Mercedes Benz of San Antonio in San Antonio, TX

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Here at Mercedes-Benz of San Antonio we specialize in the sale and repair of Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles. We have a full line of new and pre-owned models. We have rennovated our showroom and service center and offer a car wash, loaner cars, and daily shuttle service for our clients.


Established in 1982.

We have been serving San Antonio and beyond for over 30 years. We have been recognized by Mercedes-Benz USA for our dedication to our clients in the spheres of sales and service. We maintain close ties to the San Antonio community and are actively involoved in many local projects, schools, and churches.

Mercedes Benz of San Antonio

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(210) 366-9600
Address:9600 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX, 78216
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mercedes Benz of San Antonio

Teresa C. | 2015-04-18

The car wash had been down over a month now. Will this service be available for future use? This is a great inconvenience due to the fact that we have invested a substantial amount of money to have all these types of services readily accessible and available. When will these service be up and running?

Thank you

J R. | 2015-03-14

Called Mercedes Benz of San Antonio, desperate with a question. After a long wait I suppose a female operator answered and I told her my car alarm was going off as I was driving and I needed some advice from Service. She never transferred me and stated "you need to bring it in, I don't think we can tell you anything with out hooking it up to one of the machines"  hurried response as if I was bothering her
It is obvious I need to take it in, but out of courtesy let customers talk to the professionals.
I will take it in, but not here.
Your first contact with any business should be helpful.

Lucinda W. | 2015-01-07

This is the second time that I have been to the service department to take my car and they told me that they would be calling to let me know whats wrong with my car well  both times I haven't received a call I have to call them over and over to find out. Very poor service

Astrid B. | 2014-12-10

So use to love this service facility until recently.

Took my car in for regular Service A. Of course they call with all kinds of things to repair in addition to basic service....fine. If it needs it!

They took FOREVER. One week without a car in SA is a real pain in the ass!! Get it back.  2 days later a strange and loud rattling and thumping begins. Call them. Have to bring it in. This time they give me a loaner, took over a week to figure out what they messed up in my car. Mind you, she was running like a champ before the service. 2008 with 80k miles and no problems ever.

Pick it up and they had to tighten the sway bar that they repaired previously PLUS something is wrong with struts PLUS they had to replace all engine mounts!!  And they just gave my car a clean bill of health one week prior. FOR REAL GUYS?!?!?

NOW, a warning light indicating a problem with my fog lights is popping here I go BACK AGAIN. All this BS after a simple, regular service. They charge way too much to have such crappy mechanics working there. Thoroughly disappointed in the service for what's supposed to be a high-end service center.

Regarding customer service, they're better in that dept. First time I went in I dealt with Tyler and he was absolutely wonderful. Can't praise him enough. Attentive and called when he said he would and kept in touch with me regarding why my car was there for so long. Second and third time I dealt with Ryan. Helpful but not attentive and did not call or respond like Tyler. He said my car might be ready one day and didn't hear from him for 2 days after! He was friendly but that's not enough when you have my car for over a week.

I want to like yall but you make it so difficult!! Guess I'll be upgrading at another benz dealer :(

Timothy R. | 2014-11-19

Prompt on service. I ordered a key for my 2006 Benz CL and received it the next day. Although the key and fob do not match, they ordered a key to match the fob. Worked out well because now I have a spare key along with a spare fob with key! Very helpful. Thanks guys!

Ricky C. | 2014-09-10

I have had four different cars serviced here since moving to San Antonio and have yet to be disappointed with the dealership, Every one has been good, however the one who has been the absolute best, (which is an accomplishment,) is Ryan Lyssy. His professionalism and dedication to the customer is nothing short of perfect.  We recently had a new windshield installed in a rarer model Benz, and Ryan's courtesy and competence was very appreciated.

In fact, this was the SECOND replacement windshield for that car in a week.

We had recently purchased it from another company, and it was damaged during shipping. The other dealership claimed they'd have a OEM replacement installed. They lied. It came loose from the frame on a trip to Austin and I discovered it was manufactured in China.  I was extraordinarily displeased, and demanded they fix it as promised. The service manager there knows to deal with Ryan Lyssy and sent me to him. Even other dealerships know of his standards.

Never trust anyone other than an authorised Mercedes Benz dealer. You'll get genuine Mercedes Benz parts and at this dealer, if you ask for Ryan Lyssy, service that lives up to the legendary standard of the marque.

Amanda B. | 2014-08-13

Shady shady shady! Wouldn't take my Mercedes back here even if the repairs were free! The service department is a mess, will rip you off and not provide you with receipts OR log in your service! Drive further to Boerne and save yourself money, time and stress! Even when you try to talk to them about the bad service they blow you off. Horrible service, I would NEVER come back!

