World Car Nissan in San Antonio, TX

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Our large inventory and wide selection of models, along with competitive pricing, allow us to make you a great deal on the Nissan of your choice. At World Car Nissan, our goal is to assist you in making a confident decision. Our friendly, professional staff members are here to answer your questions and listen to your needs. Whether you're shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle, we're here to help with your search. Our well-stocked inventory includes popular Nissan models, including Sentra, Rogue and Frontier. Wherever you live in the San Antonio area, or if you're driving from Seguin, San Marcos, Austin or Schertz, we're ready to serve you.

World Car Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 599-5959
Address:12908 N Interstate 35, San Antonio, TX, 78233
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on World Car Nissan

John E. | 2015-04-06

I don't recommend this Nissan dealership at all. I just moved here from Colorado and prior to coming here my power steering fluid and brake fluid were flushed. After the multi point inspection at this dealership today they said I needed a brake fluid and power steering fluid flush. I passed on the offer and when I got home I checked the fluid for myself and it was perfectly fine. They either didn't check it and assumed I needed it flashed considering my vehicle is close to 70,000 miles or they checked it and tried to rip me off.

Willita M. | 2014-11-03

I recently purchased a new vehicle from this location and the entire staff was extremely helpful and kind. They went above and beyond to make sure that our needs were taken care of and made sure everything was handled the way we wanted it. My salesperson Jorge was very kind and helpful and has continued to check on me and my new vehicle since purchased in August 2014. I will continue to do business here and refer others.

Michelle H. | 2014-07-26

Brought our car to the Nissan dealer thinking we would avoid crappy service that a no-name, subpar mechanic would give. You'd assume to get the best service from the dealer itself, right? Turns out we probably would have been safer with the no-name. Took the car in to fix the horn and received the car back several days later, after it sat for two days without attention, with a broken door that is going to cost us $720. And they didn't even notify us. Nasty surprise. The manager was "not claiming responsibility" for this expensive damage but wanted us to take it back there to fix it. The whole service was trouble from the beginning. If you want any kind of service, don't take your car here. I now understand the phrase "if I could give zero stars I would." Just wished the manager would have fixed the shop's mistake...

James S. | 2014-06-16

I took a 2004 Nissan 370z there with only 14,000 miles on it.  They said the clutch was going bad and needed to be replaced, no problem.

I returned with a clutch and flywheel for the auto parts place down the street, $400 cheaper than OEM parts.  They installed it in a couple days and I got my car back.

I called 2 days later because I could smell the clutch burning and spoke to service rep.  I brought it in and left if for a day.  No miles where put on the car was told clutch was just breaking in.

A couple weeks went by and clutch was slipping so I went back and had to wait to take senior tech out.  He agreed something was wrong and I had to leave it.
they called me the next day and told me I tore up the clutch in 300 miles.  I went down there and the service manager said I did not know how to drive a standard. I laughed and told him I had the car for over 10 years with no problems and the car I'm in right now is a standard.  

He said you can pay to have it replaced Orr I'll push your car out of the stall and leave it outside.  He was as rude as they come.

I paid to have it replaced again.  Took the clutch back to where I got it and they said it looks like they didn't place it in correctly.

IT doesn't end there.  Car would not start a couple days later so I had to get it towed to Gunn.  The problem was " they didn't reinstall the air cleaner right"

Nissan refunded me the charges for the two.

This place SUCKS!

