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New Subaru Dealer, Used Subaru Dealer and Used car sales in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area.


Established in 1959.

Nate Wade Subaru, located at 1207 S Main St in Salt Lake City, UT, is one of the longest standing Subaru Dealers in the United States and is the oldest exclusive Subaru Dealer.  Mr. Nate Wade  is the man who built the business.  He started in the car business in 1953 and joined with M. Russell Ballard at Ballard Motors in 1956.  Ballard Wade Motors became one of the first Subaru Dealers in the United States in 1969.  In the 1970's Nate bought the dealership from Elder Ballard and it became Nate Wade Subaru.  Nate has always had the highest ethics in his business practices and he has passed them on to the current management team, (many of who have been here more than 25 years). That's what makes Nate Wade Subaru A Nice Place to do Business.

Nate Wade Subaru

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(801) 355-7571
Address:1207 South Main, Salt Lake City, UT, 84111
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Nate Wade Subaru

Eddie Q. | 2015-04-07

I visited Nate Wade Subaru for my first time today, hoping for professionalism and an oil change. When I arrived, there were a lot of employees standing around playing on their phones. I was ignored for a good 5-10 minutes before someone finally approached me and said, "what do you need?"

While I waited for him to look up how long it would take for an oil change, 2 employees standing close to me were bad mouthing a customer for having asked when the repair would be done. They said things along the lines of, "He fucking asked us to do the work - he doesn't have to fucking stay here while we repair it. What the fuck does he expect?"

There is absolutely no excuse for unprofessionalism of that caliber. That customer is paying their salary and Nate Wade Subaru should employ technicians that value their jobs, the customer experience, and the success of the business. Needless to say, I took my car to another Subaru dealership.

Nate S. | 2015-02-25

Somehow I took a car in for major service (brakes, timing belt, manifold widget arm realignment) and escaped for under $700. At no point was I sold rust-proof undercoating or tire elasticizer. I was, however, given free fruit and beverages. For these reasons I will shell out over $600 and dole out four stars. I am a weak fool.
I hate cars.

Tran H. | 2014-12-28

This is the worst dealership! I test drove a new 2015 Impreza hatchback sport limited edition and fell in love with it. I was ready to purchase, put a down payment, sign paperwork and everything! Then I was told the bad news that it was on hold for the owner's friend. I was upset because I fell in love with a car and just wasted my time. Even the salesman, Nick, agreed that a "sold" sign should have been put on the car. After being disappointed by the lack of professionalism at the dealership, I decided to test drive an older model of the Impreza. However, the check engine light was on so something was wrong with the car. (That's probably why there's a few reviews of buyers who are unhappy with their cars purchased here- they leave cars with issues/problems on the lot to be sold!) I decided to drop the car off and just walk away. I told the receptionist not to bother to get the salesman, Nick. I did not want to waste any more of my time at this dealership. Nick called and even texted me without my permission. It was disgusting- he texted to say that holding a car was normal (which I get but don't waste my time if it's sold).  He had the nerve to text that "mistakes happen but it's not life or death"!  Of course it's not life or death! Don't give me a half hearted apology or waste my time!

Do yourself a favor and see Alex at Mark Miller- I ended up buying a brand new 2015 Impreza hatchback sport limited edition with him. He was not sleazy or pushy. Alex at Mark Miller is the best salesman I have ever worked with!

Ryan A. | 2014-12-23

I've purchased a lot of cars over the years & the worst experience I've ever had was with Nate Wade Subaru..After I got ripped off the service manager at the time laughed & said to me "there's nothing you can do"...At the time he was right, I was a poor student just trying to make it. I vowed I would share my experience with everyone who would listen..I was lied to & later laughed at. I was sold a lemon, told it went through a intense inspection, service manager later told me the car was never inspected. The motor needed to be rebuilt along with many other things..To this day I still tense up when I hear their commercials..on the flip side there are good dealers out there but they are not one of them! Save yourself the headache & go somewhere else!

