North Park Lexus of San Antonio in San Antonio, TX

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At North Park Lexus of San Antonio, we're dedicated to providing our customers with a world-class experience commensurate with the luxurious Lexus models we sell. Visit our Texas Lexus dealership today to experience the kind of high-quality sales, service and financing that will keep you coming back time and time again!


Established in 1984.

New Lexus Sales, Service and Parts

North Park Lexus of San Antonio

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 308-8900
Address:611 Lockhill Selma Rd, San Antonio, TX, 78216
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on North Park Lexus of San Antonio

Penny G. | 2015-04-02

I love this place.  I needed a new "mom" car and wanted to stay within a certain price range.  They delivered quickly.  I got just what I needed.  Service was beyond perfect. They made everything painless!  Thanks Michael Schellenger.  See you in about a year for my daughter.

Alon Z. | 2015-01-14

Purchased a pre-owned vehicle in 2006. Was told the vehicle was accident free and given a carfax report showing that. Now more than 8 years later, I pull up a report and it shows that the vehicle was not only in an accident before I purchased it, but the vehicle damage was reported as disabling.

I discovered that the accident which occurred in 2006 was not added to the carfax report until 2012. According to the dealer, they had no idea the vehicle was in an accident after their inspections.

Shaz B. | 2014-11-12

So, I'm going to completely ignore my last review (especially since the review was for the ONLY person who made my car-buying experience alright - I still very much support him and want others to know that Francisco is a good guy, but everything else about this place screams terrible service.

As if my car-buying experience with the sales representatives wasn't bad enough, I had a not-so-good experience taking my car in for service. First of all, I may be new to this particular Lexus dealership, I'm not new to Lexus dealerships in general, and I hold them to very high standards due to my past experiences, so for me to now know that this dealership offers poor service is almost unacceptable.

When I called into make an appointment for my 5,000-mile maintenance, I was first told that the maintenance covers an oil change, among other things, and I know this is how it's been done at Sterling McCall in Houston, so I thought that was fine. Then, when I asked for a loaner car, I was told that this service is "small" and that they don't provide loaner cars for that. Really? So, when your sales representative advertises to you that you will have the option for a loaner, is he just trying to sell you an expensive vehicle?  Since I had a busy schedule and couldn't wait 1-2 hours for them to complete my service, I had to make another appointment.

When I called in the second time for an appointment, I was told that they offer shuttle service, but it was unavailable for the time I'd chosen (8 a.m.). Okay, so I couldn't have my service done then either. They also told me that this service doesn't include an oil change and includes tire rotation. Hm, okay. So, I called another time to schedule a service, and since I had someone picking me up, I was able to set a time.

When I took my car in, I was asked to wait for my "service advisor," and instead of giving me a run-down of what the service offers, she presented me with a bill that showed that the service would cost money. No, it's supposed to be free, so I had to ask her to confirm and she realized she had made an error. Then, I was told the car is only washed on the outside and vacuumed on the front two seats, which is also different from what I've known in the past. Fine, whatever.

The next day when I went to go pick up my vehicle, I had texted my service advisor (who had texted me the day before saying that it was ready for pick-up) and asked her where I should meet her, as I never went to her office nor did she show me where it was. I get no response, so I had to ask around. The people at the service desk are rude and snotty, and I was brought my car and given a sheet of paper saying my service was completed. In a normal situation, I'd think that the service advisor would come talk to you and let you know that your car is okay, or not okay. I didn't receive that service here, though. Also, I never heard back from the service advisor and I know she got my message, because it alerted me as "read."

The only thing good about this place is its coffee bar and the lady that works behind it, along with my sales representative. I can't bear to know that I didn't just purchase my vehicle from Houston as I have in the past, and I hate to know that this service won't be getting better anytime soon. I just feel that if you spend so much to buy a car, you should receive better service, but I suppose North Park Lexus doesn't hold the same values. I really hope their new location near the Dominion offers better service, because at this rate, I don't plan on returning OR recommending this place to anyone. Go to Austin or Houston to buy your Lexus, not here.

Mister D. | 2014-07-30

North Park Lexus is everything that is wrong with luxury automotive brands letting just anyone tarnish their brand.

Beginning with my sales experience, I was coming out of a lease and was interested in a Lexus IS.  At the time, the 2014 IS had just come out so they were very hard to come by, but I wanted the redesigned one because it was met with rave reception just about everywhere I read online. To make matters worse, I wanted AWD, which was impossible to find anywhere in the south, so I settled for ordering one. My sales agent rarely contacted me or made any effort to keep me in the loop and instead I would have to badger her to get order status updates and to track the progress of my vehicle. When you buy something expensive like a car or a home, there's no worse feeling than dropping a lot of money and feeling like you're not someone's priority. I'll sum it up by saying I was so displeased by the service here in San Antonio, that I ended up driving almost 10 hours away (round-trip) to north Texas to purchase my vehicle and the experience I had there was so great, it really made me proud to own a Lexus.