Ray M. | 2014-06-11

Unfortunately the service department is totally incompetent. The service manager is Matthew Manter and he prefers to listen to a machine as opposed to listening to his customers.
We brought our son's 2010 Altima in for transmission service. We told him that the transmission was overheating after about 50 miles of driving at highway speed. They kept the car for five days and told us the longest test drive they took it on was less than 20 miles. We explained to them again that 20 miles was not enough to overheat the transmission. They told us they were not allowed to take a vehicle on an extended 50 mile test drive. We then called Nissan corporate headquarters and gained permission for them to take the vehicle on an extended test drive overnight. The next morning they told us that one of the technicians took the vehicle overnight and could find nothing wrong with it. When we asked them how far he drove the vehicle they informed us that he just took it home and back, which was only a few miles away. Matthew Manter told us their machine gave them no error codes and that they were finished and we needed to come pick up the vehicle. And, because they could find nothing wrong with the vehicle the rental car would not be covered under the warranty.
When I went to pick up the vehicle I told Mr. Manter that I was going to drive it 50 miles or so before it broke down and, sure enough, it broke down just like we told him it would. We had the vehicle towed to a Nissan dealership in Corpus Christi and they replaced the transmission cooler. They also made sure that we would be completely reimbursed for the rental car.
HERE's THE BOTTOM LINE : Matthew Manter and the service department at World Car Nissan in San Antonio do not appear to be competent. They also do not appear to be concerned with what their customers are telling them. They have left the old ways behind and all they look for now are codes on a machine. Let this be a warning to everyone. Stay clear of World Car Nissan if you want a service department that genuinely cares about what you have to say. If you want your vehicle repaired properly, we strongly recommend you take it somewhere else.

Glen Y. | 2014-04-19

I have a 2011 Nissan Frontier which is approaching 36,000 miles.  I took my truck to them to find a growl in the front end.  They kept it for a week and said they couldn't find it, but told me it must be because I took my truck off roading!  It is a frickin two wheel drive and I'm a 50 year old fart, off roading in a two wheel drive is the last thing on my mind.  I explained the problem again in detail and they kept it another week and said they still couldn't find it.

Finally told them no thanks and took it to G###n Nissan across town. Wow, talk about getting better service!  I will never ever go back to World Car and will recommend to anyone STAY AWAY FROM THESE SLIMEBALLS!  There are too many other options available, why settle for being treated like dog meat.

Ricky R. | 2014-03-10

This time they took good care of us and everything check out fine after the free battery replacement, but the first visit was another story.  

The first time was when I needed to replace a radiator and I know they were the closest Nissan dealer to me.

Luis B. | 2013-12-27

All I can remember about this place is how rude they are, every employee I had to deal with was an as... took my wifes Altima for an oil change with no appointment thebsevice guy tells me it will be a couple of hours no problem I live close by just call when it's ready, after 5 hours I decided to call in and check, the service writer then tells me that the car needs over $2500 in repairs and if I do not do it it could put my warranty in jeopardy told him that I didnt have the money but that I could do it in 3 months when I go to pick up the car my bill was $99 for an oil change, after 3 months I take the car back and tell them I got the money for  the repairs before I leave the service manager comes out and tells me that the repairs now are going be $4000,  so I asked him to let me take it to another dealer and get a second opinion he didnt like that told me I wasted their time and pretty much kicked me out of there, took the car to ancira and after getting and oil change the service manager told me I had to replace in the near future an engine mount but it was not urgent, I couldnt believe it so after 3 months I took it to another dealership and was told the same, conclusion stay away from this place they would take advantage of you if you give them a chance, I felt like and idiot after the diagnosis at ancira the service manager at world car got gready and not happy with ripping me off  $2600 tried to get another $1500 out of me.

Carol I. | 2013-09-04

*** World Car Nissan and World Car Hyundai either need to be merged together to one business for check ins and reviews as they share the same phone number and same owner or reviews for Hyundai moved to their correct page... i am reviewing both dealerships tho my car was being serviced at Hyundai and will review my service experience there... some reviews here at Nissan should be with Hyundai... i dealt with Tobin my first three visits at Hyundai and he is no longer there as of July 2013 ***

