D Dahle Mazda Of Murray in Salt Lake City, UT

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company D Dahle Mazda Of Murray in Salt Lake City, UT.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer D Dahle Mazda Of Murray, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer D Dahle Mazda Of Murray in other cities in the Utah.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(801) 266-0033
Address:4595 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT - 84107 - 8411 near State St,4600

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(801) 305-3531
Address:4595 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT, 84107
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on D Dahle Mazda Of Murray

David V. | 2015-04-24

I recently bought a used car from this place and I was happy till the problems started. Problem one it was a hassle for me to get my plate from these people. They told me that a wrong person signed the title and they couldn't license it. It would have helped if they called and told me this, but no I had to go physically go down back to the dealer to resolve this issue. Problem two I have an oil leak and asked them to look at it. After a few hours I got a call and it is leaking oil from pretty much everywhere it can on the engine. The warranty they sold me also just so happens to not cover the seals. So now I have a car that is useless and they want me to pay full price for them to repair. So much for the inspections they do on these cars.

Sam S. | 2015-01-13

We purchased a new 2015 Mazda CX-5 Touring from D. Dahle Mazda of Murray a few weeks ago and had a great experience. Our salesperson Matt Rosner was awesome and the Sales Manager and financing department were very good too. All of the employees we worked with were personal and easy to talk with. They took time to answer all of our many questions and we never felt pressured or rushed to make a decision.

Negotiating on price was easy and straightforward because they sold us the CX-5 for only $200 above invoice. By financing through Mazda (which is backed by Chase) we saved an additional $1,500 as well. They also agreed to discount the additional accessories we wanted and the extended warranty.

I only have two complaints: The first is that it took about three hours to finalize our purchase. We sat around for a long time, waiting and waiting and waiting, and for what I'm not really sure... When they finally had our paperwork ready to be signed it only took about 10 minutes. But for some inexplicable reason it took forever to get to that point. The dealership was not very busy so I'm not sure why they were being so slow.

My other compliant is that the Sales Manager originally suggested we could get an interest rate of 2.99% if we financed through Mazda. But when we signed the paperwork the rate had jumped to 3.99%. A.K. in financing explained it was because the rates from Mazda change everyday and suggested we could transfer the loan to a credit union and get a lower rate in 90 days. By financing with Mazda we did get the extra $1,500 off, so it was to ultimately to our benefit, but the last minute change in rates still bothered me. So in 90 days I'll get transfer the car loan to a credit union and get a lower rate.

D. Dahle Mazda of Murray has a clean and modern showroom. Their employees are honest and easy to work with. We had fun buying our new car here and would  recommend this dealership. ZOOM ZOOM!

Danny T. | 2014-11-11

I've bought and serviced 3 cars here over the past seven years or so and have never had anything bad to say. I have always had a great experience and been treated fair. Wouldn't think of going anywhere else!

Victoria R. | 2014-11-07

I just leased my first car and everyone at D Dahle Mazda, especially Jon McCarter made it easy. Jon was very knowledgeable and friendly and answered all of my questions. I love my new cx5 and would recommend getting a Mazda here to anyone! Everything was taken care of in a day and I felt great about my purchase!

Scott R. | 2014-10-27

This review is totally based on the service department. I had a great experience coming here. Brought in my Mazda for its oil change. Went in without any appointment. I was totally expecting to wait awhile for it to get done. But to my surprise I was finished in about 20 minutes. And that was coming at lunch around 1 on a Thursday. Also he recommend a tire rotation. So I added it on as well. And when I went to pay. He told me it wasn't time for it yet. Very nice considering most places would just do it anyways. They definitely have my business if this experience was normal for them.

Anthony S. | 2014-10-24

I bought one of their certified used Mazdas two years ago and it's been a great car. I've also had some service done. The service has been really decently priced. I called around to several tire shops and Mazda actually had the best prices on tires. The only complaints  I have is that many of the employees don't know that much about the cars they sell and they don't drive Mazdas. If you work for Mazda, you should drive one, and you should know a lot about the brand and its features. Also, service is slow.