Natalia M. | 2014-12-19

Just an FYI - the Express oil change/Service dept. is open M-F 7AM to 6PM, Sat. 8:30AM to 3PM. I was looking for a last min. oil change one evening before I left town. (My own fault for not getting it done sooner. ) Had hope when I saw the yelp listing that the location didn't close until 8PM. The sales dept. was still open, but saw the hours for the service dept. was different than that of the business.

Sam B. | 2014-11-21

I bought my car exactly one year ago, I enjoyed my salesman and the car buying experience. But I would recommend ONLY buying a subaru from here. Dont bother with their used cars that aren't subaru. That may sound like a duh, but what they get off trades they obviously sell and those cars suck, there is a reason they don't stand behind them. The car I bought has been problematic, mostly with things I would think should be fixed BEFORE selling a vehicle. If I was in the market for a subaru, I would buy from them but if I needed another used car, I would not use them again.

Sarah V. | 2014-10-30

I like the oil change express lane here.   You can go anytime and while you are waiting they have free wifi, drinks, coffee and places to work.  The service is friendly and efficient.  They often wash the car as well.

Laura B. | 2014-09-04

I bought my first Subaru from Nate Wade because it's close to my house however it wasn't a great experience. They promised to fix some dents/scratches and when I came to pick it up, they hadn't done it but told me they had. When I took the car out in the sun, it was obvious and they acted like it was just a miscommunication. I now own my 2nd Subaru and never plan to own anything but a Subaru. Although I didn't have a great experience with the first, I attempted to purchase the 2nd there until I was told that I had to work with the same sales person as my 1st one. I was disappointed but they insisted so I left and purchased my new Crosstrek at Mark Miller even though the location isn't as convenient for me. I'm not likely to go back to Nate Wade.

Sarah B. | 2014-08-23

I was having a good experience at Nate Wade, until tonight.

I came in for the first time two days ago and John Westover was helping me, we talked about all of my options and started becoming set on the idea to lease a new car instead of buying a used one, which I initially was planning on. The dealer was about to close right when we were headed in to fill out paperwork and talk exact numbers so I told him I would come back the next day for the paperwork because I didn't want to keep him there late.

The next day I came in and John was busy with another guest and I didn't have time to wait so he had his son Nick help me. I was set on leasing the Impreza I had looked at the night before and filled out the paperwork and was on my way. Nick told me he would get back to me when the paperwork was done to tell me the exact payments and price etc. I left at about 4 o'clock this day.

The next day (today) I still hadn't heard anything by about 2 o'clock so I decided to give him a call. I finally got in contact with Nick (I forgot to get his card so I first called his dad John, who was off work that day so he gave me Nick's number only to get sent to voicemail, I ended up calling the dealer and got transferred to Nick). Anyways long story short I decided I did want to lease this car after all of the paperwork had come in with exact payments and details. I was in contact with Nick throughout the day. I called him at about 4:55pm this same day confirming whether or not he had time to help us if my dad and I were to come in by 5:45pm to finalize everything and put the downpayment down etc. He said he had to hurry and check on a couple of things and would call me right back, I told him we needed to leave in about 20 minutes if we were going to get the car tonight and he assured me he would call right back.

I did not hear anything from him for THREE HOURS. He finally calls me back around 8 o'clock just to tell me the car I wanted had sold this same evening. I am so frustrated. He should have called me back when he told me he was going to whether he had the time or not to see me tonight because even if he couldn't have saw me tonight I would've gave him my card information over the phone for the down payment, which would have reserved this car for me before it sold to somebody else.

I still have not bought or leased a car, Nick is supposedly going to call me Monday but we will see if he actually follows through this time. Unless he can get me a better deal for his mistake I will not be buying or leasing a car through him.

Kyle B. | 2014-07-28

The service center here never ceases to impress me. I have taken multiple Subarus both old and new to these guys over the years for a myriad of different things and they have always been honest, friendly, accommodating, communicative, and VERY reasonably priced. I will never take a Subaru to any other mechanics than Nate Wade.

