Jerry Seiner Chevrolet Cadillac in Salt Lake City, UT

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Jerry Seiner Chevrolet Cadillac in Salt Lake City, UT.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Jerry Seiner Chevrolet Cadillac, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Jerry Seiner Chevrolet Cadillac in other cities in the Utah.

Jerry Seiner Chevrolet Cadillac

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(801) 685-3472
Address:1530 South 500 West, Salt Lake City, UT, 84115

Reviews on Jerry Seiner Chevrolet Cadillac

Brian B. | 2015-04-05

They are really good at passing the buck. Each time I call in, I get transferred multiple times. Each time I talk with a service tech, they usually blame something on another tech or another manager.

Oliver H. | 2015-01-20

when I went to get a key copied and I went to a man in the service department that goes by regal and I gave him my basic information on my car and he looked at my key and came up with multiple excuses on how he can't help me and the manner that I might have to pay much more then 9 dollars to over 45 for just a key. He went on with a bunch of "ways" that he could "help me" but I know he was just slinging excuses. I'm a mechanic. I know what can be fixed and replace and I know he just didn't want to deal with just a copy. My key isn't coded it just has a suppresser in the middle that basic copy machines can't do but only the dealer can. I went to another dealer later that day and nick did a copy for 9 dollars in under 2 mins when the other guy took 10 just saying no he can't and can't guarantee the results. I left very angry and I rather go to any other dealer then this one if people like this work here. If you don't want to work that day then don't come to work and if you want to get paid then do your job and help like you're suppose to.

Scott T. | 2014-11-25

Well they kept emailing me asking for a review and before I did I gave them every chance to respond but they never did which isn't surprising. I've been trying now for 3 weeks to get a simple call back to schedule an appointment for my 2014 Cadillac CTS and about 5 calls later I still have not talked to anyone.

It's amazing to me that this company does not answer the phone or return calls. I've probably called them close to 10 times now and have not once been able to talk to a live person in service. I always have to leave a message and only once have they called me back and I wasn't able to answer the phone so they left a voicemail which I promptly returned only to get another voicemail with no call back.

When I had my car in for a simple service a few months ago they kept it for four days without doing anything to it and kept telling me the parts would be there the next day. I finally just went and picked up the car and told them to call me when the parts came in and I'd bring the car back.

Their "service" department is either so busy that they can't be bothered or they just suck. Either way it's no way to run a business and I find it ironic that they kept sending me emails asking me to rate their horrible service.

Today I gave them one last chance and called the main number and it would ring twice and then just hang up on me. It's just really ridiculous how much work a customer has to do to make a simple appointment to have their car worked on.

Jill H. | 2014-09-15

We bought a 2015 Truck and everything went very smooth, we love the truck, Mike our sales guy was awesome, the whole sales team and finance guy stayed until 12 to ensure everything was done and we drove away with our new truck, we where from out of state they went the extra mile, will definitely buy my next car from them.

Mark M. | 2014-07-14

Made an appointment to have my h1 Hummer serviced I needed a new air conditioning hose and a few other items I have had the vehicle worked on here before I drove all night from Jackson Hole Wyoming when I got here they told me they do not work on h1 Hummers they told me the only store that does is on 107 south they would even call their to make me an appointment at a call myself to make the appointment and they can't get me in for 3 more days. I was interested in purchasing a new Corvette Stingray I know where I will not be getting it from Jerry Seiner

Lizzy P. | 2014-06-01

Took our family van here to get a software update to fix our AC, and they wanted to charge us an extra $2200 to replace the wheel bearings. Got a second opinion and while they did need replacing, Les Schwabb charged less than half as much and got it done in just a few hours.

Ila S. | 2014-04-16

I just had a regular service and asked about my signals having to be shut off manually on every turn, also about the display for my speedometer that keeps shorting out.  I also had issues with a burned out brake light and my seat bag service light has been coming on and my service tire monitor has been coming on.  I almost passed out when they told me how much it would cost to repair these problems.  My car is a 2009 Malibu that I bought from them at their dealership brand new not quite five years ago.  Apparently any warranty I have doesn't cover such things and they charge about 100% more than they should for anything they actually do to make repairs.  I am disappointed with this dealership and how they treat their customers that have bought new vehicles from them, one would think they would want that customer to say good things about them.

jonathan m. | 2014-03-28

I bought a used late model Cadillac from Jerry Seiner that had a cracked engine block!
1st rate shysters... enough said.

Tom S. | 2013-10-30

What a dump.  Have a little pride in your dealership.  Hard to believe places like this still exist.

Steven M. | 2013-08-17

I loved the Camaro that I bought from here, with the help of Lance Bradshaw. He was one of the best salesmen i've had the pleasure of meeting.
However, once we agreed on numbers, the finance manger kept insisting that I get some extra warranty and service.
Furthermore, the experience I had here was dampened by my encounter with their new General Manager, Tom. He had quite a bad attitude and it was pretty off-putting. From observation, I could also tell that other people around him were uneasy.

All in all, i give a star for Lance's assistance and a star for the great car. But the extra service stuff was irritating, and it seemed like other dealerships had a better atmosphere

Chris S. | 2013-04-08

As always, great service. Ask for Nate if you are getting anything serviced. He is absolutely trustworthy and will give it to you straight.

Trenton C. | 2012-08-27

Incompetent, even for a basic oil change and inspection. Gave them another chance after them rating my tires all a green (100% in good shape) when the two front tires were almost bald. This time before I left I inspected the fluid levels because I knew one of them needed to be topped off as it was at its minimum level. I noticed that it had not been even touched and asked Dan to explain. He brought his tech over and explained that because my brakes were bad, it wouldn't matter how much fluid they put in. It would stay low until the brakes were replaced. I looked at the inspection report they had just handed to me and it said my brakes were 100% fine. I now wonder if they even did the oil change. I tried getting ahold of Nathan Shaw, the service manager and he will not return my calls. Stay away from these incompetent crooks!...

Maxwell M. | 2011-03-28

My wife had an issue with her 2006 Chevy Aveo and she purchased the GM Major warranty, which is their Bumper to Bumper Warranty. She has been having issues with her car recently and we normally would go to Riverton Chevy to get it fixed. Since Jerry Seiner is much closer to our house we decided to Hit them up.

We initially called to see if they honored the Bumper to Bumper warranty , and they did and he said he can have the car looked at ASAP. Upon pulling in we were assisted promptly by the same man we talked to on the phone KC. He assisted us well and said he will call us if there were any issues. He did call us in abount 2 hours later and we came to pick up the car. We paid the deductible on the warranty. There was no jerking around and it just plain black and white. That is an awesome thing since most auto repair shops like to Nickel and Dime you. We will definitely go back again if we god forbid have any more issues.