. They have $100/hr shop rates. C'mon, they don't have that much overhead. They are gouging their customers.

Debra M. | 2011-12-01

I really like the service dept at this Hyundai dealership! They are so friendly and helpful. I feel confident they are not trying to pad the bill. The cashiers are great too!

Dennis P. | 2011-07-09

Two and a half years and I still love the service.  The service manager goes out of his way to help... Only sour note...I don't know why Facebook was  blocked on the Wi-Fi.

Joe C. | 2009-02-02

Speck Hyundai is part of the Speck family of dealerships and an excellent example of what buying and servicing a can be.

The dealership is neat, clean, and modest in appearance - nobody is footing the bill for leather couches and marble floors with every car purchase.  They have a good selection of new and used cars, with the promise that they will pull whatever they can find across the other dealerships.

We have our Nissan Pathfinder serviced there.  If they can't do the work there, they will haul it to their Sunnyside dealership - and give us a loaner - without an extra charge.  How cool is that?  They always get the car back when they promise to and for the promised price.  The staff is friendly and helpful.

What really impressed me is how easily they dealt with a slight mistake on our last service.  We use synthetic oil, which they installed at the last change, but didn't do that on the 60k service.    I called the service advisor who quickly offered to take the car back the same day and replace the oil.  I paid the difference between the regular and synthetic oil, which wasn't any big deal.  Shop prices are lower than George Gee Nissan next door (I'm not a fan - read the other reviews) and they actually look at components before replacing them, even if the service is authorized.

I'm satisfied enough with the Speck folks that I'm starting my next car search with them.