Gina L. | 2014-06-02

Very disappointed. We went there looking to test drive a car and maybe buying it.
They run your credit before you agree on a price and also the "numbers guy" was rude to us.  I know my trade in is not a new car but do not try to make me feel like you are the only option around.
Thanks to that behavior, I end up driving 20 minutes to another dealership and buying my CX-5 from them.

Sadie W. | 2014-03-25

They were so rude!

Actually, when we first arrived, they were super great and really nice. My brother was helping me buy a new car, side note: my brother is in the military and came after work to help me.
Long story short, we thought everything was smooth sailing, so my brother left to be with his wife and kids. Immediately after he left the salesman and management turned super rude. They treated me like I was a dumb girl and completely incompetent.
First they quoted my trade in for 2,500 then came back and said we decided on 1,500 when I asked why, Matt said " In what world do you honestly think we would give you 2,500 for your car"
I realize my car is older but when I pulled the review on NADA (which is what they use at D. Dahle Mazda in Murray) the lowest it said was 2,100. I would have excepted any other response, he didn't have to be rude.

Word of advice..don't go to them. I would rather deal with pushy salesmen then mean ones any day.

Rob S. | 2014-01-12

Will never do business with these guys again and also make the recommendation to others to steer clear. I bought a used truck from them and under recommendation of the finance manager and salesman, although I was hesitant to do so, purchased their after-market warranty specifically to cover any issues with the 4WD ($2,200 for a comprehensive 3 year warranty - so not an insignificant amount). I started having issues with the 4WD so I took it in to have it repaired. I was told that the warranty would not cover the issue as the specific part needing replaced was not listed and if I didnt like it to call the warranty company myself. I expressed my displeasure with the situation as I had purchased the warranty through the dealership and hoped they would fight for the me their customer. While the service rep was courteous, he never made any offer other than to fix the part for an additional $700. After expressing their understanding for my situation they still asked that I pay the diagnostic fee of $60. Poor poor customer service and a lack of integrity and honesty from the finance and sales departments. Will NEVER buy from this dealership again.

Rebecca O. | 2014-01-05

I love my new Mazda, but I definitely had issues with one of the staff. Husband and I went in already knowing exactly what we wanted and ready to buy. We get into the office with Ken the finance guy and start going over paperwork. Well, I wanted to have a quick chat with my mother (her and my dad owned car dealerships) to get her opinion on the extended warranty. I wasn't on the phone all that long when Ken snaps at me "What are we doing here?! Are we doing this or not?!" I was taken aback. I replied with I'm getting advice, is that okay with you? He comes back with "Yes, but you're just sitting here going 'okay, okay'. You can finish your conversation outside if we're interrupting you." Needless to say, I was furious. Here we are, ready and willing to buy a brand new car, and this guy is being a massive tool and basically throwing a temper tantrum. We almost walked out right then. If it weren't for the awesome sales guys we had dealt with, Matt and Nico, we would have left and bought elsewhere.  

Also, I brought my new Mazda home to find that left in the vehicle was a folder with a copy of someone's driver's license and a packet with a huge list of peoples' names, home addresses, and phone numbers. Definitely not protecting information of customers. Not cool, and very troublesome.

