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We are your premiere retailer of new and nearly new Subaru vehicles!

Our dedicated sales staff and top-trained technicians are here to make your auto shopping experience fun, easy and financially advantageous. Please utilize our various online resources and allow our excellent network of people to put you in your ideal Subaru vehicle or the Pre-Owned car, truck or SUV of your dreams today! North park Subaru was awarded the Subaru Stellar Care Award this year which is given to top ranking Subaru dealers who deliver an exceptional ownership experience to our customers.

We earned the Subaru Stellar Care Award as well!
Only the most dedicated Subaru dealers earn the Subaru Stellar Care Award. It is one of the greatest honors in the eyes of our company and only an elite group of Subaru dealers achieve this recognition each year. Those who earn the coveted Stellar Care award demonstrate excellence in all areas of customer-focused performance.

What does this mean to you? The best dealership experience possible, one that we hope will have you coming back for many years ahead.

North Park Subaru

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 308-0200
Address:9807 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX, 78216
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on North Park Subaru

Zain B. | 2015-03-23

What an awesome experience. We came in here to trade in our Lexus IS250 for a Forester and Earl was so delightful to work with. He understood our budget and didn't try to up sell us on options we didn't need.

He took the time to show us their inventory that matched our needs and was sensitive to our needs. We even had a chance to speak with the GM of the dealership (forgetting his name) and he was an honest and sincere man, as well. In the end, we did not buy a vehicle from here, as we went with another make of car, but we will be back to purchase from this Suburu dealership in the future.

Everyone was nice and hospitable at this business. Plus, it is a beautiful building with great amenities.

Paule N. | 2015-03-23

I will keep this short and sweet. To the point that I want you to know. The Subaru service department is exceptional. The only reason why is because of Abel. He goes beyond his line of duty to make you feel "Love- it's what make a Subaru a Subaru." Despite the average of these yelp ratings; mine is Five Stars. I'm in the military, and I have experience many dealers cross country. They always have been great, but when I came here to San mind became set on Subaru, because of one guy that makes me see Subaru as an entirely different company.

Paul S. | 2015-02-06

I should start the review by stating I've purchased and owned about 30 cars in my life so I'm no slouch when it comes to researching and knowing the process at the dealership.  I waited a little while to write this review because I didn't want to write out of emotion and also I don't feel a deal is done until the check clears.  

I purchased my '15 Forester on the 29th of December after researching on Consumer Reports suggested this is a very good time to buy a new car.  Granted I went during a holiday week but the wait to see someone in finance was nearly two hours - IMO this is unacceptable.  I also don't feel I received a deal above what I could have negotiated by going through Costco at anytime of the year.  I can't wait to see how the "free" service is, this is going to determine if I do anymore business with North Park, including other "free" service.

While my new financing funded immediately (somehow the paperwork from the bank actually indicated I took the loan out two days before I went to the dealer) it took 18 more days for my old financing to receive pay off.  I have never experienced such a long delay; not very confidence inspiring to have to wait so long.  

The salesman, Richard, was friendly and surprisingly knowledgable however when looking for updates on my trade-in residual check (a process that took a whopping 39 days) the experience from my point of view was all pull no push.  In other words I had to contact him and ask for an update vs. the other way around.  So lets say on a Monday I contact him, find out there's no update.  Do you think the next week I'd get a follow up?  No, another communication from me to initiate inquiries as to the whereabouts of my check.  Answers were usually incomplete and I even had to call my bank twice to confirm where the process was since neither he nor apparently North Park's finance knew.  In my opinion this sort of shenanigans would sour anyone's perception of the experience.  I love the new car but hated, yes, hated, the dealership experience.  At this point I really don't know where I'd go for my next car in 18-24months but I feel like I've already been raked over the coals here so probably will look elsewhere.

