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We provide services for your Acura automotive needs.  We offer New and Pre-owned sales, one of the largest Acura parts inventory in the state and a Service department to help you with your vehicles maintenance needs.


Established in 1986.

Acura of Bellevue opened its doors in 1986 to become one of 4 Acura Dealers in the greater Seattle area.  Barbara Nelson is the founding owner and is part of the Nelson family who has dealerships throughout the Washington State area.  That family tradition continues today as her son Rob Sesnon is the Dealer Principal of Acura of Bellevue.  We have recently won some amazing accolades!  We are the #1 volume Acura Dealership in Washington State for the last 11 years running and we are the #1 volume Acura Dealership in the Pacific Northwest for the last 4 years running.

Acura Of Bellevue

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(425) 644-3000
Address:13424 NE 20th St, Bellevue, WA, 98005
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Acura Of Bellevue

Deena Y. | 2015-04-11

See here's the thing. dealerships up north in bellevue always claim to have the best service; why? Because they're in "Bellevue" no I get better service in Tacoma. I drove at least an hour to Bellevue just to wait on someone to help us over 10-15 minutes. Lost business cause I took my ass back to fife to get some real customer service.

Sara D. | 2015-04-10

I always brought my car to the dealership for service because it was easier (I realize this makes no sense). I know the dealer is expensive, but for $90 for an oil change (no tire rotation), I expect some great service but I'm consistently disappointed. For example, I had running shoes in the back floor of my car, when they vacuumed the car, they threw the shoes onto the back seat, leaving dirt all over the leather and didn't bother cleaning the seats off after. And somehow my cup holders became filled with water. If I'm paying $90 for an oil change, these are the little things I expect a dealership to pay attention to. I'll never be going back.

Mike D. | 2015-02-19

I've been here several times over the last four years for service on my MDX. I have nothing but praise for AB. I was particularly happy that I was able to get my car in for a next-day appointment at 7:30 AM.  This is the most efficient and friendly car service I've ever experienced.

Lyndal B. | 2015-01-05

Bought a used Acura MDX from another dealership (Lexus of Bellevue - terrible experience). I took the car to Acura of Bellevue to get some things checked out - they gave me a loaner car, fantastic service and even helped me deal with the horrible people at Lexus of Bellevue. My service tech was Dane, he was great and left me impressed with Acura of Bellevue. Thank you Dane!

Samantha S. | 2014-12-22


I have never had a better experience in the car industry in my life! I recently purchased a 2015 Acura RDX from Acura of Bellevue (if anyone is on the fence about purchasing this car, I would highly recommend pulling the trigger, it has far exceeded my expectations...BEAUTIFUL vehicle; looks great and drives great)! This dealership truly is the epitome of high class, from the sales department to the service/ parts department; they are on the ball to ensure they deliver nothing but the best experience to their customers.

Shortly after purchasing my RDX, I had to take it into the service department for a minor issue to be corrected. The service manager, Charles Hart was phenomenal! He made sure that I was taken care of with a loaner car and even went the extra mile to offer me water/ delicious treats while I was checking in/out... You just don't see that kind of customer service these days! I appreciate that he was direct and honest with me and gave me a clear timeline as far as what was wrong with my car and when I could expect that it would be finished. I was so impressed that I had to personally ask for his business card and I notified him I would be leaving a positive Yelp review... So here it is! :)

This place is the real deal... Good, down to Earth people, who just want to make our lives easier! If you live anywhere in a 50 mile radius of the dealership, it is worth the extra time/ energy/ effort to give Acura of Bellevue your service, you won't be disappointed!

Keep up the great work; I will continue to recommend your dealership to everyone and anyone who will listen!

g f. | 2014-12-13

Parts and Service Dept.  I've been taking my AcuraTL to the dealership service for over 10 years.  I've been very happy with the service until now.  I brought it in for an oil change and to do a complimentary car inspection, especially the tires since they are bald and it looks exactly like their 3D tire wear model.  I picked up the vehicle and the complimentary car inspection shows that everything is great including my bald tires! My car now leaks oil.  I took my tires to Discount Tires and had them check the tires.  The tire treads registered in the red zone of the tire tread gauge.  I use to get calls about their service satisfaction.  Not anymore.  Their service has gone down hill.  Why?