Stosh L. | 2014-07-11

Had a poor first experience but management reached out to me and showed some commitment to their customers. I didn't end up purchasing a vehicle from Nate Wade but I do appreciate them addressing my concerns.

Chet D. | 2014-07-03

I recently came to Nate Wade Subaru for my initial 3000 mile, 3 month new vehicle oil change and inspection on a Friday afternoon. I was met by the service technician with a smile and good cheer. My wife and I went into the lounge area to buy some fluids (coolant, clutch fluid, etc.) so I can keep them topped off at home. The prices for the Subaru fluids were the same as comparable name brand fluids at Walmart or Auto Zone which surprised me. Usually items at dealer service centers are marked up unreasonably high. We then sat down and had some complementary snacks and drinks and before we knew it the fluid change and inspection were complete! In and out in like 10 or 15 minutes. They even washed it for me. This is my second five star experience with Nate Wade Subaru.

Mike M. | 2014-07-02

I'm happy some folks have had a good experience with this dealership, but our experience was different.  

After we decided it was time to get my wife a new car I sort of pushed her towards the Impreza based on the reviews in Consumer Reports.  She wanted red and searching locally I found Nate Wade had a red one with all the bells and whistles and I contacted their internet sales department.  We visited the dealership, test drove the car and decided the think on it.  After we talked it over at home, we decided we wanted it and I asked to be sent a quote.  The quote was very fair and we were ready to close the deal until I saw the 2.9% interest rate, although our FICA is 845 and Subaru was advertising 1.9% for 72 months.  I questioned the internet salesman and he said 2.9% was the lowest but might be able to get down to 2.49% through a credit union.  

We immediately decided to shop elsewhere.  Either their internet salespeople are unaware of what is being advertised on the internet or else they were trying to pad their profit.  Either way, I'll never do business there.

Max S. | 2014-06-20

Pretty decent place to buy and service a Subaru. These guys are nothing like a typical car dealership. No pressure, no hassle. Buying a car there was surprisingly easy. I really appreciated the fact that they did not waste my time on "let me check with my manager, etc." bs, and were straightforward with negotiation. Cannot complain about service department. I take my car there for oil changes and occasional repairs, and during the last six years have not had any issues.

P.S. Be aware of their finance guy, though, as he might try to charge you some bs fees. Read each line of the contract carefully.

Christopher S. | 2014-04-23

Everything I would have hoped a dealership could be

My wife and I came to Nate Wade after our primary vehicle died.  We were a bit stressed, because we hadn't planned on replacing our vehicle yet.  We had secured an auto loan through our credit union when we went to Nate Wade.

When we got there, we informed Craig of our price range.  He showed us vehicles well within the range we had specified, and we were never pressured to go outside of it. Craig was super helpful, and patient.  He let us test drive several cars, informed us of the differences between them, and was generally very knowledgeable.

After we decided on the vehicle we wanted, we sat down and filled out the paperwork.  We then met with Steve Yates, who also didn't pressure us at all.  He informed us of our options, what they all mean, etc.  He also asked if he could shop around for an auto loan and possibly secure us a better rate.  We agreed, and we were super happy we did.  He managed to get us a loan that was SEVERAL points lower than the loan through our credit union.

As a whole the experience was awesome and we will be back for SURE when it comes time for a new car. I have always been wary of dealerships because of the bad reputation a lot of them get.  I would highly recommend Nate Wade Subaru, you won't be disappointed!

Sarah R. | 2014-01-11

Bought a car here. Easy experience. But using the service department has been mildly terrible across several visits. They're reasonable fast (when they get it right and want to get the work done), but the hours don't work for anyone with extended work hours and I've never had any luck getting them to call me back about scheduling appointments. Extremely frustrating.

The "10 minute oil change" cited by another review might have been a fluke as I showed up today 20 min before close, was told that wasn't enough time to change my oil and was turned away.  So I guess they aren't particularly quick, and "open until 3pm" really means "functioning employees until 3pm, and not a minute later!"

