Pearson Mazda in Richmond, VA

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You may believe car shopping is a stressful, intimidating and often frustrating experience, but here at Pearson Mazda, we strive to shatter that stigma. Our low pressure environment and knowledgeable sales team are here to make sure you find the perfect vehicle in a comfortable setting. At Pearson Mazda, we are the highest volume Mazda dealership in the region with the largest inventory of new and certified pre-owned Mazda vehicles. We are the only Gold Cup Certified dealership in the region. We also offer a huge selection of other pre-owned makes and models, as well as a full service shop to meet any and all maintenance or service needs you might have. Stop by and see what sets the Pearson Signature family of dealerships apart from the competition.


Established in 1974.

Proudly serving the Richmond area for over 40 years, Pearson Mazda is your premier destination for new and pre-owned Mazda sales and service! Our core philosophy is centered around customer satisfaction, and it shines through in the way we treat every individual shopping for their next vehicle or coming in for service. The Pearson Signature family of dealerships is here to surpass your highest expectations and bring the joy back to car buying.

Pearson Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(804) 346-0300
Address:9520 W Broad St, Richmond, VA, 23294
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Pearson Mazda

K P. | 2015-01-19

So this is more for the service department then the sales department, I did purchase my car here and second all reviews citing a bunch of shenanigans but I covered that elsewhere and, up until recently, I have never had a problem with their service department. Its been a steady decline over the last few months and today probably marks my last visit.  It's silly really- I took the trouble to go online and print a coupon for $15 off an oil change.  I gave it to them when I arrived and verified it was the right coupon for my oil change.  When I checked out, I was given my total and, since it was almost exactly what i paid last time, I clarified if it was with my coupon.  The guy jumps in and stutters around how they just lowered all of their prices so it's better than with the coupon.  So you have a coupon available, in date, and on your direct website, that you aren't going to honor. You don't inform me of this when I check in and then you try to sham me about it?  I get an oil change every four weeks as I drive a Lot for my job and I used to look forward to my peaceful hour in the waiting room while these guys just took care of it; however, if every time I go in I get skeezy, scammy business practices then I'd rather find a new spot.  Shame on the management/owner as I had this conversation with four other customers In the waiting room today and we all seemed to feel the same so you appear to have a problem and don't seem to care to fix it...and honestly, it's not as much about the $15 as it is about transparent, honest business practices. Mthey were clearly having computer issues so either be honest about an oversite, about the fact that you just don't want to honor your coupon, or whatever but don't be shady.

Richard S. | 2014-01-01

I would also make it no stars if I could!  This place is full of old school shenanigans!  Three times we were told by the salesman we had the car at an agreed to price only to be told by the back room finance guy that, after a considerable wait, WE misunderstood the offer?  And we even had the salesman write the offer price down on paper !  You can bet we left that place and never will return!

Amy S. | 2012-02-08

Pearson Mazda was really great. My salesman (Devin was his name) was the only one in town that followed up with me regularly and appeared to be TRYING to find my car. They worked with me on the price without hassle and they were friendly in general. After I bought the car, they mailed me a huge can of mixed nuts. AWESOME way to show a customer that you care. Then, I got my free oil change as they had promised. These other bad reviews are likely isolated incidents. Unfortunately you can't please everyone, but Pearson Mazda has definitely pleased me in numerous ways.

Jacque L. | 2011-07-24

If I could give them no stars I would. This place absolutely ripped us off and then acted like jerks. First off, I bought an rx 8 r3 from them and was thrilled to have it, the customer service was OK at best when I bought it. Then, after 6 months, I noticed my low oil light was on and my mileage wasn't nearly as high as it should be for the oil to be low. So I called this dealer and asked why the oil was low only for them to tell me that I'm supposed to check the oil every other time I fill it up with gas. I immediately got mad because NONE of the sales people told me that when I bought the car, don't get me wrong because I probably would have bought the car anyways but it's just the fact that they Didn't tell me about it. I could have seriously messed up the engine because they didn't tell me about the oil. And yet the sales person, even the manager, was rude. So I drove back up there because I wanted to sell my car back to them even though I love my car I simply refused to do business with them anymore. While discussing with the owner of the place about why I was trying to sell the car back he immediately blamed the problem on me and after discussing with him further he just left the table in the middle of me talking to him. I have bought Fords, Cadillac's, Mercedes Benz and NONE of those dealers were EVER as rude as this place. The owner of the place had the attitude of a teenager and kept accusing us of lying. I love my car but the people here were so rude that I would trade my car in for a prius just so they wouldn't get my business anymore. Please do me a favor and DO NOT go here. Completely rude. If you wanted to get treated like crap then this place is for you