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Expert mechanics, years of experience and convenient operating hours are only some of benefits of bringing your automobile to the Mark Miller Toyota service department. Mark Miller Toyota understands how much your daily activities revolve around your car truck or SUV so we provide high quality service as quickly as possible.

Our Salt Lake City Toyota service and auto repair center works to industry specifications on your automobile, keeping it running at its peak performance. The Mark Miller Toyota service staff will properly diagnose your vehicle's problem and repair it as quickly as possible.

It is easy to schedule a service appointment at Mark Miller Toyota. Use our Contact us form, call by phone, drop by in person at or fill out our online service appointment form. We also offer an Express Lube Service where NO appointments are needed.  

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If you plan on fixing your own vehicle, our auto parts department has the car parts or auto accessories you're looking for.

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Established in 1990.

Our business began in 1953 as a Pontiac/Cadillac dealership located at 4919 South State Street in Murray. Started by Laury Miller, the dealership later added GMC trucks and eventually Rambler. The company remained at that location until the fall of 1967, when it moved into its current facility at 3535 South State Street.

In April of 1990, Mark purchased a Toyota dealership in Salt Lake City. Mark Miller Toyota opened on April 13th, 1990.

Mark Miller Toyota is successfully led today by General Manager Bill Niemann.

Mark Miller Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(801) 364-2100
Address:730 S W Temple, Salt Lake City, UT, 84101
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mark Miller Toyota

Ashlee L. | 2015-04-22

Everyone hates the dreaded visit to a car dealership and I am no exception.  I went in with a plan and wanted to get in and get out but that didn't happen.  I spent over 3 hours at Mark Miller Toyota with salesman Anthony Vickery and the sales manager Kevin Austin and ended up veering from the plan I came in with.  Not exactly how I planned on spending an afternoon but in the end I was very pleased with the 2015 4runner they were able to find me.  I was also extremely pleased with their attitude, professionalism and willingness to do whatever they could to get me the car I wanted.  I can't say that going back to any car dealership is something I want to do anytime soon but I suppose if I had too it would be great to go back to Mark Miller Toyota and work with these 2 guys again.  Thanks for all your hard work and effort on my behalf!

Jessica F. | 2015-03-18

I could not have asked for a better car buying experience. This was the first time I did it on my own. I was able to walk around by myself with out being hounded by sales men. When I was ready to talk I walked in they helped me, sort out all my questions. I never felt pressured. They were just laying out the facts. I bought a new Corolla! I could not be more pleased, well maybe if it could fly... lets be realistic! Jesse Tyler took great care of me, I would return in a heart beat and would send all my friends!

John R. | 2015-03-05

I went into the dealership on 03/05/2015 , another rating.

Parts 50% : I went into parts and looked at some of their basic tools to do minor repairs on cars. These tools are near the parts department.  Basically I felt nobody in parts was interested in me today.

Service advisors 50% : Again I do not seem to grab their attention.

Miscellaneous staff  100%: Angela Gertino attempted to contact me and I was pleased.  The Cashier staff is very friendly.  A mechanic bringing a car out to the lot was friendly and said hi.

Snack Bar 100% : They are ready to serve you a soft drink and they make sure they are waiting on everybody.  Thanks.

Sales 70% :  I was not satisfied with the sales people working the lot.  Thus I gave them 50%.  Although recently I was happy to talk to Brady in sales over the phone.  And I gave him 90% :   Sales  (50 + 90)/2 = 70%

Total average = (50+50+100+100+70)/5 =74% estimated.

I think the dealership could go into a B range if total customer satisfaction was achieved from A to Z.  And I still believe in sales working the lot more to achieve a better grade.

A    90 to 100%
B    80 to 89%
C    70 to 79%
D    60 to 69%
F     59% and below

Thus I give the dealership an estimated grade of C.  The dealership earned  a 3 star out of 5 star again.


John Running

Maxime O. | 2015-01-24

These guys were very nice when I brought in my Tacoma for a recall part. The facility was very nice, they are dog friendly. My Tacoma needed a spring cable which is a part that's on back order country wide but they took out the broken part at no fee and washed my dirty truck for me for free. I didn't realize it until after, very happy with the service.

