Volkswagen of Alamo Heights in San Antonio, TX

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Established in 1972.

Welcome Volkswagen of Alamo Heights in San Antonio, Texas - Serving Leon Valley, Live Oak and Pleasanton

Volkswagen is Das Auto. Our sales department has one purpose: to exceed your expectations from test drive to delivery. Our professional sales team is committed to a no-pressure, high integrity approach to your ownership experience. Our goal is for you to feel that the vehicle you drive away in is the perfect one for you.

Volkswagen of Alamo Heights

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 828-1201
Address:1402 NE Interstate 410 Loop, San Antonio, TX, 78209
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Volkswagen of Alamo Heights

Angie M. | 2015-03-14

Spoke with the service manager. I was given a rental vehicle since they were out of loaners. I would definitely give them another chance.
Only leaving it at three stars because of an issue I had getting the actual rental and not having the deposit amount on my card. If I was told that I would still need to leave a card for the rental that was provided by VW of AH, I would have been more prepared.
After dealing with that unpleasant lady the first time, I am glad that the next two visits (taking the car back and picking up the car) were better.
Again, I would give them another chance.

Chris B. | 2015-02-26

One the worst service departments I've ever been to. We bought our car here and the sales department was great but the service department need improvement. It's really sad to have one department outshine the ours. We went in to let them look and our backup camera and the lady was so rude to me that I felt I had done something wrong. We will need to take our car services elsewhere.

Melissa L. | 2015-02-11

I would honestly avoid the service here at all costs...I called ahead to make an appointment, and ask for a loaner.  The scheduler transfered me to a service advisor and said they would have a loaner car for me to use for the day.  I arrive to drop off my car, and guess what- no loaner car.  I used the shuttle to get to work, since there was no other option; the driver drove scarily.  It felt like we were going to get into an accident multiple times.  I don't get a call from the 'service advisor' helping me until 3 PM!!! She tells me that the diagnostic machine said there were things wrong but to 'tear down' to find out exactly what the problem was, that I had to pay $173. YES! $173!!!!!!!!!! Never in my life have I experienced this.  EVER.  I told them to go ahead and do it because I wanted to know the problem-in retrospect I shouldn't have let them...She asked if she could have the car until the next day and I asked again about a loaner.  No loaners.  So I asked if my only option was to be car-less- she got with the technician and apparently my car would be ready in 1.5 hours to pick up- weird, then why charge me all this money for 'tear down' and 'labor' then? The shuttle guy picked me up- again I thought I was going to die in the car... I get there, and have to wait LITERALLY 45 minutes for them to write me up a quote.  The 'service advisor' goes over the quote with me, and she gave me a listing of things that totaled over $7,000.  My car is not even WORTH that much.  They listed my tires as failing, and needing replacement, to cost $662, but my tires are NEW! They listed another service and charging $1,270 to perform, yet parts and labor would cost a couple hundred dollars (per another mechanic).  Worst service ever.  I will NEVER come back here.  Oh, but they did wash my car. If I could give negative stars, I would.

Anne L. | 2015-01-24

In a weak moment I made the mistake of allowing Vw of AH order a latch and connector piece for my car. I made an appt for this quick fix. Showed up and had to wait for parts to retrieve the part. Had a rude service writer tell me it was a three hour job. I asked her how she knew it would take 3 hrs without knowing what latch was involved. Got parts. They ordered the wrong part. Back to parts to wait to fix their mistake. No sorry. No thank you for your business. Tons of employees cruising around not paying attention to customers. Once again I learned only to have North Park VW service my car no matter how minor.

Kyle A. | 2014-10-15

This rating is because of Charisse Johns.  She was awesome and helpful the whole time. She gave excellent customer service. Because of her I definitely recommend.

Alana P. | 2014-09-25

As an owner of a few businesses I take saving and negotiation skills as an asset and I don't settle. I not only contacted all Texas VE dealers but I had begun negotiations. That said I not only didn't have to do that with the actual REAL pricing here,  my sales rep Michael Kraft and I talked by phone and text because I lived. 2 hours away but this dealership had more choices and better prices and deals than any other in TX.