Aravind B. | 2014-07-23

One of the best experiences. Tom sales man was awesome. Didn't push or rush. Was very patient and gave me all options. Gave me his final price and some room to negotiate. In and out in a couple of hours and all paper work done and I bought myself a fully loaded 2015 Acura mdx. Very happy with the purchase. The lady who did all the financial transactions was awesome. One happy customer

Wan Y. | 2014-06-19

The review is just for service,not the car.
I went to this place for test drive and price inquiry today, when i go into the store the . sales associate Brandon kim come to me without a smile on his face. when i first take a look at the car in lobby ,he barely said anything about the RDX features and just let me to look . During the test drive,it only takes about 10 mins on the way and he did not say anything either. When back to the store and I ask about the price, he just give me the sales price around 37300 ,after i give him my friend's 2014 RDX purchase price , he refuse to give me any discount on this new model 2015 and said that i should call another store about the sales price. Maybe he just did not need a customer any more. So , i would not recommend this place for this kind of attitude. the way he treat customers is horrible makes you feel invaluable and they don't care.

Kurt S. | 2014-05-23

Brought our 2014 Acura RDX AWD with tech in today for it's first service since purchase on 7-5-13.
As we pulled into the service drive we were warmly greeted,even knowing my name even though it was the first time in.
After going over the scheduled service items, the RDX was whisked off to the technician as we walked into the lounge area.
A little while later while chatting with Minh the salesperson, Dan the accelerated service advisor said at our leisure we were ready to go, he went over the multipoint inspection and other items letting me know everything was in excellent shape.
After driving 3 hours from central Washington State,the complimentary wash and vacuum was a nice touch even though it was raining !
While chatting with Minh he gave me a few neat tips on setting up some personal settings on the RDX.
Minh and the entire Acura Of Bellevue staff again treated me like a KING
If you want to buy a new or used vehicle see Minh, if you need service work done I highly recommend Acura Of Bellevue

Andrey T. | 2014-03-21

I was super excited to go in and look at cars especially Acura TL and incentive offers from the Acura site. The Acura Bellevue dealership offers price 20% more then advertisement which is weird and misleading with Acura advertisement. A
lso they ignored a fact that first month is free based on Acura's adv. asking for additional payment for a first month as well. It's not as in Acura's adv. 0 first month and 360 for 35. They try to make 360 for 36 month ignoring Acura's site. Final explanation was that they do not have cars in there inventory for incentive Acura's offer. Overall impression is that the staff is not knowledgeable about business itself,cars features  and Acura feature, very poor customer experience.

Sylvia H. | 2014-03-07

I came here today to test drive the RDX. I really wanted to give them 5 star because everything was good but I felt misled by this one thing. I have been a Barrier customer for years and call me silly but their unlimited self service car wash has been a HUGE reason why I have bought my last 3 cars from them. Tony greeted me and while we were driving, I told him about how important car washes to me and he immediately told me that they have it too! I was thrilled and ended up buying the MDX. Sadly, in the end he only gave me 10 car wash coupon from brown bear and told me that was it. He proceeded to tell me that if they offered free car wash their service guys will be doing just that. Well why did you say you have that in the beginning? He then said I can come in and if he is not doing anything, he will run my car through the wash.....but I don't know that I believe it either. Plus it is not convenient to have to see him each time I need a car wash. I felt like he should live up to his words and give me unlimited car wash coupons so I can wash my car whenever. It is just too bad that this happened as it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Jason M. | 2014-01-23

My review is for the service department.  I was having an issue with my brake lights.  I'd gone to a few places before I went to Acura of Bellevue and no one was able to fix it.  These guys thought they fixed it but the brake lights failed again less than two weeks later.  I brought it in again and they fixed it for real this time at no extra charge.  Throughout the process the mechanic called to give me updates.  I really appreciated their level of customer service.

Ben C. | 2014-01-02

Our experience at Acura of Bellevue was awesome, unfortunately we didn't buy a car but I do feel a review is necessary.

My gf and I were in the market for a new car, we wanted to take a look at the MDX. We showed up without an appointment and were greeted by Tom. Basically our experience with Tom from beginning to end was awesome. Probably one of the best salesmen I've met. He was nice, helpful, knowledgeable. He knew we were looking at Lexus as well but his tactic was to tell us why the MDX was better compared to the RX 350 by giving us a run down of all the features and services they offer. We had to go back to Tom a second time to get a final look at the MDX, we did another test drive, we looked at different color options. Again Tom was patient, he wasn't pushy, he knew how to handle the situation. Unfortunately though we decided the MDX was just a little bigger than what we wanted, my GF even made the comment, I wish we could buy the RX 350 from Tom. We definitely felt bad for not going to him but when we are ready to buy the MDX I'm going hunt Tom down and make sure he gets our business.

So if you ever do go to Acura of Bellevue find Tom because he will treat you right. Side note if you are with your gf don't ask him how long it took for him to get married because that will set off a fire storm with your gf who will ask how come we have to wait so long Tom got married in 2 months! oy vey...