Heidi R. | 2015-01-15

These guys SUCK! I purchased my Subaru here and that process was OK, but less than favorable. At this point I have taken my car in for service there twice. First time, service itself was OK, but they said they would come and get me in the waiting room when it was done. Waited over an hour, and did not see or hear from anyone. Went it to check on it, and they said it had been done 30 minutes ago... What the???

Now, even worse, today I took it in for a routine oil change, and apparently they had "someone in training" and they screwed up something with my transmission. Now I get to drive a lovely RED loaner car (I HATE red cars) for two to three days!!! Are you kidding me? I am NEVER taking my car here again.

On the flipside, I love the Mark Miller Subaru dealership. I have also taken the car there and have nothing but good things to say.

Mark Miller Toyota gets ZERO stars. Do not risk taking your car for service here!!

Johnny M. | 2014-12-30

I'm from San Diego and stopped by Mark Miller's to get my windshield fluid pump checked on my Tacoma. I was in the middle of a road trip and driving in winter conditions without windshield fluid was hugely inconvenient, not to mention dangerous. The service staff was very helpful and friendly. They helped me out even though I didn't have an appointment and I was on my way in no time. Thanks so much!

Tania S. | 2014-12-18

The stigma of "the Dealer" is alive in Salt Lake City, but I like these guys! I cannot complain on a single front why not to come here.

Over the last year my car and I have had many up's and down's, mostly due to ALL the crazy trips I've been on; with that comes a lot of wear and tear. It doesn't help I'm a klutzy Scion owner.

Nevertheless, I've built great rapport with their Scion specialists. These guys are always so helpful, giving me realistic expectations when it comes to service, and taking the time to look over my warranty deets (that's a lot of paperwork I DON'T want to go through myself). They care and they want to make sure I have a good experience everytime.

This particular review is for Wendell and Jantzen, both of whom who've done marvelous work on my car and provide some of the best customer service out of any Toyota dealers I've been.

Putting aside the nice accoutrement and customer-friendly layout, this is a solid dealership. Service is great, friendly, and honorable which breaks "Dealer" stereotypes left and right. Thanks again!

Pims N. | 2014-10-01

I bought a used truck here. Been fixing it ever since. The price wasn't outrageous but I would recommend taking your potential used purchase to a secondary mechanic for an opinion.

Ryan C. | 2014-09-16

Bought my 2014 Prius at Mark Miller. It was a great experience and a fantastic price. Eric found the car I was looking for at another dealership a few hours away. They had the car shipped same day and it arrived 4 hours later. It was an easy and relaxed car buying experience. I did not feel pressured at all. Toyota was offering a rebate with 0% financing which made the deal even better. I added leather and window tint which  were professionally installed and backed by a Mark Miller satisfaction guarantee.

The Mark Miller dealership itself is top notch. Friendly service, looks great, nice common areas, and a cafe with free cookies.

The best part is that the dealership feels like a mom and pop business. I have gone back two times in the past few weeks and each time I felt welcomed and remembered. In high volume businesses sometimes you feel like you're just a number. Customer service is dying but its great to see its still alive at Mark Miller.

This is only a small snippet of my experience. There we many other instances where Eric and other employees were extremely helpful and honest.

I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone.

Just an side note:

I stopped by Karl Malone Toyota before trying Mark Miller and it was a very poor experience. The salesman took a 3-5 minute call in the middle of our conversation and when I asked about a discount off MSRP he more or less told me I was being unrealistic (who freaking pays sticker price!?!) Needless to say I didn't go back. If I am spending $30,000 please act like you want my business.

(Disclaimer - These are my personal opinions and feelings)

Dawn-Marie N. | 2014-09-14

Just leased a 2014.5 Camry from Derek in the internet sales department. A lovely, pain free experience! He knew what we wanted and what our budget was and got pretty darn close to on the nose. The finance department was equally pain free. They told us about the extras we could add on and listened when we said, "no thanks". To top it off, our 6 month old daughter was starting to lose it and so they hurried the process up for us so we could get her home and to bed. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a Toyota!

