Low Book Sales in Salt Lake City, UT

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Low Book Sales

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(801) 474-3335
Address:3371 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT, 84115

Reviews on Low Book Sales

Whitney M. | 2015-04-15

Low Book Sales treated me like a friend, not fresh meat! Thanks Luke for a great car buying experience!

Lorina W. | 2015-04-13

Go see Jordan...my credit score was low low low and he got me into the truck I wanted with no problems

Jeffrey S. | 2012-09-01

(Service-only review--never shopped for or bought a car here)

I'm almost convinced. Two days ago I would have raved about the place. I went in for my emissions and safety inspections and it was dirt cheap. Emissions was $5. I had a couple of minor issues fail, they fixed them pretty quickly, and I was out the door.

Before I left I grabbed some free popcorn and a beverage from the soda fountain. It's all free, and you can sit and watch TV (usually tuned to ESPN, I would imagine). The area is clean, and there are big comfy couches. I see a few salesman come through for the coffee machine, but it's not like the service area is luring you in for a sales pitch.

So here's the issue. My truck is a champ. A rock. Oh, I mean, it's over a decade old, but it's been pretty solid. So I took it in, had them fix a few things, and then the next day I got in to go run errands. It sort of slurred at startup, but it did start. I go one place, hang out for an hour, and when I leave and try to start the thing up, it's pretty much dead.

Now, this may be the case of really, really, really unfortunate timing. But where it's never once had battery problems, and suddenly it's dead, I was not pleased and wondered about the correlation. Not anything nefarious, but perhaps something went wrong.

In the most coincidental way, I was only about 4 blocks from Low Book, so I clutch-popped it to start and drove over. When I explained that I had just had it there, they had me drive it up immediately and they got it in right away. The verdict? I needed a new battery.

Again, I'm hoping it was a case of rotten timing. And indeed, that battery is old. But I paid for the batter to be replaced (and kinda handsomely, IMO) so my exuberance for LBS service department has waned. On the one hand, you've got a good waiting area with perks, and they were able to work on the truck right away both times. But on the other, I don't like having my truck pass an inspection one day, and then not start the next.

I'm leaving them with a tender recommendation. Give it a try. For the inspections, for sure it's nice to pay very little and be in and out quickly.

Karen S. | 2012-08-23

After hearing their ads for years on the radio, I pulled into the lot singing the jingle. 'Low Book Sales'.

No, I wasn't there to buy a car. It just so happens that their service department was have a sale, $5 for emissions tests! Luckily that was all I needed for my car this year.

I walked into the service waiting area and was surprised to find it filled with a self-serve popcorn machine and fountain drink dispenser, and new looking, cushy leather couches. Nice. I didn't partake of the food, feeling bad since I was only spending $5, and because I wasn't sure I trusted the popcorn. But, a very nice gesture on their part.

When I found the deal online, I was fully expecting to be 'sold to' when going in. To my great delight, there was none of that! I handed the guy my renewal card and my keys, sat on the couch, read my book for 15-20 minutes, got my papers back and swiped my card for $5. Seriously $5. And then left.

I wouldn't say anyone there seemed particularly happy to be at work. But they all did what they do very functionally, and I left feeling like I had won.

Raquel S. | 2012-07-17

I have bought two vehicles from low book each time was very pleasant. I had a wonderful salesman that wasn't pushy and showed me exactly what I was looking for. I even bought something else that I wouldn't have even looked at if the salesman wouldn't have shown me other cars then what I went in for. Financing was easy and fast and I didn't even have to go to my credit union they did it all for me. I refer all my friends and family to them. They treat you with respect and make buying a car easy and painless. Thanks low book sales look forward to my next purchase with you.

Tyson Q. | 2010-05-01

The salesman are manipulative and dishonest. The car had to be brought in to be fixed only a couple days after purchasing it! They messed up the financing with the bank and the lease paperwork as well.. Tried to steal the $1,000 deposit until I personally found a new bank to finance my car. They seem extremely friendly and professional at first, but I learned my lesson the hard way :( Go ANYWHERE Else to buy a used car these guys are thieves.


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