Mark Miller Subaru Midtown in Salt Lake City, UT

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Love The Experience.  Our Principles of Love

-Promise Pricing, No Negotiation Needed
-Trade-In Guarantee We Buy Even If You Don't
-48 HR Money-Back Guarantee
-Open And Transparent Offices
-Non-Commissioned Sales Staff
-Active Community Involvement
-Eco-Friendly Dealership

Our mission is to treat both customers and employees like family and to ensure that every transaction is filled with satisfaction, honesty, and integrity. We do our best to set ourselves apart from other automotive dealers as having a transparent and fair process in all of our business practices.

Our vision is to be the best automotive operation in the industry, where we can ensure customer expectations are exceeded, where people look forward to their experience with us and where business practices are transparent and ethical.


Established in 1971.

Our business began in 1953 as a Pontiac/Cadillac dealership located at 4919 South State Street in Murray. Started by Laury Miller (Mark's dad), the dealership later added GMC trucks and eventually Rambler. The company remained at that location until the fall of 1967, when it moved into its current facility at 3535 South State Street.

Mark Miller Subaru opened for business in 1971 when the dealership took on Subaru, a small company which was importing a new front-wheel drive car from Japan.

In July of 1975, Laury and Mark signed a buy-sell agreement which was completed in November of 1976. On December 1st of 1976, Mark was awarded the Pontiac and Subaru franchises and became one of the youngest General Motors dealers in the country.

Mark Miller Subaru Midtown

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(801) 268-3734
Address:3535 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT, 84115
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mark Miller Subaru Midtown

Eddie Q. | 2015-04-07

I'm impressed every time I visit Mark Miller Subaru. They have incredible customer focus, attention to detail in their work and their working environment, and unbiased opinions regarding repairs.  

Today I stopped by for an oil change and their staff immediately came out to greet me. They politely collected my information, escorted me to the waiting room, and offered me free drinks while I wait.

The service took approx. 25-30 minutes.

A member of their team was the single point of contact regarding my oil change/potential issues - very refreshing in comparison to places that bounce you around from person to person or have you shake hands with a greasy, sweaty mechanic. When it came to the embarrassing fact that my tires were bald and in desperate need of replacing, the technician was very understanding; He offered to order the replacements and hang onto them for a couple of weeks.

These details might sound silly but, to me these are indications that they take their business seriously and appreciate every customer that walks in their door.

Mother M. | 2015-01-28

Great service dept.  Dropped in without an appt for a TPMS warning light that wouldn't go away, and they had my car ready in less than 15min.  I've never been underquoted for service anywhere! Too bad this dealership is 700 miles away from my home! OH well!

Brooke P. | 2015-01-19

Buy a car from Carlos -a genuinely nice person who is on his game!

Buying a 2015 Outback proved to be more complicated than we had thought due to Subaru's Production not being able to keep up with the extremely high demand in Utah. Our sales person Carlos got us the best possible date for delivery and very fair pricing along with a killer interest rate on our loan. He checked in with me regularly to give me updates on the car's arrival and once it came, gave us the most stress free buying experience we have ever had. He is honest, trustworthy and generally a pleasant person to be around -no pressure or haggling! After the sale he checked up to make sure we were still happy and whenever he learns about a new feature on the car he lets us know.

We LOVE our new car and when the time comes will buy another one from Carlos with no hesitation!

Chris H. | 2015-01-05

I drove in here with an old bmw looking for a new car. The Mr came out, I asked him the difference between two WRX STIs and he had no information and then just walked away.  I ended up going down the road where I was helped and got a new car.

Tran H. | 2014-12-27

Alex is the best sales person I've ever dealt with! He was friendly, genuine, and most importantly NOT PUSHY! He helped me get my 2015 Impreza hatchback sport limited edition. The dealership didn't have that model yet but Alex was great and kept me updated on their inventory. When I got my car today, Alex sat in my car with me and took the time to go over all the features my car had to offer. If you're thinking of getting a Subaru go see Alex! He is a model for what every car salesman should be- not sleazy, pushy, and impatient to make the next sale.   However, I was not impressed with Jerry the Finance Manager. He was pushy, aggressive, and it was off putting. He tried to really sell me the extended warranty and GAP insurance. I did research and consumer reports showed that the extended warranty wasn't always worth it- so I opted not to buy it. He was really offensive and had the audacity to say that it didn't seem like I was comprehending what he was saying! Jerk- I understand perfectly...I just did not want to spend my hard earned money on something I deemed unnecessary.  Other than Jerry, the dealership was great. Because of Alex and only Alex did I give this dealership a high rating.

Joe Y. | 2014-12-26

5 stars for the Service department. I haven't experienced Sales but Nate Wade Subaru website have lower prices posted compare to Mark Miller.

