Legacy Ford in Pasco, WA

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We specialize in many aspects of the automotive business.  We strive to provide excellent customer service not only in Sales but in our Parts and Service as well.  Our Service department is equipped with over 30 bays and technicians making it hassle free to get your vehicle in and out.  We know time is important to everyone but so is quality.  We want to deliver the best quality work with taking as little of your time as possible.  Our Parts department is filled with original OEM parts as well as unique parts.  We have great people behind the counters who can help with whatever you are looking for.  Whether it be an engine, transmission, or just a tiny valve stem cap we can find it for you.  Our Sales team is one of kind.  This is a place you can come to and have a GREAT experience purchasing a vehicle.  Whether it is new or used we will provide excellent customer service.  Customer service that doesn't just last when your there buying the vehicle but customer service that last forever


Established in 2008.

Legacy has Four dealerships to serve it's customers. A Ford, Lincoln franchise in La Grande, Oregon that's been serving Eastern Oregon for 15 Years; A newly acquired Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram franchise in La Grande, Oregon; A Ford franchise in Pasco Washington serving the Tri-Cities and the surrounding area: A Quicklane and Sales Facility in downtown Walla Walla rounding out the largest New and Used inventory in Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon Combined. Legacy is the #1 Ford store in Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon for Sales and Service! A Quicklane and Sales Facility in downtown Walla Walla rounding out the largest New and Used inventory in Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon Combined. Legacy is the #1 Ford store in Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon for Sales and Service! The only way for us to keep growing is to build relationships with our customers.  Without everyone who uses Legacy as their go to stop for Parts, Service, or Sales we would not be where

Legacy Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(509) 544-8000
Address:1225 N 32nd Pl, Pasco, WA, 99301
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Legacy Ford

Tom S. | 2015-03-23

Went in to look at new Expeditions. By way of background, we have been a good customer, buying a new 2012 F250 Super Duty diesel pickup 3 years ago from them. They had a 2013 Expedition with 12k, which we test drove and liked. I asked what the price was and was shown the original window sticker ($56k!). Later I learned that Legacy had listed this car on Cargurus.com at $56k and there was a huge red question mark beside it as Cargurus had the fair market value of this car at $43k. I said that this was a used car and needed their best offer on it. They felt that it was a new car because it had never been registered (driven by the owner's wife using dealer plates), I repeated that I need the actual price and I considered it used. I was told that they wouldn't go thru the bother of working up a price unless I agreed to buy it first! INCREDIBLE! We walked out of there.

Several days later a manager called and apologized. I had expected such a call by that evening, or then next day at the latest. By that time we had located a great deal at a dealer out of state, which I told him about. I decided to give them a 2nd chance. They tried to match the offer, but were consistently inconsistent, not calling us back in a timely manner and making us prove the trade in offer we had with the other dealer. I decided to not reward bad behavior and went with the other dealer, who was always prompt and courteous (what a shock!).

When I finally called and told them of my decision the manager tried to justify their bad behavior again ("We get people in all the time that make all sorts of requests and then never buy anything."). I told him I was getting pissed off all over again and hung up.

Customer service at Legacy appears to be a slogan and not a reality. A 2 star rating is really a bit of a stretch.

Kyle O. | 2015-01-29

I Was upfront and honest. Sent pictures, vin number and even a picture of my trade.  Even sent pictures of my window sticker.  I asked for a difference number on a truck they had in stock to my truck on trade.  They refused to serve me.  Instead they offered to give me a difference number If I drove 8 hours to their store.  Obviously that wasn't s option I was willing to do not knowing the numbers ahead of time.  Joe cardillo the salesman said "Our truck will not likely be available for trade" when I told him I would have my local dealer trade them for the truck I wanted.  Terrible service.  Don't advise wasting your time with this company

Daniel H. | 2014-12-16

Would put ZERO stars if possible!!!!! Service was horrible!!!! I broke down in the early evening and had my truck towed in. Told the service writer that I was gonna be at the hotel in the AM and would like to leave around noon. I could see exactly what was broken on my rig and called my ford dealer who services it regularly to get a quote. When I called back in the morning legacy ford hadn't even started working on it and couldn't give me an estimate yet. Basically I spent ALL day there and found out that fixed the initial problem then decided to fix another problem that I didn't need fixed and could have got done anywhere. I spent MORE on the repair that wasn't needed than the one that was needed. On top of that when I left I found that my radio isn't working and decided that I would rather drive around without it than go back there!!!!


Cheryl V. | 2014-03-25

I went in to take my studded tires off and remount the originals. 3 hours I waited and asked multiple times about when it should be ready since I was due to work. All I got was attitude and talked poorly about in front of my daughter. Suggestion take the day off and be prepared to wait a very long time and don't ask questions or you may get an aggravated service man because your cutting into his cookie eating time. The majority of the customers waiting were  complaining about the amount of time their oil changes were taking as well. So hurry up and wait is what you'll do here even with having an appointment :(

Joshua W. | 2012-08-14

Got to give these guys at least a 1 star boost. After my debacle at Autozone, I limped into Legacy since it was close by. (To recap, my battery was dying, but we were unable to get it changed because extreme corrosion was keeping a connector stuck to the battery). They said they would have it done by the next day and, by golly, they did! A new battery, plus whatever unholy thing they had to do to get the old one unstuck and repairing a coolant leak (which I suspected, but chalked it up to "normal A/C stuff") cost a tidy $130. Not bad considering the battery alone cost $100.

Considering how busy they were, it's great that they were able to get it fixed so quickly. So this wasn't one of those "car dealership mechanic horror story's" you hear so much about. It was a welcome reprieve after the previous day's experience.