My service experience at North Park has been even worse.  My car has now been to the dealer over four times and I have yet to receive one clean rental car.  Yet they insist on putting white leather interiors inside of ALL (at least the ones I've had) of their rental cars and then they NEVER clean them so EVERYTHING shows up (see pics).  The oder and appearance of the last rental car I received was enough to make me drive to Austin, from now on, to get my car serviced.  This last time I took my car in, they replaced a bulb for me and whereas all the other bulbs in my car are LEDs with a white/blue color, they put this one single ugly, old-fashioned burnt orange bulb in there as the replacement.  It seems silly but when it comes to luxury vehicles the details matter and an eye sore like that really deflects from the premium feel of the vehicle and now creates yet ANOTHER service visit to get this resolved. It's frustrating that whoever completed the service work didn't have the common sense, care or attention to detail that could have really resulted in a positive customer experience.  The small details matters when people spend as much they do on a Lexus.  My whole service experience with this Lexus dealership really has me regretting my entire Lexus purchase and I'm deeply considering going back to Audi - Cavendar has a poor sales department as well, but the service department is top-notch and I've never had a dirty rental car from them either!

Kevin M. | 2014-06-23

I just purchased a new car at North Park Lexus and I must say I am really impressed with this dealership.  I absolutely hate going to any car dealerships but this experience was much different.  Our sales rep was Ren Alcantar and he was outstanding to work with!  From the moment we arrived, we never felt pushed or rushed to make a decision.  The whole transaction was professional and smooth.  Ren made the car buying process fun (which is a first for me).  I was impressed with his knowledge of the product and when he didn't know something, he took the time to get the right answer for us.  They gave us a fair price on our trade and a great deal on the new one without any haggle or games.  

Thanks Ren - we will be back to see you for the next one!

Lisa S. | 2014-03-16

We had a great experience buying hubby's new Lexus here!

The customer service is outstanding!
Everybody is very friendly and helpful.

I love the cafe where you can get snacks and have access to the internet and television. It's the nicest lounge area I have seen at a car dealership.

Hubby loves his new car! Not only does he love the car but he's happy that he'll also have a good service department to take it to for future maintenance.

Makes me want a Lexus now!

Aliyah K. | 2014-01-18

I don't mind taking my husband's car here to be services.  A barista staffed coffee bar, fresh cookies, popcorn and plenty of other treats.  Daily newspapers, current magazines, nice furnishings and plenty of space to relax while waiting.

If you don't want to wait, feel free to take off and have a staff pick you up at a later time.  I walked nearby to have a pedicure during one service appointment and was picked up shortly after I called to notify them I was ready.

Perfectly top-notch.

Sara O. | 2014-01-11

So far, so good.   I communciated with our salesman, John Mark for about a week before making the trip to check out a particular vehicle that he had.

I met with him when we arrived, our vehicle was ready and he sent us on our test drive.  He talked with me about any questions I had and the vehicle will stay there until Monday to have those issues resolved.

I'll know more once I get the vehicle in hand, but so far I had a positive experience.  I also met with Tripp, who I believe is the sales manager.  Both gentlemen were personable and I felt confident dealing with them.

Thoes cookies in the lounge area were pretty darn good too.

James M. | 2013-11-05

Best Car Salesman Ever.  JMM (not his real name obviously) at North Park Lexus of San Antonio.  My mother had a 10 year old Lexus RX300 that needed replaced.  My mother is a pain in MY ass when it's time for a new car.  She just takes forever.  I can only imagine the frustration the salesperson feels.  Anyway, JMM finally got my mom into a 2013 Lexus RX350.  She was so impressed with him, I decided to call him up.  I live about 60 miles away in Austin TX.  I told JMM that I would really prefer to buy at Lexus of Austin because I wanted to have a good relationship with them for service down the road.  JMM says to me, "I may lose you to another brand, but I am not losing you to another dealer.  What do you need me to do?"  I said, "bring the car to me, and bring all the paperwork, but realize this is not a done deal until I test drive that car."  JMM said, "I'll be there in three hours."  He brought the car to Austin, I test drove it, loved it, and signed all the paperwork at my kitchen table.
A couple months or so after that, my mom was at North Park Lexus wanting to get her RX washed for free.  They said the wait was an hour or so and she explained that she could not wait because she needed to leave to pick up her grandson from school.  The General Manager of the dealership told JMM to take care of it.  Without hesitation he took her key and was back shortly.  This was in July, and San Antonio is miserably hot then.  JMM returned and his face was flushed and he was wringing wet with sweat.  He had personally, physically washed her car in his expensive suit and silk tie.  He is an awesome guy.
Another time, about a year ago, my mother was driving my dad's Dodge pickup and had a flat.  She has neck problems and is not physically strong enough to change a flat on a 20 inch pickup tire.  She called North Park Lexus and they sent out their company service truck to take care of her.  She was not even in her Lexus.  But they came and changed the flat on the Dodge!
Now when I read that the BMW is .2 seconds faster to 60, or the exhaust of the blah, blah, blah, I just think of the way Lexus treats my family.  The car I bought?  A 2013 GS350 F Sport.  It brings a smile to my face and is quite invigorating to drive.  But what I really like is knowing someone out there has my back.  It's a hard world, and obviously Lexus is doing these things to win customers.  But at North Park it feels like more than that.  I believe they truly care, and it's not a show.  I think I can tell the difference between self-serving lip service, and real commitment.  North Park Lexus of San Antonio is the real deal.  JMM.  He's incredible!  Sort of like the good son, cool big brother, or uncle we all wish we had.  He's still there.  I don't think the dealership would have any trouble figuring out who he is if you are inclined to buy from him.  He has my business for life.