On a previous visit for a check engine light I picked up my car, drove a quarter mile away, and had to turn around and drive back because the problem hadn't been fixed. Only saving grace was they lent me a car. But I'm pretty sure it was covered by that stupidly expensive warranty I bought.

Still waiting for a smooth experience with the service department here.

Ian C. | 2013-10-20

I worked with Dustin in our first experience trying to buy a car. I was looking to invest in a newer year Subaru with decent mileage to replace 97 legacy outback with failed transmission.

I spent time searching listing sites and consulting with family or friends with used car buying experience to get in the know. After lots of pricing online, searching preferably for private sellers, I visited a couple of places to test drive a few, but hadn't yet found one to solve my situation.

The right price for a used car under certain mileage sometimes means it has major problems like structural damage from accidents that never made it into Carfax, or isn't actually a used car when carrying a branded or rebuilt title but being priced the same as deal or discount.

We learned we had to be really particular about clear title and even with nothing worrisome in Carfax, some bad reviews of the particular place that had the car we wanted tipped us off to do an Auto Check before making the final choice to buy. Had to give up on that car due to the accident and structural damage in the Auto Check.

After all the effort spent to research and test drive without success, it was starting to get exhausting. The search went on and Dustin was the one to respond back to me for pricing on a few used Impreza and Legacy for sale at Nate Wade.

The Legacy Limited looked like they had just gotten it shortly before I showed up, as it was waiting in their detail queue still plastered with stickers and dirt. On test drive we found an engine stumble, which he mentioned they could fix in their shop. They had done belt replacements, oil change, and a recall service likely right before it went to the detail queue, but our test drive was probably the first time it had been driven since they got it.

Just to be sure, I wanted my mechanic to check it out for any other repairs or concerns before deciding to buy. He offered to do so when quoting me the costs to repair and renew the older subaru.

Well, he found some oil leaks and likely the source of the engine stumble. Despite taking care of the fantastic interior, the first owner had not really maintained the vehicle. The original spark plugs had not been replaced, engine needed to be decarbonized, one shock/strut struggling and leaking- the hazard is risk of loss of control of the vehicle in quick reaction steering situations.

Along with a few smaller concerns, bottom line he advised me to ask them to fix some things on it with the price they were asking, very close to clean retail which would mean a car in near perfect maintenance.

What I liked about the pricing though, on their site & car itself a certain price was listed, but Dustin's initial response had an internet price that was knocked down some already. I can see their strategy was to make sure the car didn't stand out and attract attention as a deal, giving them the freedom to offer a buying experience to the right kind of buyer.

Being a first time buyer, I was very open with him about my need for his help and expertise to get the right deal and most importantly the right quality to make it a good investment. My pitch was I was ready to buy the right subaru ASAP, just hadn't received the right help so far. Dustin effortlessly worked to get to know me and connect, which I can recognize as the mark of great service as an IT & customer support professional myself. He called this the Nate Wade way.

He advised me that they rarely see a used car like this one because people just don't want to let go of them, so he was really excited about it. He took the time to make sure no one had bought the car before we took it on the first drive. He did some obvious salesmanship, but he pointed out at several points that he wasn't just pulling sales tactics regarding how quickly this kind of vehicle was out their door and sold. It is truly a fantastic car, with the nicest interior of any car I have ridden in. It drove as amazingly as the other subarus I had tested, except for the engine stumble.

Besides how he treated me, I was also extremely impressed with what he did for me in response to the mechanic's concerns I came back with. I don't think he was expecting me, the first time buyer, to come back and haggle or ask them to fix things on the car with my purchase. I did not hardline any pricing offers, I just wanted to know if they could do any of the oil leaks or the strut as part of my purchase.

We agreed that some of the worries you would find for any used car for sale, wear/tear, incidental maintenance to take care of soon after purchase. Of course the stuff that mechanics make their money on finding.