Midtown service department was renovated 4 years ago so I assume their alignment machines and service bays are up to date. Service closes weekday at 6pm and online says Quick Lube extends hours to 730pm so you better call and make sure.

An oil change during weekday morning took about 30minutes. Conventional oil is around $30 Synthetic is $70 and Alignment is $80 Tire rotation $16 which is pretty standard for Subaru dealers. Look online for coupons.

The Quick Lube advisor was very professional and they cover your seats, inflate your tires to 35psi, quick vacuum, and a carwash all included in the Oil change. Waiting room had a Cafe, wifi was 15mb, cashiers were friendly and efficient.

For routine maintenance, go to a Subaru dealer. Even for major repairs get a quote from these guys and compare to independant Subaru shops. Walmart oil change might save you a couple bucks here and there but Subaru techs have the right tools and torque specs to keep your Subaru running the way it was designed.

Shaun B. | 2014-10-01

I had to get my car serviced after just purchasing it and they were very informative on the repairs that needed to be done. Being sensitive to price and what I said I wanted done with what I didn't, this was a big plus for me. There was no attempt to squeak by with a little unneeded repairs, in fact the service counselors were very upfront on what I needed done and what I could wait on. You could tell that they wanted to help you selflessly. My experience was higher than expected because there's a stigma of dealing with dealerships, however I believe I'll be coming back for future repairs. Knock on wood... Also if you can, service advisor Nate McKeeth was very upfront and helpful. Work with him if you can.

Jeremy D. | 2014-09-29

I only visited for an oil change, but was blown away at their thorough service and genuinely friendly employees. Things that impressed me: complimentary beverages and popcorn, a child's playroom, a library of books to read, employees that sat with customers to catch up with them, etc. I highly recommend this location if only for their expert attention to the smallest of details.

Laura B. | 2014-09-04

I purchased my 2nd Subaru here (a Crosstrek). They are much nicer than Nate Wade and really listened to our needs. I'll buy my next Subaru here too!

Sarah J. | 2014-08-18

Best car shopping experience in my life. I spent a couple weeks looking for a Subaru Impreza. Test drove a couple over at Nate Wade, they drive pretty well, but realized that our salesman was not very eager to sell me anything or find me what I was looking for. Guess he wasn't too concerned about making money. Went over to Mark Miller Subaru and didn't see any Imprezas in my budget. Then a salesman, Doug, walked over to chat with me about what I was looking for and my budget. Super nice, not pushy, very knowledgable. He showed me an Outback in my price range, told me to test drive it for fun. I fell in love and bought it two days later. The whole purchasing experience was effortless and comforting. Go see Doug Murdock if you want to buy a Subie!!!

Mike M. | 2014-07-02

My wife wanted a red car.  I thought I wanted a Subaru Impreza fully loaded.  After a bad experience with the target car at Nate Wade, I went online and found what appeared to be the identical car at Mark Miller.  I called their internet department and confirmed that the car had moon-roof, leather, navigation option, etc.  I asked the salesman to write me up a quote on it.  The internet manager sent me a quote later on Saturday and I made an appointment for us to meet with him on Monday.  Sunday, we went to the dealership to see the car before our appointment the next day.  We couldn't find the car on the lot but figured they had put it inside.

Monday we showed up for the appointment and the manager tried to show us a car we had seen the previous day and told him it was the wrong one and gave him the stock number and VIN of the car we saw on their website and got the quote on.  We went back inside and he searched for the car he had quoted me, and which was online with 32 pictures, but could not locate it at either dealership.  He then told us that the car they did not have did not have the equipment we wanted as shown in the photos and that the salesman who told me the car they put online - but did not have - was a new hire and made a mistake.  

After another hour of their trying to find that car or a car at another local dealership, they came back that there were only two in the western United States matching our wishes, one each in California and Washington.  They did not offer to bring one to Utah.  By this time they knew they were not going to sell us something we did not want, gave up, and we left and happily bought a red Hyundai Elantra GT an hour later at Ken Garff, which they found at a dealership in another state and had shipped to us.  I guess I really should give them more stars just for directing me to a superior product to the Impreza.

Scott K. | 2014-05-10

Wow, what a week!! My wife and I moved to SLC about two-weeks ago after four long years in India. She was only here for 7-days on what her firm calls a "looks see" visit to secure housing.... after a whirlwind search, we were able to find a little dream house for lease, and we were lucky enough to get it. She ended up returning to India for some final wrap-up duties, leaving me to deal with our transportation issues.

I was given one set of "marching orders" from my wife: "If you saddle us with a $500.00 per month car payment I am going to kill you!!" She was pretty clear!!

Now I have not been in the market for a new car in ages....and not having the first clue how to proceed, I went to a Subaru "concierge" website that promised to have the local SLC area dealerships contact me and get me"the best deal possible" on the lease of a new 2014 Impreza sedan.