I give it two stars for two reasons, selection and Richard.  They had the best selection of cars with high end tech packages I've ever seen, most dealers don't load up on the tech.  Also a couple times Richard surprised me with his knowledge of the specs on the car and he seemed to anticipate my requests for accessories (not too surprisingly since I filled out a car request online) Lastly he came across as very honest in the negotiation part of the deal.  He played a little of the back and forth but I believe we came to a number in less than 20 minutes.

Christine B. | 2014-12-17

This Subaru dealership has terrible scheduling service. For an unexpected coolant hose leak, the earliest they could get me in was over a week from then. Not a place to depend on for timely service on your car.

Kevin Z. | 2014-11-02

I have been a Subaru owner for the past 5 years. When it was time for my fiancé to get a new vehicle, a Subaru was at the top of my list but she needed some convincing. The team a North Park understood that we had the same goal; to get her into a safe reliable brand that matched our lifestyle and needs as we start our family.

Earl W. gave us a no pressure experience. We took 3 different test drives, and I'm pretty sure he would have let us test drive every car on the lot until we were happy. His patients helped us make a decision we were comfortable with.
Once we picked what we needed, they worked with us, to make sure we drove away in the exact car we wanted.

I could not be happier with our purchase and the experience at North Park.

Kyle M. | 2014-09-26

After talking up the outback to my wife for months while doing research I was so excited to finally go test drive one and get the process of buying started.

Unfortunately we received one of the worst customer experiences I've ever had in my life. We got there around 5 and were immediately told that they would be closing at 6 for a group dinner or something (even though their posted hours didn't reflect this).

Sorry that my family buying a car would have made you late to your dinner. How inconsiderate of us.

We were quickly shuffled through as quickly as possible with "salesman" Gerry. He gets the quotes because he didn't try and sell
anything, he just answered any questions I had, providing no insight to the vehicle, options, or features.

After our tour of all of one outback, Gerry sat us down at his desk and proceeded to offend both my wife and I when asking about our employment without any particular reason for doing so.

We left our number since they couldn't be bothered to give us a test drive with their dinner coming up and said they would be in contact. The next day we bought a different brand from another dealership. It's been about a month now and I still haven't heard from ole Gerry.

Hope they had a good dinner.

[on a side note, some of these other reviews seem to be staff reviewing themselves or each other]

Philip L. | 2014-08-26

To give a little background about myself: My wife and I were relocating from San Antonio to Seattle due to our job changes. Our original plan was to sell our car in TX and buy an all-wheel drive in Seattle. Simple, right? We did our research and had our eyes on the Subaru Impreza since it was the most fuel efficient all-wheel drive out there, had great safety ratings, and just seemed to fit the budget. We were planning on only test driving the Impreza in San Antonio so we could immediately buy a car once we arrived in Seattle.

I called North Park Subaru in advance to schedule an appointment and explained my situation to Phil Larson, one of the sales consultants, over the phone. He immediately told me that they can actually ship my car to Seattle for me. I was like "Really?  Wouldn't that cost extra?" But he told me that they do it all the time since a lot of military families move around and they do it for them. Ok, so I had my doubts since unfortunately I've had my share of mediocre car buying experiences where people made a lot of promises but could not deliver on any of them (or when they got our check they just ignored our phone calls). But I gave it a shot anyway, since I needed to test drive the car to see if I liked it. We arrive at North Park Subaru later in the afternoon, test drove the car, and loved it. Now came the difficult part. We were planning on just selling our car and buying the Impreza in Seattle. We figured that we could save on shipping and it would probably cost less. Well, Phil gave us such a good price and worked a deal where it would actually be cheaper to buy the car at North Park Subaru AND have it shipped to Seattle--Amazing!

Since they were shipping the car on Tuesday and we were flying out on Friday, Phil gave us a brand new 2015 Subaru Forester to drive in. They even took us to the airport after we dropped off the Forester on Friday. The folks at North Park Subaru really rolled out the red carpet for us this time and I can honestly say that this was the best car buying experience I've ever had in my life. Thank you again North Park Subaru for making our transition as smooth as possible and providing an all-around GREAT customer service experience. I would recommend anyone to give them a shot and purchase a vehicle here. Bill Brewer, Phil Larson and the team at North Park Subaru will do anything and everything to take good care of you.