Guy B. | 2014-06-21

We have both purchased a car, and had the car serviced over the past five years at Mark Miller Toyota (probably 25 visits, all told), and I must say that everything about our experiences here have been top notch.  Our car purchase was as painless and seamless as you could imagine.  We drove away feeling like we got a very equitable deal.  All of our service visits have been pleasant.  The facility is modern and comfortable.  The free refreshments are a nice touch.  All of the service personnel have been helpful, honest and professional.  For my next car purchase, I hope to go back here and do the whole thing again.  Thumbs up, Mark Miller, you guys have been great!

Melissa T. | 2014-05-19

Just sitting here waiting for my 10k mile complementary maintenance to be completed.  Leased a vehicle here last summer.  This dealership is very comfortable and is a fairly new LEED certified building with all the bells and whistles.  Complimentary drinks, snacks, a tv with a little Kathy and Hoda, free wifi, and comfy seats.  The service is very professional and for they most part the prices are pretty competitive.  What I am really impressed with is their lunch special.  Bahn mi meatball subs with chips or a salad... Only $4.50!!

Dee B. | 2014-05-12

I have purchased 2 new cars from Mark Miller Toyota, and I have always had them serviced here; however, I will not go back for service again.  Today, I took my Toyota Camry in for an oil change.  I asked them to also check the brake light.  By the time I was ready to go an HOUR later, my oil change cost me $150.  A new cabin filter for $55, when I asked them to put in the cheaper one; an engine air filter, oil change and a $20 brake light.  Twice the manager asked me if they hadn't informed me of the price. Of course, they didn't.  Why would I pay $20 for a burned out bulb that costs about $0.60 cents from Auto Zone and they'll put it in.  Mark Miller's service takes far too long and their prices are too high.

Derek B. | 2014-04-11

Staggeringly confusing and unnecessarily complicated service process.  I have had a lot of service done here, and am growing weary of arguing and re-explaining my needs to the service team, who don't seem to hear the words that come out of my mouth as I speak them, regardless of how slowly or clearly I speak.  This place lacks completely the ability to find solutions to very simple problems and the service mgrs are argumentative and hostile.  The experience overall is tiresome, unsatisfying, and no longer worth the effort.

A. J. | 2014-02-27

NOTE:  This review is for the service section only.

I do not usually go to dealerships to have my car looked at, but I was referred here for a second opinion on an issue my car was having.  The gentleman at the front who made my appointment ( "Dalton" ) was very friendly and accommodating.  Checking in wasn't a hassle.

The waiting area is very comfortable and nice.  There is also a little bistro where you can get complimentary water, tea, coffee, or hot chocolate; however, you can also buy other drinks and food if you would like.  

When the service representative ( "Brian" ) told me what the issues were, he was very professional and thorough.  He answered all the questions I had, and was very accommodating.

If I ever have need to see a dealership service center again, I would come here again.

Roaming E. | 2014-02-08

The service area is quite nice,  little bistro, wifi, etc.... but looking through the reviews there is certainly a trend concerning the poor service from the service department.  

Well I'm going to validate that!

I got a recall notice for my Tacoma.  I called the Bountiful dealer and they advised they didn't have the parts and it would be a couple weeks before they would.  So I called Mark Miller (about an hour's drive from my home).  And they looked up my vehicle and confirmed they had the parts and we made an appointment for later that week.  
On the appointment day I took off 1/2 a day's work and drove an hour south.  When I checked in the Advisor aid he had to "warn me" that there was a expiration date on the sealant they have to use and all the sealant might be expired.  

Sure enough,  later the Advisor came to the waiting room and said all their sealant had expired and they'd call me when they got some more in.  

What doubly pissed me off was the Advisor went out of his way to explain it wasn't his fault.  
I explained to the Advisor I just lost a half day's work and drove two hours for nothing to which he said, it' really, really, wasn't his fault.   WTF?

Also, the positive posts sound an awful lot like the are written by salesmen.  
Just sayin.