Sam S. | 2014-01-02

We took our car here to fix our engine on our Mazda 3.  It sucked, but they replaced our engine ($4500) and then told us that our AC was out too. So a month later we had enough funds to replace that as well (another $1000). But this time I tried to use a $15 coupon. We had a disagreement over if I could use the coupon and ended up arguing over $15.  The service manager was terrible rude to my face and was ridiculously stubborn.  After I left his office he had his guy ring up the $15 credit. They then even called later to let me know that they credited me another $90.  This was nice of them, but I was still shaking from the awkward and uncomfortable conversation earlier.  They really did not make me feel like doing business with them again. I was asked to fill out a survey from them to describe my experience - I explained the situation and gave the service manager poor marks due to the uncomfortable conversation in his office.  He really was a jerk to my face, but when I left he was nice (bipolar?). I called three months later to get an oil change.  They looked me up and made an appointment. After they took my keys they wrote it up they said the service manager left a note that he did not want to do business with me - so they wouldn't give me an oil change after all. I left confused and decided to call back to understand why.  He told me it was because I gave him a poor survey review and 'lied' on the survey.  This was not true - I didn't end up giving him good reviews, but it was all true.  I'd give the service manager a 1-star, the service and pricing a 3-star, but how they made an appointment with me and then after I came in told me they didn't want to do business with me....for sure a 1-star. We used to love Mazda - even this dealership.  But with the recent issues with the car and now the service department - I think we are done with Mazda for good.

Robby N. | 2013-07-02

I will say it right out front... DO NOT GO TO THIS DEALER IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A MAZDA!!!!! I had a downright awful experience with these guys recently. So bad in fact that I just had to find somewhere to right my first review on any business.
Lets get down to business shall we? To begin with this was not the first time I gave these guys my business. My problems with them go back seven years. I bought a 2004 Mazda 6 and was royally screwed over by their sales department. A year later I decided to downsize and was looking for a Mazda 3. I went to them again thinking I would give them a second chance. It was a horrible mistake! I gave my salesman the keys to my car (for them to test drive it) and he would not give them back to me when I wanted to leave. I eventually bought my Mazda 3 from another dealer. Fast forward to 2010 when I am wanting to lease a new 2010 Mazda 3. Even though I live right down the street from d dahle I decided I didn't even want to bother with them. I went straight to Orem Mazda and had the best car purchasing experience I could ever hope for. I did however bring that car into d dahle because it was having a high pitched squeal in the driver door lock. I was told by one of the service advisors and mechanics that it was a normal sound and nothing to worry about. I didn't believe this to be the case so I took it to Orem yet again and they told me it wasn't normal and they would fix it as the car was under warranty. This kind of attitude lead me to believe their service department just didn't care about my concern and wanted to get rid of me.
This now brings me to my most recent experience with this horrible dealer... The lease on my Mazda 3 was supposed to end this December so my wife and I started doing research on what we wanted to do. I was fully intending to lease another Mazda but was going to go through Orem as I trust them a whole lot more than I trust these guys. I sent a request to d dahle for an online quote and I was impressed with the kindness their internet manager (Rustin) showed me on the phone. I went in there to talk to him in person and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to work with him (no issue with him). Everything about this car transaction was pleasant up until delivery of the car. I signed my paperwork on 6/6 and was told upon leaving that my car was on a truck from Washington and would be arriving at any moment and would be available for me to pick up by 6/8. This did not happen so I called on Monday 6/10 and was told the car was being "hot loaded" that day and would be there by mid-week. I called again on Thursday 6/13 and was told, YET AGAIN, that the car was STILL in Washington and was being "hot loaded" that day and should arrive by the weekend. On 6/15 I happened to be by the dealership so I drove through the lot just hoping that my car would be there and to my utter amazement it was there sitting in the front of the showroom waiting for me to drive it home. I was expecting them to call at any moment so I headed home to get my mazda 3. I waited three hours before I finally called them to ask if my car was there and if I could pick it up.
I know it wasn't necessarily the dealer's fault that the car took so long to get there but why was I told three different dates that my car would be available? And why was I not alerted to my car finally being available to pick up? The general manager says that customer satisfaction is their number one priority but I do not believe I was their number one priority when it came to me finally being able to drive my car off the lot. He claims to strive for customer service has not been in contact with me after promising me he would 12 days ago!

All that being said the car is absolutely incredible! Just don't buy it from these guys as they are atrocious! If you want a Mazda go to B Mazda in Orem and talk to Chip!

Nick H. | 2013-06-18

Brought our car in for an oil change, emissions inspection and a car wash. Not sure why it took 3+ hours. Saw many other people waiting in the waiting room come and go.