Stephanie T. | 2014-08-06

First of all this is a review of their Finance Department and specifically a Finance Rep named Malcolm who works there and my experience after buying my 2014 XV Crosstrek.

I traded my 2012 Acadia which was financed through Bank of America and asked Malcolm if (because the payment was due that day) i needed to go ahead and make the payment (because they give you a 10 day grace period). He said no. I figure, this is his job, he knows how fast their paperwork goes through, no problem. Imagine my surprise when BofA calls me 3 weeks later and tells me I am 17 days late on my payment and that's never happened before and they just wanted to check on the situation!!! Uh, well the situation is that I traded the car 3 weeks ago, you don't know about that yet?!

So, trying to reach the Finance Department after one has bought a car is a little tricky, you're not a potential sale anymore so you're not really important then, you're more of a problem and no one wants to take your call. I left Malcolm a message which he returned a day later, but in the meantime I spoke to his boss over at the Lincoln Dealership who let me know they hadn't sent my check yet that there was a backlog and it would be sent the next day express and Malcolm shouldn't have told me not to make my payment that when its that close you should always make it. He apologized and told me they would refund any fees or overpayments. So, when Malcolm called the next day, he lied. He said the check had been sent the day before...Um...his boss told me the day before it would be sent the next day. I hate liars...but I really hate people who make up stupid lies.

So, after having made my note on my Acadia to BofA,  I realized I hadn't received any info on my new car loan which will be due in about a week. So today I called Malcolm and I asked about this. He just said "oh you should get that soon. you still have a week before its due." So, I called the new finance company myself. They have no information regarding my loan! So, of course that means it's never been sent in.

I have bought and financed cars every two years for my entire adult life and I have never encountered anything like this. This is totally ridiculous and I am wondering if I can't just take the car back since I am still paying for my old car and technically not financing the new one.

Oh gee, I wonder if they ordered my plates?!

K H. | 2014-06-29

My fiance and I just purchased a certified pre-owned 2014 Subaru Forester from this dealer. Our experience was so pleasant, it made me realize how awful previous car-buying experiences have been.

David Silva was the salesman we worked with and I would recommend working with him to anyone who is looking to buy a car. David was the exact opposite of the stereotypical car salesperson. He was honest, transparent, kind and very helpful throughout the entire process. A total class act.

We live in Austin but found our dream car online in San Antonio... we will definitely take the drive back here to get service, or eventually another car. David was definitely the highlight of our car-buying experience.

Eryn M. | 2014-04-04

I dreaded the car-shopping process with every inch of my being but it was time. My truck was being held together by a wing, a prayer, and a little bit of dirt. I needed a new car, I just did not want to face what that entailed.

After just under a year of painstaking car research, I put together a short list. When it came time to test drive the vehicles on that list, I went to the usual spots. I had a harrowing experience at one dealership that nearly turned me off on the whole idea of buying a car all together.

Then my husband and I wandered into North Park Subaru. It was like night and day! There was no pressure at all. Our salesman, Tim Kelley, politely introduced himself with a smile, handed us his card and said, "This is your get-out-of-salesman-free card. If anyone bothers you, just tell them I'm helping you. I'll be over here if you have any questions." And that was that. He didn't follow us around, hover, or harass us. He didn't pressure us even one iota. We left that day after test driving an Impreza and a couple of used vehicles. Tim didn't toss us any last minute pitches or try to keep us from leaving. He was very calm, collected and cool and sincerely wished us well.

We ended up at the other Subaru dealership in town a few days later and got absolutely blindsided by a slick salesman and railroaded into buying an Impreza we didn't even like (Imprezas are great but we were not keen on this particular model. Wrong color. Wrong features. We didn't want it but they kept pushing it on us.) They were slick, high-pressure, sales pitches left and right, so much that I couldn't stand it. They had all the papers drawn up before I could even open my mouth and were guilting/pressuring us into signing. Luckily, I regained my senses long enough to tell them we had to think about it. They insisted we take the car with us as a loaner, probably high-fiving themselves about another sale in the bag.

