Ken Garff Honda Downtown in Salt Lake City, UT

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Ken Garff Honda Downtown, Salt Lake City Honda dealership treats the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern.

Ken Garff Honda Downtown

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(801) 526-1700
Address:900 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT, 84111
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Ken Garff Honda Downtown

Jeremy O. | 2015-02-28

Have to be honest, We did have some hiccups but buying a car isn't always the funnest thing to do. But at the end of the day the manager, Brandon, did stick with the issues and help us come to a resolution that was very fair. I am actually very grateful in retrospect for all his help and willingness to continue to find solutions and options until we left very happy with my daughters new car.

Yvonne H. | 2015-02-15

I flew from Northern CA to Salt Lake City to help my sister choose and buy her new car.

After a lot of research, we determined that it was down to the 2015 Toyota RAV4 and the 2015 Honda CRV. After test driving both, we determined that the 2015 Honda CRV was the best car for her because of the better gas mileage, horsepower, compression ratio (important for high altitude performance) and a number of other factors. So, the decision was where to buy it.

There are four factors that I consider when deciding where to buy a new car:

1. Who has the car I want (without extra, expensive options)
2. Who has the best price for that car
3. Who has the best reviews for both sales and service
4. Who has the most helpful, non-manipulative salesperson

After doing my research and getting the best pricing quotes from Costco, and , it was narrowed down to two Honda dealerships. The first one where we had a test drive was fine and we were treated well by the salesperson and manager but the online reviews were questionable. We decided to do a second Honda test drive while the memory of the Toyota test drive was still fresh in her mind.

I had  informed Saul Pehrson at Ken Garff  Honda that I had already made an appointment with the "other" dealership and he invited me to visit them after the Toyota test drive so I could see how Ken Garff was different. I looked at their online reviews and they were top notch. We took them up on the invitation and the differences really became apparent. Saul set up a quick appointment with one of his senior sales consultants, Brandon Crapo and Brandon took great care of us. He was informative and not pushy. He made sure that we understood the advantages of the Honda over the Toyota and that we were comfortable with our decision. He also explained the added benefits of being a Garff customer.

My sister does a lot of  local traveling and dependability and service are very important to her. Ken Garff has an extended (free) service to their clients that is called GarffCare where they provide 24/7/365 roadside service in addition to their regular services. This, along with the fact that Garff has many programs that assist the Utah community, showed us that this was the dealership that we wanted to work with.

Low price, the exact car that she wanted, low pressure and a "can do" attitude of everyone we met makes Ken Garff Honda a real winner. added bonus... the very nice finance manager also made my sister very happy by including 3 free oil changes.

Jared H. | 2015-02-13

This review is based on SERVICE, not purchasing a vehicle.

My experience with Ken Garff stretched over the course of four weeks, with a total of 19 hours spent in their waiting areas while my vehicle was serviced. I had to get quite a bit of work done on my car- as you can imagine, a new problem pops up as soon as you fix one thing. I cannot fault or blame the service department for the amount of work--iIf anything, thank goodness they were thorough and found those issues, which other shops did NOT find when they were doing the inspection.

However, these parts were not in stock each time, so they had to be ordered and I had to come back later. It wouldn't have been a problem except that I live in eastern Idaho and my car is registered in Salt Lake county, so that meant a 10 1/2 hour round trip to get the car worked on and inspected properly, to conform to SLC's standards.

The problem was that the third week I went down, I arrived and was in the waiting room nearly an hour before they told me that they had ordered the wrong part (I knew the part #, and confirmed it with them the week before). I brushed it off and said "that's life" because getting upset at them and making a scene is never ok. Even so, having your customer drive 500 miles round trip just to be told that what they came to do due to an error on their part isn't exactly ok.

Was the staff courteous? Absolutely. Was the work done on my vehicle top-notch? Definitely. Did I feel they worked diligently on my car and kept me there only as long as was needed? Sure did.

When it all came to the end, I didn't feel there was enough restitution made for the  day-long trip I undertook that third week I went down. If it truly was about going the extra mile, I didn't see it. My wife even had a bad experience with Ken Garff a few years ago and advised me not to go, but I am pretty even-keeled and decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, the experience didn't merit the effort it took on my part to get there.

A G. | 2014-08-30

Are they idiots or are they liars?

I communicated back and forth for about a week with Ken Garff Honda through the salesmen Al and Corbin when I spotted a 2008 manual coupe  Infiniti G37, before finally committing to a 6 hour drive to go purchase the car. When I arrived at the dealership to test drive the car I discovered it was not a manual, but an automatic. Obviously I was very angry that I had just wasted 12 hours of driving and several hundred dollars due to an extremely unprofessional "mistake".
Now let's be fair and make sure this wasn't my oversight, right? And since the dealers sometimes reply to these reviews I will go ahead and remove some doubts as to their culpability.

