Universal Toyota in San Antonio, TX

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Universal Toyota in San Antonio offers great deals on new and pre-owned Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs, as well as parts and service for your Toyota vehicle. Universal Toyota and all of it's employees are dedicated to creating the best vehicle-buying experience possible to fit the needs of San Antonio and the surrounding residents.

Universal Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 654-1515
Address:12102 N Interstate 35, San Antonio, TX, 78233
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Universal Toyota

Heather H. | 2015-03-23

These guys are the worst Toyota servicing I have ever been to. I do not recommend them. I waited 4 hours to have my oil changed. I had to speak to the manager to get it taken into the shop. I have a patch on one of my tires and it has to stay on the back, and they didn't listen to me and they put it on the front of my car and want me to pay again for them to fix the mistake they made. I am very disappointed with their servicing and customer service. They treat you very bad and think they know more about your car than you do. Never going there again.

Susan B. | 2015-03-02

Although I feel like their work is good, the wait time makes me leave angry (2 hour oil change). I feel like "appt. times" are meaningless & made without their work load consideration. They just want "more business" & think because they have free water, popcorn & a "kids room" without toys that the people will be happy.  It's like making a dinner reservation & just hoping a table is ready at the right time....or thinking you buy a plane ticket but getting on standby. The stay is fairly nice, but give yourself some time...

Joseph G. | 2015-01-20

Horrible service department! This is the third time they've misplaced my keys and paperwork. The second time they were lost for two days and they still hasn't fixed the problem.

If you have a dealership elsewhere, go there.

Annie M. | 2014-10-18

Im with the other review, if I could give zero stars I would.
Was sent a flyer saying the would give me 14300 for my car, plus get my payment down. Call the first time ask for the person I was told to ask for and they transfer my to ANOTHER CAR DEALERSHIP!!  Call back and I actually get to talk to someone.
They transfer me to the used car manager to ask questions about my trade in. Spoke with Daniel Where he told me I had nothing to worry about since my car had 56k miles on it
Come in a few days later after trying to get ahold of the sales guy Michael. Who never responded.
Show up and I'm told we need to wait for Michael, we wait and wait and finally his lead shows up.
He looks at my flyer and says I'm not a winner and oh did you want to look at a car?
I tell him I wanna know about my trade in amount... He acts like that's a big inconvenience but days ok.
Comes back a little later and wants me to start a credit application... Without telling me the trade in amount or EVEN showing me a car..
Ask a couple time before he will actually tell me the amount.. Which was 6k lower then the paper they sent me.
Then said well maybe he could get it up to the full amount... But only if he could run my credit.
I said fine if you can get me at least 14k for my car. Says no let's do your credit first...    Ummm I haven't even looked at a car and you want to run my credit?!?
Then when I tell them no to running my credit they are like ok well bye..
Terrible waste of the hour drive I had to do to get there...

P Luly W. | 2014-10-14

Antonio Pacifico single-handedly saved the day for Tall Steve & Universal Toyota.  This would have been a 1 star review otherwise.  Read further if you're interested in the whole saga.

For about a week my husband had been in contact via phone and email with "Tall Steve" (that's how he introduced himself).  We were interested in getting a Highlander.  My husband & Tall Steve discussed trading in one of our current vehicles to make this deal possible.  

We made an appointment for 9am on a Friday to test drive and look at some color options.  We showed up 5 minutes before our appointment time and were told to have a seat while Tall Steve was paged for us.  10...15...20 minutes later... still no Steve.  WTH?!  We asked to have him paged again.  This time, Tyler (manager?) came out to apologize and informed us that he had sent Steve to go pick up a car earlier in the morning and that Steve would be back "any minute".  45 minutes past our appointment time...still no Steve!  No phone calls from him either - even though he has our cell number :\

We were ready to walk when Antonio Pacifico approached us.  He said that he could help us until Tall Steve could get there.  