Of all the dealers that contacted me via email or phone (and yes, as promised, all the dealerships did!), the Mark Miller staff was the most friendly, personable and helpful. Kudos to Internet Manager Carlos who made it so easy to make an appointment on a Saturday to come in and check out his inventory.

Car dealerships have always had the reputation of being pushy and intense,,, the old "hard sell". With Carlos, nothing could be further from the truth. He made me feel at ease from beginning to end as he ran through the various options that he felt were best for me in my situation (the right model for me, should I buy new, lease new, buy used, etc.) .... allowing me to think things through at my own pace and with NO high-pressure sales techniques whatsoever  ...

Having been out of the country for so long, the getting insurance problem turned-out to be quite a sticky wicket (cricket term)...but Carlos patiently stood by while we got it all worked out. I'm sure he had other customers and deals in the works, but he made me feel like I was the only customer left in the world!

I drove out oh the driveway with a new silver Impreza sedan and could not be happier with the service and low-pressure atmosphere at this amazing dealership. I never thought buying a car would be this pleasurable!  Simply outstanding!!

Pitichoke C. | 2014-01-04

I purchased my Subaru here 2 years ago. They offered me the best price in town. I also like their after service. They offer free oil change from time to time. Would recommend to get your car here!

Jake Y. | 2013-11-08

I just got my new forester xt and they treated me with upmost care. Even put my rubber mats in for me! The transaction took no longer than an hour which is really fast for buying a car! I recommend them
to anyone looking to get a used/new Subaru!

Daniel Y. | 2013-09-17

Purchase experience -My son needed his first car and all he wanted was a Subaru! We walked in and everyone was super friendly. They bought us a couple of sandwiches and drinks at their in store cafe for FREE! We shopped everywhere and these guys had the BEST price. Even less than ebay.

Service experience - My kid trashed his car in the first year. Somehow he managed to break the front power seat switches, rip off his air dam, blow up his navigation system and acquire about 10 dings all over the car. I pull up to the service bay to the FASTEST,MOST POWERFUL automatic garage door I have every seen. I'm talking faster than the doors on the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. So a week later we pick up the car and it looks brand spanking new! I love these guys!

And the food is good too. Lol

p z. | 2013-07-16

Stopped in here after first going into the "other" Subaru dealer closer to town and while standing around in the other dealership, waiting to be acknowleged,had to ask if anyone there wanted to sell me a car.   No one came to help me so off we went to MARK MILLER and was greeeted and treated very well in spite of the fact that at that point in the day we certainly didn't look like buyers. Two days later, after geting a fair trade in and 2 test drives off we drove in our new Forester - thanks to salesman, Chet. The deal at the end, where the add on coverage is explained, wasn't boring or worthless- it was presented in such a way that respected my wallet and intellect.  I had a great relationship with my prior dealer and have high expectations, based on that and the buying process from Mark Miller for that same type of  auto maintenance from MMiller.

Vero G. | 2012-09-24

If there was a negative star Mark Miller in SLC would've gotten one. It seems every time I go for a walk-in service no one is around to help so I end up driving to Mark Miller Subaru in Sandy & they always have someone ready to take me in.

Stephanie J. | 2012-07-08

I bought my car here when it was Buick/Pontiac. They have the same staff now that it is Subaru. They have recently remolded the store and service department. The service department will work on any brand of car. The service department always fits me in within a few days of when I call. Their service waiting room has a cafe that serves free beverage while you wait, and you can buy snacks or meals depending on how long you are waiting. Of course they offer a service shuttle to your destination if the service will take longer than you want to wait.

Not much to elaborate on a car dealership. They took care of me during the sale, they take care of my maintenance, I would buy a car here again.

Sabbatical F. | 2011-09-27

Looking for a used car..didn't have what i wanted, said they could find what i wanted if I would buy today! i said after i looked at the car I'd probably decide in a day or so..manager said.. "Well you know the old saying..Money talks S--- walks". I was shocked by that statement and walked out.

Sam S. | 2011-03-25

The new Mark Miller dealership has a beautiful remodeled showroom and service center. This location used to be the Miller Pontiac and Buick dealership until GM decided to discontinue Pontiac automobiles. Mark Miller took this opportunity to move their Subaru dealership to this location, giving their Salt Lake City Subaru business a desperately needed facelift. The new dealership is great with lots of room for expansion. I took my car in for maintenance today and was very impressed. When you pull-up to the service area the garage bays automatically open and you drive your car inside. Once inside a service rep greets you and checks your car in. The waiting room features a large flat panel TV with HD, a kid's play area, and a cafe with complimentary soda, coffee, tea and cider. They also have sandwiches, snacks and other goodies for sale. Everyone at the dealership was friendly and great to work with. Mark Miller has always impressed me and this new dealership continues in that tradition. Way to go Mark Miller!