MSN Automotive in Salt Lake City, UT

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BMW's, Mini's, and Saab's


Established in 2004.

MSN Automotive opened its doors to customers in 2004. Since then, this family owned business has delivered excellent service--specializing in Saab's. The team is prone to wear a smile and a clean uniform. In June of 2012, MSN Automotive expanded their exquisite, specialized service to BMW's and Mini's. MSN Automotive is an intelligent choice for automotive sales and repair. Rated "Best in the Beehive" by Salt Lake Magazine, MSN Automotive is a "technician you can trust."

MSN Automotive

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(801) 355-2422
Address:60 E Harvard Ave, Salt Lake City, UT, 84111
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on MSN Automotive

Michael S. | 2014-08-05

It's hard enough to find honest people, yet alone honest mechanics. Mike and Blair at MSN Automotive are both of these things!

I first took my BMW to these guys nearly two years ago and all the work they have done has held up beautifully, without any further issues regarding those repairs.

Recently I was back in SLC and my check engine light came on. Being short on time and a bit away from their shop I made the MAJOR mistake of letting another shop place their hands on my car.

This other shop misdiagnosed my issue and charged me over a grand to fix an issue that wasn't there...that didn't fix the issue that was setting off the check engine light.

After this other shop not fixing my issue, Mike and Blair were kind enough to fit me into their busy schedule and see what was really going on.

After looking through all my computer codes in great detail Blair found that the vacuum line to my exhaust flap had rubbed loose and was causing the vacuum leak. He fixed it within 5 minutes and  because it was such a simple fix, they didn't even charge me.

I cannot say enough good things about these guys. My car has been into them at least 5 times and each time the issue has been fixed correctly and that repair has held up beautifully. Not only that, but at a price that I think is incredibly fair compared to what is out there.

Looking for a qualified shop to work on your BMW? Look no further!

Susan S. | 2014-05-15

I used to live in Salt Lake, and was there for several years.  When I bought my beautiful and beloved 1997 Saab 900 S in 2005 I took it here to Mike and his son Blair.  After having tried another mechanic and (of course!!!) getting burned, I was a little leery when I first went there in 2006.

But I could hardly believe how good they were to me, and every single thing that occurred on my car they would explain to me and tell me the price in advance.  I learned so much about my car and it's because of them that I still own it now 8 years later and with 280,000 miles.

I have taken my fantastic car all over the country and seen many different independent Saab mechanics, and after being well trained by Mike I knew what to look for.  I see a local guy in Tucson now who is also fantastic, and I just love my car.

I know it's hard to try a new mechanic, but as with anything trust your instincts and listen to your intuition.  Sometimes, it's just hard to believe that there are good and honest mechanics out there but if you are yourself an educated car owner, and know that good quality is not always cheap - then you should be fine.  A person's character cannot be hidden by fancy words or aggressive tactics, and over time it is revealed.  I was glad to have been able to go there and learned alot.

Air S. | 2014-03-30

All around excellent, no complaints at all. Price is really fair, don't feel like they're trying to rip us off. Staff is friendly, kind and competent. Will return over and over again!

Michael R. | 2011-09-19

I love them, they're fair and kind.  I recommend anyone with a SAAB, to get their oil changed, motor looked at or whatever else.  Family Owned and operated, they do things honestly, they sit you down and make sure you know exactly what and why they're doing what they are doing.  Knowledgeable and friendly, I think MSN is a shining star amongst a very dark sky when it comes to Auto mechanics.

Ryan M. | 2011-08-25

They keep my car running. Usually costs more than I wish it did (AKA $0!) but less than I expect. Sometimes I wish they were a little quicker getting information back to me (If I drop off first thing in the morning usually don't hear from them until mid-afternoon), BUT then I have to remember that they almost always have me fixed up within one day, whereas others have taken 2-3 days to even get back to me with an estimate! Sometimes when you have it good you forget just how good you have it, so with that in mind I concede that Mike and family are about as good as it gets.

Robert B. | 2011-08-05

I have developed a love/hate relationship with our 9-5 wagon. I hate it, because it's been in the shop too often. When it's out of the shop I love it. So were in SLC and we see smoke coming out of the engine. We looked this place up on and took it there. Mike diagnosed the problem, a leaking oil pressure sensor, but it was Friday afternoon and couldn't get to it until Monday. They got it back on the road Monday morning.  The price was fair, and as one other reviewer said "I got a good vibe about this place".  Chances are, if I (still) lived here, this is where I'd get my Saab worked on.

Dave M. | 2010-08-06

The Saab Guy!
Mike knows Saabs. His shop is clean. He is always friendly.
I have taken my 9-3 there several times, and always felt like I received
skilled labor at fair prices. On one occasion, I know he took extra time, over and above the labor estimate, in order to make me happy with a repair...but he didn't complain, and the bill was exactly what had been agreed on.

Keep up the good work!

Chris Y. | 2009-07-09

I really like this shop!  I only had my Saab in Utah once, but while I was there, I stopped by Mike's shop and he did some Tech II programming for me (with me, actually) and charged a fair price for it ($30 iirc - a lot for hardly any work, but a bargain compared to the now-defunct Sacramento Saab charging $150!!!)

I really did get a good vibe from this place, and I chatted with another customer while waiting, and she also seemed to really like them.  It's really hard to find a good mechanic to work on our beloved Swedish cars - I would not hesitate to take my car there again if I was ever in Utah!

Jonny A. | 2008-10-02

MSN Automotive, the place to go for Saab service, Mike and crew are very honest, do awesome work, and even clean it for you!