At this point, we were pretty upset with Steve and this dealership.  But Antonio seemed nice and we gave him a chance.  He showed us some models and we test drove not only the Highlander but others as well.  Antonio answered all of our questions and spent a great deal of time with us.  

In the end, the numbers didn't work out to our satisfaction and we didn't buy a car that day.  Maybe next year....  But we'd have no problem recommending Antonio Pacifico!  He is courteous & knows his products.  Ask for him if you are in need of a new car.

As for "Tall Steve"....SKIP!  That lamo never showed...never called...never emailed.  Lousy way to do business, dude :/

Katherine T. | 2014-07-30

In the beginning it was a disaster. The service counter didn't acknowledge me outside of Chris (to be fair Brian was on the phone and other people were walking in and out but the woman had no excuse). I waited wondering if people knew I existed until Chris walked in the room and let me know he could help me in a moment. I handed over the keys and waited for the shuttle. The popcorn was out but the water was nice. Byran the shuttle driver was very helpful but not very familiar with the area yet. I was surprised all shuttle contact runs through your service manager but it all worked out in the end. I had a better experience on my way out. I think lunch time must be hard for the employees. It's fine but Alamo Toyota wins my vote!

Tiffany B. | 2014-05-15

If I could give a review below 1 star I would.  We went there on 5-15-14 because we had received a scratch off ticket and had a question about the matching numbers.  While my husband went in to ask I remained in our vehicle with our 5 children, he had went in and no one greeted him and even approached him at all.  He came back to the car He decided to try again.  When someone finally did we were told that it was no longer going on even though we had just received it.  The salesman used the salesman tricks and said that he could get us a low rate in the Toyota Sienna (we had been talking about vans) and we trade in our Honda Pilot.  We filled out the application and the salesman said that they could not do a trade in with pilot and started trash talking our car saying that it looked like an ice cream truck.  
They could do a deal where we would have been paying $100 more than what we were on just the Sienna no trade in and the salesman told my husband that we could just let the pilot go and screw up our credit because in 6 years it would be off of it and we can recover our credit.  For one we have worked to hard to get our scores to where they are at to ruin the scores just so this guy can get a sale.  

I would advise to not go here there are other toyota dealerships that may have better service.

Scott S. | 2014-05-04

"When you deal with Red"... The deal gets changed. My wife and I intended to buy 2 vehicles together, a corolla and a tundra. We put together a deal on both and sales manager agreed. He specifically asked if we could come right in and "do the deal". We got there and were almost through the paperwork on the corolla when we were told that they would not sell us the truck for the price agreed with our trade...what? Went all the way to the general manager but got nowhere. They said they were actually loosing money on the deal, whatever. If you expect to be treated with respect, and not like an idiot, go to another dealership. There are plenty of other Toyota dealers I. This area that will treat you right. The worst part is, my wife and I buy at least one car every 1 1/2 years, and have bought 6 or 7 from them. I guess they really don't appreciate our business. I chose one star here, but that's pushing it!

Keith Q. | 2014-02-13

Universal toyota has a referral program,don't count on it. If you bring them a buyer they will mail you a check for 100.00. Don't count on it it has been two months and I still have not been paid!

Zandi A. | 2014-02-08

This review is for Darryl Thomas, one of their salesmen.  He was fantastic! I'm the type of girl that can't buy a car from somebody I don't like.  Darryl is probably one of my favorite car salesmen ever!  We were trying to decide between a 4Runner and a Grand Cherokee and he actually allowed us to drive the 4Runner to the Jeep dealership so we could line the two up right next to eachother!!  Awesome!  If you're in the market for a Toyota, please go see Darryl, you will not be disappointed!

Jessica D. | 2014-01-21

For over a year now, I have been going to Toyota Richardson because I had lived in Dallas. As soon as I moved to San Antonio, my maintenance light came on and the closest Toyota was this location. Although the reviews were bad, my experience was great. The person working at the front desk was nice and professional. The service was fast and everyone we worked with was professional and quick at their job. They had complimentary water, popcorn and coffee which is nice so the wait didn't seem so dreadful as I was munching on popcorn. The only thing better about Toyota of Richardson is that with any service, they washed your car and I guess I was spoiled with that service so I was not expecting to walk back to a dirty car but besides that tiny problem, everything else was great.

