West Broad Hyundai in Richmond, VA

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We are a full service Hyundai dealership serving the Richmond metropolitan area, including Henrico, Glen Allen, Ashland, Mechanicsville, and Midlothian.  Our sales, service, and parts personnel are Hyundai certified and happy for the opportunity to assist you with your vehicle needs.  We have a beautiful new showroom, with the room to showcase Hyundai's line up of fantastic cars and crossovers.  We offer over 2 dozen lending options and our Finance Center is well equipped to help with challenging credit situations.  With the move to our new, larger facility, our service department can perform all maintenance and repair items for any Hyundai.  We also can provide routine maintenance of all other vehicle makes and models.  At West Broad Hyundai, our people deliver a world class experience to every customer.  We believe that buying and owning a Hyundai should be a celebration!

Service Hours

7:30am to 6:30pm Monday - Thursday

7:30pm to 6pm Friday

8:00am to 3pm Saturday


Established in 1992.

West Broad Hyundai is part of the Page Auto Group and from the first day of business in 1992, West Broad Hyundai has focused on providing the best service and the best prices in Richmond.  West Broad Hyundai is an automotive leader in our area.  With the move to its current location in May of 2012, West Broad Hyundai is the new Hyundai Superstore.  The showroom and customer lounge are spacious and inviting.  The dealership carries 8 acres of inventory, and the sales team is fully Hyundai certified.  The service department has doubled in size compared to its old location - so getting your car in for service has never been easier!  The General Manager, Danny Fisher, has been selling Hyundai since 1999.  He was promoted to General Manager of West Broad Hyundai in January of 2012, having served as the General Sales Manager for 6 years prior to that.  He and his team are committed to delivering a world class experience from start to finish.

West Broad Hyundai

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(804) 755-7777
Address:8903 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA, 23294
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Reviews on West Broad Hyundai

Jacques W. | 2014-12-31

I'm still confused as to how a multipoint inspection doesn't include checking the tire pressure. I understand that it could be missed if you had to check every single tire individually, but if there's an orange warning light and big display that says low tire pressure you would think that would have come up in the "multipoint" inspection.

I should also mention that my fiance went here two weeks prior and they basically ripped her off with their 15,000 miles service which consisted of a couple air filters, some injector cleaner and $150 worth of labor for $30 worth of parts. If only I hadn't have been in a meeting when she called about it.

Short and simple - never going back!

Sarah S. | 2014-08-05

This happened a few months ago but has been irking me since. When I called to make an appt for an oil change, the person who answered the phone said they would honor my maintenance contract that was purchased out of state but when I got there, the man checking me in asked the service manager about it and she said they could not honor my contract. When I asked to speak to her, she couldn't be found. When I asked to speak to the GM, he basically just told me that I didn't understand my contract and that he stood by his service manager. He interrupted me several times and raised his voice to me. Finally I just said never mind. I have moved a few times and been to a few dealerships and have had great experiences at all of them except this one. The support staff was fine but the service manager and GM are lacking in social and customer service skills. I went to Gateway in Chester and had a much better experience. Even though it's 20 minutes further it's worth it.

Dara S. | 2014-01-10

Came in for service on a safety recall. I was done in 30minutes. The lounge area was nice. It had a couple big screen tvs and complimentary coffee and tea. Jason M? was the csr that helped me. He was nice and professional. I walked out to the showroom floor for a few minutes and looked at a couple cars hoping that I wouldn't get stopped by a salesman. I've been on the fence about getting a new car, which is why I probably walked out there in the 1st place. Luckily I was not approached, because i may have left with a new car.

Mike S. | 2013-09-25

A weird thing about my particular Hyundai is the amount of oil needed to fill the crankcase.  Most every car I've owned used full or half quarts.  Anyway, the car had been overfilled before at other establishments (which can damage the engine).  So on my first time here I reminded the service manager when I made the appointment, when I dropped off the car and when I called to see if it was ready.  So, I go there after work to pick it up.  I had to get a ride of course.  Well what would you guess.  I check the oil and the car is overfilled.  It wouldn't have been so bad, but I reminded them to check this THREE TIMES.  When I went back in to tell the service desk guy, he was rude, telling me it would burn off.  It wasn't slightly over filled.  Knowing the problems it could cause, I insisted they take it in and drain it.  After an hour of waiting I finally got the car back.  That was my first and last visit to those rude idiots.  GO TO GATEWAY HYUNDAI, they are a little bit out of town, but I've been there 5-10 times for service and repairs and they are wonderful!

Jen A. | 2013-06-20

This is the review I submitted to Customer Insights 10 minutes ago:

My car overheated on the freeway last Saturday. Popped the hood & their is a month's worth of corrosion on the radiator. Had my vehicle towed to West Broad Hyundai. A service associate tells me he'll call me Monday with a quote.

Monday arrived & I get the call. For 3 hoses, an aftermarket radiator, system flush & temperature gauge...$1,200. Just do it. Wait!! 2 minutes later, I call back & tell him to stop work. I can find a better price. The power of google, ASSociate. The parts & labor is nowhere near there.

I call Gateway Hyundai & ask for a quote for 3 hoses, an aftermarket radiator, system flush & temp gauge. $500.

I was a customer at WB for a year for oil changes & this is how they treat me? I call a towing company to pick up my vehicle from WB & delivery to Gateway Hyundai. In order to arrange transport, I need to settle my bill.

I call ASSociate & he tells me that I need to wait for them to finish the paperwork. I tell him if he doesn't call me in 10 minutes, I'll call back. ASSociate calls me back in 10 minutes & my bill is $145. Those ASSociateholes did an oil change AFTER I TOLD THEM TO STOP WORK.