Jeffery S. | 2014-02-04

I was always afraid of buying a lemon, especially since I work at a warranty company and hear horror stories. I've not how my 2009 Camry I purchased here 2 years ago. zero problems, ZERO. This tells me a lot about this company. I have to say for all those who have posted negative comments... We are all human and make mistakes but you have to look at overall quality and consistency, moving aside our moods and temperament of the day to give a true and accurate description in our feedback. Keep in mind that these people get screamed at every day because of people wanting everyone to literally drop every imaginable thing to help that person. Sorry, aint gonna happen. So, take your turn, understand business, and then watch what good service you'll get with these guys. I've been her TWELVE times and only had one slight problem which was resolved quickly. TWELVE TIMES.

Andrew S. | 2014-01-22

well, here we go again.  Two more cars and another 4 star review.  This time I sing high praises for Shawn Borba.  Salesman extraordinaire and his assistance in purchasing both a 2013 highlander last July and now a 2013 Rav4 in January.  

We had initially visited in August with the intention of buying my wife a new car to replace the now 7 year old Prius.  She was looking four wheel drive and the Highlanders were being offered with 0% interest.  Sean approached us and his relaxed demeanor and friendly manner sat well with us.  He was there with information and no pressure, just the way we like it.  Long story short, we bought just the car we wanted, got a good deal and walked away happy.  

Move forward  7 months and I see 0% interest is available for the 2013 Rav4's so I called Shawn to see what was available on the lot and scheduled a time to come in and meet with him.  He has been promoted a few times now and his friendly demeanor is still there.  We were totally comfortable with him and his level of patience with us as I was noncommittal about even buying a car, but also fairly serious.  Again, he was wonderful during negotiations and we left with a great deal on a Rav4 and great feelings about Shawn and everyone else at Mark Miller.  

Great work again and now we are up to 5 cars purchased here now.

Tony H. | 2013-12-26

I have personally worked in many dealerships and this place is run top notch! I brought my toyota tacoma in for a quick oil change on a 3000 mile journey to California and they were very professional, quick, attentive to my requests (tire pressure, fluid types, etc)

Go here, you wont be disappointed!

Also, really cool lounge with coffee/drink bar if you wait.

Lina R. | 2013-12-20

I went to Mark Miller last Saturday, because unfortunately, I have a light on and apparently it's one of those things you have to go to the dealership for. The only reason I went in was because their phone system gives you transfer options, and then it doesn't go anywhere.

When I got there, I went directly to the service center. 4 guys were standing around talking, and I saw them look at me. But they all just kept talking ignoring me. I actually had to try to get their attention twice before they could take a break from their chat to help a customer.

They didn't have time that day, which is fine. But the guy who was apparently on duty in scheduling asked me the same question: what's the problem with the car, 4 TIMES. Then he tried to schedule me for a week day. I work during the week, and I said that if they had time later in the evening, that would be fine. He gave a big sigh and said "well can't you just drop it off and then take our shuttle."

There are ways that aren't rude or dismissive to offer the shuttle service first. Second, I didn't say that I couldn't do it during the week because I could. They don't open til 30 min before my work day, and it wouldn't be likely that their shuttle would get to draper by then, if it even goes that far.

In the end, I had to reiterate myself multiple times to get a Saturday appointment. So today, they call me to say they're behind and can I do another day. I explain again that no, I don't have time during the week. Again, they made me repeat myself, and at that time, I added that's why I scheduled a week ago for a Saturday. It may have been the same guy. But after both times I had to say that, he made it clear that it was an inconvenience for him.

Honestly, I understand a lot of things. But being in the customer service industry myself, I don't think it appropriate to treat customers like an inconvenience or an annoyance. I also don't think it's particularly difficult to listen to answers the first time.

David S. | 2013-10-15

I took a used SUV for a test drive, I liked it and asked the sales person to make a deal.
He wrote on a piece of paper a price about 1000 over book and said that the mechanics would go through it , detail it and make sure everything works good for no extra charge. I signed it and wrote "Maybe" . I arranged my financing with a local bank, later the sales person called back and said it would be an extra 1200.00 to fix the clutch and told me I should give him 500.00 down with a credit card over the phone as someone else was coming down to look at it..  He said he would honor the original price but It would not include the new clutch..  I called around and found the 1200.00 repair charge to be about the going rate..