Rachel M. | 2013-11-09

We agreed to purchase a Toyota Prius from them under three terms: 1) touch up scratches on front and rear bumper; 2) replace missing hatch cover; 3) fix small dings in back bumper.  I have owned the car for one month now and still they have not completed what they said they would do.  Although the service was excellent before we agreed to buy and we got the price we wanted, the post sale service has been TERRIBLE.  

I went down to San Antonio (an hour and a half drive) to have the work completed.  I had confirmed my appointment that morning.  When I got down there, the guy who does the body work wasn't there.  They did do the touch up paint work (did a very inadequate job) and replaced the hatch cover (clearly used with black streaks of oil on it).  I have tried to return to get the dents pulled out of the bumper and they keep putting me off saying that the body guy is not available.  DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE AND EXPECT GOOD POST SALE SERVICE.

Kim P. | 2013-10-10

I did not end up with a purchase from this dealership as they couldn't accommodate my offer, but I could not turn down the opportunity to write about my experience for anyone planning to visit this location.

The good: James Dunworth. He assisted me as I had placed a request for pricing and appointment. Really explained everything well, and wasn't pushy. Don't hesitate to talk to him as the internet sales manager.

The bad: I'm only going to put initials 'RT'. You can go to their website for list of staff to match up. Upon sitting down to negotiate, he could read that we were trying to get the lowest price possible. Straight up asks us, "how much commission do you want me to make? I knew from the start, that I'm only going to make maybe $200 commission off of you. So how much do you want to give me?" We said, "I don't know how your commission works, but let's talk about the price of the vehicle." Entire conversation was about him, and he totally neglected our buying situation. Unprofessional jerk.

Diego D. | 2013-08-11

After the engine in my truck blew after a week they found me a truck 6-7 months later so everything was good. Still waiting on stuff I was promised, warranty upgrade. No one will ever call you back here. Will this ever get fixed? Would I consider another truck from them? Maybe if these problems got fixed.

Juan C. | 2013-01-09

You are already online, so do the research before you buy. First make up your mind on what you want, narrow down to 2 or 3 options and then check quality and performance reviews. Finally check the best deal in your area. Don't make the mistake of going to a dealer specially "Universal Toyota" without doing your research like i did in 2011. I had something in mind but wasn't sure. I went to universal toyota and was sold on something over-priced and was told a lot of lies, about the quality and performance of the vehicle i wanted so that they could upgrade my purchased. i was told that buying the extra protection plans they offered was going to give me a better apr and it was false. I was told my car had wheel locks and it was a lie too, then the next day my wheels were stolen and they did nothing to help. They also lie to me about the mpg on my vehicle. i was a first time buyer. Now that i bought a vehicle for my girlfriend i did a good research and feel great about the deal i got! I saved thousands by researching and having dealers compete for my money! If you must go to universal toyota be prepare for lots of pressure to buy from the sales man there, they will talk trash about other companies, even about your vehicle if your trading it in, so that they can pay you less for your car.! At least that was my experience from the sales man i got. I gave him a second chance this time around but things are the same... He sounds desperate to sale. Good luck ppl.

Callie O. | 2012-08-23

Let me start by saying Ross Bernal is an excellent salesman, if you want to get new or used car you need/want and you know what you want he will get that to you at all costs.  We came in asking for a specific used vehicle.  Ross found one and got us into it within 1 hour!  We left with the car within a total of 1.5 hrs!  He really knows how to treat his customers and he is very professional.  He filled up my gas tank and told me to come in to get it detailed.  He is ordering a part that was needed and is quick to get things done.  Now that i am sitting in the building waiting on the detailing to finish I realize he is one of the most professional.  Some of the other salesmen lack tremendously in professionalism so if you want to get things done and done right, without a doubt ask for Ross Bernal.

