Red McCombs Ford in San Antonio, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Red McCombs Ford in San Antonio, TX.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Red McCombs Ford, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Red McCombs Ford in other cities in the Texas.

Red McCombs Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 349-4949
Address:8333 W Interstate 10, San Antonio, TX, 78230
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Red McCombs Ford

Alice Y. | 2015-03-24

This review is for their service department. First off, the people are great, good customer service (return calls, leave voicemails, etc.). Everyone needs to make a living but having policies in place to overcharge companies is disgusting.

It should be a general rule that you should never take your car to the dealer if you need a fix. I paid $192 for a sole battery change. Go to Autozone to be charged a mere $50. They will even prolong the manual labor time past the necessary amount just so they can charge you more. The itemized bill is full of 'misc.' and 'additional' charges. For what? I have no idea.

After i got my car back from a battery change, all my CD's were missing. Nowhere to be found in the car. My CD player is also busted. Definitely won't be going back for additional rip-offs

Phillip M. | 2015-03-01

Salesman and sales manager go back on their word. Trade in value was adjusted less and discount of new truck was less than promised. I would not buy a car or 2 as we were prepared to do from them. They obviously didn't like the fact that we had already secured our own financing before we started shopping. Ancira was willing to deal and kept their word!

Liz H. | 2015-01-30

BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE...I am in the market of purchasing a car. We stopped and noticed there were no sales men outside. Normally car dealerships are waiting for customers. We walked the lot and even passed by the front door. No one came out. We didn't like the bad customer service so took our business elsewhere.

Laura S. | 2014-05-20

Horrible experience. Not only was the manager SCREAMING in the back of the office becuase I would not buy the car on the spot, but I was bullied the entire time. I decided to bring a coworker with me and the dealer got a complete attitude when she asked him questions. Rich dissapeared without a trace and was helping out someone else while I was trying to get information on the destroyed bumper and open recalls. This dealership has no morals or values and their only goal is to get a car off their lot.

Annie D. | 2014-05-07

Service department review: I am from out of town and happened to be near this ford service station. I called to make an appointment for the following morning. I spoke with a woman named Laura, and told her my situation, specifically letting her know that I have a trailer that will need to be detached from my vehicle on site.  She said NO PROBLEM, and told me to come in at 7am so they can diagnose my vehicle first thing. When I arrived Laura was late and when she finally did arrive, I was surprised when she told me I would not be able to drop my trailer on site. Instead I would have to DRIVE TO A WALMART AND LEAVE IT THERE. She also told me that they might not get to my vehicle today. WHAT??? I made an appointment, Laura!!!

I found this to be completely unacceptable and completely unprofessional. It was a complete waste of my time. The woman wanted me to drive to Walmart, and leave my trailer there for an unknown amount of time while the service department would MAYBE check out my vehicle. Needless to  say, I left and did not have any services performed.

Seems like my review is spot on with most everyone else. If I could give ZERO stars, I would.

Allen B. | 2014-03-05

My review is of two departments.  First will be the service department.   The second review will be of the sales department.

    In 2012 I took my work truck, a Ford F250 to have an oil change completed.  Once I took the truck in it took over 2 hours to get it back.  During this time the service manager gave us free hats and coffee cups, and we thought we would try to stay calm.  Nevertheless,  we got our truck back and went right back to work.  Later that day I noticed a Sony Camcorder, my Seiko watch (not an expensive one but one I liked), and a $150 streamlined flashlight was missing.  As it was late in the day, I decided not much could be done the shop was closed.  I sent a letter and made a few calls, and never got a response to the issue.  I just want to say thank you for stealing the photos of my family that were on the SD card in the camera that can never be replaced.  

    As far as sales, I was looking for another auto and was dealing with Ken Flynn.  All I can say is stay far away from this person.  Horrible service.  He is very rude, and extremely pushy.  The issue we had is he wanted to push us in a high priced auto, and I don't want to ever have a huge car loan.  He simply stopped the nice guy act and began making smart and rude remarks.  He told us he would get back to us later the same day to finalize paperwork.  He never called us back, and I never even called to find out why.  There are many other dealers who want your business and will be professional about how they interact with you.  

    I don't recommend this location to buy a car or for service.

Tys P. | 2014-01-31

Worst experience ever!!!!!!! DONT GO HERE!! I drove all the way from Austin to look at a ''good'' car. We get there the engine light was on and they told me it was a quick fix because there mechanic just looked at it the day before.Why did they not fix just straight away? The car sales man was rude and the manager was nothing better than that!  There are good cars around keep looking and don't buy here!

Quinton J. | 2013-11-07

The salesmen mike is a fucking lier... Made me drive 20mins for a fucking lie... Don't ever go there!!!

Martin R. | 2013-10-15

This is not a review about Ford but rather the terrible experience I had at Red McComb's. I purchased a used vehicle and completely understand the buyer beware mentality that must come with the experience.

The salespeople are pushy and become apathetic once the sale has been made.  I noticed a stain in the upholstery and the headrests in the naval seats were missing. The salesperson told me, "we will take care of it before you get out if here". Over a month later and several phone calls and emails nothing. Still not taken care of.  

The financing has been an issue I signed up for the SMART "easy" payment plan only to find out that:
a- the financing I signed up for expired and a worse option was given to me  without my knowledge
b- no one notified the company that was handling the payments. I was assured that this was all taken care of behind the scenes and I had nothing to worry about.

There are many other options to purchase used. Avoid the mess at Red McComb's.