first check 8/1/13
i sat in WC Nissan for free wifi while my car was in service at WC Hyundai next door. service manager, wendy, suggested for me to go over there for wifi. after i arrived, i was offered popcorn and a juice by a salesman while i was waiting but then he said he was only joking with me because i was sitting on a couch in front of big screen tv. (btw, there were 3 tvs turned on different channels blaring throughout the showroom. very distracting and annoying. why do customers shopping for cars need a tv anyway?... much less three?)... i sat there for 5 hours (1-6pm) and no one offered me anything but a joke. service never checked on me even tho they knew i was waiting. nor did they offer to take me home or ask me to come back another day if they were that busy. i was there for warranty work with an appointment. the owner was there all afternoon walking around and not once did he come over to introduce himself nor ask how my day was going (i know i had to look miserable after the first couple of hours.) i knew he was the owner because that same salesman told me who he was... bragging how involved in the community the owner was by recently sending someone over from the dealership to a local steakhouse and paying for all the service members dinners that were in the restaurant at the time. (WCN is located close to Randolph AFB.) thats all great as i appreciate what our troops do for us. but what about taking care of your customers that are in your dealership? grrr... my blood sugar was running low and i needed some one to take of me. i did not expect to be there so long or i would have come more prepared. i already brought plenty of reading materials. but who knew that i might need nourishment as well... that day was an awful experience... and btw, i do not like the remodeled Nissan dealership. (many years ago i used to bring my Z here)... the service center changed sides. they closed in the drive thru with all glass walls so you can sit in there and watch your car being serviced... but its wasted space... no circulation. no tv. no wifi... its just plain uncomfortable and ugly... that is why i had to move into the showroom lounge area... i really wanted to like the dealership(s) as it is closest to home but once my issues get taken care of, not sure i will keep going back...

second check in 8/4/13
Free wifi while waiting for service wasnt working today... and i was only there for the free wifi while my car was in service next door at World Car Hyundai... thankfully i was only there for an hour on this visit...

B W. | 2013-04-12

To echo the other reviewers words, indifference is a great way to describe the experience I had at World Card Hyundai. I think the service guy's name was Tobin Coker or something like that. I made an appointment over the phone and received an email confirmation prior to arriving. When I walked in the guy acted like he was surprised, maybe even annoyed to see a customer walk into his "office" if that's what you wanna call it. The buildings here are sad old trailers and the service level fits right in with the atmosphere. I should have just walked out based on the vibe this guy was giving off but I gave him the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was just a rough day? So I drop my car off at 5pm and they close at 7. Before leaving I said "so I'm guessing you guys will run a diagnostic on my car and call me in the morning to let me know whats going on with it?" He responded with and only with "um it'll be more like noon" in a tone that was anything but customer service friendly. I'm not looking for a foot massage when I go to an auto shop but I do want the person who is supposedly going to help me to care just a little bit. The next morning around 11am I called and asked if they had an update, the person said I'd get a call back shortly. At noon I called again and no update, so I asked if they had even looked at the car, after an 11 minute hold the person said they hadnt even looked my my vehicle. This place runs 7 to 7 so they had a total of 7 BUSINESS hours to just get the damn thing in for a diagostic. Realizing that I had made a mistake I asked the woman on the other end of the line to just cancel my appointment and I'd take it somewhere else. She said "okay" without hesistation or any attempt to retain business, this speaks volumes to the type of service you will receive if you go to this joke of a business. If they dont even care when they lose customers what do you think is happening in the shop with your car? Would you feel comfortable having them work on your car knowing they simply dont give a damn? Same exact thing when I picked up my keys. The Tobin Coker guy said not a word, he saw me, reached over to the envelope and handed me my keys. No attempt to get more information so they can improve in the future, no sorry, no nothing. They simply do not care, if you dont care about your car or your time take your car here so they can screw it up. By the way I drove across town to another dealership that actually has buildings with a foundation, staff who actually care about service, my car had a diagnostic and full update by 5 PM (AND I DROPPED IT OFF AT 2pm!!!!!) and the diagnostic fee was CHEAPER than the hell hole I decided to leave!