Once I arrived I was shown more of the things the car could do and I got some good news so their financing got also was the best I'd worked with as far as trade-in value and making the deal happen in the best way

Smoothest and easiest car buying ever. Best car I've ever owned. I got the convertible with all the toys available and no one could beat the deal.

And I am a tough buyer. Still I didn't have to be. They simply had cars with more colors and gadgets and better pricing. It was a fast and painless deal when the other dealers simply were playing and I walked away because of it. I was ready to buy and they knew it so they played fair and got the sale.

Incidentally when I told the other dealers this THEN they tried to start going down. Too little too late and they still didn't beat what VW Alamo Heights could do.

Sorry I can't recall the helpful finance guy's name too.

No tricks here like adding up the numbers wrong or doing a great deal then screwing around in trade-in like other places.

I'm a savvy buyer but they took me seriously and it's the best car buying experience I've had. Total service and better knowledge

Chelsea M. | 2014-06-26

I am so happy I decided to start making my car appointments here. Since I'm fairly new to San Antonio, it was an eeny meeny miny mo kind of decision. The service appointments should be booked in advance if you don't have a wide open schedule, as it seems they are pretty busy and fill up quickly. I've brought my GLI in for its 30,000 mile check up and a small problem (I thought I had), and so far the staff has been super helpful and accommodating. They ask when you make the appointment if you plan on dropping off, hanging out, or need to request a loaner, but I've only ever dropped off so I don't know how the other scenarios play out. The service employees describe what they are going to do and have given accurate times as far as "how long" you should expect it to take. Last visit they asked if I wanted my car washed, because it wasn't a routine check-up, and they cleaned out my mats and floors better than the Wash Tub ever has. I was pretty happy (it's the small things, right?!). The interior is very clean, there's a comfortable seating area, it's never full of crazy people, and everyone has a smile on their face. I'll be back!

Olive G. | 2014-03-29

We were given excellent service! Greeted before we could even close our car door. The experience only got better from here. We had our hearts set on a certain model but once we drove it, we were not completely impressed:/ So Mike, our sales guy, suggested a different model. I didn't want to at first but he convinced me. Thank goodness he did:) We totally fell in love!!

Jeremy Z. | 2013-09-16

I brought my VW in for service last week and had a very good experience. They're located in a portable unit right now due to construction on the main building, so I expected things to run less-than-smoothly. I got free shuttle service to and from work, which was much appreciated. I was even offered a loaner car because it was taking so long to get the technician to work on my car, but I didn't need the loaner in the end. James (?) the technician was very professional, thorough, knowledge, and friendly about explaining his findings. Ashley (?) was also very professional, staying in contact with updates. In my experience (CA, NM) VW service tends to be really good and now that I just moved here, I'm glad I can trust the Alamo Heights dealership to do good work.

Lydia G. | 2013-09-03

I knew what I was looking for. They had the car I wanted at the price I wanted. Brandon Morgan helped me, he was helpful and informative in everything I needed. They didn't try pushing anything on me.  Finance was easy too ... They explained the extended warranty but didn't hassle to et me to purchase. I recommend reviewing Internet prices before walking in ... Overall I enjoyed my experience!

Christine M. | 2013-07-10

When my car started to make a horrible high pitched sound, everyone told me it was time for a new belt.  I dreaded going to the VW dealership, imagining how much dealership labor and parts would cost.  Turns out that everything that was wrong with my car was a manufacturer call-back issue.  VW fixed everything on my car for free, and gave it a wash and vacuum!  Friendly and quick services and they didn't try to sell or up charge me on anything!

Stefany V. | 2013-06-23

I have no idea why the customer service reviews here are so low! I bought my Jetta here years ago when it was still under Rod East VW and continue to have it serviced here. I received an email advertising used car sales recently, and went in to check on an advertised Volvo.
To make a long story short, I test drove on a Friday then returned the next day to purchase an 09 Volvo S40 with Craig Hubbard- he was charming and friendly, knew his business, and was an overall pleasure to work with.
I did not feel overly pressured into making a purchase or adding on anything did not want (such as an extended warranty), and I am quite happy with my purchase.