-Did I read the ad wrong?
No, here's a screenshot I took of one of the adds that clearly states 6 speed manual: (edit: link removed to conform with Terms of Use)

-Sometimes the 3rd party sites have the wrong information.
Well other businesses can be bothered to check a few websites from which they get the most traffic to verify accuracy, wouldn't you expect that level of professionalism from Ken Garff Honda when you're about to give them $22k?
It's not like I just took it upon myself to drive 6 hours down and look at this car. I spoke to salesmen every day for a week without ever hearing the car had inaccurate information online. They knew I was driving 6 hours down there and never thought to mention it.

And this brings me back to my original question. Are they idiots or are they liars?
Do they really have no idea their car is listed with inaccurate information? Maybe other people came in thinking it was a manual car and they just never made a note to mention it to other prospective buyers?

Or do they realize that a manual sports car gets more hits than an automatic sports car? Do they think if someone drives 6 hours to buy the car they will find out it's automatic, but already be committed enough to purchase the vehicle anyway?

As I said at the top, I don't know which one it is. Maybe they're just dumb, or maybe they're doing it all on purpose. Either way I'm urging you to speak with your wallet and take your business elsewhere. Maybe this will encourage some professionalism.

Amber J. | 2014-08-16

My boyfriend and I bought our first brand new car from Ken Garff and the experience has been less than enjoyable to say the least.

We had been searching for a 2014 Honda Civic SI Coupe. We first inquired online and received an email providing a quote for the car we wanted with accessories.  We were interested so we then called and spoke with someone to set up an appointment to try and get the car.

We made an appointment for an evening so we could go when we both got off work. When we showed up the guy we made the appointment with was off work.. So we met with another salesman at the dealership and had to explain almost everything that had happened up until then, but thankfully he had some notes from the guy we were previously speaking with about it. The car we were going to potentially purchase, was no longer available so they had to search to find a new one that was available. At this appointment we talked about financing to see if it was going to work for us and then we put a deposit down to hold the car we wanted because it was still being manufactured.

After everything was said and done we weren't completely happy with how the overall price turned out because we ended up having to pay extra for accessories when the quote we were previously provided said "price with accessories installed". It wasn't a huge difference and we had been having trouble finding the exact car we wanted so we took the plunge.

The car showed up to the dealership earlier than expected which was awesome! So we picked it up and finished the paperwork, but then had to schedule a separate appointment to have the accessories installed.

We called on a Wednesday to schedule our appointment for this and they said we could drop the car off that night and they would do the work on Thursday during the day so we could pick it up Thursday night. Well, when we got there to drop off the car no one had record of our scheduled appointment!! This again?! So as skeptical as I was we left the car because they assured us the guy who we set the appointment with would get the car and make sure the work was done.

On Thursday we received a call letting us know that they did not have everything we ordered so they'd need another day, and for the inconvenience they'd provide us a full tank of gas when we picked up the car on Friday.

Friday comes around and we go to the dealership to pick up the car.. They pull up the car and the exterior is dirty... We were under the impression that the car was washed and detailed each time we dropped it off for a service, so of course we asked about it. The excuse we got was that their car wash was broken... which didn't seem like a logical explanation because two cars were currently being washed while we were picking up ours... Needless to say we received vouchers to go to a car wash down the street and wash it ourselves.

When we left we realized that the tint on our window was not even on fully, the rear window was peeling off from the top, the floor mats were not secured in, they were just tossed into place, our red light illumination is not even noticeable on the passenger side and barely noticeable on the driver side..AND best part.. when I dropped the car off there was under 300 miles on it around 286 to be exact, when we drove it away there was 342!! None of the things we had done to the car required driving to test it out... So this explains why they wanted to provide a full tank of gas. Whenever we take the car back to have the tint fixed we will continue to  document milage and do it on a day we can stay at the dealership to wait while it's being fixed.

We have 3 free oil changes at the dealership, but at this point unless we have time to stay there while the work is being done I think we would rather do them ourselves.

Don B. | 2014-06-28

My wife and I saw one of their used cars on KSL. After our first visit I asked the salesmen repeatedly to communicate over email, they still called my wife on her cell. I made the mistake of calling once from my cell, they started calling me too (used caller id to put in on file)

We had an inspection done on the car at another dealership, $500 in repairs were needed. Ken Garff said they would only make repairs if we arranged financing through them.

The salesman kept us waiting for 20min while the supposed backroom discussion was happening (Reminded me of that scene in Fargo where William H. Macy goes and makes coffee while his customers stew). We left in frustration after they wouldn't give an inch after making us wait.

The first salesman gave a warranty quote, the second salesmen wouldn't honor it.


Finance manager Trevor Wilkins shopped around and got us a great rate. Whole finance process was smooth.

