Northside Ford in San Antonio, TX

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Northside Ford is San Antonio's premiere Ford dealer.  Specializing in the entire Ford vehicle line we are proud to represent the highest quality automaker in the country with some of the most innovative new products on the market.  With the strength of the Ford product we focus our efforts on providing you the customer with world class service both during and after the sale.  The service department at Northside Ford is one of the largest in south Texas with 55 service bays and a full service body shop we are prepared to take care of you and your vehicle over the long term.


Established in 1990.

Northside Ford was born from the ashes of a former dealership that had seen better times.  Since that time we have grown and evolved into not only one of the top dealerships in San Antonio but in the United States.  As a regular member of Ford's top 100 and in the top 50 on Ford's E-Commerce Elite we continue to thrive and grow with the help of our customers.

Northside Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 525-9800
Address:12300 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX, 78216
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Northside Ford

Stefany V. | 2015-04-25

We only used this business because the repair shop was authorized by our insurance to fix a 2004 Volvo after it was vandalized. The more we work with this company, the more that goes wrong with this car. Each time we go to pick it up, there is another "accidental" repair that requires us to return the car for additional repairs- I'm beginning to feel as if the car is being sabotaged.

They have collectively had my Volvo for nearly an entire month. Initially brought the car in to replace the sunroof and windshield wiper arms- this took two weeks! Upon pickup we noticed that the gas cap was missing and the windshield wiper blades needed to be replaced- minor issues that should have been caught before we were even called.

Upon getting the wipers and gas cap replaced (which inexplicably, took nearly a week), we noticed that the passenger side headlight is popped out and the windshield itself has now been replaced without any sort of explanation.

They have already been paid in full by the insurance company, so apparently they spend only their spare time and least-qualified employees completing the remaining work. Management has not been in contact about the ongoing issues, phone calls are not received or returned in a timely manner- expect someone to start every call with, "I was just about to call you!"

If you have weeks to spare without a car, and someone else's spare vehicle to drive while they further destroy yours, by all means, come here.

Edgardo Z. | 2015-03-25

Let me start with I wish I could give them 0 stars.
My name is Edgardo Zavala, and I HAD TO WRITE THIS.
I will try to make this as short as possible so people can read it and understand and beware of this place.
In October of 2014 I traded in a ford f150 that I bought from them. The truck had been having issues and I was getting 13mpg on the highway. After emails between the salesperson ( Larry Ramirez) the only guy from this place who has been GREAT in all this, told me to bring the truck and that he would work with me.
October of 2014 I traded in the truck and got another f150 newer model 2014.
Larry worked everything out to get the truck to my budget monthly payment. Up until here everything was going good, it was once I was out and no longer a "paying customer" that everything went downhill.
During the time I got the truck, this dealership was running a promotion of a $500 academy giftcard which I was excited to get (with christams coming soon). I did not get one, and I quote the financing guy words. "we gave you too much money for your trade in truck".
WHAT? How is that my problem?
I was told that they would reimburse me the extended warranty I did not use with my traded in truck.Comes November no check. I emailed Marc Canlas and he told we he would look into it and refund me the prorated amount. Comes December, I emailed Marc once more, no response. Comes January I emailed Marc and ask him if he needs anything from me to get my refund, no response. Comes February and I emailed Marc telling him that getting my refund back was part of the deal to get a new truck.
Response I get from him on email after 4 MONTHS and I quote: Please direct your emails to
GUESS WHAT?  I am tired, I live 550 miles away from the dealership so I am thinking I need to show up.
Spoke to Richard in financing and they told us they had mailed a check back in November! So all this time somebody could have told me that, cause obviously I never got the check.
Comes march and I receive check after calling them couple of more times. Check I get was not the amount I paid for initially. So to avoid a misunderstanding thinking maybe I am wrong, I asked my salesman if I should be getting the full amount back.
He told me I should if I never made a claim.
SO comes march 11th I called and left a message. I called every day up until today March 20th leaving voice-mail every time I called. No one has had the decency of calling me back.

