Ken Garff Volvo in Salt Lake City, UT

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For Volvo customers in the Salt Lake City business area - from St. George, Provo, Salt Lake City, Layton to Ogden - Volvo service couldn't be better than from your Ken Garff Volvo Dealer. We have access to hundreds of new cars, certified pre-owned cars and any other used cars in the Salt Lake City trading area - making us the most convenient, offering the best selection, and delivering the best value - all with our Best Price Guarantee.


Established in 1932.

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Ken Garff Volvo

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(801) 257-3500
Address:525 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT, 84111
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Ken Garff Volvo

Lisa E. | 2015-04-22

During my road trip from California to Utah during the holidays, my Volvo started shaking violently on the road.  I took it to this dealer and was shocked to hear that I needed a new front axle.

I couldn't afford all of the fixes they wanted to do on my car.  I did not get my stabilizer bar tightened or my front shocks replaced, which the dealer recommended I get done ASAP. The cost I was quoted for these two items was $1100.

It's now 5 months later, and I seem to have no problems with this loose stabilizer bar or shocks, but since I am planning a road trip in a week, I took my car to the shop to get the brakes done and to have them inspect these issues that the Volvo dealer told me about.

The mechanic said that he personally checked my stabilizer/sway bars and there is nothing wrong with them at all.  He also said that my shocks do not need replaced.

I am happy to hear that I don't need this work done, but it's clear to me that Ken Garff Volvo was just making up problems with my car to get more money out of me.  I can't stand getting ripped off because I'm a female and don't know anything about cars.

I'd recommend finding a different repair shop for your Volvo.  Mike Slaugh was my mechanic in SLC when I had an old van.  I don't know if he works on Volvos, but he is a wonderful mechanic.

Rachel H. | 2014-11-15

This is going to be a tale of two completely different experiences--one 5 star, one 2 star. Both happened within a few weeks, and we were stunned by the difference in our experiences. We just moved to SLC and are in the process of buying a new (used) car. We were looking at 2005 Volvo CX-90s, and wanted to do a "pre-buy" inspection before we bought one. The first car we brought in, our main contact was the woman, blonde, I'm sorry I'm forgetting her name. She was AMAZING. SO knowledgable, thorough, came to us with a full list of what was wrong (including a typed list of what it would cost to fix everything) and she could answer every question. We were SO impressed, and ultimately, on her suggestion, didn't buy the car.

Three weeks later, we bring in another car. This time the guy at the front desk was our main point. Rue the day. This time, everything felt just...sloppy. I had to ask and ask to get price estimates for some of the things they found. One sheet would say the battery was ok, the other would say it needed to be replaced. Some of the cost estimates were completely off--after being told continuously that a mirror problem was probably was wiring (but that he couldn't run the diagnostic) and would be a minor repair, for example, it now looks like $800. Everything we asked them to check in the first place (just three things, mind you) it seemed like they never looked at. We spent the next day doing numerous follow-up calls.

We ended up buying the car (love it). And here's the kicker: when completing the bill of sale with the owner we realized that Ken Garff employees wrote the wrong VIN on all of the paperwork (it didn't match the number on the car or the title). Did they even look at the right car?! We think they did (things like the mirror matched up) but talk about sloppy. We all know VINs are important in this game, and that just made me roll my eyes.

In short, the first woman we worked with made me a fan for life (we were telling everyone about how great our experience was!!). The second man we worked with changed our minds completely. Not sure if we'll be back with our new volvo now, but you know who will be handling our case if we do.

Job E. | 2014-02-24

I had a car problem while on a roadtrip that took me through Salt Lake City.  In quite the bind, the repair folks here managed to squeeze me in.  I found everybody I interacted with to be polite and professional.  The explanation of what was wrong with my car and the my options were presented clearly.  I felt like I was being dealt with honestly and was pleased with the service I received (ultimately, I had to junk the car, but managed to at least get it to Denver).

Js S. | 2013-09-14

I was really surprised to see the other 1 star reviews. I have gone to this location twice to get my C-70 serviced, and have been blown away by how helpful, friendly, and reasonably priced they were. My most recent visit was yesterday. I needed to get the side clips for my wind deflector replaced. While I was there, I asked them to check on my lights as I had an indicator telling me one of them had gone out. In about an hour and a half, they replaced both clips, replaced three light bulbs, and topped off the radiator fluid that was low. Total cost out the door, including tax, was under $75.

The service people were very friendly, they had cookies, and doughnuts, (although we went to the Garden Cafe across the street and had breakfast while we were waiting.) They told me a couple of things I probably want to get done down the road. But the prices were reasonable and they weren't pushy at all. One of the best service experiences I've ever had.

Sam M. | 2013-09-03

The worst customer service that I have ever experienced, I took my 2000 V40 to get a key programmed. I was told that they tried to program the key and it would not install due to my Immobilization system having an internal failure. I took it back twice and and each time i took it back something new happened to my car. first they wanted to replace the immobilizer which cost around 800$ then my strut and finally the last time
I took my car in the brakes went out when one of the mechanics was driving the car. He claimed they just went out and that m Master Brake Cylinder needed to be replaced with cost around 700$ = 115 in labor each hour. After that happened i had my car towed to  a reputable mechanic Herms Volvo. It turned out that my It was just a faulty brake line that most likely was tampered with. Later I moved to oregon and thought why not lets try and program my keys! well it also turned out that they programmed my key with no problem! and also mentioned that there was no CODE in the system that would indicate an internal error in my immobilizer. and they way over priced.


Kevin Y. | 2012-10-10

This is a first class dealership that goes the extra mile for their customers. The concern they show for their customer is above and beyond what I would expect from most dealers. They listen at Garff.

Hillary T. | 2011-05-29

After buying our Volvo XC stationwagon there 9 years ago, we have had lots of problems with the service.  We had to replace the transmission in the car there recently.  After having to replace years earlier, we found that only a Volvo-made transmission would ever work in the car.  Reluctantly, we paid another couple of thousand dollars for the dealership to put a transmission in.  On the first morning of a brand-new Volvo-made transmission, we had a puddle of transmission fluid in the garage.  These guys cracked a seal when they were putting it in!  This could have been easily tested but because we weren't going for the whole list of crazy repairs, they obviously didn't even drive the car an inch to test it.  We were so irate that we could never go back to them again.

Pam K. | 2009-03-31

If I continue to get my car serviced at a dealership, I would definitely go to Ken Garff Volvo. I didn't buy my car there, but they still took really good care of me and my car. If there was ever an issue, they would resolve it in a timely and professional manner.