Hiep N. | 2013-09-19

Love the service here!!! Wally is our guy to go to with any issues!! The bar area is amazing love the fresh cookies!!! Lol

Joe E. | 2013-08-26

Sales manager insulted me when I made an offer on a car.  She stated "we all want a car for free".

Ly P. | 2013-02-07

Usually I really like this service center but after this experience, not so much.

I called for a service apt and the person who picked up the phone scheduled me with my usual service adviser. On day of my apt,  my service adviser was on vacation...why would they schedule me with him on that day if he wasn't going to be another guy took over. They gave me a good rental, nice, new, had a rear camera. When I came back to get my car, had to wait because there was a mix up on who was in charge of my car. Car pulled up and it wasn't washed, had to tell the guy to please put it through the car wash. Car drove up, guy got out and my floor mats were wet because he didn't put a cover on it. Mat will dry, not that big of a deal but still. I expect better service from this Lexus dealership. Drove out, found problem with the car that wasn't there before...drove back to drop it off. Got another loaner which smells horrible and looks like they should've sold it a year ago. If they fix my car and not charge me and arm and a leg, then maybe I will change my rating. Right now, stuck with smelly 20k+ mileage loaner...

Danielle R. | 2012-12-20

I bought my first Lexus here on Monday. I test drove it a few days prior and pointed out a few scratches and my husband pointed out that the air pressure light was on. Our sales rep, Sergio, assured us it would be taken care of.
The scratch was fixed to perfection and the car looked beautiful on Monday when I picked it up. The guy showing me everything on the car set up the blue tooth so my phone would sync to the car and showed me how to set up my phone book and iTunes. The customer service was fantastic.
The day after I got the car the air pressure light was back on. I brought the car in today and I was told that there was a nail into tire and it couldn't be patched. 376 for a new tire only a few days after I drove it off the lot. I was upset and went back and spoke to Sergio. Sergio spoke to the manager and got me a new tire for free.
All in all, I give this ace 4 stars for great customer service. The only reason it's not getting 5 is because there no place to park.

Cindi B. | 2012-09-04

I've just purchased my 2nd RX350 from North Park.  Again, the easiest, most stress-free buying experience you could have.  Most of the transaction was handled by phone or email as I live 200 miles from the dealer.  Jamie Brennan was both knowledgeable and accommodating.  I ordered a 2013 so the wait was difficult but Jamie kept me updated on the progress.  Service has always been over and above anything I've experienced from another dealer.  The service staff have always help me arrange a Lexus loaner car delivered to me at no charge for warranted service or service that lasts more than a few hours.  This is such a convenience!  When I'm ready for my next car, you can bet this will be my first stop!

Grey F. | 2011-08-23

My husband & I just bought a used Volvo from them & the transaction went smoothly. Our Sales Consultant was Sergio Montemayor, he was courteous, helpful, honest, & we never felt pressured. Our Financial Service Mgr. was Chris Beal, he was funny, relaxed, helpful, & we never felt pressured. Everyone at this dealership was courteous except the girls at the snack bar. The only sub-par thing: the detail job they did on the car prior to delivery, it was not very well done. Overall, it was a stress-free & enjoyable experience; we would buy from them again.

Tom J. | 2011-08-22

I'm in my fourth year of dealing with this Lexus dealer.  Out of the four I have dealt with in the country, they are certainly towards the bottom.

While providing some of the same amenities as other dealers, they simply can't keep their eye of what matters most, good service done right the first time.  Typical of their experience, they perform an oil change and don't reset the auto reminder.  After many attempts to rectify it myself, I gave up and called them for assistance.  The service consultant's voicemail says "if I don't call back in one hour, please call me service manager."  Three days later, I'm still waiting.  Typical of this dealer's approach to customer service.

Tammy S. | 2011-05-03

Nice & friendly people. If you decide to purchase/lease a Lexus, I recommend you contact John Maldonado. He's honest, not pushy, and straight forward.

They have a complimentary espresso/coffee bar, fresh baked cookies, popcorn, fruits, Italian sodas, teas, sodas, & other snacks in the "lounge area" while you wait for your car to be serviced. Two Mac computers and two game consoles (not sure if XBOX or PS3). Their is also a masseuse that offers complimentary massage while you wait; however, her hours of operation are limited.