Chad F. | 2013-11-11

My wife and I drove here specifically from Yakima to look at several of their used Acuras, my wife fell in love with a black low-mile TSX Nav.  We were treated very well and ended up purchasing the car at a pretty fair price.  (5 stars except that they played some of the typical games, called us back on our way home to accept our original offer +250$ that they refused when we were there).

The TSX we purchased turned out to be a wonderful car.  Recently there was a recall that had something to do with the cars computer.  We scheduled an appointment for that weekend and they loaned us a very nice RL to drive around Seattle until the car was done.  I also looked around at their used cars again but I didn't have the budget this time and ended up at another dealer which turned into a nightmare but I will leave that for another review.

Great place to buy a car, new or used.

Melanie S. | 2013-11-03

I was super excited to go in and look at cars. My boyfriend had one to trade in and we were looking at both getting cars. The sales person Rob greeted us and was friendly at first but got really lazy about ten minutes in. He didn't know any pricing on any of the leasing options, he didn't have information about either of the cars we looked at. During our test drives he was almost mute with the exception of giving directions. It was one of the worst experiences I've had and I literally went home and took a nap because I was so drained from this horrible experience.

I drove the extra 40 minutes to go to Acura of Lynnwood. Way better customer service and they actually took us seriously!

Vis M. | 2013-08-26

I bought my pre-owned car from here. My experience was nice to say the least. Thomas Matson primarily helped me with the purchase. He was a very nice to deal with no pressure sales guy. He even came to our house to figure the car garage remote. And help me setup our door unlock options. I would definitely recommend working with Thomas! The dealership forgot to fill up the tank with gas which is their promise so I brought it upto TOm and he immediately got on it and filled up my tank the next day. He took care of the touchup on the mirror and showed me how to do it.

Since nothing is perfect here are a few things I think could have been better:
1) I had to ask the Finance desk manager a couple of  times to give me copies of all the signed paperwork. This should have been done by default.
2) I ended up not getting the certified vehicle(saved $300 on it) but nobody explained me that I wont qualify for the VIP program and the benefits of the VIP program(basically a free oil change and service discounts). Not a big deal but scope for improvement!

Pete W. | 2013-08-13

I have experience growing up around the car business, working in the car business and not enjoying the idea of being a customer in the car business.  All that changed a bit when I encountered Acura of Bellevue...

I could write quite a bit about my experience but I'll keep this review relatively short.  I'll just say that the staff was immediately polite and friendly, nice to meet you Marie.  The sales professional was patient, accommodating and responsive, thanks Tony.  The sales management was very reasonable in the initial negotiation and follow up interactions, even exceeding my expectations in post-sale interactions.  I enjoyed signing documents with Cathy.  Even though I caused her extra work by initially giving her an incorrect address she was unflappably friendly and professional.

The service department two days later for the additions that were promised at the time of sale.  This is where you get to feel a little different then when you were being promised the world, right?  Nope!  Everything was "as promised" expect the additional work that was performed to bring the vehicle up to standards and no charge!  I couldn't have been happier as I drove away with my newly washed vehicle and a fresh bottle of cold water.

I'm about 95% in love with my Acura; I'm 100% impressed with Acura of Bellevue.  I never expected my new vehicle to be perfect, it is great.  I'm sure I like it even more because of my interactions with the fine individuals at Acura of Bellevue.  I highly recommend doing business there!

Sandi L. | 2013-08-07

My husband and I went to several dealerships:  Audi, Cadillac, Infinity and Acura . For several reasons we did not purchase from either above dealerships, however, when we went into Acura, Hanh approached us as we were getting out of our car, we immediately liked him, he was professional, confident, and is unlike the "car salesman" we all cringe about.  He was thorough, knowledgeable and efficient and wanted us to talk about driving a car out that day.  We just weren't ready, as I was replacing my 2004 Volvo XC70 and this was a big decision for me so we went away to think on it.  

After narrowing down our choice to an Acura, we were then torn between TL and RDX.  When we returned, Hahn made that easy.  He got us into each vehicle, had a nice drive, voice recognition, seat adjustments, music, all the things you get to play around with and that you have time to mess with while on test drive made it fun.  We even took both vehicles home to make sure they fit into our garage easily as the TL is longer than the XC70 and I wanted to make sure I had all the clearance I needed.  Went back to dealership to negotiate our trade-in and price.  Oh, important - I had been prepared to go to Lynnwood to use the Costco pricing program as Bellevue Acura did not show up on the computer as participating in the program (probably because originally I searched for 2013 but wound up purchasing a 2014) Hanh immediately said he would honor that pricing and after taking my Costco membership # we discussed that pricing, negotiated my trade-in and I went home with my brand spanking new 2014 RDX w/Tech.  While working with Cathy on signing the documents, whom we also loved working with, Hanh paired my phone,  navigation, etc.  Since our eyes were glazed over from spending most of the day dealing with the car purchase we left and went home and Hanh came to our home the following day and put me thru RDX school, programmed our garage and house lights into the car - I am forever grateful for that, my mind was fresh and could actually retain some info.  Its been 3 weeks and I still love my RDX.