At this point I asked the sales person to send me a email of the deal I was trying to make and to include the clutch repair.. He texted me a picture of half of the invoice but it was a copy of one without the repair..

I called the General Manger to complain about the high price and the run around.
He told me the 4x4 SUV was a in demand item and they are in business to make a profit and he  apologized for the run around and would make it right.. I told him send me a decent contract in writing by email and see what he could to about the price.

The next day the salesman did so.. I ended up paying over 2000.00 above Kelly Blue Book Value and never received an apology from the sales person..

If you looking to get the run around, some poor business practices AND pay way over book this is the place for you..

Nikki W. | 2013-06-26

Looking for a replacement Fob (key) for my Toyota Prius.  The guy was very helpful with information.  Unfortunately, any lazy person would have paid 50% more for their key here.

MARK MILLER:  Quoted me, "um... about $300 per key, and I suggest you get 2, then another $90 to reset your computer"

OTHER PROVIDERS: I was quoted at 2 other Certified Toyota Service Centers/Dealerships about $182 to replace that danged Key.  Then another $50 to reset my computer.

UM... That's a difference for my 2 keys of $690 or $414.  Eek! Methinks not!!!

BEWARE.  The same service just half the price more.

Deano G. | 2013-06-05

Much better than other Toyota dealers in Utah and surrounding states... & the service department is even better than the sales department.

Ameilia Q. | 2013-05-28

I did not buy a car here but I do get my regular maintenance done on my Toyota at this place.  

This is a place that I really want to like.  The building is cool - green build with great customer service items like a coffee bar, wifi, lots of seating, big area for kids to play.

However, it seems that I always have some kind of issue with the staff when I pick up my vehicle from services.  Sometimes it is that they just did not perform what I asked them to do.  Sometimes I get quoted a price and then it ends up being twice as much.  I have been in tears several times and needed the manager's intervention on several occasions. (I have also ended up having one of my man friends talk to the manager).  I have actually been flat out called a liar by one of the staff. Each conflict seems to be generally resolved with the promise that next time will be better... but I can't really say that it is.  

Sometimes I get the feeling that because I'm a girl that I don't know what I am talking about.  But, I take my vehicle out in the desert quite a bit and I need it to perform to that standard... which is often slightly different than typical city driving.  My tires need specific care and my skid plate needs to be attached, for example.  

I keep on going back to this place because the location is convenient but I have learned that I need to be very specific and document every conversation extremely well.

My last visit, about a week ago, I did not have any problems.  But one good experience does not outweigh the past six.

H. W. | 2013-01-21

------------------Updated on 1/21/2013 around 3:30pm----------------------
We'd made a deal on a car with Mark Miller Toyota downtown on early Friday
afternoon last week, and they said they could get the car for us on Sat. On Sat, they told us the other car dealership is trying to make a deal at that time and will let us know as soon as they know whether they can get the car for us or not. (But if you weren't sure about that on Friday, don't make a deal with us and make us pay deposit on the car!!) Ultimately, they never called us back on Sat. I called the sales guy around 8pm and he said he will know the status on Monday. We called around 10am Monday, and the sales guy said he would know at noon. Now it's about 3:30pm, and we still haven't received a call back from the sales guy.

We could have used last Sat. and today to make a deal with another dealership rather than waiting for Mark Miller Toyota Downtown to call us back.

It's very disappointing, and I've never expected that buying a car from them, since they are such a big car dealership, would be this frustrating.

------------------Updated on 1/21/2013 around 7:30pm----------------------
We finally got a call from sales guy at 3:55pm said he would know the status about the car at 6pm.

We didn't get any call before 6:20pm, so we called the sales guy at 6:22pm and it went to voice mail.

We got a call back from the sales guy at 6:38pm and said they couldn't be able to reach the other dealership's manager, so we will have to wait until 9pm.

We've made the deal on early afternoon of 1/18/2013 and we've been patiently waiting. I think they've should not promised something they do not have or they cannot get.

