Commonwealth Motors in Richmond, VA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Commonwealth Motors in Richmond, VA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Commonwealth Motors, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Commonwealth Motors in other cities in the Virginia.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(804) 275-4946
Address:9101 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Richmond, VA, 23237

Reviews on Commonwealth Motors

K J. | 2014-10-02

Purchased a wagon from here. Saw it on autotrader, emailed Tracy (owner) and we negotiated a price even before I came in to see it (which helped me b/c I live far away.) I was surprised that the wagon was in better shape then I anticipated. So far, we love love our purchase, and the price was,um, GREAT. I didn't get any bad feelings from buying from Commonwealth and really enjoyed the folks I talked with (Alex & a mechanic). Free car fax, you can buy a warranty with any of your vehicles (and you can take 30 days to decide if you want a warranty.) I am reviewing b/c there are so many used dealers around it helps to know that someone had a good experience with one.

Sean C. | 2013-02-03

I recently purchased a used car from them and feel that I was not treated well and wanted to share my experience.  I must first state that I realize a used car is just inheriting another' person's problems and that car dealers like this deal in "as is" sales and it is all about the buyer making sure he has the car checked out and does his due diligence to make sure he isn't taking on in the behind.

That said, I purchased a low mileage car that was in very good shape both the interior and exterior had obviously been well maintained and there was a fresh inspection sticker on the windshield.  I took the car on a test drive and it performed admirably.  Having done my research I was aware that there would be the regular maintenance repairs required (timing belt and water pump, oil changes, services etc)  The rub comes with a warning light that went on that had obviously been covered up by the "mechanic" (more on him later) using his electronic  trouble shooter to reset the code, not fix the problem ( this seems to be common these days)  The car went into "limp home mode" and he reset the code which later went back on resulting in a trip to the dealer who diagnosed the code as a faulty neutral safety switch.  I ended up calling the dealer back and he agreed to pay for the part, but I was stuck with $200 in labor.  So a band aid, not a fix which cost me money the first week.  He also tightening of a loose bolt under the seat and I was on my way.(that rears its ugly head later too)

That evening I realized that half of the dash light bulbs were blown out and that this had to be a safety issue and called and told them that this was an issue that should be fixed.  They agreed to do the repair and I made sure to tell them that they needed to order specific bulbs for me dash which they said they had.  Long story short, I bought the car back in to have the bulbs replaced in the dash and the "mechanic" completely ruined the perfect real walnut dash by man handling it and cracking it in multiple places.  I called the dealer once I realized the extent of the damage and took pictures and sent them to them ASAP.  I use my car every day and did not have time in my schedule to run across town and spend my time and gas money to show them a mistake made by their "mechanic".  I called several times to make an appt. to meet with the owner and the mechanic at the same time.  Of course, the mechanic denied doing any damage *surprise*.  I finally got the owner on the phone and he gave me the typical "anything could have happened between when we supposedly damaged it and this phone call"  I knew I wasn't going to get far but he had damaged my car and I kept him on the phone for an hour until he finally agreed to pay for the price of a used wood replacement from a junk yard.  i told him to send me a check and I would not be doing business with him anymore.

I guess the point of the story is that this type of dealer is "protected" by selling cars with no warranty at a price below dealers who put a 30 day warranty on their inventory.  These dealers do very little in the way of making these cars any nicer than when they were purchased or traded in.  They make them *just good enough* to pass an inspection which should never be taken as a sign of a *good* car as it is a very basic inspection and tells little about the overall mechanical condition of the car.  These dealers rely on the fact that they basically have no legal responsibility once the paperwork is signed and that those who buy from them are in dire straits financially.  it is an ongoing nightmare that just will never get better until state or local govt. makes them put warranties on anything they sell and even then it is still a walk on thin ice.

In summation, I don't feel this dealer deserves to be selling cars due to his half hearted approach to dealing with his paying customers who have legitimate issues.  In this case, his "mechanic" ruined a perfectly good dash and lessened the value of my vehicle as a result.  The payment for the part does not cover the time and labor aspect and was not in keeping with good business practices.  He ended telling me his mechanic "didn't do interior work"  well....umm...then why did you let him touch my car?!?!?!?!  Assh*le