Almost forgot, we returned 2 days later to the service department to have protection plan applied to vehicle - they gave us a new black TL loaner - (so I got my TL fix - but glad I got the RDX).  Anyway we got to keep that until they completed our car - 2 days - and they did a great job!

David H. | 2013-08-06

I have a 2003 Acura TL with 4 failed transmissions. Really! I'm on my 5th one now. Acura does not stand by their product. Every transmission went out very prematurely. It is supposedly "re-enginered" but there is no way of telling if there is any difference. The second one that went bad I had the car towed back to Acura, as they replaced the first one. Within 3 days of the car sitting in their lot, I get a phone call from Acura of Bellevue and they tell me that the drivers side window is busted out, and all 4 wheels and the front bumper are stollen! And Acura does not have insurance for the cars in their lot that they are fixing. They only have insurance for their cars. They filmed the thief on a very low resolution snapshot camera. This guy spent well over an hour, and vandalized my car and one other car. He could have brought a picnic basket and made sandwiches in the Acura parking lot (he took his time and had forever before any one came in the morning). I think it may have been an inside job. Why can't they have a security agency looking at a live film feed every hour or so, then call police if they see something suspicious?? And on top of it, after writing Acura a nicely detailed letter, Acura said they will not help with the transmission fix, even though it went out with only about 67,000 miles. They said that they made the decision on the basis of the car miles, not the transmission miles. So I had the car towed, after my insurance paid for a new bumper, window, and wheels, to a reputable transmission shop where they repaired the transmission 3 times in a 2 year period. I have spent a total of $9,200 on 4 transmissions that all went very prematurely. And to think that I bought an Acura so I wouldn't have issues like this. This is the 9th car I have owned and I have never had transmission problems until this one. I will never buy an Acura product again because they do not stand by their products. For the record: Transmission #1 108,000 miles (fixed by the dealership), #2 67,000 miles, #3 2,000 miles, #4 27,000 miles #5 ?? miles. I am definitely selling this car before the warranty is up. My next car will not be an Acura.

Milton C. | 2013-08-04

Without a doubt, a smooth, hassle-free buying experience.  Minh, our salesperson is extremely knowledgeable about the cars, into the tiniest functional details.  He gave us a reasonable price and we agreed to purchase our 2014 rdx w tech package.  He was also incredibly diligent in setting up additional service for the vehicle for accessory outfitting. Really enjoyable experience. I would definitely buy from AOB and with Minh again!  4 stars, because I'm not sure I got the very lowest price possible, but I felt I paid a fair price and the car seems great so far.
When shopping at Acura of Bellevue, be sure to talk to Minh.  He's the best.
Like another reviewer pointed out, he's super low pressure and did a great job demonstrating the features of the vehicle.

Also, while our car was in for servicing, the provided a nice loaner car and made the temporary transition of vehicles incredibly easy.

Rana J. | 2013-06-22

I get better service buying a pair of shoes at Nordstrom!  I have been a professional sales rep for almost 15 years and I came out of this dealership wondering what sales model they used to train their sales reps because I was so befuddled by the experience.  Really?  We were about to drop 50 grand on a brand new MDX and the service was soo lousy that I was completely distracted.  I don't really know where to begin here....I guess my expectations needed to be dropped way down prior to coming to this establishment.  If I could label the type of sales my family just experienced it must be the "acuras are so popular that we don't need to really sell the features and benefits to you". In fact, we have a waiting list of people that want these cars so we wont be negotiating on price and all the things I asked about. The sticker price is set and that's pretty much it.  Take it or leave it.

K T. | 2013-05-30

Service managers are very efficient in helping you and your car, and get you out of here soon as possible.
I would recommend making appointments before you go.
with an appointment scheduled, everything will go smoothly.
You can get a loaner car and don't need to stick around to wait for 2 hours.
They will wash your car for most of your requested services.
But, if you must wait because they are out of loaner car, there are complimentary coffee and snacks/fruits, magazines and even an option to rent iPad!!
They also have free wifi so you won't be bored at this place.
Even ready for kids to play around.

David S. | 2013-05-22

Finally I am able to purchase an Acura!  It had been a long time since I could buy a car and I wanted to award purchase to this dealership for service these many years.  I am not one to "Haggle" a price, and I let them know that it makes me uncomfortable, so please give me the BEST price you can on a car.  I understand nobody pays sticker prices, and also that dealership needs to make some profit on sales.