------------------Updated on 1/21/2013 around 8:55pm----------------------
The sales guy just called and he still has no status on the car.

------------------Updated on 1/23/2013 around 10:30pm----------------------
The sales guy called on 1/22/2013 morning and said they would have the car by 6pm in the afternoon. My husband and I work during different time, so we wouldn't be able to make it to the dealership to look at the car.

On 1/23/2013, we went in around 3pm. Our sales guy was in company training (which he left me a voicemail, so that's cool). The other sales guy gave us great service. I requested to talk to the sales manager who had been involved in our case; I originally just wanted to complain about the whole situation, but

1. We got blamed that "you are the one who pick a car that's not in my lot."
Ugh...first of all, I originally requested the quote through Mark Miller Toyota site; if you listed the car on your site and sent me a quote to my email with Toyota Downtown Logo without saying this car was actually in the other location, how could I know?! Second, we went in there, the sales guy did talk to the sales manager first and came out to tell us that they could get the car for us on Sat. We did not force you to sell us the car; we just followed the email and came to Toyota Downtown.

2. He also said something like "What do you want? Movie tickets?! Popcorns?!" "You want to go on a date?" "You want to go for a ride with XXX (a sales guy's name)"

He passed by us later on, and I pointed out his jokes were not that amusing. He later apologized but who knows whether he actually meant it or not.

We were about to giving up doing business with someone like this, but
1. We do like the color and the specs of this car.
2. We do think our sales guy was nice.
3. Customer Relations Manager responsed email in timely manner.
4. The sales guy who helped us today was nice.

Good things from this bad experience:
1. I am glad that I do not work under someone like this Sales Manager.
2. We got $59 off from Cargo Tray.

Monica B. | 2012-10-31

My first and only car, a 1995 camry with well over 200,000 miles on it needed a new home, so the hubs and I started looking for something a bit newer. It's so nerve racking buying a new car but the salesman at Mark Miller are so nice. The hubs and I took our sweet time finding the right car for us, around 4 weeks going back to the dealership and looking at their different vehicles. We also went to other dealerships (Karl Malone and Larry H Miller) and Mark Miller is by far the best. Karl Malone people were not very helpful or knowledgeable and Larry H Miller people were insanely pushy.  

As for the service department, my family loves Toyota and we get our cars serviced here. Raymond W. has taken awesome care of our cars!

If you're going to buy a Toyota, go to Mark Miller!

Andrew S. | 2012-09-29

This review is primarily for the service department.

My wife's Toyota had developed an odd noise that sounded like something in the shock absorbers or linkages, and in fact just like an imminent recall for her vehicle that Toyota has posted but is still working on a solution to.

So we schedule an appointment and take it in.  Now let me preface this by saying that me and Toyota/Lexus dealerships do not get on well in the state of Utah, I've had bad experiences with both.  And honestly why we tried somewhere different this time.

Well firstly I can say the service personnel here are friendly, and actually take the time to sit down with you and go through the issue.  I was a little skeptical when he came back and indicated the problem wasn't the recall issue, and I explained my reasoning for why I thought it was.  A lot of places just assume a customer may not have any knowledge of how a vehicle is made up or works, but he obviously understood that I am smart enough at least to know if I'm being given the run around by a dealership trying to make money on repairs that aren't needed.  He took the time to fully explain exactly what was going on and where the issue was, and he was 100% correct - I looked it up on my phone while waiting ;)

They did the work, and for exactly the price they said it would be, and the issue has 100% gone away.  No complaints there.

This is a nice dealership,  very modern, very big and open.  It has a cafe in the waiting area and my initial thought was that they didn't have any free coffee like most places have.  They do, drip coffee and soda is free.  They give away cookies and other things too, and obviously have larger items you can purchase.  It's actually pretty cool.

I'm even thinking I may bring my Lexus here for service, even though it's out the way.  Most Toyota dealerships can do the regular oil change type services on Lexus providing you call up front and make sure they have the correct oil filters etc. in stock.  I think most probably keep them anyway since there's only two Lexus dealers in the whole state.