SO PLEASE they will treat you very good up until you are no longer needed.
This is coming from an entrepreneurship guy who deals with customers on a daily basis, and NORTHSIDE FORD, this is NOT how to run a business or treat former customers.


I have emails and voicemails if anyone wants to verify this story

Alexis G. | 2015-03-05

I just moved back to San Antonio and needed an oil change so I came here and the service wasn't bad. I walked in the service area and was directed to where I needed to go; from there the service desk agent was very friendly and was able to get my car in very quickly. The wait was a bit long, but I didn't have an appointment so it was to be expected. Everyone was very nice and I really liked the coffee area they had.

Ruben R. | 2015-02-27

Buyer beware. Looked at a Ranger. It is shown as certified. Looked great and drove well. I test drove it last Saturday and today. Salesman was friendly and willing to allow me to drive it to my mechanic for a look over. Stressing that the vehicle was certified and still under warranty.  Well, my mechanic found front end damage, doors needed adjustment and rusted screws on door sill.
Mechanic stated that who ever performed the body work, really did a great job. Very difficult to see damage.  But, missed a few areas.

When I returned the truck the salesman stuck to the "certified" script. I just walked away and did not look back.
Enter at your own risk!

Shannon B. | 2015-02-27

Yesterday I took my car to Northside Ford for an oil change and was very please with the service to the car and customer service provide except the only thing I would say is maybe Northside Ford could invest in having bottle water accessible to the customers in the Quick Lane are. In the service or Quick Lane area the provide coffee and a nice seating area however when I looked around there was no bottle water for purchase or free for the customers. However, upon asking one of the gentleman at the desk for some water he gladly provided me some, but he had to go get it out where the guys where working on vehicles. Other than that great service. Got there at 7:30AM there were only 2 other customers in the waiting area and I was out of there by 8:30AM. The also vacummed out my side of the seating area as well. Would def recommend for fast and friendly service.

Ahmad W. | 2014-10-25

I am writing this to review the body shop and NOT the dealer

We recently moved to san antonio and my wife got into an accident. It was the other party's fault so their insurance gave me options of repair one of which was northside ford. Thinking this is a dealer, it must be the good choice to make. But no it was not!!!

The car had a minor T bone collision, no frame damage just damaged and deformed doors. It took three weeks to repair but that was not the problem. when we got the car back my wife did not notice that the door was completely and very obviously misaligned! .It was so poorly aligned that when it started raining, water was pouring inside her car!! I called them to complain and it took tons of calls to finally get to the manager and he told me to bring it in. after multiple attempts, it finally got aligned. finally after so much waste of time which it got fixed ( or so I thought!!)

My wife and her sister were on there way to Houston when a horrid pounding noise started coming from the door and the front fender (which they had sprayed to blend) as it turns out the molding was removed , the fender resprayed but the molding had a bunch of broken clips that they glued instead of getting new ones! now please note that my wife is the first owner of this 2013 car so no prior repair has been done. Again called the NS ford, two weeks later, they got the part and they replaced it.

I think they owe me for the time I spent there and on the phone. What a terrible job they did, I will never step foot in that body shop again. Whay am i writing this now? be cause now We are on their mailing list and they keep sending me JUNK. mail. I will call then AGAIn today and stop their silly mailers. NOT INTERESTED.

Jesse C. | 2014-10-15

My wife recently went to by a 2015 Fusion, after doing all the paperwork on a Sat, we were told that our vehicle would be read around 1100 on Monday since they had to get it shipped from Houston.  Monday came and nothing finally we called and the salesman called us back on Tuesday and told us that he was having trouble getting the car from the Houston dealership and would find us another after a week of calling and not once being called back I spoke with a Sales Manager and this clown had no clue and even said that we Northside Ford did a lot for you the least you can do is settle on some of the extras we wanted, I am paying for all the extras it's not like these guys are giving it to me for free we refused and after 2 weeks we cancelled our sale with this dealership and promise to tell everyone we know to stay away from this bad business.