The person was nice, all sales staff are.  He said Acura cars are ala carte, so you can add packages for the options you want or desire.  I test drove some cars and liked the package that includes the tech.

I want to say a few things that Bellevue Acura is a great place to buy a car, the sales agent really tried to help us pick out the right car for us, in fact he bent over backwards to try and give us a good deal.  

The service department is five stars!  Once you buy a car there you will be serviced by one of the best servicing departments in Washington State.  

It just did not work out for us, they sales staff was very nice, and I was a bit jumpy about exactly what I wanted because I did not really know.  Not sales department's fault, it was mine...exactly how the manager responded and because he did it says a lot about the company.

Y K. | 2013-05-15

My husband and I thought that this dealership has a good corporate culture.  The people (esp. Karl and Frank) were very nice, patient, knowledgeable and helpful.  They listened well and were very forthright with their products and price.  Classy!  Highly recommended!
I appreciate that they did not stress me out...unlike another dealer of the same make.  Thanks for an excellent experience.

AnonymousSeattle A. | 2013-05-11

This review is about the service department in particular.

The service department (Advisors, Technicians and Service Manager) are extremely unfriendly and their employees lack basic customer service skills. They had my vehicle for several days and never offered a resolution for the issue that my brand new car is having. Terrible experience and I will never return to Acura of Bellevue. I will also be warning my friends and family members to steer clear of this dealership.

Thanks for not resolving the issue with my car.

Dissatisfied customer.

Sarah Q. | 2013-04-28

Bellevue ROCKS the house! I severed my business relationship with Hinshaw Acura of Fife and went to Bellevue! I had a horrible experience in Fife so I was a bit nervous to try another lot. My boyfriend and I traveled from Fife to Bellevue with intentions to take a look at some 2013 TL Tech. We were approached my gentlemen by the name of Hanh Nguyen! He was absolutely AMAZING! He approached both of us with professionalism and not with the sales arrogance. We told him exactly what we were looking for and was confident he could help us. He immediately walked us to the cars and showed us what our options were. We worked the numbers but is approach and verbiage was extremely professional. One comment he made is if we can make these numbers work, can we earn your business today! Absolutely! As we waited for the final financing decision, the service/parts employees were so personable and helpful. They talked with us and I felt as if they were all our friends. Hanh and I did go back and forth a few times with negotiations but not once did he give up on us and we made it work! I was happy and he was happy! Oh wait, before we left he showed us features of the car, set up navi, programmed garage door. Before we left I wanted to purchase a key faub cover for both my boyfriend and I and he said don't worry about it so he purchased them for us. Wow, impressive! I would recommend Acura of Bellevue to anyone and if you go please introduce yourself to Hanh! Thanks Hanh I will be back and you have a lifetime customer! Kudos to you! Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Take Care and see you soon!

V S. | 2013-04-08

Absolute worse service. I get ANGRY just thinking about this place. Love my two Acura vehicles, but this service department goes from bad to worse. Looking for a new car, won't get another Acura because of their service. Had my cars in for routine service, got home and had a recall notice. Called service manager and asked why they don't automatically check for recalls. He didn't have an answer. This happened twice!  No recognition that I had to bring cars back in again. Gave me a loaner one time that was so dirty I had to stop at a drugstore and purchase cleaning supplies also could not use back of RDX cause it was full of dog hair. The seat button was cracked off and I cut my hand on it, the service guy said, be careful.

Andrea D. | 2013-03-13

so I took my 2011 TL in for service at 11:00am and left with a new 2013 at 4:00 that afternoon.  I was offered a sweet deal and was treated so well I couldn't say no.  shout out to Karan the friendly, yet professional salesman who was patient and encouraging and so Frank Kelly the sales manager and to the whole staff including Kathy the finance paperwork gal.
I have been an acura owner for many years and always appreciate the good service and friendly atmosphere of acura of bellevue

Tiffany P. | 2013-03-08

Best car buying experience! We first went to a different dealership and were treated terrible. After thinking we would not find a suitable safe car because of that experience, we decided to try out Acura and were pleasantly surprised. Tom has now sold us 2 cars (one new and one used) this past year and we are more than happy with our cars AND service! He took his time with us and helped us find exactly what we will need as new parents to feel safe with our newborn in the car. He was honest and respected us without any pressure. We highly reccomend going to Acura of Bellevue and working with Tom!

Matt C. | 2013-02-13

I had been looking for months for a newer used car with several in mind.  Acura of Bellevue had listed one of my target vehicle.  I decided to brave a rain storm and check it out.  fairly price and a very profession lot and show room  Test drove with Karan.  His calm demeanor and reasonable offer were perfect fit for me.  i closed the deal the next day.  I even recieved a thank you from the dealership manager.  Very professional and honest pricing from Acura Bellevue.