As far as repair service, unfortunately I had a recent flop just after my purchase- rather than trade in my Jetta, I took it in after purchasing my Volvo to have a few things repaired. I was quoted, in writing, one price, and upon part purchase and installation, the total cost came to nearly an additional $200. Honestly, I was overwhelmed with a work project, so my mom went in to pick up my car and pay the balance when this issue came up, and she's kind of a pro at causing a ruckus, and after raising cain with the manager asking for corporate contact info, he relented and went down to the pricing on the original quote. Apparently when you've only been manager for two weeks, you neither have your staff completely in check nor want your superiors hearing about your lack of adherence to a quoted price.
Regardless, it was settled to my satisfaction, and my understanding is that the repair staff is the same as it was before management changed, and I've typically had good service here.

Heads up, this location is currently under construction, so there is a sales office, a business office, and a repair office all operating out of different trailers while a new building is constructed- it gets a little confusing and is hard to figure out where to turn in, so be careful or call ahead for detailed directions! Estimated construction completion in September.

Straus And Carla S. | 2013-06-22

Shaky start. Took 5 minutes of standing in the sales office before anyone said hello or asked if I needed help... Four salespeople walked by without saying anything. One employee looked up from their computer at me and then, looked away.
Finally did get help and my question answered.
Not going back.
Finally an

Sue Ann O. | 2013-06-21

I brought my 2011 Tiguan in for it's 50,000 mile check up. I was in and out in less than 1 hour ( I did make an appointment). Despite the renovations, everything ran smoothly.

Jennifer G. | 2013-05-16

Horrible service and rude.  My husband who is in Saudi Arabia called from over seas  to ask a technical question.  He was having trouple with his Golf in Saudi.  Was told by the person who answered the phone that the technicians were to busy to talk to him. Explained to her it was an overseas call. She was very short and stated that the techs work on commission and do not have time to talk.  Really do you want some one working on your car that is in a hurry to get the job done so they can move on to the next. Will not be doing business ever here and advise others not too.

Priscilla P. | 2013-05-07

Do not go into Alamo Heights VW expecting the golden dealership of days gone by when Mr. Rod East was the owner. Gone is the attentive Customer Service Department. All you will find in there now are kids on their phones, smacking gum, and unable to find your paperwork. And after a long wait, you will get your car. Oh yes, but it won't be shining clean like the good ol' days of Rod East VW. Instead it will have bird poop all over the front, and the inside will smell like an employee's body order. After other incidents like this one, they have lost our business -- and that's after years of loyalty.

Laura P. | 2013-04-16

FLEECED!!! I'm kicking myself for not reading the reviews for Alamo Heights AKA Rod Eastman Volkswagen before taking it there. I took it on a Saturday first thing in the morning and by noon that day we got a call from the Service Dept. that they would have to run more specialized diagnostics on my car that would cost us $220. We were also told that those extra diagnostics could not be performed until Tuesday..... and no loaner cars were available. Last night I started reading the Yelp reviews  experienced a growing sense of was justified. To wrap up the service guy told us today that the intercooler would have to be replaced and if all went well then we would end up paying around $600 that included the diagnostic of $220. If the brackets had to be replaced it would cost $1,036.80. When we went to pay the bill was $1,371.63!! We argued this with the service guy who couldn't care less and the disagreement was witnessed by other people in the Service Dept. who never intervened. Also, the diagnostics were actually $242, NOT the $220 he quoted us.

The fact that no one in the Service Department cared to step in and discuss this matter with us AND the fact that we were never directed to speak with a manager tells me it doesn't matter if this service guy's name is included since this appears to be an accepted practice based on our experience today.

I will provide a follow-up after speaking with the GM, Mr. Wes Burk. Who by the way I had to initiate contact with since, as I stated above this was never offered to us.

In the meantime my advice is to AVOID!!! AVOID!!! AVOID!!! That is unless you have too much money and want to throw it away. I also plan on posting this review on Angie's List and going beyond Mr. Westburk should we get the same treatment from him.