Johnny H. | 2013-09-20

The worst car buying experience ever. I called them to see if they had a Ford Escape in the color I wanted. Sure, they had that color and gave me a price. I went to check it out  and of course they didn't have it at their lot. Waited for two hours for the car to show up. Surprise!!! It never did! Also, was quoted one price on the phone & then told it would be $3,000 higher because it was an "Internet Special" and my sales kid wasn't able to offer that price. I was however offered several " uhs, umms, and a few I don't knows" in response to my questions.

Fatima K. | 2013-09-12

Interesting that we had such a different experience than everyone else that has put a review of this dealer on yelp.  

Maybe it was our approach to car buying.  We also had our own financing beforehand.   Told our sales guy if they could find the F150 with all the specs we wanted and could give us $x for it- they had the sale.  Since we had shopped around online across ~ 15 dealerships within a 4hr drive we knew what was a good deal on price.

Long story short they delivered 100%.  Got the truck to us in 2days.  Perfect and just as we had asked for.  No- it did not come from 600miles away.  Pleasant and quick transaction.  We even returned to them to have new tires, front sensors and a few other upgrades installed.  They matched prices of other shops providing after market installations.

Used the USAA car buying service.  

None of this was without some pain.... Had to deal with Northside Ford first.  See my other review there.  Anyway- from someone who doesn't compromise on what they want and has NO patience for disrespectful or dishonest sales people RedMcCombs was awesome.

Darcy H. | 2013-04-15

Wish I had read these reviews before buying our truck a month ago. We were promised a grille guard and we are still fighting with them over getting it done. I've spoken with 2 different managers who claim to be helping me then as soon as I leave they forget about me again. We even referred a friend before we knew we were going to have all these problems and they shoved him off to 3 different salesmen before he just left. Ill be in the market for another truck next year and I can promise you that Red McCombs will NOT be getting my repeat business!

Jared M. | 2012-11-05

I got a great price on a used purchase and a very fair deal on my trade-in. They get 2 stars for now because I've been dealing with this for well over a week, and it's still not done. I'll update and revise if this deal is ever finally complete.

I showed up from Austin on a Thursday for a vehicle advertised on their website and the USAA website. All was good except they didn't have title to the vehicle yet (claimed to just get it on the lot), so I would have to come back to finalize the paperwork after they got possession of the title. By the following Wednesday, I still hadn't heard back from them. So I call, and suddenly they are able to get the title in the next hour. Hmm. So, I get back down to finish the paperwork. I have financing with very favorable terms already pre-approved, but they seemed desperate to match my terms with another lender and not use my pre-approved loan. Fine. I don't care who I'm making the payments to. If they can match or meet the deal I already have, sounds like a win-win to me. They write everything up with the agreed upon terms, and we signed off on everything. The only problem was they didn't actually have another lender lined up to match my terms. They've already put the rate and length in writing and signed, but they tell me they'll send me the details of who is actually financing my loan on the following Monday (this was Saturday). Annoying, but no big deal. By Monday afternoon, I haven't heard anything, so I emailed the finance guy and all I get back is a "we're working on it." It's now been 11 days since I initiated this purchase and trade-in, and they are still dragging their feet.

Bottom line, you can get a great deal here, but be prepared for the longest car-buying experience ever. This is my third car purchase and the first to take longer than 1 day, even with the dealer finding me financing.

Rhonda K. | 2012-10-10

Went into this place to purchase a new truck. Took home the truck i wanted to test drive. Came back the next day and told them i didn't want the truck due to it not being the color I wanted. The salesman i was working with was not attentive and kept leaving to help other customers. Honesty I don't think he knew what he was talking about. I was standing by myself while he went to help another customer for 30 minutes leaving me standing there. I asked for my keys back and left. I wouldn't recommend working with Red Mccombs toyota either. I got the same treatment there. I left both places and not once has the person i worked with called me to see what the problem was. Frank Sepeda was the manager i was working with at Ford. He is horrible and doesn't care about his customers.

David N. | 2012-10-04

I was in the market for a new 2013 Ford Focus and I went to this dealer first because it is closest to me.  I called and made an appointment to meet an internet salesman and he informed me they did not have any 2013s on the lot but they can order one.  I came in anyway and he let me drive a 2012 they had.  Afterwards, we went into his office and he tried to locate the car I wanted.  This is where I was very disappointed.  He found a car, located about 600 miles away and said it could be here in a few days.  That sounds good and all, but he said I would have to absorb the shipping costs which was a few hundred dollars.  I asked why I should pay the cost and he said they need to pay a driver to drive the car over here...  I was shocked.  They were planning on having a guy drive a new car 600 miles and charge me for it.  I told him a car with 600 miles is no longer a new car and walked out.  Why would any salesman or dealer suggest a new car be driven that distance?  Unbelievable.

m i. | 2011-05-11

Sent the husband to go check out the new revamped Ford Explorer or the new Ford Edge.  The sales guy did not listen to my husband and did a salesman job by pushing my husband to test drive the Ford Escape...which is NOT what my husband wanted. Needless to say, we bought an SUV at another car dealership and not a Ford.  They lost out on a $35,000 sale.

arturo e. | 2010-11-03

The place is a joke. I took a vehicle in for some major body repair after an accident and would advise you to run, not walk to another body shop. I will not get into all the excruciating detail of my horrendous ordeal (I don't think I am mentally strong enough to relive the crap), so I'll just give the specifics. First, they put a broken part on the truck (I guess they thought I would not notice it). Next, they did not even complete all the work requested (even after having the truck for over 6, yes,,,,, six weeks). They also forgot to but some bolts in where bolts should be !!!!! Please help me understand this. How in the world can you "forget" to put major bolts back on?  It's like a surgeon forgetting to stitch you up after surgery. All in all the place SUCKS. If you can (and you can because repair shops are on every corner,,,,,,, go somewhere else). You've been warned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!