7/2/13 In response to Andrew G. of West Broad Hyundai:

I received an email notification that you responded with your comment this afternoon. The first and only of its kind. If you didn't complete your submission or if you saved it in draft form, it wouldn't have posted on Yelp.

You can see all the reviews thus far for WB Hyundai. They can be sorted in any order but since mine was the most current, it shows first.

You reached out to another complainant (Severina K) about her comment 7 days after I posted my review. Yet her review was posted January 2013.

I obviously caused a stir. I don't know how concerned you are about making the wrong I experienced at WB Hyundai right. I suspect your main concern is being seen by folks reading these reviews as an alright dealer.

I did not exaggerate when I mentioned what your associate quoted me. I can provide you his name in an email or you can check my customer record. I think you already know who quoted me $1,200 for: 3 radiator hoses, an aftermarket radiator, a system flush, a temperature gauge and an oil change. If more work than that was to be done, that was absolutely not communicated to me. Inferring otherwise is (passive aggressively) calling me a liar. You can call me some things but not a liar.

Regarding the $145 charge, of which $105 was expected: I called the service department back 2 minutes after I hung up and said to stop work. This was communicated to the service associate. He was not happy, I was oddly apologetic, however, he agreed. I only then called back again to settle the bill by credit card so I could arrange for towing. The service associate kept putting me off for some reason..."The car isn't ready yet. It's really busy. I can't take your credit card information yet. I'll call you back when we're ready for it." I should have made it clearer: he lied to me. He knew my car was in for an oil change, AFTER I SAID TO STOP WORK. When he called me back and quoted $145 for the diagnostic and oil change, I was not happy. I asked, "You did the oil change after I said to stop work?" He did not apologize, he just said yes. At this point, I was done.

Challenge accepted. Email me with when we can do a line by line comparison. That still won't make this right. Your service associate quoted me exactly what I mentioned here. What would be a good start is a $40 refund WB Hyundai charged me for the oil change I didn't authorize. And the $100 I spent towing my vehicle off the lot.

What would you call someone who has done you a huge disservice, all the while with a smile? If a business quotes one price then another, is that not crooked? I was so fed up the day this happened that I did not desire a response from West Broad Hyundai. I replied just now because you did.

Cynthia B. | 2012-03-13

Car had a recall but not associated with a VIN.  The Hyundai headquarters claim there is one but individual dealerships. They charged me for a seat buckle. Beverly was very nice.

Erin C. | 2011-11-15

First time I went here I was in love with everyone.  Rall hooked me up with a ride to the airport so I could leave my car here for them to work on while I traveled, Bubba was super cool and attentive to all my questions, even the guy who took my information was decent enough.  When I went back to pick up my car again they seemed less than happy to see me.

I asked what the problem had been, "Don't worry. It was under warranty" and then they wouldn't explain exactly what the problem had been.  I asked if I might take advantage of the courtesy shuttle again, "Well you know, last time we really had to pull a rabbit out of our hat to get you to the airport."

"I know that and I appreciate it, I really do!  I don't want to inconvenience you, I just know that you run a courtesy shuttle and I wanted to know if it would be possible to meet it somewhere or hitch in on a routine trip."

He hmphed and asked me to call back later.  It was so clear that he didn't want to talk to me or help me that I called my sister and asked her to take me in before she went to work.

Whatever was wrong with the car was under warranty so I didn't have to pay anything.  I asked the same man I'd spoken to on the phone if he could explain it.  He said that the technician who had worked on my car wasn't in and I "wouldn't want to" wait for him.  I took my receipt and left.  

On my way out I saw the technician I'd spoken to when I dropped my car off, Bubba, in the garage.  I smiled and waved.  He said hello and called out, "Your car should be working great now! Fixed it up real good for you!"

....so um...Bubba wasn't around eh?  Invisible technician?

Everything else has been great here.  There's definitely a bit of a wait when you drop a car off and sit in the waiting room (which is just like all other car service place waiting rooms) but the sales folk and the technicians have always been nice to me....the service coordinator guy, not so much.  Even still.  I'd recommend getting a Hyundai and I'd recommend going here.

Michelle A. | 2010-05-19

Last year when you could trade your old car in for mucho $$$$ towards a new more environmentally friendly vehicle, my husband and I decided to take our Old Faithful (aka our blue Jeep Cherokee, circa 1999) to trade in...

We knew we couldnt afford much, so we did our research ahead of time and settled on a Hyundai Accent.  We got some quotes through the online sales offices of various local dealerships... and since this one was the closest to our house, we decided to buy from this one.

Though we had been speaking with a salesman online, when we went in he was out on vacation, so we were helped by several other individuals.  Everyone was very nice, and they got us set up with a red Accent with all the options...   they didn't really haggle with me and they were pleasant to deal with.  

However, once I got the car, that's when the unpleasant part started.

1. I had to have the radio replaced not once, but TWICE because the XM was broken.  

2. When the car was transported, it was scratched so I had to wait to have that fixed.

3. I always get mailings from Hyundai advising me that I need a 16,000 mile check up, etc.  But it never tells me how much that will be, or what exactly they will do!  And in fact, when I took my car in for an oil change, one of the service reps came out to tell me I needed that check up, and when I declined he said "Ok, well good luck then."  
And frankly, even with an appointment, I still waited 45 mins for a simple oil change, in a small dingy waiting room.  I get better customer service at the Jiffy Lube up the street, so even though I get buy-one-get-one-free oil changes at the dealership, I don't go there anymore.

So in conclusion, the car buying experience was pleasant, but their service isn't so great... there are better dealerships in Richmond, so I doubt I'll be buying from this one again.