Kay J. | 2014-10-14

My husband and I purchased a new Ford Fusion in 5/2012 for $26,500.  We also purchased an extended warranty for $3,700 and another misc. warranty for $700.  The process was a nightmare and we were asked to come back to the dealership three additional times due to the sales manager making mistakes on the paperwork and needing our signatures (again and again).  We were offered a free tank of gas for our troubles.  We traded in a car and due to the numerous mishaps, it wasn't paid off in time and caused a 30 day late payment on our credit report.  About a year later, I phoned the service department, asking to bring my car in, stating it was "lagging" going uphill (also mentioning I purchased the platinum warranty with a $50 deductible).  I was told (in a non-friendly manner) that if the "check engine" light wasn't on and if they found nothing wrong, then I would be responsible for the $110 fee for the diagnostic computer check and the $50 deductible doesn't come in to play.  I was shocked at how I was treated.  Last month, we had some small outer damage (two dents) due to another car door hitting it.  We got a $440 quote from an auto body shop for the repair.  Instead, we decided we might trade the car in for an SUV and headed back to Northside Ford.  We were offered $8,500 for our Fusion (which we paid $26,500 just over 2 years ago and were told the outer damage would cost them over $2,500 to fix)!  The salesman told us frankly that he could not believe that we paid that much for our car and admitted that we got ripped off... he actually apologized on behalf of Northside Ford and said he was selling Fusions for $10,000 less in 2012.  Wow, we feel like fools and will never go back to Northside Ford!   I wish I could give them zero stars :(

Dayna E. | 2014-01-03

This is a late post but my husband & I wanted to give a review for Northside Ford on 281 & the very helpful Mr. Arthur Bryant that is a New & Pre-Owned Sales Consultant there.  He was very knowledgable, worked his magic to get us what we wanted.  We couldn't be happier with our new purchase!  If you are looking for a car, suv or truck go see Arthur at NS Ford.  You won't be disappointed with the service & the commitment Arthur provides to get you taken care of!!!
Thank you.... Arthur!!

Lori R. | 2013-12-30

Yesterday we spent several hours in the dealership attempting to buy a truck.  Keep in mind I didn't expect the same level of service as the Lexus dealership where I bought my last 2 Lexus SUVs.  Upon arrival I was very clear about the features I wanted and the price I was willing to pay for the truck.  Their sales tactics were sleezy at best....came back at us with a price $5000.00 above what I told them we would pay, it took us 1 hour to even get in a truck, "sign your name here to say you will buy the car if we meet your price", very confrontational when I refused to sign my name,...Writing numerous numbers on a page then dancing around the price using several tactics to keep us from knowing the true number.  When I got up to leave clearly irritated having wasted my Sunday afternoon at this dealership, the sales manager proceeded to tell me that he had overhead and employees to pay etc.  I guess his business decisions are now my problem???   Funny thing, just the day before we visited Bluebonnet Motors in New Braunfels and were treated with respect for our time and our patronage.

Lee D. | 2013-10-25

Bought a new truck from NS Ford September 2013.  I had a salesman take my requirements and we drove through the lot in a golf cart.  The salesman was very knowledgable and gave me honest recommendations and did not try to upscale me on thing I did not need.  The selection of trucks was great, the negotiation was fair and they through in a bed liner without me asking.  Overall as good of a car buying experience as I could expect.

Fatima K. | 2013-07-30

After comparing prices online for the car I was looking for- Northside had the vehicle at comparable price to dealerships 2-3hrs away.  Spoke with the first salesman on the phone and he quoted a price based on all the features we were looking for.  Mind you there was a detailed email submitted electronically to help clear up any confusion.  Get a call back, oops price does not include 2 of the things you want but they can add them in for $x.  Still within a reasonable range, jotted down the quoted price and off I went with my pre-approved loan ready to seal the deal.  

Sit down and 5 minutes in to my visit, I am asked for my social security number.  Strange?  I asked why- and was told it was for running a credit check.  Now why would I do this when I have financing?  My bank is who I used to locate the car at Northside.  Anyway, they tell me now the vehicle is another $1,000.  I said enough.  Second time the price has gone up and this is before I even see a single piece of paper from the dealership.  Not a good sign.  I tell them I cannot trust to complete the sale with them without more surprises so I am purchasing my vehicle elsewhere.  