Once free, my husband and I got into the loaner car and drove straight for North Park. I picked out our car that night and we signed the papers first thing Monday morning.

I'd send anyone to the North Park dealerships. They're professional as hell, they seem to genuinely take care of their customers and thoroughly address any and all concerns, the dealership is well-kept and clean, and all in all has more of a feel like a "luxury" buying experience. They're not about that high-volume, in-your-face, high-pressure mess that other dealerships seemingly thrive on. They seem to genuinely want to maintain an ongoing relationship with their customers, probably because they know that's the way to get people coming back. You will not feel preyed on here!

Seemingly irrelevant bonus points: The hazelnut coffee in the customer lounge is pretty darn tasty and the complimentary ice-cold North Park Subaru water bottles are a nice personal touch. Its the little things!

Gregg F. | 2014-03-25

I highly recommend Chad Armstrong, internet sales mgr.  Fight for the best price, no matter what brand you're buying, anywhere.  Showing up vs. phone calls made a big pricing difference.  Chad gave me a solid written great price on the new car and my trade-in.  I met mgr. Bill Brewer as well, seemed like a good guy/straight shooter.  They're worth including in your car shopping expedition.  Btw, Chad put some serious time into answering detailed accessory questions, stereo stuff, etc., heckuva nice guy.

Sarah H. | 2014-03-12

North Park Subaru was the first car dealership I went to while looking for new SUVs. I knew I wanted to test drive a handful of different cars from multiple dealerships, but North Park Subaru was closest so we started there. First off, this was immediately unlike any experience I've ever had at dealerships because nobody rushed out to greet us--they let us be, then asked us if we needed help only after about 10 minutes. For two people who were in the very first stages of car-buying, this was perfect for us, since we got to check out the specs on all the cars in our price range before asking to go inside of one.

Tim Kelley ended up being our salesman when we asked if he could open up a Forester for us. He unlocked it, showed us the inside/outside/all the specs, then asked if we wanted to test drive. We weren't sure about test driving quite then, but promised that we'd be back if we still loved the Subaru after checking out other places.

Fast forward through a pushy experience at another nameless Toyota dealership and a blah experience at a Mazda dealership, when we did a test drive (again with Tim) on a 2014 Forester 2.5i Premium. It happened to be raining (how appropriate!) during the test drive, so Tim made sure to point out all the unique features of the AWD Subarus and how well they were made for that type of weather. Even after loving the test drive, we made it clear to Tim that we weren't really sure of our decision at that time and wanted to ruminate on it.

Later that afternoon, I called Tim to tell him I definitely couldn't stop thinking about the Forester and that it was the car for me. They only had a white one on the lot, and I had in my heart that I wanted a black car. Thus, Tim arranged for a dealer trade to occur two days later (a Monday, since I visited on a Saturday) for a car with the exact specifications I wanted.

We signed all the paper work, Tim and Mike Yuretich (the business manager/finance guy) explained everything in detail, and I got to leave with my first ever new car (and first Subaru!). Both Tim and Mike had fun, positive attitudes, were apologetic when we had to wait (it happens!), and made the process surprisingly less stressful than I anticipated it to be.

The only slightly bad thing I can even think of was that Mike (the main financing man) seemed to have a lot going on, with a line of people out the door. This is by no fault his own, other than everybody seems to want Subarus, so the wait felt on the longer side. However, both Tim and Mike's fun personalities made this a moot point at the end of the day. I'm grateful for my first car buying experience to be with them!

(A few other reviews have Tim's information at the bottom so I won't include it here, however I'm guaranteeing that you'll love having him as your salesman!)