Leigh B. | 2012-06-10

Universal Toyota is a large volume dealer in a fairly new facility. They have a large indoor show room, so you can see the different cars without going out in the godawful Texas heat. They offer snacks, a TV to watch and a play area for the kids. They have a huge inventory, so you can get exactly the model and color you want. The sales staff are pleasant and there is no pressure. You can ask as many questions as you want and they are knowledge about their product. However, it IS a  car dealership and it's all about the sale. They want to sell you a car at a maximum profit, you want a good car as cheaply as possible. You will need to haggle, but they are cool with it. You can take a break, help yourself to pizza and use the restroom while you think about what you want to do. Nobody will bother you. Ditto with the aftermarket purchases like extended warranty. If you just aren't interested, they will respect that and drop it. I had to haggle for a long time-my car was expensive and I was straining my budget to the limit. (I bought a FJ Cruiser) But they were always patient and let me rest and think about it several times until I was relaxed and comfortable. If I wanted to take a break, munch on the provided pizza and soft drinks, I could take all the time I wanted. In the end, everybody was satisfied. They made a profit on a sale, I got the car I wanted at the price I could handle. I would buy from them again. I have never used their service dept so I can't comment on that. My sales rep was Lori G and I would ask specifically for her. She knows her products and is patient and hard working.

Michael L. | 2012-02-24

I am changing this review based on a 2nd car I purchased here, although the first purchase went smoothly the 2nd did not. I was given a specific price before walking into the dealership, after driving the car, and finalizing almost everything I went to sign the paperwork only to find out they were not honoring the price I was given.

After talking with the manager (Frank) who had agreed to the price, he still refused. I ended up speaking with his boss who eventually honored the deal (the difference was about $300, in the I walked away paying about $60 more than we originally agreed. This really left me not wanting to do business and take away my recommendation from this dealership.

My advice, if you are dealing with universal toyota get the sales manager to sign off on the price before going into the dealership or you could be in for a painful day.

Melissa M. | 2012-01-27

I don't usually think of car dealerships in the way of great or not great service, because it all comes down to the price, doesn't it?  Truth be told I started out my experience with an over-bearing pushy salesmen and ended the day without buying a car, but thinking to myself that these guys did a great job of turning my experience around.  The manager listened to me, addressed my concerns and got back to me in a timely fashion.  The pushy guy was trained on how to better handle customers and I will be going back the next time I need a car.
So here's the story, the sales guy called me every other day for 2 weeks bc my boyfriend drives a 4x4 tundra and their used car inventory was low and they wanted to talk about changing out my truck for something else on the lot.  I went in a drove a new camry (and it was lovely) and told them to show me the numbers.  They weren't good and my new car payment would be more than my existing one, so I said no.  The guy kept me there for over an hour going back and forth and fiddling with the numbers.  I had met the manager earlier and called him when I left to complain.  He called me back the following day and really came down in price and made the numbers exactly where I needed them to be.  In the end the boyfriend really didn't want to give up his truck for a car and that made our whole deal null.  When I told the manager he was really understanding and didn't make me feel bad.  So even though I didn't buy a car, they earned my business

Kim C. | 2011-09-24

Although the service is always very cordial, I always feel like I'm getting ripped off.

Last time I went to get an oil changed I ended up getting a tire patched, cabin filter changed, and timing belt replaced.  I was ok with the patched tire and cabin filter, but I was a little skeptical about the timing belt.  I ended up asking them to replace it anyway to be on the safe side, but while I was waiting for my car to be serviced (4 hours), I noticed that they mentioned to almost every other customer in the waiting area the same issues (your cabin filter really needs to be replaced and we recommend you change your timing belt).  Coincidence?  I think not.  

I will probably continue to return to the dealership because I don't have any better options...but I wish I had other options.