As I walk out, I hear the salesman say, "They are leaving, thank goodness!".  He's right, I won't be one of the dummies who put up with their shenanigans :) Thank goodness.  I dodged a painful bullet right there.  

After reading the yelp reviews, I thought I would give this place the benefit of the doubt and save myself a long drive.  Now I am more than happy to make the trek to Houston and pick up my vehicle there- hopefully with sales people that have more honesty than I encountered here.

Jeffrey G. | 2013-02-22

As an owner of a Ford 500, I got a mailing recently telling me that they'd like to buy my vehicle I AM in the market for a new car so I decided to check it out. My Ford needs a new back bumper and bodywork done on the right rear quarter panel. It also needs some minor attention paid to the front bumper which is minimal. I'd had an estimate for this work and knew the approximate cost that the dealership would have to invest in making the car saleable. I looked at a Fiesta, and was very surprised at the offer they presented to me. I'd thought that high pressure sales were a thing of the past. Apparently not at Northside Ford. I had to ask multiple times for my keys back so I could leave. Next stop is Red McCoombs where we've bought several vehicles without a hassle!

Blaine J. | 2013-01-08

When I called to confirm the time of my appointment for a repair, they told me they had no record of my appointment. I set up a new appointment on the phone. They told me the repair would take 45 minutes, so I took a book to read while I waited for the car to be fixed. When I got there at 1, they told me it would be ready around 4:30 because they were "fitting me in." I didn't have a ride arranged and the waiting room,  felt like sitting in a hospital, so I opted to walk to Luby's down the street to wait.  When I called at 4:15, they told me they were just taking the car back to work on it right then.

when I got back to the dealer to pick up my car, everything was a lot of waiting. Waiting for the repair people to walk the paperwork up to the cashier, waiting for the cashier, waiting for my car to be pulled up. It was over 5 hours by the time I left.

The whole experience was unpleasant. The car went in for a recall, but when I talked to the lady at the desk to give her my keys and sign the paperwork authorizing the repair she told me the "9 times out of 10 this recall doesn't fix the problem", but I can make an appointment to bring the car back to have it diagnosed and then I can pay for the right repair.

I won't go back for repairs, I won't buy a car here.

Geoff S. | 2012-04-02

I took my truck in for a power steering leak.  It took 40+ days to get the pre-paid part in (order "lost" twice).  When I ordered the part, the estimate was $190 for the labor. Once the part was in and I had it installed, they tried to say it was a $400 estimate.  

During the install, I asked for an estimate for a different problem and that cost $45 to do it, but they haven't been able to produce a written estimate that can be submitted to insurance.

The overall work quality was fine, but not worth the horrible customer service. It takes way too much effort to get a satisfactory result. I'm going somewhere else next time.

Scott R. | 2011-07-13

My real problem with this dealership is expectations.  I've owned Lexus and expect that class of service at the dealership, and Ford doesn't come close.  Ford's overall problem is that they don't differentiate customer expectations based upon the vehicle. I shouldn't have to be carded to use my VISA, or wait in line for 15 minutes while the guy in front of me tries to wire money to pay his bill.   This doesn't happen at Lexus and it shouldn't happen when you own a Ford that costs as much as a Lexus.   At Lexus my car is returned to me vacuumed, I can use their computers and enjoy their coffee bar. As for the service writer, nice guy but not my guy at Lexus who solves problems for me.  My next vehicle will be another Lexus, too bad they don't make trucks.

Mo P. | 2011-06-20

After reading my review, the guy who sold me my car called me and told me I was rude, a liar, and I was flirting with him the enitre time I was buying my car. I have every right to write a review and be honest about my experience, without being harrassed by the salesman I'm writing about. I'm totally blown away at the fact a person in customer service would actually have the guts to call someone and tell them they were at fault for not having a good experience. This incident truely shows what a classless and rude dealership this is.

Thank you to Chad for being so nice and helpful during our conversation. You need more staff like you.