Sebastien F. | 2014-01-20

Bought two cars from here, I have had nothing but pleasant dealings with these guys, all of them. Even at the service dept when I took one of the cars in; expensive as a dealer department usually is but I will be going back because of how pleasant it was!!! Cheers to North Park dealers!!

Casey B. | 2013-11-23

Tim Kelley hands down made buying my 2014 outback the best car buying experience I have ever had. Low pressure test drive, didn't hound me with follow up calls, knew the answers to almost all of my questions and looked it up instead of making up if he didn't know. I will definitely be back next time I'm in the market. I recommend this store but specifically ask for Tim!

Mike M. | 2013-10-18

Bought a 2013 WRX.  Nuff said.  Now, Irma at the parts desk is the most pleasant and helpful person on the face of the planet.  She takes her time to explain everything, gets you what you need and double checks before ordering that nothing is forgotten.  Thats perfect customer service!  Allan and Dustin in service are awesome as well.  I feel like family every time I set foot in this place!  Thank all of you!

R.J. D. | 2012-10-03

Went in with my sale ad in-hand. It was the 2011 Forester Premium WITH Automatic for $*****. "That's a typo, we can't sell it at that price. That's not even the right stock number." They printed the same stock number for the base and the premium, but the ad specifically described the features the vehicle had for that price. They had the exact one we wanted on the lot.

By the time we left, the salesman was just as aggravated as we were because we weren't putting up with his tricks and were correcting his made up facts and assertions. Because Subaru's sales are so small in the south, they have no other local Subaru competition and think they can push you around.

They low balled my trade in without even looking at the car. They ran the same ad for the next three weeks. I'm sorry I didn't notify any authorities when I had the chance.

Esther N. | 2012-09-16

I was in the market for a new vehicle and have always loved subarus (2002 wrx for 10 years).

I did my research online... Went in and got a great deal. You know how dealerships will advertise an insane good deal but its for one specific vehicle? Well, I didn't like the color, but they still honored the price. I also convinced them to throw in a couple accessories for free.

Then the finance department. They really worked with me to get me a good interest rate.  I had to wait a long time only because there was a few people there and only one finance person. But he didn't push any of the extra warrantees.

The great thing about Subarus is once your an owner, you are part of the subaru family :) I keep track of my maintenance and car related things with the online website and it links up with the nearest dealership.

The staff really work with you and as a female going in to a dealership alone, I was very happy with the outcome and didn't feel like I got taken advantage of. I got more than $5000 under the invoice price and also got a lot of extra accessories.

Lisa E. | 2012-06-05

I purchased a new 2012 Subaru Outback over the weekend. I had a great experience with the salesman and dealership and wanted to share the experience.  I got a good deal on a new car and on my trade. This dealership gave me the most trade value (matched Carmax's offer) and the best offer on the price of their vehicle.  I actually drove almost 95 miles one way to get to them.  They gave me a better deal than my local dealerships were willing to do.  They were friendly and professional and went out of their way to make the experience enjoyable.

Below is the info:

Tim Kelley
North Park Subaru
9807 San Pedro
San Antonio, TX 78216
210-378-9692 (cell)

I would not hesistate to return and purchase from them again.

Laura H. | 2011-09-18

Took my car in to have everything checked out on its 100k mile birthday. I was told that the car needed over $3500 in repairs. I couldn't afford that much work and mentioned that maybe I'd be trading it in. When I went to pick it up the salesman said that there was a mechanic that would buy it for $2000.
I decided to get a second opinion at Mander Auto in Helotes. They drove the car and gave it a full inspection. The found absolutely nothing wrong with it. It makes sense that nothing is wrong with the car because I have never had any problems with the car!
I feel like North Park was trying to take me for a ride and offering to buy the car is totally unprofessional. I will definitely not be returning to North Park for anything. Def get a second opinion!

Kelly H. | 2011-04-05

Friendly staff and made the experience an enjoyable one!  I want to make special mention of Gerry (car salesman) and Brenda who handled financing, they are both great parts of the dealership and because of them both I will refer everyone to this dealership.