Navi243 N. | 2014-06-17

WARNING: SBC Control Unit - Mercedes Benz Warranty Run Around

Chain of Events
Monday 5/19/2014 - Brake Service Brake Visit workshop Light came on
Tuesday 5/20/2014 - Left out of town at 6:00 am for 10 days
Thursday 5/29/2014 - 10 Year SBC Control Unit Warranty Expiration
Friday 5/30/2014 -  Flew back in town at 7:00 pm
Wednesday 6/4/2014 - Called to schedule Appointment with Mercedes Benz San Antonio
Friday 6/6/2014 - Out of town
Sunday 6/8/2014 - Came back in town
Wednesday 6/11/2014 - Dropped Car off for 6/12/2014 Service Appointment
Thursday 6/12/3014 - First appointment available when I called in on 6/4/2014
Friday 6/13/2014 - Service diagnosed car needing an SBC control Unit replacement (Code C249F)
Friday 6/13/2014 - Initiated Claim with Mercedes Benz USA
Monday 6/16/2014 - Mercedes denied responsibility for the replacement of the SBC control unit under warranty. And also denied me the ability to speak with the case managers supervisor.

My service brake light came on prior to the 10 year warranty on the part expiring. I did not take the vehicle in as I was out of town immediately after the malfunction occurred. I have proof of my travels. When I came back in town I called to schedule an appointment on 6/4/2014 and asked for the next available appointment. The next available appointment was 6/12/2014. When I spoke to the service department they told me my warranty had expired by about one month. Not until I requested the actual date to be provided to me via email was I given the real date. It was nowhere near a month past due.
Service agent and service manager at Mercedes Benz of San Antonio were unwilling to initiate a claim with Mercedes Benz USA even though another service agent at this dealership had told me they would be glad to initiate the claim on my behalf. I was left to submit a claim with Mercedes Benz USA on my own.
I submitted a claim with Mercedes Benz on 6/13/2014. The Mercedes Benz USA Case Manager was unwilling to take into consideration the documented facts and circumstances of my case into consideration and denied my claim.

The SBC control unit had a warranty extension of 10 years as it was known to throw a code prematurely with a specific amount of brake depressions. The part essentially had a pre-determined fail date. Mercedes Benz is unwilling to stand behind this defect, and is unwilling to provide any assistance more than providing me a discount of 20% on a repair that was quoted at $3,039. And let me make it clear that the light came on prior to warranty expiration, but due to my travel s and delays in availability at the service department Mercedes Benz USA is denying responsibility. If the light came on within the warranty period, and the diagnostic was only 15 days late, and the delay only being weekend and availability of the service department why can't Mercedes Benz step up to the palte and cover the repair. If they do not resolve this free of charge as the warranty dictates they will be losing a customer that was set to be one for life.

#MBUSA #MercedesBenzSA #MBOFSA

James R. | 2014-06-02

In town visiting, needed basic oil change on my new car; my drivers window was sticking too. Made appointment 1 week prior on-line for a Saturday at Mercedes of SA - was called three days later ...indication was they do not do "complicated services" on the weekends?   Hummm... Took my Benz to Boerne..they took care of it that same Saturday and had car back within an hr while I waited.  Would not take my car anywhere near SA service department...not sure if they are using Mercedes trained mechanics or subcontractors off the street...just very weird.  Not my previous experiences with other MSB services around the country.  Service center phone receptionist rude ....would give minus one star if possible. The only show in town and they act like act.  Would travel to Boerne or Austin next time ...SA MSB service center bottom of the list.

Jedidiah D. | 2014-05-16

I have purchased two vehicles through this dealer. A brand new smart car and a nearly new GLK, both made me extremely happy. I have to give praise to the dealership, it's like a spa. The absolute best service and customer care. Rafael gave us incredible service, a deal We couldn't believe, and was on top a few issues/questions we had.
When it came to the more important part of getting it paid for Rafael had smiles on our faces and in the financing room, john?, made it painless and smooth.

I love the fact that they give complimentary car washes and go above and beyond in customer expectations.

A very happy customer of 2+ years.

Eduardo G. | 2014-05-10

1/2 Star. The service department is a joke. My radio stopped working. I drove over to their device department. Their representative could have helped me by looking at fuses on my car and possibly changing one. They insisted that it was not the fuse, and wanted to have me make an appointment for a $129 diagnosis. I repeatedly asked about checking fuses. Nada. They wouldn't  listen, again repeating that I need to make the appointment for the diagnostic service. I left there and went to an auto parts store where in fact we only had to remove and replace the same fuse. It was perfectly fine.