Blaine R. | 2012-12-30

I needed to order a part for my car and I was in the area so I stopped in to order the part. Upon arriving i was not greeted by anyone. There were quite a few associates standing around and they did not give me the time of day. I had to wounder around to find the parts department. When I thought I had found the right department the people at the front desk never asked me if I needed help, and I stood there over 5 minuets waiting. After I was informed I was at the wrong counter I walked over to the right one. I then stood in front of the desk where two males were sitting. They continued to work on their computers, look at me standing in front of them and continue to go back to their computers. One of the gentlemen even answered his cell phone for a personal call while I was standing there, hung up, and still did not ask me what I needed. After they realized I was not going to leave I was asked very rudely what I needed from them. The man insisted I didn't have the part on my car originally that I was ordering and we had to argue about it. After I went and got the VIN number he reluctantly looked up the part and realized I was right. He processed the order and the part is out of stock so it will take 3 weeks to get it. It was a bad trip and I should have just waited and gone to the VW Boerne. They are great there.

Grace N. | 2012-12-09

Well, this dealer can NOT be trusted at all.

Today is 12/9 sunday, look at this car, it is still on their web, (i dont know how long it will be shown on their website). Actually this is a bait advertisement.…

2012 Model Year End Specials1 2012 Special MSRP $25,965
exterior: Yellow Rush interior: Titan Black
engine: 2.5L I5 20V MPFI DOHC     transmission: Automatic
fuel type: Gas  model code: 5C13Z3
stock number: CM665421
vin: 3VWJP7AT4CM665421

On Wednesday 12/5, saleslady offered me on this yellow 2012 beetles $4000 off, I thought it is a good deal, and asked her to hold car for me because I am in Austin, and have to work all day, I will get the car on Saturday. she said she will email me a deposit form, with $500deposit, she can pull off that car from their website, hold car for me. I waited waited waited, but didn't see her deposit form.
On Thursday morning 12/6, I called her, she said she was too busy on Wednesday, she will fax me deposit form soon. 30 minutes later, I got the forms, one is agreement for $500 non-refundable deposit, another is for credit card info. I filled all required info, faxed back, then text her, confirmed she got the forms, and told her I will meet het on Saturday around 3:00pm. She said : Great!  
I thought everything is settled down, so I called my student, canceled his class, and called my friend, asked a ride to San Antonio on Saturday. I was so excited to have that new car.
I can't believe, on Friday morning, she called me, told me that car has been traded by another manager, but they feel sorry so they can give me $3000 off on a 2013 model. She said this is a miscommunication of all parts, blabla... wait! what is all parts? I never have any miscommunication with her even I am not a native English speaker! I didn't make any mistake, why I have to pay $1000 more? I asked her to keep original discount, because I have already put deposit on that car. she said: "we didn't charge you even you give us your card. i gave you deposit form which is not contract, did you sign a contract, ma'am?"
To charge or not to charge, that is their problem, is not mine, I agreed to pay, and I gave card info to them, if I don't buy this car, they definitely will charge me $500, how come when they couldn't sell this car to me, they didn't pay me $ 500 ? if you can not keep the car for me, at least you should keep you $4000 discount, that is the right way to do business. I am truly think they just a cheater, they use that car as bait, catch people's eyes, then try to sell their new 2013 model!

Andrew C. | 2012-08-29

I contacted this dealership via email, regarding an "internet priced" vehicle for sale; and we agreed upon a price, and they requested that I come in and purchase the vehicle in person by the end of the month (3 days away) to get that price (since they wanted the car "off the books" and out of their inventory by the end of the month).  I agreed.  They then informed me, the next day, that they had sold the car to another purchaser.  A completely unethical business practice, by anyone's standards!

Leigh B. | 2012-01-28

Reasonable selection of vehicles to choose from. However, the dealership is extremely small and located right on the very busiest part of a major highway. Parking is difficult, the showroom is tiny and going for a test drive involves entering a busy highway in a strange car. Ugh. The sales manager was helpful but they were busy with customers and I  felt rushed and cramped. I suspect I will look at VW's again but find a different dealer.

Melia R. | 2010-06-25

[this review is for service received at this location as Rod East Volkswagen]

I get my GTI serviced here. Love the service team. They always explain to me what to expect, give me accurate time (and $) estimates, help me prioritize service if I've got a lot to do. And they're friendly. (And the guys behind the scenes always get me fixed up right.)

I never feel hassled or hoodwinked. They don't talk down to me because I'm a girl (well, they break it down, but you know). They don't try to upsell me or tell me I need things I don't. In fact, they're more likely to tell me, "that's not going to cause any problems [simma down]".

I shouldn't say how great they are because the schedule's usually packed, but..... they're pretty great. Thanks, guys!