Well done Mark Miller Toyota.  Very impressed.

michael g. | 2012-05-19

This review is directed at MMT's so-called "promotional pricing" on tires; e.g.  the buy 3 tires and get the 4th for a dollar that is running through the end of 05/2012.

About two months ago I was having my vehicle serviced at MMT and they suggested that I should should seriously consider replacing my tires as the tread was close to the end of its useful life.  Fair enough.  I told MMT that I usually purchase my tires at Costco.  MMT responded that they can be very competive with Costco pricing.  I asked that they provide an estimate to include mounting, tire  disposal, etc.  MMT quoted me  $1012.00 for four (4) Michelin LTX A/T2 tires.   I heard rumor that MMT was going to run the "Buy 3, get the 4th for a dollar" promotion in the spring, so I decided to hold off and wait for the promotion.  Sure 'nuff, I received the flyer in the mail announcing the tire sale.   I asked for a price on the Michelins and guess what?
The "promotion price was just under $970.   I am no math whiz, but that price does not sound like the 4th tire was anything close to a dollar.  Thanks anyway, but I am returning to Costco for my replacement tires.

Betsy H. | 2012-05-12

I have not purchased a car for 13 years. Yes, you read that correctly. It was definitely time for an upgrade. So, I made up my mind as to what kind of car I wanted, and began my search. After a few not great, but not horrible experiences, I decided that I was in no hurry to purchase. A few months later, fate steps in, and led me to Mark Miller Toyota, my dream car, and a car buying experience like I never dreamed of.

I drive past Mark Miller Toyota  everyday on my way to work, and a few weeks ago noticed a bright orange Honda Element on the lot. It's exactly what I had been wanting. I made an email inquiry, and received a phone call back within a few hours. As a single woman, I am really nervous about anything to do with cars, because I don't know a whole lot about them, and I am terrified I will be taken l
advantage of.  I wound up being helped by both Rodger and Tony, and both were fabulous. They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, to answer all my questions, and were so very low pressure. Rodger let me test drive the car without forcing himself along. When I told him I wasn't ready to purchase that night, he offered to let me take the car for a few hours just to test it out further and get my families opinion. So I did... And then came back and bought it that night. They were also able to get me better financing with no down payment and at less than half the interest rate than my credit union had offered me. The whole experience took me less than a couple hours. I was so pleased with my experience. Hopefully I will have this car for 13 years like I had my last one, but if I need to purchase again in the future, I will only come back to Mark Miller.

Tyler R. | 2012-01-19

After having a bad experience with a salesperson at a competing Toyota dealership in the SLC area, I received a recommendation on Twitter to check out Mark Miller Toyota for the Prius I was looking for.

I've never had a better car buying experience in my life, as a result.

At about noon on the day I bought my car, I looked up Mark Miller Toyota online and looked at what inventory they had in stock. I saw a Prius I liked, at a good price, and called up the Internet sales department to ask them what my payments would be at different levels. Roger on the phone gave me some early numbers, they all sounded like they'd be in my range, so I said I would be in later to see the car and talk more.

The first thing I noticed when I stepped in Mark Miller was that I was not hounded by salespeople. Usually, a sales guy is pouncing on you and you have to say you're just browsing. I actually had to go approach someone for help, but at a car dealership, I'm ABSOLUTELY FINE WITH THAT.

Pretty soon, I was connected with Roger who I'd spoke to earlier, and we sat down to talk. He showed me a variety of lease options and financing options at different terms and with different amounts of money down. The process was super smooth and easy...I got in the shop about 6:30 p.m., I was out with my new car before 9. I got what I felt like was a great deal on a great car, and it was just a delightful experience, from dealing with the salesman, to dealing with Daniel the finance guy, to getting a chance to speak with Jeff Miller who runs the shop now on the way out.

I am leasing my Prius, and will absolutely, positively do business with Mark Miller Toyota again, as well as tell everyone I know to do business there too.

Hal C. | 2011-10-12

The car buying process was fine, although I was a bit shocked to see how much they undervalued my trade in ($3700) with respect to what they are selling it for ($8000).