Glen R. | 2011-09-05

I went to the service department for an unexpected repair during Labor Day (wife decided to  see if the car would run on diesel fuel). I called Universal Toyota and happen to speak to Mr King (Service Director) about my problem. He helped me find a tow truck to pickup my car and once I arrived, he and Marshall took care of me quick. They gave me a couple of options for correcting the problem--saving me money in the process.  The one thing that would have been nice is a courtesy car wash. I guess you have to ask for one and there is a charge. I've been to other Toyota dealerships that will run your car through the wash even if you just have an oil change done. In any case, aside from the problem my wife created--I was satisfied with the service I received from Universal Toyota.

Sue B. | 2011-08-26

Went here with my mom to buy a new car (for her). She was looking for a Rav4, or a Lexus. Wasn't quite decided, and we were going to test drive to help her make up her mind. As we were walking in to see the Rav, we walked past a Venza. Totally caught our attention. Gregg Joseph took us out in both vehicles, and we (she) ultimately decided to not even go to a Lexus dealer after driving the Venza. The money that she would have spent just to have a Lexus wouldn't have been worth it. The Venza offered everything that she was looking for, and the guys at UniToyota tossed in a free Nav system to seal the deal. They went over the car, taught her (us) how to use the different gadgets, even set up the bluetooth for both our phones for us. Gregg was really helpful and SO easy to deal with. Normally I can't STAND new car shopping, but this was an easy deal. I'd go back to them in a minute - if I weren't a Jeep gal. ;) They even have new car owner workshops, ladies day for service appointments that include lunch and a mini-massage, barbecue day... It's a class-act, and a pleasure to deal with.

Cruisin' C. | 2011-01-08

Going downhill fast, with no breaks in sight!

Toyota reached it's peak 1980-2005.

Service at Universal Toyota has earned one star for my recent experiences, although service was pretty good in the past (1999-2005).

We took in our 2000 Avalon for a multi-point inspection & recall notice inspection on the steering wheel lock, as well as oil change and rotation and balance.

When we picked up the vehicle and got on the freeway, it began shaking WILDLY when we hit anything above 50 mph. We called Universal Toyota, and we were told to bring it back in. A few hours later we received a call from Ms. Martinez, our service manager, informing us that the back wheel had been bent, and when the tires were rotated, it caused the wheels to shake.

WHAT? Why were we not informed of this "bent wheel" during the initial "multi-point inspection" a week earlier?  Why didn't the technician notice it? Why didn't the service manager spot the mistake at the time of inspection? Why were we not told the car did not pass the test?

When these red flags went up, I decided to scrutinize the service invoice more carefully. When I looked at the brake check stats, the numbers were inky and unreadable. Was that a six or a four on the brake inspection? Or some other number? It will illegible. Which leads me to believe...did the techs really check my brakes, or anything else? Did they really perform an inspection at all?

I reported these concerns to Mr. King, the Director of Service. I asked for a refund on the inspection. Then he informed me inspections are "complimentary", so he couldn't give me a refund. I said to him, "your techs never did an inspection...obviously they didn't see the bent wheel, notice severe shaking or inspect the brakes properly, how can you call that an inspection?" Big blunder.

Eventually the service manager had the techs move the bent wheel to the back axel, so I could drive home.

Back on 1604 I had a horrifying thought. Didn't I take the vehicle in because of my recall notice on the steering wheel lock? Did the techs inspect that issue? I bet they didn't, even though the invoice said they did!

Next week I will be taking my recalled car to  an independent Toyota mechanic to verify that the recall issue really was inspected.

I'll let you know in 2 weeks what comes of this,
But for now at a minimum it appears that Univ. Toyota has been keeping inaccurate records and possibly even falsifying records, to the detriment of their customers' safety. Um, bad idea on a national recall for a safety issue.

My trust in Toyota (particularly Univ. City Toyota service in San Antonio) has greatly diminished. I won't buy another Toyota. Shame, 'cause I have owned three. No more!