Car was an excellent price and in great shape, great value. (We noticed the price repeatedly dropping online until it became an excellent deal. If you have the patience, watch the price online for a few weeks, at about 45 days after initial listing the price should bottom out)

Service department was excellent

Bottom Line

Be prepared for the stereotypical used car experience. If you must deal with the sales staff, don't trust a word, do your homework, and verify everything.

Doug C. | 2014-05-31

Ken Garff gives this "teachercare" thing for those that work for the Salt Lake School District, and it includes 2 free oil changes with car wash. It's actually really nice of Ken Garff to do. Unfortunately they don't have a toyota dealership so I went with Honda since it had good yelp reviews. I wasn't impressed with the service guy that helped me at the desk, I forget his name.. Joseph or something? He was almost too non chalant about everything, you'd think someone in customer service would smile more. The woman next to him, however, helped me when I came to pick up my car and she was very nice. Explained everything including their 7 or 10 point inspection, and they rotated my tires. Score. Car wash was ok, I think Jody Wilkinson does a better job.

This dealership is just big. I like Jody Wilkinson Acura because it's small and they seem to care more. Ken Garff's waiting area was also depressing, really bland and boring. The shuttle service runs every half hour, which is kind of annoying when you need to be places. They also took a while to pick me back up from work because I guess it was a very busy Thursday. The shuttle driver was very nice though, polite and amicable.

For one oil change and car wash it took almost 2.5 hours. That is a long time for an oil change. Oh and they don't take appointments. Why? I called and whoever answered explained they have "express service". 2.5 hours isn't very express.

Shuttle service M-F 7:30 am - 4:30 pm every half hour. Sat 8:30 am - 4 pm every half hour. Car wash with service.

I'll probably be back because it wasn't the worst experience in the world, and it's free for me. I definitely wouldn't pay full price for this though.

Bram A. | 2013-10-03

Fantastic experience!! My salesperson was Brandon Crapo. He was incredibly nice, honest, patient, helpful, and not manipulative in any way. Go buy your next vehicle from Brandon!! Trevor in the financing dept was very good and sincere as well. Plus they have free popcorn!!! I spoke with a few other staff members as well and there was generally a very fun, relaxed, helpful attitude with everyone.

Lisa B. | 2013-09-06

Newbies to town, we were told we needed a 4WD car to traverse the snowy mountains. "Get a Subaru," everyone said. So we looked at the Subarus and drove a couple, but they felt somewhat unsubstantial.  We happened by the Ken Garff Honda dealership one evening and asked the sales guy why we should buy a Honda and not a Subaru. This fellow, who shares a name with a character on "SpongeBob SquarePants," did not know much about the vehicles. He was new, which is no crime, but really should have gone to get someone more knowledgeable rather than some vague answers.  

Undaunted, we returned another day and had magnificent service from Brendan Crapo. He knew the features of each car like the back of his hand, and was as pleasant as he was competent.  He even stayed late on Labor Day so that we could finish our transaction.

So we now have a shiny CR-V and the confidence that we went to the right place.  Hey, second time's a charm.

Larissa V. | 2012-10-08

This is by far the best dealership and service department I have ever worked with.  

I ended up here after a referral from a friend - it is twenty minutes from my house, so I definitely wouldn't have gone on my own, but now I'll never go anywhere else.

I typically work with Becky, however, if any service rep sees me standing alone for even a moment, they ask what they can help me with.  They are also all very honest - forewarning you of what you will need done on your next service, telling you that such-and-such a service is recommended, but not required, helping you know what the most cost-efficient way for you to do your repairs is....the list goes on.

In fact, when I stated a couple of items needed repaired and was fully prepared to pay, Becky said, "That item is under recall, we will take care of that replacement for you and an additional replacement."  What honesty!  Another part I needed replaced had been quoted at $120 on my previous visit, but was less than $100 when I got the work done.  

The shuttle drivers are so kind and will talk if you want to, or let you ride in silence if you want to.  My favorite feature is definitely that they will come pick you up from work when your car is ready.  I've had plenty of places take me to work, but none also pick me up.  

Every time I've been there, my drop off takes less than 15 minutes and my pick up takes less than 5 minutes before I'm in my sparkly, freshly-washed car.  Yes, they wash too!  

I have not purchased a car there, however, I researched some of their rates vs. where I purchased my Honda and they are as great of a deal, if not better, and their customer service is definitely more top-notch.  I am disappointed I didn't know how great they were before I purchased my car or I would have worked with them.

Thanks for all the great service, Ken Garff.

Tamara S. | 2011-07-11

Pretty much since I was sixteen I've dreaded taking my car to the dealer for maintenance. But, such is life, and I took my Honda Accord to Ken Garff for an oil change and to have a part replaced on a recent trip to Salt Lake.