Mercedes Benz of San Antonio is losing customers and they don't know why?

They just don't care about your car only your money. Avoid this service center.

Clementine B. | 2014-04-29

Best experience ever buying a car thanks to Mr. Paul Spencer.  Helpful, polite, pleasant and professional.  I live in Austin but chose the San Antonio dealership primarily because of Paul and one telephone conversation. I had contacted the Austin dealership and spoke to the rudest, most arrogant salesperson I have ever encountered.  After speaking to Paul and his friendly and accommodating manner, I chose to drive to San Antonio and give my business to him.  Glad I did and now my family and I will be long term SA Mercedes Benz clients.

Louis F. | 2014-04-27

I have always had a very positive experience at MB of SA, not only with the buying experience, but even after the sale with parts, service and even the car washes. If you need to wait at the dealership they provide all of the amenities for you to be comfortable, food and drink, computer, transportation to and from the mall or other locations, and you can even have your shoes shined. All of the staff has treated me with courtesy and respect. They are very attentive, with a clear explanation of any questions you may have. I especially like working with Paul Spencer in sales, and Ryan Lyssy in service. Both definitely go above and beyond. I have purchased four vehicles, and plan to purchase any future vehicles there as well.

Christy R. | 2014-02-17

Gerard FOUND MY LOST ENGAGEMENT RING!  I had dropped it on the floor of my mom's car and had tried in vain to find it on my own (tools flying everywhere, bruised hands, tear-stained face).  I am so thankful!

Susan B. | 2013-02-14

I wish I could give zero stars!!! I dropped off my car at 7:45am and did not hear from my representative all day. And whenever I tried to call to get an update around 3-4:30pm no one would answer their phones, I was getting routed to the wrong representative. When I did get in touch with my representative who called me back around 4:45pm to tell me that they did not have any idea what is wrong with my car (check engine light came on). They also didn't have any loaner cars available for 2 weeks is what I was told on top of them having to hold onto my car for another day. With a promise of giving me a call back the next morning around 9am for an update on my car the phone call ended. Come next morning no call, no answer whenever I tried to reach out...still don't know what is wrong with my car.

I can't believe this is the predicament I am in when taking my car to a dealership. I envision a dealership having at least better customer service (I hope so for the higher prices I pay!!) and yet I received the opposite. I might consider driving a little further and going to MB of Boerne...maybe I'll be treated better!!

A word of advice...keep your customers informed, especially when you've had their car for over 9 hours and still don't know what is wrong with the vehicle!! And when you say you will give a call at a certain time...follow through on that as well!! It isn't affecting you, but going days without my car, without a loaner car, sure does affect me!!!

Rob M. | 2013-01-02

My wife and I purchased a new C250 at Mercedes-Benz of SA last week. I was impressed with everything.
It was a stark contrast to our time at the BMW dealership (we were also considering a 328i) which left us feeling like we were trying to buy a used Hyundai. In 1994.

From the very beginning, Paul Spencer was responsive and professional. He answered every question we asked without hesitation. He was upfront with pricing and availability. He didn't play any of the ridiculous games that we dealt with at BMW.

Most of all, he treated my wife like a *buyer* - even though she went to the dealership by herself. Simple stuff, I know... but the fact is, it doesn't work that way everywhere.

The best part? I never had to visit the dealership. My wife signed her part and then brought me the forms I needed to sign. Done.

This is exactly how buying a car should be. Quick, easy, and *fun*.

Alana P. | 2012-10-14

I am not a person to trust car dealers as "being on my side", even during repairs but especially during buying negotiations.. Not because I'm a pessimist but because I've had enough experiences elsewhere to prove my point.  That said, I pick what I review on Yelp sparingly. Either I have had to have had a really tremdous experience good or bad to motivate me to review. In this case, it was exceptional. Bob Shipley truly worked for the customer in my experience here. I was well taken care of. I walked away with value in my mind which is what we always want.I liked the Mercedes dealership in Austin. I love the Mercedes dealership in San Antonio. This is the way to keep customers coming back. (That said, I'll go ahead and say I am not Bob's mom or friend or know him personally. If I see a personal shout out in a review I don't always trust it but in the case of a car dealership who you work with changes the outcome so I thought I should mention him by name. I have no experience with anyone else here and don't know this salesperson outside of my experience in any way.)

I am opinionated. In this case I'm a raving fan.

Tracy S. | 2012-03-22

Thank you MB of SA for the quick service & pleasant atmosphere while I waited for my car.