Phillip K. | 2013-01-21

I wanted to take a moment out of my day to tell you about my experience with Tom Matson.

We originally went in looking at the RDX. We were also looking to reduce our monthly payment with the lease of our BMW. We then looked the the ZDX and after some negotiations, the price of the lease was too high. Tom was not discouraged however, he presented us with RDX and MDX costs. He even mentioned that they had a 2010 used ZDX.

He provided options we thought we would not like but we were wrong!

We left the dealership on Saturday night only to return to talk about the used ZDX. Needless to say, we left that night with the 2010 ZDX.

Tom during the entire process was professional and polite. He was very well informed about each of the cars. The whole car buying process with Tom was by far the best experience I have had at any dealersiph. I wish I had bought my TSX from him back in 2004!

Tom created a very calming and easy experience during the whole car buying process!

Thank you Tom and Acura of Bellevue!

Jen B. | 2013-01-08

By far the best car buying experience I have ever had.  My husband and I inquired online and received a call from Minh Dang the very next day.  We went to the dealership and worked with Minh, we feel we got a fair deal on the car we purchased, 2013 RDX and Minh was very knowledgeable about the product.  Would definitely recommend Acura of Bellevue and Minh to friends.

Ben B. | 2013-01-06

Best car buying experience I have ever had. We bought a new RDX we utilized the costco auto buy program and it was a seamless process we paid just a little over the invoce price and they gave us a fair value for our trade in. Minh Dang was our sales person he was very attentive and knowledgeable about the products. I am confident that if we have issues moving forward Minh will take care of us.

E Y. | 2012-12-28

I was very disappointed with my experience here. I called and made an appointment for an oil change as early in the day as possible. I was able to confirm an appointment for 6:45am. I arrived at a little bit early, but no one was around. At 6:45am, I saw a few employees walking in and out of the service area. I let them know that I had an appointment and they just told me that they weren't open. They didn't offer to let me in or work out a solution.

Frustrated, I just left and am never planning on returning.

DAVID L. | 2012-12-04

Occassion:  Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement

This was my first experience here after moving from Federal Way.  Like most Acura Dealerships, you can expect great 'Acura Customer Service'.  Danny checked me in and had great communication.  Taylor was the one helped me through the whole process detailing problems and potential pitfalls if certain repairs were not done.  I really thought they did a great job and would recommend any Acura owners to come and have their vehicle checked in here.  

Due to the timeliness of my repairs, I needed a loaner.  Acura of Bellevue was able to provide me with a Acura TSX Wagon which was nice to drive the few days that I needed.  A+ to this dealership, I definitely will be back.

Anil R. | 2012-11-06

I have been to this horrible place because I just know that the people here will give you crappy service and do their very best to try and rip you off. THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE!!! PLEASE SAVE YOUR TIME AND DO NOT BUY OR INTERACT WITH THEM! .....
Talk about terrible salesmanship when we went over there to buy an Acura TL. Despite being there for over than 30 mins non of the sales rep is interested in attending us and were more interested in watching the game on the giant screen that they have setup (seems like for their comfort). We thought we had enough waiting and we our selves went to the receptionist who was having some fun time chatting on face book and asked to be taken care of us.
Finally after another 15mins of waiting there comes the crappy sales rep and we took the car for a test drive and asked him to give a price quote. He said that the price on the car price tag was the price quote and he was so rude that we even asked him to call his manager so that we can deal with the manager and have the quote so that we can make the purchase. He said that he will not call his manager...."I will not call the manger" we then went to the front desk and had the quote.
We had a negotiation and had agreed to purchase the car at they have agree to sell it for $37000. They took my graduation certificates, did a credit check and came back to me and said that my credit approval status was under review and some one from finance team working in the east coast would be reviewing it the next day as the finance team even works on the weekend . He said that once he gets the approval he would be calling us so that we can pick up the car next day which was Sunday.
When we went to the showroom on Sunday they said that as it was Sunday the finance team will not be working on Sundays and they even raised the price of the car and the APR too.
When we talking to the manager over the location they were so rude that they said "This is how it works over here..if you don't want to buy a car you can cancel the deal".
I was really so much pissed off with them that I went to another acura showroom and bought a car on the same day with a better deal and good hospitality.I am not buying any scrap or a burger for $1 from these crazy people.  When I am spending $40,000 I expect some courtesy.

I would for sure say that the people working here might be having some issues with the management so they want their customers to be pissed off and leave the showroom without making nay purchases.

I wish I had could give some negative stars.

Trust me take my advice and do your research on yelp.  You will definitely save yourself the nightmare and you won't be broke afterward.