I made an appointment online, easy peasy. I arrived a little early and was promptly helped by a friendly service rep who didn't mind by questions--I get a little paranoid about car maintenance, particularly as I'm putting in a lot of miles on isolated stretches of highway this summer.

I planned to walk to Pioneer Park to check out the farmers' market. The guys working insisted I take the shuttle, and a friendly (and cute! omg!) employee drove me over. My car was ready in less than two hours and the shuttle came back to pick me up within about ten minutes of me calling to request pick-up.

I originally thought the part that needed repair would need to be replaced. I kept the broken part in the back of my car and they were able to repair it, saving me about seventy bucks. Great service and honest practices made this an incredibly wonderful experience--Sadly I probably won't be able to bring my Accord back here as I don't foresee a speedy return to Salt Lake, but locals should bring their cars here.

Karrie H. | 2011-01-26

If you read my previous two Ken Garff Honda reviews, you will notice the stars keep creeping up, and for good reason. This car dealership keeps winning me over with amazing service.

But let me back up a bit so I can REALLY show you how amazing Ken Garff Honda is, especially Trevor W., for whom I will sing the praises high and low in just a moment ... But first! I MUST share an awful experience at *another* dealership, just so you can see how amazing Ken Garff Honda truly is. You know that old saying: You can't appreciate the highs without the lows? Yeah, that.

My review, in two Acts:

Act I:

REVERSE GEAR: That *other* car dealership and the reality distortion field:

As I mentioned before, my hubby and I needed to trade in our cute little VW Bug (aw, poor Bug ... ). Last week, we checked out the Ford Fiesta at *another* (NOT Ken Garff) dealership that shall remain nameless. We liked the car, even though the backseat was designed for munchkin babies. Not munchkins, but munchkin babies. Munchkin newborns. Hubby could not even fit in the backseat! Literally!

But I digress. Here is the thing: The *other* dealership created a reality distortion field immediately upon our arrival. Without even asking if we wanted to trade in the Bug, they snatched up the keys and started evaluating it for trade-in. OK, we figured they were just efficient. NO! They were holding us captive! They made us sign a document promising that "if everything made sense, we would buy a car today ..." What? Well, *nothing* made sense!

They offered us a horrible loan with a horrible interest rate, even though we had a good down payment (and could take it higher if necessary), a good trade-in owned free & clear with no balance, and good credit. And to make matters worse, they would not leave us alone to discuss the car. It created this weird bubbly distortion field wherein we actually considered the deal ... BUT we left. Then the calls started to offer incredibly shrinking interest rates. Suspicious.

Act II:


We arrived at Ken Garff Honda and were greeted by Trevor W.. He shook our hands, asked us if we had a particular car in mind, and proceeded to let us climb into the showroom model and check out every nook and cranny to  our heart's content. No pressure, no sales pitch. He just let the car talk for itself.

No reality distortion field. No creepy "promise to buy" documents. Just an offer for a test drive, during which he let us experience the car without throwing constant pitches at us. And he actually asked about the Bug before taking the keys so the trade-in guys could take a look.

After test driving, we started talking down payments and financing. We told him about the *other* dealership's incredible shrinking interest rate. He shook his head and said he does not play those games. He explained how other dealerships will do that to lock you into a higher rate so they can skim a nice chunk o' change off the top (like cream on fresh milk, but you don't get any!). They only lay down their cards when absolutely necessary. But not Trevor W.!

Then he showed us how we could save considerable money on a brand-new 2010 model of the car we wanted -- even though the 2010 was almost the same as the 2011. He even threw in some free extras because the floor model had enhancements we had not asked for.

And the financing rate was crazy low! Most people earn more on the interest in their bank accounts than we will ever pay in financing -- and no penalties for paying off early. (Thank you, finance guy!)

Trevor patiently answered every question and never made me feel crazy for drilling him about safety features--even though I am totally paranoid about car safety.

Best of all, he left us alone a few times to discuss the car without the pressures of a salesman being present. That was great because we could let our concerns rip without fear of a salesman trying to smooth things over.

We are so glad we went back to Ken Garff Honda! And we are pleased as punch with Trevor's amazing, no-pressure, no-games, just-the-facts-maam service. And thrilled with the new car!


Do not hesitate to buy a car at Ken Garff Honda, and make sure to ask for Trevor W.

shane b. | 2011-01-06

I'm surprised at the other reviews. I had my Acura in to fix some major issues with a wheel bearing and upper AND lower swing arm damage. They fixed it for $400 less than Acura and let me know they would only repair what they thought was only necessary to make sure I didn't pay for unnecessary work that was recommended by Acura. They did a great job.

Oh and once your car is out of balance regardless if it was initially caused by ice in your wheel well it remains out of balance. That's for the other review above. They should always talk to the customer first I definitely agree but you would have needed a balance after anyway. Just trying to help.