Jay D. | 2012-11-05

I just wanted to pass on the excellent service I just received at this dealership.

My check engine light came on and without an appointment they took me in, checked the codes, and found the problem within minutes.  Steve the service advisor handled every aspect of this and had me out in 15 minutes.  I'm definitely recommending this dealership and will have my daughters car serviced here from now on. Thanks so much!

Chris S. | 2012-08-21

I've bought several cars here. The only complaint I have is there financing manager that I dealt with on my first car. He was a joke and I felt very mislead into getting a car at what I thought would be a 2% interest rate ended up being a 9% interest rate. A few years later after I had calmed down I decided to get a new Mazda. I got a great rate and didn't get suckered into signing a joke of a contract. I've been coming here for service on both of my Mazdas and have never had an issue their service department is great and  that's the reason I decided to continue to do business with this dealership after I had that bad taste in my mouth about the Interest rate.

Don B. | 2012-04-28

The service we got on our '04 Escape was poor. The vehicle had a chronic problem with rough idling, and they were unable to isolate or resolve the issue. They suggested that we drop in next time it was happening and they would look at it. We finally were able to stop by when the issue was happening, and they refused to look at it and suggested an appointment. In addition to this ineptitude and poor customer service, they made a strong recommendation to my wife to fix the oil leak on the car, which of course was very expensive. I'm confident they were taking advantage of her lack of knowledge of vehicles, and that an oil leak is normal for older cars and can be mitigated with checking the level and adding more oil periodically. They represented the oil leak as a critical problem that must be fixed urgently. Later we took the vehicle to Richins Car Service in Sandy and they resolved the rough idle in one visit.

James R. | 2012-03-02

We just bought a new CX-5 from this dealership. They were the only Mazda dealer in the state to have the version of the car my wife wanted since it will be her commuter car. The overall experience was truly horrific from the salesman who flat out lied on multiple occasions to the finance manager who was extremely rude. We were made to wait over an hour just to see the finance manager and mind you this was at 8PM at night. He was so rude to us that at one point I stood up and told my wife I didn't want to give our money to this dealer. She convinced me to stay. We love the Mazda CX-5. Great car, awful dealership. I've never dealt with the dealerships in Orem or Bountiful but if you have the option to give your money to one of them over Dahle Mazda I recommend you do so. Dealers like this won't learn what good customer service means until they feel the pain in their bottom line revenue.

David P. | 2012-02-08

Let me begin by saying I am a car enthusiast and a total Mazda dude. I own a CX-9, an MX-3, and a rotary powered RX-8. I am very hesitant to take my car to any shop or have someone else lay their hands on it :)

That being said, I've had to take my car here several times for services I couldn't do myself and I even bought my CX-9 from D Dahle. As of today, I can say I've been lucky and have had good experiences with them.

The service dept was very nice and offered some snacks while I was waiting for my car to get done. When I bought my CX-9, I did not feel any pressure. The salesman answered all questions I had but didn't really try to "sell" the car to me. Of course, before going in, you should also be a little informed about what you want (be it servicing your car, or buying one) in case someone BS's you.

Jason D. | 2011-06-27

First off, I hate car dealerships, but this one in particular I've had a number of issues with. I ended up buying a car from them for a little bit more than it was worth, but I ended up getting an ok deal. Getting that price in the first place was tricky though.

When I first saw the car out on the lot I knew I wanted it and so did the salesman; that was my first mistake. It was a used Mazda 3 with 6000 miles on it. There was a clear and legible price sticker in the window, but the salesman kept trying to sale it to me for $1000 more than the listed price, how idiotic. The salesman I was working with either had a bad memory or was lying to me the entire time.

After about a week of negotiating the car was still on the lot and I ended up getting a good deal, but it was a painful experience. I will NOT buy a car from this place again. The only reason I'm giving this place 2 stars is because of the quality of the service here. They do a good job at that.