B. L. | 2012-10-29

I was tired after going to another dealership and getting no where with pricing discussions. As a last ditch effort I came to the Acura of Bellevue and was promptly given a great price which I quickly negotiated further to an even lower price. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and worked quickly.

Even though I don't live anywhere near Bellevue I do come here for oil changes because they've never tried to sell me anything my car doesn't need and they offer free pastries and coffee in their waiting area.

Melanie L. | 2012-10-16

Quick and to the point:  I bought a brand new 2011 Acura TSX with 75 miles on it from this dealership.  Within the first week of ownership, I had to bring it to service.  I got it back a few days later only to bring it back again and be told they had to take out my entire dashboard to fix the problem.  Well, if my brand car lost so much value the second it left the lot, I wonder how much more value it lost after being taken apart within three weeks of owning it.  The car was driven 75 miles prior to me even getting ownership of it (and had I been a savvy car buyer, I would've asked if there was another car with less miles on it) so could the problem have happened then?  Maaaaybe.

OK, service technicians will say "Well, not a big deal.  At least they fixed the car."  True.  But the car was supposed to be brand spanking new.  I hoped and hoped the car would turn into a lemon (being that I'd need to bring it back for a third time) but, alas, that turned out not to be the case.  They fixed it and gave me a loaner and two payments for my troubles.  Super... I probably overpaid for the car anyway.

Needless to say, I steer clear from this dealership and never refer anyone to them.  Maybe they get all the reject cars.

Nancy B. | 2012-09-20

I'm not  necessarily giving the dealership a 5 star rating as much as our salesman, Tom. I'd rather get teeth pulled than shop for a vehicle. I don't like to stereotype but I hate the games car salesmen seem to play. Tom was a breath of fresh air! He totally made us feel like he had our best interest in mind. We really hadn't planned on buying that day but we had been looking for a couple months at different dealerships and Tom made it feel right. He stayed late to set up our cell phones on Bluetooth and show us how all the "bells and whistles" worked. He truly went out of his way for us. If you are in the market or considering buying an Acura, GO SEE TOM!!! And I love my TL!!!!!

Cinnatea L. | 2012-07-24

Michelle was great. I would recommend buying your car from her. She is very well informed and quite personable and professional.

Steer clear of Frank however.... he has absolutely no follow through.

N G. | 2012-05-21

I tried buying a pre-owned vehicle from them (though, the sale did not happen - found a better price for the same car). The staff is very welcoming, the sales person was a thorough gentleman and very informed. The only missing star is the usual car-salesmen issue - they bargain a bit. Otherwise a very pleasant experience, I never considered an Acura before, but I feel like my next car might be a new Acura - that is how impressive they were.

Ricway A. | 2012-04-27

The staff they have at the service department has absolutely no customer service at all. Very disappointing, they don't communicate well at all! Every answer that came out of there month sounded as though they were annoyed and had this huge passive attitude! SEEK SERVICE ELSE WHERE!

K H. | 2011-11-04

Went here over the weekend to look at some cars. Rick explained the model and features in great detail enough that I would've been sold only I found him to be kind of snobby. Smart guy but I got a bad vibe from him. Why would Acura put a grumpy guy there to talk to people about cars? There is the pushy/cheesy salesman but the opposite of that would have to be Rick; mean and latently agressive.

I'm going to the other Acura dealership.

K K. | 2011-10-30

I visited Acura of Bellevue last night, and was extremely disappointed with the level of customer service that we received from their salesman. Having been shopping for a car for the past month or so at similar luxury dealerships (Lexus, Volvo, BMW, etc), I expected Acura to be on this same level of customer care as these other dealerships.  But instead, I was shocked and disappointed by the absolute disregard that we received from the salesman at Acura of Bellevue.  

I understand that buying a car is a negotiating matter, and that not everyone is going to get their way, however I am in sales for a living and I would never treat someone the way that Rick treated us.  Not only did he never ask what I did for work or why I was out looking for a new car, he didn't even ask my name until we were starting to crunch the numbers.  When I objected to his "asking price" (which I'm sorry, but you should expect that customers are going to negotiate on the "asking price"!) Rick became extremely rude and I was personally offended by some of the comments he made.  During the entire process, I remained reasonable and calm while Rick raised his voice and become more and more argumentative.   Rick actually told me that this car was extremely rare because of it's great condition and low mileage (which it isn't....there are a ton of these cars for sale in the area with the exact same year and mileage), and he said the car was worth the asking price.  I simply replied that if he really felt that the car was worth what he was asking, then I was sure he would have no trouble selling it to someone else this week.  I kindly told him that this price just wasn't going to work for my budget, but to please call if he changed his mind.  It was at this point that Rick told us to leave.  