He not only got the price down a bit more, to a level I felt was closer to the "real value" their experienced people had determined, but he got the engine worked on again in the shop to clear up the stumble and some of the maintenance that had not been done by the first owner. Extremely pleased

Vi T. | 2013-08-02

I didn't purchase my Subaru from Nate Wade but they still treat me like an all-star customer. I've been going to Nate Wade on and off for years for parts and services. I say off because I was dumb and wanted to save money so I went elsewhere for oil changes. This other place apparently didn't know how to do it and put my oil pan in the wrong way. Never again. I will continue to go to NW for my oil changes because the higher cost is worth the correct placement of my pan. It also doesn't hurt that when I was in last, about a week ago, it took them about 10 minutes despite being busy. 10 minutes! Plus I got a couple of fresh-baked cookies!

The staff is nice and the waiting area is hands down one of the very best. Big open seating with tables as well as a lounge area with TV. You can get all kinds of beverages and snacks that include fruit and popcorn. Currently, there is a small yellow Subaru van that I want to call my own.

Ian J. | 2013-04-30

My issues, mentioned below, eventually made it up the chain in the service department, and for that I am appreciative.  The puddle lights have now been fixed, and I reached an agreement with the service manager on resolving my original complaint.  I suspect the communication issues that prompted my complaint have been resolved by the managment, and my other experiences with the service department have been very professional, so I'll definitely be giving these guys another try in the future.

Natalie C. | 2013-03-12

Check online first for service coupons! I had one for a $22 oil change, which cut the cost down quite a bit. The service area was clean and well equipped with Apple computers, wi-fi, and a television. However, I am in the market to buy a new Subaru, so I ended up going for a test drive in one of their new XV Crosstreks while I waited.

Chuck B. | 2013-02-09

Gentry is a great no-nonsense salesman and very responsive. Made buying my new WRX a great experience! Love my new car!

Jerry G. | 2012-12-29

Flew into town to visit our son over the holidays.  Our son needed to buy a new vehicle to handle the drives he had to take into the ski resort areas in the mountains for his job  so,after looking at a number of AWD and 4x4 vehicles, we ended up at Nate Wade Subaru looking at the 2013 Forester and the Outback.  The sales rep was exceptional in working with us thru the differences, what was available, what options we wanted, etc.  After carefully examining the plus and minus of both vehicles, he went with the Forester.   It was very apparent that this Subaru dealership takes pride in its product and service and wanted repeat customers.  The trade in value was right where we thought it should be.   Subaru financing was easy.  Our son walked out yesterday very, very happy with the whole arrangement and process he just went through.  Ask for Mario.

Jim C. | 2012-04-27

"We're going to need a serious commitment (deposit, credit application filled out, sales agreement signed) before letting you test drive our WRX STI."  What a joke - I explained I am a 43 year-old executive that works for a Fortune-50 corporation, not some punch-drunk punk off the street.  I explained to the "internet sales professional, Gentry" as well that I'd purchased a '12 Nissan GT-R, '11 BMW 1M, '10 BMW M3 & several Porsches w/out ever ONCE being asked for a "commitment" to test drive a car.  

Save your time - SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR A SUBARU!  GO TO MARK MILLER Subaru - I've bought 3 from them in the last year & their customer service in all departments will exceed your expectations!

Scott S. | 2012-03-13

Well, place is still awesome. Since my last review of Nate Wade (been at least a fortnight or two) Ive continued to have my regular routine maintenance here. For all the reasons I listed in my orginally review, I still love coming here. Service is always great and wait times continue to be accurate. My chief complaint is that it seems like a dime a dozen when they wash your car, now I know a lot of places dont, but how groovy would it be if they were to do it every time? Pretty groovy!
2 updates:
The cookies that are complementary that taste like Grandma bakes them in a bakery in the back corner of the parts department... Well, they are baked daily. By a local "friend" of Nate Wade. She bakes them for the dealership.
They've upgrade to Apple computers in the lobby area. That should say enough. Even if youre a die hard PC lover you can appreciate the beauty of a pristine easy to use Apple computer to play with while you're are getting your 30,000 mile service done.