My biggest issue with the dealership is that it is virtually impossible to talk to a service advisor...and when you leave your number for a call back, you do not get one.

Steven K. | 2011-07-11

Wanna know why only 4 stars?  Cause they let my fabulously gay partner drive off the lot in a friggen silver Camry.  Granted, he got zero percent interest (read the TD Nissan review for a frame of reference) and a great deal on our Pilot trade-in.  And seriously the deal was done in like 3 hours.   I had to stealth bike down there just to see what he was looking at. I was so mad at the Nissan dealer, I told him I wouldn't even go over to Mark Miller.  I should have.  You can see me driving all over town in our new Camry.  Oh, wait, I look like every other middle-aged white man in Utah.  I could pass for your Bishop.  

Can you imagine, a pair of racially diverse gays tooling around town in a Camry!?!  It's so sad.  As we get closer to the rights we all think we want, we assimilate into the population and buy Camrys for zero percent interest.  

I am not practical.  But if you want a pain-free car buying experience this is the place.  Maybe we'll get some family stickers for the '93 4Runner.  

Enough said.

Dave S. | 2011-02-24

The professional manner of both the sales staff and the service group were great. We visited other dealerships and they simply could not compete with the professional atmosphere at Mark Miller Toyota.

Andrew H. | 2011-02-10

I am writing a review toward their used car dealership department.  This was the best place to deal with of over 7 dealerships that me and my wife visited when looking for a used car.  We really liked the straight forwardness of the salesman and never felt pressured to do anything.  When all was said and done we left feeling a fair deal was done.

We bought a car that was not a Toyota and they took car of us well.  The vehicle had some issues that we asked for them to fix, which they did without question, and has made them my first choice when looking for a vehicle again.  I hope that the staff and customer service stay up to high standards for years to come.

Doug D. | 2010-09-25

"We will do service even at 5pm"-fantastic attitude, fantastic sevice.  In comparison, Ken Garff Nissan told me sorry we close in 45 min at 2pm.

Cormin U. | 2009-09-07

In contrast to all the other users who have wrote reviews about this dealership, I actually bought a Scion tC, instead of a Toyota.

I would have never given up my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee until it frequently called for visits to the mechanic. Once congress approved President Obama's Cash for Clunkers program, my mailbox was swarmed with letters from dealerships. One of the dealerships that I visited was Mark Miller Toyota. I was helped by a salesperson named Victor, who was very courteous and helpful. There wasn't really a specific Toyota that caught my interest (hate to say that I'm a person that judges a car's design/look before its' performance and safety) until I saw that their dealership also had a section of Scions (found out that same day that Scion and Toyota are the same company, I'm so behind with the automobile world!). I fell in love with the tC after I test drove it. Victor was very informative with all the questions I had and although I didn't make a decision right then, he still sent me out of the dealership with a quote and a good experience (good enough to give em 5 stars).

I brought my mother and uncle back to the dealership a couple days later with the intention of purchasing a Toyota RAV4. We came to the dealership on the day that was suppose to be the last day of the Cash for Clunkers program. The dealership decided to stay open until midnight that day and we stopped by around 10 pm. We managed to snatch a salesman, named Mike, while he was in the middle of his closing duties and he seemed very grumpy because of it. I understood that that representative was working a 12 hour shift and just wanted to go home, but he should've passed us on to another sales associate if he didn't want to help us, since he acted so rude to me and my family. We were a little skeptical when he told us that the price of a Scion could not be negotiated on since it's a pure-priced brand and instead of explaining it to us nicely, he was stern and said "it even says so on the Scion website".

I don't try to rate a dealership based on one rude salesman, but I wanted my first car-buying experience to be smooth and exciting. However, he kept leaving us at his desk for more than 15 minutes at a time to grab papers and consult his manager for reasons we weren't informed of. After we finished all of our financial papers, our salesman decided to apologized to us because I told his manager that I didn't like the way he presented himself. Nonetheless, I told the financial manager to give the sale to Victor, because if it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't have returned to purchase a vehicle. Shame that the end of my experience had to be ruined by a grouchy sales associate who took out his irritation on a customer.