So, rather than working with me and trying to compromise on a number we could both agree on, Rick pushed me away with his abrasive attitude and complete lack of respect for me as a buyer.  It's unfortunate, because I am interested in this car, but I will just be buying it from someone else now.

Shy A. | 2011-02-05

After hunting and searching for some sort of tire lock thingy for my car, I finally found it here painlessly. Let me explain how I hate anything maintenance related to my vehicle. I especially hate that when I have the beans to finally buy new tires I can't have them installed because somehow I'm sure in a fit of cleaning, I threw out the ever so important tire lock thingy. IRRITATION. I called Acura of Seattle and they were a nightmare-I was almost ready to go and get the darn locks broken off for $20 bucks a pop until on a whim I decided to head over here after work. They had the part in stock, it was the very last lock for $20, I quickly bought it and I left a happy camper. So happy in fact, I've scheduled some maintenance work on my car there for next week.

Sarah M. | 2009-08-22

This place is a breath of fresh air after trying to deal with the Lexus dealership where I bought my used Acura!

I called in earlier this week to make an appointment to get my oil changed to which the customer service rep responded that I could come in at any time. I settled for 1 on a Saturday.

The process was quick and easy. Dropped the car off, they said it would take about an hour. They had a nice little lounge to hang out in.

In an hour, got a phone call saying my car was ready. They gave me a complimentary car wash, inside and out. The oil change was $49.99 with tax which seems pretty standard. They didn't try to upsell me on products/services and even checked the tread of my tires for me!

And to top it off, they offered me a bottle of water upon my departure. Doesn't get much better than that!!

Jennifer L. | 2009-08-17

My 2006 TSX clutch went out at 38K miles (pretty much unheard of).  I took it to the dealer because it is under a "bumper to bumper warranty."  $1,300 later, I complained to Acura but the District Manager denied me (where I bought the car new). I have driven a manual transmission for 18 years and this is the first clutch to die on me. It is a faulty clutch. That is the last Acura I will ever buy. Luxury car? Warranty? Customer service?  WHATEVER!!!!   Apparently the failing economy is affecting us all.  I am going to tell everyone I know.

Gavin N. | 2009-06-17

I'm surprised I have not written a review for Acura of Bellevue yet. Anyway I was in the market to buy a new car about three years ago. I visited Honda of Bellevue and had a pretty bad experience. I decided to visit Acura of Bellevue and I ended up buying a certified used RSX Type-S. I also paid for the extended warranty. The car for the past 3+ years and 40k+ miles has been awesome. No breakdowns, random things forcing costly repairs. If anything has needed to be repaired or replaced (other than scheduled maintenance like oil changes) has been free under the "Acura Care" extended warranty.

Actually what was nice was in some cases things that some items considered normal wear and tear (like a reverse light bulb) they replaced for free anyway. Which was nice.  Anyway so I haven't bought a car in a while, but I do visit Acura of Bellevue several times a year for all my scheduled maintenance.  

They always treat me nicely with good customer service. The waiting room is also clean, does not have that nasty car repair shop smell, and often has nice little freebies such as Internet, espressos, bottled water, donuts, pastries and fresh fruit. Also if you are doing a bigger shop visit (something more than an oil change) they often have complimentary service vehicles to use which are none other than Acura TSXs, or I think one time even an MDX. Which are pretty damn sweet to drive around, it almost makes me NOT want to pick up my car...which I'm sure is the point.

As for pricing Acura of Bellevue service tends to cost more than most smaller repair shops. But the service, amenities, and complimentary car wash and vacuum totally make it worth it. Especially considering the fact that every time I come in, they only service what needs to be serviced. And if there is something they recommend doing, it's because it NEEDS to get done. None of this hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars of "preventative maintenance" crap that so many auto repair shops try to sell you on.  IE. I took my girlfriends car to Good Year once for an oil change, the front desk guy after the oil change ran us through 4 pages of recommended "preventative maintenance" that would only cost us $6,000 for a car worth $9,000. When he said the total price he was quick to say "Oh but you don't got to do this all at once" after realizing how much BS he just tried to sell to us. The car is still running fine (with scheduled maintenance) for the past two without any of the "Recommended repairs" from Good Year.

Anyway Acura of Bellevue I think only serves Acuras and a few Hondas. But seriously if you live nearby and own any of the two cars. Get your car serviced here. It's the best, and not once have I even debated going to another shop.


Mw C. | 2008-06-05

The service is just great. Came for an oil change and they do not provide a loaners car with this as it takes exactly one hour. I was wondering what I was going to do with a toddler because it was raining. The waiting room had lots of things for kids, Internet, fruits, espresso stand and croissants. It was great. I definitely recommend this place.