North Park Collision Repair Only in San Antonio, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company North Park Collision Repair Only in San Antonio, TX.

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North Park Collision Repair Only

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 308-6444
Address:9626 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX, 78216

Reviews on North Park Collision Repair Only

Mike W. | 2014-10-20

After 2 weeks and no call, I called to check on my car. I politely asked for Kevin Smith and was maliciously told he was on vacation. This woman was actually happy to tell me that he wasn't there. Then she said nothing. So I asked "can I talk to whoever is covering him please?" And her response was "Nope. We're short handed this week. What did you need?" I had already told her my car was there for two weeks and I hadn't heard anything, that I was calling to check in.

Someone doesn't just treat their customers that way without seeing the rest of the company behave that way. I'm really worried about my car now.

John D. | 2013-08-26

A few months ago we had a late night meeting with a deer!  When we reported the claim to State Farm North Park was on their preferred list.  Our advisor, Sandy K. was professional, helpful and easy to work with.  Repairs were done on time and a loaner car was delivered to us.  We did have to come back for a minor adjustment which was also handled promptly and professionally.  We are hoping not to need their service again, but if we do they will be our first choice.
John D.

Marton G. | 2013-05-18

Just took my near new car in here. I was T-boned at an intersection, so my car had pretty major repairs done. Being that North Park just opened up a VW dealership, I decided to give them a shot. After 30 days, my car was given back to me. The entire paint on the drivers side (impacted area) was dull and orange peeled. The rear bumper was repaired so poorly that the rear hatch would not close. There was paint drip all over the underside of the back bumper as well. The interior pieces that were repaired were also done extremely poorly. Panels were put back together incorrectly, I was missing numerous interior trim pieces, and they even managed to chip my drivers window in 3 places and rip my rear seatbelt (???). The kicker is that for some reason they did not notice any of these faults, and decided the car was complete and ready for me to pick up. Luckily I spotted all of the faults immediately, and refused to take delivery of the vehicle.

After this dilemma, I started dealing directly with the shop manager, Marshall. He was very nice, helpful, and knowledgeable. They had to repaint most of the car, replace the missing and damaged pieces, but after another 2 weeks (thats 6 weeks total) my car was ready. They also paid (rightfully so) for my rental car for that time period. I went in looking for any faults so I could tell them off again, but to my surprise, I couldn't notice any. Marshall is the only reason I give the shop 2 stars instead of 1. Had the car been repaired as well as the second time I picked it up, I would have given them 4 stars.

Michelle M. | 2012-08-15

My husband took his car here 4 years ago after a wreck.  It took 6 weeks to fix.  Yes there was a lot of damage.  And yes, after our insurance stopped paying for a rental (30 days) they gave us a loaner until it was ready.  More than once, we would be told to pick up the car "tomorrow", then get a call prior to us leaving the house stating that they missed a part and had to order it and it would take 3 or 4 days for it to be shipped to San Antonio.  When we finally did get his car back it looked great, and hasn't given him any problems in the last 4 years.  We weren't 100% happy, but it would have been higher than 1 star.  The rating comes from when I took my car to be repaired.

I was backed into by a lady in a parking lot.  There wasn't a lot of damage (refinish and repaint a bumper), less than $700.  So I took my car in to North Park Collision in February of this year.   When I went to pick up my car I noticed a few spots that needed fixing.  There was some paint overspray on the trim and one corners of the bumper needed to be put correctly on the clip.  Nothing major, easy fixes.  The service writer I'd been dealing with was at lunch when I went to pick it up. So I pointed the small fixes to the guy who'd brought out my car, and he hemmed and hawed but took the car back around to have the fixes done.  You could tell this guy was getting mad I was taking up his time since I wasn't his customer, but you had my car for a week this should have been done. Anyway, my husband stopped by on his lunch, and after about 20 mins total the car was brought around again.  This time the service writer jumped out of the car and tried to hand me the keys.  I went to check the corrections, and he says something about "you need to go to Discount Tire and have your tire fixed.  That couldn't have happened here, that's a siding nail, we don't use those".  I look at the tire he's pointing to, and sure enough there is a huge nail sticking out of the sidewall!  As a matter of fact, the tire was hissing, air was still coming out!  So I said to him the nail wasn't there 20 mins ago and you didn't go anywhere else with the car, so of course it picked it up here!  He again told me to go to Discount and their warranty will replace it.  I told him I didn't get the tires from Discount they came with the car.  At that point his face fell. Only later did I realize I had a receipt in my glove box from Discount where I'd had a flat patched.  They must have gone though my glove box.

At this point I was hot. Nails happen. Its your fault I got the nail so just fix it.  I wouldn't have even been upset if he had just taken responsibility, but him trying to pass the problem on to me is what set me off.  So I told him that tire wasn't fixable he needed to get me a new tire.  He said that he'd have someone look at it.  He brought it back to the side of the building and my husband took me next door for lunch before I punched someone.  We walked back over after we ate and walk into the office.  All the employees including the receptionist are looking at their computers pretending to not notice us.  I ask the guy who'd brought my car around what was happening since my car was still sitting there on the now pancake flat tire.  He said that they were going to take the tire off and have it taken to the shop to see if it could be fixed.  At this point I asked to see the manager.  The manager comes out and I explain to him whats going on, I just want my tire taken care of because I had to go to work that afternoon. This arrogant jerk tells me to calm down, nails in tires happen.  And he's telling me this with a huge smirk on his face. Are you kidding me? At this point I'd had quite enough. I told him I knew that, I was upset because his employee put a nail in my tire, and no one was doing anything about it.  I told him someone needed to take responsibility.  He sends his workers with the tire to see if it could be fixed, and I sit down and wait.  A quick 5 minute pick up has now turned into an all day ordeal. My husband had to leave to go back to work, and the arrogant jerk went into his office.  I could hear him on the phone getting prices for the tire.  The guy who was my service writer returned from lunch and I filled him in on what happened.  He looked upset and went in to talk to Jerk.  I hear in that conversation the service writer mention an employee by name who is "the only one here who uses those type of nails."  So anyway Jerk came out a little while later and said the tire wasn't fixable and they were picking me up a new tire.   He said it was going to be like an hour.  At this point I told him I was going home with the rental car to change for work and I'd be back.  When I returned my tire was fixed I was handed my keys and told to have a nice day.  

No apology from ANYONE. Not sorry for waisting your time, NOTHING! A 5 minute trip turned into over 4 and a half hours. Run far away from this place.  Never again!